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    Birth Story:
    I was to be induced on Dec 1st. Sophia had other plans thankfully! On Nov 28th, the day after Thanksgiving, I started having more regular contractions. I had been having contx for a week and a half. They were more intense and closer together. Around 11:30 pm, we left for the hospital. I got checked in and I was 80% effaced and 3 cm. The dr on call said she would let me stay.

    They started pitocin around 12:30. At 5:00am I got the epidural. Sooo much better. At 5:30, they broke my water. I was even able to sleep through the contractions! At 7:00, I was 5cm. Then a shift change at 8:00 and a new nurse checked me. I was now 10cm and 100% effaced!! Yeah!! I went from 5-10 in an hour. They could see her head. DH said it was pretty cool to see her.
    The dr. came and got things ready. After pushing for less than 10 minutes, Sophia Grace was born at 9:10am. At the end I even got to hold her head and help bring her onto my chest. Then DH cut the cord.

    It was a great birth experience and we are so in love with our little girl. Praise God for a healthy baby!

    Some recent pics
    Leaving the hospital

    Our 1st day home

    Hangin' out with big brother
    Miles 9/9/06 Sophia 11/29/08

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    Luke Edward's birth story:

    I was induced on Dec. 10th. I had to be in L&D by 8 am. I got checked in, prepped and everything and the MW showed up around 9 am. She checked me (I was contracting a bit on my own had been for months) and I had somehow gotten from a 2 the day before to a 3 that day. She tried to break my water and the bag was very tough plus I had on the low side of normal fluid (we knew from my u/s a week and half earlier) and it the bag was like glued to the top of his head so she couldnt get it. She finally put on a scalp monitor and that broke it plus then the baby had a monitor on that was more reliable. I had so little fluid none even came out on breaking though we did see some later. She then had me walk too see if it would start labor on its own, for 3 hrs!! The nurse was great and said I didnt have to do a marathon but that the MW really wanted me to try it. So dh and I lapped the halls over and over.

    At 12:40pm the MW checked me again, the water breakage and walking did start ctx and they were somewhat painful and about every 5 mins, but they didnt dialate me anymore in the 3 + hrs I had them. So they started pitocin at 1:15 pm and an epidural. I had warned them about my epidurals in the past not being effective and so they tried to put mine in a lower placement and they kept upping it more than last time. They kept checking my pain and it was getting worse with the stronger ctx every 3-4 mins which is normal but the epi should have been better, they just kept upping me and giving me bolises. At 3:30 pm the nurse checked me thinking the increased pain might be from me really dialating but I was still 3-4 cm which really, really, depressed me I almost lost it then! I had a better handle on the ctx than in the past tho and squeezed dh's hand with every ctx and breathed them through. I tried changing positions and whatnot. The anestheologist (sp) came back and again upped my epi and we decided it was placed right and I was some what numb in places and didnt feel anything when checked. I just still felt the burning pain of the ctx low right above my pubic bone and when she probed me I could feel all around my tummy.

    The MW came in at 4 pm to check me again and said I had my game face on now I was at 5 (which was really depressing to me again I had been at this for forever it seemed!) and said my cervix was changing fast now. She thought I was having some back labor as he was sunny side up and had me turn around and hang over the top of the bed while it was up (this scared the nurse who thought I would fall but am I ever glad I did that!). I was really in pain now and feeling very chilled and shakey. It was all I could do to stay over that bed. All of the sudden I felt him drop down more like felt his head go down. I immediately flopped over and the MW came running to check me out I was a good 9 this was at about 4:30! I had gone from 5 to 9 cm in 20 mins max! Then the MW had one last other patient to see (she was seeing them in the hospital) and decided to run and see them quickly as she knew I would push soon. I thought he was going to fall out! I had so much pressure and the ctx were really bad, breathing wasnt working much anymore at that point. They got the whole room ready and we were just waiting on the MW I knew I could push him out at any time. She came in suited up and sat down and said yep there is his head right there. She let dh get some gloves on too (last time he helped deliver Alec no gloves at all she surprised him then) and had him right by her side. I pushed once and he was out to the shoulders, once more and there was the rest of him. Once his shoulders were out she let dh grab him and put him on my chest. I dried him off and he was just perfect! Then once the cord stopped pulsing dh cut him free from me. I didnt tear at all but I did have some swelling and some road rash.

