December Sugar Plums Birth Stories!!!
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    Default December Sugar Plums Birth Stories!!!

    Congrats MOM!!!

    Show off your baby and birth story!!! Don't leave out any details!! And don't forget pics!

    Please no replies to sticky, only to individual threads. If you want people to be able to reply to your birth story, please duplicate it in a separate thread. Thank You! This will definately keep the congestion down in the sticky itself.
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    Well everything was going relatively well in my pregnancy, only a minor bout of contractions early on which were brought under control quickly, i didn't think i had anything to worry about not until on the 24th September at 5pm when i was getting Contractions every 15 mins or so. At first i didn't think too much of it because i thought once i had my next dose of meds they would calm down, but they didn't and when i went to the toilet i found some blood, so erring on the side of caution i phoned L+D who had me come in straight in to get checked.

    Well of course i then had a few problems getting a hold of the person who was going to take my DS should anything like this happen so by the time i got hold of her and got to L+D contractions were coming every three minutes. Once up there i was examined almost straight away and put on the monitors, i was only 1cm dilated but because i was only 29wk+1day with twins, they started me on IV drugs to halt the contractions as well a a shot of morphine and a first shot of steriods to mature the babies lungs just in case they couldn't stop things.

    By 10pm though it was clear the contractions weren't going to stop so after speaking with Scbu and discovering they didn't have two cots available the decision was made to transfer me to Dundee by Air ambulance, so i eventually arrived down there at 3am where i was examined again and found to be 2cm dilated so they upped me to the maximum amount of drugs, that was when my DH was allowed in to see me after waiting for 3 hours in a waiting room on me being transferred, to say he was a wreck was an understaement yet for some strange reason i was relatively calm, i think now it was shock doing that to me.

    The drugs helped and my contractions stopped about 7am on the 25th even though i was still having a lot of backache it kept us optomistic about keeping the babies baking just that bit longer. I didn't have any contractions for the whole of the thursday, friday and saturday so i was told that if it remained that way then i would be released home on strict bedrest on the monday.

    However at 00:40 on sunday morning my contractions started up again, i was examined by the on call registrar who told me that the contractions weren't dilating me any more but he would come back in an hour or so if they persisted to check again. So all i had to do was lie hooked up to the monitors for an hour after being given some co-codomol for the back pain. Wwell the hour passed quite quickly and the contractions weren't even being picked up by the monitor so the nurses took me off it so i could go to the toilet and just as i sat down my waters broke with a gush, so that had sealed the deal for me, no getting home on monday these babies were desperate to make an appearance then.

    I was taken down to the labour suite where my husband who was staying at the hospital met me again in a panic, but again i wasn't panicking just exited and seemingly hyper, i still think it was the shock causing it all. The midwife who was down there hooked me up to the monitors again and like before couldn't get a reading on the contractions but still insited on continuous monitoring because it was twins and their prematurity, i did get a little ticked because it meant i wasn't able to move about and manage the pain as well as i would of liked, but my DH was a godsend and gave my back rubs everytime i asked which meant that i didn't have to ask for some gas+air until 6am just before i was examined again this time by the consultant on call who i'd found in previous discussions with him was a really nice man and i was somewhat relieved that it was going to be him delivering my babies and not a doctor i hadn't met.

    So by 6am i was 6cm dilated and getting a lot of pressure down below so i knew myself that it wouldn't be long before i felt the urge to push. I was also informed that the consultant was going to get an anaethatist up there just incase he needed to give me an epidural because at that point William(twin2) was transverse. At 7am i started getting the urge to push so was taken into a private delivery room where i was told that i could start pushing because i was now fully dilated so after 34 mins of pushing, Elliana was born weighing 2lb 15oz and her brother had turned and was now starting to come into the birth canal in a breech position ironically enough that was when the anaesthatist turned up! well it was too late for that epidural and the consultant did apologise to me because he was going to have to perform a breech extraction to help william out and normally he would never have done that without the woman having an epidural in place, but if i'm honest i was that detached from the pain because of the gas+air i didn't care what he did at that point. So with a little help William was born at 7.56am weighing 3lbs exactly. I suffered a tear to my perineum and urethra which weren't too bad because i didn't even feel it as they were stitched up, all thanks to the gas and air, i swear the midwife knew just how much i was enjoying that stuff because at the end she turned round to me and joked that i couldn't take it home with me LOL.

    At first neither of them needed any help with their breathing but after a few hours they were both put on CPAP, granted it was only feeding their lungs room air, but i feel so blessed to have them here already and that they are continuing to thrive and grow.

