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    Here's Connie's (cmljll):

    Quote Originally Posted by cmljll View Post
    He made his appearance a little before 1. Apgars of 8 and 9. He has short dark hair and dark blue eyes. He weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.

    And the best news - he's nursing extremely well!!! The nurses are freaking over how well he's sucking After how things went with BF'ing Ethan, I'm so excited!!!

    I'm waiting on the gallbladder doctor to come see me. He said this morning that he would take it out this hospital stay but I want to see how urgent it is. If it's not urgent, I'm inclined to leave it in for now. At least until I recover from the c-section, breast feeding is well-established, etc. But considering this is the first trouble I've had with it in almost a year, and this time it was from a limb pushing it...

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    Here's Katie's (kmm123):

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    Since I have a few minutes b/c Evan is at the nursery getting his last check up before we are able to head out from the hospital I thought I'd post his birth story.

    Wed 12/10 (due date was Monday) night around 11 I noticed the contractions I had been feeling here and there were more consistent and more focused in my lower back and lower front vs just up high. DH and I watched TV and tried to go to bed but I couldn't really sleep. Around 1am the contractions weren't super strong but were 4 minutes apart. So DH had said before he was nervous about waiting too long and I figured no harm in getting checked especially since I hadn't seen the doc in a week. We got to the hospital and they checked me and I was just 2cm and the contractions were regular but not too strong. I HATED being stuck in the bed so I told them I was happy to know where we stood and I wanted to leave. The nurses thought that was a good idea and away we went. I dozed here and there over the course of the night and around 8am we decided to head back to the hospital. My contractions were still around 3 min apart but stronger harder to talk through etc. I was very calm as I didn't find them too intense so when we arrived the nurses kind of just smiled like I was still in early labor. Then they checked me and I was 8cm with a bulging bag So doc came and broke my water and the expectation was I would go really really quickly. Ha. Around 11 I was still just 8 so they wanted to start some pitocin since my contractions had spaced out. I didn't want pitocin with out an epi so they called for that. The doc tried twice to get it in and I decided perhaps I would just suck it up and do it naturally. The whole epidural thing kind of freaked me out, I didn't want to loose feeling in my legs, I didn't want a blood pressure cuff on me, I didn't want the IV in longer. So I took the failed try as a sign and told the doc I appreciated his efforts but I was done. DH was pretty glad I spoke up he said I handled contractions much better than the epi being put in for him that was the scariest part b/c I was so tense (which wasn't helping the poor doctor). So they started the pitocin and thankfully it wasn't that intense for me. Around 1 I was 10cm and around 1:30 I started pushing. No one mentioned how miserable pushing is. Apparently I didn't feel the normal pressure/urge people do. One of the brilliant nurses had me turn on my side and push a few times and while it was awkward it did help move him down and gave me some of that urge. But I never had that must push feeling people talk about so pushing was a lot of forced effort. But at 2:27pm he arrived 9 pounds 5 and 1/4 oz and 21.5" long -- the nurses guessed his size probably held me up at 8cm. I only have 2 small first degree tears and he is perfect! Going all natural seems to suit me as I was up and showering with in an hour. I feel good, tired but good Now I'm antsy to get home. Doctor should be here in about a 1/2 hour to discharge us and I can't wait!

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    Here's Nicole's (Dixiemom1st):

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    It's a Girl and She arrived at 8:50 am on Thursday December 10th. We named her Sarah Ann, and she weighed 7 lbs 8 ozs and was 19" long.

    My contractions really started at 12 am that morning and by 1:30 they were 7- 5 mins apart so we headed to the hospital. We had to wake up my parents and bring Coleson over there (but they live next door so that was easy). I got admitted and went up to labour and delivery. They hooked me up to the baby monitor and she was doing great, then they checked me and I was 5 cm dilated. Because I was a VBAC they put me on an IV. Then moved me in to the delivery room. From there we just waited and tried to get comfortable. I really didn't like our delivery nurse. She tried to scare me into just asking for a C-section but we held tight until we talked to our doctor. She also said that I was too far along (at 7 cm) for an epidural (which was not true). So I didn't get one just a shot of morphine.

    Anyways, At 5 am I was 7 cm and when our doctor came in at 8 am, I was still only 7 cm and in a lot of pain. He asked if I wanted to wait another hr but by then I was exhausted and in pain and not progressing so we went for the c-section. So by 8:50 am Sarah was born.

    My recovery has been great, I went home on Saturday and am feeling good. Sarah is nursing like a pro and my milk came in. She is a bit Jaundice so we have to get her blood tested tomorrow, but other then that things are good.

    Coleson is an amazing big brother and loves his sister. He has been getting away with a fair bit so once I am feeling a bit better I think he will be in for an adjustment. Jamie has been amazing and we are feeling so bless.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dixiemom1st View Post

    Coleson loves to kiss and hold his little sister.

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    Here's Carolyn's (monkeycat):

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    Wow, has it been a LOOOONG week, and it requires a LOOOONG story.

    Let me just say, the best laid plans . . . . .

