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    December 30 – I had an appt with my OB. He checked me and I was 2cm dilated and 60% effaced. We set an induction for January 4 in case I didn’t go into labor on my own before then. I had a second stretch and sweep, which I really didn’t think would work because the first one didn’t. Later that night I started to have contractions about 15-20 mins apart and not too painful but I could definitely feel them.

    December 31 – I continued to have contractions all day. They got to about 10 mins apart and were getting more intense. I stayed at home until about 4pm and decided that I would go to the Birthing Center and get checked. I called my DH and my Mom. Around 5:30 my OB checked me and I was 3cm dilated and my cervix was “paper thin”. He decided that we would stay. We discussed breaking my water but decided to hold off for a while longer so that we wouldn’t have to worry about delivering within 24 hours. My Dr was certain that my baby wouldn’t make an appearance until 6 or 7AM. So I walked for a while and spent some time in the tub (This was heaven!!) Around 11pm I was having a lot of pain and asked for some Fentanyl which really helped to take the edge off and allowed me to relax between contractions, which were about 3-4 mins apart at this point. The nurse checked me again and I was 6-7 cm dilated, she called the Dr with my progress and he said he would come in after midnight and break my water, this happened at 12:30. He still believed that my baby would wait until morning.

    January 1- My contractions really picked up after my water was broken and baby wasn’t tolerating that too well. Her heartbeat went down into the 80’s a few times, so I was told to lie on my side and they put on some oxygen. The nurse called checked me and I had a “small lip” of cervix at the back, she called the Dr back and by the time he got there I had started to push. I am not sure what time it was when I started pushing but DH tells me that after 5-6 good pushes our little girl was born. She had her cord around her neck but the Dr was able to lift it off with his finger.

    Makenna Brianne was born at 1:56 AM on New Year’s Day. My DH cut the cord and they placed her on my stomach while I delivered the placenta. Then it was time for Makenna to be weighed. We took bets to guess her weight and Mommy was right on!! 6 lbs 10 oz. The nurse took her to get warmed and cleaned up a bit and then we were able to breastfeed right away.
    I had 1 small tear which was repaired with one stitch. I really didn’t know what to expect as this was my first baby but I think it was a wonderful experience and I am very surprised at how quickly I recovered.
    Makenna January 1, 2009

    Allyson May 15, 2012

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    Makenna Lynn
    41w 2d
    7lb 6oz
    20in long