    We thought he looked really small and they thought he would be small from the u/s and my measuring behind but he was a good 7 lbs 3 oz and 19.5 ". I was drained but felt good too, kwim?? I didnt bleed much at all (unlike last time I hemmhoraged) and the placenta came right out in one push. Over all it wasnt a bad birth. My labor really started to get going at 1:15pm or so and I had him at 4:57pm. If I hadnt tried walking from 9am-1pm ish it would have been shorter I bet.
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    I had my induction appointment on Monday Dec. 8 at 4pm.

    Once I got settled into my delivery room, which was beautiful, more like a hotel suite, the doctor administered the Cervadil at 6. I was told by the doctor on Friday and again on Monday that nothing would happen until Tuesday and no one could be sure when. I was still completely closed when she inserted the Cervadil. I was told to hang out, watch tv, and try to get as much sleep as possible to prepare for labor the next day. She even offered me an Ambien to help me sleep but I declined. DH was also prepared to sleep too. So then began the waiting. I was just hoping that my cervix would ripen enough to make inducing with the pitocin the next day quick.

    We found our we could have 4 additional people in L&D so we let our parents come up to hang out with us for a little while.

    By 7:30, 1 1/2 hours after the cervadil, I began having lower back pain. I told the nurse and she laughed and said, it's probably the bed.

    By 8-8:30 it was intensifing. It got to the point that I had to constantly change positions because I couldn't stay put for more than a minute.

    By about 9, I was in true pain and had no doubt that I was contracting. I told the nurse and she said I may be having some but try to rest because I was far from labor.

    At 9:30, I begged for relief. They gave me ?Stadol? (I really can't remember, but all it did was make me feel high, the pain was getting worse).
    At that point my mom went out and told the nurses that she really thought I was in full blown labor but they said it's not possible. I was screaming and crying and begging.

    The doctor came in at 10 and checked me. I was 1cm so not only did I probably sound crazy but the doctor said there was really nothing she could do.

    By 10:15, I was truly dying. My mom went out to get the nurse again and somehow the doctor agreed to give me an epidural even though I was only 1cm. It couldn't come fast enough.

    As the anestheologist came in, my water broke although at the time I thought I was peeing due to the pain I was in. I got the epidural, which didn't hurt at all since I was contracting about every minute at this point.

    At 11, the epidural was done and the nurse went to put my catheter in and said,"oh my god! I can see her hair." I had gone from 1-10 in about 45 minutes. No one, including the doctor could believe it.
    I was feeling better but in about 15 minutes, it got bad again as the epidural didn't take. I went through another hour of the same unbearable pain until they figured out they had to redo my epi.

    Finally, around 1, I began pushing with the nurse and DH. (side note-Dh was awesome!) Her head wasn't descending enough so the nurse decided to have me sit for a while and see if gravity would help.

    The doctor didn't come again until 2:30 and when she checked, she said the baby was posterior (which if you remember, they said this a couple of weeks before, then said she wasn't). So the doctor said, because of the size of the baby, this is going to be very difficult so you could try to push to see of you can make progress or I can give you a c-section right now. I said I would push and the nurse (side note-she was awesome too) said, "you can do this. It won't be easy but I really believe you can." So the doctor said, give it one hour. She left and the nurse and a med student helped me push. I pushed for 45 minutes and was able to get the head down far enough that they said with an episiotomy, this baby would pop right out. They got the doctor, she cut me and I think with maybe 5 pushes, she flew out. It was truly amazing.

    When my water broke, there was meconium in the fluid but Alexis' lungs were fine. She was such a big girl, thriving at birth, with a big cry right away. And I got to be known in L&D as "that girl" who went from 1-10 in less than an hour.