    Tuesday morning I woke up at 5am and went to the bathroom. I had some red spotting and a loose bowel movement, so I started to get excited but was too afraid to hope. I tried to sleep a little, and I think I had a few cx, but I couldn't tell for sure if they were cx or stomach cramps. I started timing cx at 6:38am. I decided I better eat something, because if this was finally it, I wanted to keep my energy up. After that I took a nice hot shower and brushed my teeth. Unfortunately, brushing my teeth made me vomit. Another sign labor was starting, I hoped. I laid down on my couch because I just didn’t have the energy for much of anything else. I felt like I had a fever and chills, and I checked my temperature and found out that it was 99.5. I figured I must be dehydrated so I tried to drink as much water and Gatorade as I could. I tried to get a little sleep, and Charlie had taken over the responsibility of writing down the cx for me. I never did fall asleep completely because every time I had a cx, I would just say “okay” to him and he’d write it down. He was sitting on the couch watching TV (or at least pretending to – I don’t think he was focusing on it at all) and I was curled up next to him. At some point I gave up trying to sleep and decided to get the few odds and ends I had left out of my bags put in. By about 9am, the cx were 3-5 min apart, lasting a minute to a minute and a half, and if I was up, I had to stop and relax during them. They soon got closer, 2-3 min apart, lasting a minute and a half to two minutes, and quite painful. After about an hour and a half of that, we decided to go to the hospital. According to the material we studied, based on the types of cx I was having and my emotional state, I should have been in active labor by this point. We wanted to wait as long as possible to go to the hospital to avoid labor stalling and any interventions. We made the 20 minute drive, and boy howdy, were the cx painful while in motion! I have a pretty high pain threshold, and they were knocking me for a loop. I remember telling Charlie that if we got there and I was only at a one, I was going to be seriously pissed off.

    We got to the hospital, and the antepartum nurse put me on the monitor and checks me and tells me I'm only at a one and 60% effaced. I wanted to cry - I was so sure I was further than that! She told me she was going to call the doctor, and that he'd probably monitor me or make me walk, and she didn't think he'd send me home because I was contracting regularly and past dates. They monitored me for an hour and then checked again - no change. Are you serious? At that point, I let a little expletive slip. Oops. They told me to walk for an hour, and I walked with a vengeance - down two flights of stairs, up one flight, across the sky bridge to another part of the hospital. I refused to take a wheelchair with me that time. My mother and stepfather had shown up by this time, and they walked with us. We got back, and I was really feeling the cx. They were coming so fast I was starting to have a hard time handling them. She put me back on the monitor for about fifteen minutes. I thought the baby's heart rate seemed fast, but I couldn't keep my eyes open and crane my neck around to look at the monitors, and the nurse didn't seem worried. Then she told me to walk for another hour. I wanted to cry. But I got up and when she brought me the wheelchair (just in case), I didn't refuse it. We made it about fifteen minutes into our walk when I couldn't take it anymore. I would take two or three steps and then have to bend over to get through a cx that would last close to two minutes. I told Charlie to take me back, but every time I had a cx, I made him stop because they hurt too much.

    We got back to the room at 4:30pm. The nurse put me back on the monitor, and checked me again. I was at a 2, but I was 100% effaced. I was not happy about the dilation, but I was ecstatic about the effacement. She called the doctor, and I was finally going to be sent to Labor & Delivery. By this point, most of my birth plan had gone right out the window. I had wanted to wear my own clothes and walk around, but I had just put on their gown when I got to the antepartum unit, thinking I would change when I got to L&D, but by this point I could care less about my attire, and the walking thing could kiss my butt. I had hard candy for dry mouth and Gatorade to stay hydrated, and I was drinking the Gatorade and water, but anything else seemed like it would take too much effort. They drew blood for labs and went to start an IV, and I told them I had cleared it with my doctor to not have IV fluids unless necessary, so they just said they'd send the supplies with me because they'd already charged them out.

    I was already starting to have doubts about my ability to do this naturally, which according to the Bradley method means you're getting close to transition. Also, I picked this time to throw up the Gatorade and water I'd been drinking. This can be another sign of impending transition, so I thought I could hold out. I was only at a 2, but at 100% effacement, I was hoping things were progressing more quickly than it seemed. Charlie's coaching was the only thing that was getting me through the stupid cx. I would call his name when I started to lose control, and he'd start talking, and the pain would almost instantly ease up. I thought the cx were peaking early because the pain would fade so early, but he told me later that when I would start to feel less pain, the cx were actually still increasing in intensity on the monitor. The Bradley training does work. I got into L&D at 5pm, and thank goodness my doctor was the one on call for the night. He came in and checked me. Right before he did, my water broke (yay for SROM - something that went according to my plan!). He told me I was a 3, 100%, and baby was at -2 station. I knew I had a long way to go when he said how high the baby was. He asked me if I wanted him to manage my labor actively or expectantly, and I said expectantly, and he said okay. He wrote an order for me to be able to have fluids by mouth so I could avoid the IV. The cx kept getting more intense and closer together. There was less than 20 or 30 seconds between them, and I was starting to panic during a lot of them and really depending on Charlie’s help to get on top of the pain. The nurse checked my temperature because the baby's heart rate was too high (170s-180s), and I was warm (99.9), so she brought me popsicles to try and hydrate me and told me to drink as much water as I could.

    WARNING: TMI AHEAD - Then I had to pee, so Charlie helped me to the bathroom, where we reached a new point in our relationship. After almost twelve years together, I had to poo in front of him. I didn't feel it coming, because with every cx, it felt like the baby was trying to come out of my rectum anyway! He of course didn't care, and I didn't really either. He helped me back to bed.