    Elliana Hope Rennie

    The Day she was born:
    One week old:
    Now 2 weeks old:

    William Ernest Rennie

    The Day he was born:
    One week old:
    Now 2 weeks old:

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    Okay well heres my birth story in a nutshell. I have been having contractions and so forth foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    i kept hurting in my back this past weekend. Throughout Halloween and up until Sunday. I decided to go in because things felt a bit different.

    When I got to the hospital they did a urine test to make sure I didnt have an infection and then hooked me up to the monitors. I was having contractions so they called the doctor to see if they should send me home or keep me. He told them to check me for any dilation change.

    this was around 9 or so that night. When she checked me she said I was about a 3. They decided to keep me to see if I made any changes until the doctor came in the next morning.

    I had contractions pretty close like 2-3 minutes apart for most of the night. The dr ordered stedol for me if I wanted it. Around 4:30 am I decided to take it. It for the most knocked out the contractions and I eventually fell asleep.

    the doctor came in around 9 am and checked me. I hadn't really changed but the contractions was starting back up a bit so he said I could do one of two things. Either go home and try to rest and see what happens or stay til the evening and he would check me again to see if there was any change.

    I decided to stay since we are almost 45 minutes from the hospital. Rob decided to go home Monday to work on the house for a bit so we can get things ready to move into.

    The doctor left instructions for them to check me about every 2 1/2 hours or so for dilation unless I felt I needed to be checked earlier. He also ordered another shot of stedol if I needed it. By 10 my contractions was about 4-5 minutes apart so she rechecked me. I was about 3 1/2. I started to take the pain meds again but thought against it. I decided to actually get up and walk because my hip was starting to really hurt from laying in bed. I walked for about 30 minutes around the labor and delivery floor when I was getting super tired. She said she needed to put me back on the monitor anyways to check on baby.

    She hooked me up and contractions was pretty irregular but it was also time to check my cervix again. At this point I had actually dilated to 4 but my contractions had spaced out so they wasnt even hurting that bad. She seemed surprised that I had dilated and wasnt in that much pain.

    I figured it was the walking that was making me dilate so I decided to walk again before doctor came around at 6 so I wouldn't be released.

    I walked for about another 30 - 45 minutes and I was exhausted so I gave up on walking. That was about 1:30. My doctor ended up coming in around 3:30 instead of 6. He was delivering another baby so he stopped in. He checked me and I was at 5 so he decided to go ahead and break my water.

    He broke it around 3:50 and by 4:30 my contractions was starting up majorly. They rechecked me and I was still a little over 5. At 5:30 I wanted the epi so they called for them to come put it in. They got there around 5:45 to put it in but was having problems finding a good place to put it in. The contractions was becoming unbearable and it was very hard for me to sit still.

    I kept asking them to stop the doing the epi and check me because I thought I was farther than 5 but the nurse said the pressure was just because I was hunched over. The contractions was coming right on top of each other.

    finally they got my epi in and was getting ready to start the first initial dose when I felt alot of pressure like I needed to push. The nurses was just slowly moving around getting things ready for when the baby come not really listneing to what I was saying until I made it clear that it felt like I needed to push. So the one nurse said she was going to go call the doctor in case I was getting close.

    The other nurse came over to check me and realized the baby was actually coming. She was yelling dont push cause they didnt even have things set up but there wasnt no stopping her. I wasnt even really pushing she was coming on her on.

    At 6:09 pm Monday Nov. 3rd Baby Savannah made her way into the world.

    I managed to have her with practically no meds and I dilated from 5-10 within an hour and half.

    The epideral didnt even have time to take effect so my legs was numb for a bit afterwards but it wasnt to bad since it was only the first test dose.

    The doctor walked in about 15 minutes later and said guess I dont need to change?

    I didnt get to hold her because they needed to put her on oxygen and get her under the lights to make sure her temp was okay.

    After about 2 hours of them examining her I finally got to hold her.

    She weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 inches long.

    Savannah Rayne is the newest addition to my little family.

    DH - 36
    DD - 9 DS - 8
    DD - 4 DD - 1
    Savannah Rayne Just Arrived 11/3



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    Well, we are home, and doing rather well!

    I went in to be induced on November 5th because of Pre-Eclampsia (high blood pressure, protien in my urine, and messed up liver function levels) baby was exactly 36 weeks according to their ultrasounds.

    I got there at 7:30 and it took them till 9 to get us a room and get us settleded. They put an IV in me and started pitocin to start labor, I was a 3-4. Doctor came in to break my water but said he couldnt get to it for some reason. So, he tried but did not break it.

