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    Geez, I can't believe it's been almost TWO WEEKS since I had Connor! Time is flying by (although it feels like it's crrraaaaaawling at 3AM ). Sorry I haven't been around much, but I know you girls understand. Thanks for being patient with me, and congrats to ALL of our new mamas!!

    I got to the hospital around 6AM (Thursday, 11/20) for my induction. They checked me in, did some final paperwork, put in my IV (only took one try, thank the Lord), etc, so I was all "prepped" by 7ish. My doctor came in around 7:30 to check me. I'd been 2 cm at my appointment on Monday, and had dilated to a 3 by Induction Day. That was exciting enough, but after she broke my water, I went immediately to a 4, which I was *thrilled* about. My doctor said I could get my epidural whenever I wanted, so about 20 minutes later, the anesthesiologist showed up and we got things started. He kept acting like it was going to hurt soooo much ("Big burn here!" "Lots of intense pressure, take a deep breath!") but it wasn't a big deal at all. He was a bit of a drama queen. Anyway, a little while later the nurse came in to insert my catheter (again, much better than I expected), and I told her that I still had quite a bit of feeling in my lower half, so the anesth. came back to "top me off". My mom, in-laws, and DH came in later and we talked for a little while...then I noticed that the contractions were becoming quite a bit more intense, and the pain factor had definitely increased. My nurse called the anesth. back AGAIN, and after he talked to me and checked the epi, came to the conclusion that the catheter wasn't in the right spot and we had to take it out and start over. I was a 7 at that point and REALLY didn't want to continue without a working epidural, so we went ahead and re-inserted it. I guess he wanted to make sure that it didn't fail again, because not only did it work, it worked a little TOO well- once the nurse realized I was fully dilated, I realized that I couldn't feel to push. She and my doctor were really cool about it, though, and let me labor down for about an hour while they turned the epidural off. So I took a nap and when I woke up, I had just enough sensation to push. The doctor came in, and I started pushing- when Connor's head started crowning, we realized that he was sunny-side up (ouch), and his heart rate was decreasing with every push, so I had to have some oxygen. His head finally came out, but then the doctor got a look of *almost* panic because his shoulders were stuck. She did a 2-degree episiotomy and I still had a 1-degree tear from his shoulders (he's gonna be a football star!).

    But he finally came out, all 8.12 pounds/19 inches of him. I know they say weight estimates can be really off according to U/S, but in this case, it was totally right (he was bigger than expected!). I'm glad I listened to my doctor when she suggested inducing- I'm still kind of amazed that my little frame delivered a "big" baby vaginally (and I'm secretly proud of myself for being able to do it), but I honestly don't think I could have done it if we'd waited any longer and he was even bigger.

    So, all in all, with the exception of the faulty epidural, it was another good labor/delivery for me. He was born at 12:44 PM, so it lasted about 5 hours, 45 minutes. Not too shabby!

    Things are going well here, for the most part. He is SO relaxed and laid-back- he sleeps a lot and when he's awake, he just looks at us with the sweetest little face. Bug is adjusting well, too- we're giving her lots of extra attention, which she just eats up. Breastfeeding is going much better than it did with Kenlee, but we're having to supplement with formula because Connor has lost more than 10% of his birth weight- if he hasn't gained any by the time we go for his 2-week appointment (on Thursday), the doctor said there's a good chance that they'll have to put him back in the hospital on IV fluids. Please pray that that doesn't happen. I don't think I could handle that.

    Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Love you ladies!!
    *smooch* Kristin

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    Default Lily Elise's birth story

    On Fri 11/21 I had my 38 wk ob appt, and was kind of disappointed to learn that although I was effaced, I was not dialated at all. My dr told me he was pretty sure they would see me in the office next week.

    Mon 11/24, DH & I DTD, I walked around the grocery store for about an hour, and I bought some pinapple which I ate when I that got home. Can you tell I really wanted to meet my baby already?

    Still, I was suprised when Tues morning 11/25 I woke & started having contractions at around 8:30 am. I exactly 39 wks at this point. I was keeping an eye on the clock, and they were about 7 to 8 min apart. I thought that I would still have plenty of time though, if it was even real labor, so I tried to go back to sleep. Well, by 9:45 am, they were definately still there, but now about 4 to 5 min apart! I went to the bathroom, and I had some blood show, then a lot more a little bit later, although I never noticed losing my mucous plug. So I called my dr's office, and they said come in right away to get checked.

