December 08 Mascots Sugar and Plum

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December 08 Mascots Sugar and Plum

Share your pics with Sugar or Plum and your LO!

Please refrain from posting comments in the sticky. Please post pics in another thread for comments.


I'm editing this post to add the list as I keep losing it!

As decided both Mascot's will travel separately so that hopefully everyone on the list can get a visit from one of them.

Just a few points to go thru before we begin

Please, please, please if your turn comes up and you think you will be too busy, not enough funds to send the mascot back out etc. let me know and I can put you somewhere else on the list.

I say that we should try and spend about a week with the Sugar or Plum before sending them off to their next destination.

What are your thoughts about new people joining in, should we automatically put them at the bottom of the list or should I try and fit them into a geograhically sound spot even though it will push everyone down on the list KWIM?

Without further ado here are the itineraries!



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Here's Ryken with Sugar & Plum before going to The Relay for Life.

Ryken got his face painted....forgot to get Sugar and Plum out for the pic. Let's just say they were napping Biggrin

And yesterday we took a trip to a river to do a little fishing and hiking!

All ready!

Sugar and Plum had to move to the back because Ryken kept knocking them down.

Sugar and Plum did a little swimming, but they said they much prefer the they are hoping another baby can take them there Lol

Then they did a little fishing and caught a walleye.

Then they found some shells.

DH and Ryken fishing while Sugar, Plum, and I watched.

All that fishing and swimming made them tired

Ryken playing with them one last time before we packaged them up!

Goodbye kisses

Ready to go!

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This is a pic of us in our biggest park Crapo Park. There are cannons here on the bluff. Right down from the bluffs is the Mississippi and across the Mississippi is Illinois. The cannons are there as a memorial to Burlingtonians who have fought in wars or in case Illinois attacks is the local joke. From left to right it is Bella, Me, Luke, Alec, Cole and Emma (holding Plum). Zebulan Pike (Pike's peak) planted a flag here prior to continuing his journey on to Pike's peak. Chief Blackhawk used to camp here as well (on the bluffs).

At the fountain at Crapo Park. Bella, Alec, Emma, Cole, Me and Luke holding Plum.

At our Welcome Center downtown. We are famous for steamboat travel it used to be one of the major ways to get around when the west was being settled. That and trains we were a major train hub as well. The kids are playing on an antique steamboat steering wheel.

No we arent giants!! These isnt the real Statue of Liberty just Burlington's version of it LOL. In the back is The Great River Bridge crossing from Iowa to Illinois and the Muddy Mississippi.

Emma's not crying LMAO it was just super super sunny and hot that day (thus my cool shades in all the pics)

In front of the fountain on the riverfront (we are quite proud of our riverfront even if it does smell like rotten fish sometimes, it is our version of the ocean I guess), my children have a thing for fountains!!

Lukie playing with Plum in the car. He is getting big for his car seat we just bought him a new one this weekend.

Standing at Snake Alley. It is in the Guiness Book of World Records as the crookedest alley in the world our claim to fame you might say. You can see the S shape of it curving up if you look closely. Abraham Lincoln spoke here (several other places as well) when he was President.

Other intestesting things about our town: We were the first territorial capitol West of the Mississippi. Chief Blackhawk gave a speech here before going into his final battle (there is a rock located by our highway that he stood on to speak). Al Capone used to come here along w/ other Chicago gangsters and stay at The Burlington Hotel (it is still here it is now apartments) we are about 4 hours from Chicago. Louis Armstrong and Liberace used to play at our Auditorium frequently (it is by the fountain on the riverfront). Jim Kelly (the astronaut) and Aldo Leopold the conservationist are both from Burlington. You can find more crinoids here than in any other place in the world we are the crinoid (tiny fossils of segmented prehistoric plants, they look like cheerios) capitol. I have to give dh credit for most of this I didnt know some of it at all!

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Finally I remembered to bring BOTH Sugar and the camera to a photoworthy event. I must admit, I had many other pictures planned, but this is the best we got.

Cameron and I went my family's cabin in the Bershires on Saturday to visit Grandma, and Sugar was very excited for the event.

We played in the sand

And then went for a dip to cool off (Sugar asked to watch from the beach)

A fun day! I'll be sending Sugar off tomorrow for new adventures!

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We took Plum sight seeing yesterday. Our good friend Bug joined us.

Kaiya was very excited to be going out.

We went downtown to the Inner Habour and saw the boats.

Then we went and looked at the totem poles.

We tried to go and feed the ducks at Beacon Hill Park...

But they fell asleep!

So I went and got a coffee while they napped and when they woke up we went back to the ducks. They were a big hit!

I will pack up Plum and send him on in the next couple days. It has been nice to have him visit.

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So I had Plum for the last week but as you all know my DH is away so it is hard for me to go out and about with Hunter .... since I started working full time too!!

So anyways, we wanted to go out boating and four wheeling with Plum and Hunter but we couln't find time to do it....

Today we went to the park with Hunter so I decided to take Plum along. DH was here for the weekend so we all went together.

Hunter had fun!! And I did too, it's fun to be reunited even if it's for one day!

I live in a 6 000 people town, about 95% French speaking town. We are the Moose Capital!! lol! Wanted to go take pictures in front of our big moose and wolf monument but couldn't make it today... so I'll attached a pic from my DH during his photo shoot for our wedding (so you guys can see it).
I'll send Plum this week for sure!! Enjoy!!

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Pics from Jocelyn's visit with Sugar

In car seat

In jumperoo 1

In jumperoo 2

In high chair

In crib

In walker 1

In walker 2

In rocking chair 1

In rocking chair 2

In mommy and daddy's bed

Chasing Sugar!

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Sorry if there boreing we didnt do much and Liam wouldnt sit still!!

When Plum first got here Liam was having some play time (sorry resized wrong :()

Liam decided he wanted a bottle and to watch some toons and plum was a little jetlegged from his travels so he decided that sounded nice

Plum decided to tag along for a ride so he jumped in Liams back pocket

We decided to get some fresh air and take a walk to the park

Liam and plum swung andwatched a kid with funny blue hair

Plum tagged along to Liams Cousins hockey game, they were waiting for him to come out after the game to congratulate him for the win!!

Saying goodbye to his buddies and the place he slept while visiting

Making sure he has his passport

Liam and Plum having there final goodbyes on the way to the post office