Daytime breastfeeding weaning, how much formula? JULY 2008

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Daytime breastfeeding weaning, how much formula? JULY 2008

Hi Ladies!

We are working on daytime weaning from breastfeeding and I have a few formula/eating questions for you guys.

How many ounces do your little ones eat at each feeding? How long can they go between eating? If you were to add it up, how many ounces a day do they take in?

I think I am overfeeding my little one, I have no idea how long she can go between formula feeds because she was nursed on demand before.

She has been puking at TON! She is on zantac for reflux, but last evening everytime I fed her, about 3 ounces or so would come back up. We are using the Good Start Supreme w/Natural Cultures. She has been supplemented with this formula for about 4 months now, so that is not new. If she keeps it up, I will put in a call to the doc.

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matthew is around 14 lbs and takes 7oz formula feeds. He has a breast feed first thing in the morning, then bottles the rest of the day. He has three bottles, and is on 3 meals too.

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Everit takes about 6 oz per feeding, and has about 6-7 bottles in a 24 hour period, plus 2-3 solid meals (including snacks, like graham crackers)

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Dylan gets 6-10 oz per feeding, but more typically 7-8oz. He eats every 3 hours or so during the day and we feed him two solid feedings per day (morning and night). Early on, he would spit up every time he ate. We switched to Enfamil AR when he was about 8 weeks old. I am not sure how much it helped and I stopped the Zantac after a month because it didn't seem to be doing anything, but he doesn't really spit up very often anymore. That may be just because of age though.

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First off, GL!

We're giving Rylee 4 4 oz bottles at daycare. We've started to have them feed her cereal at lunch time, so now she sometimes comes home with an un-eaten bottle. We also give her a 5 oz bottle before bed. The rest of the time we nurse.

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So.. Just spoke with daycare.. she is getting 7-8 ounces at a time at daycare with virtually NO spitting up? WTH? It is the same formula!

The only differences is:
-the bottles, I gave them the ventaire bottles with the fast flow nipple. I use the ventaire also, but with the slow flow nipple.
-Daycare goes AT LEAST three hours between bottles, sometimes four.

Hmm.. maybe more less often, and faster is the key?

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Give it a try! I use the fast nipples too. No patience. LOL Owie usually takes 7 ounces at four scheduled feedings (two with food) and one during the night. Although last night he got two. I try to keep his bottles four hours apart. I had no problem switching to this from demand feeding. And its better than demand feeding formula because so much goes to waste!

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Are you going all bottles of formula day and hoping to keep bf'ing at night? we are close to the end as well, and was wondering how others are working it. Rogan currently takes 3 bottles at Daycare, two 6 1/2 oz. BM bottle and one 8 oz. formula bottle (although he never drinks more than 4 oz with me), and we do one meal of solids each day (although he doensn't always eat it al). He'll go 3 hours at daycare, but he'll feed more often with me, but still 2-3 hours.

I also give him formula at bedtime, about 3 oz. and then let him nurse until he is full, but I'm about ready to go to two formula bottles at daycare w/ one BM, and continue the solids and formula bottle at bedtime. Dunno if that is good, but that's what I've been doing.

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Yes.. we are trying to only nurse morning and night. We will see how that goes, I only got about 5 ounces this morning when I pumped (had to leave early for work).

"sugspop" wrote:

Rogan currently takes 3 bottles at Daycare, two 6 1/2 oz. BM bottle and one 8 oz. formula bottle (although he never drinks more than 4 oz with me),

Why do they eat so well at daycare, then snack at home? It is frustrating!

About the weaning.. I got a plugged duct last week and had to slow down on cutting out feedings. For some reason my body has adjusted well this week and I haven't pumped all day today!

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I guess cuz we are mommy. naps go differently for me too... and different with daddy. who knows. Might be the nursing too, although I noticed rogan is less and less interested all the time. Happening naturally which is nice.

Youch! That does sound painful. You'll have to let me know what you get at night. As it is, I only pump 2 x a day while he is at daycare, and I get 6 1/2 each. I think I could get more sometimes, but I just pump what he needs at this point.