    They got me back right away, and the dr checked me and walked out of the room for a min. When he came back, he said go straight to the hospital, do not stop anywhere, that I was 5 cm dialated!! Good thing we had brought our bags w/ us just in case! I was a little shocked it was all going so fast, and started to worry I wouldn't get there in time.

    When I got to the hospital, about 12:00 pm, they had me in a triage room to start w/, b/c there were so many people having babies they didn't have a room ready yet! Well, they gave me a shot of stadol, and that helped the contractions for a little bit, and also made me feel drunk! Everyone I talked to on that was laughing at me. I had also decided that I did want get an epidural at some point, b/c I didn't want the pain of the contractions anymore. The on-call doc checked me, and I was still 5 cm, so I calmed down at this point knowing it would be a few more hours. They finally had a room ready for me, so they moved me to my own room, where my dr broke my water. Luckily, the anesthesiologist arrived right after to give me my epidural, b/c the contractions got a LOT stronger as soon as my water was broken. That woman was a miracle worker, b/c as soon as I got the epi, I couldn't feel any pain at all, but could still feel my legs enough to move them a little. I think this was around 3:00 pm.

    My dr came back in to check me then, & I was still 5 cm! I wasn't happy to learn that. Then she mentioned the p word (pitocin), and I told her I really, really did not want it if it wasn't necessary! I didn't feel like it had really been that long yet, so I told her to give it a little while. Luckily my L&D nurse agreed w/ me. About 5:15 pm, I told her I was feeling something weird down there, so she checked me & said it was the head & I was 9 cm! I was so glad I wouldn't need the pitocin after all! By 6:00 pm, I was fully dialated and started pushing, and at 6:46 pm I had my beautiful baby girl! She was 6 lbs 4 oz, 19 1/4 in long. I was surprised b/c when I came in my dr estimated she was about 7 1/2 lbs! I only had 1 small tear, which my dr stitched up while I watched them take care of Lily. Then all my family came in to meet her before they left again so I could breastfeed.

    Later, Lily was having trouble regulating her body temperature, so they took her to the NICU and started her on antibiotics for a possible infection & ran a bunch of tests. It was tough not having her w/ us in the room, and tiring going to the NICU every few hours to feed her. I was discharged on Thurs 11/27, but Lily stayed until Sat 11/29. She was doing much better, and I was so happy to have her home!

    Lily is now thriving! She is already up to 6 lbs 10 oz, and her ped said all her tests from the NICU came back fine!

    Mommy & Daddy

    Welcome to the world Lily!



    Lily & I meeting each other

    Lily meets Daddy

    In the NICU


    And my little snuggle bug at 1 week old

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    Mackenzie’s Birth Story

    My first official contraction was at 9pm on Monday night…. But didn’t have another until 3am. I then had contractions for about an hour and then they were gone again. Throughout the morning I had some here and there. I’d get all excited and think – “This is it!” and then everything would stall out and I’d assume it was all a false alarm. My friend Courtney came over and we took the kiddos to the park which helped get things going. I’d say by about 11:30 things were moving along more consistently but not too painful. Courtney then went home and Evan and I went down for naps.

    Around 1:30pm I decided I needed to call my sister to come over because things were picking up! She came over with my niece (who entertained Evan) and got things all set up. Meanwhile, DH is still at work and scheduled to work until 6pm. He got a hold of me around 2pm and I told him to please come home! Luckily they found relief for him and sent him on his way. My mom, other sister, and Courtney were all on their way as well. DH got home around 3:00 which I was so thankful for! He got the tub ready and filled up!

    I called my midwife around 4:30 because things were getting very intense!! She arrived around 5pm. The next hour was super intense and kind of a blur but I pushed her out very quickly according to everyone else (it seemed like a long time to me!) Her birth did seem a bit easier than Evan’s but still a lot of work nonetheless. What a relief it was to be DONE! The official time was 6:06pm. They laid her on my chest and we all fell in love J

    I then figured I better see what gender this baby was so I looked down and right away saw the umbilical cord and said “It’s another boy!” And then I realized, no, that is the cord I see! “Wait I don’t know I can’t tell” I said and looked again and saw she was a GIRL! I announced it and everyone screamed with excitement!!