    My mom got there at about 10ish and we just kinda hung out and chatted.. at about 11ish I was feeling contractions they were uncomfortable but I probably still would only call my pain at a 4-5 I was talking through most of them.

    At 12:45 they checked me I was a 4-5 she said she could stretch me to a 6 but was calling it a 4, But, I was fully effaced YAY!

    Doc came in 15 mins later to break my water, now, follow the time here its now 1:00pm roughly, based more on what Jeremy says because I was NOT following a time line.. LOL

    He broke my water, I was a 5ish, then told the nurse he was going accross the street the gym to work out and would be 3 minutes away to page him as things picked up, this is when it got painful.

    She checked me 3 more times before baby was born, and at one point said she was pageing Doctor back, I think it had been 10-15 minutes since my water broke. She said "Your dialating about 1 cm every 5 minutes.. "

    I was feeling alot of pressure at this point, I was trying HARD to not push but was feeling a little pushy, my mom was keeping me focused then I had a contraction I could NOT hold back. I had also started to hyperventilate because I was breathing so fast, after that one contraction my mom got me focused more but with every contraction I felt her move down and had to REALLY fight pushing. I have to say my mom was so good keeping me breathing.. although, I did not listen very well LOL..

    It hit me hard at this point, I could not hold back it was impossible I was not pushing but baby was comming down, I said I have to push... My mom at the nurse said no you dont have to push, Your only an 8-9 you cant push you will tear your cervix. Then the nurse said if your talking and panting you cant be pushing so keep talking and panting to us, I tried I really did.

    The next contraction hit I was panting (as good as I could) and talking, and I grunted, and next thing I know she slid out, AT MY FEET, ON MY BED UNDER MY SHEETS!!!! I pulled my feet up to keep her on the bed and yelled. SHE IS HERE!! My mom and the nurse said No she isnt, keep focused breathe.. ect.. I said NO, SHE IS HERE!!!! And laid my head back, my mom ripped the sheets down, the nurse went for gloves, my mom used the sheet to rub Makayla down and she just started screaming, at the end of my bed, with only my mom holding onto the baby.

    Then the nurses showed up (they had to grab gloves) and started whipeing her down, and clamped her cord, the whole time shes screaming good big cries!!

    They asked Jeremy if he wanted to cut the cord (which was REALLY SHORT) he was cutting the cord as the Doctor walked in...

    I was of course crying "I am so sorry.." they told me not to push and it just happened.

    LUCKILY for me.. when they checked me 4 minutes earlier I was an 8-9 so, chances are good I was a 10 and with all the pitocin, I had such little control over my uterus. I did not tear at all!!! Not inside or out, I am doing great!! It took me longer to push out the placenta than it did to push the kid out! LOL

    She is doing good, 7 lbs 14 oz born at 1:27PM (ish.. LOL) thats what they could tell from the heart tones and the contraction monitor strip. LOL I had back labor, but no one will know if she was face up or not. 19.5 inches long.

    It was the most crazy and amazing thing I have ever seen!!

    I will update pictures as I get the loaded up!

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    So I started to loose my mucus in the afternoon. I called my MW then, and she said it could be the start of things because of the amount I was talking about...or it could be my uterus irritated due to the stress and news of my Nanny, and some women loose the plug way Contractions at the time.

    My brother called and wanted to drive over (he lives 2 hours away) so we could all hang out/talk/ be together ...thinking of things to say at the Funeral on Tuesday... They arrived at 5pm I think... I was having dull aches/cramps...I was starting to wonder if something would actually 630 I started to time things...they were getting stronger and 5-8 minutes apart...consistant.. So I just decided to call the MW at 7:30pm... worried it would all be for not, and she drive 40 minutes for nothing...but she said she would head out, knowing my history of 4 hour births. She said she would come to my house to check me first (not wanting to be at the hospital too early)

    They really started to get steady after the call... So I called my mom to come (my brother wasn't able to stay over, as they were involved in a baptism early the next morning for SIL's sister) but would stay until mom got there and we could leave for the hospital when ever ready.

    Well MW called me on her way saying, how about you just meet me at the hospital... I passed you exit LOL so we said OK we will leave now...then the phone rang back just before we were out the door with her saying “you are NOT going to believe this!"

    Cobourg hospital has no OB coverage today, so no one can be delivered there (she called in to let them know we were on our way) no OB means no one for emergency C-section = can't come no matter what... She then went on to say that she knew from earlier that Oshawa was on re-direct...full no beds...every women out there seems to be in labour tonight, and I can't go there...I would have to go to Ajax hospital *further away* or have a home birth.. I was scared and not sure what to do...she said..."well let me come check you out, and see where we are at to make a decision."

