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    Default Carter Robert's birth story

    At 2:00pm on Wednesday, December 10th, I arrived at L&D to have a cervix ripening done (they were applying some gel, not cervidol, but something like that, started with a p). Anyway, the nurse was doing all the intake work, and noted that I had high blood pressure, which was new, as my bp had been REALLY good the whole pregnancy. She had me change positions, and bp was still elevated. She continued with the intake work and applied the cervix ripener. I was supposed to be there for an hour while the cervix ripener took effect. After about 20 minutes, the nurse came back in and checked my bp again, it was still elevated. She left, and another 20 minutes later she came back in and told me I was being admitted and that I would be induced that night! I was shocked! I was both happy and worried. Worried that my bp was up, and worried because I was just starting with a cold, and I wasn’t looking forward to giving birth and caring for a newborn while sick. I called DH, and he arrived around 6:00pm. (He had a lot of necessary errands to run, so I just watched TV). While I was in the triage room, I had some contractions.

    I stayed in the triage room until just before 8:00pm, when I was transferred to a L&D room. At 8:00pm, pitocin was administered. The contractions picked up a little, but they still weren’t very painful.

    At 10:30pm, the on-call doctor came in and broke my water. I think I was only 3cm dilated at the time. I came into the hospital 2cm, so the cervix ripener and pitocin were only having a mild reaction. Shortly after my water was broke, the contrax became more painful, and started coming closer together. Luckily, we anticipated this, and the anesthesiologist was already on his way!

    At 11:00pm, I was given an epidural. Ahhh what a relief!

    Throughout the night, I continued to have contrax, but with the epi, I couldn’t feel a thing! DH slept most of the night, but I just couldn’t get comfortable with all the tubes and monitors, so I just rested.

    At 2:00am, I was told my dr was coming in for another delivery and she would check on me.

    At 3:00am, my dr arrived, and I was 6 or 7cm. I was given strict instructions to have the baby by 7:00am because my dr had surgery at another hospital at 7:30am.

    At 6:00am, I think I was 9cm or just barely 10cm, so they decided to have me do some test pushes. The baby didn’t really move down, but he had some serious decelerations. I was moved every which way, oxygen was administered, the baby was stabilized, and I think I did some more pushing then, the baby moved a little bit down the birth canal, but not much.

    For the next nearly two hours, the doctor had me push for a while, and then rest for a while as they tried to get the baby delivered ASAP. During this time, they determined Carter was face up. On top of that, we already knew he had the cord wrapped around his neck from the u/s. The dr left for a little while, and DH & I were sure she was going to come back to tell us that I’d have to have a c-section, because he wasn’t descending, the hr kept dropping while I pushed, and he was sunny-side up.

    She came back in around 7:25am (which by the way, was minutes before she was scheduled to be in surgery in a hospital 20 minutes away). She had me push again, and this time, he moved down quite a bit. So, she had me push more. She then told me we’d have to do an episiotomy to get him out. As soon as the episiotomy was performed, he crowned. A few more pushes later, and Carter Robert was born with his cord wrapped around his neck 3 times, sunny-side up at 7:49am. While the pushing was really hard work, I was so happy that my doctor kept working with me to give me a vaginal delivery. She knew I was opposed to a c-section, and because of my previous abdominal surgeries, she knew that a surgery for me would require getting through a lot of scar tissue.

    Carter was a bit blue on birth, but pinked right up! His apgars were 7/9. While my dr was certain he would be huge because of all the trouble he had descending, he was a tiny 6lbs ½ oz, and a long 20.5 inches. His hands and feet are HUGE so I think he has daddy’s tall genes. His eyes are blue right now, but I am interested to see what color they turn out to be. I never thought I would have a blue-eyed baby. Mine are sooo brown, and DH are hazel.

    All in all, I was very happy with Carter’s birth. It could have been a lot worse, I am just happy he came out healthy and okay, despite the cord issue.

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    Started having contractions Saturday afternoon. They were not painful, but they were regular. This had happened before so I went about my regularly scheduled evening -dinner with mom & dad, some shopping after. But they were getting closer together - getting us excited that this might actually be it! When they were consistently 5 minutes apart lastng 1 minute each we called the doctor to let her know what was up. She told us to wait at home if we could stand it and to call her when we went in. Two hours later the contractions were definitely getting painful and then my water broke. So, I called her back, we went in. And after they checked everything. The contractions weren't as regular as they had been, but they were more painful. When doc put the intra-uterine pressure gauge in I was in soo much pain and only 2cm. And I requested my epidural. My epidural was a bit too strong making it hard for me to move, but I was so relieved to not be in pain anymore. Then they cranked on some pitocin which they though wasn't doing the job, but when they checked me 4 hours later I was 10 cm. My doc was there with us the whole night. They let the baby descend for an hour and then we started pushing. Since I could not feel a thing it took me 1.5 hours, and I had to have an episiotomy. It didn't hurt then but it does now! So do my breasts from me and little Luke still trying to figure out the nursing thing.

    Now he is on the 95th percentile for jaundice and they are having us supplement. At least so far he is able to do both. And we switch back and forth with each feeding. I think the breast feeding is getting better, but my nipples were already bleeding from the first day so... still quite painful.

