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Thread: December Diamonds 2009 Arrivals List & Birth Stories

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    Here's Nicole's (Nikerz20)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikerz20 View Post
    Around 2am of the 2nd i woke up with contractions at about 8-10 mins apart but they didn’t progress into anything other than an ongoing menstrual like cramp. Went to the bathroom a couple hours later where i had my bloody show (sorry tmi) and then tried going back to sleep – ended up watching Wall-E because i couldn’t sleep. Decided to ring the midwife that morning and she asked me to pop into the birthing centre, DBF packed the car and we were away. Midwife preformed a membrane sweep and told me that we were only at 1 ½ cm dilated, but she did expect me back in 8- 10 hours time to have baby.

    Spent the day doing some last minute things around the house and then put my feet up. Around 7pm the contractions started back up again, but this time it was the real thing by 9pm they were around 6 mins apart, rung the grandmas-to-be ( it’s an hr drive) and got in touch with my midwife. By 12pm the contractions were 5 mins apart and my midwife was paying us a home visit to make sure we wouldn’t be turned away. She had another wee look and i had only progressed another ½ cm. She left the room and when i sat up i felt a pop and a pool of water came out. I yelled out for the midwife to come back and check and sure enough my bag had broken, had a quick shower and we headed to the birth centre.

    By 3am on the 3rd contractions were almost becoming unbearable as i was experiencing back labour, i had 4 injections of water straight under the skin to ease the pain, it only lasted ¾ of an hour and the pain returned. By 4am I decided that i wanted to jump into the birthing pool to see if the water would help. I ended up staying in the pool the rest of the labour and proceeded to have a natural water birth. I was fully dilated by 730am and ready to push. Pushed for 50 mins, only experienced one small tear and our wee boy made his grand entrance December 3rd at 8:47am weighing 8lb 8oz, was 21 1/3 inches in length and had a full head of hair. He scored 8 and 8 on his Apgars, and the only thing they found was he was tongue tied and made a small snip so he could breast feed properly.

    Only a few minutes old

    Being weighed

    Cuddles with Dad (Taines clothing is a little on the large side)

    Cuddles with Mum at home

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    Here's Jenn's (jjsiemens)

    Quote Originally Posted by jjsiemens View Post
    Hi ladies!

    Delaney Dawn was born Friday December 4th at 8:42pm. She weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and measured 19" in length. It was our easiest labour yet and I feel like a million bucks (albeit tired). She scored 10 on her APGAR (apparently a rarity at our of many brags you'll hear from me I'm sure ) and she passed her 24hr jaundice test with flying colours. We came home 24 hours after she was born and are working at settling in at home. She's feeding well and doing great in the sleep department so far. Zack & Gabe have found their first true love! They are so excited (much to our relief) and they were both really good to her today as we celebrated her Zero Birthday party! I'll try to share pictures and our birth story (a bit of drama to share there) once we've settled! I've got many posts to catch up on as I've been offline since Thursday night. I did see that we have several other births since I've been gone so (until I get a chance for proper congrats) congratulations to all the other new Moms and a WTTW for all of our new Diamonds!

    Feeling mighty blessed!

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    Here's Kristina's (~Kristina~)

    Quote Originally Posted by ~Kristina~ View Post
    Riley arrived at 1:49am on the 8th weighing in at 9lbs 14oz and 22 1/2" long. Bigger than all the other kids in both areas. He was born at home in the water, no tears after 13 minutes pushing. Pictures to come!
    Quote Originally Posted by ~Kristina~ View Post
    I haven't written out the nitty gritty of his birth story, but I have a timeline!!

    5:30am – Couldn’t sleep, took a hot bath and when getting out, I had a small gush followed by more plug. Went up stairs and told Jesse I thought my water may have broke. Went back into the bathroom and had some light bleeding and contractions started getting stronger.
    7:00am – I called our midwife to let her know what was going on. She told me to call her back when I was rocking, humming, all that stuff.
    9:00am – Jesse called his mom to put her on notice, she apparently took it to come right over!
    Shortly after she arrived my labor stalled and contractions stayed 12 minutes apart all day long.
    9:30 pm – Mother in law left.
    10:00pm – Contractions got stronger/closer and I knew it was it. Jesse timed them for a little bit, first ones were 7 minutes but quickly moved to 4 minutes apart and they were lasting 2 minutes.
    11:20pm – Called Kate to come over. The few contractions I had were extremely intense with lots of pressure and left me shaking afterward.