    Despite my best efforts to stimulate natural labor, I had to be induced on Monday, December 8th. I was 8 days over due and although all my NST and amniotic fluid indexes were all fine, I had small calcifications forming on my placenta and therefore needed to deliver pretty soon. I was not dilated or effaced at all upon arrival to the hospital Monday night. The best the nurse could give me was “soft.” I had my first dose of the Prostaglandin gel at 9pm after an hour of monitoring. The gel was suppose to help soften my cervix and was to be administered every 4 hours. I had to have 30 min of monitoring before the gel and 1 hr afterwards. Unfortunately due to my body composition and size the monitors did not stay on very well. Brad offered to help hold them on for the first monitoring session. After the first dose was in and all was fine on the monitor we settled down to try and get some rest. During the next exam prior to dosing, I did not have any change. My nurse was so kind and supportive. She told me that the gel usually takes 3-4 doses to really make any change. I was so skeptical that this was going to work, I just had a feeling that I would end up with a c-section for failure to progress. I told Brad that if after the 4th dose I still had not made any progress I wanted to go home and try again another day. He was a bit worried about the short amount of time he had to be off of work but understand my risks of going forward with more invasive induction methods if I was not progressing. My nurse, Janna, sat with me during the second monitoring session, holding the monitor and just talking. I found out that she was a CNM in training. I felt so lucky to have her as my nurse. We talked a long time about natural birth, our current medical society and the various procedures I could possibly have. During her stay with me another nurse came in and gave Janna a bunch of home made incense. It smelled so good! Janna was kind enough to offer us a few sticks and even said that we could leave them open in the room if we wanted to infuse the room with the sent. It made it such a relaxing environment for me, I was very grateful.
    At 5am just before Janna checked me I was starting to feel some contractions. The gel was not designed to produce any contractions, just help soften my cervix. I was encouraged thinking that maybe my body had just needed a little nudge to get labor started. My cervix was now midline instead of posterior, slightly effaced and 1cm dilated. She administered my next dose of the gel. She warned me that she was off shift at 7 and that I was “scheduled’ to start Pitocen at 9. My new nurse came in at 7 to switch out. Janna was great, introduced us, told her of my progress then went right to my birth plan and walked the new nurse through my entire plan, explaining that although I was going against plan with this induction so far, I still wished for very little interventions. My new nurse Michelle, was accompanied by a student nurse. The student nurse, Beth had never seen a birth plan and said she was impressed by it.
    By 8am I was having contractions about 7-10 min’s apart. My Dr. came in just a bit before 9. She checked me and said that I was now at 2 cm and about 45% effaced. My cervix was still at midline. We talked a while about the next steps. She said that I could start Pitocen or she could break my water. She thought that breaking my water was a better idea since she knew I didn’t want Pitocen. I disagreed with both. I knew that breaking my water would put me on a clock and I wanted to avoid Pit as best I could. I asked her to give me a little longer to work with my new contractions and use gravity to help make more progress. She agreed to give me till noon and also mentioned that we could try Cytotek or Cervidil and see if either of them would soften my cervix more. She asked the nurse to let me be until noon, then check me and report my progress.
    I immediately got onto my birth ball and started bouncing. I alternated between bouncing, pacing, squatting at the end of the bed and bending over my ball for the next 3 hours. My contractions were getting stronger and stronger and requiring all my concentration. Just as Michelle came in to check me another nurse came to tell her that she could take the day off if she wanted as they were overstaffed. It was obvious that the new nurse was “top of the totem pole” and enjoyed her position. Her name was Sarah. Sarah was not interested in Michelle’s hand-off of my information and said she’d read the birth plan later. She also commented “I can’t believe she hasn’t been on the monitors the whole time! And where’s her IV?” I was a bit worried. She was obviously very “by the medical book” and not sympathetic to natural birth. It was her conveniences she was more interested in. Instead of talking to me, she spent the next 30 min’s while I was on the monitor, re-arranging the desk to her liking and explaining to the student nurse, Beth, why her way was better. Once I had done my 30 min’s, Sarah checked me and said that I was now at 4cm and 80% effaced. I was so excited! I asked her to let Dr. Hutcherson know that I was making progress on my own and would like to give it another couple hours before we intervene any more. I wanted her to inquire about the Cervidil. I wanted to know if I would have to be on the monitors 100% of the time it was in or if I could get off the monitors. My thought was that if after two more hours I had not made more progress or if my Dr wanted to intervene now, using the Cervidil was better than amni-rupture or pit. Immediate Sara tried to tell me that I would have to be on the monitors and that I could use the telemetry monitors to move around. I could tell by her attitude that she was not going to be the advocate my first nurse Janna was. I reminded her that the regular monitors didn’t stay on me very well as is let alone the telemetry monitors so it was most likely not an option. I requested that she just ask the Dr if I could be off the monitors or do “strips” every hour to ensure that the baby was tolerating well. She agreed.
    Sara came back and said that Dr. H agreed to give me two more hours, off monitors, using gravity, to see if I continued to progress on my own. She then said though, that she happened to “bump” into her nurse manager in the hall and the manager informed her that I HAD to be on the monitors 100% of the time starting now and I had to have an IV, no exceptions. I asked Sara if she told her manager that my Dr approved me being off the monitors. She said that she did but her manager said I had to be. I knew that arguing with Sara was pointless as she wasn’t making the rule, although I’m not sure that she didn’t seek out the manager just to get her way approved, so I asked to speak to the manager. When nurse Paula, the Manager of Labor and Delivery came in, she was all business. She came over, introduced herself, title and all, shook our hands and handed each of us a business card. She said that Sara had informed her that I wanted to be off the monitors. I said that my Dr. had agreed that I could have two more hours to make progress on my own, no monitors. Paula said that it was “her” policy that all women be on the monitors 100% of the time. I asked her why that was when even my Dr. said I did not need them. She then “reminded” me that I was past date and because of that my risk of fetal death was elevated. She said “your baby could die inside of you and with out the monitors on we would have no way to know and help and with out an IV we wouldn’t be able to quickly give you medications if something went wrong.” I was absolutely floored that she would use such scare tactics! I said that I was willing to be on the monitors every hour long enough for them to get a good strip and that if the baby indicated any signs of stress I would consent to 100% monitoring. She said that it wasn’t good enough and “her hospital” policy was that I have 100% monitoring and an IV despite what the Dr.’s say. She said that I was ultimately her responsibility since the Dr was not there the entire time so if the baby died it would be on her, not the Dr. She even said that she would call my Dr and tell her the policy. I could see that there was no reasoning with her and I didn’t want to start a problem between her and my Dr. so I just politely thanked her for taking the time to talk to me and shook her hand.