    Our baby is adorable and so much fun. We love having him next to our skin and just listening to him breathe. And, it really makes you realize what is important in life.

    So baby Luke Alexander was born at 8:15am weighing in at 7 lb. 6 oz. and we can't remember how many inches long. And he's a cutie!

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    Default Kaden's Birth Story

    As many of you know I went in Tuesday (Dec, 9) for my 40 weeks appointment and got sent up to L&D to be monitored for my contractions. I ended up getting sent home with instructions to schedule an appointment for Friday to follow up and see if there was any change.

    Well my mom (DH had a meeting at work that they threatened to fire him if he wasn't there for anything less than actually labor) and I went to the appointment at 2:30. When they checked me there was no change in my cervix, so they did a NST to see what was going on. I wasn't even contracting anymore! (This was where I was sure I would be sent home again to wait things out...) The doctor decided to do any ultrasound to check the fluid around him since he was overdue at that point. There was only 6 cm of fluid (this was down from 10 on Tuesday, and 17 the Tuesday before), and at the absolute lowest they want is 5. So she told me to head on upstairs! They were going to induce me because of the fluid level being so low. Up at L&D they said I probably wouldn't have him until some time after 2pm the following day.

    I called DH at work and told him to leave and head on over, that we would have a son sometime the next day. He showed up by 4pm and by 4:30 they had gotten started. They put in a balloon folio (this is what would take so long they said. It wouldn't come out until about 6am) to help get my cervix to open (I was still at 1cm) more, and started a pitocin drip. The balloon hurt like a SOB to get put in. They had to try 3 times, and each time hurt worse than the first, with plenty of tears to match. It was like menstrual cramps times 100. When they were done the gave me Dilaudid through my IV, which worked really fast in numbing the pain. It also made me insanely dizzy and nauseous. I made it about 30 minutes of fighting the nausea before giving in to it. DH was wonderful and already had the bucket ready for me.

    About 3 hours later I felt something fall between my legs, so I called the nurse. The balloon folio had fallen out! It had done it's job in 3 hours instead of the 12 hours they had told me! After they upped the pitocin drip and gave me the first dose of my antibiotic (apparently my GBS test came back positive, even though the nurse said they would call me if it was...and they never did). I made it about 3 more hours before requesting my epidural, which was amazing. After that I slept until about 6am when the nurse came in to check me...I was 9 1/2 cm and counting! So they called the doctor and told her to hurry in. My mom woke up DH and told him to get ready, while she got the camera ready to take pictures.

    By 6:30 the doctor was in the room and the nurses prepping me to push. At 6:35 I started pushing...and DS came out on the third push at 6:38am on December 13!! He was just beautiful! 6lbs 11ozs, 18 inches, apgars were 8 and 9.

    Pics can be seen at until Saturday. Both the username and password are 1213kadentran.
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    Jocelyn Victoria was born at 11:38 this morning, Dec. 22. She weighed 7 lbs. 1 ounce and measured in at 19 inches. Her apgar scores were 8/9. Pictures are below!

    Everything went very, very smoothly as far as the c-section goes. Spinal was very easy, surgery went smoothly, and recovery is going really well so far. I just got out of bed for the first time, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I would say that for today, I'm pretty much pain free. the doctor said that tomorrow will feel worse, and it should get better quicky from there. But, I'm feeling really good and just thrilled that my baby is here.

    Thankfully, there was no talk of postponing today. However, there was some drama as I was being prepped for surgery. First, there was a fire in the hospital cafeteria, and they kept announcing that "Dr. Red" was in the building, "Dr. Red" was in the cafeteria, etc. It was a little unnerving, but it didn't affect the surgery at all. Second, my doctor wasn't responding to his pages at first, so the nurses had to go look for him. I told them (completely seriously) that if he didn't show up soon, they should find the best house doctor they could and have him do my surgery -- we weren't cancelling now. Luckily, my doctor showed up a few minutes later and all proceeded normally.

    Jocelyn has eaten twice, pooped once, and sleeps like a little angel for now. She has long, luxurious eyelashes and is the cutest thing I have ever seen. My husband and I were totally in love at first sight with her. This is truly the happiest day of our lives.

    Jocelyn and her daddy are off having her first bath right as we speak. I'm jealous that I can't be there!

    Thanks for all the well wishes today. I'm in mommy bliss right now!

    Jamie & Brian, married 5/22/04
    Jocelyn Victoria, born 12/22/08
    Elliott James, born 3/18/10


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    hey, I'm just going to copy and paste the story I wrote monday for my pals at TBW, 'cause when will i be in front of a computer with the kids asleep again?, heh, so if the "yesterdays" are off or anything just ignore it.
    * * * * *

    OMGWTFBBQ birth story

    So I had contractions 11 minutes apart for a couple of days (and nights but got a little sleep thanks to hypnobabies) and DH kept asking "is it time yet?" Saturday morning they were closer together averaging around 5 minutes apart so we called my OB's office and went to the hospital since he told me "don't labor at home, it could be fast". (foreshadowing alert!)