    We were so surprised to see she has a head of dark hair! Where that comes from we have no idea! She weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 12oz and was 19.5” long. She nursed right away and continued to be alert for hours!

    Evan was over at his Aunt's and came home around 7pm to meet his sister! He seemed excited and kept smiling and saying “Baby!!” We haven’t let him get too close yet because he tends to be quick and unpredictable.

    We didn’t decide on her name for sure right away. We had a list of three and had to decide which name she fit best and Mackenzie was the one! Her middle name Bernice is after both mine and DH's grandmothers.

    What a blessing she is and we are loving every precious moment with her!! God is good!

    DS Evan 2/18/07
    DD Mackenzie 12/2/08

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    Default Brodie Kai's Birth

    I don't post a lot but wanted to share my birth story. Sorry i haven't posted more before hand. He birth was kind-of unplanned this soon.

    It all started at my 38 week appointment. My midwife noticed that I had gain a lot of weight in one week and had a lot of swelling and high blood pressure, so they took some blood work, told me to go on bedrest and come back Friday. Well, Friday my blood pressure had gone down so they took me to stay on bedrest and to come back Monday for more tests. Well, Monday my blood pressure was back up and one of the blood test came back high, so after consulting with one of the on-call doctors at the hosiptal they decided to have me come in to be induced to prevent me from developing preeclampsia since I was showing signs I was headed that way. So on Dec 1st I checked into the hospital at around 1:30pm and they started me on prostin around 6:00pm to soften my cervix (I was only 1 1/2 cm dilated and only 50% affaced). I was given two doses of that and then started on pitocin around 6:30am Dec 2nd. Luckly my water broke on it's own around 10:00am and my labor took off from there though it took me till 8:30pm to get to 9 cm. During pushing they noticed that Brodie's heartrate was dipping so they put me on oxegen and then they had to do a hard vaccum extraction to get him out (he had the cord wrapped around his neck and arm). They did have to put him on oxegen too right afterwards too since he was a little blue and had some fluid in his lungs. He was born at 10:30pm Dec 2nd, 6lb 10oz, 19 3/4in long.

    All in all, labor was long and hard but even though it wasn't a birth in the birth center like I planned I was still able to go natural (no pain meds) like I wanted. I had wonderful support thru it all and was way excited my best friend was there as my duela. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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    Brodie Kai
    Born Dec. 2nd 2008

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    We're back home and settling into being a family of four. This is Julia's birth story, and the reason I never make a birth plan!

    I had my stretch and sweep at 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon. I was getting some cramps that evening, but didn't think too much of it.
    At around 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday, my DS woke up crying, so I went to sit beside his bed and rub his back. I felt a little trickle, but figured it was just CM from the S&S. He settled down and went back to bed. I couldn't get comfy though, and started gettting contrax, probably about 5 mins apart. I paced and bounced on my ball, and didn't feel too bad.

    Here's the funny thing. DH had an appointment at 8:15am the hospital where I was going to deliver. By 6:30 the contrax were about 3 mins apart, so I got him up and told him that he'd need to come home right after his appointment. He suggested that I go with him to the hospital, just to get checked. Smart man

    We dropped DS off at daycare at 7:30 and arrived at the hospital at exactly 8:15, after fighting rush hour traffic and constant contrax. I insisted that DH go to his apt, at least to postpone it. He had been waiting for months to see this doctor.... So with a lot of convincing from me, he leaves. By this point I can't even sit down, the contrax are on top of each other without stopping. When the nurse examined me, I almost shot off the other end of the table the exam hurt so much. Anyway, she checked me and said "you're a 10, this baby is coming NOW". The first thing out of my mouth was "I don't have time for an epidural"?! She said no, we might not even have time for DH to run back up the stairs.

    So, they rush me to a room and I start pushing. DH runs in, and at 8:43, after 12 mins of pushing, Julia arrived, no pain meds involved. She was 8lbs,5oz and born at exactly 39 weeks. I NEVER wanted a drug free delivery, and that experience confirmed it. They were able to keep me from tearing on the outside, but I got a second degree internal tear. I almost punched out the doctor who stitched me up. I had awful shakes, and knew that my BP was dropping....

    After the delivery, they got me up to shower, and I passed out cold So after not having an IV for the delivery, I was stuck with one until I was discharged! But, we left the hospital after just more than 24 hours.