    She arrives at 830, and checks and at first says...oh you are just *softening*

    I was like WHAT! no way for this kind of steady stuff...she was still feeling around and said OH NO you are dilated...that is just bulging membranes...saying I was 5cm's with the membranes bulging out, and the only thing keeping baby in there was the water...and if it broke in the car on the 1 hour drive to Ajax, baby would likely be right behind...and I would not make it... Also she doesn't have privileges at Ajax she couldn't care for me...but would stay in a support role...

    She highly recommended that we stay would be safest....she does it ALL THE TIME we agreed... to Tyler’s sheer excitement! She called the back-up MW, and my student, and said we would wait to break my water (if I wanted to do that) until they arrived
    My mom and step Dad arrived...shocked to hear the news...they stayed and my brother and SIL stayed...all excited...what a wonderful distraction from the news of a death in the family

    back up arrived at 930pm

    After getting settled and a little convincing... I agreed to have my water was the only thing slowing things down...OUCHIES!!!!

    Things started to progress... I continued to stand, telling them I DID NOT want in that bed ever! So for a while I stayed standing, then they suggested I sit on the toilet and try to make room for baby, and stay there for a few ctx, because it is a good way of opening pelvis for baby...OMG intense.. I just wanted to stand hunched over my bed again...but Tyler was with me letting me hold on to him...and the MWs were awesome encouraging me to stick through it...move my baby down...they were so awesome and always new what to say...after a few ctx that way...they suggested I lay on the bed on my side.. UGH I SOOOO did not want to do that! I remember what a prison the bed felt like and the pain...but they kept encouraging me and telling me that different positions would put different pressure on cervix and help open it up faster..

    So I did one side... and this is where I started to loose it...she checked me...and there was just a lip....and that is what was keeping me from pushing...the back pain was beyond anything I have felt before...Tyler held my hands...and one mw pushed on my back, while anouther held my legs... they asked me to roll to the other side to get rid of that lip.. .OMG by this time I am starting to loose it...things are getting loud...they keep pulling me back into reality though...

    On this side...I though death was near...omg it hurt ...and I kept getting a terrible Charlie horse in my thigh with every was so annoying and distracting...I wanted to stand up...they let me roll to the other side with no Charlie horse...telling me low tones/moans (no screaming lol) and that quickly turned into the grunting sounds of pushing...and oh did that feel so much better...

    The burning was terrible, and they were yelling for me to pull legs a space for baby... I started to loose it again...straightening my legs in pain...then they said they could see the head...grab your legs...this baby needs I grab my thighs, grab Tylers arm to help sit me up put chin to chest, and I think it took 3 pushed and he was here!!

    And it was like none of that pain ever happened! LOL bright eyed staring up at me....not all drugged up was my sweet little boy!

    Tyler walked out of the bathroom moments later just glowing, and I will never forget said the cutest thing "and THAT just happened!" lol he was on cloud 9...and said to me... "I could have 20 more just to do that again" lol

    so 4 hr active labour again just about..started to time at 630...Grady arrived at 1050

    too many pics

    first moments

    checking eachother out

    being weighed like a fish lol, and measured

    here he is this morning.

    the kids slept though the whole thing!!!

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    So I went out and ran errands most of the day on the 14th. Then I took the girls home. I was having irregular contractions but nothing timeable or that was any different then it had been for weeks. At 6pm my DH called to tell me he was on his way home from work and asked how I was feeling. I told him it could be tonight but the contractions were still irregular but I was having more. So he got home around 6:30 and he started making dinner. Then we started timing contractions and they were about seven to eight minutes apart so he decided to get the girls ready and I called the doctor. It was after 8 by then. The doctor told me since it was my third and I was dilated so we left at 8:35. The hospital is 45 minutes away. Well as we were driving the contractions were getting a lot closer 2 to 3 minutes apart. About 15 minutes away from the hospital I was starting to feel the urge to push but I didn’t tell my DH because he was already driving like crazy in the pouring rain and it was very foggy. So we got to the hospital and had to park in the garage because it was after hours. The parking ticket says my DH pulled up at 9:12pm. So we parked and thank goodness my sister was there because we left the girls in the car with them and headed in. I could not walk so the police patrol went and got a wheelchair and Dh rushed me in. We went to registration and they were asking me question and if I could sign paperwork and I couldn’t answer them so they decided to rush me to a room. The nurse gave me a gown and told me to go change into there was no way I couldn’t even move. So they got me undressed the doctor checked me and my water broke and he said I was fully dilated. So he got dressed telling me not to push that was getting impossible at that point. Then he said I could push and Cayden was out in less then ten minutes. I ended up with 2nd degree rips because there was no time for anything. The stitches were the worst part because even with the local shot I could feel everything. That part took almost a hour and then I had to fill out all the paperwork to admit me. Cayden Michael was born 11/14 at 9:40pm he was 8lbs 9.6ozs and 20.5inches long. I was 37 weeks 3 days along.