    We parked around 11:30am and at triage I was 3 cm. (A friend and the kids were in the waiting room and DH went back and forth to check on them and then check on me.) Hearing this, DH said "oh I guess it will take a long time then" and I said not necessarily since some people go from "__cm" to "baby!" very fast but then it's a very intense experience. (foreshadowing alert #2.)

    They stuck an IV in me on general principles and strapped on a couple of monitors and we walked down the hall from triage to a L&D room where I was pretty happy to lie on my side and listen to hypnobabies ("easy first stage"). DH popped in again and looked at the graph of contractions and said they were still 5 minutes apart, although (I could have told him this) stronger, so it could be a while, and around 2pm he went back to help our friend take the kids to the hospital cafeteria. Shortly after that while a nurse was in the room checking on things I felt a *pop* (that was kind of fun) and my water broke. The nurse put some pads in strategic locations for the water, and checked and said I was 5 cm. Before she left she paged my OB who said he would be there in half an hour. (you're taking notes, right?)

    After the water broke things felt very different and not particularly fun anymore. I made a mental note never to consent to AROM (not that I was actually planning on having another baby after this one, but you never know.) After a couple of contractions that weren't fun anymore, they started getting a lot longer as well and I felt kind of shaky, queasy, and needed to sit up and clutch something. Last time this happened I was in the triage bathroom (never ask a pregnant woman for a urine sample when her contractions are two minutes apart, that's just cruel) and, as I recall, had DD about 5 minutes later (most of which was occupied by people pushing me on a bed to a different room yelling "don't push".)

    Keeping this in mind this time, I pushed the call button and with primitive cunning said "I think I'm going to throw up" (because, like saying "fire!", this always gets people running fast with buckets, and I didn't feel like making any longer explanation like "I seem to be in transition already and need some minions on hand to catch a baby".) A couple of nurses showed up and paged my DH, who sprinted back from somewhere in the general direction of the cafeteria, and then consulted one another about my OB, who was going to be here in ten minutes (they dug up another doctor instead in time for some of the pushing), in between telling me that I was doing a great job, which is apparently what one says to people who are vocalizing a lot. One of them checked me as soon as I could stand to not be sitting up (we tried waiting for the contraction to be over but it didn't want to be), and said "she's complete. try not to push but hey if you want to we can deal with it", or something approximately like that.

    I think this is about when DH showed up because I told him to hold my knee up as I was lying on my side. I actually changed my mp3 player to the "hypnobabies: pushing baby out" track at some point but wasn't dedicated enough to actually pay any attention to it. I wasn't dedicated enough to count how many pushes it took either (how do people do that? I don't think I could have counted to two. I didn't even look at the clock to see what time the kid was born, but I'm going with "about 2:45".) The cord was cut, placenta out, and baby on my chest (I was just lying there like a dishrag thinking "well, I'm glad that's over" for quite a while) by the time my OB got there. I felt a little bad about that but hey, what can you do? The kid was suddenly in a hurry (like the White Rabbit; I'm late!) He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz, 20 1/4 inches. He figured out nursing pretty fast and, according to a random sampling of everyone who stopped in at my postpartum room yesterday (we are home now), has the stinkiest gas ever. I think it could fell an ox at 10 feet.

    moral: never tell your DH "nah, some people go from 5 cm to baby in half an hour" when you're in triage. Apparently that was just ASKING for it.


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    Default Sylvia Joleigh's Birth Story

    Sunday December 14, 2008, I began having contractions around 3 a.m. that were spaced around 5 minutes apart. I tried to go back to sleep to no avail, so I got up and got in the bathtub hoping to ease the discomfort. Nothing seemed to work, so I got back in bed and just waited it out. Later that evening DH and I decided to go to L&D and see if there was any progress. The Wednesday prior at my 38 week appointment, I was dilated to maybe a “fingertip” according to my doctor. After they examined me in L&D I was about 1-2 cms. They sent me home to wait for my contractions to get more painful or closer together.

    Monday December 15, 2008, I was in a lot more pain throughout the early morning. I did not get any sleep and decided to see if my OB would see me in his office so we would not have to drive all the way to L&D again. When I got there he said I was still maybe 1-2. I was almost in tears at points because the contractions were so intense, but no closer together. I had a prenatal massage scheduled for that morning that I almost cancelled but decided to go in the hopes it would relax me a little. That was the best thing EVER! During the massage and afterwards, my contractions completely eased off. I could feel the tightening, but no pain during them for several hours.

    Later that afternoon when I got home, I started to get the chills and took a bath because it was really cold outside. Then it occurred to me that I might have a fever. I took my temp and got 101.9 and we were off to L&D again. After the exam the doctor said I was around 2.5 dilated, and baby looked great on the monitors. They then sent me home and told me to take Tylenol.

    Tuesday December 16, 2008, I woke up early morning again with a ton of contractions around 3 to 4 minutes apart but still the same intensity. BUT I had horrible chills. I felt like I was rocking the bed. I decided to get up and take a bath to try to warm up and I took some Tylenol, phenergan, and tried to drink some water. After my bath I got really nauseated and threw up. I decided to take my temperature again and got 103.5! Off to L&D again!