    My contractions were so much more painful in bed but I figured I would try the telemetry monitors and any position I could while still hooked up. Sara then spoke up and said that she would just give me a hep-lock since I didn’t need any medications yet. I was at least pleased with that alternative. As they were gathering the supplies for the IV, Paula came back in with paperwork. I assumed it was a copy of “her hospital” policy. I was pleasantly surprised when she said: “I reviewed my policy and since you have not had any interventions or medications since 5am this morning, you do not have to be on the monitors the entire time.” She said that I could be off for 2 hours then on for 30 min’s. She was careful to never apologize, make amends or weaken her business like manor but I thanked her for going back and reviewing the paperwork and coming to let me know. After she left, Sara commented on how she has never seen that happen!

    Once I was off the monitors, at 1pm, and back on my birth ball, the Beth tried to insert my hep-lock into the back of my right hand. She was unsuccessful. Sara tried next on the thumb side of my right hand, she was unsuccessful. They then called in the “resident expert” nurse she said she found a good vein on the thumb side of my left hand, she was unsuccessful. They then called in the anesthesiologist. They all warned me that usually they just go for the veins in the inside of the elbow which was unfortunate as it made holding the baby difficult. When the anesthesiologist came in she had me get back up on the bed so my hand was hanging low. She said she’d try once on my right hand and gave me some lydocane incase she had to dig for it but fortunately she got it on the first stick! Sarah and I discussed if I should get my first round of antibiotics as I was GBS positive. Since I was progressing very slowly, we agreed that I should probably wait.