    Kiira 3/5/06, Alexis 10/24/07, and Cayden 11/14/08

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    Default Chasen George's Birth Story!

    Well Saturday, November 22nd was Kyla's 2 year birthday. I woke up and was cleaning the house for company when I bent over I felt a gush of liquid. It startled me and I called my OB and she recommended I come in to get checked. I told her I was hosting my daughter's bday party so I would wait and see what happens. But in the next hour and a half a felt a few more gushes and decided I should go in. I told DH to stay home with Kyla and wait for my inlaws and if anything came up I'd call him and he could make the 30 min drive to my hospital.
    So I went, was admitted to Triage where they checked me and said my water was intact. But while they were monitering baby's heartbeat and my contractions they noticed his heart decelerated with one contraction. It was enough for my doc to say they would end up keeping me and inducing me incase there was a problem.
    This was around 2:30pm.
    So they took me into my room and hooked me all up and my contractions were 3-5 min apart. They checked me and in an hour I was already dilated from 2.5cm to 3cm.
    They decided to check me again at 6pm and see where I was progressing since it appeared I was now in labor on my own. My DH and MIL came and kept me company and I was uncomfortable but they contractions were not too bad yet.
    By 6 they checked me again and I had dilated to 4cm but then stalled out so when they checked me at 10pm they decided to give me PIT and brake my water.
    All I can say is OW OW OW!! I was sitting on a birthing ball and rocking on it during contractions and holding DH's hand while I breathed through them. They really hurt but I wanted to see how far I could go without drugs this time. Turns out not very long! I took a shower and requested an epi which arrived while I was in my shower. Had it put in and after about 3 more contractions..sweet relief!
    We still hadn't picked out a name so the 3 of us searched 2 baby books but still nothing.
    We were up until 1am and finally fell asleep.
    Quarter to 2am I feel a contractions and a pressure. I tell my nurse and they called the doc who came to check me and it turned out I was fully dilated and ready to push!
    I pushed for 20 min and he popped right out! I was in the zone!
    Then thr doctor gasped and said "Wow we have a lucky little man! He had 2 knots in his cord and I have never seen anything like this in my whole life!"
    He could have been in major trouble had I not been induced that day!
    So he was born at 3:05 am 8lbs 3oz 21.5 in long.
    Full head of black hair and blue eyes so far. I will post pics as soon as I can!!
    It was an amazing labor and delivery and I had no tearing, minor swelling and I have felt amazing!! I have so much love and excitement in me.
    I'm sooo happy!

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    As you ladies know, I began to labor on Saturday evening 11/22. My labor didn't let up and I got no sleep for three nights in a row.

    On Monday night 11/24 my labor was pretty intense so I called the OB on call. He said to take some tylenol, take a warm shower, and lay down...YEAH RIGHT! I did my best, but nothing helped.

    Tuesday morning 11/25 at 5 AM I lost my mucous plug. Thank goodness. I called in and they told me to come in and get checked. I let hubby sleep more, knowing that this might be the day, and I got myself ready -- I was not going to the hospital with hairy armpits and legs.

    DH and I arrived at the hospital at 9:30 AM and were taken to L&D triage. At exam time I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced, no amniotic fluid. My BP was high (DUH!) so they admitted me and took me to a room.

    Doctor came in about an hour later and broke my water. I went to 4 cm about 30 mins after that and labor became unbearable. I gave up and told them to get me an epi.

    About an hour later, anesthesiologist was still busy and I had only dilated to 4.5 cm, so they wanted to start pitocin. OWWW!! Pitocin + no drugs is not okay.

    Finally, anesthesiologist got there and then all was well. I wasn't too hot on the whole numb thing, but it was so much nicer than pain.

    Fast forward to about 4:30 PM when I was anout 8 to 9 cm. The nurse left to get the OB and by the time she got back I was 10cm and zero station. OB came in at about 4:45 PM and I was plus three station and ready to go.

    I pushed through four contractions, only had to have a small episiotomy, and Caitlynn was born at 5:05 PM.

    My delivery was so easy and when they said she was only 6 lbs. I was shocked! She was (and still is) so small. I am in love!

    Here are some pics of the fun stuff.[/COLOR]

    Laboring with no meds...Ugh!

    DH helping me push...

    Caitlynn's debut!