    This time as soon as they hooked me up to the monitors, I knew something was wrong. My LO’s heart rate was around the 200s. The doctor seemed really concerned and immediately admitted me. During the exam I had not made any progress. They put me on fluids, and continually monitored the baby. Later that evening my fever broke (I sweated through all the linens… gross!) and the baby’s heart rate dropped to a better level. They said if my fever stayed down they would talk about inducing on Wednesday. They also did an amnio to make sure the baby’s fluid was not infected, and then they flu-tested me and took all kinds of blood. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, and the next day is where all the fun began.

    Wednesday December 17, 2008, at 8:30 am they entered the pill to ripen my cervix some more since I had not had any progress but was having regular contractions. At 1:00 pm they started the pitocin. The contractions got a little more intense, but nothing unbearable. At 2:30 pm I was 100% effaced so the doctor decided to break my water. I immediately went to about 4 cms and the pain was tremendous, especially to my right side and around the right side of my back. At 3:00 pm they allowed me to get the epidural. It gave me some relief but never took effect on my right side or right side of my back. The next few hours were pretty much a blur of pain and DH telling me to breath. They gave me several doses of the epidural but it never took full effect on my right, although my legs were completely gone. Around 12 am I started throwing up because of the pain and was losing my mind because I had not made any further progress. The doctor decided to do a C/S due to “failure to progress”. I was ready for anything; I just wanted to be out of pain.

    They finally took me to the back and gave me so much epidural medicine that the anesthesiologist had to call and get a second opinion. They kept asking me in between contractions if I could feel them pinching my belly and I could. The epidural only took effect from my hips down. So they decided I would have to go completely under. I was so upset because DH could not be there, but I felt like I was going to die if they didn’t do something soon. I went out like a light.

    Sylvia Joleigh was born at 3:18 am on Thursday December 18, 2008. She was 8 lbs. and 19 inches long. I wasn’t really able to enjoy her at first because I felt so weak and I had the shakes so bad. They were uncontrollable. DH was wonderful though. I knew he was really worried about me, but he took great care of her during that time period. We were sent to postpartum and I thought everything was going well until the nurse noticed that my baby girl was grunting constantly. I thought it was just normal baby stuff, but they took her temp and it was low. Her blood sugar was also extremely low (around 35). And that’s when they made the call to put her in NICU.

    I think that maybe she ended up with the same infection I had. They did so many tests (on her and me) and they all came back negative. No flu, no cold, no nothing. But they decided to keep her and run a full course of antibiotics. It was heartbreaking to me to see her with an IV in her head and oxygen on. I have never cried so much in my life. I couldn’t stand having to leave her every day.

    Finally on Sunday December 21st they released me from the hospital and we stayed in a hotel across the road until they released Sylvia on Tuesday December 23rd. The best Christmas present ever! She is breastfeeding like a champ and doesn’t seem to have any problems. And in between that time DH’s command denied a Red Cross request for an emergency leave extension (he is home for mid-tour from Iraq until the 26th, but that’s in a whole other post).

    So it was a very long, painful, and emotional, process but totally worth it when I look into my little girl’s eyes, or watch her while she sleeps. Thanks for reading!

    Ariel & John: Military Family since May 17, 2006

    Sylvia: 12/18/08, Justus: 9/17/10, Bunni: 5/11/12, Surprise Baby: Guess Date 11/5/13

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    Kate Noelle was born December 23rd at 2:02 PM. She weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long.

    I called on Tuesday morning (23rd) at 5:00 am to find out if L&D could take me for my elective induction. They said to come in at 7:00. DH and I showed up, got checked in and did the necessary paperwork. We had to wait a bit for them to clean up the room we were supposed to have. The nurse said it was nicer than the one she could move me to, plus I think it may have been the same room I delivered DS in.

    By 8:00, my IV was in and pitocin started. My doctor was doing her rounds that morning so she came in and checked me (still 2-3 cm I was the week before) and broke my water at 8:30. I didn't feel anything for a long time. I played some games on my iPhone and DH and I just really enjoyed spending some alone time chatting with each other.

    At 9:20 I got up to go to the bathroom and I was leaking amniotic fluid like crazy. I called for DH to throw me a towel as it was running down my legs. He threw it on the floor to mop it up instead. I started laughing and it gushed even more soaking my socks. That set DH off and we were both howling as I stood frozen with water pouring out. I apologized to the nurse for having to clean it up. lol

    At about 10:00 contractions started to hurt a bit, but it wasn't bad at all. I knew I wanted an epi, but wasn't looking forward to being stuck in the bed so I tried to hold off for as long as I could.

    I stood up and and walked a bit around the room to help baby move down for about an hour and a half. I called for the epi at 11:30 because the anasthesiologist had a c-section and if it wasn't then, it would be a while. Once the epi was in, I got really cold and my teeth were chattering. I got really nauseous too and my bp went down. The nurse gave me 2 really warm blankets and I was still shivering. She stayed for a while giving me meds to help the nausea until my bp was back up and I was feeling better.

    At noon she checked me and I was about 5 cm. She said she had a feeling I would go fast so she started getting the table ready and the baby warmer in place.

    She checked me again at 1:15 and I was 9 cm with just a little cervix left so she called my doctor.

