December Sugar Plums Birth Stories!!!

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December Sugar Plums Birth Stories!!!

Congrats MOM!!!

Show off your baby and birth story!!! Don't leave out any details!! And don't forget pics! Smile

Please no replies to sticky, only to individual threads. If you want people to be able to reply to your birth story, please duplicate it in a separate thread. Thank You! This will definately keep the congestion down in the sticky itself.

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Well everything was going relatively well in my pregnancy, only a minor bout of contractions early on which were brought under control quickly, i didn't think i had anything to worry about not until on the 24th September at 5pm when i was getting Contractions every 15 mins or so. At first i didn't think too much of it because i thought once i had my next dose of meds they would calm down, but they didn't and when i went to the toilet i found some blood, so erring on the side of caution i phoned L+D who had me come in straight in to get checked.

Well of course i then had a few problems getting a hold of the person who was going to take my DS should anything like this happen so by the time i got hold of her and got to L+D contractions were coming every three minutes. Once up there i was examined almost straight away and put on the monitors, i was only 1cm dilated but because i was only 29wk+1day with twins, they started me on IV drugs to halt the contractions as well a a shot of morphine and a first shot of steriods to mature the babies lungs just in case they couldn't stop things.

By 10pm though it was clear the contractions weren't going to stop so after speaking with Scbu and discovering they didn't have two cots available the decision was made to transfer me to Dundee by Air ambulance, so i eventually arrived down there at 3am where i was examined again and found to be 2cm dilated so they upped me to the maximum amount of drugs, that was when my DH was allowed in to see me after waiting for 3 hours in a waiting room on me being transferred, to say he was a wreck was an understaement yet for some strange reason i was relatively calm, i think now it was shock doing that to me.

The drugs helped and my contractions stopped about 7am on the 25th even though i was still having a lot of backache it kept us optomistic about keeping the babies baking just that bit longer. I didn't have any contractions for the whole of the thursday, friday and saturday so i was told that if it remained that way then i would be released home on strict bedrest on the monday.

However at 00:40 on sunday morning my contractions started up again, i was examined by the on call registrar who told me that the contractions weren't dilating me any more but he would come back in an hour or so if they persisted to check again. So all i had to do was lie hooked up to the monitors for an hour after being given some co-codomol for the back pain. Wwell the hour passed quite quickly and the contractions weren't even being picked up by the monitor so the nurses took me off it so i could go to the toilet and just as i sat down my waters broke with a gush, so that had sealed the deal for me, no getting home on monday these babies were desperate to make an appearance then.

I was taken down to the labour suite where my husband who was staying at the hospital met me again in a panic, but again i wasn't panicking just exited and seemingly hyper, i still think it was the shock causing it all. The midwife who was down there hooked me up to the monitors again and like before couldn't get a reading on the contractions but still insited on continuous monitoring because it was twins and their prematurity, i did get a little ticked because it meant i wasn't able to move about and manage the pain as well as i would of liked, but my DH was a godsend and gave my back rubs everytime i asked which meant that i didn't have to ask for some gas+air until 6am just before i was examined again this time by the consultant on call who i'd found in previous discussions with him was a really nice man and i was somewhat relieved that it was going to be him delivering my babies and not a doctor i hadn't met.

So by 6am i was 6cm dilated and getting a lot of pressure down below so i knew myself that it wouldn't be long before i felt the urge to push. I was also informed that the consultant was going to get an anaethatist up there just incase he needed to give me an epidural because at that point William(twin2) was transverse. At 7am i started getting the urge to push so was taken into a private delivery room where i was told that i could start pushing because i was now fully dilated so after 34 mins of pushing, Elliana was born weighing 2lb 15oz and her brother had turned and was now starting to come into the birth canal in a breech position ironically enough that was when the anaesthatist turned up! well it was too late for that epidural and the consultant did apologise to me because he was going to have to perform a breech extraction to help william out and normally he would never have done that without the woman having an epidural in place, but if i'm honest i was that detached from the pain because of the gas+air i didn't care what he did at that point. So with a little help William was born at 7.56am weighing 3lbs exactly. I suffered a tear to my perineum and urethra which weren't too bad because i didn't even feel it as they were stitched up, all thanks to the gas and air, i swear the midwife knew just how much i was enjoying that stuff because at the end she turned round to me and joked that i couldn't take it home with me LOL.

At first neither of them needed any help with their breathing but after a few hours they were both put on CPAP, granted it was only feeding their lungs room air, but i feel so blessed to have them here already and that they are continuing to thrive and grow.

Elliana Hope Rennie

The Day she was born:
One week old:
Now 2 weeks old:

William Ernest Rennie

The Day he was born:
One week old:
Now 2 weeks old:

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Okay well heres my birth story in a nutshell. I have been having contractions and so forth foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

i kept hurting in my back this past weekend. Throughout Halloween and up until Sunday. I decided to go in because things felt a bit different.

When I got to the hospital they did a urine test to make sure I didnt have an infection and then hooked me up to the monitors. I was having contractions so they called the doctor to see if they should send me home or keep me. He told them to check me for any dilation change.

this was around 9 or so that night. When she checked me she said I was about a 3. They decided to keep me to see if I made any changes until the doctor came in the next morning.

I had contractions pretty close like 2-3 minutes apart for most of the night. The dr ordered stedol for me if I wanted it. Around 4:30 am I decided to take it. It for the most knocked out the contractions and I eventually fell asleep.

the doctor came in around 9 am and checked me. I hadn't really changed but the contractions was starting back up a bit so he said I could do one of two things. Either go home and try to rest and see what happens or stay til the evening and he would check me again to see if there was any change.

I decided to stay since we are almost 45 minutes from the hospital. Rob decided to go home Monday to work on the house for a bit so we can get things ready to move into.

The doctor left instructions for them to check me about every 2 1/2 hours or so for dilation unless I felt I needed to be checked earlier. He also ordered another shot of stedol if I needed it. By 10 my contractions was about 4-5 minutes apart so she rechecked me. I was about 3 1/2. I started to take the pain meds again but thought against it. I decided to actually get up and walk because my hip was starting to really hurt from laying in bed. I walked for about 30 minutes around the labor and delivery floor when I was getting super tired. She said she needed to put me back on the monitor anyways to check on baby.

She hooked me up and contractions was pretty irregular but it was also time to check my cervix again. At this point I had actually dilated to 4 but my contractions had spaced out so they wasnt even hurting that bad. She seemed surprised that I had dilated and wasnt in that much pain.

I figured it was the walking that was making me dilate so I decided to walk again before doctor came around at 6 so I wouldn't be released.

I walked for about another 30 - 45 minutes and I was exhausted so I gave up on walking. That was about 1:30. My doctor ended up coming in around 3:30 instead of 6. He was delivering another baby so he stopped in. He checked me and I was at 5 so he decided to go ahead and break my water.

He broke it around 3:50 and by 4:30 my contractions was starting up majorly. They rechecked me and I was still a little over 5. At 5:30 I wanted the epi so they called for them to come put it in. They got there around 5:45 to put it in but was having problems finding a good place to put it in. The contractions was becoming unbearable and it was very hard for me to sit still.

I kept asking them to stop the doing the epi and check me because I thought I was farther than 5 but the nurse said the pressure was just because I was hunched over. The contractions was coming right on top of each other.

finally they got my epi in and was getting ready to start the first initial dose when I felt alot of pressure like I needed to push. The nurses was just slowly moving around getting things ready for when the baby come not really listneing to what I was saying until I made it clear that it felt like I needed to push. So the one nurse said she was going to go call the doctor in case I was getting close.

The other nurse came over to check me and realized the baby was actually coming. She was yelling dont push cause they didnt even have things set up but there wasnt no stopping her. I wasnt even really pushing she was coming on her on.

At 6:09 pm Monday Nov. 3rd Baby Savannah made her way into the world.

I managed to have her with practically no meds and I dilated from 5-10 within an hour and half.

The epideral didnt even have time to take effect so my legs was numb for a bit afterwards but it wasnt to bad since it was only the first test dose.

The doctor walked in about 15 minutes later and said guess I dont need to change?

I didnt get to hold her because they needed to put her on oxygen and get her under the lights to make sure her temp was okay.

After about 2 hours of them examining her I finally got to hold her.

She weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 inches long.

Savannah Rayne is the newest addition to my little family.

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Well, we are home, and doing rather well!

I went in to be induced on November 5th because of Pre-Eclampsia (high blood pressure, protien in my urine, and messed up liver function levels) baby was exactly 36 weeks according to their ultrasounds.

I got there at 7:30 and it took them till 9 to get us a room and get us settleded. They put an IV in me and started pitocin to start labor, I was a 3-4. Doctor came in to break my water but said he couldnt get to it for some reason. So, he tried but did not break it.

My mom got there at about 10ish and we just kinda hung out and chatted.. at about 11ish I was feeling contractions they were uncomfortable but I probably still would only call my pain at a 4-5 I was talking through most of them.

At 12:45 they checked me I was a 4-5 she said she could stretch me to a 6 but was calling it a 4, But, I was fully effaced YAY!

Doc came in 15 mins later to break my water, now, follow the time here its now 1:00pm roughly, based more on what Jeremy says because I was NOT following a time line.. LOL

He broke my water, I was a 5ish, then told the nurse he was going accross the street the gym to work out and would be 3 minutes away to page him as things picked up, this is when it got painful.

She checked me 3 more times before baby was born, and at one point said she was pageing Doctor back, I think it had been 10-15 minutes since my water broke. She said "Your dialating about 1 cm every 5 minutes.. "

I was feeling alot of pressure at this point, I was trying HARD to not push but was feeling a little pushy, my mom was keeping me focused then I had a contraction I could NOT hold back. I had also started to hyperventilate because I was breathing so fast, after that one contraction my mom got me focused more but with every contraction I felt her move down and had to REALLY fight pushing. I have to say my mom was so good keeping me breathing.. although, I did not listen very well LOL..

It hit me hard at this point, I could not hold back it was impossible I was not pushing but baby was comming down, I said I have to push... My mom at the nurse said no you dont have to push, Your only an 8-9 you cant push you will tear your cervix. Then the nurse said if your talking and panting you cant be pushing so keep talking and panting to us, I tried I really did.

The next contraction hit I was panting (as good as I could) and talking, and I grunted, and next thing I know she slid out, AT MY FEET, ON MY BED UNDER MY SHEETS!!!! I pulled my feet up to keep her on the bed and yelled. SHE IS HERE!! My mom and the nurse said No she isnt, keep focused breathe.. ect.. I said NO, SHE IS HERE!!!! And laid my head back, my mom ripped the sheets down, the nurse went for gloves, my mom used the sheet to rub Makayla down and she just started screaming, at the end of my bed, with only my mom holding onto the baby.

Then the nurses showed up (they had to grab gloves) and started whipeing her down, and clamped her cord, the whole time shes screaming good big cries!!

They asked Jeremy if he wanted to cut the cord (which was REALLY SHORT) he was cutting the cord as the Doctor walked in...

I was of course crying "I am so sorry.." they told me not to push and it just happened.

LUCKILY for me.. when they checked me 4 minutes earlier I was an 8-9 so, chances are good I was a 10 and with all the pitocin, I had such little control over my uterus. I did not tear at all!!! Not inside or out, I am doing great!! It took me longer to push out the placenta than it did to push the kid out! LOL

She is doing good, 7 lbs 14 oz born at 1:27PM (ish.. LOL) thats what they could tell from the heart tones and the contraction monitor strip. LOL I had back labor, but no one will know if she was face up or not. 19.5 inches long.

It was the most crazy and amazing thing I have ever seen!!

I will update pictures as I get the loaded up!

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So I started to loose my mucus in the afternoon. I called my MW then, and she said it could be the start of things because of the amount I was talking about...or it could be my uterus irritated due to the stress and news of my Nanny, and some women loose the plug way Contractions at the time.

My brother called and wanted to drive over (he lives 2 hours away) so we could all hang out/talk/ be together ...thinking of things to say at the Funeral on Tuesday... They arrived at 5pm I think... I was having dull aches/cramps...I was starting to wonder if something would actually 630 I started to time things...they were getting stronger and 5-8 minutes apart...consistant.. So I just decided to call the MW at 7:30pm... worried it would all be for not, and she drive 40 minutes for nothing...but she said she would head out, knowing my history of 4 hour births. She said she would come to my house to check me first (not wanting to be at the hospital too early)

They really started to get steady after the call... So I called my mom to come (my brother wasn't able to stay over, as they were involved in a baptism early the next morning for SIL's sister) but would stay until mom got there and we could leave for the hospital when ever ready.

Well MW called me on her way saying, how about you just meet me at the hospital... I passed you exit LOL so we said OK we will leave now...then the phone rang back just before we were out the door with her saying “you are NOT going to believe this!"

Cobourg hospital has no OB coverage today, so no one can be delivered there (she called in to let them know we were on our way) no OB means no one for emergency C-section = can't come no matter what... She then went on to say that she knew from earlier that Oshawa was on re-direct...full no beds...every women out there seems to be in labour tonight, and I can't go there...I would have to go to Ajax hospital *further away* or have a home birth.. I was scared and not sure what to do...she said..."well let me come check you out, and see where we are at to make a decision."

She arrives at 830, and checks and at first says...oh you are just *softening*

I was like WHAT! no way for this kind of steady stuff...she was still feeling around and said OH NO you are dilated...that is just bulging membranes...saying I was 5cm's with the membranes bulging out, and the only thing keeping baby in there was the water...and if it broke in the car on the 1 hour drive to Ajax, baby would likely be right behind...and I would not make it... Also she doesn't have privileges at Ajax she couldn't care for me...but would stay in a support role...

She highly recommended that we stay would be safest....she does it ALL THE TIME we agreed... to Tyler’s sheer excitement! She called the back-up MW, and my student, and said we would wait to break my water (if I wanted to do that) until they arrived
My mom and step Dad arrived...shocked to hear the news...they stayed and my brother and SIL stayed...all excited...what a wonderful distraction from the news of a death in the family

back up arrived at 930pm

After getting settled and a little convincing... I agreed to have my water was the only thing slowing things down...OUCHIES!!!!

Things started to progress... I continued to stand, telling them I DID NOT want in that bed ever! So for a while I stayed standing, then they suggested I sit on the toilet and try to make room for baby, and stay there for a few ctx, because it is a good way of opening pelvis for baby...OMG intense.. I just wanted to stand hunched over my bed again...but Tyler was with me letting me hold on to him...and the MWs were awesome encouraging me to stick through it...move my baby down...they were so awesome and always new what to say...after a few ctx that way...they suggested I lay on the bed on my side.. UGH I SOOOO did not want to do that! I remember what a prison the bed felt like and the pain...but they kept encouraging me and telling me that different positions would put different pressure on cervix and help open it up faster..

So I did one side... and this is where I started to loose it...she checked me...and there was just a lip....and that is what was keeping me from pushing...the back pain was beyond anything I have felt before...Tyler held my hands...and one mw pushed on my back, while anouther held my legs... they asked me to roll to the other side to get rid of that lip.. .OMG by this time I am starting to loose it...things are getting loud...they keep pulling me back into reality though...

On this side...I though death was near...omg it hurt ...and I kept getting a terrible Charlie horse in my thigh with every was so annoying and distracting...I wanted to stand up...they let me roll to the other side with no Charlie horse...telling me low tones/moans (no screaming lol) and that quickly turned into the grunting sounds of pushing...and oh did that feel so much better...

The burning was terrible, and they were yelling for me to pull legs a space for baby... I started to loose it again...straightening my legs in pain...then they said they could see the head...grab your legs...this baby needs I grab my thighs, grab Tylers arm to help sit me up put chin to chest, and I think it took 3 pushed and he was here!!

And it was like none of that pain ever happened! LOL bright eyed staring up at me....not all drugged up was my sweet little boy!

Tyler walked out of the bathroom moments later just glowing, and I will never forget said the cutest thing "and THAT just happened!" lol he was on cloud 9...and said to me... "I could have 20 more just to do that again" lol

so 4 hr active labour again just about..started to time at 630...Grady arrived at 1050

too many pics

first moments

checking eachother out

being weighed like a fish lol, and measured

here he is this morning.

the kids slept though the whole thing!!!

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So I went out and ran errands most of the day on the 14th. Then I took the girls home. I was having irregular contractions but nothing timeable or that was any different then it had been for weeks. At 6pm my DH called to tell me he was on his way home from work and asked how I was feeling. I told him it could be tonight but the contractions were still irregular but I was having more. So he got home around 6:30 and he started making dinner. Then we started timing contractions and they were about seven to eight minutes apart so he decided to get the girls ready and I called the doctor. It was after 8 by then. The doctor told me since it was my third and I was dilated so we left at 8:35. The hospital is 45 minutes away. Well as we were driving the contractions were getting a lot closer 2 to 3 minutes apart. About 15 minutes away from the hospital I was starting to feel the urge to push but I didn’t tell my DH because he was already driving like crazy in the pouring rain and it was very foggy. So we got to the hospital and had to park in the garage because it was after hours. The parking ticket says my DH pulled up at 9:12pm. So we parked and thank goodness my sister was there because we left the girls in the car with them and headed in. I could not walk so the police patrol went and got a wheelchair and Dh rushed me in. We went to registration and they were asking me question and if I could sign paperwork and I couldn’t answer them so they decided to rush me to a room. The nurse gave me a gown and told me to go change into there was no way I couldn’t even move. So they got me undressed the doctor checked me and my water broke and he said I was fully dilated. So he got dressed telling me not to push that was getting impossible at that point. Then he said I could push and Cayden was out in less then ten minutes. I ended up with 2nd degree rips because there was no time for anything. The stitches were the worst part because even with the local shot I could feel everything. That part took almost a hour and then I had to fill out all the paperwork to admit me. Cayden Michael was born 11/14 at 9:40pm he was 8lbs 9.6ozs and 20.5inches long. I was 37 weeks 3 days along.

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Chasen George's Birth Story!

Well Saturday, November 22nd was Kyla's 2 year birthday. I woke up and was cleaning the house for company when I bent over I felt a gush of liquid. It startled me and I called my OB and she recommended I come in to get checked. I told her I was hosting my daughter's bday party so I would wait and see what happens. But in the next hour and a half a felt a few more gushes and decided I should go in. I told DH to stay home with Kyla and wait for my inlaws and if anything came up I'd call him and he could make the 30 min drive to my hospital.
So I went, was admitted to Triage where they checked me and said my water was intact. But while they were monitering baby's heartbeat and my contractions they noticed his heart decelerated with one contraction. It was enough for my doc to say they would end up keeping me and inducing me incase there was a problem.
This was around 2:30pm.
So they took me into my room and hooked me all up and my contractions were 3-5 min apart. They checked me and in an hour I was already dilated from 2.5cm to 3cm.
They decided to check me again at 6pm and see where I was progressing since it appeared I was now in labor on my own. My DH and MIL came and kept me company and I was uncomfortable but they contractions were not too bad yet.
By 6 they checked me again and I had dilated to 4cm but then stalled out so when they checked me at 10pm they decided to give me PIT and brake my water.
All I can say is OW OW OW!! I was sitting on a birthing ball and rocking on it during contractions and holding DH's hand while I breathed through them. They really hurt but I wanted to see how far I could go without drugs this time. Turns out not very long! I took a shower and requested an epi which arrived while I was in my shower. Had it put in and after about 3 more contractions..sweet relief!
We still hadn't picked out a name so the 3 of us searched 2 baby books but still nothing.
We were up until 1am and finally fell asleep.
Quarter to 2am I feel a contractions and a pressure. I tell my nurse and they called the doc who came to check me and it turned out I was fully dilated and ready to push!
I pushed for 20 min and he popped right out! I was in the zone!
Then thr doctor gasped and said "Wow we have a lucky little man! He had 2 knots in his cord and I have never seen anything like this in my whole life!"
He could have been in major trouble had I not been induced that day!
So he was born at 3:05 am 8lbs 3oz 21.5 in long.
Full head of black hair and blue eyes so far. I will post pics as soon as I can!!
It was an amazing labor and delivery and I had no tearing, minor swelling and I have felt amazing!! I have so much love and excitement in me.
I'm sooo happy!

