complection issues JULY 2008

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complection issues JULY 2008

I always had perfect skin...loved that fact haha...but ever since I had Sydney, my complection is horrific!!! :eek: Nothing is working to clear it up, though I've only used all-natural cleansers...I hate to use something medicinal, but I think I may have to at least to get it cleared up...

has anyone ever used Proactive? Does it work as good as the commercial says it does?

Is there something else you guys would recommend? Even something natural that has worked for you???

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I haven't used Proactive, but I have a co-worker that has really bad acne and she used it for many years and LOVED it. Her problem is she used it so long that her skin became accustomed to it and stopped working. But, I imagine for a short period, it would work fine.

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I used Proactive when I was younger... never had horrible acne, but enough to be bothersome... it works great, just gotta be diligent with it is all... I have VERY oily skin too, and it worked sooo good because it didnt dry me up and make me feel all dehydrated in the face! I recomend!

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I used proactive and it worked but you have to use it as directed and it becomes a process and when I am ready to go to bed I am ready. I just hated adding more stuff to do before I could call it a night. It also made my skin very dry. But thats me. Everyone is diff and it may not do that to you.

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My older sister used it and loved it, but she always has had beautiful skin - my youngest sister always has had beautiful skin too and she has been using Clinique since she was a teenager - I on the other hand have always had dry skin and have used everything under the sun - I'm back to good old Ponds Cold Cream and Moisturizer for now.

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My little bro had it pretty bad and his doctor actually prescribed a cream to put on his face and it worked great. His skin looks so good now. I think he tried proactive and didnt really get much out of it.

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I've heard pros and cons about it but have never used it or been around anyone that has used it. I use clean and clear oil free deep action cream cleanser once or twice a week and it works great! I have mixed skin parts of my face are oily parts aren't so it is really really hard for me to find the right cleanser.

One thing a lot of people get wrong is the wash their face everyday or a few times a day. If you do this you are stripping your natural oils out of your skin and making it dry out and so you have to add lotion afterwords, that can actually cause you to break out more. Also if you use a cleanser every day your skin might over react your oil glands and they will over produce causing you to break out more. I have had personal experience with both of these things happening.

The main thing you need to do is go through cleansers till you find on that is right for you.
-Don't over wash your face
-Rinse your face daily
-Try to avoid putting lotions on your face(they attract dirt and most are very oily)
-Also i know this sounds really weird but try to not touch your face very much. I know i break out where i touch my face the most.

I'm sure i'm missing some points but that's all i can think of right now. HTH.

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My complection isn't the best either. We all have large pores, my problem is blackheads and occasional big/huge/icky zit that never goes away. Sad

I like the Neutrogena products, even use the make up. I occasionally use the Walmart off brand blackhead scrub.

Never used Proactive so I can't offer any advice.