Brushing Teeth? JULY 2008

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Brushing Teeth? JULY 2008

Soo.... we had one little tooth pop up last week! That was an exciting... and sleepless... night!

Anywho, naive FTM here... when do you start brushing that thing? LOL

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I didn't start brushing teeth until probably a year with my other ones? maybe 11 months. And the dentist said they have healthy teeth Smile If you want to start now, or soon, you can. You just buy trainer toothpaste becaue the floride is bad to swallow, and they can't really spit for a while. So we used the oragel stage one toothpaste for a while.

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Part of the confessions thread... I have trouble remembering to brush my toddlers teeth. :rolleyes: But I didn't start brushing until around 16-18 months because we didn't get any teeth until 11 months.

But like Holly said, if you want to start now there are products out there. Just remember to look fluoride free stuff because they swallow it.

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Here, they recommend brushing as soon as they get teeth with a tiny smear of regular toothpaste... Not that I always remember, but I try!

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I bought the special toothpaste, and I have that little finger brush, so I'm ready! Just wondering when (it has barely come to the surface of the gums) and how often?! Silly, I know. LOL

I just KNOW he is going to hate it! He likes sucking on my fingers if it is his choice, but if I try to feel his tooth or look at it, forget about it....

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I just wipe/scrub the teeth/gums with a washcloth...when I remember that is! He has only 3, but the 4th is ready to pop any day now. Fun. :rolleyes:

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great topic! We "brush teeth" eat night before books and sleep. My mom got him the musical toothbrush so he puts it in his mouth, bites the bristles and takes it out looks at it, bangs it around, repeat. LOL. Its mostly about routine and the music is timed so he will always know he has to keep brushing until it shuts off. now he even gets a little baby toothpaste on it.

Its a great brush! he has the lion king one.

I had bad teeth growing up so this is a priority for me.

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We started once a day with Primrose as soon as she got a tooth, we do her teeth in the bath at night and in the morning too if we remember.

I don't think baby Lilac will ever get teeth!

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