    The nurse then told me that the baby's heart rate was still too high and she wanted my permission to start IV fluids. I told her if the baby needed it, do it. She had a hard time finding a vein, and I usually have pipelines, so I knew I really was dehydrated. A little while after that, she came back in with apple juice and told me the baby's heart rate wasn't as reactive as they liked, and they wanted to see if the juice would perk it up. Not too long after that, it sounded like the baby's heart rate went down, so thinking it had returned to normal, I asked if it had slowed down because I couldn't see the monitor, and the nurse said it was a deceleration. I asked if it was early or late, and she said it was a variable. I knew that meant cord compression, so I started to get scared, but she was very clam about everything, so I tried to stay calm, too. Charlie told me later the heart rate was dropping repeatedly into the 50s. Shortly after, the nurse put an oxygen mask on me.

    A little after 6pm, the nurse called the doctor to come in to check me. I heard him ask for the heart rate strip, and I opened my eyes so I could see it, too. I saw it and said "I don't like that." He said "I don't either." I could see repeated decels, and that is not a good thing. He then checked me and told me I was at a four, and the baby was still at -2 station. He asked me if I wanted a c-section. I told him I wanted to get the baby out safely and if that meant c-section, let's go. He said he was afraid I was going to be hard to convince, and he was glad I wasn't because he couldn't let me go another 6 hours with the baby behaving like that. By this point I was exhausted. I think I had opened my eyes twice during the hour I was in L&D because I was in so much pain and having to focus. At one point I was holding my mother's hand and I could have sworn it was Charlie's! I just wanted my baby to be okay, and I knew s/he was in distress.

    The nurses started doing their thing to get everything ready, and I decided if I was going to get an epidural anyway, I wanted something for pain now, so I asked for it. I saw the look on the nurse’s face and realized we were doing this NOW and there wasn't time for anything. They wheeled me into the OR at 6:31pm, moved me to the other table, started my epidural, hooked me up to all their monitors, put in the catheter, had Charlie in with me, started the surgery and had the baby out in 19 minutes. I didn't really realize it was an actual emergency until I got into the OR and everyone was moving so fast. That's when I started to get scared, but I knew that the baby would be out soon. S/he passed meconium on the way out, another sign of distress. I was so glad s/he got out before that happened so there was no risk of aspiration. The doctor announced the sex and that the baby was indeed a toddler and that the cord was around the neck twice. I didn't hear any crying, but then someone said how the baby was alert and looking around, so I didn't panic.

    They went to the warmer, and Charlie went there, too, and I heard the crying and started crying myself. I couldn't see much, but I could tell they were suctioning the mouth, nose, and stomach. Charlie was taking pictures. Then I could see the top of the head and how big the baby was. Someone held the baby up and I could see Charlie's chin, and that the baby looked like my father-in-law. They wrapped the baby up, and Charlie brought the baby over to me, and I got to see my LO's face up close for the first time. I was in shock. I was so relieved that everything seemed okay. We got a couple of pics, and then it was time for the baby to go to the nursery, so Charlie went, too.

    Then I got the shakes, and the nurse anesthetist asked if I wanted some Versed. A first I said no, but when she told me it was going to take longer to get sewn up than it did to get the baby out, I said yes. It was all I could do not to sit up, or at least try. I DID NOT want to by lying down anymore. The rest of the OR time is kind of a blur (thank you Fentanyl and Versed - you are two of my best pals), and the next thing I remember is being back in the L&D room shaking uncontrollably. I felt like I was having a seizure. I had about three warm blankets on, and that wasn't helping.

    They gave me ice chips, and said if I had bowel sounds and tolerated the ice, the doctor had orders for me to try liquids and then I could move right onto solid food. I was quite happy to hear that, because it was after 7pm and I had thrown up the only thing I had eaten that day. (My in-laws went out and got me McDonald’s shortly after.)

    My family told me they had seen the baby in the nursery and what the baby weighed. Charlie called the nursery and was told that the baby would be coming to us as soon as they got another temperature to make sure it was stable since the bath had been given. I found out later that the baby’s temp at birth was 100.4 (and heart rate 180) and that they did the bath so early to bring it down.

    All of a sudden I realized the shakes had stopped, and I was so glad. I think I got the baby in my room around 8:30pm but I'm not 100% sure about the time. I held the baby for a few minutes and then we tried nursing. It went pretty well for the first time, and I nursed for about 15 minutes.( The baby stayed with us the rest of the hospital stay except for getting weighed and labs drawn in the nursery.) My heart rate was staying in the 120s-130s, but my blood pressure was okay so they didn’t think I was bleeding. The nurse drew blood for a CBC to make sure I wasn’t getting an infection and to check for anemia. They did the same thing the next morning and the morning after that. I got three doses of antibiotics according to the doctor’s standard protocol, but I didn’t have any infection, so that was it. My heart rate eventually slowed down, but it stayed a little over 100 until Friday.

    I got moved to my postpartum room a little before midnight. I had my epidural in, but I didn’t get any IV pain medication after the dose in the OR, and the nurses were pretty surprised I didn't want any, but the pain was tolerable. My catheter came out after about 12hrs, I was up walking after about 16hrs, my epidural and IV came out after about 36hrs, and my milk came in after about 40hrs. We had a pretty uneventful hospital stay. A lot of my coworkers came to visit me, binging gifts of baby clothes in the appropriate color. We came home Friday, just shy of 72hrs after the birth.

    I would like to officially introduce my litlle angel, Cecelia Elaine R___, born on December 8, 2009, at 6:50pm. 9lb 9oz, 21in long, 14.25in head, and perfect in every way!