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As you ladies know, I began to labor on Saturday evening 11/22. My labor didn't let up and I got no sleep for three nights in a row.

On Monday night 11/24 my labor was pretty intense so I called the OB on call. He said to take some tylenol, take a warm shower, and lay down...YEAH RIGHT! I did my best, but nothing helped.

Tuesday morning 11/25 at 5 AM I lost my mucous plug. Thank goodness. I called in and they told me to come in and get checked. I let hubby sleep more, knowing that this might be the day, and I got myself ready -- I was not going to the hospital with hairy armpits and legs.

DH and I arrived at the hospital at 9:30 AM and were taken to L&D triage. At exam time I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced, no amniotic fluid. My BP was high (DUH!) so they admitted me and took me to a room.

Doctor came in about an hour later and broke my water. I went to 4 cm about 30 mins after that and labor became unbearable. I gave up and told them to get me an epi.

About an hour later, anesthesiologist was still busy and I had only dilated to 4.5 cm, so they wanted to start pitocin. OWWW!! Pitocin + no drugs is not okay.

Finally, anesthesiologist got there and then all was well. Smile I wasn't too hot on the whole numb thing, but it was so much nicer than pain.

Fast forward to about 4:30 PM when I was anout 8 to 9 cm. The nurse left to get the OB and by the time she got back I was 10cm and zero station. OB came in at about 4:45 PM and I was plus three station and ready to go.

I pushed through four contractions, only had to have a small episiotomy, and Caitlynn was born at 5:05 PM.

My delivery was so easy and when they said she was only 6 lbs. I was shocked! She was (and still is) so small. I am in love!

Here are some pics of the fun stuff.[/COLOR]

Laboring with no meds...Ugh!

DH helping me push...

Caitlynn's debut!

Mommy, Daddy, and Baby

My teeny, tiny girl.

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As we all know my amnioctic fluid levels were low that is why they had to induce me with Emma so early at 36w and 2d. I went in the night of November 20th to get cervical softening because I was only dilated to 1cm and enfaced only maybe 50%. I went in at 7pm and they did not start the cervidel until about 8:30. When I had this done with my DS I went into labor, however with her my body only completely dilated to a +1cm however I was enfaced nearly completely now. The doctor came in at 8:30am and checked me and broke my water AT 1CM!!! I couldnt believe it. The fluid was clear so that was a good sign since we didnt want her to go into stress.

The contractions all morning were tolerable. I did my breathing and such so I was able to get through them, they were not nearly as bad as the pinicillin they put on the IV line. Since I was unable to get the test done for Group B they had to keep the pinicillin going until she was born to help prevent any sort of infection, which was fine by me.

However...... IT BURNED!!! The nurse put it on high to get into my system fast and I nearly blacked out from the pain that was in my hand. It felt like someone was gabbing a metal stick in my vein and moving it back and forth really hard. My best friend Darcee was there with me and she was yelling at the nurses because my BP shot through the roof and my baby girls heart beat dropped into the 80's. I was at the brink of blacking out, I hate that feeling....

So after recovering from that I asked for nubain because from the pain from the antibiotics and the contractions I needed to relax and there was no way I was going to after that. I got the nubain and I was sluring words and felt like I was drunk, my friend was laughing so hard at me, my mom lucky missed out on everything because if she would have been there she would have freaked out on the nursing staff. When she came in when I was sleeping off the effects of the drug I tried talking to her and she laughed at me too.

I was so much more relaxed after that, it was so much easier to control myself during contractions. At about 2pm, I was only dilated to 3cm and I said lets do the epidural because I was really starting to hurt again. The anesthesiologist that did my epidural made me laugh so hard, he was such a good guy because he was trying to keep me from focusing on the pain. When I got my epidural I was happier and the labor seemed to progress pretty well then. I couldn't sleep because I wanted it to be over so bad that I just talked to my mom and my friend. At 5pm they checked me and I was only dilated to maybe 5cm and I told them that at this point it was going to go really really fast. They didn't believe me.

My friend left because she had a birthday party she had to go too so my other friend Colleen was on her way. My mom stayed with me however she was just as antsy as I was. Come 6:30pm my friend Colleen was walking into the hospital and I started feeling the real urge to push. Yup sure enough I was dilated to 9cm with a rim. My friend walked into the door took off her coat and walked over to hold my hand as I was crying because I wanted my husband so badly to be there. We had to wait for the doctor because I pushed once and her head was already crowning. That night 15 babies were born, it was insane. Emma was number 2 born in 30 minutes. The doctor walked in got his scrub looking thing on and I pushed twice and out came Emma. The cord was wrapped around her neck so I had to hold back on the second push.

Special Care was standing by to look her over to make sure she was breathing and that she didn't need to go to NICU. She had some mucus that they had to suck out and she seemed pretty good. Scores were 8 and 9. She stayed in the nursery that night because she was breathing somewhat heavy and they wanted to make sure that she was good. Which was fine with me since her health comes first.

My legs would not work!!! The epidural did not wear off until midnight and I delivered her at 6:57pm. I had to roll myself into my post bed and pull myself around in my bed to make myself comfortable. Thank God I work out!

I wanted to go to the nursery so bad to see her that night but my legs could not function, I got up at 5:45 am and took a shower which felt WONDERFUL! I then walked to the nursery and got my baby girl.

She left weighting 6lbs 7oz and she was weighted yesterday and she is back up to birth weight.

I am feeling AWESOME! Totally recovered from what was going on with my body. I am back in my pre pregnancy jeans, I have a pouch however its nice to know I can still fit into my cloths!

Charlie is over protective of his sister, he kisses her, holds her, and tends to her every need. She is going to be so spoiled!

She is one that is meant to wear pink, she is so cute. Looks exactly like me when I was born.

Daddy comes home tonight, he is so excited to see his baby girl and boy.

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The Birth Story of the Twins

After being on Bed rest for 7 weeks, 5 weeks of it in the hospital, we finally couldn’t maintain the pregnancy any more. On November 4th at an ultrasound we found out that Baby A was going to be our littlest man. He had not grown in the last 3 weeks and his brother had gained a pound so we were worried why, but he past all of his other tests so the Doctors decided to wait to see him on ultrasound again on Friday before we decided if we should deliver or not. Well we never made it to Friday. Wednesday morning during the normal Doctor rounds we found out my blood work wasn’t looking as good as it had been, and I was getting much sicker. I was upset because I was in the hospital on bed rest for the last 5 weeks to stay from getting sicker and to help the babies grow and at that moment it felt everything was going down hill. The doctor order more blood tests and told me after breakfast I was to eat nothing else and plan on delivering at 5pm that day unless my tests came back better. Well around 12pm the blood work came back a lot better so the Doctor just wanted the MFM (high risk Doctor) to release me before they allowed me to start eating. So it was a waiting game, because they had a full office and only one doctor working. Well then around 1pm I started to get a headache and asked the nurse if I was allowed to have Tylenol or not. So she called the doctor and within 5 minutes the high risk doctor came down to check on me. He then asked me to sit up and take my blood pressure, with the preeclampsia you have high blood pressure but always better when laying down, it is why bed rest helps, well once I sat up I knew before they were even done taking my pressure that it was high, and it was 178/120. So he didn’t have to say it I knew, it was time to deliver my little men! So I called my parents and Jack had already left work and was in route knowing I would probably deliver. By 2pm they had me downstairs in Labor and Delivery getting ready for a C-section. Due to baby A being smaller then baby B and baby B being breech they knew the section would be the healthiest way for the boys and with my rising blood pressure the safest for me.

At about 2:30pm the anesthesiologist doctor came in to give me my epidural (versus the normal spinal that most c-section patients receive) I was told due to my blood platelets being so low, he could not do a spinal and instead would have to do an epidural. So like normal I was scared because when I had little Jack I had a bad experience, and one of the scariest moments in my life, little did I know that was going to be surpassed by an extremely scarier time. The epidural went in easy and they tested to make sure it worked and said they would add medicine at 5pm when we were getting ready for delivery. So the next 2 hours went by pretty slow, anticipating that the boys would be here soon. At about 4:45pm my doctor came in and asked if I was ready. I told him I was scared that I was really worried because I had never had any kind of surgery and this was my first time. He tried to relax me, by joking saying that “This is only my 4th one….Today!” It helped me relax a bit. Also out of all 3 of my doctors he had been doing this for 35 years so I felt good knowing he was there one about to deliver my boys, I felt good knowing they were in his hands. Then at exactly 5pm they were rolling me to the OR telling Jack they would be into get him as soon as I was ready, in just a FEW minutes. I kissed Jack bye and they wheeled me off.

When I got into the OR everything was going normal they got me on the bed and started strapping me in and then the nurse anesthesiologist started injecting meds into my epidural. (Final Warning, it gets bad from hear out, but it does end with 2 perfect beautiful boys!) They then do a test to make sure I am completely numb. The rub a cold swab over my arms and ask do you feel that? Yep sure do. Then they rub over my stomach, feel that. Yep I do. Across my leg, feel that? Yep I do. They ask again you do? Can you wiggle your toes? Yep sure can. Well that’s not normal they say and they say we are going to lift the bed upside down and let the medicine flow down. So now my head is almost touching the ground and my toes are pointing to the sky, thinking about it now I am sure I looked pretty funny, a big belly with toes sticking out the top. So they added more meds and again went through all the questions which again I answered with a yep I can feel that! So they continued adding meds I think about 4 times. The Last time the nurse said okay last chance we have 10mins to get these meds working and I got even more worried wondering or What?! So they started counting down 7 minutes feel that? Yep sure do. 5 minutes how about this? Well yes I felt it you just pricked my stomach. The Doctor again trying to relax me asked if I just called him a prick, in that moment I laughed and heard 3 minutes feel that, barely I said. 2 minutes how about this? Not to bad. 1 minute, I don’t feel it. Doctor says great, I ask what is happening they said we are starting now. 5:30 after 30 minutes of trying to get me numb. I ask what about my husband they say he is coming, I kept asking them felt like forever before Jack got in the room. Then he sat down I said hi and then the doctor told him to get the camera ready Baby A was coming, and right when he said that, all sensation in my whole body came back. I felt everything. Then Andrew cried (born at 5:35pm) and I was fine for a second and then they took him away and as they did I felt them taking Benjamin out (born at 5:36pm) and again when he cried my pain left and then as they whisked him away, I began feeling everything they did, the nurse then started giving me morphine right into my epidural. My blood pressure then got really bad and my blood vessels started bleeding really bad and they were pushing to get everything under control and then all of a sudden it just stopped. (I later found out a friend was praying at that exact time for me, I feel this why they got everything under control before they had to give me any blood). The most wonderful sound after hearing those two beautiful babies cry was my doctor singing “Happy Birthday” to both of the twins and then each one individually. The fact he took the time to make their birth moment even more special was amazing and even though I was feeling such an intense pain, hearing his voice singing to my boys made me smile, even if it was just in my heart, since my head was dealing with so much pain. The doctor finished closing everything up and by the time I got to my recovery room, the pain was finally gone. From the first cut to the last stitch it was only 10 minutes. But those 10 minutes were the worse of my life, but since I got two amazing miracles out of it, how can I not make peace with it?

Afterwards my doctor comes in to check on me and apologizes for the pain (not that it was his fault) and he told me they couldn’t have done a spinal because I could have had a cranial bleed. All I can do was thank him for keeping my babies safe and making sure they were okay. As he explained everything to us, I realized just how bad things got, and how sick I really was.

The next few hours I visited with my parents and my sister, and then Jack got to go see the boys and take some pictures for me. Due to how sick I was I would be on meds for the next 24 hours and wouldn’t get to see them until I was stable. They both were in NICU and doing well. Finally after 24 hours of Meds I got to see my boys and then I got to eat. I hadn’t eaten in over 48 hours. For the next few days I thought this was an end of my birth story and I would get to enjoy my new little babies. Unfortunately, things were about to get way worse before they got better.

I got discharged on Sunday night and headed home, it was so nice to get out of the hospital, but it really hurt to leave the babies behind. I spent the next few days spending time with them at the NICU, I wasn’t feeling well and even though everyone told me to stay in bed feel better I went to spend the whole day with them on Wednesday. When I got home that evening I felt really bad and took my blood pressure which was up, but I figured I had just over done it. So I went to bed. On Thursday I was still feeling horrible and called the doctor and was told to go to the ER. Well I refused I was sick of the hospital and figured if I just stayed in bed then I would be fine. So I stayed and slept all day, not seeing my babies, which was really hard. The next morning, Jack was going to drop me off at the hospital to visit the boys on his way to work. I was not feeling well, so Jack decided to go ahead and drop me off at the ER while he went to check on the boys. The nurse checked me in and I told her I thought my Blood Pressure was really high and she gave me a look that came across as “Yea, sure let me diagnosis you.” So I sat and watched as her faced dropped, and she started calling to see where to send me. My blood pressure was 181/128 which is stroke or seizure range. She then had me wheeled over to Labor and Delivery again so my doctors could treat me once again for Preeclampsia. Just so you know only 6% of pregnant women get Preeclampsia and of that 6% only 1% ever get it after delivery. So I was that nice rare case. So they get me hooked up to the IV’s again and start giving me magnesium sulfate yet again. Last time after 12 hours my blood pressure stabilized. This time after 30 hours it still was in the horrible range. So they were trying everything and were talking about finding another doctor to help, they also discussed giving me a sedative that could put me in a coma to stabilize my BP. Finally then gave me another medicine called Lasik, that drains water from your body. After an hour they said I had gone to the bathroom enough for 3-5 days of a normal person. I am so glad I had a Cather in, I couldn’t imagine sitting on the toilet for that hour while my body drained. After this process my body got better and my BP began to stabilize. I ended up being on the Magnesium sulfate for 47 hours the second time. They didn’t let me eat until 12 hours after that to make sure I didn’t get sick. So I hadn’t eaten since Thursday night at dinner. I had no food for over 80 hours, or 3 ½ days. From Nov. 5th (morning of boys birth until Sunday 16th a 12 day stretch, I only got to eat 5 days out of the 12. So I can tell you in that 12 days I lost 38pds. I finally got to go home on Nov. 18th and everything is finally getting to normal and my blood pressure, although not perfect it has remained stable.

So there you have the crazy birth story of the twins, and no matter what happen I have to be blessed to be alive and glad that I didn’t have any strokes/seizures that could have given me long term affects or caused death. I am blessed to have 2 beautiful baby boys to add to my already blessed family. All four boys took me on the preeclampsia journey during each of the pregnancies; I am blessed by them and wouldn’t change anything.
Andrew Merrill was born 11/5 @ 5:35pm weighing 4lbs 6oz 17 1/2in
this picture he was 2 hours old

Benjamin Lewis was born 11/5 @ 5:36pm weighing 5lbs 1oz 18in
this picture he was 2 hours old

Here they are at 1 week
Drew had no tube then (but got it back a few days later)


2 weeks old!


3 weeks old they are finally home and the first picture together~

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Geez, I can't believe it's been almost TWO WEEKS since I had Connor! Time is flying by (although it feels like it's crrraaaaaawling at 3AM ;)). Sorry I haven't been around much, but I know you girls understand. Thanks for being patient with me, and congrats to ALL of our new mamas!! :bighug:

I got to the hospital around 6AM (Thursday, 11/20) for my induction. They checked me in, did some final paperwork, put in my IV (only took one try, thank the Lord), etc, so I was all "prepped" by 7ish. My doctor came in around 7:30 to check me. I'd been 2 cm at my appointment on Monday, and had dilated to a 3 by Induction Day. That was exciting enough, but after she broke my water, I went immediately to a 4, which I was *thrilled* about. My doctor said I could get my epidural whenever I wanted, so about 20 minutes later, the anesthesiologist showed up and we got things started. He kept acting like it was going to hurt soooo much ("Big burn here!" "Lots of intense pressure, take a deep breath!") but it wasn't a big deal at all. He was a bit of a drama queen. :rolleyes: Anyway, a little while later the nurse came in to insert my catheter (again, much better than I expected), and I told her that I still had quite a bit of feeling in my lower half, so the anesth. came back to "top me off". My mom, in-laws, and DH came in later and we talked for a little while...then I noticed that the contractions were becoming quite a bit more intense, and the pain factor had definitely increased. My nurse called the anesth. back AGAIN, and after he talked to me and checked the epi, came to the conclusion that the catheter wasn't in the right spot and we had to take it out and start over. I was a 7 at that point and REALLY didn't want to continue without a working epidural, so we went ahead and re-inserted it. I guess he wanted to make sure that it didn't fail again, because not only did it work, it worked a little TOO well- once the nurse realized I was fully dilated, I realized that I couldn't feel to push. She and my doctor were really cool about it, though, and let me labor down for about an hour while they turned the epidural off. So I took a nap and when I woke up, I had just enough sensation to push. The doctor came in, and I started pushing- when Connor's head started crowning, we realized that he was sunny-side up (ouch), and his heart rate was decreasing with every push, so I had to have some oxygen. His head finally came out, but then the doctor got a look of *almost* panic because his shoulders were stuck. She did a 2-degree episiotomy and I still had a 1-degree tear from his shoulders (he's gonna be a football star!).

But he finally came out, all 8.12 pounds/19 inches of him. Biggrin I know they say weight estimates can be really off according to U/S, but in this case, it was totally right (he was bigger than expected!). I'm glad I listened to my doctor when she suggested inducing- I'm still kind of amazed that my little frame delivered a "big" baby vaginally (and I'm secretly proud of myself for being able to do it), but I honestly don't think I could have done it if we'd waited any longer and he was even bigger.

So, all in all, with the exception of the faulty epidural, it was another good labor/delivery for me. He was born at 12:44 PM, so it lasted about 5 hours, 45 minutes. Not too shabby!

Things are going well here, for the most part. He is SO relaxed and laid-back- he sleeps a lot and when he's awake, he just looks at us with the sweetest little face. Bug is adjusting well, too- we're giving her lots of extra attention, which she just eats up. Breastfeeding is going much better than it did with Kenlee, but we're having to supplement with formula because Connor has lost more than 10% of his birth weight- if he hasn't gained any by the time we go for his 2-week appointment (on Thursday), the doctor said there's a good chance that they'll have to put him back in the hospital on IV fluids. Please pray that that doesn't happen. I don't think I could handle that.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Wink Love you ladies!!

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Lily Elise's birth story

On Fri 11/21 I had my 38 wk ob appt, and was kind of disappointed to learn that although I was effaced, I was not dialated at all. My dr told me he was pretty sure they would see me in the office next week.

