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Thread: December Diamonds 2009 Arrivals List & Birth Stories

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    Here's LasVegasWXGIRL's:

    Quote Originally Posted by LasVegasWXGIRL View Post
    She was born at 4:45am on Saturday December 19th. She weigh 6 lbs 14oz. 19inches. We are all doing great. Birth story and pics to follow.

    Congrats to all the other new mommies and little ones!

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    Here's Mindie's (TyrantOfTheWeek) birth announcement:

    Quote Originally Posted by TyrantOfTheWeek View Post
    Derek Andrew arrived at 6:37 this morning. 8lb, 1oz. 21 inches. 6ish hours of labor, 20 minutes of pushing. Pics and story later after I kinda rest a lil.

    (pics on my facebook!)

    Here's Mindie's birth story:

    Quote Originally Posted by TyrantOfTheWeek View Post
    Birth Story novel...

    On Dec 18, I had my regular weekly midwife appointment with Joy. I was starting to feel so defeated after having contractions off and on for like a month and a half. I was really starting to feel physically and mentally exhausted. Everything at the appointment went as usual except for the fact that Derek’s head was not sitting in my pelvic bones the way he was supposed to. Instead, his head was sitting on the outside rim of my pubic bones. This totally explains why I hadn’t been able to walk right for a while. She told me to go to the chiropractor for something called the Webster Technique. I was totally skeptical that this would work, but since I had basically been contracting all day, I was willing to do anything. I ordered Joy and the kids some lunch (She offered to watch them since the next client wasn‘t due in for another couple hours), called Mark to let him know what was up and asked him to meet me at the midwife’s office, and headed out the door. About a half hour, and $45 later, I came back to see if his head had changed places. She felt and reported that it felt “much better” and that she wanted me to go home and basically relax the rest of the day. I was still really skeptical at this point but still contracting pretty regular. Mark, the kids, and I headed home. Dylan got home from school shortly after. We ordered pizza (yes, again…I didn’t get any of the lunch pizza and it sounded really good!) and watched Harry Potter (which I ended up dozing off during) We put the kids to bed around 8 and cuddled on the couch a little. I was starting to get a lot of discomfort during the contractions so we decided to start timing them. To keep occupied, we ordered the last of the kids’ Christmas gifts online. Contractions were coming every 5ish minutes and lasting about 45 seconds- 1 minute. I was about to call and get advice from the midwives, when all this sudden, around 11:30, they STOPPED! AAARRRGGGHHH…I was quite angry at this point. Like, crying angry. I mean, come on now. I had been dealing with this for a month already. Completely let down, and exhausted, Mark and I crawled into bed at about 12:30. We laid in bed talking and he gave me some encouragement. I was all comfy when I felt leaking. I reached down and sure enough I was steadily draining. I told Mark and he didn’t really believe me until I stood up. Oh, GLORIOUS amniotic fluid, how long I had been waiting for your presence! It was clear and that is really all I cared about at this point. I was so excited, I got the shakes really bad. I sent Mark out for some Depends so I could walk around and not have to mop up puddles. I called my midwife, Beth, and let her know about the goings on. While Mark was gone, I called my mom. I was contracting furiously at this point. I couldn’t talk through them. They were still kinda far apart though. Mark got home and I was able to get off the towels on the bed finally. I let him go back to sleep while I did what any women in labor should do: got on Facebook…I mean, my peeps need to know these things, right? So, Mark’s nap only lasted about 20 minutes because I reallllly needed him at this point. We got in the garden tub together and tried to relax a little. Then, I wanted out and in bed. Then, I wanted up and walking around… By 3:30, I was contracting like every 3 minutes. Beth was on her way. Back to the tub I headed. I felt like at this point, I was dealing with the whole thing pretty well. She got there and checked my progress. She said “It’s going to be a while. I can barely get my fingertip in your cervix.” I was sooooooooooo shocked and upset. I mean, how can that be? I had been laboring really hard for the last 3 hours, and NOTHING to show for it?!? By this time, I was getting cold, and the hot water had run out. I decided to labor in bed for a while. I remember that the labor went from painful to “Holy s*$#, this. Sucks.” really quickly. Like in between contractions I was saying all kinds of things that I know deep down wasn’t true. I was begging to go to the hospital, announcing how sure I was that I couldn’t do it anymore, and profusely apologizing for being such a failure. Mark, God bless him, would contradict every negative thing I was saying. She checked me once again to see what was going on down there. Mind you, I had only been in the bed for about 45ish minutes laying on my side. She got a smile on her face and said I was 8cm. How I went from nothing to 8 in 45 minutes, I have no idea. Mark and her encouraged me to get back in the tub. He put on swim trunks and joined me. I think it was like 5a.m. by this point. Beth called her apprentice who showed up less than an hour later. I was only 8cm, but I was having this excessive urge to push. That is frustrating. And I was completely out of control at this point. My body slowed down enough that I finally “passed out” for about 6 minutes. I remember silence in the room except for the ambient music we had playing in the background. Mark had my limp head in his hand since my head was starting to go underwater. In one contraction, I snapped out of my “pseudo unconsciousness” It was intense. I have no idea how I managed to do this with Pitocin and no epidural the last time. Finally, pushing time. It didn’t feel as relieving to me this time around. It burned so bad. I was screaming bloody murder during each contraction. Beth was doing fantastic at trying to get me to relax and focus on letting my muscles relax. They thought maybe he had his arm up and that it was tearing me inside. There was more blood than I remember as well. I have no idea why, but I asked her if I was going to die. I mean, I really have no idea where that came from. It felt like his head was right there so I reached down. It wasn’t crowning. I was able to kinda reach in and feel him. That is what kept me going. They checked his heart beat to see how he was tolerating things and he was having some decelerations that we didn’t like. I was put on my hands and knees. I wish I would have had the strength to do this sooner because it seemed as though I only pushed like 5 more times in this position. He crowned and that was basically it. It was 6:37 in the morning. My intense screaming had woken up my two oldest. Dylan asked “Who is screaming in here?“ It was kinda comical. Derek had his cord around his neck. This was causing the decels. And we can’t figure out if it was there, or if unwrapping the cord caused the knot to be there, but he had a knot in his cord like Dylan had. Mark and I marveled at our new little person as we waited for his cord to stop pulsing. It was surreal. I again went back to apologizing profusely (Don’t know why I felt the need to apologize, but I did.) and thanking everyone for not giving up on me. The placenta decided to come out as I stood up to get into the bed. Derek was still attached to it. Once we got to the bed, Derek and I were checked out. Daddy cut the cord, and Dylan, Devon, and Dorothy were allowed to come see what all the noise was about. All in all it was an amazing experience and I can’t imagine birthing any other way. Oh, and I am no longer skeptical of alternative medicine and chiropractic stuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by TyrantOfTheWeek View Post
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    Here's Heather's (hlscott20):