    At 1:30 I was ready to push, but my doctor was across the street finishing up a surgery. Her midwife was there so she came to see me and told me if I absolutely couldn't hold back pushing, that she'd be there for me. I wasn't feeling intense pressure so I waited around.

    At 1:42 My doctor showed up and I pushed for 4 cycles

    At 2:02 Kate Noelle was born. The cord was wrapped twice around her neck, but the doctor said it was no biggie. Her apgars were 8 and 9.

    I had a minor tear inside that required one or two stitches. Doctor said it shouldn't bother me and it hasn't.

    Kate is such a sweet little girl. She doesn't cry much (yet), but when she does she sometimes has this shrill little shriek! I BFed her about 30 minuted after she was born and she latched right away. My problem now is I have to wake her to feed and sometimes that proves difficult.

    On to the pictures!

    First moments

    Warming up

    Getting to snuggle

    Our little blonde burrito
    Hayden 6/07
    Kate 12/08
    Anderson 4/11
    Piper 11/12

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    Saphira MacKenzie was born on December 30th 2008 at 8:35pm CST via Emergency C-Section

    As most know I was rescheduled for Dec. 31st, but the hospital called on Saturday and there were able to move me up on the schedule and asked me to make an appointment to see my doc on monday afternoon and have her check my cervix again. If it was ripe then I would start pitocin the following morning, if it wasn't ripe then they would do a cervidil Monday evening and then break my water Tuesday morning and then start pitocin after that...

    So we go in on Monday and doc checks me I am 1 stretchy to a 2 according to the doc... So she wrote up my paperwork and off to L&D we went... well they didn't have a bed available until 9pm... so we sat around and waited for what seemed like forever... finally 9pm came and we got into our room they checked me and I was still the same 1-2 cm... so they unserted a cervadil. It stayed in all night. Tuesday morning tey checked me and I was still only 1-2 cm.. oweverI was contracting a lot more and was beginning to not tolerate te pain well as something wasn't quite rigt and I was no longer able to urinate and every ctx felt as if it was my bladder spasming violently versus my uterus contracting...

    So when I explained this to my nurse, she cecked my cervix again however se was unable to find my cervix, she said it was as if it had disappeared and never existed! So se called my doc at my request and asked ger to come over and check this time I have asked for a foley 3 times as I had sat on the toilet and a bed pan each for over an hour trying to empty my bladder with no luck... The nurse didn't want to do a cathater on me unless I had an epidural as I was able to move around without the cath...

    Once the doc checked me she found the problem... Saphira had at some point pulled her head in a way so that it was BEHIND my bladder thus pusing it into my uretha, not allowing urine to pass, and essentially pushign my bladder into my vagina blocking them from beign able to find my cervix... My doctor said this was by far the fullest bladder she had ever seen or felt and we needed to do a cath one way or the other! Well I was in so much pain and the CTX were one on top of the other, I asked for a moment with David and we decided that a Epi would be the best route at this time... So The nurse came in and I asked her to turn off the ptocin to allow a reprieve long enough to get the epidural and cathater in... well the anetesiologist (sp?) was there within 2 minutes of hearing the situation, and he had the line run and in place and I was numbe from the ribs down within 3 minutes of him walking into my room.

    They started the pitocin back, got the cath in place, and I was feeling GREAT!!!! They drained over 500 CC's of urine off my bladder!!!!! No wonder I felt like I was going to bust... Immediatey I felt 100% better... prior to this theh nurse had checked me I was 1-2 cm dialated... after the cath drained my bladder I went IMMEDIATELY to 4 100% effaced and she dropped a little bit... they were able to manouver her head in front of my bladder and push my bladder back into place... (the answer to the naggin question yes I and in a crap load of pain and peeing ha ha I have been on a cath since giving birth, they just took it out this morning and I was able to go pee on my own. )

    About and hour later The nurse came in because I was breathing through ctx, and se checked me again, I was now at a full 7 cm... BUT saphira had pulled back out of the birth canal... The put and internal monitor on her because she started to decel with every ctx... but she was recovering quickly... Well about 30 minutes maybe 45 I called the nurse cause even though I was numb I have this gut instinct it was time to push... not to mention several time her HR dropped to the 20's during a ctx! So she checked me and sure enough I wasa nin with a TINY lip... she called my doc who rushed over from her office, and started prepping for me to push... After 6-7 cycles of 4 pushes during ctx and only getting a deep breath from one cycle to the next the doc couldn't figure out why she wasn't moving down the birth canal and they didn't like the decelerations in her HR with the ctx... at this point they had me pushing only BETWEEN ctx so that her HR could stay a little more steady...

    After hearing my doc call in the L&D charge nurse, and the Respiratory Therapist, and the NICU Charge nurse and another doctor for a second opinion, I got REALLY worried... I looked at her and said look do whatever it takes get her out of me NOW!!! The doc and charge nurses were code talkign abotu "was the back room ready if need be" and things like that... I looked at my doc and said, try the vaccume and forceps first, if it doesn't work, just do a c-section... well they tried the vaccume through 2 cycles of pushes during ctx and she would not move, finally doc put her WHOLE hand in my Va JAY JAY and stilll couldn't tell which way the baby was facing... she could feel one ear but not the other, so she wanted to try the vaccume once more... we did and all I will say is all H3LL broke loose... the R dropped to the 20's and wouldn't recover... At this point, I had what is refered to as a splash and go C-Sec... what a blessing it was that I had the bladder issue because had it not been for that I wouldn't had had the epi!!!! They got my wheele down the hall I was opened up and saphira was born all within a 30 minute time period!!!

