BPA in Gerber plastic baby food containers JULY 2008

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BPA in Gerber plastic baby food containers JULY 2008

So I got to thinking today if the plastic the baby food comes in is in a BPA free container. I looked on the packaging and didn't see anything, so then I looked at an article on BPA I had cut out. It said to avoid plastics with a 7 in a triangle on the bottom, since those are the worst. Well, guess what -- there's a 7 in a triangle on the bottom of the Gerber plastic baby food containers!! I was so surprised! I can't believe they haven't gotten with the program with all of the bottles, dishes, and cups coming out as BPA free. So I guess I'll be buying glass containers (and I want to start making some of my own stuff too).

Just wanted to let you know! I think I might contact Gerber.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I would have never thought to look at his bowls.

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it's fine as long as you don't heat the plastic. I always put food in a separate bowl anyway (one that is bpa free)...so you can still buy the plastic ones...just heat it in another bowl, if you heat it at all. (Sydney likes it room temp or refridgerated...when she does get it haha)