Dinky the Dodo - OUR MASCOT!

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Dinky the Dodo - OUR MASCOT!


Ok ladies... here it is! The official Dinky the Dodo mascot thread!

How it works.....
1.When Dinky arrives, please post that you have recieved him so we don't worry! (If you would like to wash him before your LO plays with him place him in a pillow case and place him in the wash on GENTLE/DELICATE cycle.)
2. Keep him for 3-4 days! HAVE FUN!
3. Post your visit with pics and updates in THIS thread. (PLEASE NO COMMENTS in this thread!)
4. Pack him back in a box and ship to next person on list. (You will get a PM once you recieve him to let you know where he will be shipped next.)

Any Questions, concerns, or if you want to be added just let me know, either through a PM or on another thread!!!!

Here is his itinerary: (I tried to set him up in geographical order the best I could to make it easier and keep shipping to a minimum! Dinky has visited those names who are in red!)

So far Dinky has traveled 4,088 miles!!!

Names in red mean Dinky has been there! Name in blue means Dinky is visiting. Name in purple means you are next to visit with Dinky!


Here are a couple of blinkies I made up if you would like to use them:

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Ok here's Dinky's first adventure! He stayed with us here for a few days. Kayley mostly enjoyed playing with him, but I didn't get to take as many fun pictures as I would have liked!!!

Breakfast with Dinky!

Bottle with Dinky!

Giving Dinky one more good chew before passin him onto Gabi and Sarah!

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Gabi had her visit with Dinky... they didn't make friends, Gabi snubbed him. Hopefully the other babies make him feel more welcome. Poor Dinky LOL. Here are some pics.

Play date at the park.

Gabi would rather have a cheerio.

Gabi and Dinky at Mem-may's house!

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Well, we had the privilege of welcoming Dinky to our "dinky" state of Rhode Island this weekend! He and Keira had a blast.

K thought that a pool party was in order, since we had such a special guest. Here she is talking to Dinky... then showing him to Daddy... and then telling me that she thought Dinky should sleep over. (I agreed.)

And since he had never been to RI before, we decided to take the Dinkster on a road trip down to Watch Hill to see the sights. Here he is on the Flying Horse Carousel, which is actually the oldest carousel in the United States - how fun! (He got to go on it all by himself when the staff learned that he was an important world traveler.)

And finally, Dinky said he HAD to see the Atlantic Ocean while he was here in the "Ocean State":

Dinky will be missed! But he's looking forward to many more adventures with all of you... :wavehello:

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Dinky has left Jersey (and this time I wrote the full address!)

What is that?

Is this for me?

Fun Times!

Bye Dinky!

Dinky decided to hang out at work with me, also:

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Dinky departed today via UPS . . . We had a great time with him here in the nation's capital. I can't take pictures while driving, but (because Tru can't take toys to daycare) Dinky commuted in and out of DC with me everyday to work. So know that he has viewed the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial--he's all caught up on our nation's history. Here are the pics I actually got to take Blum 3

Hey, what's this? Do I know you?

Better put it in my mouth and say hello . . . (don't worry we washed Dinky)

Here Ainsley, you say hello too . . .

Dinky commuted to and from work with me this week--here we are getting ready to leave in the morning, yes the clock says 6:13am

Dinky was waiting for Tru when we picked him up from daycare.

Look, Ma, Dinky is still here . . .

Dinky, these are my toys . . .

Dinky took a spill from the Learning Table--you OK Dinky?

Dinky, you sleep here for the night...

Fits you perfectly!

Saying goodbye to Dinky this morning when he woke up--I think the bottle won out over Dinky

Bye Dinky! Have fun with Alec! Hope you enjoyed the nation's capital!

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Dinky's visit to Huntersville, NC!

Dinky joined us for a little too long (sorry!). We got him and then we all got sick and forgot that he was around - he's a little quiet. We are finding that Alec is not so much into stuff toys so Dinky was ignored except for the first day that I got Alec to hold him:

The rest of these are me just inserting Dinky into what Alec was playing with:

Dinky has had a bath and is now flying (with the help of USPS) on his way to Tanner! Have fun!