    Quote Originally Posted by hlscott20 View Post
    Well, I am sorry it has taken so long to update but, I have been so busy and exhausted since her birth this is the first opportunity I have gotten to fill everyone in.

    So, when I last left you, I was 4cm and they were going to start pitocin. I got up and took a shower even before they started the pitocin and my contractions started to get regular. I spent a short amount of time on my side in bed and then got up on the ball. My back was killing me (I herniated 2 discs last year and think that probably had something to do with it), my nurse was using a lot of counterpressure and that helped for a little bit but, then I got indecisive again and wasn't sure what I wanted. In the meantime she had started pitocin but, it was only at 2 and that is where it stayed. I got into the jacuzzi tub and the contractions in the beginning were better in there. Then they started to pick up again. My back was killing me, even in between contractions and I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. I got out of the tub and it initially felt better to be on my feet. I asked my nurse to check me because I wanted to know I was making some progress. Well, she said she thought I was fully but, wanted to have another nurse to check too. She came in and said that if felt like I was 9 but there was a big bulging bag of water. They paged my doctor to come right away because with the next contraction I had the urge to push. So, I started pushing involuntarily and two contractions later my water broke everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean I heard it splat onto the floor and across the room. One of the nurses was so close to getting hit, poor thing. So, my doctor came over and I was still on my side pushing. I knew I needed to get into a better position to push effectively but, I was afraid to move because I was so uncomfortable. I finally convinced myself to roll onto my back, it hurt to move but once I was there it was so much better and I began pushing much more effectively. I brought her down with the next three pushes and she was born at 10:53 am on Tuesday December 1st. I have been pretty sore since delivery. Very crampy being my 5th baby and my bottom although not torn is very bruised.