    The next two hours were quite a blur, my contractions starting coming on very strong and right on top of each other. I was having a hard time catching my breath between them and started to loose my composure. I even just screamed through an entire contraction just to get the energy out. I asked Brad to call the nurse. When she came in I was a sobbing mess. It had now been almost 3 hours since my last check and the last 2 of those were intense contractions lasting over 90seconds coming every 30 seconds. Sara checked me and said that I was now at 5 but she could stretch me to 7. She also said that I was now completely anterior and 90% effaced. She started the monitors so we could see how Makenna was tolerating these. At first, she thought the contraction monitor was broken as it was registering a contraction the entire time. It wasn’t until I informed her that I was having a complete contraction with no rest in-between that she said my uterus must be hyper stimulated into continuous contractions. I then asked for an epidural as I knew I could not go on with out it. Sara called the anesthesiologist back, started my bag of fluid and my antibiotic as I needed two 4 hour courses and had not received any yet. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move I just stared at a cross that was on the wall above the clock. Sara had to disturb me at one point to have me sign admittance paperwork as I was still not considered admitted until I was in active labor and now, I was considered active. Fortunately I had already read all the admittance paperwork and could just sign them with out reading over them because any time I was “present” vs. “checked-out” my head was just screaming from the pain.
    The anesthesiologist was the same woman as before so I had high hopes that she would be as quick and as efficient. She started my epi at 3:45p. Unfortunately, it took a lot longer than expected and she had to poke me twice to get it right. I just leaned over Brad and stared at a black spot on the floor. When she finally said all done, she asked me to lie back on the bed. I kept waiting for a lull in the contractions so I could move otherwise it was excruciating pain. Secretly, in my head I was waiting for the epi to start working a bit before I moved. Time ticked on and on and I asked her when it should kick in. She looked up from her paperwork and informed me that she couldn’t start the medication until I lay down. I was so mad; I thought that “all done” meant that I was receiving pain medication. I had to have Brad and the two nurses help me move so we could do it quickly. The pain after I lay down was so bad I just completely shut down. I don’t remember any more except crying until the epi started working.
    Once the epi was in, my contractions spaced back out to every 5 min’s, but kept up the intensity. Sara tried to place my catheter in and had an equally difficult time with that. At first, she thought that Makenna’s head was so low that it was compressing my urethra but when she checked me she said that she was still too high for that. It took two catheters and me yelling at them twice before they got it in right. Brad said that it was very bloody and advised me to suck down cranberry juice for the next few days to help avoid getting an infection.
    My Grandma showed up at about 4:30 and sat with us for a few. .I asked my Grandma to leave for a bit when Sara came back. She said she wanted to check me so she could advise my Dr if she needed to come over now from the office or stay for a bit. I was now at 8 almost 9 centimeters and 100% effaced. Sara said that she did not feel a bag of bulging waters so she assumed that it was all corked by Makenna’s head which was very low by now. She left to call my Dr. I asked her to have my Grandma stay out for a bit so we could rest, knowing that it would be soon. My Mom, Step-dad, other Grandma, our son and daughter all showed up at about 5:15. We chatted for a few min’s but then my Dr came in. The family all went out while the Dr checked me. She said that she was going to try to break the bag of waters. She could not get the amni-hook onto the bag and agreed with Sara, that Makenna must be corking it completely and there was no fluid between her head and the bag. By this time I was ready to start pushing. The nurses all went about setting up the room while I pushed a few times to turn Makenna as Dr H said that she was facing the wrong way. The look on the student nurses face was priceless as she watched Makennas head rotate with each push, I’m guessing she has never seen it before. I reminded the nurses that I did not want anyone counting while I pushed and that I did not need to be reminded when to push that I would just go with what my body told me. Once Makenna was turned around I pushed for about 5 pushes before her head was out. I had to hold off pushing for a second as the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Just like in Haileys birth, I commented on how WONDERFUL the feeling of the baby coming out was. Dr. H said that I had no amniotic fluid and that Makenna was sticky indicating that she had been with out fluid for a while. That explained why they couldn’t break the bag earler. She asked the nurse if my bag broke at some other time and both of us said No. The student nurse said she had heard of dry births but never seen one. Makenna was put right on my chest while they cleaned her up. Because she was “dry” they had to get a wet towel to clean her off. Dr. H commented that my umbilical cord was “so long, I could walk out of the room with your placenta and not tug on the baby.
    Makenna was born at exactly 6pm, 7lb 6oz, 20 in long and just perfect. Apgars of 9 and 9. I had no tears or abrasions and my placenta detached right away. With out telling me, Sara pushed a bag of Pit onto my IV. I was too involved in everything else to argue and was at least grateful that I avoided it during labor. My family was a bit hard to get a hold of as they had all gone to the cafeteria which was in the basement where the cell reception was horrible. Once they came back up, we introduced everyone to our newest edition. Our son Anthony was just in love immediately and our daughter, Hailey kept repeating “shh, shh, shh” to Makenna. Everyone took turns holding her and coo’ing over how wonderful she was. Anthony spent a few min’s holding her and singing a song he made up for her. He then came over to me and said “I don’t need any birthday present from you or dad for my birthday, a new baby is just perfect!”
    At 7pm, Sara and the student nurse, Beth were off shift and handed me back over to Janna who was back for the night. Before leaving, Beth thanked me for allowing her to be a part of my labor and delivery. She complemented on how strong she thought I was and how well I handled the situations presented to me. I could see that she was genuinely impressed and hoped that maybe she learned a bit about “natural” labor and would be more like Janna than Sara once she was a nurse.
    Janna was a breath of fresh air! She immediately removed my IV and epi since she knew I didn’t want it to begin with. She asked about my story, saying that she had heard there was some drama. She was as floored as I was about Paula’s behavior as well as Sara’s coldness. We talked about the physical anomalies as well. How Makenna had no fluid yet showed no signs of distress ever and I never had a “water break” that I was aware of. Janna asked if the Dr. ever checked my fluid and I told her that just 3 days prior to the induction, my fluid index was a 12. I never had a leak, never felt a gush or had any type of show indicating a break. We also talked about how her cord was so incredibly long yet aside from being once around her neck, never tangled or knotted up. She asked what lead me to choosing an epidural and I told her about the intense contractions and I asked her if they could have been a result of the gel. She said that it’s not likely as my last dose was about 7 hrs before. Janna helped me up out of bed to use the restroom and clean up a bit. She gave Makenna her first bath as well. We noticed some scratches on her head that were starting to scab over. It took us a while to figure out, but eventually we concluded that they were from the amni-hook when the Dr was trying to break my bag of waters.
    We moved up to the post-partum room around 11pm and slept. The next morning at 9a the pediatrician came in and cleared Makenna to be released, at our request, immediately. Dr H came in an hour later and released me as well. It took the hospital a bit to get through all the paperwork but we were home by 2 in the afternoon.
    DH Brad ~ Married 6, together 8yrs
    Mom to Anthony ~ 7yrs old
    Hailey, 7/12/07
    Makenna, 12/9/08