    12:10am – Kate arrived and came up to check me.
    12:20am - As she was checking me, my cervix kept dilating, I started off at 5 and by the time she was done, I was a 7cm and 100% effaced, baby at -2 station with a bulging bag of water. Contractions were 4 minutes apart at this point.
    1:15ish – I got into the pool.
    1:36am – I asked Kate to break my water because it was in the way and I could feel it with every contraction. I tried a few times to break it on my own with pushes, but it didn’t work. My water was stained with meconium. Riley came right down.
    1:37am – I started pushing.
    1:47am – Riley’s head crowned.
    1:49am – Riley Aaron was born!

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    Here's Jenny's (jenny95662)

    Quote Originally Posted by jenny95662 View Post
    he arrived mon 853am he was 8 pds 7 ounces,,,19 1/4 inches long he is perfect looks just like my daughter only as a boy lol i will let u hear about c section and recovery when i get is bunch of pics sorry so many.

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    Here's Brooke's (brookie13):

    Quote Originally Posted by brookie13 View Post
    december 5th at 740 am Hayden Alexandra B... made her debut. she is 7lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. shes the spitting image of her brother, we actually confused the nurses with pictures of them both being weighed after birth.

    i woke up at 2 am last night (dec 5th) to see where DH was because he wasnt in bed yet (he works friday nights until 1 am) and when i stood up my water gushed everywhere. so i took a quick shower and then got DH to bring me up at 315 am.. labour progressed fast after that and at 740 am i got my VBAC!! i did have to have a small episiotomy but it only took 3 stitches to repair.

    shes very quiet so far, latched on like a champ and has daddy wrapped around her finger already. im thrilled with my birth experience and that my little lady is finally here. congrats to all you mamas who have or will be having your little ones soon!!

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    Here's Dawnyel's (puppyduks):

    Quote Originally Posted by puppyduks View Post
    The last time I was on this board I updated y'all on my 39 week appt, in which I was 50-70% effaced but not dilated, cervix still pointed rearward and according to my OB I was nowhere near delivery. That was last Tuesday.

    Thursday night/Friday morning at midnight I woke up to pee as usual. When I stood up off the potty I gushed amniotic fluid all over the floor before I could even get my panties pulled up. Absolutely no doubt about what it was even for a FTM. I got DBF up and we packed some last minute things and headed to the hospital.

    We got to the hospital at 2 am with me still gushing fluid like I was the fountain of youth. Got hooked up to the monitors and evaluated. My water had broken but I was still not even 1 cm dilated. I had not felt a contraction yet. They admitted me and monitored me to see what my body would do. About 8 am they decided to give me Pitocin as I was still not dilated at all. THEN I started feeling contractions! I called for an epidural and told the anesthesiologist he was my best friend.

    About 1145 I started having excruciating back pain. I mean hair raising, please kill me now pain. I was crying, wimpering for my DBF to help me as he stood by holding my hand, no doubt feeling very helpless. The anesthesiologist (a new guy, the other one had gone home)was called in and he informed us that the epidural had only taken effect on the left half of my body. He upped the medication level to compensate and I told him he was my new best friend.

    At noon my OB examined me and said it was time to push. I had gone from 0 to 10 in less than four hours. I started pushing with the contractions, with DBF holding one leg and my friend at my head for support. I pushed. And pushed. I threw up several times. I tried several different birthing positions. The attending nurses were wonderful and super supportive. I pushed for a solid three hours with absolutely no progress before the nurses finally called in the doctor. The doc examined me and declared that there was no way the baby could be delivered vaginally. The baby's head would not fit through the pelvic opening.