    Carrie and Walter, proud mom and dad to
    Alexis Victoria 12/09/08 and
    Samantha Laura 10/09/12

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    Default Garrett Jeff Lee's Birth Story

    So it was Tuesday 12/2 and I called the L & D like they told me to at 6:30 am to make sure they could take me. They said they could so we dropped the other children off at my moms house and by the time we got breakfast and everything we didn't actually end up at the hospital until 8:00 or so.

    Dr. A came in and checked me and told me that I was 1 cm soft but still very very high he called me Quebec I guess its their little code for someone who's baby is still very high up. It was funny at the time because I thought he would come down after contracting some, now its not so funny because he NEVER came down.

    So they inserted the Cervadill at 8:40 and told me that they would check me periodically but he didn't expect anything really to happen today and that we will probably be having the baby tomorrow. So as the day went on I decided that I wasn't going to torture myself and I asked for an epidural as soon as I could get it (thank god I did this) but unfortunately I would never progress far enough on Tuesday to get it . So after the cervadill being in for 12 hours I had only progressed to 3 to 4 cm and I was feeling quite crappy. My doc decided it would be best to let me sleep so they took the cervadill out and moved me to a recovery room and shot me in the butt with Morphine so I could sleep. The nurse said that my contractions should die off and I would be able to get things started in the morning. So I got my shot of Morphine at 9:30.

    I was sleeping in between the contractions but every time I had one it would wake me up. I tried to see how far apart they were but I was kinda out of it and couldn't tell time lol. At about 12:40 I felt a contraction start and it felt like my stomach was getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then it finally popped. I woke up and said JAY!!! I think my water just broke. I called my nurse in and well it was quite obvious that my water had broke. The bed was SOAKED. I got up to go to the bathroom and had another big rush of water then when I laid back down (after the poor girl just changed the sheets) I had another big gush and she suggested that I try and sleep still through the contractions. I laid down and tried for about 20 minutes but there was NO WAY I was going to sleep. I was too excited and in too much pain. Once that water breaks man those contractions freakin hurt!

    So they moved me back to a delivery room and I told them that I wanted an epi. The epi guy came in about 20 minutes and he did an awesome job. It was kinda tingly on one side like the one I got with Sophie but I was expecting it so it wasn't as bad. So around 1:00 or so my pain was subsided by the epi. I was checked again around 7:00 ended up fighting with my doctor and told him I was going to kick his azz because he was taking a shower instead of coming directly to me when I was ready to push lol. But I still had a lip of cervix that wouldn't go away on one side. I begged him to push it out of the way and he thought I was crazy because I guess most people scream and cry and yell that it hurts but it just felt damn good to me. He told me I was all bass ackwards lol.

    So with the lip of cervix pushed out of the way I got to pushing. God did I ever push. I tried my left side right side all fours. I pushed and pushed and pushed for almost 2 hours. Now normally I'm a very very good pusher. I knew something was not right. Finally Garrett's heartrate started going funky. It went down to 40 and then up to over 200 and it was scary. I told my doc that he was not coming out this way and I couldn't do it anymore. He said there was only one other way to do it. I said do it do it now and give me a tubal while your at it! I said this kid is too big to come out this way. And he said ya know I never thought of that .

    So they prepped the room and within twenty minutes I was in the OR numb from the neck down (boy whatever they put into that epi to make it work better was some powerful crap) It was weird. I appologized for eating too many cookies and being heavy and the nurses having to move me around. They told me not to worry. I love them. So they cut him out and he didn't cry. I was freaking out. I knew something wasn't right. I kept asking them why he wasn't crying. After a minute he made some gurgly noises but it wasn't a cry and I really was freaking out. They took him away and the pediatrition came over to my head and told me that he was having trouble breathing on his own and they had to take him to the nursery, but he was going to be ok.

    They tied my tubes and it seemed like it took forever. I messed with them half way through and told them that I changed my mind I could feel him hovering over my body and I could almost see the look on his face in my head and then I said JUST KIDDING. LOL. I'm so evil. He said well we only did one so we could have stopped and given you half a chance.