Mon 11/24, DH & I DTD, I walked around the grocery store for about an hour, and I bought some pinapple which I ate when I that got home. Can you tell I really wanted to meet my baby already?

Still, I was suprised when Tues morning 11/25 I woke & started having contractions at around 8:30 am. I exactly 39 wks at this point. I was keeping an eye on the clock, and they were about 7 to 8 min apart. I thought that I would still have plenty of time though, if it was even real labor, so I tried to go back to sleep. Well, by 9:45 am, they were definately still there, but now about 4 to 5 min apart! I went to the bathroom, and I had some blood show, then a lot more a little bit later, although I never noticed losing my mucous plug. So I called my dr's office, and they said come in right away to get checked.

They got me back right away, and the dr checked me and walked out of the room for a min. When he came back, he said go straight to the hospital, do not stop anywhere, that I was 5 cm dialated!! Good thing we had brought our bags w/ us just in case! I was a little shocked it was all going so fast, and started to worry I wouldn't get there in time.

When I got to the hospital, about 12:00 pm, they had me in a triage room to start w/, b/c there were so many people having babies they didn't have a room ready yet! Well, they gave me a shot of stadol, and that helped the contractions for a little bit, and also made me feel drunk! Everyone I talked to on that was laughing at me. I had also decided that I did want get an epidural at some point, b/c I didn't want the pain of the contractions anymore. The on-call doc checked me, and I was still 5 cm, so I calmed down at this point knowing it would be a few more hours. They finally had a room ready for me, so they moved me to my own room, where my dr broke my water. Luckily, the anesthesiologist arrived right after to give me my epidural, b/c the contractions got a LOT stronger as soon as my water was broken. That woman was a miracle worker, b/c as soon as I got the epi, I couldn't feel any pain at all, but could still feel my legs enough to move them a little. I think this was around 3:00 pm.

My dr came back in to check me then, & I was still 5 cm! I wasn't happy to learn that. Then she mentioned the p word (pitocin), and I told her I really, really did not want it if it wasn't necessary! I didn't feel like it had really been that long yet, so I told her to give it a little while. Luckily my L&D nurse agreed w/ me. About 5:15 pm, I told her I was feeling something weird down there, so she checked me & said it was the head & I was 9 cm! I was so glad I wouldn't need the pitocin after all! By 6:00 pm, I was fully dialated and started pushing, and at 6:46 pm I had my beautiful baby girl! She was 6 lbs 4 oz, 19 1/4 in long. I was surprised b/c when I came in my dr estimated she was about 7 1/2 lbs! I only had 1 small tear, which my dr stitched up while I watched them take care of Lily. Then all my family came in to meet her before they left again so I could breastfeed.

Later, Lily was having trouble regulating her body temperature, so they took her to the NICU and started her on antibiotics for a possible infection & ran a bunch of tests. It was tough not having her w/ us in the room, and tiring going to the NICU every few hours to feed her. I was discharged on Thurs 11/27, but Lily stayed until Sat 11/29. She was doing much better, and I was so happy to have her home!

Lily is now thriving! She is already up to 6 lbs 10 oz, and her ped said all her tests from the NICU came back fine!

Mommy & Daddy

Welcome to the world Lily!



Lily & I meeting each other

Lily meets Daddy

In the NICU


And my little snuggle bug at 1 week old

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Mackenzie’s Birth Story

My first official contraction was at 9pm on Monday night…. But didn’t have another until 3am. I then had contractions for about an hour and then they were gone again. Throughout the morning I had some here and there. I’d get all excited and think – “This is it!” and then everything would stall out and I’d assume it was all a false alarm. My friend Courtney came over and we took the kiddos to the park which helped get things going. I’d say by about 11:30 things were moving along more consistently but not too painful. Courtney then went home and Evan and I went down for naps.
Around 1:30pm I decided I needed to call my sister to come over because things were picking up! She came over with my niece (who entertained Evan) and got things all set up. Meanwhile, DH is still at work and scheduled to work until 6pm. He got a hold of me around 2pm and I told him to please come home! Luckily they found relief for him and sent him on his way. My mom, other sister, and Courtney were all on their way as well. DH got home around 3:00 which I was so thankful for! He got the tub ready and filled up!
I called my midwife around 4:30 because things were getting very intense!! She arrived around 5pm. The next hour was super intense and kind of a blur but I pushed her out very quickly according to everyone else (it seemed like a long time to me!) Her birth did seem a bit easier than Evan’s but still a lot of work nonetheless. What a relief it was to be DONE! The official time was 6:06pm. They laid her on my chest and we all fell in love [FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT]
I then figured I better see what gender this baby was so I looked down and right away saw the umbilical cord and said “It’s another boy!” And then I realized, no, that is the cord I see! “Wait I don’t know I can’t tell” I said and looked again and saw she was a GIRL! I announced it and everyone screamed with excitement!!
We were so surprised to see she has a head of dark hair! Where that comes from we have no idea! She weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 12oz and was 19.5” long. She nursed right away and continued to be alert for hours!
Evan was over at his Aunt's and came home around 7pm to meet his sister! He seemed excited and kept smiling and saying “Baby!!” We haven’t let him get too close yet because he tends to be quick and unpredictable.
We didn’t decide on her name for sure right away. We had a list of three and had to decide which name she fit best and Mackenzie was the one! Her middle name Bernice is after both mine and DH's grandmothers.
What a blessing she is and we are loving every precious moment with her!! God is good!

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Brodie Kai's Birth

I don't post a lot but wanted to share my birth story. Sorry i haven't posted more before hand. He birth was kind-of unplanned this soon.

It all started at my 38 week appointment. My midwife noticed that I had gain a lot of weight in one week and had a lot of swelling and high blood pressure, so they took some blood work, told me to go on bedrest and come back Friday. Well, Friday my blood pressure had gone down so they took me to stay on bedrest and to come back Monday for more tests. Well, Monday my blood pressure was back up and one of the blood test came back high, so after consulting with one of the on-call doctors at the hosiptal they decided to have me come in to be induced to prevent me from developing preeclampsia since I was showing signs I was headed that way. So on Dec 1st I checked into the hospital at around 1:30pm and they started me on prostin around 6:00pm to soften my cervix (I was only 1 1/2 cm dilated and only 50% affaced). I was given two doses of that and then started on pitocin around 6:30am Dec 2nd. Luckly my water broke on it's own around 10:00am and my labor took off from there though it took me till 8:30pm to get to 9 cm. During pushing they noticed that Brodie's heartrate was dipping so they put me on oxegen and then they had to do a hard vaccum extraction to get him out (he had the cord wrapped around his neck and arm). They did have to put him on oxegen too right afterwards too since he was a little blue and had some fluid in his lungs. He was born at 10:30pm Dec 2nd, 6lb 10oz, 19 3/4in long.

All in all, labor was long and hard but even though it wasn't a birth in the birth center like I planned I was still able to go natural (no pain meds) like I wanted. I had wonderful support thru it all and was way excited my best friend was there as my duela. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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We're back home and settling into being a family of four. This is Julia's birth story, and the reason I never make a birth plan!

I had my stretch and sweep at 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon. I was getting some cramps that evening, but didn't think too much of it.
At around 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday, my DS woke up crying, so I went to sit beside his bed and rub his back. I felt a little trickle, but figured it was just CM from the S&S. He settled down and went back to bed. I couldn't get comfy though, and started gettting contrax, probably about 5 mins apart. I paced and bounced on my ball, and didn't feel too bad.

Here's the funny thing. DH had an appointment at 8:15am the hospital where I was going to deliver. By 6:30 the contrax were about 3 mins apart, so I got him up and told him that he'd need to come home right after his appointment. He suggested that I go with him to the hospital, just to get checked. Smart man

We dropped DS off at daycare at 7:30 and arrived at the hospital at exactly 8:15, after fighting rush hour traffic and constant contrax. I insisted that DH go to his apt, at least to postpone it. He had been waiting for months to see this doctor.... So with a lot of convincing from me, he leaves. By this point I can't even sit down, the contrax are on top of each other without stopping. When the nurse examined me, I almost shot off the other end of the table the exam hurt so much. Anyway, she checked me and said "you're a 10, this baby is coming NOW". The first thing out of my mouth was "I don't have time for an epidural"?! She said no, we might not even have time for DH to run back up the stairs.

So, they rush me to a room and I start pushing. DH runs in, and at 8:43, after 12 mins of pushing, Julia arrived, no pain meds involved. She was 8lbs,5oz and born at exactly 39 weeks. I NEVER wanted a drug free delivery, and that experience confirmed it. They were able to keep me from tearing on the outside, but I got a second degree internal tear. I almost punched out the doctor who stitched me up. I had awful shakes, and knew that my BP was dropping....

After the delivery, they got me up to shower, and I passed out cold So after not having an IV for the delivery, I was stuck with one until I was discharged! But, we left the hospital after just more than 24 hours.

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For a few weeks I have been having a feeling that I would be getting my baby early, nothing that was actually making me feelings true but just a feeling.

As it got closer to the 39 week mark I told EVERYONE I will have this baby on Monday.

Sunday came and I knew in the morning something might happen. I had the worse back ache and the baby had been very quiet. DH went to work as normal telling baby that he would like it to come out now so we could all meet it.

I went to the loo about 8 and found my mucus plug had come out. I got VERY excited knowing that something could happen any day. I went to bed and started having really mild contrations. At midnight DH came in from work and I told him not to be excited but I was having mild contractions. He just got into bed and I felt a strange wriggle from inside me then a pop and my waters had broken!! DH jumped out of bed and found me a towel and I called the hospital. I was told to come in when I was having contractions every 3 mins lasting for 1 min.

After an hour of timing we phoned my FIL who picked us up and off we went to the hospital. We got there at around 2am. I got changed into my nightie and was checked by the midwife. She confirmed that my waters had broken and I was 2cm dilated, although only on one side of my cervix.

I got out the gas and air and for about 3 hours laboured well. I was checked again at 5am and I was 4cm dilated but still only on one side. I decided I wanted some pain relif and chose Diomorphine. It made me very sleepy and I couldn't feel any contractions. I was told to lie on my right side so my cervix could open more one the closed side and I had a nap while this was going on.

At around 11am I was checked again and I was 7cm. By now my pain meds had worn off and I wanted some more. I was given a new dose and relaxed again.

at around 2pm I was starting to feel I wanted to push but kept being told not to as I was only 9cm. At 3pm I was 10cm and was told to start pushing. I could not get comfortable and I was in a lot of pain. I started to loose my contractions at around 4.30pm and I didn't want to cary on, but the head was stuck and there were a lot of Drs and midwives in the room. Both me and baby were very tired and I didn't have a contraction for 20mins.

at 4.53 I got 3 contractions on top of each other and my baby flew out like a cannon ball with no one there to catch!! Everyone thought there was a big problem with me as he came out so quick so DH didn't get to cut the cord. My baby was passed to me very quickley and covered over. Then after a few moments to compse ourselves I looked and saw I had a baby boy!

I had a 3a tare which apparently is the best kind to get (I would think no tare would be better :eek:) and was rushed off to be stitched up and DH was left alone with his new baby boy.

Alexander James
8th December 2008

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Well as many of you know I have had contractions/bh regularly from 27 weeks. They were never very painful, but I went on shots and pills to try and control them. I went off the progesterone shots at week 35. Around week 37 my contractions started to get painful-menstrual like pain. This continued on for a week and by the following Sunday night they were pretty painful, but still 4-8 minutes apart. I woke up Monday morning around 3pm and they were painful enough where I couldn't sleep through them. I got up and timed them and they were 4-7 minutes apart. I was frustrated because they weren't a little closer together. I debated what to do while I timed them all morning. They never really got too much closer together, but the pain was still there and I knew that I couldn't handle being at work.

I called my clinic to see if my dr could see me that day. I just wanted to see if there had been any progress from my last appt. They couldn't get me in and recommended that I go to L&D because the ctx were painful.

DH and I went to Perkins to eat breakfast first, since I had no idea if I would be able to eat for a while.

When we got to L&D (around 10:00am) and they hooked me up to the monitors it was about 15-20 minutes before I had one single ctx! I was pissed and thought for sure they were going to send me home, but then lo and behold they started up again, and this time they were 2-4 minutes apart. The nurse checked my cervix and said I was 2-3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. (Ugh...I was 2cm a week ago!). She then said she would call my dr and he would decide if they would admit me or not. It was about 20 long, long minutes before she came back. She said my dr said 'Let's have a baby!" I was so relieved.

My dr showed about about an hour later and checked me. I was 3cm, 80% effaced, and baby was a 0 station. He was happy with the progress I had made in an hour, but decided to break my water to speed things up a little more. My ctx definitely got more painful, but they stayed at 2-4 minutes apart.

I made it through the ctx until around 3pm when I requested an epidural. The nurse said she needed to check me first to make sure I was too far progressed. I was only 4cm! OMG, 1 cm in 4 hours! Grrr. My dr decided to start pitocin after I got the epidural. I got a shot of Nubain to help while I waited for the epidural. The Nubain helped me relax and almost sleep, but the ctx were still so strong. I had to wait until 5pm to get the epidural and the Nubain helped for maybe a half an hour. I was afraid the epidural was going to hurt because of what I've heard, but it was nothing. Probably because nothing compares to what those ctx felt like!

They started the pitocin and the ctx got stronger. I could feel the pressure of them and a little pain, but I could see there intensity on the monitor. After a couple of hours on the pitocin the dr came in and said she was concerned because the baby's heart rate was decreasing after each ctx. They took the pitocin off to see how his hr did. She said she would give it 10 minutes and then decide what to do. His hr stabilized and they started up the pitocin again. Almost immediately his hr started to do the same deceleration, but this time it was a lot worse and then his hr was also all over the place-from 80bpm to 180bpm in seconds. They decided to do an emergency c/s then.

I was so scared. The epidural I had was only working on one side and so I was freaked I was going to feel everything. I started shaking really bad. They had a bunch of nurses taking my vitals, taking blood, taking all my clothes off and moving me from one bed to another. When I got to the OR they started a new epidural and I could instantly feel the affects (thank, god!). I was still shaking uncontrollably and I was in and out of sleep-which is so weird....I would have a dream and then wake up to someone asking me if I was ok. The c/s was pretty quick, but the sewing up seemed to take forever. DH was with Ryken the whole time, and it was hard to not know anything about my baby. I slipped in and out of sleep while they sewed me up. They then brought me to a recovery room hooked me up to heart monitors and IVs. I was still shaking like crazy. DH was able to bring Ryken by about a half an hour later. He was beautiful and all my pain and upset over the c/s was gone. He stayed with me for a couple minutes, but they had to finished checking me over. I was then brought to my room about a half an hour after that. I finally stopped shaking.

I nursed him and then DH and I just took turns holding him. I got tons of pain meds all night. I started itching really bad a couple of hours after the c/s because of the morphine they gave me. And after 2 doses of benedril and one dose of Nubain it was only slightly better. DH slept about 2 hours at the beginning of the night and I slept about 2 in the early morning. I was exhausted, but my adrenaline was just going nuts.

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Saturday, Dec. 6th, 2008

Hubby and I decided to go ahead and have sex Friday night (I was told not to due to the spotting episodes a couple of months ago)... we were ready to have this baby.... so we thought we'd give it a try since it worked last time!! Lo and behold... it worked again!!!! Because my water broke a few hours later!

12:15 am – water broke. Trickle here and there. Wasn’t quite sure if it was my water or not until about 15 minutes later when I couldn’t stop going to the bathroom and was trickling on the bed.

12:30am-1:30 – tried calling daycare so I could drop Cadence off. Was unsuccessful. Ended up calling a friend and she answered the phone right away.

1:30- dropped Cadence off at friends house… my water gushed while I was walking up her driveway. I was soak and wet!

2:00am – arrived at Sentara Leigh ER - that was real nice being drenched from the waist down! Glad it was in the middle of the night and not during the day!

3:15am- I was checked, and received a positive on the litmus paper to detect amniotic fluid. I was also about 1 ½ cm dilated, and my cervix was high.

I wasn’t feeling any contractions – so we just relaxed in the room trying to get some rest.

7:00am- I was checked and was 3 cm dilated

Still no contractions!!!

10:00am I received pitocin to start the contractions and an epidural to take care of the upcoming pain. I was 4 cm when this was done.

2:45pm, I was checked and even though I was contracting every 2 minutes, I was still 4 cm dilated. I couldn’t believe it!

3:45pm- I was starting to feel the contractions in my back and it was becoming quite uncomfortable.

4:00pm the anesthesiaologist came to check up on me, I told him I was very uncomfortable and he told me to push the button to increase the epidural dosage when they hurt.

4:20pm- I was checked again, and still very uncomfortable even though I kept pushing the button… I was now 5 cm dilated.

4:45pm- I told Shawn to get some help… I was feeling pressure and knew I was ready to give birth!!!

After the doctor and nurses got my room ready, I was ready to push. I pushed for about 2 minutes or so and Brandon James was born at 4:51pm.

Apgar scores were 9, 9.
Weight: 6 lb, 11 oz, Height: 19 inches

Here's a pic of me.... 8 hours after my water broke... not feeling a dang thing!! (where oh where are my contractions?!?)

Pictures of my little man!!

Right after Brandon got cleaned up.... I was an emotional mess... i look like crap, but I was soooo excited to meet my little boy!!

Cadence meets her little brother and give him a kiss.

One day old!!

Hey mom, Look what I can do with my razor sharp fingernails!

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Breyan’s birth story!

I guess this story starts off on November 25th. I was having contractions at 3-4 minutes apart for an hour so we headed into the hospital. They got me all hooked up to the monitors and everything looked like it was in a good pattern. I was 4 cm, stretchy to a 5 so they wanted me to stay overnight to see what happened. We walked at least a mile around the labor/delivery floor stopping for the contractions along the way. They checked me again around midnight and I was still at 5cm. Things started to slow down, and finally just stopped by about 3 a.m., and I had made no more progress. They sent us home.

Things stayed calm until the night of the 4th of December. Things started up again at around 3p.m. Contractions were 5-7 minutes apart and stayed that way. We decided to call the doctor and see what we should do at around 7p.m. Doctor called us back and asked us to meet her at L/D. I was still 5c.m., but she wanted to see where we were going so we started walking again! At least another mile down, and we had no more progress. They asked me to get some sleep and we would start Pitocin around 4a.m. So, 4 a.m. rolls around and they start the I.V. The contractions pick up in intensity, but they are starting at the top of my uterus and not really moving low. I was on the Pitocin until about 9a.m., when we got a new nurse. She decided she didn’t like the way the first nurse had put in the I.V. (it was sideways), so she took it out and left it out for a while. At 10 she put it back in and the contractions drastically changed. They were starting at the bottom of the uterus (I could honestly say I could feel my cervix opening up with each contraction!) At around 11a.m. the doctor came back in to check me out and I had made it all the way to 6 c.m.! So she said, we’re going to rupture the membranes. She actually did this with her hands alone not the magic crochet needle! And the flood began! I really can’t believe that I had a ‘normal’ amount of amniotic fluid because there was SO much! Its no wonder my little guy wasn’t down very low there was just too much fluid!