    After his declaration things started happening fast. Nurses were scrambling and I was being asked all kinds of questions. My epidural had worn off again by this time and I was in agony trying to answer the questions... Allergies? Yes, blah blah blah. Did I still want my tubes tied or had I changed my mind? I don't even remember what I answered, so I don't know if they tied my tubes during the section or not.

    Finally the questions were answered and I was wheeled into the OR and prepped, and mercifully given more epidural medication. My DBF got to be by my head and he was so wonderfully supportive even though I could see he was worried and freaked out at the whole scene. At one point he looked over the drape as they were pulling the baby out and he went pretty green and made a sickly noise, lol. At 3:40 pm I heard our baby girl cry for the first time. Sarah Jane was born on Friday Dec 4 weighing 6 lbs 10 oz, and was 20 inches long. She got 8's and 9's on her APGARs.

    I spent four days recuperating in the hospital and it was a truly wonderful experience. I was the only patient on the floor so I had the place to myself, and all the help from hospital staff I could ever want. The L&D nurses were angels!! I can not stress enough how caring they were, how ready to drop everything to attend my every need, answering endless questions and supporting me when I was frutrated or overwhelmed. I am sure there is a special place in heaven waiting for every L&D nurse.

    I wanted to breastfeed and Sarah was having problems learning. She wanted to roll her tongue up and back toward her throat instead of keeping it flat and forward for sucking. She had a very poor suck response, and was a huge biter. Nursing her was very painful as she chomped down on my tender breasts and made me cry. At one point I just broke down and bawled, I was so exhausted and frustrated and overwhelmed. Through it all the nurses and the lactation consultant were by my side, attending every feeding to try to train Sarah how to nurse. They gave me unflagging support and if it were not for them I know I would have given up. We had to resort to using a nipple shield and running a thin tube into her mouth. When she sucked correctly the nurse would give her a shot of formula as a reward. Three days passed and Sarah was still not nursing. I was despondent and ready to give up. The nurses encouraged me to keep at it and I agreed, although I just knew she would never learn to nurse.

    Then it happened. The third night she started nursing without the tube. My milk had come in and she was sucking like a champ. No more biting. No more tongue curling, just glorious sucking! I was thrilled, but my excitement was nothing compared to the nurses' reactions on seeing her suckling at the breast. The nurses were ecstatic and so genuinely happy for me. They came into my room to watch Sarah suck and congratulated me on sticking to it when the going got tough.

    We came home last night and since Sarah had decided to surprise everyone with her arrival we were not exactly set up for baby living arrangements. Her bassinet right now is a dresser drawer that we set on the bed as a co-sleeper. Although she has a bit of jaundice that we have to keep an eye on she is doing well and is still nursing like a champ.

    It was a brutal labor and delivery but to tell the truth I hardly remember the pain now. I am definitely in motherhood mode now, the hormones have kicked in and I feel just a wave of love of nurturing for our baby. And her daddy is smitten. It is so touching, seeing him interact with her and cuddling with her. And he is johnny-on-the-spot with diaper changes and other not so pleasant aspect of baby raising. I am so lucky to have the family that I do.

    I will post up some pics when I get time to get them downloaded from the camera. Until then I will be browsing the board, trying to catch up on everything that has happened since I've been gone.
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    Here's Linda's (sevininall)

    Quote Originally Posted by seveninall View Post
    Zayden weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces, and 20 inches long at birth. A photographer came to our room and took pics of him, though by going in to their website it takes a password and allows anyone to change info, so I wont be posting that in an open forum for safety and such. He was born with jaundice. We left the hospital and his biliruben level was about 9.6. The following day it was 14.8, next day it was 15.7, the next day it finally started creeping down and was at 14.6. Last night at the ER it was 10.53. So, slowly but surely it is falling...thankfully!!

    He has to have fluids every 2 hours to help push it down to normal. What a wonderful little man I have!! I'm so proud and so very blessed!!!

    His weight last Friday was 6 lbs and 2 ozs. Gaining and growing He had lost down to 5 lbs 15 ozs after coming home.

    Once I am able to get online without being here at the library I will take pics and post them thru photobucket or something. Oh, he was born at 2:20 PM on November 30, 2009. I'll explain later but they changed OR's on me to the larger one for safety of me and babe.