    After everything was all sewn up they told me that they couldn't bring him to me because he was still having trouble breathing. So they brought me to him after a couple of hours and I finally got to hold him even though he had a little oxogen thingy in his nose. Then I went to go help up in my room and the peditrician came in and told me that I had a decision to make. He felt it was best for Garrett to be transferred to a hospital with a better Nursery as if something where to go wrong with his breathing they would be unable to really do anything for him. I decided that it was best for him to be transferred to one of THE best NICU places in the country. So they transferred him to woman and infants hospital in RI. Unfortuantly I didn't realize that he would be gone for so long and I would be unable to go with him.

    He was in the NICU for 4 days and I ended up leaving the hospital a day early so I could be with him. I went straight to his hospital from my hospital without my superscription C-Section with no drugs...not recommended. They were nice enough to give me a room for the night. I stayed and was with him as often as possible. Then the next day they released him around 1:30 and I was finally home and settled with my beautiful baby boy around 4:30.

    And that is the whole horrible birth story. Sorry its so long. LOL.

    Garrett Jeff Lee Born 9:33 AM 11 lbs 2.4 oz 21 1/2 inches LONG! Big boy!

    Me when I was still hugely pregnant

    Husband in scrubs

    The first time I got to hold him

    My beautiful baby boy!
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    Hunter Thomas
    December 12th @ 8:57pm
    7lbs 6oz


    Friday I joked all day that the full moon was gonna finally make it happen and that 12/12 would be such an easy DOB to remember-I was hopeful but figured we'd just go in on Wednesday as scheduled. My contractions were definitely more intense on Friday morning and had finally became timeable but only 8-10 minutes apart. They got alot more painful and closer together throughout the day.

    After DD got home from school, it was very painful and they were coming about every 5 minutes. I wanted to give it time because they had been that close before only to tamper away. DH got DD fed and bathed and finally convinced me to call the OB when he could hear me in pain all the way on the other side of the house. They were coming about every 3-4 minutes at that point and I wasn't able to hold much of a conversation so the OB told me to go to the hospital. My mom came over to stay with DD. I made DH go thru the McD's drive-thru so he could have something to eat. I ate 3 fries and wanted to barf.

    We got to the hospital around 7pm. I was only 1cm (I never got past a 3 with DD even with pit) but the contractions were now coming every 2-3 minutes and much more painful. The OB was gonna come in soon so they could decide whether to just do the CSection that night or wait it out til Wednesday so they weren't giving me anything for the pain (I wasn't too thrilled about that one LOL).

    After about 30 minutes (guessing here because I was in crazy pain), the contractions started coming right on top of one another to the point it felt like there was no break in between them. Next thing I knew the nurse was running out to the hallway screaming "O2 mask NOW!!!" and they were put me on oxygen. I was just screaming in pain so I couldn't really register what was happening or what they were saying but within a couple of minutes they had me up on my knees and elbows and they were telling people to page the OB "STAT". Apparently Hunter was in extreme distress and was laying on his cord. His heartrate had gone from 150 to 90 and was continuing to fall. They were able to get it to stabilize once I was on all fours and said, "We are going NOW! We HAVE to get this baby out STAT!!!"

    They wheeled me to the OR on all fours (yep thru the hallway in front of God and everyone LOL)-at that point I was in so much pain and just wanted Hunter to be ok that I really didn't care what I looked like or who saw me in that crazy position. They were able to let me lay on my side in the OR and we were able to keep Hunter stable while the anesthesiologist got the spinal block going (SOOOO much better than the epidural I had with DD). The on-call OB got there first and we waited about 3 minutes until my OB arrived and they started immediately. The spinal only went up so far on my chest so when they started having to push Hunter down it was really painful (seriously felt like I was having a heart attack because there was so much pressure on my chest) and they gave me some extra drugs-I was still able to tell what was going on and got to hear Hunter's awesome screams when he came out.