    She is beautiful and I am so in love. She has a full head of dark hair, long lashes like her daddy, and a radiant personality. She weighed 7lb 9oz and is 21 inches long. Thank you everyone for all your love and support.





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    Here's Cece's (trying18 ) (Infant death mentioned - All our love and thoughts and prayers to Cece and her family as they cope with the loss of one of their twins):

    Quote Originally Posted by trying18 View Post
    My water broke on Sunday morning at around 1:30 - so the girls got to pick their own birthday! We are all doing great - Nora was 7 lb 7.5 oz 20 inches and Maggie was 6 lb 7.5 oz 19.5 inches.

    We got home yesterday, and the first night was pretty rough, but all is good. There is a good picture here: http://child-bearing-hips.blogspot.c...o-is-here.html
    Update (taken from Cece's blog -

    "There is no real way to say this. Nora passed away last night. We don't know why or how - they are trying to figure it out. Maggie is in the hospital for observation for 48 hours with IV antibiotics as a safety measure - but we are told that she is totally ok. ..."

    Update from MissyJ:

    Quote Originally Posted by MissyJ View Post
    Hi all,

    I received a note from Cece. Right now, understandably, she is not checking in on the boards. It is too hard and instead she is focusing on her family. I did convey all of the condolences, thoughts, and prayers that have been offered for which she is truly grateful.

    Nora's death was diagnosed as SIDS. I am gathering information and will be moving forward with the family's permission to get something set up in her memory. I'll try to have that available tomorrow.

    Maggie is doing well and at home now. Cece is keeping a close watch (as well as lots of snuggle time) -- but shared that Maggie is eating and sleeping perfectly.

    Since she is not clear on when she will return again with any degree of normalcy, Cece does invite those wishing to keep up with their journey to follow her blog "Child Bearing Hips". For those seeking more details - she did post an update there now on the support they have received from the community as well as Maggie's progress. (I felt that it was best for you to read her words there directly.)

    More soon,


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    Here's PhysicsNerd's:

    Quote Originally Posted by PhysicsNerd View Post
    Hey all! Just back from the hospital today! My little guy was born on December 20th @ 4:48 pm. My water broke at 4:48 am, so exactly 12 hours from then till he was born! I was having contractions pretty much 10 minutes apart all day on the 19th. Nothing too painful, more annoying than anything. I was really worried about going to the hospital since my area was in the middle of a blizzard! But once my water broke we left for the hospital and thank goodness the interstate was clear and we got there with no problems. At the hospital I had a second gush of water (never heard of that) and found out that I was 4-5 cm dilated. They sent me to a room and blissfully gave me an epidural and I slept. Considering I was up from 7 am Saturday and it was currently 8 am Sunday lets just say I was exhausted. I woke up and they checked me and I was about 8 cm dilated an hour later. I started pushing at 2 pm but his head would not move down. They said the baby's head was cone shaped for being stuck. Finally at 4 pm they decided to give me a c-section since he was still at +1 station and his heart-rate was all over the place. I had uncontrollable shaking the entire time thru the c-section due to the anesthetic. He came out no problem with a full head of hair and 8 lbs 7 oz. 21 1/2 inches long. I'm over the moon. Tired too. Glad to hear most of us are having babies! Congrats to all the new moms!