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    For a few weeks I have been having a feeling that I would be getting my baby early, nothing that was actually making me feelings true but just a feeling.

    As it got closer to the 39 week mark I told EVERYONE I will have this baby on Monday.

    Sunday came and I knew in the morning something might happen. I had the worse back ache and the baby had been very quiet. DH went to work as normal telling baby that he would like it to come out now so we could all meet it.

    I went to the loo about 8 and found my mucus plug had come out. I got VERY excited knowing that something could happen any day. I went to bed and started having really mild contrations. At midnight DH came in from work and I told him not to be excited but I was having mild contractions. He just got into bed and I felt a strange wriggle from inside me then a pop and my waters had broken!! DH jumped out of bed and found me a towel and I called the hospital. I was told to come in when I was having contractions every 3 mins lasting for 1 min.

    After an hour of timing we phoned my FIL who picked us up and off we went to the hospital. We got there at around 2am. I got changed into my nightie and was checked by the midwife. She confirmed that my waters had broken and I was 2cm dilated, although only on one side of my cervix.

    I got out the gas and air and for about 3 hours laboured well. I was checked again at 5am and I was 4cm dilated but still only on one side. I decided I wanted some pain relif and chose Diomorphine. It made me very sleepy and I couldn't feel any contractions. I was told to lie on my right side so my cervix could open more one the closed side and I had a nap while this was going on.

    At around 11am I was checked again and I was 7cm. By now my pain meds had worn off and I wanted some more. I was given a new dose and relaxed again.

    at around 2pm I was starting to feel I wanted to push but kept being told not to as I was only 9cm. At 3pm I was 10cm and was told to start pushing. I could not get comfortable and I was in a lot of pain. I started to loose my contractions at around 4.30pm and I didn't want to cary on, but the head was stuck and there were a lot of Drs and midwives in the room. Both me and baby were very tired and I didn't have a contraction for 20mins.

    at 4.53 I got 3 contractions on top of each other and my baby flew out like a cannon ball with no one there to catch!! Everyone thought there was a big problem with me as he came out so quick so DH didn't get to cut the cord. My baby was passed to me very quickley and covered over. Then after a few moments to compse ourselves I looked and saw I had a baby boy!

    I had a 3a tare which apparently is the best kind to get (I would think no tare would be better ) and was rushed off to be stitched up and DH was left alone with his new baby boy.

    Alexander James
    8th December 2008

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    Well as many of you know I have had contractions/bh regularly from 27 weeks. They were never very painful, but I went on shots and pills to try and control them. I went off the progesterone shots at week 35. Around week 37 my contractions started to get painful-menstrual like pain. This continued on for a week and by the following Sunday night they were pretty painful, but still 4-8 minutes apart. I woke up Monday morning around 3pm and they were painful enough where I couldn't sleep through them. I got up and timed them and they were 4-7 minutes apart. I was frustrated because they weren't a little closer together. I debated what to do while I timed them all morning. They never really got too much closer together, but the pain was still there and I knew that I couldn't handle being at work.

    I called my clinic to see if my dr could see me that day. I just wanted to see if there had been any progress from my last appt. They couldn't get me in and recommended that I go to L&D because the ctx were painful.

    DH and I went to Perkins to eat breakfast first, since I had no idea if I would be able to eat for a while.

    When we got to L&D (around 10:00am) and they hooked me up to the monitors it was about 15-20 minutes before I had one single ctx! I was pissed and thought for sure they were going to send me home, but then lo and behold they started up again, and this time they were 2-4 minutes apart. The nurse checked my cervix and said I was 2-3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. (Ugh...I was 2cm a week ago!). She then said she would call my dr and he would decide if they would admit me or not. It was about 20 long, long minutes before she came back. She said my dr said 'Let's have a baby!" I was so relieved.

    My dr showed about about an hour later and checked me. I was 3cm, 80% effaced, and baby was a 0 station. He was happy with the progress I had made in an hour, but decided to break my water to speed things up a little more. My ctx definitely got more painful, but they stayed at 2-4 minutes apart.