    Saphira was born at 8:35pm CST on 12/30/2008! 7lbs 13 oz, 20.5 inches long! the RT checked her and she had no issues AT ALL! the nicu nurse checked her and found nothign wrong. The on call peditrician was called on during my c-sec and he arrived and checked her... my doc and the nurses and RT all said had they not seen her crash themselves they wouldn't have believed it... She scored 10's on her Apgars!!!!

    Due to the anestesia and the fac tthat I had 7 shots of Stadol BEFORE the epidural for pain dure to the Bladder spasms, It took almost 4 hours for the shakes to wear off from the meds so I didn't get to hold my baby girl until nearly 1 am!!!

    She is such a great baby ONLY time she cries is if she gets cold... otherwise se will root when hungry, she is already holding her head up on her own!!!

    Her big brother is SOOO proud of her, and her daddy is like a kid in a candy store excited. He cries just about everytime he holds her!

    Dadd's Princess
    She is a big girl!
    The ONLY girl in te Nursery!
    Mommy's Princess!
    Se would sleep through a tornado! (unless she got cold)
    he cries everytime e looks at her!
    I was still in a lot of pain from all of the shaking but wanted to feed her and get at least one pic with her! (pardon the fact that I look like crap!)
    and he sees her and cries!
    Some of my contractions! (this is on an internal monitor so you get the TRUE view of the stregnth and legnth of these bad boys!!!)
    Doc prepping for regular delivery

    This is where we stopped taking pics cause everyone started freaking about now!

    We have tons more pics I will make another thread or post them on Myspace when I have a chance to.

    Thanks again to everyone for the ELV and well wishes...

    As I am finishing this my doc just came in to check on me, everythign is looking great... they are aiming to send me home tomorrow around noonish.
    Angel Baby #1 2/2004
    Angel Baby #2 2/2005

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    Bentley Keith Wyatt
    December 11, 2008
    5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
    7 pounds 14.2 ounces
    20 inches long
    Absolutely perfect
    On Wednesday I had my weekly appointment at 8:30 am. By this point in my pregnancy I was so DONE… His head was so low it hurt to walk. My back had really started hurting and I couldn’t do much at all without really bothering me. I had been hoping to deliver naturally and to go into labor well before they thought about inducing me. The doctors had told me that I would not go past 39 weeks. I was 39 weeks and 2 days at this point. The last ultrasound showed that he weighed 8 lbs. everything looked great, but Dr. Anderson did not want to push our luck. She decided that because of the gestational diabetes, there were issues that could easily arise at any time. My mom and I were kind of hoping that she would say let us induce now, but she said that we could do it either the next day or on Friday. I decided on Friday, and she told us that I would need to come in that evening so they could insert the Cervadil that would help me dilate. I would need to stay the night in the hospital. So we went home and we packed our bags and cleaned the house. We also decided to go get the bassinet I had been eyeing so he would have some place to sleep. After dinner away we went!

    That night was pretty uneventful, just lots of anticipation about what would happen the next day. We played a couple games and put together a puzzle. I had to keep a heart monitor for the baby as well as a monitor for my contractions wrapped around my stomach all night. This was extremely uncomfortable. Every time I would move the nurses would have to come in and fix the monitor. Finally at 5:00 am they started the Pitocin. There was a whole lot of waiting around still. It didn’t really seem like anything was starting, and I even read some in my book. Around 6 or 6:30 the contractions started coming. I didn’t need to breathe through them and the pain was not too bad. After 7, I was wanting to move around, and Will and I started walking the hallway. Around 7:30 I called my parents to make sure they were on their way. At 8 the Doctor came to see me and decided she was going to do a procedure to help me dilate seeing as the Cervadil did not help at all. Something about blowing up a balloon near my cervix, I really was not sure what this would entail. However the staff could not find latex-free supplies. While the Doctor had been waiting she was watching baby and my contractions. It seems that every time I would have a contraction the baby’s heartbeat would drop. This is normal if this happens during the contraction as long as it is not too significant. However, his heartbeat was dropping after the contractions. At this point she decided to break my water and to insert two internal monitors. One of these would actually screw in just under the baby’s skin on his head. The other one was put in place to monitor my contractions. With the use of these monitors hopefully they could tell more about these decelerations. I was very upset about the use of this monitor, because I knew it was in his head and in my mind it was a lot worse off then it actually was (he was born without so much as a scrape), and it was extremely painful and uncomfortable.

    After this procedure my mom and our Doula, Christa arrived. The contractions at this point were getting about 10 minutes apart and starting to be painful. They still pretty much felt like strong menstrual cramps, but with every one they were getting stronger and stronger. The hardest part was that I was on an IV that was administering fluids, so I had to pee pretty much every 45 minutes or so. It wasn’t long and I had to lean on Will or whoever was close by. My mother and Christa were so helpful, and I had no questions about my mom being there. Anytime I would ask something, the three of them would rush to get it.