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Well Tanner and Dinky had a wonderful visit during his stop in Georgia! Not only did her meet Tanner, but he also got to meet Lauren (Seg519's LO). It was great fun! What a wonderful idea!

Thanks for looking!

~ Jess ~

"Oh my gosh! Get him out of the bag! He's suffocating!"

"Immediately! Into the mouth!"

"Love at first bite."

After a nap.

Getting ready to go to bed.

Dinky meets Lauren!

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Dinky came at time when we were unable to get out much, but Emma had a good time showing him around the house.

What is this?

Not so excited at first:

What does this say?

Yay, Dinky!

This is my car Dinky:

Taking Dinky for a ride:

Checking out the sunset:

reading a book:

see the dog Dinky?

And one trip to work with me before we head to the post office:

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Dinky came during a very sad time at our house, but Madison still had fun with him. In fact, she walked around saying "Dnky". It was pretty cute.

Madison gave Dinky a tour of our house. Here she was showing Dinky our Ms. Pacman game.

"Look Dinky these are our pots and pans". I'm sure Dinky enjoyed visiting those, lol.

Riding in the car with Dinky.

Madison was giving Dinky a serious hug at Target, lol.

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After Dinkys arrival it was nap time up the stairs they go.

I took Dinky to my room only to hear him a few minutes later

the next day Dinky ate lunch with Josh

The next day they played int he dirt

Dinky is on his way to his next house.Thanks for sharing Dinky with us.

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So finally Gabby was able to spend a few days with Dinky!!
Here is our photo-journal:

Gabby's very first mail package:

Mommy, who is this dude??

I think I will better get dressed and take him outside for some fresh air!

Are you happy back there Dinky! Hold on tight!!!

Dinky is either waving "hello" or "help!" Mommy is not so good at the sign-language thing...

All this fresh air and activity sure makes a girl and her bird hungry! My brother Phillip made some brownies...

O.K. Dinky, your turn. I share.

Open WIDE!!

Here is me and Dinky just relaxin' in my bed:

Then Dinky got a nice bath in the washing machine and he is ready to make the journey to the next lucky kiddo!

Thanks for reading!!

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Our weekend with Dinky 12/13 and 12/14

Mommy went to check the mail while I was eating dinner, look what we got!

Let's see what's in the package:

It's Dinky!

I give Dinky a kiss and a hug:

The next morning Dinky sits with me while I have breakfast:


Oops, Dinky fell in so we have to put him in the dryer:

All dry:

We are ready to go shopping in Madison:

Dinky and I out in the lovely Wisconsin weather:

In the car:

We had fun playing at the mall: Please try not to notice my drooling problem Smile

On Sunday, I introduce Dinky to my friend Strut, I got him on Thanksgiving:

Thanks for looking, Dinky is now on his way to spend the holidays with anns_angels Smile

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our vist with dinky... logan sure had fun with him Smile

Jacob and dinky(jake is my middle son)

Logan playing with dinky

hi dinky

logan sleeping with dinky in the jump a roo

logan and dinky having a bottle

more play time

dinky reading a book

dinky and logan sleeping for the night... we'll miss u dinky

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We had so much fun with Dinky! Sorry there are so many pictures, it was hard to pick them out :)!

Dinky arrives

Dinky played with her in her tent Smile

Took a stroller ride!


Dinky had potty time too! We were hoping it would motivate her brother ;)!

Paige trying to put Dinky in the sink (ignore my messy kitchen Lol

Watching TV together

Eating lunch with Dinky!

Dinky playing in the tent with Paige, Kade, and their other friends. Dinky and the pony got along ;)!

Taking a nap!

Dinky took a ride on Kade's Thomas waterfall track!


We had a great time with Dinky, and Paige has been asking for him since I shipped him out last night! I had to order her one :)! Thanks for looking!