    I sincerely hope that each of you have a beautiful birth and very healthy moms and babies!!! I know we are all anxious to see those lovely babies and to hear about our individual births I know they will be awesome ladies!!

    Love and hugs to each of you. Will be back ASAP to read and update more.

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    Here's Jackie's (Diorgirl82):

    Quote Originally Posted by DiorGirl82 View Post
    Hi all! Congrats to all the new babies. Seems like they just keep coming. I was scheduled to be induced today (12/9/09) however, went into labor on 12/6/09 (at my daughters 1st birthday party) and gave birth at 3:56am 12/7/09!

    Dakota Marie

    She is a great baby, super adorable!!

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    Here's Jennifer's (nitefire_98 ):

    Quote Originally Posted by nitefire_98 View Post
    I was having contractions all day on December 8th which were about 10-20 minutes apart. I didn’t get all excited though because this had been going on for about a week. I refused to get excited until my water broke or there was no doubt I was in labor. I went to work as normal and came home. We were expecting the first snow storm of the winter season that night so my Mom, who watches DJ during the week, decided to stay the night. Little did we know what a blessing that would be!

    I went to bed about 10:30 that night after the contractions fizzled out. Again. At 12:33am, on December 9, I woke up to a huge contraction and a weird feeling in my gut. My first thought was…Uh oh! I high-tailed it to the bathroom and about ½ ways there, my water broke. Gary and my Mom both woke up to me saying “Uh oh” and “Oh no” over and over while I tried to clean up the mess while sitting on the toilet. It was quite comical actually.

    The snow storm outside was in full force so we called labor and delivery to ask what they wanted me to do. Since this was my second child and with the roads the way they were, they wanted me to come in as soon as we could to avoid having her in a snow bank on the way to the hospital if we waited too long. Gary went outside to shovel a path and warm up the car. I couldn’t figure out how to get dressed without soaking everything! My Mom, who is so awesome, had the idea of stuffing one of DJ’s diapers inside my underwear. GENIUS!! Thank you, Mom! So, I got dressed and we headed off to the hospital. The contractions had started on the way to the hospital and were about 2-4 minutes apart.

    We got there and they skipped the assessment section as it was obvious that I was in labor and my water had broken. I was immediately brought back to a room and changed into a gown and put into bed. I was so tired! I basically just waited it out until about 7am and then asked for some medication. The pain was overtaking my fear of IVs at a rapid rate. Thank God that a competent nurse was on duty that got the right vein on the first try. She had to try a couple of times to get it, but that vein worked. The contractions were getting so strong. They were still only 2-4 minutes apart. This took the edge off just enough so I could get a little sleep.

    By 9:30, I couldn’t stand it anymore. It felt like someone was running a knife up and down my lower back with every single contraction. Plus, I was so extremely tired having only 2-3 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. I caved. I called the nurse in and through my tears, I asked for the epidural. I had the epidural in by 10:00am and was asleep by 10:30am.

    I slept until 1:00pm and woke to some heavy pressure on my tailbone and pelvic area. I called Kerry, my nurse, and told her what I was feeling. She said that I must be close if I can feel pressure through the epidural. She checked me and said “I have good news and bad news.” Yeah, that’s what I wanted to hear!! The good news was that I was dilated to 10!! Yay!!! The bad news was that the doctor on call was just called down to surgery just a few minutes before. Great. Actually, that was kind of ok with me because I didn’t like that doctor anyway. Oh well. So, anyway, Kerry said I could go ahead and push any time I feel the need and she’d be there. She called the OB office across the street (which is my OB) and they said they’d send over the doctor on duty. Dr. Martinie is one of my favorites so I was happy.

    1:10pm I started pushing. I pushed every time I felt the need to, with a little direction from Kerry, and pushed for about ½ hour. One other nurse came in to help until the Dr made it over. Lila’s head came out and she had the cord around her neck. I didn’t know this at the time…Kerry and Gary didn’t feel the need to panic me. The rest of my baby girl came out at 1:42pm and about 30 seconds later the Dr walked into the room!