    "There is only one perfect child in the world, and every mother has one" Chinese Proverbs

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    December 8th: My parents came over to go to my regular OB apt. They wanted to hear little Tyler's heartbeat. We get there and do the blood pressure and weight and listen to Tyler's heartbeat. My dad then goes out to the waiting room (medical stuff creeps him out ~ when it comes to girly things). I've gained a bunch of weight (it was just thanksgiving and we had 3 meals). So my doc comes in and says something along the lines of lets redo some of these things (and weighs me again) then starts talking about Pre-eclampsia... I had started to spill protein in my urine... then checks my Bp again... It's like 158/95 or something. He then tells me to go directly to the hospital for more tests and that we may be delivering a baby in the next 24 hours (I'm 32 weeks at this point). So we (my parents and I) go to the hospital (which is basically across the parking lot). They immediately admit me and check my Bp every 15 minutes for the next 2 days, and give me two rounds of steroids. They also put in an IV to rehydrate me (apparently I was a little dehydrated) and do a urine collection (everytime I went I had to let a nurse know so they could collect it and then test it).

    Dec 10: I'm finally released on full bedrest (not as fun as it sounds) at like 5pm. I go home and my mom comes the next day to take care of me while DH is at work. By 3pm my Bp is like 177/109 so back to the hospital I go. They take my Bp and its lower but they decide to keep me 24 hours and do another urine collection.

    Dec 12: Sent home again. Now I've got my in-laws Bp cuff (since the one I was using was too small and was giving false high readings). Mom helps out again.

    Dec 13: Spent the day with DH. Nothing remarkable during the day... but at bedtime I've got a headache (like the kind I get when I've been on the computer too long without my glasses)... take a couple tylenol and try to sleep. By 11pm it's worse so I call the on-call OB and she says to take a couple more tylenol and try to sleep. I do but by 2:30am it's like a hatchet in my head... call the on-call again and she says to come in.