    We had a blood type incompatibility, so she had to have her bilirubin levels checked several times, but she never had to go under phototherapy. Our biggest challenge has been breastfeeding. The first night home was miserable because I was inadvertently starving her. When she was still hungry after nursing, I would give her formula, but the lactation consultants at the hospital recommend only giving about half an ounce as a supplement. That was not cutting it. Between an unhappy, hungry baby and her sleep deprived mommy, Friday night was rough. We had a good nap together on Saturday, and I started pumping and feeding her as much as she wanted and things got much better. She was getting quite a bit of formula, but we are slowly weaning that down as the amount I pump increases. She’ll nurse for 30-45 minutes, and then sometimes sleep for anywhere from one to four hours, and sometimes she’ll still want to eat half an ounce to two ounces. We’re working out the kinks. It’s only been a week, so we’ll just keep working it out.

    When she’s not hungry, she rarely cries. Even with a dirty diaper, she just kind of acts uncomfortable, but usually doesn’t cry. I think she’s just perfect. Recovering from the c-section has been challenging, but I think I’m healing pretty well. I was actually able to bend over a couple of days ago! I made it 30 years without a major surgery, so I guess I was due. Charlie has been the best husband and father I could have asked for. He gets up to change her and bring her to me to feed her, keeps up with all the laundry and dirty dishes/bottles, makes sure I eat, etc. I am very lucky and blessed.

    So much of the experience seems surreal. I remember being in the OR and thinking “Is this really happening? Am I really about to have surgery and a baby?” Looking around at all the people in their gowns and mask was so strange, especially since I’ve been one of those people in that hospital. I could see my doctor’s eyes but not his face of course, and it was reassuring to see someone familiar during the preparation. He has very kind eyes. It was better once Charlie got there, but I didn’t like lying flat on my back with that drape right in front of me. The labor part seems surreal also (probably because I had my eyes closed for a lot of it) but the c-section part even more so. It all feels like a dream, and sometimes when I think about it I cry. Everything happened so fast. I didn’t expect that. I thought I was prepared for any eventuality, but I didn’t expect such a short and intense labor followed by an emergency cesarean. I don’t want to forget any moment, but sometimes it hurts to remember it. I still can’t really believe that this little person is mine. Sometimes I feel kind of robbed because I didn’t get the birth experience I had imagined and hoped for, but the important thing is that I have a healthy daughter. Things could have been devastatingly bad, and I got lucky enough to bring home a healthy baby. I know now not to make plans!

    Now that I've finally had time to write and post this, I can go see who else has had their babies! I've been having withdrawals because I haven't had the time or energy to get online. I've missed you all so!


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    Here's Cheeky78's:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheeky78 View Post
    My little Reese Ivy has arrived. She was born 12/12/09 at 9:01am. She is 8.02 pounds and is 21.9 inches long. We just got home today and Ryleigh is adjusting to being a big sister.

    My birth was fast and furious. I woke up at 4:30 with contractions. They were pretty intense right away and were coming about 3 minutes apart. I called my mom to come over and she arrived at my house at 7:00am. We left for the hospital and on the way my water broke in the car. What a weird feeling that was! I didn't tell my spouse cause I didn't want to freak him out and it was only a small gush. Got to the hospital around 8:00am and things were getting pretty intense. Coming a minute apart and very painful in my back. Checked in and waiting to be taken to a room. I arrived in the room around 8:30. Got undressed and the nurse checked me. She said I was 4cms. I was so disappointed when she said that lol. Doctor came in 15 minutes later and wanted to check me again because I was in so much pain and they were right on top of each other. I was 9cm! No time for an epidural and I felt the urge to push pretty much straight away. A few pushes later and Reese was born. My doctor didn't even have time to get changed. It was the most intense thing I have every experienced and I have 2nd degree tears inside and out. I hemmoraged a lot and felt very weak and almost passed out a couple of times. After an hour of recovery I bonded with my little girl. She is such a good baby and I'm very grateful. I'll try to post a pic later. Now it's time to relax and heal. I can't wait till I feel normal again.

    Congrats to all the new mommies that I missed while I was away!

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    Here's Meredith's (mrsbeever):

    Quote Originally Posted by mrsbeever View Post
    Hi ladies...

    As most of you know by now, Garrett came a little earlier than expected, due to some complications that I was having.

    I went in for my 35 week visit with my regular OBGYN on Monday, November 9th and my blood pressure had spiked up. It was higher than it had been, so my doctor increased my bp meds and wanted to recheck my bp the following Thursday (11/12.) I also had a small amount of protein in my urine, but not enough to cause big alarm at that point.

    Thursday morning, I stopped by my doctor's office and my bp was, again, higher than it had been and the nurse said she needed to talk to my doctor about it. I gave them another urine sample and waited for my OBGYN to come talk to me while I was on the fetal monitor. Luckily, Garrett was doing great on the monitor, so I wasn't concerned...however, when my doctor walked through the door, I knew something wasn't right. She had already called my specialist at Scott & White in Temple, TX, and after a short discussion, I was sent home to pack. Based on what they were seeing with my bp, my horrible swelling, and the amount of protein in my urine, they were sure I had Pre-E. Unfortunately, my husband was out of town for the day and I had my 17 month old son all by I called my husband and luckily, he was able to get back home quickly.

    We arrived at the hospital around 6:00pm and after getting settled in, the doctors started doing some diagnostic testing and told me that I would be staying until delivery...and that more than likely, they would deliver Garrett on Monday, the 16th. So, I spent the next few days connected to a bp machine and just hanging out on my hiney. Then, on Monday, November 16th, Garrett was born, by c-section at 9:10am...weighing in at 5 lb, 12 oz, and measuring 18 inches in length. His APGAR score was 9 and he actually BIT my doctor before he was fully out. Everyone was laughing because Garrett was screaming his head off and then my doctor said, in a very DRY humor..."and he just bit me." Anyway, they quickly whisked Garrett away to clean him up and assess his Spina Bifida defect and once that was done, they took him to the NICU. The good news about his defect was that it ended up being partially covered with skin, which is always good...and it was as small and low as we thought.