    The Doctor came back and checked on me about lunch time. I was 3 cm dilated and starting to efface. How exciting! I was making progress! I knew I could do it! The baby’s heart rate was still decelerating, so Dr. Anderson said that I could not leave my room and walk anymore. I had to stay on the monitors as much as possible. (They had to be removed whenever I went to the bathroom) She also wanted me to start oxygen, because if I got more oxygen, he would too! At this point the contractions were getting a lot closer. Over the next couple hours they got a whole lot closer, and a whole lot stronger. The pain was so intense, everyone helped by counting with me from 1 to 10 and back down again. Sometimes counting to 10 and repeating 10 over and over again until it was over. They also all got pretty good about looking at the monitor and telling me, “Okay, almost over! Only ten more seconds…” I am not sure how they knew this but I would trust them every time!

    We all thought I had made a lot of progress, and the oxygen seemed to help baby quite a bit. Mary Jo, who was my nurse for the day and absolutely amazing, came and checked me. I had felt some small urges to push while in the restroom, and my contractions were 1 and a half to 2 minutes apart and 40-120 seconds long. We were hoping for me to be 8 cm dilated, or at least a lot more than 3 cm. I was only 4 cm dilated. She called the Dr., who told her to stop the Pitocin and that she would be over in about half an hour to talk with us. I remember being in the middle of a contraction bending over my birth ball on the bed, when the nurse told us this. I had been doing really well rocking and rotating my hips during the contractions. After hearing this, I just slumped over and then went and sat in the rocking chair. We all knew that the Doctor was thinking about doing a Cesarean Section.

    I sat in the rocking chair for quite awhile, we had been told that the contractions would slow down within 15 minutes or so. Well, they were still pretty strong! At this point I asked my doula to step out of the room and I asked my mom and will to pray with me. We prayed for a peace about the situation, for guidance for the doctor, and most of all for peace to come to us. My doula came back in the room and we all talked about what would happen if the doctor told us that we needed a c- section. We decided that we would ask for 2 more hours of labor, and then if nothing were to happen we could reevaluate. The doctor came in and she told us that basically she just wanted to give the baby a break, since he was under some distress. By stopping the pitocin, hopefully his heart rate would stop dropping.

    The doctor stayed for a few minutes and went over with us the risks of a c-section, and the details of the procedure. While she was talking with us I was having contractions on my own, and his heartrate was still dropping. She asked for the nurse to give me a shot that would completely stop my contractions, and got serious with us. When she told me the baby was still at -2, I made my decision. I knew instinctively that something was wrong and this baby needed to come out.

    The next hour was pretty stressful. I have had a few broken bones, but never any stitches or anything like that. I got myself pretty worked up about the procedure. The anthesologist came in and explained what he would do and he gave me this awful lemon stuff that gave me instant horrible heartburn. I asked if I could use the restroom which everyone laughed at because I would be getting a catheter shortly, but I had to go! After that the nurse took out my internal monitors, I got back in bed, and away we went!
    As we went down the hallway I got more and more stressed out. When we got into the operating room my blood pressure had shot up. (I don’t remember what it was exactly, but they were freaking out about it) I also tested my blood sugar, and even though it had been 68-90 all day, it had shot up to 134. The two assistants and the anthesologist were great though, and eventually I calmed down. We ended up having to wait a few minutes for the doctor, but once she came in things went pretty quick. The strangest thing was the “bear hug” which is this big bubble they laid over my chest and arms, that had a blanketed bottom. There was warm air circulating through it so I stayed warm. It was wonderful!

    They let Will in and he was able to hold my hand. I still had really bad heartburn which was really annoying, since I certainly couldn’t sit up! We propped some more pillows under me and that helped. They started cutting and then all I could fill were these weird sensations. It felt like to me that I had a HUGE baby kicking me! That was the only thing I could liken it to; all those kicks from the past few months, only many times stronger. It seemed like forever until they got to the baby. Everyone was just chatting during the procedure, which was so weird to me to be awake for that. Then finally they got to him, she pulled him out and said, “Yup, it’s definitely a boy!” I heard his little cry which was so amazing.

    They put him over on a table to the left of me, and I could not begin to describe all the emotions I went through. This amazing little being came out of my body! And he came out okay, and he is going to be okay! They did his apgars which were 9/9!!!! The nurse picked him up off the table and he grabbed a hold of the scissors that were sitting there!
    Will brought him over for a picture, and suddenly I got sick from the medicine. So we have this lovely first photo of us with me throwing up! And I started itching all over like mad, this did not go away until after I got home. Although it did lessen with some other meds they gave me. We finally got into the recovery room, and I could see him again. It still felt like forever until I had him in my arms. When I finally did, more of those emotions hit. He is SO amazing! We actually started to latch in the recovery room, and had our battles, but we are still breastfeeding!
    Me: Laura 23DH:William 29 1/15/05
    DS:Bentley 12/11/08 : Pixel