So after my water was broken, things really picked up and quick! I hopped in the shower for a while (I’d say about 15 minutes tops, and had an urge to go to the bathroom. Nurse checked just to make sure I wasn’t ready to push, and found me to be about an 8. I sat on the birth ball for a little while then kind of swayed around the room for a while and by about 12:40 I was at a 10 and ready to push! They had me moving in all different positions trying to find something that worked. My back started hurting really bad so they thought he might be in an odd position. They had me on all fours to get him to turn, (that was terribly uncomfortable and didn’t last long.) Finally I got comfortable and I think I had him out in about 10 really good pushes. I wasn’t the most pleasant of people during all of this, and I completely gave up several times, but DH and the Nurse were great cheerleaders! I managed to go without meds and without a tear or cut!

Breyan Patrick was born at 1:10 p.m. weighing 7lbs 5 oz, and was18.5 inches long! He started nursing while he was lying on my chest, latched on all by his self!

Minus the big stall out at 5 c.m., and having to be on the Pitocin at all, this was pretty much the birthing experience that I had been looking forward to!

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On Monday December 8th we went to our doctors appointment at 10:45am. We found out we were 3cm and 90% effaced, along with high blood pressure and a little protein. Since we were only 5 days away from the due date he was fine with us being induced. DH took DS to Great-Grandma's as I was being moved to the hospital (the next building over).
Once in Labor and Delivery (11:30am) the doctor broke my water and checked me again to find I was 4cm and 100% effaced. He checked to make sure the cord was not around her neck or anything like that and she grabbed his finger. DH showed up just when they started the pitocin. I decided I wanted to see if I could go through the labor with out an epidural yet I did get something that took the edge off. Yet it only worked for about half an hour and I had to wait for half an hour to get another dose. DH was great at helping me remember to breath and to stay as calm as possible. I started feeling the need to push and the nurse checked me and I was 9cm and she called the doctor. He showed up and we started to push and Lillian joined us just 5 minutes later! She was born at 2:51pm weighing 8 pounds and 7 ounces and 21 inches long!

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Birth Story:
I was to be induced on Dec 1st. Sophia had other plans thankfully! On Nov 28th, the day after Thanksgiving, I started having more regular contractions. I had been having contx for a week and a half. They were more intense and closer together. Around 11:30 pm, we left for the hospital. I got checked in and I was 80% effaced and 3 cm. The dr on call said she would let me stay.

They started pitocin around 12:30. At 5:00am I got the epidural. Sooo much better. At 5:30, they broke my water. I was even able to sleep through the contractions! At 7:00, I was 5cm. Then a shift change at 8:00 and a new nurse checked me. I was now 10cm and 100% effaced!! Yeah!! I went from 5-10 in an hour. They could see her head. DH said it was pretty cool to see her.
The dr. came and got things ready. After pushing for less than 10 minutes, Sophia Grace was born at 9:10am. At the end I even got to hold her head and help bring her onto my chest. Then DH cut the cord.

It was a great birth experience and we are so in love with our little girl. Praise God for a healthy baby!

Some recent pics
Leaving the hospital

Our 1st day home

Hangin' out with big brother

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Luke Edward's birth story:

I was induced on Dec. 10th. I had to be in L&D by 8 am. I got checked in, prepped and everything and the MW showed up around 9 am. She checked me (I was contracting a bit on my own had been for months) and I had somehow gotten from a 2 the day before to a 3 that day. She tried to break my water and the bag was very tough plus I had on the low side of normal fluid (we knew from my u/s a week and half earlier) and it the bag was like glued to the top of his head so she couldnt get it. She finally put on a scalp monitor and that broke it plus then the baby had a monitor on that was more reliable. I had so little fluid none even came out on breaking though we did see some later. She then had me walk too see if it would start labor on its own, for 3 hrs!! The nurse was great and said I didnt have to do a marathon but that the MW really wanted me to try it. So dh and I lapped the halls over and over.

At 12:40pm the MW checked me again, the water breakage and walking did start ctx and they were somewhat painful and about every 5 mins, but they didnt dialate me anymore in the 3 + hrs I had them. So they started pitocin at 1:15 pm and an epidural. I had warned them about my epidurals in the past not being effective and so they tried to put mine in a lower placement and they kept upping it more than last time. They kept checking my pain and it was getting worse with the stronger ctx every 3-4 mins which is normal but the epi should have been better, they just kept upping me and giving me bolises. At 3:30 pm the nurse checked me thinking the increased pain might be from me really dialating but I was still 3-4 cm which really, really, depressed me I almost lost it then! I had a better handle on the ctx than in the past tho and squeezed dh's hand with every ctx and breathed them through. I tried changing positions and whatnot. The anestheologist (sp) came back and again upped my epi and we decided it was placed right and I was some what numb in places and didnt feel anything when checked. I just still felt the burning pain of the ctx low right above my pubic bone and when she probed me I could feel all around my tummy.

The MW came in at 4 pm to check me again and said I had my game face on now I was at 5 (which was really depressing to me again I had been at this for forever it seemed!) and said my cervix was changing fast now. She thought I was having some back labor as he was sunny side up and had me turn around and hang over the top of the bed while it was up (this scared the nurse who thought I would fall but am I ever glad I did that!). I was really in pain now and feeling very chilled and shakey. It was all I could do to stay over that bed. All of the sudden I felt him drop down more like felt his head go down. I immediately flopped over and the MW came running to check me out I was a good 9 this was at about 4:30! I had gone from 5 to 9 cm in 20 mins max! Then the MW had one last other patient to see (she was seeing them in the hospital) and decided to run and see them quickly as she knew I would push soon. I thought he was going to fall out! I had so much pressure and the ctx were really bad, breathing wasnt working much anymore at that point. They got the whole room ready and we were just waiting on the MW I knew I could push him out at any time. She came in suited up and sat down and said yep there is his head right there. She let dh get some gloves on too (last time he helped deliver Alec no gloves at all she surprised him then) and had him right by her side. I pushed once and he was out to the shoulders, once more and there was the rest of him. Once his shoulders were out she let dh grab him and put him on my chest. I dried him off and he was just perfect! Then once the cord stopped pulsing dh cut him free from me. I didnt tear at all but I did have some swelling and some road rash.

We thought he looked really small and they thought he would be small from the u/s and my measuring behind but he was a good 7 lbs 3 oz and 19.5 ". I was drained but felt good too, kwim?? I didnt bleed much at all (unlike last time I hemmhoraged) and the placenta came right out in one push. Over all it wasnt a bad birth. My labor really started to get going at 1:15pm or so and I had him at 4:57pm. If I hadnt tried walking from 9am-1pm ish it would have been shorter I bet.

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I had my induction appointment on Monday Dec. 8 at 4pm.

Once I got settled into my delivery room, which was beautiful, more like a hotel suite, the doctor administered the Cervadil at 6. I was told by the doctor on Friday and again on Monday that nothing would happen until Tuesday and no one could be sure when. I was still completely closed when she inserted the Cervadil. I was told to hang out, watch tv, and try to get as much sleep as possible to prepare for labor the next day. She even offered me an Ambien to help me sleep but I declined. DH was also prepared to sleep too. So then began the waiting. I was just hoping that my cervix would ripen enough to make inducing with the pitocin the next day quick.

We found our we could have 4 additional people in L&D so we let our parents come up to hang out with us for a little while.

By 7:30, 1 1/2 hours after the cervadil, I began having lower back pain. I told the nurse and she laughed and said, it's probably the bed.

By 8-8:30 it was intensifing. It got to the point that I had to constantly change positions because I couldn't stay put for more than a minute.

By about 9, I was in true pain and had no doubt that I was contracting. I told the nurse and she said I may be having some but try to rest because I was far from labor.

At 9:30, I begged for relief. They gave me ?Stadol? (I really can't remember, but all it did was make me feel high, the pain was getting worse).
At that point my mom went out and told the nurses that she really thought I was in full blown labor but they said it's not possible. I was screaming and crying and begging.

The doctor came in at 10 and checked me. I was 1cm so not only did I probably sound crazy but the doctor said there was really nothing she could do.

By 10:15, I was truly dying. My mom went out to get the nurse again and somehow the doctor agreed to give me an epidural even though I was only 1cm. It couldn't come fast enough.

As the anestheologist came in, my water broke although at the time I thought I was peeing due to the pain I was in. I got the epidural, which didn't hurt at all since I was contracting about every minute at this point.

At 11, the epidural was done and the nurse went to put my catheter in and said,"oh my god! I can see her hair." I had gone from 1-10 in about 45 minutes. No one, including the doctor could believe it.
I was feeling better but in about 15 minutes, it got bad again as the epidural didn't take. I went through another hour of the same unbearable pain until they figured out they had to redo my epi.

Finally, around 1, I began pushing with the nurse and DH. (side note-Dh was awesome!) Her head wasn't descending enough so the nurse decided to have me sit for a while and see if gravity would help.

The doctor didn't come again until 2:30 and when she checked, she said the baby was posterior (which if you remember, they said this a couple of weeks before, then said she wasn't). So the doctor said, because of the size of the baby, this is going to be very difficult so you could try to push to see of you can make progress or I can give you a c-section right now. I said I would push and the nurse (side note-she was awesome too) said, "you can do this. It won't be easy but I really believe you can." So the doctor said, give it one hour. She left and the nurse and a med student helped me push. I pushed for 45 minutes and was able to get the head down far enough that they said with an episiotomy, this baby would pop right out. They got the doctor, she cut me and I think with maybe 5 pushes, she flew out. It was truly amazing.

When my water broke, there was meconium in the fluid but Alexis' lungs were fine. She was such a big girl, thriving at birth, with a big cry right away. And I got to be known in L&D as "that girl" who went from 1-10 in less than an hour.

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Garrett Jeff Lee's Birth Story

So it was Tuesday 12/2 and I called the L & D like they told me to at 6:30 am to make sure they could take me. They said they could so we dropped the other children off at my moms house and by the time we got breakfast and everything we didn't actually end up at the hospital until 8:00 or so.

Dr. A came in and checked me and told me that I was 1 cm soft but still very very high he called me Quebec I guess its their little code for someone who's baby is still very high up. It was funny at the time because I thought he would come down after contracting some, now its not so funny because he NEVER came down.

So they inserted the Cervadill at 8:40 and told me that they would check me periodically but he didn't expect anything really to happen today and that we will probably be having the baby tomorrow. So as the day went on I decided that I wasn't going to torture myself and I asked for an epidural as soon as I could get it (thank god I did this) but unfortunately I would never progress far enough on Tuesday to get it :(. So after the cervadill being in for 12 hours I had only progressed to 3 to 4 cm and I was feeling quite crappy. My doc decided it would be best to let me sleep so they took the cervadill out and moved me to a recovery room and shot me in the butt with Morphine so I could sleep. The nurse said that my contractions should die off and I would be able to get things started in the morning. So I got my shot of Morphine at 9:30.

I was sleeping in between the contractions but every time I had one it would wake me up. I tried to see how far apart they were but I was kinda out of it and couldn't tell time lol. At about 12:40 I felt a contraction start and it felt like my stomach was getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then it finally popped. I woke up and said JAY!!! I think my water just broke. I called my nurse in and well it was quite obvious that my water had broke. The bed was SOAKED. I got up to go to the bathroom and had another big rush of water then when I laid back down (after the poor girl just changed the sheets) I had another big gush and she suggested that I try and sleep still through the contractions. I laid down and tried for about 20 minutes but there was NO WAY I was going to sleep. I was too excited and in too much pain. Once that water breaks man those contractions freakin hurt!

So they moved me back to a delivery room and I told them that I wanted an epi. The epi guy came in about 20 minutes and he did an awesome job. It was kinda tingly on one side like the one I got with Sophie but I was expecting it so it wasn't as bad. So around 1:00 or so my pain was subsided by the epi. I was checked again around 7:00 ended up fighting with my doctor and told him I was going to kick his azz because he was taking a shower instead of coming directly to me when I was ready to push lol. But I still had a lip of cervix that wouldn't go away on one side. I begged him to push it out of the way and he thought I was crazy because I guess most people scream and cry and yell that it hurts but it just felt damn good to me. He told me I was all bass ackwards lol.

So with the lip of cervix pushed out of the way I got to pushing. God did I ever push. I tried my left side right side all fours. I pushed and pushed and pushed for almost 2 hours. Now normally I'm a very very good pusher. I knew something was not right. Finally Garrett's heartrate started going funky. It went down to 40 and then up to over 200 and it was scary. I told my doc that he was not coming out this way and I couldn't do it anymore. He said there was only one other way to do it. I said do it do it now and give me a tubal while your at it! I said this kid is too big to come out this way. And he said ya know I never thought of that :roll:.

So they prepped the room and within twenty minutes I was in the OR numb from the neck down (boy whatever they put into that epi to make it work better was some powerful crap) It was weird. I appologized for eating too many cookies and being heavy and the nurses having to move me around. They told me not to worry. I love them. So they cut him out and he didn't cry. I was freaking out. I knew something wasn't right. I kept asking them why he wasn't crying. After a minute he made some gurgly noises but it wasn't a cry and I really was freaking out. They took him away and the pediatrition came over to my head and told me that he was having trouble breathing on his own and they had to take him to the nursery, but he was going to be ok.

They tied my tubes and it seemed like it took forever. I messed with them half way through and told them that I changed my mind :twisted: I could feel him hovering over my body and I could almost see the look on his face in my head and then I said JUST KIDDING. LOL. I'm so evil. He said well we only did one so we could have stopped and given you half a chance.

After everything was all sewn up they told me that they couldn't bring him to me because he was still having trouble breathing. So they brought me to him after a couple of hours and I finally got to hold him even though he had a little oxogen thingy in his nose. Then I went to go help up in my room and the peditrician came in and told me that I had a decision to make. He felt it was best for Garrett to be transferred to a hospital with a better Nursery as if something where to go wrong with his breathing they would be unable to really do anything for him. I decided that it was best for him to be transferred to one of THE best NICU places in the country. So they transferred him to woman and infants hospital in RI. Unfortuantly I didn't realize that he would be gone for so long and I would be unable to go with him.

He was in the NICU for 4 days and I ended up leaving the hospital a day early so I could be with him. I went straight to his hospital from my hospital without my superscription C-Section with no drugs...not recommended. They were nice enough to give me a room for the night. I stayed and was with him as often as possible. Then the next day they released him around 1:30 and I was finally home and settled with my beautiful baby boy around 4:30.

And that is the whole horrible birth story. Sorry its so long. LOL.

Garrett Jeff Lee Born 9:33 AM 11 lbs 2.4 oz 21 1/2 inches LONG! Big boy!

Me when I was still hugely pregnant

Husband in scrubs

The first time I got to hold him

My beautiful baby boy!

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Hunter Thomas
December 12th @ 8:57pm
7lbs 6oz


Friday I joked all day that the full moon was gonna finally make it happen and that 12/12 would be such an easy DOB to remember-I was hopeful but figured we'd just go in on Wednesday as scheduled. My contractions were definitely more intense on Friday morning and had finally became timeable but only 8-10 minutes apart. They got alot more painful and closer together throughout the day.

After DD got home from school, it was very painful and they were coming about every 5 minutes. I wanted to give it time because they had been that close before only to tamper away. DH got DD fed and bathed and finally convinced me to call the OB when he could hear me in pain all the way on the other side of the house. They were coming about every 3-4 minutes at that point and I wasn't able to hold much of a conversation so the OB told me to go to the hospital. My mom came over to stay with DD. I made DH go thru the McD's drive-thru so he could have something to eat. I ate 3 fries and wanted to barf.

We got to the hospital around 7pm. I was only 1cm (I never got past a 3 with DD even with pit) but the contractions were now coming every 2-3 minutes and much more painful. The OB was gonna come in soon so they could decide whether to just do the CSection that night or wait it out til Wednesday so they weren't giving me anything for the pain (I wasn't too thrilled about that one LOL).

After about 30 minutes (guessing here because I was in crazy pain), the contractions started coming right on top of one another to the point it felt like there was no break in between them. Next thing I knew the nurse was running out to the hallway screaming "O2 mask NOW!!!" and they were put me on oxygen. I was just screaming in pain so I couldn't really register what was happening or what they were saying but within a couple of minutes they had me up on my knees and elbows and they were telling people to page the OB "STAT". Apparently Hunter was in extreme distress and was laying on his cord. His heartrate had gone from 150 to 90 and was continuing to fall. They were able to get it to stabilize once I was on all fours and said, "We are going NOW! We HAVE to get this baby out STAT!!!"

They wheeled me to the OR on all fours (yep thru the hallway in front of God and everyone LOL)-at that point I was in so much pain and just wanted Hunter to be ok that I really didn't care what I looked like or who saw me in that crazy position. They were able to let me lay on my side in the OR and we were able to keep Hunter stable while the anesthesiologist got the spinal block going (SOOOO much better than the epidural I had with DD). The on-call OB got there first and we waited about 3 minutes until my OB arrived and they started immediately. The spinal only went up so far on my chest so when they started having to push Hunter down it was really painful (seriously felt like I was having a heart attack because there was so much pressure on my chest) and they gave me some extra drugs-I was still able to tell what was going on and got to hear Hunter's awesome screams when he came out.

He was in pretty bad distress towards the end and he did swallow meconium and actually came out pooping LOL But his Apgars were perfect and so was he:) He looks almost exactly like his sister when she was born. It was definitely terrifying there for a few minutes but all in all it went great. They moved fast and were able to get him out very quickly and we both are doing awesome. It was scary but I'll take it any day over the 18hr labor I had with DD. Its crazy but the pain I experienced in those last 15 minutes with DS was a million times worse than all the pain combined in DD's 18 hour labor.

Only disappointing part is that I had planned to have my tubes tied but because they had to rush in they weren't able to get my consent forms signed before I was drugged up so it didn't happen. DH has been awesome and actually offered to get a vasectomy!!!

Right after he was born

Definitely doesn't have pencil legs like his big sister did

DD meeting and falling in love with her little brother whom she calls HER baby LOL

In his Santa hat:) He was the only boy on the whole floor so the nurses were all joking that he had his own harem in the nursery LOL

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Our baby is here! Here's our story:

This has been a very trouble free pregnancy. Other than major heartburn, sciatica, and very little appetite, not really a whole lot of issues to complain about. I didn't gain a whole lot of weight, which is good because I was a little over to begin with, and everything always measured right on track. Since late Wednesday, I'd been having contractions but they were painless. At our appt on Friday, I was about 3 cm and 70% effaced. She said that the painless contrax were definitely doing their job and that I was very lucky to not feel anything. She then stripped my membranes and said everything was looking very favorable, esp. for the next 24 hours. I went back to work, and nothing really happened.

Saturday, I got up and went to work as normal. I might should mention that DH and I DTD both Thursday and Saturday mornings. But since nothing had really happened, I needed to get on to work as I had some deals to finalize. We had DH's company xmas party to attend late Saturday, so I left work a little early so I could rest before we went.

Nothing was really happening baby-wise, so we attended the party, then went home and went to bed. Around 4am Sunday, I woke up to mild menstrual-like cramps in my lower abdomen paired with the all over contrax I had been having that didn't hurt. I noted that the pain was new and thought maybe I should time them. They were 4 minutes and 3.5 minutes apart for 20 minutes, so I woke up my husband so he could help me. He immediately got up and started getting ready to go while timing me, and they started getting even closer together and stronger. By the time it was 5am, the contrax were 2 and 2.5 mins apart, about a min long. And they had gotten quite a bit stronger.

We headed to the hospital, and on the way there the pain moved all the way around to my back, where it was REALLY bad. I had two contrax in the atrium waiting area, and later my husband told me it was funny because I was trying to be discreet but that my moaning actually was echoing through-out the atrium. It actually is kinda funny in hindsight.