    The following day (Tuesday, the 17th), Garrett's defect was repaired and he did great during surgery and with recovery. The doctors were extremely pleased with how things looked at that point, too...Garrett had FULL use of both of his legs...and STRONG legs at that! And no sign of hydrocephalus at that point, either, so it was a wait and see game. Fast-forward a few days...and the hydrocephalus appeared. No surprise, but a little disappointing to me and my husband since everything seemed so great up until then. Sooo...Garrett was scheduled for another procedure, either a shunt OR a newer endoscopic procedure (called an ETV), if he was a candidate...and after an MRI, it was determined that they could attempt the less invasive ETV procedure first. So, a week after he was born, he went back into surgery and the neurosurgeon was able to do the ETV, with success. After another week of recovery, Garrett was released from the NICU on December 1st and has been doing great ever since...and those little legs are STILL kicking and SUPER strong!

    (Caution...infant death mentioned...)
    During this whole time, my husband and I were fortunate enough to become friends with another couple (from our home town) that had a baby girl named Catherine, born with Spina Bifida, on November 15th. Our babies seemed to be doing the EXACT same things, ALL GOOD...going through the same procedures, etc, same doctors...everything. Since Garrett's hydrocephalus was advancing a little faster than Catherine's, her procedure was scheduled for the day after Garrett's...and unfortunately, she was not a good candidate for the smaller, less invasive ETV procedure, so a shunt placement was planned. Catherine went into surgery that morning...and never came out. Her little heart stopped beating during surgery and they were unable to revive her. Her parents were in so much pain and there was nothing we could do...and on top of that, OUR baby was still alive and doing great, so the guilt set in for myself and my husband. It was extremely hard to know what to say or how to act with them...all I could do was cry with them. But they were (and still are) amazing people and never said anything but wonderful, supportive things to us...honestly, if they had removed themselves from us, you couldn't have blamed them...but no way they were going to do that. They stayed in contact, asking about Garrett continuously. And now, here we are, almost a month later...and those parents are still very good friends of ours. We plan to keep in touch and see each other as much as possible, because they feel a bond to Garrett...and we feel a bond to them. Because of H1N1, no one, other than parents, were able to see the babies in the NICU. So, Catherine's family never met her...the fact that my husband and I were able to see her during her 9 days in the NICU meant that, other than her own parents, we were the only ones to "meet" her...and that will always be special to us.

    I'm sorry to end this on a sad note, but please keep these wonderful parents in your thoughts and prayers. They found out about their baby girl early on in their pregnancy, and they were 100% committed to giving that baby girl the best life possible. Just completely, fantastic people.

    Anyway, there you have it...I have said it before, but to those of you who have been around and knew of our situation, and passed on good thoughts and prayers...thank you so much. I know I haven't been on the board much, mainly because it was hard, at times, to hear about everyone's healthy babies. But, in the end, I now regret that I didn't get to know you all better. I hope and pray that everyone is doing well and that all of the babies are healthy and happy.

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!

    Introducing...Garret Howard...(at age 3 weeks)

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    Here's Cynthia's (MaybeGracie):

    Quote Originally Posted by MaybeGracie View Post
    Luke Henry Karl S________ was born at 11:37pm on Saturday, December 19, 2009, after approximately one hour of labour.

    A week overdue, I was feeling frustrated and impatient that day. I had thought I was in labour two days earlier, having weak but steady ctx all evening, but they disappeared overnight and came only sporadically on Friday and Saturday. There was nothing strong or regular about them. Because the baby had been alternating between OP and ROA, I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees trying to get him turned the right way. I also spent a lot of time walking with my MIL, who was in town to take care of our 2.5 year old son Jacob during our planned homebirth.

    After playing a game with Isaac and MIL, we started preparing to go to bed at 10:30 that night. As we sat there talking for a little while, I had a few strong ctx, strong enough that MIL noticed, as I had a hard time carrying on the conversation through them. I thought it might be labour starting but wasn’t certain as they felt very unusual; also, by this point I didn’t want to get my hopes up until I was sure it was the real thing.

    I felt an increasing desire to use the bathroom, which was one of the signs I had been waiting for. After one particularly strong ctx, I asked Isaac to help me to the bathroom and told him I would call him when I was done. It was approximately 11:15pm. At the time, I intended to let my body clear its bowels and then settle in with my laptop to time the ctx and begin to focus on labour. I knew it was definitely labour when, as soon as the door was closed, a hot flash hit and I peeled off all of my clothes.

    It was a relief to use the bathroom, but I was still on the toilet when another ctx hit, even stronger than the last. I started to get nervous at the thought of several hours of labour with such painful ctx – it was nothing like I remembered with my first labour. I was just preparing to get off the toilet and find a place to settle in to labour when another ctx came and, after an intense pressure, my water broke in a big gush. It was both a relief (physically) and a disappointment (emotionally). My water hadn’t broken during my last labour until right at the end, so having it break at (what I thought was) the start of labour wasn’t my ideal, as I had tested GBS+ and would have preferred my waters stay intact for as long as possible.