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    I finally have a few minutes, both babes are sleeping and DH is outside and the dishes are done(thanks to DH)!
    So here goes, better late than never huh?
    At 3:56am on my due date, Sunday Dec 28th, 2008 I got up to pee(for the 6th time that night) and when I laid back down on the couch I felt a big unmistakable gush, definitely not pee. This was almost exactly the same thing that happened with Reef. I was so excited! If you will remember, my induction was set for that next Tuesday so I was thrilled. DH was sleeping on the other side of the sectional couch so I woke him and he started rushing around to get our last few things together. Thanfully all the bad weather was over so we werent worried about the driving conditions. I called my friend that was supposed to watch Reef here in our town but I forgot that she was up in Washington with family for the holidays. So I called my SIL in Portland to get her up and driving, she was my coach. It worked out great because my MIL was in town for one more day before she had to go back to work(she is a flight attendant) so she was able to come down with SIL to watch Reef. Reef rode to the hospital with us and we met SIL and MIL there. He was very disturbed and upset at our rushing around and being woken up so early. I called the OB and she said she would admit now since I was strep-B positive.
    With Reef my contractions started as soon as my water broke. But this time they only started like BH contractions. They barely registered on the monitor and I didnt even feel them. When I got to the hospital I was only like 3.5cm dialated and 75% effaced, nothing new. The OB doc came in to see me about 5 hours after my water broke. She suggested Pitocin and convinced me that it was a good idea. They got it started about 10am(6 hours after my water broke). At 11am she checked me and I was at 4cm and she realized that my whole water sack hadnt broken, I just had a leak high up. She broke my water and the contrax got very painful so I asked for an epidural. They turned the PIT up very slowly since it was doing such a good job and they didnt end up using much at all. The epidural numbed my legs and my belly but didnt do much for my rectum or my vagina, not cool, so I asked for the anestesiologist to come back but we had to wait because she was in surgery with someone. At about 12:30 the OB checked me again and I was at 5cm! At about 2pm the anestesiologist had just arrived but at the same time I felt like I needed to push so they called my OB. When she checked me she said I was complete and they would call the team! I progressed 5cm in 1.5 hours!!!That was great but since I was at 10 they said no more epi medicine. So I could feel EVERYTHING! It was horrible but I guess in a way it was good because since I could feel so much I did a good job pushing and he was born at 3:48, about 1.5 hours of pushing(better than 4 hours last time!). Total I was only in labor about 6 hours. That was a huge contrast to my 24 hours with Reef so I was incredibly thankful.
    The pain was so bad at one point towards the end that I literally gave up. For about 4 big long contractions I just laid there and wouldnt push, I just let the pain wash over me and prepared myself to die. Seriously! But luckily my SIL was there and she got in my face and made me get back with the program. I couldnt have done it without her! She was just amazing. My hypnobirthing teaches not to do the "blue-faced pushing" where you hold your breath. But with my 1st I learned that you have to do that to get anywhere pushing. So my SIL did the whole counting to 10 for 3 pushes during each contraction. I couldnt always do it all the way to 10 but it helped so much to have an idea of when I could rest again. During the whole labor my DH was on the computer updating family and friends, it was good for him to have a job. He was crying when I was in worst of it, it was so sweet. He just kept telling me how much he loved me.
    Finn’s heartrate was good the whole time. There was one really scary part. Finn was coming out sunnyside up(which equalled aweful rectal pressure, I felt like he was coming out my bum!). Anyways, his head came out sunnyside up but then he completely flipped over and the cord wrapped real tight around his neck all of the sudden. The doctor made me stop pushing(I thought so she could get his shoulders out) so she could slip the cord back over his head. Then his body was born with the next push and he was right side up, wierd huh? She was going to let DH cut the cord, and I wanted her to let it stop pulsing before she cut it but...she mustve been flustered by what happened because she just put him up on my chest and cut it real quick. I got to wipe the vernix into his skin(with DH, he liked that part). His apgars were great. Finn wouldnt nurse right away so after a few minutes I let the familyl hold him. He was acting hungry after about 30 minutes so they gave him back to me and he latched on perfectly right away(I am so lucky). Since Reef was with my MIL he was able to be there right after the birth to meet his baby brother. He barely even noticed him though and just jumped on me since he had been without me all day. For our two nights in the hospital he went to stay with our friends in Newport and he had a blast with them. We missed him but it was better to be able to bond alone with Finn for a couple of days.
    My OB was just horrible! She was my least favorite in the practice and turned out to be a little ****! She is totally opposite from my regular doctor. She didnt respect my hypnobirthing at all. In fact right after the birth she barked at my SIL to turn that stupid hypnosis tape off! So rude! I didnt let her ruin the experience for me but my SIL and DH just hated her.
    After the birth everyone was giving guesses as to his weight. No one guessed over 10 pounds so they were all wrong!
    My little angel is doing great and so am I(despite hemmoroids-ugh!). Sooo sooo happy to have my body back!
    Thanks if you read all of this. After all my worry and fretting he actually came at the perfect time.
    Finnegan(Finn) Bryan G
    10pounds, 2.2 oz
    Born Dec 28th, 2008
    22 1/2 inches long
    Head circ, 14 inches
    Lovelovelove, Jules
    Mommy to...
    Reef 8/22/07
    Finnegan 12/28/08
    Kai Robert 10/14/11

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