    She weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 19.5 inches long and is the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen. She has a full head of dark hair like her brother did and has no issues with lung power! I got two stitches and got cleaned up and we were wheeled into the recovery room. They took her to give her a bath which I requested so I could get settled in and ready for her.

    When they brought her back to me I wanted to try nursing her. She latched on the 2nd try!! Gary went home after a little while to let my Mom get home and get some sleep. Poor guy didn’t sleep at all the whole time!!

    The only problem I had was some pretty severe swelling in my ankles and feet that lasted until Sunday. I couldn’t even put my slippers on as they were too tight and by Saturday night could barely walk. The doctor said it was a side effect of the epidural.

    Lila and I are doing well now with breastfeeding. I had a mild breakdown on Sunday night because I was so engorged and sore and she couldn’t latch and we were both so frustrated. Gary calmed me down and said all the nice things a supportive husband is supposed to say and I felt better. After that, it’s gotten much easier.

    Lila has completed our family. She allowed me to complete all of the things that I wanted to do with DJ, but couldn’t. I got to hold her immediately after birth. She stayed in the recovery room with me. She came home with me. I cried when I laid my pretty little Lila in her bassinet. No wires, no monitors, no medication, no sleeping contraptions for reflux, no NICU, no special formula, just a little jaundice which cleared itself up after a few days. I have my perfect family. I have an amazing little boy who overcame all the odds of a preemie and now I have an amazing little girl who is sweet as pie. God has truly blessed us.

    Me and Lila minutes after birth:

    Daddy just realized he has a little girl now!!


    Getting ready to leave the hospital:

    Waiting for discharge papers:

    Meeting big brother DJ for the first time:
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    Here's Toni's (Danswife):

    Quote Originally Posted by Danswife View Post
    Saturday Dec 5th around 3am I woke up to go to the bathroom but before I could turn to sit, it felt like I had peed myself. It was clear so I was like uh think my water just broke. So I waited a few more mins to see if anything else would happen. So I walked to the utility room to get some stuff out the dryer and yup there was the second gush. So thats when I knew it was time to load up and head out. I put all my stuff together before even waking Dh cause I knew he was gonna freak out. So about 3:30 I woke him and said it was time to go my water had broke. I've never seen him jump out of bed so fast, lol

    We got to L&D around 4am, was admitted and we sat in the triage room for about 2 or 3 hrs before even getting a room. I was only 2cm when we arrived. They said if I hadn't progressed by the time I was all set up in the room I would be started on pitocin. So after a few hrs of answering questions and getting all set up, I was checked again and I was still only 2 to 3cm. My contractions were not strong enough, So here came the devil. I have no clue on times cause there was no clock in our room. They waited 3hrs after giving me the pitocin to check me. I had gone from 2 to 3 to 6cm. I was having ALL back labor so I sent my request for my epi. After waiting lord knows how long he finally showed up in my room. He was trying to get it done between contractions but they were coming so quick I wished him luck haha cause he couldn't do it. Took him 3 tries to finally get it.

    So after finally getting some relief it was time to try and sneak in a nap and watch some football on tv, like we had been doing all day haha. After awhile I started to notice that my right side was not nearly as numb as my left. So I told the nurse and she said well its been awhile since we last checked you and I had started to get the shakes and she said that is a sign of progression. So they checked me and sure enough I was complete. They sat me up like I was in chair to let gravity do some of the work. I was ready to push cause by that point I could feel my whole right side and could only feel my contractions in my hip which to me was worse then the back labor. So we did some trial pushing and she was like yup time to get the doc. I'm guessing we pushed for about 30 mins to an hr cause we were still on the same football game and same half when Lanie finally arrived, haha Yes we watched the game the whole time, it was nice to have a distraction.

    She entered the world at 7:17pm weighing 7lbs 9oz and 20" long. She had swallowed some mucus so we had to watch her and suction it when she was cough it up. They had me breast feed her not long after to try and help push some of the mucus down. Other then that she was prefect. I had no exteral tears but she got me on the inside cause she had her hand behind her head and her elbow tore me. So got a few stiches for that but over all she was nice to mommy, lol

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