    I made it through the ctx until around 3pm when I requested an epidural. The nurse said she needed to check me first to make sure I was too far progressed. I was only 4cm! OMG, 1 cm in 4 hours! Grrr. My dr decided to start pitocin after I got the epidural. I got a shot of Nubain to help while I waited for the epidural. The Nubain helped me relax and almost sleep, but the ctx were still so strong. I had to wait until 5pm to get the epidural and the Nubain helped for maybe a half an hour. I was afraid the epidural was going to hurt because of what I've heard, but it was nothing. Probably because nothing compares to what those ctx felt like!

    They started the pitocin and the ctx got stronger. I could feel the pressure of them and a little pain, but I could see there intensity on the monitor. After a couple of hours on the pitocin the dr came in and said she was concerned because the baby's heart rate was decreasing after each ctx. They took the pitocin off to see how his hr did. She said she would give it 10 minutes and then decide what to do. His hr stabilized and they started up the pitocin again. Almost immediately his hr started to do the same deceleration, but this time it was a lot worse and then his hr was also all over the place-from 80bpm to 180bpm in seconds. They decided to do an emergency c/s then.

    I was so scared. The epidural I had was only working on one side and so I was freaked I was going to feel everything. I started shaking really bad. They had a bunch of nurses taking my vitals, taking blood, taking all my clothes off and moving me from one bed to another. When I got to the OR they started a new epidural and I could instantly feel the affects (thank, god!). I was still shaking uncontrollably and I was in and out of sleep-which is so weird....I would have a dream and then wake up to someone asking me if I was ok. The c/s was pretty quick, but the sewing up seemed to take forever. DH was with Ryken the whole time, and it was hard to not know anything about my baby. I slipped in and out of sleep while they sewed me up. They then brought me to a recovery room hooked me up to heart monitors and IVs. I was still shaking like crazy. DH was able to bring Ryken by about a half an hour later. He was beautiful and all my pain and upset over the c/s was gone. He stayed with me for a couple minutes, but they had to finished checking me over. I was then brought to my room about a half an hour after that. I finally stopped shaking.

    I nursed him and then DH and I just took turns holding him. I got tons of pain meds all night. I started itching really bad a couple of hours after the c/s because of the morphine they gave me. And after 2 doses of benedril and one dose of Nubain it was only slightly better. DH slept about 2 hours at the beginning of the night and I slept about 2 in the early morning. I was exhausted, but my adrenaline was just going nuts.
    6/16/07 Katie & Benn
    12/1/08 DS1 Ryken
    7/23/10 DS2 Sullivan

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    Saturday, Dec. 6th, 2008

    Hubby and I decided to go ahead and have sex Friday night (I was told not to due to the spotting episodes a couple of months ago)... we were ready to have this baby.... so we thought we'd give it a try since it worked last time!! Lo and behold... it worked again!!!! Because my water broke a few hours later!

    12:15 am – water broke. Trickle here and there. Wasn’t quite sure if it was my water or not until about 15 minutes later when I couldn’t stop going to the bathroom and was trickling on the bed.

    12:30am-1:30 – tried calling daycare so I could drop Cadence off. Was unsuccessful. Ended up calling a friend and she answered the phone right away.

    1:30- dropped Cadence off at friends house… my water gushed while I was walking up her driveway. I was soak and wet!

    2:00am – arrived at Sentara Leigh ER - that was real nice being drenched from the waist down! Glad it was in the middle of the night and not during the day!

    3:15am- I was checked, and received a positive on the litmus paper to detect amniotic fluid. I was also about 1 ½ cm dilated, and my cervix was high.

    I wasn’t feeling any contractions – so we just relaxed in the room trying to get some rest.

    7:00am- I was checked and was 3 cm dilated

    Still no contractions!!!

    10:00am I received pitocin to start the contractions and an epidural to take care of the upcoming pain. I was 4 cm when this was done.

    2:45pm, I was checked and even though I was contracting every 2 minutes, I was still 4 cm dilated. I couldn’t believe it!

    3:45pm- I was starting to feel the contractions in my back and it was becoming quite uncomfortable.

    4:00pm the anesthesiaologist came to check up on me, I told him I was very uncomfortable and he told me to push the button to increase the epidural dosage when they hurt.

    4:20pm- I was checked again, and still very uncomfortable even though I kept pushing the button… I was now 5 cm dilated.

    4:45pm- I told Shawn to get some help… I was feeling pressure and knew I was ready to give birth!!!

    After the doctor and nurses got my room ready, I was ready to push. I pushed for about 2 minutes or so and Brandon James was born at 4:51pm.