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    Here's Mandi's (Mommy2Ryne):

    Quote Originally Posted by Mommy2Ryne View Post
    Hi Ladies! Congrats to all the new mommies! I miss being able to be a regular on the board
    I thought I would let everyone know that Riley Maddux has arrived! He was born December 14 at 1:16 am. Weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20.5 inches long. A peanut compared to Ryne at 10.8 lbs and 22 inches long! I went in for my scheduled induction on Sunday the 13th at 4pm. I was given pitocin at about 5:30. My doc came to break my water and put internal monitors on me at about 7:30 and my epidural did NOT work! All 4 of them! And when he decided to come he decided to come FAST! I remember calling for the nurse because I was in so much pain and she came in, checked me, I was at 7cm and she called the anesticiologist (spelling?) to try to redo my epidural since it never worked to begin with and as soon as they sat me up on the bed my body started to involuntarily push. I kept telling her that the baby was coming and of course she wouldn't believe me since she just checked me. Well as soon as they laid me back down she checked me again and said "OMG your complete and he is right there."! DUH! So she raced around to get things ready and find my doctor. I only had a slight tear that required just one stitch. We have been home now about a week and a half and both Ryne and Riley have been doing great. Riley is up to eating 4 ounces already, only gets up once or twice at night and usually goes right back to bed after eating. Ryne has been a trooper. He loves his little brother. I will try to post some pics later on. If you have me as a friend on facebook, there are lots of pics there! Merry Christmas ladies! and once again Congrats to everyone!

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    Here's Angela's (Angela1MV):

    Quote Originally Posted by Angela1MV View Post
    On the afternoon of Wednesday the 9th, I ended up calling my perinatologist’s office for high blood pressure (167/115 even on bed rest) and a bad headache. Since this was a new high for me, they told me to come down to L&D for monitoring. I was actually pretty bummed about going down to the hospital. I figured that my pressure would probably come back down in the next couple of hours, and that DH and I were driving the 1.5 hours just to be told to go back home, get back to rest, and keep waiting. In the car, my contractions started to pick up a regular rate about every 10 minutes or so, and we actually joked about a hypothetical "what if we're going down to have a baby?" scenario.

    By the time we got to the hospital it was about 6:30pm (thankfully, DH had the good sense to suggest we get an actual dinner on the way!). They checked my BP lying down, and sure enough it was right around 140/90. The triage nurse was still concerned that it was that high, and reassured us she was going to get it down even lower before we left. About half an hour later, 3 different nurses came running into the room telling me to lie on my left side - Zach's heart rate had dropped down to about 60bpm. His heart rate was fine after that, and they kept us on the monitors for another couple of hours. The nurse came in and asked if I was feeling any contractions, and so I told her that yes I was, but that I'd been having them for about a month and half so I really didn't think they were doing anything.
    Around 9:30pm the nurse came in again to tell us that she'd spoken to my OB - he wasn't going to be in that evening, but wanted me admitted to L&D for a 24 hour observation period and he would check on me in the morning. We got settled in over there, started a 24 hour urine, and had more blood work drawn for labs. By the time the nurse over in L&D had gotten all the "just-in-case" consent forms done, it was about 11:00pm.

    Around midnight the nurse said another mom that was definitely having her baby tonight had just been checked in, and that since my doc had to come in to see her anyway, he was going to talk to me before I went to sleep. He showed up around 1am. They didn't have my labs back yet, but told me they thought I was already in labor and wanted to do an internal exam. I was surprised to find out that Zach was fully engaged and I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. My BP was still not going down, so my doctor suggested we just augment things and get the show on the road. He broke my water (which I honestly didn't even feel), began internally monitoring, and wrote orders to begin pitocin.

    From about 1am to 4am, I think DH and I were still sort of stunned more than anything. My birthing waves were not particularly strong or uncomfortable, so we sort of just chatted about various arrangements that needed to be made, checked email and things online, etc. At 4am the nurse came in to check me and I'd only dilated to 3cm. I was a little disappointed because I was thinking about how if everything kept going at that rate, I might be in danger of needing a c/s since my water had been broken.