We got to the room around 5:30am -I remember because I was looking for the clock when I had the worst contrax yet. They were trying to get me to do some more paperwork while the one lady was hooking me up to the monitors. The contrax were really strong at that point and steadily 2 min apart. I don't know how long they were, but they felt like FOREVER. The midwife came and checked me and I was already 7 cm. The pain in my back was extremely bad and even though I had orginally wanted a natural birth, I asked if it was too late for meds. She said not at all and got on the phone to get me an epidural.

Well, the contrax suddenly intensified even more and I think that was when I finally lost my mucus plug. I started losing focus and all the nurses could tell me was to breath slowly. RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. I told them they were crazy.

Right about here it gets hazy. I don't recall everything that happened. They asked us to sign some more paperwork to allow for the epidural and I remember my hands shaking from the pain. And then all of a sudden I needed to PUSH. I remember saying "I need to push BUT ITS TOO SOON." And my midwife responded "Do what come natural to you, its time." I didn't believe her! My husband said that the nurses and midwife were talking in low tones about how I was already pushing, but I didn't hear them. I think the sounds I was making had changed because my focus had somewhat changed but everything was just such a blur.

So I pushed, but I wasn't doing it right. I don't know everything that happened but suddenly the room was FULL of people. They rolled me over to my side and put me on oxygen. I wasn't breathing deep enough and the baby's heartrate was dropping. Suddenly, there was burning down there and I told them. They looked and rolled me back over on my back. I really felt I couldn't continue. I was so ready to give up. The nurse got in my face and told me I had to think of the baby, that the baby had to come out RIGHT NOW. I suddenly realized there were alot of people in the room. Then she told me to push like I as having a bowel movement. And I know I had read about that here, but in the heat of the moment, I had totally forgot about it. So that is what I did. They pulled my legs up and told me to hold them. I really couldn't do that, so one nurse and my DH held them. I don't know how long I had between contractions, but I know I wasn't getting any rest at all. Finally the head was free and I had to stop for a moment. But it really was just a moment and then the painful contrax was on me again. The MW was telling me to get the shoulders out, that I had to do it RIGHT NOW. I pushed with every ounce left in me and finally that part was over. I only had to get one stitch! It was only 6:31am.

There are other details I remember but I am not sure exactly where they fit in, like a dr. asking me if it was ok for him to examine me, and I was like WHATEVER IT TAKES. My husband said everyone asked before examining me and I always said YES - WHATEVER. He also said that he could tell the contrax were almost nonstop because I would only talk in quick bursts between them and that the rest of the time was very scary because in the 15 yrs we've been together, he's never seen me scream in pain. I didn't know I was even doing that, really. I just thought that I was moaning loudly but not how bad it sounded. He said it wasn't moaning.

They whisked the baby away and continued working on me. Then I heard "He's just fine!" and all I could think was "We have a boy!" Turns out, he had the cord wrapped tightly around his neck. They didn't offer my husband to cut it because there wasn't time. He was having breathing problems from such a quick delivery, plus I was bleeding a lot more than they expected and were trying to get it to stop. His apgars were 8 & 9. yay! One thing no one ever tells you is that if you are bleeding more than they expect, some one is going to reach alllllll the way up inside you while pressing reeeaaallly hard on your tummy. That was such a painful surprise! I think I almost crawled off the top of the bed trying to get away from that.

They took him to the NICU until about 3pm that afternoon. I was in L&D until noon, which is really unusual according to my nurse. But the bleeding was a major concern, so I couldn't leave until they knew it was under control. I tried to sleep but it was nearly impossible since I was getting checked constantly. But we have been in post-partum care since noon yesterday, and hopefully will get to go home tomorrow (tue). The little guy is on antibiotics so we aren't sure if he will be released Tue or not. Breastfeeding has been a challenge, but I think we are getting the hang of it. The lactation consultant was very positive about our progress today. Oh, and we finally decided on a name: Roman Elias. He looks a whole lot like his dad!

Dec. 14, 2008 6:31am

6lbs 15 oz.

Head: 13 in.

Chest: 13 in.

Length: 20 in.

this turned out longer than I thought it was, but I really enjoyed reading everyone's birth experiences so far so I wanted to return the favor.


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Here's a link to my very long birth/hospital stay story:

It's too long to post here, LOL!

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Terry and I went in for the induction Sunday Dec 14th at 7:45 PM. I got the Cervadil at about 10 PM. At that point I was 50% effaced and totally closed up. Terry and I watched some TV until I fell asleep.

Timeline of events as I remember them:
Morning of the 15th:
7:30 - My doctor came in to check, and I was 60% effaced, and 4 cm dilated. She decided to break my water then, because I was only having short contractions that I wasn't feeling.

10:00 - Got checked again and was almost at 5 CM, and about 65-70% effaced. The contractions were starting to get a bit stronger, and they just felt like twinges to me. (The machine was spiking at about 50 so they were doing something, but I didn't feel them).

Noon - I really really started feeling the contractions. They were coming hard and fast, the machine was spiking at about 75-80 and the contractions were lasting about 2 minutes each. I got checked again and I was at 5 still . But then I asked for something to take the edge off the pain. The nurse couldn't get a hold of my doctor so that I could get an epidural, but because they couldn't get a hold of anyone, I got some Stadol instead. That was nice. I just passed out for about an hour. Apparently I was still having the massive contractions, but I was nodding and smiling through them and was "feeling very nice" (according to Terry)

1:00 - Begged for an epidural with an almost 4 minute contraction that didn't stop. I was still about a 5, and they gave me an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in to give me the epi, and he couldn't get it placed in my back. I sat there for about a half hour while he positioned it 3 or 4 times (I refused to ask how many times - I hate needles). Finally it worked around 2 or 2:20. My legs started to get heavy after that, and I fell fast asleep again.

Woke up at about 3:40 and told my nurse that I needed to push. She seemed really shocked when she checked me and I was a few millimeters away from being 10CM dilated. Then the nurse called for my doctor. By the time the doctor got there it was about 4 PM. I was still heavily under the effects of the epidural and the doctor didn't think I could push. I was like, "Oh no, I can push. I know I can." So they decided to let me try.

I started pushing at 4 PM, still under the full effects of the epidural. By about 5 PM I felt enough to know that I was feeling the baby's head crowning (but it didn't hurt at all). Terry was holding my left leg as I was pushing and he kept telling me that I was doing a great job. He told me I could do it, she was almost here and I pushed with all I had. I felt her head come out, and the doctor told me to not push through the next contraction. I really tried not to, but I just did, and she was out. When my doctor put the baby on my chest she said, "Oh she's really solid, I bet she's around 9 pounds." Terry cut the cord (I was so proud of him). They took her back to get weighed and the nurse called out 10-2. I was like 10 to what?? and the nurse said, 10 pounds, 2 ounces.

My doctor said that had I had one more ultrasound that showed the weight of the baby I would have had a c-section because of her size.

The best part is, I didn't tear at all, though Emma's fingernails were so sharp she did cut me internally and that required 1 stitch, but that was it. I'm in no pain, I feel fantastic, and I can breathe!!

Ok.. onto the pictures:
Me before:

I was huge - I couldn't get out of my own way.

Just born:

Daddy and his little girl:

Mommy, Daddy, Grandma (in pink) and Great-Grandma:

Mommy and Emma:

3 days old:

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Luke Preston
Dec 18 1:21pm
7lb 7oz
19 1/2 inches long
Apgars 9, 10

Dec 18 12:07am

Im in my room... 1-2cm 40% effaced. Cytotec in, IV started. Going to get IV antibiotics for GBS+...and an ambien to help me sleep.

Feeling good thus far but I expect that to change all in good time. I am hooked up to all these monitors which suck and apparently they do that continuously and will only let me off for bathroom.

Will have to stay 48 hours after delivery because of GBS... thats ok though.

I am so excited.

Dec 18 07:00am

No sleep. DH snored all night but I could not get comfortable with all the monitors and wires.

Still 1-2 I was having contractions every 2-5 min but then they started coupling so I will get some more cytotec. DR hasn't been in yet but I am hoping that he will break my water and start pitocin so we can get the show on the road!!! Ctx have gotten pretty painful, but manageable... just thought they would have made a little more progress by now.

Dec 18 07:25am

DR came in, broke my water... things starting to pick up quickly... hurting pretty bad. ctx 1-2 min apart. He wanted to start pitocin now, but the nurse is going to hold off since I am contracting so well. Sitting here with a towel between my leg soaking amniotic fluid!!! lol How's that for a visual???

Epidural to come!!!

Hard labor for about 2 1/2 hours before my God came in to do my epidural. (Let's just say, my legs are still numb from it!!! It was THAT good) I did not feel a thing after that. That was about 10am... then we waited about an hour to see if ctx would continue on their own... and they slowed down so they started the pitocin. Labored with that til about 12:00 and the DR came in to check me at I was 4cm and 90% effaced.. which was improvement from the 2-3 but thought we had plenty of time so I told DH to go and let the dogs out at home and come back... After contemplating whether he would go, he finally did about 12:30pm. So he left and I tried to rest. The nurse came in soon after and told me to get on my left side because the baby was having some decels. Then she same back and said "Let's check you, you might be ready to go." (thinking maybe a rapid change in cervix could have been causing the decels) Sure enough I was fully dilated!!!! WOW in like 45 min I went from 4-10... (See Carrie, you're not the only one that can ROCK!) So I called DH at 1250ish and told him to come (after deciding with the DR that I could start to push) DH got to the hospital a little after 1pm and by that time baby was starting to crown. I wasn't feeling any of my pushing, and didn't know if I was doing it right, but they assured me I was. Baby Luke was born at 1:21!!!! What a close call for DH!!! It was so close that the nurse who was going to cath me because I hadn't pee'ed since 7am, only emptied me part way because she thought if she emptied me totally that would give him just the room enough to slip out. :eek:

I did not tear, and I am still pretty numb from the epidural. I am hoping to get my feeling back soon so I can get up!!! lol. In love with this guy. He has DARK hair just like I was wanting since Bryce has red/blonde. It's awesome. They look similar in the face as newborns. Bryce has a rash now, so he could only look at the baby so the initial big brother experience did not go how I would have liked but that's ok!! Waiting on the PED to come and see him but his apgars were 9 and 10!!! :eek: So were Bryce's and I told them that I thought only pediatirician's babies got perfect apgars... Wink

Pics are at

Please excuse the pics of me, they are not the most flattering. :rolleyes:

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Miss Kaiya Jade Sky arrived on December 17 at 1:22 am. She was 9lb 6oz, 52 cm long with a 38cm head!!! so much for getting a reasonable sized baby.

We just got home I did not get the homebirth that we wanted, but that is ok. Here is the tale - long apparently.

My contrax started on saturday evening along with the snow. by sunday they were getting stronger and went from every 30min to 10min. my mom came sunday night and stayed till baby was born. monday I was still technically in early labout and the contrax were every 5-10 min. I was about 2-3cm dialated at that point. baby was posterior so every one hit me in the back and the was hell! I didn't really sleep more than 10 min at a time between contrax. tuesday was more active and more poor poor hips. I had progressed to about 4-5cm. we did everything we could to get baby to turn but she just wouldn't. I was stalling cause her head was not well applied to the cervix. by evening I was still 5, stretchy to 7. around 7pm we broke my water and things really picked up. I didn't know at the time that there was some meconium staining to the fluid but my mw gave me two hours to progress or we were heading for the hospital. we tried everything we could to get her to move down - everything that was most intense and most painful. I was having a terrible time coping at the point as I had been in hellish back labour for two and a half days with no meds. after about an hour I gave up and said we needed to go. my MIL came and got us and we headed in. all I could think of was the epi waiting for me! when we got there I got checked and hooked up to monitors. I was in so much pain. baby was stressing - her heart rate was too high and I was panicking. we got an OB consult and he said baby was having a rough time. he gave me the option to get the epi and try to progress but that might be 5-7 hours and baby might have serious issues - we had no way of knowing. Or we could just do a c-section and know she would be ok. I knew there was no way I could make it and she was having really issues so we opted for the c-s. She came out pink and healthy and crying. no problems at all. she was totally posterior and has a huge head! there was no way I would going to be able to push her out with no meds to relax me. really the c-s was the only way. too bad we didn't know that before the 3 days of labour!

Here are some pics...

Kaiya Jade Sky

Kaiya and I on her birthday

with Daddy

with big sister

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Carter Robert's birth story

At 2:00pm on Wednesday, December 10th, I arrived at L&D to have a cervix ripening done (they were applying some gel, not cervidol, but something like that, started with a p). Anyway, the nurse was doing all the intake work, and noted that I had high blood pressure, which was new, as my bp had been REALLY good the whole pregnancy. She had me change positions, and bp was still elevated. She continued with the intake work and applied the cervix ripener. I was supposed to be there for an hour while the cervix ripener took effect. After about 20 minutes, the nurse came back in and checked my bp again, it was still elevated. She left, and another 20 minutes later she came back in and told me I was being admitted and that I would be induced that night! I was shocked! I was both happy and worried. Worried that my bp was up, and worried because I was just starting with a cold, and I wasn’t looking forward to giving birth and caring for a newborn while sick. I called DH, and he arrived around 6:00pm. (He had a lot of necessary errands to run, so I just watched TV). While I was in the triage room, I had some contractions.

I stayed in the triage room until just before 8:00pm, when I was transferred to a L&D room. At 8:00pm, pitocin was administered. The contractions picked up a little, but they still weren’t very painful.

At 10:30pm, the on-call doctor came in and broke my water. I think I was only 3cm dilated at the time. I came into the hospital 2cm, so the cervix ripener and pitocin were only having a mild reaction. Shortly after my water was broke, the contrax became more painful, and started coming closer together. Luckily, we anticipated this, and the anesthesiologist was already on his way!

At 11:00pm, I was given an epidural. Ahhh what a relief!

Throughout the night, I continued to have contrax, but with the epi, I couldn’t feel a thing! DH slept most of the night, but I just couldn’t get comfortable with all the tubes and monitors, so I just rested.

At 2:00am, I was told my dr was coming in for another delivery and she would check on me.

At 3:00am, my dr arrived, and I was 6 or 7cm. I was given strict instructions to have the baby by 7:00am because my dr had surgery at another hospital at 7:30am.

At 6:00am, I think I was 9cm or just barely 10cm, so they decided to have me do some test pushes. The baby didn’t really move down, but he had some serious decelerations. I was moved every which way, oxygen was administered, the baby was stabilized, and I think I did some more pushing then, the baby moved a little bit down the birth canal, but not much.

For the next nearly two hours, the doctor had me push for a while, and then rest for a while as they tried to get the baby delivered ASAP. During this time, they determined Carter was face up. On top of that, we already knew he had the cord wrapped around his neck from the u/s. The dr left for a little while, and DH & I were sure she was going to come back to tell us that I’d have to have a c-section, because he wasn’t descending, the hr kept dropping while I pushed, and he was sunny-side up.

She came back in around 7:25am (which by the way, was minutes before she was scheduled to be in surgery in a hospital 20 minutes away). She had me push again, and this time, he moved down quite a bit. So, she had me push more. She then told me we’d have to do an episiotomy to get him out. As soon as the episiotomy was performed, he crowned. A few more pushes later, and Carter Robert was born with his cord wrapped around his neck 3 times, sunny-side up at 7:49am. While the pushing was really hard work, I was so happy that my doctor kept working with me to give me a vaginal delivery. She knew I was opposed to a c-section, and because of my previous abdominal surgeries, she knew that a surgery for me would require getting through a lot of scar tissue.

Carter was a bit blue on birth, but pinked right up! His apgars were 7/9. While my dr was certain he would be huge because of all the trouble he had descending, he was a tiny 6lbs ½ oz, and a long 20.5 inches. His hands and feet are HUGE so I think he has daddy’s tall genes. His eyes are blue right now, but I am interested to see what color they turn out to be. I never thought I would have a blue-eyed baby. Mine are sooo brown, and DH are hazel.

All in all, I was very happy with Carter’s birth. It could have been a lot worse, I am just happy he came out healthy and okay, despite the cord issue.

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Started having contractions Saturday afternoon. They were not painful, but they were regular. This had happened before so I went about my regularly scheduled evening -dinner with mom & dad, some shopping after. But they were getting closer together - getting us excited that this might actually be it! When they were consistently 5 minutes apart lastng 1 minute each we called the doctor to let her know what was up. She told us to wait at home if we could stand it and to call her when we went in. Two hours later the contractions were definitely getting painful and then my water broke. So, I called her back, we went in. And after they checked everything. The contractions weren't as regular as they had been, but they were more painful. When doc put the intra-uterine pressure gauge in I was in soo much pain and only 2cm. And I requested my epidural. My epidural was a bit too strong making it hard for me to move, but I was so relieved to not be in pain anymore. Then they cranked on some pitocin which they though wasn't doing the job, but when they checked me 4 hours later I was 10 cm. My doc was there with us the whole night. They let the baby descend for an hour and then we started pushing. Since I could not feel a thing it took me 1.5 hours, and I had to have an episiotomy. It didn't hurt then but it does now! So do my breasts from me and little Luke still trying to figure out the nursing thing.

Now he is on the 95th percentile for jaundice and they are having us supplement. At least so far he is able to do both. And we switch back and forth with each feeding. I think the breast feeding is getting better, but my nipples were already bleeding from the first day so... still quite painful.

Our baby is adorable and so much fun. We love having him next to our skin and just listening to him breathe. And, it really makes you realize what is important in life.

So baby Luke Alexander was born at 8:15am weighing in at 7 lb. 6 oz. and we can't remember how many inches long. And he's a cutie!

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Kaden's Birth Story

As many of you know I went in Tuesday (Dec, 9) for my 40 weeks appointment and got sent up to L&D to be monitored for my contractions. I ended up getting sent home with instructions to schedule an appointment for Friday to follow up and see if there was any change.

Well my mom (DH had a meeting at work that they threatened to fire him if he wasn't there for anything less than actually labor) and I went to the appointment at 2:30. When they checked me there was no change in my cervix, so they did a NST to see what was going on. I wasn't even contracting anymore! (This was where I was sure I would be sent home again to wait things out...) The doctor decided to do any ultrasound to check the fluid around him since he was overdue at that point. There was only 6 cm of fluid (this was down from 10 on Tuesday, and 17 the Tuesday before), and at the absolute lowest they want is 5. So she told me to head on upstairs! They were going to induce me because of the fluid level being so low. Up at L&D they said I probably wouldn't have him until some time after 2pm the following day.

I called DH at work and told him to leave and head on over, that we would have a son sometime the next day. He showed up by 4pm and by 4:30 they had gotten started. They put in a balloon folio (this is what would take so long they said. It wouldn't come out until about 6am) to help get my cervix to open (I was still at 1cm) more, and started a pitocin drip. The balloon hurt like a SOB to get put in. They had to try 3 times, and each time hurt worse than the first, with plenty of tears to match. It was like menstrual cramps times 100. When they were done the gave me Dilaudid through my IV, which worked really fast in numbing the pain. It also made me insanely dizzy and nauseous. I made it about 30 minutes of fighting the nausea before giving in to it. DH was wonderful and already had the bucket ready for me.