    Apgar scores were 9, 9.
    Weight: 6 lb, 11 oz, Height: 19 inches

    Here's a pic of me.... 8 hours after my water broke... not feeling a dang thing!! (where oh where are my contractions?!?)

    Pictures of my little man!!

    Right after Brandon got cleaned up.... I was an emotional mess... i look like crap, but I was soooo excited to meet my little boy!!

    Cadence meets her little brother and give him a kiss.

    One day old!!

    Hey mom, Look what I can do with my razor sharp fingernails!

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    Breyan’s birth story!

    I guess this story starts off on November 25th. I was having contractions at 3-4 minutes apart for an hour so we headed into the hospital. They got me all hooked up to the monitors and everything looked like it was in a good pattern. I was 4 cm, stretchy to a 5 so they wanted me to stay overnight to see what happened. We walked at least a mile around the labor/delivery floor stopping for the contractions along the way. They checked me again around midnight and I was still at 5cm. Things started to slow down, and finally just stopped by about 3 a.m., and I had made no more progress. They sent us home.

    Things stayed calm until the night of the 4th of December. Things started up again at around 3p.m. Contractions were 5-7 minutes apart and stayed that way. We decided to call the doctor and see what we should do at around 7p.m. Doctor called us back and asked us to meet her at L/D. I was still 5c.m., but she wanted to see where we were going so we started walking again! At least another mile down, and we had no more progress. They asked me to get some sleep and we would start Pitocin around 4a.m. So, 4 a.m. rolls around and they start the I.V. The contractions pick up in intensity, but they are starting at the top of my uterus and not really moving low. I was on the Pitocin until about 9a.m., when we got a new nurse. She decided she didn’t like the way the first nurse had put in the I.V. (it was sideways), so she took it out and left it out for a while. At 10 she put it back in and the contractions drastically changed. They were starting at the bottom of the uterus (I could honestly say I could feel my cervix opening up with each contraction!) At around 11a.m. the doctor came back in to check me out and I had made it all the way to 6 c.m.! So she said, we’re going to rupture the membranes. She actually did this with her hands alone not the magic crochet needle! And the flood began! I really can’t believe that I had a ‘normal’ amount of amniotic fluid because there was SO much! Its no wonder my little guy wasn’t down very low there was just too much fluid!

    So after my water was broken, things really picked up and quick! I hopped in the shower for a while (I’d say about 15 minutes tops, and had an urge to go to the bathroom. Nurse checked just to make sure I wasn’t ready to push, and found me to be about an 8. I sat on the birth ball for a little while then kind of swayed around the room for a while and by about 12:40 I was at a 10 and ready to push! They had me moving in all different positions trying to find something that worked. My back started hurting really bad so they thought he might be in an odd position. They had me on all fours to get him to turn, (that was terribly uncomfortable and didn’t last long.) Finally I got comfortable and I think I had him out in about 10 really good pushes. I wasn’t the most pleasant of people during all of this, and I completely gave up several times, but DH and the Nurse were great cheerleaders! I managed to go without meds and without a tear or cut!

    Breyan Patrick was born at 1:10 p.m. weighing 7lbs 5 oz, and was18.5 inches long! He started nursing while he was lying on my chest, latched on all by his self!

    Minus the big stall out at 5 c.m., and having to be on the Pitocin at all, this was pretty much the birthing experience that I had been looking forward to!

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    On Monday December 8th we went to our doctors appointment at 10:45am. We found out we were 3cm and 90% effaced, along with high blood pressure and a little protein. Since we were only 5 days away from the due date he was fine with us being induced. DH took DS to Great-Grandma's as I was being moved to the hospital (the next building over).
    Once in Labor and Delivery (11:30am) the doctor broke my water and checked me again to find I was 4cm and 100% effaced. He checked to make sure the cord was not around her neck or anything like that and she grabbed his finger. DH showed up just when they started the pitocin. I decided I wanted to see if I could go through the labor with out an epidural yet I did get something that took the edge off. Yet it only worked for about half an hour and I had to wait for half an hour to get another dose. DH was great at helping me remember to breath and to stay as calm as possible. I started feeling the need to push and the nurse checked me and I was 9cm and she called the doctor. He showed up and we started to push and Lillian joined us just 5 minutes later! She was born at 2:51pm weighing 8 pounds and 7 ounces and 21 inches long!

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