    After the nurse left at 4, I pulled out my mp3 player and started listening to my hypnobabies tracks pretty much continuously to help with the birthing waves. I definitely needed the hypnosis and relaxation ques at this point to get through each wave. DH was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open, so he went down for a 30 minute catnap around 5.

    Once he woke up, I really needed him to stay nearby and coach me through each wave to keep me relaxed. Around 7am, I started to panic a little bit. I was so tired at that point (not from birth but from lack of sleep) that I told DH I was going to ask for a tiny dose of IV meds just to help me sleep since I figured we still had many hours to go. I hit the call button and asked for a nurse to check my dilation and bring the smallest dose of Stadol.
    15 minutes later no one had shown up, so we called them again to tell them I was having an increasingly difficult time with the birthing waves and wanted some pain meds. A little while later the charge nurse came in and apologetically explained that they were changing shifts – she was going to give me a tiny bit of meds now and have my nurse come check my dilation once she got transitioned in.

    The very next contraction after she left the room, I started involuntarily pushing. I was terrified that I was pushing his head against a closed cervix and that either through my pushing or the still-in-place internal monitoring probe I would serious hurt my son, myself, or both. I squirmed around in bed and tried to do anything I could not to push, and told my husband to get help.

    He again called the nurses in and explained what was going on. The nurse quickly checked me, told me to breathe in little pants and not push, and ran out of the room – Zach was already crowning. Literally a few seconds later about 4 nurses came running in and tearing the room and bed apart for the birth. I heard one of them mention that my doctor was in a c/s, but it seemed like only a few minutes before he got there.

    In retrospect, I wish I’d put on the Hypnobabies pushing baby out track, but everything happened so fast I forgot about it. I was so anxious to hold him at that point that I remember thinking I was going to push even harder and longer than they wanted me to with each birthing wave. I did, and he was born in only 4 or 5 pushes at 8:03am – 6lbs 3 oz and 18.5”. Probably because of my overzealousness I ended up with one stitch in front and one in back, but the OB said he was honestly expecting much worse and would have done an episiotomy had I not reminded him in the middle of pushing that I strongly preferred to tear.
    Soon after delivery, the pain med I’d asked for kicked in so that I didn’t feel comfortable holding Zach. DH held him for me to try and nurse, but the little guy was too sleepy. The staff said I’d been given the Stadol too close to delivery for that to be affecting him, so they took him to the nursery for tests. He came back severely hypoglycemic so they had to keep him for a good part of the day to stabilize his blood sugar since he was too weak to nurse.

    The second day, he was circumcised first thing in the morning and was also very sleepy through most of the day. By the next morning, his bilirubin was up to 12.7. His nurses were concerned about the jaundice, but the pediatrician that saw him that morning gave the okay for him to be discharged that afternoon without a follow-up. We went home, and that evening my milk finally came in – he nursed a lot, but it was too much for him to catch up with.

    We took him in to children’s hospital the next day because his coloration was much worse. His bilirubin level this time came up 20.9, and he was admitted for treatment with phototherapy and a biliblanket. We were there for 3 days until his levels came down enough to go home. I think the hardest part was that I was getting a lot of pressure to quit nursing and was even told at one point that I had made him sick by choosing to starve him. The first day or so, they only let me take him out of his isolette once every 3 hours to nurse him for 15 minutes, change his diaper, and give him a bottle of formula. DH and I had to stay with him constantly because he would cry and actually rip off his protective eyewear if we didn’t watch/stop him. I know jaundice is not nearly as scary as most other conditions out there, but even so I have so much new-found respect for parents that have preemies and very sick little ones after our experience.