    Dec 14(my best friend's birthday): We get to the hospital at like 3:15 (my mom apparently sat straight up in bed at like 3:05 ~ weird). They take some blood and my liver is apparently starting to be affected so they schedule my c-section for 7:30 and start me on magnesium. Our little boy was born at 8:11am. He weighed 4 lbs 4 ounces and was 17 inches long. He had no other complications and came out screaming. His one minute apgar was 7 and his five minute was 9. He spent 6 minutes in an oxygen tent.

    His stay in the NICU:
    He had very little trouble and was wowing all the nurses. He pulled out his IV at like 3 days old (twice) so they discontinued it and just upped is feeding amounts (he was eating great). He made it all the way up to 27cc's/feeding before it became too much work and he started losing weight. So they put in an NG (nose) tube for feedings. He got rid of that about a week later. He was still Bradying (slowed heartrate) a lot (he was known as the king of the bradys) so they gave him a dose of caffiene) and that pretty much stopped them (he had 2 after that but they were short and didn't need intervention). He was finally released new years day.
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    Hunter Lucas Birth Story

    At 38weeks, 4 days pregnant, I went to my midwife for my regular weekly apt. She suggested we did an internal to see if I was dialated. She went ahead and was shocked to found out I was already 3cm dialated and she could stretch me to a 4. The head was also engaged. I was surprise because I couldn't feel a difference down there. My midwife said it was rare for a first time mom to be dialated at 4 at 38weeks.
    She suggested to do a stretch and sweep to see if it could get things started since I was already dialated. She went ahead and it was uncomfortable but tolerable. This was at 1h30pm on Dec. 16th. I went home and went with my business, feeling as normal as a pregnant woman feels.
    Around 5h30 I decided to prepare some nachoes. (bad idea!!!) DH and I got ourselves ready to watch a movie in bed with nachoes. After my last bite, I felt something snap inside my stomach and liquid started to leak from me.... I jumped out of bed, looked my DH in the eyes and said, I think my water broke! That was at 6h00. Well, at 6h05 my contrax started at 3 minutes apart. I couln't beleive it. I thought it can't be that fast and strong already! I called my midwife, she said ok sounds like your going to have your baby soon and that she will call me in a hour or two to see how I was doing.
    The contrax were getting stronger and stronger. My mom came home after I called her and she and DH were counting the contrax and they were coming faster and faster. My midwife finally arrived. I was feeling sick to my stomach from the pain and the nachoes (urg... no more nachoes for me!!) and I threw up LOTS.... ewww. On top of having contrax pain, I felt naseous all throught my labor.
    My midwife checked me and I was 5 to 6 so we headed for the hospital around 8h30. My contrax were strong and close apart. In the delevery room I used my birth ball and stay seated throught my contrax. I wanted to move around, walk, etc. but I couln't, it was hurting to much. I threw up again at the hospital... urg. By 11h00 I was 9,5dialated and finally I started pushing at 11h15. I pushed for 2 hours. The head was crowning but I couldn't push it out. My midwife finally did a small 1cm episotomy and the head came right out with the rest of the body at 1h14am. She put my baby on my chest right away and DH and I cried. I had delivered our son safely without any drugs or intervention. I had a small episotomy that teared another cm. In all I had 2 stiches outside and 4 small stiches inside from minor tearing.
    I delivered the placenta and after things got bad. My uterus wasn't contracting and I lost a lot of blood. The nurse gave me 2 shots of pitocin in each leg. The bleeding wasn't stopping and I had a nurse massaging my uterus, my midwife stiching me up and two other nurses trying to put an ivy in for pitocin to make my uterus contract. 3 nurses had to come and try to put the ivy in, they were having a hard time. They tried 8 times and finally they got it in. The bleeding finally stopped. I was wheeled into my room at 3h30am.
    My midwife told me my uterus wasn't contracting because I had a big baby and my uterus was stretch to the max. I stayed on pitocin till morning.
    My DH was wonderful througtout the whole labor and delevery. Because it happened so fast, it was hurting soo much but DH kept me under control. I am very proud of myself for going all natural. I screamed my lungs out while pushing but I couln't keep it down anymore!! My troat is still sore, hehe! I left the hospital on the 18th at 5pm. DH is working night shift so my Mom stayed with me on Thursday and Friday nights. I am in love.