    I called Isaac to tell him my water had broken and he should call the midwife. It was 11:25pm. As he began to do that, another ctx came, even stronger than the last. Everything is a bit of a blur from this point on. I knew I needed to move now because I wasn’t going to be able to move soon if they were hurting this bad already. I yelled for my MIL to come, fast. She rushed in and asked if I wanted to move to the bedroom. I managed to get out “no…tub!”, as I still didn’t realize the baby was coming and I wanted to labour in the tub. She started to fill it when suddenly I felt the baby descend through the birth canal. I reached down and felt the head crowning. I yelled that the baby was coming. Poor MIL was trying to figure out what to do and Isaac was on the phone with the midwife. The head didn’t stop, it just kept coming, so (not wanting to give birth right there on the toilet!) I managed to get myself onto the floor on my knees, leaning on the tub with one hand and holding the head with the other. MIL shoved a towel underneath me. I was most definitely “vocalizing”, to put it mildly, and recall reminding myself to keep my voice deep rather than high. The rest of the head came out quickly. All of that happened within the span of one ctx.

    By this point, the midwife had told Isaac to hang up and phone 911. He was talking with them as the head emerged. I let go of the head and leaned on the tub to rest before the next ctx came. It came almost immediately and the rest of the body was delivered into my MIL’s waiting hands. I don’t recall pushing at all with either of the ctx. It felt like my body and gravity did all of the work. She laid him on the towel and I rested on the edge of the tub, exhausted and relieved and shocked. It was, as best as we can estimate, 11:37pm.

    After catching my breath, I looked back and the first thing I saw was that our little baby was most definitely a boy! I brought him up between my legs and just held him. Isaac came in to see and to let me know the paramedics were on the way. I replied less than positively to that, but calmed down when he got the deer-in-the-headlights look and said the midwife had told him to, poor guy. (In hindsight, of course, it was the obvious and wise thing to do, but at the time all I could think was that we were fine and I didn’t want paramedics there.) We admired our new son together. My MIL came in next. I thanked her over and over, and she thanked God over and over. Now that he was here and everything seemed fine, there was such a sense of awe and relief and shock.

    The paramedics arrived at this point, finding me still on my knees facing the tub with my back to the door, clutching the baby and trying to get my mind around the fact that I had just given birth. The huge paramedic maneuvered his way into our small bathroom and started talking to me. This man deserves a medal for having to deal with me, as I wasn’t at my most cooperative at this point. He wanted me to lay down, which sounded incredibly unappealing to me, as the bathroom floor was cold and hard and covered in blood and water from the birth. I didn’t want to lay down, I was perfectly comfortable where I was. He wanted the baby lower than the placenta, which seemed impossible to me at the time, since I didn’t want to just lay the baby on the floor. I’m not sure what all happened in the couple minutes after he arrived. I know I was repeatedly covered with a towel, which kept falling off, and he kept trying to move me when I didn’t want to be moved. At one point he stepped out to get something and I quietly delivered the placenta, still on my knees and still holding the baby. I told him the placenta was here and I was ready for him now.

    He came in and started trying to move me again, but I was tangled in the cord and didn’t know where exactly he wanted me in the first place. Finally I told him to stop. I asked him to please just tell me what he wanted me to do and I would do it, just stop trying to move me and stop trying to take the baby. He said he wanted me to sit back. This was still really unappealing to me, but I felt bad for being so difficult when he was just trying to do his job so I figured I should make an effort to be more cooperative. I got myself untangled and allowed him to help me sit back on the floor. He clamped and cut the cord. The poor guy, his hands were shaking so hard as he clamped and cut. He checked to make sure the placenta was whole (it was) and placed it in a plastic bag. He tried again to take the baby, but I told him no, I wanted my husband to take him. (I feel mean about that now, but at the time I just wanted Isaac to be the first one besides me to hold the baby.) I called Isaac and handed him his son.

    I was shaking a lot, as expected, and the paramedic had them bring me warm towels from the dryer. He told me then that I needed to get up so they could get me to the hospital. I said I didn’t want or need to go, and the second paramedic stepped in to reassure me that there was no rush and maybe I could go lie down on my bed for a few minutes so they could check everything out. I didn’t know whether to believe him or whether he was just trying to get me to stand up. Isaac tells me that no, the second paramedic really was okay with not transferring, since we had been planning a homebirth anyway, while the first paramedic was quite adamant that I be transferred. I asked where my midwife was and Isaac assured me she was on the way.

    I did allow them to help me stand up. The second paramedic wanted me to move to the bed, but I was covered in blood and really didn’t want to spread that all around. The first paramedic kept offering me a pad, which felt to me a bit like offering a bandage to close up a surgery site. There was a lot more blood than that little thing was going to take care of. I asked the second paramedic if I could shower first. I laugh about the ridiculousness of that request now, but at the time it seemed entirely logical – I was a mess and I wanted to rinse off before moving to my nice clean bedroom. He said no, I couldn’t have a shower, so I handed him the bag of blue chux pads I’d had ready for the homebirth. He put a couple of them on the bed while I grabbed a towel and wiped myself off as best I could, then finally accepted the continually offered pad from the first paramedic. We moved to the bed and I was handed the baby and encouraged to continue to try to latch him (he had been trying to latch in the bathroom but hadn’t quite managed it yet). He latched on right away this time. The paramedic took my blood pressure and asked me some questions.

    My midwife arrived around this point and started checking us over. She talked to the paramedics and they agreed to leave me in her care, since we had been planning a homebirth anyway. I thanked them repeatedly, appreciating both their care and their patience with me. Isaac went with them to sign all the release forms on our behalf. It felt very important to me at the time to convince everyone that the unassisted birth truly had been unexpected. The paramedics, the midwife, MIL – even my husband carefully asked later that evening if I had known the baby was about to be born when I’d gone into the washroom. But no, I hadn’t the slightest idea that after only a handful of hard ctx that had started less than an hour ago, my water would break and the baby would be completely delivered two ctx later.