    We’ve all been home about a week now, and everything’s going well. My blood pressure and labs came back down to normal almost immediately. Zachary actually refused the bottles and formula at the hospital, and is still exclusively nursing. He had regained his birth weight at his one week check-up and is up another 8 ounces today at two weeks. He’s our little cuddle bug and definitely prefers to be held or near either my husband or I, but we just attribute that to the week in the hospitals. We need to take some more pictures now that we’re home, but here are a few from the hospital. Like many of you, I’m sure, we feel incredibly blessed and thank God every day for our best Christmas present ever.

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    Here's mine (Kate - lilirishmama):

    Quote Originally Posted by lilirishmama View Post
    I went in on Wednesday for the amniocentesis to make sure the baby's lungs were mature enough to induce labor and also to check and make sure I had dilated enough to get things going. I passed both requirements and the doctor had me admitted Wednesday night around 8:30 pm to give me something to ripen the cervix and start getting things ready for the induction in the morning.

    Well, when they hooked me up to the monitor they found that my contractions were coming 2 mins apart steadily. I hadn't realized this because this is just how it has been over the past week or so. It didnt hurt so I hadn't noticed them enough to time them. The nurse told me she wouldn't be able to give me the medicine because it was to be inserted vaginally not through an IV and they wouldn't be able to regulate the dosage after that, and if I was having contractions this regularly already before the drug, it could cause the uterus to go into spasms or into a sort of shock state. So she called the doctor and he said to give me something to help me sleep for a bit if I wanted and then at 3am start me on the Pitocin drip and he'd be in at 7am to break my water.

    So that's what happened. He came in right at 7 and checked my dilation and I was already at 8 cm so he went ahead and broke my water. He said he'd come back in and check my progress in a bit and to go ahead and call for an epidural whenever I wanted it. I waited for about an hour and a half before the contractions got pretty bad from the pitocin + breaking my water so I called in for it and 30 mins later the anesthesiologist came in and got me hooked up. (about 9am - central time)

    He said he couldn't give me a large dose through it since I was so far along but it was enough to take the edge off the contractions. I was feeling a LOT of pressure from Cole's head at this point too, so the nurse said if I feel anything more than that let her know right away and she'd call in the doctor.

    A little while later I felt a big push of pressure down there so I called the nurse in and she checked me and said that his head was coming out, lol. She let me feel it and it was about 2 inches from the opening. My doctor came in a few minutes later and we started pushing. (about 9:20am - central time)

    I pushed once and his head came halfway out. It hurt like crazy even through the epidural because of the bone disorder, but after two more hard pushes he was out. (9:35am - central time) I didn't tear except for one tiny little nick but it needed no stitches at all. I was sooo relieved.

    So Cole Liam joined us at 9:35 am. He weighed 7 lbs 14 oz, was 20 5/8 inches long, light strawberry blonde fuzz for hair, and contrary to my mom's initial observation that he looks a lot like Rowan, Cole looks so much more like me than Rowan did. Rowan looked exactly like James, this one is mini me haha. Even mom changed her opinion after she saw Rowan's baby pics lol.

    I stayed overnight that night and then was able to be discharged the following evening with no problems. We got home last night and I thought I would FINALLY get to sleep on my stomach again but I forgot that my boobs are the size of small canteloupes now so *sigh* that still isn't feasable quite yet. Oh well.

    Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts and well wishes! It was an amazingly easy labor and I am in soooo much less pain now with the bone disorder and it will only get better from here. Now I'm going to go back and catch up on what y'all have been up to lately! <333

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    Here's Brittany's (Brittany D.) birth announcement:

    Quote Originally Posted by nitefire_98 View Post
    At 12:16am (central time) Brittany says: Chase arrived at 9:20pm. Healthy 8 lbs 5 oz.

    Congratulations Brittany!!!
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    Here's Rae's (firegirlred) birth announcement:

    Quote Originally Posted by Inked_Mama View Post
    Aedan Erik has arrived weighing in at 8lbs 15oz and 20''! Her water broke at 8am and he was born at 11am. Congrats Rae and family!!!! WTTW Baby Aedan!

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