About 3 hours later I felt something fall between my legs, so I called the nurse. The balloon folio had fallen out! It had done it's job in 3 hours instead of the 12 hours they had told me! After they upped the pitocin drip and gave me the first dose of my antibiotic (apparently my GBS test came back positive, even though the nurse said they would call me if it was...and they never did). I made it about 3 more hours before requesting my epidural, which was amazing. After that I slept until about 6am when the nurse came in to check me...I was 9 1/2 cm and counting! So they called the doctor and told her to hurry in. My mom woke up DH and told him to get ready, while she got the camera ready to take pictures.

By 6:30 the doctor was in the room and the nurses prepping me to push. At 6:35 I started pushing...and DS came out on the third push at 6:38am on December 13!! He was just beautiful! 6lbs 11ozs, 18 inches, apgars were 8 and 9.

Pics can be seen at until Saturday. Both the username and password are 1213kadentran.

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Jocelyn Victoria was born at 11:38 this morning, Dec. 22. She weighed 7 lbs. 1 ounce and measured in at 19 inches. Her apgar scores were 8/9. Pictures are below!

Everything went very, very smoothly as far as the c-section goes. Spinal was very easy, surgery went smoothly, and recovery is going really well so far. I just got out of bed for the first time, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I would say that for today, I'm pretty much pain free. the doctor said that tomorrow will feel worse, and it should get better quicky from there. But, I'm feeling really good and just thrilled that my baby is here.

Thankfully, there was no talk of postponing today. However, there was some drama as I was being prepped for surgery. First, there was a fire in the hospital cafeteria, and they kept announcing that "Dr. Red" was in the building, "Dr. Red" was in the cafeteria, etc. It was a little unnerving, but it didn't affect the surgery at all. Second, my doctor wasn't responding to his pages at first, so the nurses had to go look for him. I told them (completely seriously) that if he didn't show up soon, they should find the best house doctor they could and have him do my surgery -- we weren't cancelling now. Luckily, my doctor showed up a few minutes later and all proceeded normally.

Jocelyn has eaten twice, pooped once, and sleeps like a little angel for now. She has long, luxurious eyelashes and is the cutest thing I have ever seen. My husband and I were totally in love at first sight with her. This is truly the happiest day of our lives.

Jocelyn and her daddy are off having her first bath right as we speak. I'm jealous that I can't be there!

Thanks for all the well wishes today. I'm in mommy bliss right now!

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hey, I'm just going to copy and paste the story I wrote monday for my pals at TBW, 'cause when will i be in front of a computer with the kids asleep again?, heh, so if the "yesterdays" are off or anything just ignore it.
* * * * *

OMGWTFBBQ birth story

So I had contractions 11 minutes apart for a couple of days (and nights but got a little sleep thanks to hypnobabies) and DH kept asking "is it time yet?" Saturday morning they were closer together averaging around 5 minutes apart so we called my OB's office and went to the hospital since he told me "don't labor at home, it could be fast". (foreshadowing alert!)

We parked around 11:30am and at triage I was 3 cm. (A friend and the kids were in the waiting room and DH went back and forth to check on them and then check on me.) Hearing this, DH said "oh I guess it will take a long time then" and I said not necessarily since some people go from "__cm" to "baby!" very fast but then it's a very intense experience. (foreshadowing alert #2.)

They stuck an IV in me on general principles and strapped on a couple of monitors and we walked down the hall from triage to a L&D room where I was pretty happy to lie on my side and listen to hypnobabies ("easy first stage"). DH popped in again and looked at the graph of contractions and said they were still 5 minutes apart, although (I could have told him this) stronger, so it could be a while, and around 2pm he went back to help our friend take the kids to the hospital cafeteria. Shortly after that while a nurse was in the room checking on things I felt a *pop* (that was kind of fun) and my water broke. The nurse put some pads in strategic locations for the water, and checked and said I was 5 cm. Before she left she paged my OB who said he would be there in half an hour. (you're taking notes, right?)

After the water broke things felt very different and not particularly fun anymore. I made a mental note never to consent to AROM (not that I was actually planning on having another baby after this one, but you never know.) After a couple of contractions that weren't fun anymore, they started getting a lot longer as well and I felt kind of shaky, queasy, and needed to sit up and clutch something. Last time this happened I was in the triage bathroom (never ask a pregnant woman for a urine sample when her contractions are two minutes apart, that's just cruel) and, as I recall, had DD about 5 minutes later (most of which was occupied by people pushing me on a bed to a different room yelling "don't push".)

Keeping this in mind this time, I pushed the call button and with primitive cunning said "I think I'm going to throw up" (because, like saying "fire!", this always gets people running fast with buckets, and I didn't feel like making any longer explanation like "I seem to be in transition already and need some minions on hand to catch a baby".) A couple of nurses showed up and paged my DH, who sprinted back from somewhere in the general direction of the cafeteria, and then consulted one another about my OB, who was going to be here in ten minutes (they dug up another doctor instead in time for some of the pushing), in between telling me that I was doing a great job, which is apparently what one says to people who are vocalizing a lot. One of them checked me as soon as I could stand to not be sitting up (we tried waiting for the contraction to be over but it didn't want to be), and said "she's complete. try not to push but hey if you want to we can deal with it", or something approximately like that.

I think this is about when DH showed up because I told him to hold my knee up as I was lying on my side. I actually changed my mp3 player to the "hypnobabies: pushing baby out" track at some point but wasn't dedicated enough to actually pay any attention to it. I wasn't dedicated enough to count how many pushes it took either (how do people do that? I don't think I could have counted to two. I didn't even look at the clock to see what time the kid was born, but I'm going with "about 2:45".) The cord was cut, placenta out, and baby on my chest (I was just lying there like a dishrag thinking "well, I'm glad that's over" for quite a while) by the time my OB got there. I felt a little bad about that but hey, what can you do? The kid was suddenly in a hurry (like the White Rabbit; I'm late!) He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz, 20 1/4 inches. He figured out nursing pretty fast and, according to a random sampling of everyone who stopped in at my postpartum room yesterday (we are home now), has the stinkiest gas ever. I think it could fell an ox at 10 feet.

moral: never tell your DH "nah, some people go from 5 cm to baby in half an hour" when you're in triage. Apparently that was just ASKING for it.


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Sylvia Joleigh's Birth Story

Sunday December 14, 2008, I began having contractions around 3 a.m. that were spaced around 5 minutes apart. I tried to go back to sleep to no avail, so I got up and got in the bathtub hoping to ease the discomfort. Nothing seemed to work, so I got back in bed and just waited it out. Later that evening DH and I decided to go to L&D and see if there was any progress. The Wednesday prior at my 38 week appointment, I was dilated to maybe a “fingertip” according to my doctor. After they examined me in L&D I was about 1-2 cms. They sent me home to wait for my contractions to get more painful or closer together.

Monday December 15, 2008, I was in a lot more pain throughout the early morning. I did not get any sleep and decided to see if my OB would see me in his office so we would not have to drive all the way to L&D again. When I got there he said I was still maybe 1-2. I was almost in tears at points because the contractions were so intense, but no closer together. I had a prenatal massage scheduled for that morning that I almost cancelled but decided to go in the hopes it would relax me a little. That was the best thing EVER! During the massage and afterwards, my contractions completely eased off. I could feel the tightening, but no pain during them for several hours.

Later that afternoon when I got home, I started to get the chills and took a bath because it was really cold outside. Then it occurred to me that I might have a fever. I took my temp and got 101.9 and we were off to L&D again. After the exam the doctor said I was around 2.5 dilated, and baby looked great on the monitors. They then sent me home and told me to take Tylenol.

Tuesday December 16, 2008, I woke up early morning again with a ton of contractions around 3 to 4 minutes apart but still the same intensity. BUT I had horrible chills. I felt like I was rocking the bed. I decided to get up and take a bath to try to warm up and I took some Tylenol, phenergan, and tried to drink some water. After my bath I got really nauseated and threw up. I decided to take my temperature again and got 103.5! Off to L&D again!

This time as soon as they hooked me up to the monitors, I knew something was wrong. My LO’s heart rate was around the 200s. The doctor seemed really concerned and immediately admitted me. During the exam I had not made any progress. They put me on fluids, and continually monitored the baby. Later that evening my fever broke (I sweated through all the linens… gross!) and the baby’s heart rate dropped to a better level. They said if my fever stayed down they would talk about inducing on Wednesday. They also did an amnio to make sure the baby’s fluid was not infected, and then they flu-tested me and took all kinds of blood. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, and the next day is where all the fun began.

Wednesday December 17, 2008, at 8:30 am they entered the pill to ripen my cervix some more since I had not had any progress but was having regular contractions. At 1:00 pm they started the pitocin. The contractions got a little more intense, but nothing unbearable. At 2:30 pm I was 100% effaced so the doctor decided to break my water. I immediately went to about 4 cms and the pain was tremendous, especially to my right side and around the right side of my back. At 3:00 pm they allowed me to get the epidural. It gave me some relief but never took effect on my right side or right side of my back. The next few hours were pretty much a blur of pain and DH telling me to breath. They gave me several doses of the epidural but it never took full effect on my right, although my legs were completely gone. Around 12 am I started throwing up because of the pain and was losing my mind because I had not made any further progress. The doctor decided to do a C/S due to “failure to progress”. I was ready for anything; I just wanted to be out of pain.

They finally took me to the back and gave me so much epidural medicine that the anesthesiologist had to call and get a second opinion. They kept asking me in between contractions if I could feel them pinching my belly and I could. The epidural only took effect from my hips down. So they decided I would have to go completely under. I was so upset because DH could not be there, but I felt like I was going to die if they didn’t do something soon. I went out like a light.

Sylvia Joleigh was born at 3:18 am on Thursday December 18, 2008. She was 8 lbs. and 19 inches long. I wasn’t really able to enjoy her at first because I felt so weak and I had the shakes so bad. They were uncontrollable. DH was wonderful though. I knew he was really worried about me, but he took great care of her during that time period. We were sent to postpartum and I thought everything was going well until the nurse noticed that my baby girl was grunting constantly. I thought it was just normal baby stuff, but they took her temp and it was low. Her blood sugar was also extremely low (around 35). And that’s when they made the call to put her in NICU.

I think that maybe she ended up with the same infection I had. They did so many tests (on her and me) and they all came back negative. No flu, no cold, no nothing. But they decided to keep her and run a full course of antibiotics. It was heartbreaking to me to see her with an IV in her head and oxygen on. I have never cried so much in my life. I couldn’t stand having to leave her every day.

Finally on Sunday December 21st they released me from the hospital and we stayed in a hotel across the road until they released Sylvia on Tuesday December 23rd. The best Christmas present ever! She is breastfeeding like a champ and doesn’t seem to have any problems. And in between that time DH’s command denied a Red Cross request for an emergency leave extension (he is home for mid-tour from Iraq until the 26th, but that’s in a whole other post).

So it was a very long, painful, and emotional, process but totally worth it when I look into my little girl’s eyes, or watch her while she sleeps. Thanks for reading!

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Kate Noelle was born December 23rd at 2:02 PM. She weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long.

I called on Tuesday morning (23rd) at 5:00 am to find out if L&D could take me for my elective induction. They said to come in at 7:00. DH and I showed up, got checked in and did the necessary paperwork. We had to wait a bit for them to clean up the room we were supposed to have. The nurse said it was nicer than the one she could move me to, plus I think it may have been the same room I delivered DS in.

By 8:00, my IV was in and pitocin started. My doctor was doing her rounds that morning so she came in and checked me (still 2-3 cm I was the week before) and broke my water at 8:30. I didn't feel anything for a long time. I played some games on my iPhone and DH and I just really enjoyed spending some alone time chatting with each other.

At 9:20 I got up to go to the bathroom and I was leaking amniotic fluid like crazy. I called for DH to throw me a towel as it was running down my legs. He threw it on the floor to mop it up instead. I started laughing and it gushed even more soaking my socks. That set DH off and we were both howling as I stood frozen with water pouring out. I apologized to the nurse for having to clean it up. lol

At about 10:00 contractions started to hurt a bit, but it wasn't bad at all. I knew I wanted an epi, but wasn't looking forward to being stuck in the bed so I tried to hold off for as long as I could.

I stood up and and walked a bit around the room to help baby move down for about an hour and a half. I called for the epi at 11:30 because the anasthesiologist had a c-section and if it wasn't then, it would be a while. Once the epi was in, I got really cold and my teeth were chattering. I got really nauseous too and my bp went down. The nurse gave me 2 really warm blankets and I was still shivering. She stayed for a while giving me meds to help the nausea until my bp was back up and I was feeling better.

At noon she checked me and I was about 5 cm. She said she had a feeling I would go fast so she started getting the table ready and the baby warmer in place.

She checked me again at 1:15 and I was 9 cm with just a little cervix left so she called my doctor.

At 1:30 I was ready to push, but my doctor was across the street finishing up a surgery. Her midwife was there so she came to see me and told me if I absolutely couldn't hold back pushing, that she'd be there for me. I wasn't feeling intense pressure so I waited around.

At 1:42 My doctor showed up and I pushed for 4 cycles

At 2:02 Kate Noelle was born. The cord was wrapped twice around her neck, but the doctor said it was no biggie. Her apgars were 8 and 9.

I had a minor tear inside that required one or two stitches. Doctor said it shouldn't bother me and it hasn't.

Kate is such a sweet little girl. She doesn't cry much (yet), but when she does she sometimes has this shrill little shriek! I BFed her about 30 minuted after she was born and she latched right away. My problem now is I have to wake her to feed and sometimes that proves difficult.

On to the pictures!

First moments

Warming up

Getting to snuggle

Our little blonde burrito

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Saphira MacKenzie was born on December 30th 2008 at 8:35pm CST via Emergency C-Section

As most know I was rescheduled for Dec. 31st, but the hospital called on Saturday and there were able to move me up on the schedule and asked me to make an appointment to see my doc on monday afternoon and have her check my cervix again. If it was ripe then I would start pitocin the following morning, if it wasn't ripe then they would do a cervidil Monday evening and then break my water Tuesday morning and then start pitocin after that...

So we go in on Monday and doc checks me I am 1 stretchy to a 2 according to the doc... So she wrote up my paperwork and off to L&D we went... well they didn't have a bed available until 9pm... so we sat around and waited for what seemed like forever... finally 9pm came and we got into our room they checked me and I was still the same 1-2 cm... so they unserted a cervadil. It stayed in all night. Tuesday morning tey checked me and I was still only 1-2 cm.. oweverI was contracting a lot more and was beginning to not tolerate te pain well as something wasn't quite rigt and I was no longer able to urinate and every ctx felt as if it was my bladder spasming violently versus my uterus contracting...

So when I explained this to my nurse, she cecked my cervix again however se was unable to find my cervix:eek:, she said it was as if it had disappeared and never existed! So se called my doc at my request and asked ger to come over and check this time I have asked for a foley 3 times as I had sat on the toilet and a bed pan each for over an hour trying to empty my bladder with no luck... The nurse didn't want to do a cathater on me unless I had an epidural as I was able to move around without the cath...

Once the doc checked me she found the problem... Saphira had at some point pulled her head in a way so that it was BEHIND my bladder thus pusing it into my uretha, not allowing urine to pass, and essentially pushign my bladder into my vagina blocking them from beign able to find my cervix... My doctor said this was by far the fullest bladder she had ever seen or felt and we needed to do a cath one way or the other! Well I was in so much pain and the CTX were one on top of the other, I asked for a moment with David and we decided that a Epi would be the best route at this time... So The nurse came in and I asked her to turn off the ptocin to allow a reprieve long enough to get the epidural and cathater in... well the anetesiologist (sp?) was there within 2 minutes of hearing the situation, and he had the line run and in place and I was numbe from the ribs down within 3 minutes of him walking into my room.

They started the pitocin back, got the cath in place, and I was feeling GREAT!!!! They drained over 500 CC's of urine off my bladder!!!!!:eek::eek::eek: No:eek: wonder I felt like I was going to bust... Immediatey I felt 100% better... prior to this theh nurse had checked me I was 1-2 cm dialated... after the cath drained my bladder I went IMMEDIATELY to 4 100% effaced and she dropped a little bit... they :eek:were able to manouver her head in front of my bladder and push my bladder back into place... (the answer to the naggin question yes I and in a crap load of pain and peeing ha ha I have been on a cath since giving birth, they just took it out this morning and I was able to go pee on my own. )

About and hour later The nurse came in because I was breathing through ctx, and se checked me again, I was now at a full 7 cm... BUT saphira had pulled back out of the birth canal... The put and internal monitor on her because she started to decel with every ctx... but she was recovering quickly... Well about 30 minutes maybe 45 I called the nurse cause even though I was numb I have this gut instinct it was time to push... not to mention several time her HR dropped to the 20's during a ctx! So she checked me and sure enough I wasa nin with a TINY lip... she called my doc who rushed over from her office, and started prepping for me to push... After 6-7 cycles of 4 pushes during ctx and only getting a deep breath from one cycle to the next the doc couldn't figure out why she wasn't moving down the birth canal and they didn't like the decelerations in her HR with the ctx... at this point they :eek:had me pushing only BETWEEN ctx so that her HR could stay a little more steady...

After hearing my doc call in the L&D charge nurse, and the Respiratory Therapist, and the NICU Charge nurse and another doctor for a second opinion, I got REALLY worried... I looked at her and said look do whatever it takes get her out of me NOW!!! The doc and charge nurses were code talkign abotu "was the back room ready if need be" and things like that... I looked at my doc and said, try the vaccume and forceps first, if it doesn't work, just do a c-section... well they tried the vaccume through 2 cycles of pushes during ctx and she would not move, finally doc put her WHOLE hand in my Va JAY JAY:eek: and stilll couldn't tell which way the baby was facing... she could feel one ear but not the other, so she wanted to try the vaccume once more... we did and all I will say is all H3LL broke loose... the R dropped to the 20's and wouldn't recover... At this point, I had what is refered to as a splash and go C-Sec... what a blessing it was that I had the bladder issue because had it not been for that I wouldn't had had the epi!!!! They got my wheele down the hall I was opened up and saphira was born all within a 30 minute time period!!!

Saphira was born at 8:35pm CST on 12/30/2008! 7lbs 13 oz, 20.5 inches long! the RT checked her and she had no issues AT ALL! the nicu nurse checked her and found nothign wrong. The on call peditrician was called on during my c-sec and he arrived and checked her... my doc and the nurses and RT all said had they not seen her crash themselves they wouldn't have believed it... She scored 10's on her Apgars!!!!

Due to the anestesia and the fac tthat I had 7 shots of Stadol BEFORE the epidural for pain dure to the Bladder spasms, It took almost 4 hours for the shakes to wear off from the meds so I didn't get to hold my baby girl until nearly 1 am!!!

She is such a great baby ONLY time she cries is if she gets cold... otherwise se will root when hungry, she is already holding her head up on her own!!!

Her big brother is SOOO proud of her, and her daddy is like a kid in a candy store excited. He cries just about everytime he holds her!

Dadd's Princess
She is a big girl!
The ONLY girl in te Nursery!
Mommy's Princess!
Se would sleep through a tornado! (unless she got cold)
he cries everytime e looks at her!
I was still in a lot of pain from all of the shaking but wanted to feed her and get at least one pic with her! (pardon the fact that I look like crap!)
and he sees her and cries!
Some of my contractions! (this is on an internal monitor so you get the TRUE view of the stregnth and legnth of these bad boys!!!)
Doc prepping for regular delivery

This is where we stopped taking pics cause everyone started freaking about now!