    I didn’t see them, but four firemen followed my midwife in the door. Jacob was pretty much over the moon at this point. He had woken up sometime when all the “the baby is coming!!!” yelling and chaos started. MIL and Isaac had taken turns watching him while the other helped me. He was pretty much occupied, though, when first the ambulance came, then the firetruck (“Are they going to climb up in the ladder??”), and then four firemen in uniform. He was wearing his firetruck pajamas that night. One of the firemen pointed that out to him; I recall hearing that, but I didn’t realize at the time that there were four firemen crowded in our little entrance way, talking with my very excited little boy. He kept telling them, “my name is Jacob, and there is a firetruck outside!” They all left as soon as it was determined that I would not be transferred. They had come because we have a very steep set of stairs, sharp turn, and narrow walkway, none of which would have made a transfer easy.

    Once the firemen and paramedics left, everything settled down. We made our phone calls to family to share the news. The baby and I were both doing well. The baby’s temperature was a bit low but warmed up quickly after some skin-to-skin contact. He weighed 8.5 lbs. I hadn’t torn at all. I was finally able to have that shower I’d asked for earlier, which felt wonderful. The midwife was impressed with the “efficiency” of my body – the fast delivery, the lack of tearing, the quick delivery of the placenta, and the way my uterus had clamped right up and the bleeding had already slowed down.

    The midwife left after two hours. I couldn’t believe it had already been that long. We were all too keyed up to sleep. Jacob laid down on our floor and played with cars, MIL went to bed but didn’t sleep at all, and Isaac and I spent some time on our computers and watched a bit of a show before turning out the lights sometime around 4am. Our new little boy dozed on my lap, nursing off and on and being thoroughly admired and marveled over.

    I was surprised at how little pain I felt afterwards. My stomach has been uncomfortable any time I stand up since then, but otherwise I’ve been feeling great. I had been so sore after Jacob’s birth and I expected to feel the same way this time – but then again, nothing at all has been the same this time, not the pregnancy, not the labour, and most definitely not the delivery!

    It took us several hours and many discussions, but we finally settled on the name, Luke Henry Karl S________. Luke was a name we both liked, Isaac in particular, and comes from the apostle Luke. It was originally a name we had been considering as the middle name, but my husband so rarely has definite opinions on something that I agreed to let it be his first name since he liked it so much. Henry is both my dad and my granddad’s middle name. Karl is a masculine form of Karen, my MIL’s name, as she was the one who caught him when he was born and it felt right to honour that as part of his name. Coincidentally, it is also a form of Charles, my FIL’s middle name.

    We are so grateful that everything turned out well with this unexpected unassisted delivery. Although we had been planning a homebirth, we very much intended to have our midwife be there for it. Thinking back on the “what if’s”, many thanks have been given to God for the safe arrival of our son. At the same time, it has been so affirming to us to have witnessed my body and instinct take over and achieve what is today typically viewed as a medical procedure. Everything happened as it should and with no need for any sort of intervention or active management. Even so, I appreciate that medical management is available when needed and will always be grateful that it wasn’t necessary for us and that our son is here and healthy and safe.

    Everything is going wonderfully so far. He is a very calm little boy, easily settled and very mellow. He is perfect, absolutely beautiful. Nursing is going well, no problems at all. Jacob adores him and loves to hold him, stroke him, look at him and cuddle next to him. It is amazing how seamlessly this little boy has become a part of our family. We feel so blessed right now.

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    Here's Alisa's (alisamarie13):

    Quote Originally Posted by alisamarie13 View Post
    On Friday, 12/18, I woke up at 2:54 am startled but I didn't know why at first. After 5 minutes of lying in bed trying to fall back asleep I got a very strong contraction, so I laid in bed to see if I would get another one or if it was just a BH. Exactly 5 minutes later I got another strong contraction, so I got up and decided to go lay on the couch for awhile. After about 15 minutes my contractions were coming 2 minutes apart and lasting a minute or so. I woke DBF up to tell him it was time and got in the shower to help with the pain. I stayed in the shower for about 45 minutes and then we loaded up the car and headed to the hospital.

    We got to the hospital at 5 am and when the nurse checked me, my contractions were still 2 minutes apart and I was at 5 cm. They checked me in and took me to my room, and as soon as we stepped in the room, my contrax started coupling. I had told the nurse I wanted a natural birth, but after 2 hours of the coupling, I finally asked for the epidural since I couldn't walk without throwing up from the pain.

    I labored for 4 more hours (until noon) then the nurse checked me again since I was starting to feel my contrax again and I was fully dilated. 20 minutes later we started pushing... and pushed and pushed and pushed. I pushed for almost 5 hours, but Sophia was sunny side up and her head was too big to fit past my pubic bone. So the doctor came in and discussed a c section with me. I decided to have the c section then because I was too tired to even talk.

    The dr's and nurses wheeled me into the OR and gave me a very strong shot into my epi, but I could still feel my contrax 15 min later, so they gave me another one. That one didn't work either. So the anesthesiologist gave me a spinal block... which didn't work. So they tried with a 2nd one and 4th time was the charm. I laid back and let the dr's work their magic.

    As soon as my OB pulled Sophia out they whisked her to a corner of the room to be examined since I had meconium in the waters and my placenta was apparently infected. She had a slight fever but it went away within hours. The dr's also started shouting "You have a beautiful baby boy!!" I looked at DBF and started freaking out until a nurse said calmly "What are you guys talking about, it's a baby girl." Whew...