    Hunter Lucas B.
    Born Dec. 17Th 2008 at 1h14am
    At 38.5weeks
    8 pounds 3 onzes
    20 and a quarter inches long
    7 hours from beginning to end (labor and delivery)
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    I know I wasn't here when I was pregnant with my Sugar Plum, but since I frequent the board now, I wanted to add my birth story!

    Name: Liberty Jean
    Birthdate: December 11, 2008
    Time of birth: 4:39pm
    Weight: 7lbs, 8oz
    Height: 20 inches

    I went into my OB's office for my 38 week appt on December 4. I had been in a lot of pain "down there" pretty much the entire last trimester of my pregnancy... it literally felt as though she was going to fall out. My doctor explained that because it was my third baby, sometimes the muscles down there aren't as strong as they used to be, so baby puts a lot of pressure there and the muscles aren't holding up as well as they did with baby #1 and 2. I was still working full time at this point, so that coupled with my extreme pain just walking around for more than five minutes is why she scheduled my induction for the next week. So at 39 weeks along, on a Thursday morning, I went into the hospital to be induced.

    We arrived at 7AM, after we had dropped our sons off at my parent's house. They quickly got us checked in and I changed into my gown. After hooking me up to all of the monitors, they checked to see how many CM dilated I was (I had been at a 2 all week), and I was dilated 3CM. Thankfully, because of that, I didn't require any foley bulbs or any cervical help. They just hooked me up to the pit (unfortunately) and let it do it's job. I wasn't really in that much pain and informed the nurses that they would probably need to break my water to really get things going, as I had to have my water manually broken with my other babies. So around noon they broke my water, and that's when the contractions really started to pick up and get extremely painful. I duked it out with the pain as long as I could, and asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist showed up around 2PM and did a very quick job (thankfully!) with the epi. After about 20 minutes I could feel the epi doing it's job, but only on my left side! My right side was still feeling every ounce of pain! So he had to come back in and adjust the thread, and not long after everything was numb from the waist down. I ended up getting the shakes very bad from the epi, which I had never experienced before with my last baby, but it was better than the pain, so I just dealt with it.

    After another hour or so they came in to check me and I was at a 10, so the nurses asked me to give them a trial push to see how much about pushing I remembered. So at the next contraction I pushed, and she quickly shouted at me to stop pushing, as the baby was coming out! They quickly shouted down the hallway for the doctor, and she came in and dressed as fast as she could and sat down below me. With the next contraction I pushed and the baby was crowing. One more push and her head was out! They quickly suctioned her nose and mouth and had me push slowly once more and she was here! By far the quickest and easiest delivery yet (that is, until I had Trystan lol)! She was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. Finally, after years of waiting, I had my little princess. We named her Liberty, as we don't like common names, and Jean after DH's grandmother that had passed away just months before I gave birth to her.

    Recovery was amazing, as I had no tears and didn't need an epesiotomy. The most painful thing was BF her that first week, because I continued to have contractions and my nipples felt like they were being cut with razors every time she fed! Other than that, everything was wonderful... she was the best Christmas present I've ever gotten!
    Krystal & Donovan - 12/2/06
    Reagan - 10/2/02
    Maximus - 3/10/05
    Liberty - 12/11/08
    Trystan- 11/22/11
    My angel in Heaven 1/7/13

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