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Fun times with Dinky! Sorry I got a little carried away with the pictures. Enjoy Smile

Hey Mama look who came to our house, it's Dinky!

My puppy Bailey liked Dinky too

Hugs for Dinky, I'm glad you had a safe trip!

You must be thirsty from your travels, here have a drink.

Playtime with Dinky

Sharing breakfast with Dinky

Dinky chillin' with the Spud Buds they were just his size.

More play time with Dinky

And of course Dinky had to go out and play in the snow

Bye-Bye Dinky we hope you enjoyed your visit we sure did! Thanks for looking! Smile

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We are enjoying Dinky here in Arkansas. I am going to post some pics today and more on Saturday of his stay here.;)

Day 1 with Dinky

As I arrive in Arkansas I am greeted by Emma, who likes to brush her teeth a lot!

As soon as I am out of the package she decides I need a good brushing

When my teeth are done being cleaned oh so well, I notice on the left side of my beak a beautiful sight. The most beautiful shiny girl I have ever seen

Oh my love where have you been all my life?

Well is seems my love had to go back in the bathtub where she lives so I was left to play with Emma. She is a pretty cool kid. But unfortunately she has this annoying furry thing that kept sniffing me.:confused:

After the sniffing I get to play and boy was it fun.

WOAH hold on, I might have wings but I still ain't superbird!

Time for lunch..........................................who said I was the lunch:(

Yum OK that was much better. After lunch we played some more and then went outside since it was such a warm day.

I even got to go for a ride

Well not a long one, seems Emma decided I was crowding her space in her car!

After that I came inside and played but Miranda forgot to take pictures. She said she would have a ton more to share after I get to go to Memphis on Saturday. She even said we are going to a surprise place there. She said it is famous and thousands of people go every year! Hmmm I wonder where it could be?

Day 2 with Dinky

I didn't take hardly any pics.:p

Well since Miranda didn't take very many pics today we will show you what she did take of little ol me.

Here I am chilling in Emma's toy stoller. I was soooo happy to be in here!:rolleyes:

After all the playing Miranda and Emma made dinner. They had burritos and veggies burritos for dinner. I helped cut all the veggies.

After dinner we made cupcakes, I even got to try some.

Day 3 with dinky
Didn't take any pics Hehehe

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Day 4 with Dinky

Dinky and Emma have had lots of fun today playing. Let's let Dinky take over

Well it seemed it had snowed in Arkansas yesterday so Emma and I played outside. We had a lot of fun!

Emma and Noah made a snowman even though the snow was not good snowman snow!;)

Emma wanted me to pose for the camera.

Sitting on the snowman made my butt cold so I had to warm it up.

After all that fun outside we came in to get warmed up. Emma ate some cheese and then I noticed how quite she had became!

She is sleeping now so Miranda is eating her lunch and I am getting ready to take a nap in my nest. I will share more of my last day in Arkansas later tonight.

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Here is a video of Emma and Dinky.

I forgot to add Dinky's departure.

Dinky left Arkansas like the celebrity that he is.

Emma saying " look mama heli"

1 last goodbye kiss

Goodbye Dinky we will miss you.

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Sorry I am a little slow in getting these pictures up with Dinky. He had a great time and just loved listening to Emma and Chloe fight over him. He's never felt so loved!
(Emma is in a single ponytail and Chloe has two)

The first tug of war begins...

We had to pull out some friends for Dinky so everyone had a little buddy. Thomas loved having dinky just has much as the girls!

This is Emma spending time with Dinky before church-

Night time - Dinky got to sleep in the girls cradle. (It used to be mine when I was a kid)

Snack time!

Spending time outside...in the dirt! What fun!

Unfortunately we didn't take Dinky on any outings because I was afraid I was going to loose him. Since the girls are walking most places I have enough trouble keeping them together that I was not able to manage taking Dinky with us for fear of one of us dropping him and leaving him behind somewhere. We all had fun with Dinky and hope he continues to have safe travels!