    He was in pretty bad distress towards the end and he did swallow meconium and actually came out pooping LOL But his Apgars were perfect and so was he He looks almost exactly like his sister when she was born. It was definitely terrifying there for a few minutes but all in all it went great. They moved fast and were able to get him out very quickly and we both are doing awesome. It was scary but I'll take it any day over the 18hr labor I had with DD. Its crazy but the pain I experienced in those last 15 minutes with DS was a million times worse than all the pain combined in DD's 18 hour labor.

    Only disappointing part is that I had planned to have my tubes tied but because they had to rush in they weren't able to get my consent forms signed before I was drugged up so it didn't happen. DH has been awesome and actually offered to get a vasectomy!!!

    Right after he was born

    Definitely doesn't have pencil legs like his big sister did

    DD meeting and falling in love with her little brother whom she calls HER baby LOL

    In his Santa hat He was the only boy on the whole floor so the nurses were all joking that he had his own harem in the nursery LOL
    Happily Married 1.23.04
    Isabella Grace made us the MayTrio 7.15.06
    Hunter Thomas made us the MayQuad 12.12.08

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    Our baby is here! Here's our story:

    This has been a very trouble free pregnancy. Other than major heartburn, sciatica, and very little appetite, not really a whole lot of issues to complain about. I didn't gain a whole lot of weight, which is good because I was a little over to begin with, and everything always measured right on track. Since late Wednesday, I'd been having contractions but they were painless. At our appt on Friday, I was about 3 cm and 70% effaced. She said that the painless contrax were definitely doing their job and that I was very lucky to not feel anything. She then stripped my membranes and said everything was looking very favorable, esp. for the next 24 hours. I went back to work, and nothing really happened.

    Saturday, I got up and went to work as normal. I might should mention that DH and I DTD both Thursday and Saturday mornings. But since nothing had really happened, I needed to get on to work as I had some deals to finalize. We had DH's company xmas party to attend late Saturday, so I left work a little early so I could rest before we went.

    Nothing was really happening baby-wise, so we attended the party, then went home and went to bed. Around 4am Sunday, I woke up to mild menstrual-like cramps in my lower abdomen paired with the all over contrax I had been having that didn't hurt. I noted that the pain was new and thought maybe I should time them. They were 4 minutes and 3.5 minutes apart for 20 minutes, so I woke up my husband so he could help me. He immediately got up and started getting ready to go while timing me, and they started getting even closer together and stronger. By the time it was 5am, the contrax were 2 and 2.5 mins apart, about a min long. And they had gotten quite a bit stronger.

    We headed to the hospital, and on the way there the pain moved all the way around to my back, where it was REALLY bad. I had two contrax in the atrium waiting area, and later my husband told me it was funny because I was trying to be discreet but that my moaning actually was echoing through-out the atrium. It actually is kinda funny in hindsight.

    We got to the room around 5:30am -I remember because I was looking for the clock when I had the worst contrax yet. They were trying to get me to do some more paperwork while the one lady was hooking me up to the monitors. The contrax were really strong at that point and steadily 2 min apart. I don't know how long they were, but they felt like FOREVER. The midwife came and checked me and I was already 7 cm. The pain in my back was extremely bad and even though I had orginally wanted a natural birth, I asked if it was too late for meds. She said not at all and got on the phone to get me an epidural.

    Well, the contrax suddenly intensified even more and I think that was when I finally lost my mucus plug. I started losing focus and all the nurses could tell me was to breath slowly. RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. I told them they were crazy.

    Right about here it gets hazy. I don't recall everything that happened. They asked us to sign some more paperwork to allow for the epidural and I remember my hands shaking from the pain. And then all of a sudden I needed to PUSH. I remember saying "I need to push BUT ITS TOO SOON." And my midwife responded "Do what come natural to you, its time." I didn't believe her! My husband said that the nurses and midwife were talking in low tones about how I was already pushing, but I didn't hear them. I think the sounds I was making had changed because my focus had somewhat changed but everything was just such a blur.