    Mommy, Daddy, and Baby

    My teeny, tiny girl.
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    Meg-31 DH-35 DD-3

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    As we all know my amnioctic fluid levels were low that is why they had to induce me with Emma so early at 36w and 2d. I went in the night of November 20th to get cervical softening because I was only dilated to 1cm and enfaced only maybe 50%. I went in at 7pm and they did not start the cervidel until about 8:30. When I had this done with my DS I went into labor, however with her my body only completely dilated to a +1cm however I was enfaced nearly completely now. The doctor came in at 8:30am and checked me and broke my water AT 1CM!!! I couldnt believe it. The fluid was clear so that was a good sign since we didnt want her to go into stress.

    The contractions all morning were tolerable. I did my breathing and such so I was able to get through them, they were not nearly as bad as the pinicillin they put on the IV line. Since I was unable to get the test done for Group B they had to keep the pinicillin going until she was born to help prevent any sort of infection, which was fine by me.

    However...... IT BURNED!!! The nurse put it on high to get into my system fast and I nearly blacked out from the pain that was in my hand. It felt like someone was gabbing a metal stick in my vein and moving it back and forth really hard. My best friend Darcee was there with me and she was yelling at the nurses because my BP shot through the roof and my baby girls heart beat dropped into the 80's. I was at the brink of blacking out, I hate that feeling....

    So after recovering from that I asked for nubain because from the pain from the antibiotics and the contractions I needed to relax and there was no way I was going to after that. I got the nubain and I was sluring words and felt like I was drunk, my friend was laughing so hard at me, my mom lucky missed out on everything because if she would have been there she would have freaked out on the nursing staff. When she came in when I was sleeping off the effects of the drug I tried talking to her and she laughed at me too.

    I was so much more relaxed after that, it was so much easier to control myself during contractions. At about 2pm, I was only dilated to 3cm and I said lets do the epidural because I was really starting to hurt again. The anesthesiologist that did my epidural made me laugh so hard, he was such a good guy because he was trying to keep me from focusing on the pain. When I got my epidural I was happier and the labor seemed to progress pretty well then. I couldn't sleep because I wanted it to be over so bad that I just talked to my mom and my friend. At 5pm they checked me and I was only dilated to maybe 5cm and I told them that at this point it was going to go really really fast. They didn't believe me.

    My friend left because she had a birthday party she had to go too so my other friend Colleen was on her way. My mom stayed with me however she was just as antsy as I was. Come 6:30pm my friend Colleen was walking into the hospital and I started feeling the real urge to push. Yup sure enough I was dilated to 9cm with a rim. My friend walked into the door took off her coat and walked over to hold my hand as I was crying because I wanted my husband so badly to be there. We had to wait for the doctor because I pushed once and her head was already crowning. That night 15 babies were born, it was insane. Emma was number 2 born in 30 minutes. The doctor walked in got his scrub looking thing on and I pushed twice and out came Emma. The cord was wrapped around her neck so I had to hold back on the second push.

    Special Care was standing by to look her over to make sure she was breathing and that she didn't need to go to NICU. She had some mucus that they had to suck out and she seemed pretty good. Scores were 8 and 9. She stayed in the nursery that night because she was breathing somewhat heavy and they wanted to make sure that she was good. Which was fine with me since her health comes first.

    My legs would not work!!! The epidural did not wear off until midnight and I delivered her at 6:57pm. I had to roll myself into my post bed and pull myself around in my bed to make myself comfortable. Thank God I work out!

    I wanted to go to the nursery so bad to see her that night but my legs could not function, I got up at 5:45 am and took a shower which felt WONDERFUL! I then walked to the nursery and got my baby girl.

    She left weighting 6lbs 7oz and she was weighted yesterday and she is back up to birth weight.

    I am feeling AWESOME! Totally recovered from what was going on with my body. I am back in my pre pregnancy jeans, I have a pouch however its nice to know I can still fit into my cloths!

    Charlie is over protective of his sister, he kisses her, holds her, and tends to her every need. She is going to be so spoiled!

    She is one that is meant to wear pink, she is so cute. Looks exactly like me when I was born.

    Daddy comes home tonight, he is so excited to see his baby girl and boy.

