Dress for Darcy July 2008

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Dress for Darcy July 2008

Since our board is kinda slow today, I thought I would show you my next project. I want to make a dress for Darcy for her 1st B-day and I found this:


What do you think? Think I can do it? She has a tutorial on her other blog on how to make these patchwork circle dresses.

Also yesterday Darcy weighed 16lbs 5oz and was 26.25 in long. In length she is 90+%tile and can't remember weight %. But I think she is doing pretty good considering she came home weighing 4lbs 10 oz.

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That is an absolutely DARLING dress! (Pining for a girl now, lol)

It doesnt look to be too terribly complicated, especially if you have experience with quilting... wouldnt want to hand sew that though, lol!

and good job! She has grown so much!

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That is a beautiful dress!!!! Perfect for a summer party!!

I think you can do it, it doesnt look all that complicated.

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That dress is SOO Cute!! I might have to steal you idea Lol

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oh my.. that is TOO cute!! I love it.

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Love it!!

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Perfect for a summer birthday!!! I'm still trying to get ready for Easter!

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oh, how cute! yes, i think you can do that.

and way to grow, darcy!


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that dress is adorable!! i love it Smile

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Beautiful dress. Can't wait to see your spin on it.

Darcy sounds like she is grow very well.

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The dress is adorable! I can't wait to see your finished product... And Darcy wearing it when it is warmer!