    So I pushed, but I wasn't doing it right. I don't know everything that happened but suddenly the room was FULL of people. They rolled me over to my side and put me on oxygen. I wasn't breathing deep enough and the baby's heartrate was dropping. Suddenly, there was burning down there and I told them. They looked and rolled me back over on my back. I really felt I couldn't continue. I was so ready to give up. The nurse got in my face and told me I had to think of the baby, that the baby had to come out RIGHT NOW. I suddenly realized there were alot of people in the room. Then she told me to push like I as having a bowel movement. And I know I had read about that here, but in the heat of the moment, I had totally forgot about it. So that is what I did. They pulled my legs up and told me to hold them. I really couldn't do that, so one nurse and my DH held them. I don't know how long I had between contractions, but I know I wasn't getting any rest at all. Finally the head was free and I had to stop for a moment. But it really was just a moment and then the painful contrax was on me again. The MW was telling me to get the shoulders out, that I had to do it RIGHT NOW. I pushed with every ounce left in me and finally that part was over. I only had to get one stitch! It was only 6:31am.

    There are other details I remember but I am not sure exactly where they fit in, like a dr. asking me if it was ok for him to examine me, and I was like WHATEVER IT TAKES. My husband said everyone asked before examining me and I always said YES - WHATEVER. He also said that he could tell the contrax were almost nonstop because I would only talk in quick bursts between them and that the rest of the time was very scary because in the 15 yrs we've been together, he's never seen me scream in pain. I didn't know I was even doing that, really. I just thought that I was moaning loudly but not how bad it sounded. He said it wasn't moaning.

    They whisked the baby away and continued working on me. Then I heard "He's just fine!" and all I could think was "We have a boy!" Turns out, he had the cord wrapped tightly around his neck. They didn't offer my husband to cut it because there wasn't time. He was having breathing problems from such a quick delivery, plus I was bleeding a lot more than they expected and were trying to get it to stop. His apgars were 8 & 9. yay! One thing no one ever tells you is that if you are bleeding more than they expect, some one is going to reach alllllll the way up inside you while pressing reeeaaallly hard on your tummy. That was such a painful surprise! I think I almost crawled off the top of the bed trying to get away from that.

    They took him to the NICU until about 3pm that afternoon. I was in L&D until noon, which is really unusual according to my nurse. But the bleeding was a major concern, so I couldn't leave until they knew it was under control. I tried to sleep but it was nearly impossible since I was getting checked constantly. But we have been in post-partum care since noon yesterday, and hopefully will get to go home tomorrow (tue). The little guy is on antibiotics so we aren't sure if he will be released Tue or not. Breastfeeding has been a challenge, but I think we are getting the hang of it. The lactation consultant was very positive about our progress today. Oh, and we finally decided on a name: Roman Elias. He looks a whole lot like his dad!

    Dec. 14, 2008 6:31am

    6lbs 15 oz.

    Head: 13 in.

    Chest: 13 in.

    Length: 20 in.

    this turned out longer than I thought it was, but I really enjoyed reading everyone's birth experiences so far so I wanted to return the favor.

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    Here's a link to my very long birth/hospital stay story: Dancing in the tide

    It's too long to post here, LOL!

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    Terry and I went in for the induction Sunday Dec 14th at 7:45 PM. I got the Cervadil at about 10 PM. At that point I was 50% effaced and totally closed up. Terry and I watched some TV until I fell asleep.

    Timeline of events as I remember them:
    Morning of the 15th:
    7:30 - My doctor came in to check, and I was 60% effaced, and 4 cm dilated. She decided to break my water then, because I was only having short contractions that I wasn't feeling.

    10:00 - Got checked again and was almost at 5 CM, and about 65-70% effaced. The contractions were starting to get a bit stronger, and they just felt like twinges to me. (The machine was spiking at about 50 so they were doing something, but I didn't feel them).