We have tons more pics I will make another thread or post them on Myspace when I have a chance to.

Thanks again to everyone for the ELV and well wishes...

As I am finishing this my doc just came in to check on me, everythign is looking great... they are aiming to send me home tomorrow around noonish.

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Bentley Keith Wyatt
December 11, 2008
5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
7 pounds 14.2 ounces
20 inches long
Absolutely perfect
On Wednesday I had my weekly appointment at 8:30 am. By this point in my pregnancy I was so DONE… His head was so low it hurt to walk. My back had really started hurting and I couldn’t do much at all without really bothering me. I had been hoping to deliver naturally and to go into labor well before they thought about inducing me. The doctors had told me that I would not go past 39 weeks. I was 39 weeks and 2 days at this point. The last ultrasound showed that he weighed 8 lbs. everything looked great, but Dr. Anderson did not want to push our luck. She decided that because of the gestational diabetes, there were issues that could easily arise at any time. My mom and I were kind of hoping that she would say let us induce now, but she said that we could do it either the next day or on Friday. I decided on Friday, and she told us that I would need to come in that evening so they could insert the Cervadil that would help me dilate. I would need to stay the night in the hospital. So we went home and we packed our bags and cleaned the house. We also decided to go get the bassinet I had been eyeing so he would have some place to sleep. After dinner away we went!

That night was pretty uneventful, just lots of anticipation about what would happen the next day. We played a couple games and put together a puzzle. I had to keep a heart monitor for the baby as well as a monitor for my contractions wrapped around my stomach all night. This was extremely uncomfortable. Every time I would move the nurses would have to come in and fix the monitor. Finally at 5:00 am they started the Pitocin. There was a whole lot of waiting around still. It didn’t really seem like anything was starting, and I even read some in my book. Around 6 or 6:30 the contractions started coming. I didn’t need to breathe through them and the pain was not too bad. After 7, I was wanting to move around, and Will and I started walking the hallway. Around 7:30 I called my parents to make sure they were on their way. At 8 the Doctor came to see me and decided she was going to do a procedure to help me dilate seeing as the Cervadil did not help at all. Something about blowing up a balloon near my cervix, I really was not sure what this would entail. However the staff could not find latex-free supplies. While the Doctor had been waiting she was watching baby and my contractions. It seems that every time I would have a contraction the baby’s heartbeat would drop. This is normal if this happens during the contraction as long as it is not too significant. However, his heartbeat was dropping after the contractions. At this point she decided to break my water and to insert two internal monitors. One of these would actually screw in just under the baby’s skin on his head. The other one was put in place to monitor my contractions. With the use of these monitors hopefully they could tell more about these decelerations. I was very upset about the use of this monitor, because I knew it was in his head and in my mind it was a lot worse off then it actually was (he was born without so much as a scrape), and it was extremely painful and uncomfortable.

After this procedure my mom and our Doula, Christa arrived. The contractions at this point were getting about 10 minutes apart and starting to be painful. They still pretty much felt like strong menstrual cramps, but with every one they were getting stronger and stronger. The hardest part was that I was on an IV that was administering fluids, so I had to pee pretty much every 45 minutes or so. It wasn’t long and I had to lean on Will or whoever was close by. My mother and Christa were so helpful, and I had no questions about my mom being there. Anytime I would ask something, the three of them would rush to get it.

The Doctor came back and checked on me about lunch time. I was 3 cm dilated and starting to efface. How exciting! I was making progress! I knew I could do it! The baby’s heart rate was still decelerating, so Dr. Anderson said that I could not leave my room and walk anymore. I had to stay on the monitors as much as possible. (They had to be removed whenever I went to the bathroom) She also wanted me to start oxygen, because if I got more oxygen, he would too! At this point the contractions were getting a lot closer. Over the next couple hours they got a whole lot closer, and a whole lot stronger. The pain was so intense, everyone helped by counting with me from 1 to 10 and back down again. Sometimes counting to 10 and repeating 10 over and over again until it was over. They also all got pretty good about looking at the monitor and telling me, “Okay, almost over! Only ten more seconds…” I am not sure how they knew this but I would trust them every time!

We all thought I had made a lot of progress, and the oxygen seemed to help baby quite a bit. Mary Jo, who was my nurse for the day and absolutely amazing, came and checked me. I had felt some small urges to push while in the restroom, and my contractions were 1 and a half to 2 minutes apart and 40-120 seconds long. We were hoping for me to be 8 cm dilated, or at least a lot more than 3 cm. I was only 4 cm dilated. She called the Dr., who told her to stop the Pitocin and that she would be over in about half an hour to talk with us. I remember being in the middle of a contraction bending over my birth ball on the bed, when the nurse told us this. I had been doing really well rocking and rotating my hips during the contractions. After hearing this, I just slumped over and then went and sat in the rocking chair. We all knew that the Doctor was thinking about doing a Cesarean Section.

I sat in the rocking chair for quite awhile, we had been told that the contractions would slow down within 15 minutes or so. Well, they were still pretty strong! At this point I asked my doula to step out of the room and I asked my mom and will to pray with me. We prayed for a peace about the situation, for guidance for the doctor, and most of all for peace to come to us. My doula came back in the room and we all talked about what would happen if the doctor told us that we needed a c- section. We decided that we would ask for 2 more hours of labor, and then if nothing were to happen we could reevaluate. The doctor came in and she told us that basically she just wanted to give the baby a break, since he was under some distress. By stopping the pitocin, hopefully his heart rate would stop dropping.

The doctor stayed for a few minutes and went over with us the risks of a c-section, and the details of the procedure. While she was talking with us I was having contractions on my own, and his heartrate was still dropping. She asked for the nurse to give me a shot that would completely stop my contractions, and got serious with us. When she told me the baby was still at -2, I made my decision. I knew instinctively that something was wrong and this baby needed to come out.

The next hour was pretty stressful. I have had a few broken bones, but never any stitches or anything like that. I got myself pretty worked up about the procedure. The anthesologist came in and explained what he would do and he gave me this awful lemon stuff that gave me instant horrible heartburn. I asked if I could use the restroom which everyone laughed at because I would be getting a catheter shortly, but I had to go! After that the nurse took out my internal monitors, I got back in bed, and away we went!
As we went down the hallway I got more and more stressed out. When we got into the operating room my blood pressure had shot up. (I don’t remember what it was exactly, but they were freaking out about it) I also tested my blood sugar, and even though it had been 68-90 all day, it had shot up to 134. The two assistants and the anthesologist were great though, and eventually I calmed down. We ended up having to wait a few minutes for the doctor, but once she came in things went pretty quick. The strangest thing was the “bear hug” which is this big bubble they laid over my chest and arms, that had a blanketed bottom. There was warm air circulating through it so I stayed warm. It was wonderful!

They let Will in and he was able to hold my hand. I still had really bad heartburn which was really annoying, since I certainly couldn’t sit up! We propped some more pillows under me and that helped. They started cutting and then all I could fill were these weird sensations. It felt like to me that I had a HUGE baby kicking me! That was the only thing I could liken it to; all those kicks from the past few months, only many times stronger. It seemed like forever until they got to the baby. Everyone was just chatting during the procedure, which was so weird to me to be awake for that. Then finally they got to him, she pulled him out and said, “Yup, it’s definitely a boy!” I heard his little cry which was so amazing.

They put him over on a table to the left of me, and I could not begin to describe all the emotions I went through. This amazing little being came out of my body! And he came out okay, and he is going to be okay! They did his apgars which were 9/9!!!! The nurse picked him up off the table and he grabbed a hold of the scissors that were sitting there!
Will brought him over for a picture, and suddenly I got sick from the medicine. So we have this lovely first photo of us with me throwing up! And I started itching all over like mad, this did not go away until after I got home. Although it did lessen with some other meds they gave me. We finally got into the recovery room, and I could see him again. It still felt like forever until I had him in my arms. When I finally did, more of those emotions hit. He is SO amazing! We actually started to latch in the recovery room, and had our battles, but we are still breastfeeding!

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I finally have a few minutes, both babes are sleeping and DH is outside and the dishes are done(thanks to DH)!
So here goes, better late than never huh?
At 3:56am on my due date, Sunday Dec 28th, 2008 I got up to pee(for the 6th time that night) and when I laid back down on the couch I felt a big unmistakable gush, definitely not pee. This was almost exactly the same thing that happened with Reef. I was so excited! If you will remember, my induction was set for that next Tuesday so I was thrilled. DH was sleeping on the other side of the sectional couch so I woke him and he started rushing around to get our last few things together. Thanfully all the bad weather was over so we werent worried about the driving conditions. I called my friend that was supposed to watch Reef here in our town but I forgot that she was up in Washington with family for the holidays. So I called my SIL in Portland to get her up and driving, she was my coach. It worked out great because my MIL was in town for one more day before she had to go back to work(she is a flight attendant) so she was able to come down with SIL to watch Reef. Reef rode to the hospital with us and we met SIL and MIL there. He was very disturbed and upset at our rushing around and being woken up so early. I called the OB and she said she would admit now since I was strep-B positive.
With Reef my contractions started as soon as my water broke. But this time they only started like BH contractions. They barely registered on the monitor and I didnt even feel them. When I got to the hospital I was only like 3.5cm dialated and 75% effaced, nothing new. The OB doc came in to see me about 5 hours after my water broke. She suggested Pitocin and convinced me that it was a good idea. They got it started about 10am(6 hours after my water broke). At 11am she checked me and I was at 4cm and she realized that my whole water sack hadnt broken, I just had a leak high up. She broke my water and the contrax got very painful so I asked for an epidural. They turned the PIT up very slowly since it was doing such a good job and they didnt end up using much at all. The epidural numbed my legs and my belly but didnt do much for my rectum or my vagina, not cool, so I asked for the anestesiologist to come back but we had to wait because she was in surgery with someone. At about 12:30 the OB checked me again and I was at 5cm! At about 2pm the anestesiologist had just arrived but at the same time I felt like I needed to push so they called my OB. When she checked me she said I was complete and they would call the team! I progressed 5cm in 1.5 hours!!!That was great but since I was at 10 they said no more epi medicine. So I could feel EVERYTHING! It was horrible but I guess in a way it was good because since I could feel so much I did a good job pushing and he was born at 3:48, about 1.5 hours of pushing(better than 4 hours last time!). Total I was only in labor about 6 hours. That was a huge contrast to my 24 hours with Reef so I was incredibly thankful.
The pain was so bad at one point towards the end that I literally gave up. For about 4 big long contractions I just laid there and wouldnt push, I just let the pain wash over me and prepared myself to die. Seriously! But luckily my SIL was there and she got in my face and made me get back with the program. I couldnt have done it without her! She was just amazing. My hypnobirthing teaches not to do the "blue-faced pushing" where you hold your breath. But with my 1st I learned that you have to do that to get anywhere pushing. So my SIL did the whole counting to 10 for 3 pushes during each contraction. I couldnt always do it all the way to 10 but it helped so much to have an idea of when I could rest again. During the whole labor my DH was on the computer updating family and friends, it was good for him to have a job. He was crying when I was in worst of it, it was so sweet. He just kept telling me how much he loved me.
Finn’s heartrate was good the whole time. There was one really scary part. Finn was coming out sunnyside up(which equalled aweful rectal pressure, I felt like he was coming out my bum!). Anyways, his head came out sunnyside up but then he completely flipped over and the cord wrapped real tight around his neck all of the sudden. The doctor made me stop pushing(I thought so she could get his shoulders out) so she could slip the cord back over his head. Then his body was born with the next push and he was right side up, wierd huh? She was going to let DH cut the cord, and I wanted her to let it stop pulsing before she cut it but...she mustve been flustered by what happened because she just put him up on my chest and cut it real quick. I got to wipe the vernix into his skin(with DH, he liked that part). His apgars were great. Finn wouldnt nurse right away so after a few minutes I let the familyl hold him. He was acting hungry after about 30 minutes so they gave him back to me and he latched on perfectly right away(I am so lucky). Since Reef was with my MIL he was able to be there right after the birth to meet his baby brother. He barely even noticed him though and just jumped on me since he had been without me all day. For our two nights in the hospital he went to stay with our friends in Newport and he had a blast with them. We missed him but it was better to be able to bond alone with Finn for a couple of days.
My OB was just horrible! She was my least favorite in the practice and turned out to be a little ****! She is totally opposite from my regular doctor. She didnt respect my hypnobirthing at all. In fact right after the birth she barked at my SIL to turn that stupid hypnosis tape off! So rude! I didnt let her ruin the experience for me but my SIL and DH just hated her.
After the birth everyone was giving guesses as to his weight. No one guessed over 10 pounds so they were all wrong!
My little angel is doing great and so am I(despite hemmoroids-ugh!). Sooo sooo happy to have my body back!
Thanks if you read all of this. After all my worry and fretting he actually came at the perfect time.
Finnegan(Finn) Bryan G
10pounds, 2.2 oz
Born Dec 28th, 2008
22 1/2 inches long
Head circ, 14 inches

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December 30 – I had an appt with my OB. He checked me and I was 2cm dilated and 60% effaced. We set an induction for January 4 in case I didn’t go into labor on my own before then. I had a second stretch and sweep, which I really didn’t think would work because the first one didn’t. Later that night I started to have contractions about 15-20 mins apart and not too painful but I could definitely feel them.

December 31 – I continued to have contractions all day. They got to about 10 mins apart and were getting more intense. I stayed at home until about 4pm and decided that I would go to the Birthing Center and get checked. I called my DH and my Mom. Around 5:30 my OB checked me and I was 3cm dilated and my cervix was “paper thin”. He decided that we would stay. We discussed breaking my water but decided to hold off for a while longer so that we wouldn’t have to worry about delivering within 24 hours. My Dr was certain that my baby wouldn’t make an appearance until 6 or 7AM. So I walked for a while and spent some time in the tub (This was heaven!!) Around 11pm I was having a lot of pain and asked for some Fentanyl which really helped to take the edge off and allowed me to relax between contractions, which were about 3-4 mins apart at this point. The nurse checked me again and I was 6-7 cm dilated, she called the Dr with my progress and he said he would come in after midnight and break my water, this happened at 12:30. He still believed that my baby would wait until morning.

January 1- My contractions really picked up after my water was broken and baby wasn’t tolerating that too well. Her heartbeat went down into the 80’s a few times, so I was told to lie on my side and they put on some oxygen. The nurse called checked me and I had a “small lip” of cervix at the back, she called the Dr back and by the time he got there I had started to push. I am not sure what time it was when I started pushing but DH tells me that after 5-6 good pushes our little girl was born. She had her cord around her neck but the Dr was able to lift it off with his finger.

Makenna Brianne was born at 1:56 AM on New Year’s Day. My DH cut the cord and they placed her on my stomach while I delivered the placenta. Then it was time for Makenna to be weighed. We took bets to guess her weight and Mommy was right on!! 6 lbs 10 oz. The nurse took her to get warmed and cleaned up a bit and then we were able to breastfeed right away.
I had 1 small tear which was repaired with one stitch. I really didn’t know what to expect as this was my first baby but I think it was a wonderful experience and I am very surprised at how quickly I recovered.

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Makenna Lynn
41w 2d
7lb 6oz
20in long

Despite my best efforts to stimulate natural labor, I had to be induced on Monday, December 8th. I was 8 days over due and although all my NST and amniotic fluid indexes were all fine, I had small calcifications forming on my placenta and therefore needed to deliver pretty soon. I was not dilated or effaced at all upon arrival to the hospital Monday night. The best the nurse could give me was “soft.” I had my first dose of the Prostaglandin gel at 9pm after an hour of monitoring. The gel was suppose to help soften my cervix and was to be administered every 4 hours. I had to have 30 min of monitoring before the gel and 1 hr afterwards. Unfortunately due to my body composition and size the monitors did not stay on very well. Brad offered to help hold them on for the first monitoring session. After the first dose was in and all was fine on the monitor we settled down to try and get some rest. During the next exam prior to dosing, I did not have any change. My nurse was so kind and supportive. She told me that the gel usually takes 3-4 doses to really make any change. I was so skeptical that this was going to work, I just had a feeling that I would end up with a c-section for failure to progress. I told Brad that if after the 4th dose I still had not made any progress I wanted to go home and try again another day. He was a bit worried about the short amount of time he had to be off of work but understand my risks of going forward with more invasive induction methods if I was not progressing. My nurse, Janna, sat with me during the second monitoring session, holding the monitor and just talking. I found out that she was a CNM in training. I felt so lucky to have her as my nurse. We talked a long time about natural birth, our current medical society and the various procedures I could possibly have. During her stay with me another nurse came in and gave Janna a bunch of home made incense. It smelled so good! Janna was kind enough to offer us a few sticks and even said that we could leave them open in the room if we wanted to infuse the room with the sent. It made it such a relaxing environment for me, I was very grateful.
At 5am just before Janna checked me I was starting to feel some contractions. The gel was not designed to produce any contractions, just help soften my cervix. I was encouraged thinking that maybe my body had just needed a little nudge to get labor started. My cervix was now midline instead of posterior, slightly effaced and 1cm dilated. She administered my next dose of the gel. She warned me that she was off shift at 7 and that I was “scheduled’ to start Pitocen at 9. My new nurse came in at 7 to switch out. Janna was great, introduced us, told her of my progress then went right to my birth plan and walked the new nurse through my entire plan, explaining that although I was going against plan with this induction so far, I still wished for very little interventions. My new nurse Michelle, was accompanied by a student nurse. The student nurse, Beth had never seen a birth plan and said she was impressed by it.
By 8am I was having contractions about 7-10 min’s apart. My Dr. came in just a bit before 9. She checked me and said that I was now at 2 cm and about 45% effaced. My cervix was still at midline. We talked a while about the next steps. She said that I could start Pitocen or she could break my water. She thought that breaking my water was a better idea since she knew I didn’t want Pitocen. I disagreed with both. I knew that breaking my water would put me on a clock and I wanted to avoid Pit as best I could. I asked her to give me a little longer to work with my new contractions and use gravity to help make more progress. She agreed to give me till noon and also mentioned that we could try Cytotek or Cervidil and see if either of them would soften my cervix more. She asked the nurse to let me be until noon, then check me and report my progress.
I immediately got onto my birth ball and started bouncing. I alternated between bouncing, pacing, squatting at the end of the bed and bending over my ball for the next 3 hours. My contractions were getting stronger and stronger and requiring all my concentration. Just as Michelle came in to check me another nurse came to tell her that she could take the day off if she wanted as they were overstaffed. It was obvious that the new nurse was “top of the totem pole” and enjoyed her position. Her name was Sarah. Sarah was not interested in Michelle’s hand-off of my information and said she’d read the birth plan later. She also commented “I can’t believe she hasn’t been on the monitors the whole time! And where’s her IV?” I was a bit worried. She was obviously very “by the medical book” and not sympathetic to natural birth. It was her conveniences she was more interested in. Instead of talking to me, she spent the next 30 min’s while I was on the monitor, re-arranging the desk to her liking and explaining to the student nurse, Beth, why her way was better. Once I had done my 30 min’s, Sarah checked me and said that I was now at 4cm and 80% effaced. I was so excited! I asked her to let Dr. Hutcherson know that I was making progress on my own and would like to give it another couple hours before we intervene any more. I wanted her to inquire about the Cervidil. I wanted to know if I would have to be on the monitors 100% of the time it was in or if I could get off the monitors. My thought was that if after two more hours I had not made more progress or if my Dr wanted to intervene now, using the Cervidil was better than amni-rupture or pit. Immediate Sara tried to tell me that I would have to be on the monitors and that I could use the telemetry monitors to move around. I could tell by her attitude that she was not going to be the advocate my first nurse Janna was. I reminded her that the regular monitors didn’t stay on me very well as is let alone the telemetry monitors so it was most likely not an option. I requested that she just ask the Dr if I could be off the monitors or do “strips” every hour to ensure that the baby was tolerating well. She agreed.
Sara came back and said that Dr. H agreed to give me two more hours, off monitors, using gravity, to see if I continued to progress on my own. She then said though, that she happened to “bump” into her nurse manager in the hall and the manager informed her that I HAD to be on the monitors 100% of the time starting now and I had to have an IV, no exceptions. I asked Sara if she told her manager that my Dr approved me being off the monitors. She said that she did but her manager said I had to be. I knew that arguing with Sara was pointless as she wasn’t making the rule, although I’m not sure that she didn’t seek out the manager just to get her way approved, so I asked to speak to the manager. When nurse Paula, the Manager of Labor and Delivery came in, she was all business. She came over, introduced herself, title and all, shook our hands and handed each of us a business card. She said that Sara had informed her that I wanted to be off the monitors. I said that my Dr. had agreed that I could have two more hours to make progress on my own, no monitors. Paula said that it was “her” policy that all women be on the monitors 100% of the time. I asked her why that was when even my Dr. said I did not need them. She then “reminded” me that I was past date and because of that my risk of fetal death was elevated. She said “your baby could die inside of you and with out the monitors on we would have no way to know and help and with out an IV we wouldn’t be able to quickly give you medications if something went wrong.” I was absolutely floored that she would use such scare tactics! I said that I was willing to be on the monitors every hour long enough for them to get a good strip and that if the baby indicated any signs of stress I would consent to 100% monitoring. She said that it wasn’t good enough and “her hospital” policy was that I have 100% monitoring and an IV despite what the Dr.’s say. She said that I was ultimately her responsibility since the Dr was not there the entire time so if the baby died it would be on her, not the Dr. She even said that she would call my Dr and tell her the policy. I could see that there was no reasoning with her and I didn’t want to start a problem between her and my Dr. so I just politely thanked her for taking the time to talk to me and shook her hand.