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    The Birth Story of the Twins

    After being on Bed rest for 7 weeks, 5 weeks of it in the hospital, we finally couldn’t maintain the pregnancy any more. On November 4th at an ultrasound we found out that Baby A was going to be our littlest man. He had not grown in the last 3 weeks and his brother had gained a pound so we were worried why, but he past all of his other tests so the Doctors decided to wait to see him on ultrasound again on Friday before we decided if we should deliver or not. Well we never made it to Friday. Wednesday morning during the normal Doctor rounds we found out my blood work wasn’t looking as good as it had been, and I was getting much sicker. I was upset because I was in the hospital on bed rest for the last 5 weeks to stay from getting sicker and to help the babies grow and at that moment it felt everything was going down hill. The doctor order more blood tests and told me after breakfast I was to eat nothing else and plan on delivering at 5pm that day unless my tests came back better. Well around 12pm the blood work came back a lot better so the Doctor just wanted the MFM (high risk Doctor) to release me before they allowed me to start eating. So it was a waiting game, because they had a full office and only one doctor working. Well then around 1pm I started to get a headache and asked the nurse if I was allowed to have Tylenol or not. So she called the doctor and within 5 minutes the high risk doctor came down to check on me. He then asked me to sit up and take my blood pressure, with the preeclampsia you have high blood pressure but always better when laying down, it is why bed rest helps, well once I sat up I knew before they were even done taking my pressure that it was high, and it was 178/120. So he didn’t have to say it I knew, it was time to deliver my little men! So I called my parents and Jack had already left work and was in route knowing I would probably deliver. By 2pm they had me downstairs in Labor and Delivery getting ready for a C-section. Due to baby A being smaller then baby B and baby B being breech they knew the section would be the healthiest way for the boys and with my rising blood pressure the safest for me.

    At about 2:30pm the anesthesiologist doctor came in to give me my epidural (versus the normal spinal that most c-section patients receive) I was told due to my blood platelets being so low, he could not do a spinal and instead would have to do an epidural. So like normal I was scared because when I had little Jack I had a bad experience, and one of the scariest moments in my life, little did I know that was going to be surpassed by an extremely scarier time. The epidural went in easy and they tested to make sure it worked and said they would add medicine at 5pm when we were getting ready for delivery. So the next 2 hours went by pretty slow, anticipating that the boys would be here soon. At about 4:45pm my doctor came in and asked if I was ready. I told him I was scared that I was really worried because I had never had any kind of surgery and this was my first time. He tried to relax me, by joking saying that “This is only my 4th one….Today!” It helped me relax a bit. Also out of all 3 of my doctors he had been doing this for 35 years so I felt good knowing he was there one about to deliver my boys, I felt good knowing they were in his hands. Then at exactly 5pm they were rolling me to the OR telling Jack they would be into get him as soon as I was ready, in just a FEW minutes. I kissed Jack bye and they wheeled me off.

    When I got into the OR everything was going normal they got me on the bed and started strapping me in and then the nurse anesthesiologist started injecting meds into my epidural. (Final Warning, it gets bad from hear out, but it does end with 2 perfect beautiful boys!) They then do a test to make sure I am completely numb. The rub a cold swab over my arms and ask do you feel that? Yep sure do. Then they rub over my stomach, feel that. Yep I do. Across my leg, feel that? Yep I do. They ask again you do? Can you wiggle your toes? Yep sure can. Well that’s not normal they say and they say we are going to lift the bed upside down and let the medicine flow down. So now my head is almost touching the ground and my toes are pointing to the sky, thinking about it now I am sure I looked pretty funny, a big belly with toes sticking out the top. So they added more meds and again went through all the questions which again I answered with a yep I can feel that! So they continued adding meds I think about 4 times. The Last time the nurse said okay last chance we have 10mins to get these meds working and I got even more worried wondering or What?! So they started counting down 7 minutes feel that? Yep sure do. 5 minutes how about this? Well yes I felt it you just pricked my stomach. The Doctor again trying to relax me asked if I just called him a prick, in that moment I laughed and heard 3 minutes feel that, barely I said. 2 minutes how about this? Not to bad. 1 minute, I don’t feel it. Doctor says great, I ask what is happening they said we are starting now. 5:30 after 30 minutes of trying to get me numb. I ask what about my husband they say he is coming, I kept asking them felt like forever before Jack got in the room. Then he sat down I said hi and then the doctor told him to get the camera ready Baby A was coming, and right when he said that, all sensation in my whole body came back. I felt everything. Then Andrew cried (born at 5:35pm) and I was fine for a second and then they took him away and as they did I felt them taking Benjamin out (born at 5:36pm) and again when he cried my pain left and then as they whisked him away, I began feeling everything they did, the nurse then started giving me morphine right into my epidural. My blood pressure then got really bad and my blood vessels started bleeding really bad and they were pushing to get everything under control and then all of a sudden it just stopped. (I later found out a friend was praying at that exact time for me, I feel this why they got everything under control before they had to give me any blood). The most wonderful sound after hearing those two beautiful babies cry was my doctor singing “Happy Birthday” to both of the twins and then each one individually. The fact he took the time to make their birth moment even more special was amazing and even though I was feeling such an intense pain, hearing his voice singing to my boys made me smile, even if it was just in my heart, since my head was dealing with so much pain. The doctor finished closing everything up and by the time I got to my recovery room, the pain was finally gone. From the first cut to the last stitch it was only 10 minutes. But those 10 minutes were the worse of my life, but since I got two amazing miracles out of it, how can I not make peace with it?