    Noon - I really really started feeling the contractions. They were coming hard and fast, the machine was spiking at about 75-80 and the contractions were lasting about 2 minutes each. I got checked again and I was at 5 still . But then I asked for something to take the edge off the pain. The nurse couldn't get a hold of my doctor so that I could get an epidural, but because they couldn't get a hold of anyone, I got some Stadol instead. That was nice. I just passed out for about an hour. Apparently I was still having the massive contractions, but I was nodding and smiling through them and was "feeling very nice" (according to Terry)

    1:00 - Begged for an epidural with an almost 4 minute contraction that didn't stop. I was still about a 5, and they gave me an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in to give me the epi, and he couldn't get it placed in my back. I sat there for about a half hour while he positioned it 3 or 4 times (I refused to ask how many times - I hate needles). Finally it worked around 2 or 2:20. My legs started to get heavy after that, and I fell fast asleep again.

    Woke up at about 3:40 and told my nurse that I needed to push. She seemed really shocked when she checked me and I was a few millimeters away from being 10CM dilated. Then the nurse called for my doctor. By the time the doctor got there it was about 4 PM. I was still heavily under the effects of the epidural and the doctor didn't think I could push. I was like, "Oh no, I can push. I know I can." So they decided to let me try.

    I started pushing at 4 PM, still under the full effects of the epidural. By about 5 PM I felt enough to know that I was feeling the baby's head crowning (but it didn't hurt at all). Terry was holding my left leg as I was pushing and he kept telling me that I was doing a great job. He told me I could do it, she was almost here and I pushed with all I had. I felt her head come out, and the doctor told me to not push through the next contraction. I really tried not to, but I just did, and she was out. When my doctor put the baby on my chest she said, "Oh she's really solid, I bet she's around 9 pounds." Terry cut the cord (I was so proud of him). They took her back to get weighed and the nurse called out 10-2. I was like 10 to what?? and the nurse said, 10 pounds, 2 ounces.

    My doctor said that had I had one more ultrasound that showed the weight of the baby I would have had a c-section because of her size.

    The best part is, I didn't tear at all, though Emma's fingernails were so sharp she did cut me internally and that required 1 stitch, but that was it. I'm in no pain, I feel fantastic, and I can breathe!!

    Ok.. onto the pictures:
    Me before:

    I was huge - I couldn't get out of my own way.

    Just born:

    Daddy and his little girl:

    Mommy, Daddy, Grandma (in pink) and Great-Grandma:

    Mommy and Emma:

    3 days old:

    Birthday: 15 December, 10 pounds, 2 oz. 21 1/2 inches.

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    Luke Preston
    Dec 18 1:21pm
    7lb 7oz
    19 1/2 inches long
    Apgars 9, 10

    Dec 18 12:07am

    Im in my room... 1-2cm 40% effaced. Cytotec in, IV started. Going to get IV antibiotics for GBS+...and an ambien to help me sleep.

    Feeling good thus far but I expect that to change all in good time. I am hooked up to all these monitors which suck and apparently they do that continuously and will only let me off for bathroom.

    Will have to stay 48 hours after delivery because of GBS... thats ok though.

    I am so excited.

    Dec 18 07:00am

    No sleep. DH snored all night but I could not get comfortable with all the monitors and wires.

    Still 1-2 I was having contractions every 2-5 min but then they started coupling so I will get some more cytotec. DR hasn't been in yet but I am hoping that he will break my water and start pitocin so we can get the show on the road!!! Ctx have gotten pretty painful, but manageable... just thought they would have made a little more progress by now.

    Dec 18 07:25am

    DR came in, broke my water... things starting to pick up quickly... hurting pretty bad. ctx 1-2 min apart. He wanted to start pitocin now, but the nurse is going to hold off since I am contracting so well. Sitting here with a towel between my leg soaking amniotic fluid!!! lol How's that for a visual???

    Epidural to come!!!