    As soon as I heard her cry a spot on my abdomen quit responding to the spinal, and all of a sudden I could feel EVERYTHING. The dr's started all running around frantically trying to figure out what was happening and the last thing I remember is DBF leaning his head on mine trying to get me to stop crying and screaming from the pain. Apparently the anesthesiologist ended up having to give me 5 shots of fentynal to get me to calm down enough to finish the surgery.

    DBF said I kept floating in and out of conciseness yelling about the pain and the dr's tried to get me sewed up as quickly as possible, but then I started hemorrhaging. Apparently it wasn't anything too serious since they finished sewing me up and I was back in my room, recovering within an hour.

    Even though it was the exact opposite of my birth plan, and it did not go well at all in the beginning, everyone came out healthy in the end. The dr's and nurses were absolutely wonderful as well. The anesthesiologist came by the next day (Saturday), on his day off, to check on me because he was so upset about what had happened.

    I finally got released from the hospital last night and am so glad to be home. I will post pics when I get some more rest and time.
    Quote Originally Posted by alisamarie13 View Post
    Hanging with Daddy in bed

    Coming home from the hospita

    First walk with mommy around the hospita

    Already got daddy wrapped around her finger!

    First picture ever
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    Here's Megan's (MrsRiggert):

    Quote Originally Posted by MrsRiggert View Post
    Sorry it took so long to get this posted...

    Due to impatience I decided to try the castor oil "trick" for starting labor. I took the castor oil at 3:00 pm on December 12th. Around 9:00 I started having some mild contractions but they weren't really regular so I figured they were just BH. At 10:30 the contractions were 3 mins apart but they weren't very strong so DH and I went to bed. At midnight the contractions were coming every min. but still weren't very strong. I called my doc to see if he wanted me to come in and he said to wait since my contrax weren't really strong. I tried to go back to sleep but the contractions were getting stronger and I couldn't sleep so I called Lexi's godmother and asked her to head over to the house to stay with Lexi. She said she could be there in an hour. While I waited, I took a bath and DH packed the car. By the time she arrived, the contractions were pretty strong and stil only a minute apart. We left the house about 1:30 AM and got to the hospital around 1:50.

    At the hospital my contractions were on top of eachother and really strong. They offered me a wheelchair but I couldn't imagine sitting at that point and asked if I could walk. By the time I got changed and settled into the room it was 2:15. They checked me and I was 4 cm. I thought I wanted a natural birth...I had prepared myself for a natural birth, but when it came time I couldn't do it. I asked if I could still get the epideral and they said yes but that they were going to do an intrathecal shot instead since it wouldn't be long. They checked me again at 2:45 while waiting for the anisthesiologist and I was 6 cm. Again I asked if I could still get the pain meds. DH tried to convince me that I was doing great and could do it without the meds but I wouldn't listen. At 3:00 they checked me again and I was already 7 cm, they did the injection and immediately I felt better but that didn't last long.

    After the injection the anisthesiologist told me that "sometimes this causes baby's heart rate to drop" and aparently that had happened. The nurses had me rolling on my side and gave me oxygen. I kept looking at DH and asking what was happening but no one would tell us. Finally one of the nurses said that baby Zayne's heart rate dropped to 70 and they were working to get it back up. While I was on my side they checked me again (now it was 3:15) and said I was 10 cm but they needed to get the heart rate up first. They put something in my IV...not sure help get Zayne's heart rate up and it worked quickly. They let me roll over. I looked at the clock, it was 3:30, and I said to DH "Ya think I can get him out by 4:00?" I started pushing about 5 mins later. It only took 3 pushes to get Zayne out. He was born at 3:45 AM! DH later told me that his cord was partly around his neck. He also told me that the last push pushed Zayne out so quickly and forcefully that he literally shot out and the Doc had to chatch him!!!

    My beautiful baby boy was 8 pounds 3 ounces when he was born and 7 pounds 12 ounces when we left the hospital the next day (yes we went home Monday at 5:00).

    Moments after being born
    Photobucket Photobucket

    Big sister's visit in the morning
    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

    First Day Home!
    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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    Here's Stephanie's (stephydolly83):

    Quote Originally Posted by stephydolly83 View Post
    More mucus plug starting coming off Thursday morning early.. Then starting having cramps.. Told my DH lets go to the hospital. Hooked me up and all come to found out my contractions where not regular so they sent me home.. About a hour later of laying down my water broke LOL. So we went back to the hospital again LOL. I was freaking out cause there was green stuff in my water.. But the baby pooped.. So I felt better. Then they hooked me up and starting that stuff that makes labour a little fast. So my contractions werent regular all the way through even though I had strong ones enough to help push him out just not enough it was annoying. I got that epidural and started to feel alot better..I had a fever during labour and pucked. Yeah I didn't have alot of fun. Then when I dialted to 8 it just stay that way for hours it was so aggravating I just wanted to see my baby. So I got around 9 and they said to push so I pushed. I didn't push long cause I was feeling so much like crap I kept saying I didn't wanna go anymore. Plus no sleep that night I was so tired. So the doctor decided to help me out with forceps. So I pused for like 10 mins with that and out came my beautiful boy!!! Born at 11:29 weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces and 22inces. They didnt let me see him right away he had oxygen problems but he recoverd fast on that! I'm so proud of him hes doing a great job. He poos and pees alot hehe I'm just so blessed to have a beautfiul baby like him me and DH couldn't be any happier..

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