My contractions were so much more painful in bed but I figured I would try the telemetry monitors and any position I could while still hooked up. Sara then spoke up and said that she would just give me a hep-lock since I didn’t need any medications yet. I was at least pleased with that alternative. As they were gathering the supplies for the IV, Paula came back in with paperwork. I assumed it was a copy of “her hospital” policy. I was pleasantly surprised when she said: “I reviewed my policy and since you have not had any interventions or medications since 5am this morning, you do not have to be on the monitors the entire time.” She said that I could be off for 2 hours then on for 30 min’s. She was careful to never apologize, make amends or weaken her business like manor but I thanked her for going back and reviewing the paperwork and coming to let me know. After she left, Sara commented on how she has never seen that happen!

Once I was off the monitors, at 1pm, and back on my birth ball, the Beth tried to insert my hep-lock into the back of my right hand. She was unsuccessful. Sara tried next on the thumb side of my right hand, she was unsuccessful. They then called in the “resident expert” nurse she said she found a good vein on the thumb side of my left hand, she was unsuccessful. They then called in the anesthesiologist. They all warned me that usually they just go for the veins in the inside of the elbow which was unfortunate as it made holding the baby difficult. When the anesthesiologist came in she had me get back up on the bed so my hand was hanging low. She said she’d try once on my right hand and gave me some lydocane incase she had to dig for it but fortunately she got it on the first stick! Sarah and I discussed if I should get my first round of antibiotics as I was GBS positive. Since I was progressing very slowly, we agreed that I should probably wait.

The next two hours were quite a blur, my contractions starting coming on very strong and right on top of each other. I was having a hard time catching my breath between them and started to loose my composure. I even just screamed through an entire contraction just to get the energy out. I asked Brad to call the nurse. When she came in I was a sobbing mess. It had now been almost 3 hours since my last check and the last 2 of those were intense contractions lasting over 90seconds coming every 30 seconds. Sara checked me and said that I was now at 5 but she could stretch me to 7. She also said that I was now completely anterior and 90% effaced. She started the monitors so we could see how Makenna was tolerating these. At first, she thought the contraction monitor was broken as it was registering a contraction the entire time. It wasn’t until I informed her that I was having a complete contraction with no rest in-between that she said my uterus must be hyper stimulated into continuous contractions. I then asked for an epidural as I knew I could not go on with out it. Sara called the anesthesiologist back, started my bag of fluid and my antibiotic as I needed two 4 hour courses and had not received any yet. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move I just stared at a cross that was on the wall above the clock. Sara had to disturb me at one point to have me sign admittance paperwork as I was still not considered admitted until I was in active labor and now, I was considered active. Fortunately I had already read all the admittance paperwork and could just sign them with out reading over them because any time I was “present” vs. “checked-out” my head was just screaming from the pain.
The anesthesiologist was the same woman as before so I had high hopes that she would be as quick and as efficient. She started my epi at 3:45p. Unfortunately, it took a lot longer than expected and she had to poke me twice to get it right. I just leaned over Brad and stared at a black spot on the floor. When she finally said all done, she asked me to lie back on the bed. I kept waiting for a lull in the contractions so I could move otherwise it was excruciating pain. Secretly, in my head I was waiting for the epi to start working a bit before I moved. Time ticked on and on and I asked her when it should kick in. She looked up from her paperwork and informed me that she couldn’t start the medication until I lay down. I was so mad; I thought that “all done” meant that I was receiving pain medication. I had to have Brad and the two nurses help me move so we could do it quickly. The pain after I lay down was so bad I just completely shut down. I don’t remember any more except crying until the epi started working.
Once the epi was in, my contractions spaced back out to every 5 min’s, but kept up the intensity. Sara tried to place my catheter in and had an equally difficult time with that. At first, she thought that Makenna’s head was so low that it was compressing my urethra but when she checked me she said that she was still too high for that. It took two catheters and me yelling at them twice before they got it in right. Brad said that it was very bloody and advised me to suck down cranberry juice for the next few days to help avoid getting an infection.
My Grandma showed up at about 4:30 and sat with us for a few. .I asked my Grandma to leave for a bit when Sara came back. She said she wanted to check me so she could advise my Dr if she needed to come over now from the office or stay for a bit. I was now at 8 almost 9 centimeters and 100% effaced. Sara said that she did not feel a bag of bulging waters so she assumed that it was all corked by Makenna’s head which was very low by now. She left to call my Dr. I asked her to have my Grandma stay out for a bit so we could rest, knowing that it would be soon. My Mom, Step-dad, other Grandma, our son and daughter all showed up at about 5:15. We chatted for a few min’s but then my Dr came in. The family all went out while the Dr checked me. She said that she was going to try to break the bag of waters. She could not get the amni-hook onto the bag and agreed with Sara, that Makenna must be corking it completely and there was no fluid between her head and the bag. By this time I was ready to start pushing. The nurses all went about setting up the room while I pushed a few times to turn Makenna as Dr H said that she was facing the wrong way. The look on the student nurses face was priceless as she watched Makennas head rotate with each push, I’m guessing she has never seen it before. I reminded the nurses that I did not want anyone counting while I pushed and that I did not need to be reminded when to push that I would just go with what my body told me. Once Makenna was turned around I pushed for about 5 pushes before her head was out. I had to hold off pushing for a second as the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Just like in Haileys birth, I commented on how WONDERFUL the feeling of the baby coming out was. Dr. H said that I had no amniotic fluid and that Makenna was sticky indicating that she had been with out fluid for a while. That explained why they couldn’t break the bag earler. She asked the nurse if my bag broke at some other time and both of us said No. The student nurse said she had heard of dry births but never seen one. Makenna was put right on my chest while they cleaned her up. Because she was “dry” they had to get a wet towel to clean her off. Dr. H commented that my umbilical cord was “so long, I could walk out of the room with your placenta and not tug on the baby.
Makenna was born at exactly 6pm, 7lb 6oz, 20 in long and just perfect. Apgars of 9 and 9. I had no tears or abrasions and my placenta detached right away. With out telling me, Sara pushed a bag of Pit onto my IV. I was too involved in everything else to argue and was at least grateful that I avoided it during labor. My family was a bit hard to get a hold of as they had all gone to the cafeteria which was in the basement where the cell reception was horrible. Once they came back up, we introduced everyone to our newest edition. Our son Anthony was just in love immediately and our daughter, Hailey kept repeating “shh, shh, shh” to Makenna. Everyone took turns holding her and coo’ing over how wonderful she was. Anthony spent a few min’s holding her and singing a song he made up for her. He then came over to me and said “I don’t need any birthday present from you or dad for my birthday, a new baby is just perfect!”
At 7pm, Sara and the student nurse, Beth were off shift and handed me back over to Janna who was back for the night. Before leaving, Beth thanked me for allowing her to be a part of my labor and delivery. She complemented on how strong she thought I was and how well I handled the situations presented to me. I could see that she was genuinely impressed and hoped that maybe she learned a bit about “natural” labor and would be more like Janna than Sara once she was a nurse.
Janna was a breath of fresh air! She immediately removed my IV and epi since she knew I didn’t want it to begin with. She asked about my story, saying that she had heard there was some drama. She was as floored as I was about Paula’s behavior as well as Sara’s coldness. We talked about the physical anomalies as well. How Makenna had no fluid yet showed no signs of distress ever and I never had a “water break” that I was aware of. Janna asked if the Dr. ever checked my fluid and I told her that just 3 days prior to the induction, my fluid index was a 12. I never had a leak, never felt a gush or had any type of show indicating a break. We also talked about how her cord was so incredibly long yet aside from being once around her neck, never tangled or knotted up. She asked what lead me to choosing an epidural and I told her about the intense contractions and I asked her if they could have been a result of the gel. She said that it’s not likely as my last dose was about 7 hrs before. Janna helped me up out of bed to use the restroom and clean up a bit. She gave Makenna her first bath as well. We noticed some scratches on her head that were starting to scab over. It took us a while to figure out, but eventually we concluded that they were from the amni-hook when the Dr was trying to break my bag of waters.
We moved up to the post-partum room around 11pm and slept. The next morning at 9a the pediatrician came in and cleared Makenna to be released, at our request, immediately. Dr H came in an hour later and released me as well. It took the hospital a bit to get through all the paperwork but we were home by 2 in the afternoon.

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December 8th: My parents came over to go to my regular OB apt. They wanted to hear little Tyler's heartbeat. We get there and do the blood pressure and weight and listen to Tyler's heartbeat. My dad then goes out to the waiting room (medical stuff creeps him out ~ when it comes to girly things). I've gained a bunch of weight (it was just thanksgiving and we had 3 meals). So my doc comes in and says something along the lines of lets redo some of these things (and weighs me again) then starts talking about Pre-eclampsia... I had started to spill protein in my urine... then checks my Bp again... It's like 158/95 or something. He then tells me to go directly to the hospital for more tests and that we may be delivering a baby in the next 24 hours (I'm 32 weeks at this point). So we (my parents and I) go to the hospital (which is basically across the parking lot). They immediately admit me and check my Bp every 15 minutes for the next 2 days, and give me two rounds of steroids. They also put in an IV to rehydrate me (apparently I was a little dehydrated) and do a urine collection (everytime I went I had to let a nurse know so they could collect it and then test it).

Dec 10: I'm finally released on full bedrest (not as fun as it sounds) at like 5pm. I go home and my mom comes the next day to take care of me while DH is at work. By 3pm my Bp is like 177/109 so back to the hospital I go. They take my Bp and its lower but they decide to keep me 24 hours and do another urine collection.

Dec 12: Sent home again. Now I've got my in-laws Bp cuff (since the one I was using was too small and was giving false high readings). Mom helps out again.

Dec 13: Spent the day with DH. Nothing remarkable during the day... but at bedtime I've got a headache (like the kind I get when I've been on the computer too long without my glasses)... take a couple tylenol and try to sleep. By 11pm it's worse so I call the on-call OB and she says to take a couple more tylenol and try to sleep. I do but by 2:30am it's like a hatchet in my head... call the on-call again and she says to come in.

Dec 14(my best friend's birthday): We get to the hospital at like 3:15 (my mom apparently sat straight up in bed at like 3:05 ~ weird). They take some blood and my liver is apparently starting to be affected so they schedule my c-section for 7:30 and start me on magnesium. Our little boy was born at 8:11am. He weighed 4 lbs 4 ounces and was 17 inches long. He had no other complications and came out screaming. His one minute apgar was 7 and his five minute was 9. He spent 6 minutes in an oxygen tent.

His stay in the NICU:
He had very little trouble and was wowing all the nurses. He pulled out his IV at like 3 days old (twice) so they discontinued it and just upped is feeding amounts (he was eating great). He made it all the way up to 27cc's/feeding before it became too much work and he started losing weight. So they put in an NG (nose) tube for feedings. He got rid of that about a week later. He was still Bradying (slowed heartrate) a lot (he was known as the king of the bradys) so they gave him a dose of caffiene) and that pretty much stopped them (he had 2 after that but they were short and didn't need intervention). He was finally released new years day.

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Hunter Lucas Birth Story

At 38weeks, 4 days pregnant, I went to my midwife for my regular weekly apt. She suggested we did an internal to see if I was dialated. She went ahead and was shocked to found out I was already 3cm dialated and she could stretch me to a 4. The head was also engaged. I was surprise because I couldn't feel a difference down there. My midwife said it was rare for a first time mom to be dialated at 4 at 38weeks.
She suggested to do a stretch and sweep to see if it could get things started since I was already dialated. She went ahead and it was uncomfortable but tolerable. This was at 1h30pm on Dec. 16th. I went home and went with my business, feeling as normal as a pregnant woman feels.
Around 5h30 I decided to prepare some nachoes. (bad idea!!!) DH and I got ourselves ready to watch a movie in bed with nachoes. After my last bite, I felt something snap inside my stomach and liquid started to leak from me.... I jumped out of bed, looked my DH in the eyes and said, I think my water broke! That was at 6h00. Well, at 6h05 my contrax started at 3 minutes apart. I couln't beleive it. I thought it can't be that fast and strong already! I called my midwife, she said ok sounds like your going to have your baby soon and that she will call me in a hour or two to see how I was doing.
The contrax were getting stronger and stronger. My mom came home after I called her and she and DH were counting the contrax and they were coming faster and faster. My midwife finally arrived. I was feeling sick to my stomach from the pain and the nachoes (urg... no more nachoes for me!!) and I threw up LOTS.... ewww. On top of having contrax pain, I felt naseous all throught my labor.
My midwife checked me and I was 5 to 6 so we headed for the hospital around 8h30. My contrax were strong and close apart. In the delevery room I used my birth ball and stay seated throught my contrax. I wanted to move around, walk, etc. but I couln't, it was hurting to much. I threw up again at the hospital... urg. By 11h00 I was 9,5dialated and finally I started pushing at 11h15. I pushed for 2 hours. The head was crowning but I couldn't push it out. My midwife finally did a small 1cm episotomy and the head came right out with the rest of the body at 1h14am. She put my baby on my chest right away and DH and I cried. I had delivered our son safely without any drugs or intervention. I had a small episotomy that teared another cm. In all I had 2 stiches outside and 4 small stiches inside from minor tearing.
I delivered the placenta and after things got bad. My uterus wasn't contracting and I lost a lot of blood. The nurse gave me 2 shots of pitocin in each leg. The bleeding wasn't stopping and I had a nurse massaging my uterus, my midwife stiching me up and two other nurses trying to put an ivy in for pitocin to make my uterus contract. 3 nurses had to come and try to put the ivy in, they were having a hard time. They tried 8 times and finally they got it in. The bleeding finally stopped. I was wheeled into my room at 3h30am.
My midwife told me my uterus wasn't contracting because I had a big baby and my uterus was stretch to the max. I stayed on pitocin till morning.
My DH was wonderful througtout the whole labor and delevery. Because it happened so fast, it was hurting soo much but DH kept me under control. I am very proud of myself for going all natural. I screamed my lungs out while pushing but I couln't keep it down anymore!! My troat is still sore, hehe! I left the hospital on the 18th at 5pm. DH is working night shift so my Mom stayed with me on Thursday and Friday nights. I am in love.

Hunter Lucas B.
Born Dec. 17Th 2008 at 1h14am
At 38.5weeks
8 pounds 3 onzes
20 and a quarter inches long
7 hours from beginning to end (labor and delivery)

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I know I wasn't here when I was pregnant with my Sugar Plum, but since I frequent the board now, I wanted to add my birth story!

Name: Liberty Jean
Birthdate: December 11, 2008
Time of birth: 4:39pm
Weight: 7lbs, 8oz
Height: 20 inches

I went into my OB's office for my 38 week appt on December 4. I had been in a lot of pain "down there" pretty much the entire last trimester of my pregnancy... it literally felt as though she was going to fall out. My doctor explained that because it was my third baby, sometimes the muscles down there aren't as strong as they used to be, so baby puts a lot of pressure there and the muscles aren't holding up as well as they did with baby #1 and 2. I was still working full time at this point, so that coupled with my extreme pain just walking around for more than five minutes is why she scheduled my induction for the next week. So at 39 weeks along, on a Thursday morning, I went into the hospital to be induced.

We arrived at 7AM, after we had dropped our sons off at my parent's house. They quickly got us checked in and I changed into my gown. After hooking me up to all of the monitors, they checked to see how many CM dilated I was (I had been at a 2 all week), and I was dilated 3CM. Thankfully, because of that, I didn't require any foley bulbs or any cervical help. They just hooked me up to the pit (unfortunately) and let it do it's job. I wasn't really in that much pain and informed the nurses that they would probably need to break my water to really get things going, as I had to have my water manually broken with my other babies. So around noon they broke my water, and that's when the contractions really started to pick up and get extremely painful. I duked it out with the pain as long as I could, and asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist showed up around 2PM and did a very quick job (thankfully!) with the epi. After about 20 minutes I could feel the epi doing it's job, but only on my left side! My right side was still feeling every ounce of pain! So he had to come back in and adjust the thread, and not long after everything was numb from the waist down. I ended up getting the shakes very bad from the epi, which I had never experienced before with my last baby, but it was better than the pain, so I just dealt with it.

After another hour or so they came in to check me and I was at a 10, so the nurses asked me to give them a trial push to see how much about pushing I remembered. So at the next contraction I pushed, and she quickly shouted at me to stop pushing, as the baby was coming out! They quickly shouted down the hallway for the doctor, and she came in and dressed as fast as she could and sat down below me. With the next contraction I pushed and the baby was crowing. One more push and her head was out! They quickly suctioned her nose and mouth and had me push slowly once more and she was here! By far the quickest and easiest delivery yet (that is, until I had Trystan lol)! She was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. Finally, after years of waiting, I had my little princess. We named her Liberty, as we don't like common names, and Jean after DH's grandmother that had passed away just months before I gave birth to her.

Recovery was amazing, as I had no tears and didn't need an epesiotomy. The most painful thing was BF her that first week, because I continued to have contractions and my nipples felt like they were being cut with razors every time she fed! Other than that, everything was wonderful... she was the best Christmas present I've ever gotten!