    Hard labor for about 2 1/2 hours before my God came in to do my epidural. (Let's just say, my legs are still numb from it!!! It was THAT good) I did not feel a thing after that. That was about 10am... then we waited about an hour to see if ctx would continue on their own... and they slowed down so they started the pitocin. Labored with that til about 12:00 and the DR came in to check me at I was 4cm and 90% effaced.. which was improvement from the 2-3 but thought we had plenty of time so I told DH to go and let the dogs out at home and come back... After contemplating whether he would go, he finally did about 12:30pm. So he left and I tried to rest. The nurse came in soon after and told me to get on my left side because the baby was having some decels. Then she same back and said "Let's check you, you might be ready to go." (thinking maybe a rapid change in cervix could have been causing the decels) Sure enough I was fully dilated!!!! WOW in like 45 min I went from 4-10... (See Carrie, you're not the only one that can ROCK!) So I called DH at 1250ish and told him to come (after deciding with the DR that I could start to push) DH got to the hospital a little after 1pm and by that time baby was starting to crown. I wasn't feeling any of my pushing, and didn't know if I was doing it right, but they assured me I was. Baby Luke was born at 1:21!!!! What a close call for DH!!! It was so close that the nurse who was going to cath me because I hadn't pee'ed since 7am, only emptied me part way because she thought if she emptied me totally that would give him just the room enough to slip out.

    I did not tear, and I am still pretty numb from the epidural. I am hoping to get my feeling back soon so I can get up!!! lol. In love with this guy. He has DARK hair just like I was wanting since Bryce has red/blonde. It's awesome. They look similar in the face as newborns. Bryce has a rash now, so he could only look at the baby so the initial big brother experience did not go how I would have liked but that's ok!! Waiting on the PED to come and see him but his apgars were 9 and 10!!! So were Bryce's and I told them that I thought only pediatirician's babies got perfect apgars...

    Pics are at

    Please excuse the pics of me, they are not the most flattering.

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    Miss Kaiya Jade Sky arrived on December 17 at 1:22 am. She was 9lb 6oz, 52 cm long with a 38cm head!!! so much for getting a reasonable sized baby.

    We just got home I did not get the homebirth that we wanted, but that is ok. Here is the tale - long apparently.

    My contrax started on saturday evening along with the snow. by sunday they were getting stronger and went from every 30min to 10min. my mom came sunday night and stayed till baby was born. monday I was still technically in early labout and the contrax were every 5-10 min. I was about 2-3cm dialated at that point. baby was posterior so every one hit me in the back and the was hell! I didn't really sleep more than 10 min at a time between contrax. tuesday was more active and more poor poor hips. I had progressed to about 4-5cm. we did everything we could to get baby to turn but she just wouldn't. I was stalling cause her head was not well applied to the cervix. by evening I was still 5, stretchy to 7. around 7pm we broke my water and things really picked up. I didn't know at the time that there was some meconium staining to the fluid but my mw gave me two hours to progress or we were heading for the hospital. we tried everything we could to get her to move down - everything that was most intense and most painful. I was having a terrible time coping at the point as I had been in hellish back labour for two and a half days with no meds. after about an hour I gave up and said we needed to go. my MIL came and got us and we headed in. all I could think of was the epi waiting for me! when we got there I got checked and hooked up to monitors. I was in so much pain. baby was stressing - her heart rate was too high and I was panicking. we got an OB consult and he said baby was having a rough time. he gave me the option to get the epi and try to progress but that might be 5-7 hours and baby might have serious issues - we had no way of knowing. Or we could just do a c-section and know she would be ok. I knew there was no way I could make it and she was having really issues so we opted for the c-s. She came out pink and healthy and crying. no problems at all. she was totally posterior and has a huge head! there was no way I would going to be able to push her out with no meds to relax me. really the c-s was the only way. too bad we didn't know that before the 3 days of labour!

    Here are some pics...

    Kaiya Jade Sky

    Kaiya and I on her birthday

    with Daddy

    with big sister
    Me- Fuchsia
    My Wonderful Partner - Rob
    DD - December 17 2008
    DSD 15
    DSS 18
    Feline Furbabies - Sophie and Indigo

    Little Babe 22/12/05

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