    Afterwards my doctor comes in to check on me and apologizes for the pain (not that it was his fault) and he told me they couldn’t have done a spinal because I could have had a cranial bleed. All I can do was thank him for keeping my babies safe and making sure they were okay. As he explained everything to us, I realized just how bad things got, and how sick I really was.

    The next few hours I visited with my parents and my sister, and then Jack got to go see the boys and take some pictures for me. Due to how sick I was I would be on meds for the next 24 hours and wouldn’t get to see them until I was stable. They both were in NICU and doing well. Finally after 24 hours of Meds I got to see my boys and then I got to eat. I hadn’t eaten in over 48 hours. For the next few days I thought this was an end of my birth story and I would get to enjoy my new little babies. Unfortunately, things were about to get way worse before they got better.

    I got discharged on Sunday night and headed home, it was so nice to get out of the hospital, but it really hurt to leave the babies behind. I spent the next few days spending time with them at the NICU, I wasn’t feeling well and even though everyone told me to stay in bed feel better I went to spend the whole day with them on Wednesday. When I got home that evening I felt really bad and took my blood pressure which was up, but I figured I had just over done it. So I went to bed. On Thursday I was still feeling horrible and called the doctor and was told to go to the ER. Well I refused I was sick of the hospital and figured if I just stayed in bed then I would be fine. So I stayed and slept all day, not seeing my babies, which was really hard. The next morning, Jack was going to drop me off at the hospital to visit the boys on his way to work. I was not feeling well, so Jack decided to go ahead and drop me off at the ER while he went to check on the boys. The nurse checked me in and I told her I thought my Blood Pressure was really high and she gave me a look that came across as “Yea, sure let me diagnosis you.” So I sat and watched as her faced dropped, and she started calling to see where to send me. My blood pressure was 181/128 which is stroke or seizure range. She then had me wheeled over to Labor and Delivery again so my doctors could treat me once again for Preeclampsia. Just so you know only 6% of pregnant women get Preeclampsia and of that 6% only 1% ever get it after delivery. So I was that nice rare case. So they get me hooked up to the IV’s again and start giving me magnesium sulfate yet again. Last time after 12 hours my blood pressure stabilized. This time after 30 hours it still was in the horrible range. So they were trying everything and were talking about finding another doctor to help, they also discussed giving me a sedative that could put me in a coma to stabilize my BP. Finally then gave me another medicine called Lasik, that drains water from your body. After an hour they said I had gone to the bathroom enough for 3-5 days of a normal person. I am so glad I had a Cather in, I couldn’t imagine sitting on the toilet for that hour while my body drained. After this process my body got better and my BP began to stabilize. I ended up being on the Magnesium sulfate for 47 hours the second time. They didn’t let me eat until 12 hours after that to make sure I didn’t get sick. So I hadn’t eaten since Thursday night at dinner. I had no food for over 80 hours, or 3 ½ days. From Nov. 5th (morning of boys birth until Sunday 16th a 12 day stretch, I only got to eat 5 days out of the 12. So I can tell you in that 12 days I lost 38pds. I finally got to go home on Nov. 18th and everything is finally getting to normal and my blood pressure, although not perfect it has remained stable.

    So there you have the crazy birth story of the twins, and no matter what happen I have to be blessed to be alive and glad that I didn’t have any strokes/seizures that could have given me long term affects or caused death. I am blessed to have 2 beautiful baby boys to add to my already blessed family. All four boys took me on the preeclampsia journey during each of the pregnancies; I am blessed by them and wouldn’t change anything.
    Andrew Merrill was born 11/5 @ 5:35pm weighing 4lbs 6oz 17 1/2in
    this picture he was 2 hours old

    Benjamin Lewis was born 11/5 @ 5:36pm weighing 5lbs 1oz 18in
    this picture he was 2 hours old

    Here they are at 1 week
    Drew had no tube then (but got it back a few days later)


    2 weeks old!


    3 weeks old they are finally home and the first picture together~
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    1st DS 01/13/01 Jack Ryan
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    4th DS 11/5/08 Benjamin Lewis "BEN" (December 08 Sugar Plum)

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