EDD List and Gender Prediction (Nov 2011)

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EDD List and Gender Prediction (Nov 2011)

[SIZE=4][SIZE=5]November 2011 Sweet Potatoes EDD list[/SIZE][/SIZE]
November 1
EDD Nov 1 or Nov 3
Hoping for a [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL
and will find out

Team blue... it is a [COLOR=Blue]BOY!! [COLOR=Black]

Team Blue....It is a [COLOR=Blue]BOY!!!

November 2
Wishing for a [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL [COLOR=Black]and will find out

It is TWINS and they will be a surprise
Hoping for a [COLOR=Blue]BOY [COLOR=Black]and a [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL

November 3
Hoping for [COLOR=Blue]BOY [COLOR=Black] will find out

November 4
baby dreamer/Lisa
Team Blue...it is a [COLOR=Blue]BOY!!!

November 5
Hoping for TWINS [COLOR=Blue]BOY [COLOR=Black]and [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL

Team Pink... it is a [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL!! [COLOR=Black]

Team Blue...it is a [COLOR=Blue]BOY!!!

November 6
Team Pink it is a [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL!!!

November 7
not sure if they will find out

November 8
Jenni Beth/Jen
Team Blue...it is a BOY!!

Team Pink...it is a [COLOR=Black][COLOR=Magenta]GIRL!!![COLOR=Black]
will find out

November 9

November 10
ashamom27/ Asha
Will find out gender

November 11
Team Blue....It is a [COLOR=Blue]BOY

November 12
Team Pink...It is a [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL!!

November 13

November 14
will find out

Thinking [COLOR=Blue]BOY [COLOR=Black]Hoping [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL
[COLOR=Black]will find out

November 15

November 16
Team Blue... it is a [COLOR=Blue]BOY!!!

November 17
Thinking [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL [COLOR=Black]and will find out

November 18
Team Blue...it is a [COLOR=Blue]BOY!!!

November 19

November 20

November 21

November 22
Thinking [COLOR=Blue]BOY [COLOR=Black] and will find out

November 23
Mommy 4 real/Marnie
It is TWINS!!!
BOY [COLOR=Black]and [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL [COLOR=Black] will find out[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

November 24

November 25
Team Blue...It is a [COLOR=Blue]BOY!!!

Mom is hoping for [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL [COLOR=Black]DH is hoping for [COLOR=Blue]BOY
[COLOR=Black]they will find out[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]


November 26

November 27
Hoping for
GIRL[COLOR=Black] and will find out[/COLOR]

November 28
just wants healthy baby will find out gender

Team Pink...it is a [COLOR=Magenta]GIRL!!!

November 29
Team Pink...It is 2 GIRLS!!!

Hoping for a [COLOR=Blue]BOY[COLOR=Black] and will find out

November 30

November Angels :angel5:
mrs. bear

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OK ladies I made an EDD list. Nothing to fancy yet...I will try to figure out how to make blinkies and stuff later. Hope it is OK

Please post your
real name
gender prediction
find out or a surprise

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EDD: 11-12-11
looking at my chart Im saying Boy/we are going to find out

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nikerz20- Nicole
EDD 06/11/11
Hoping Girl
Will definitely find out, im not good at surprises!

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ashamom27- Asha
EDD 11-10-11
Hoping for a healthy baby
Will most likely find out (c'mon, 20 weeks is long enough wait!)

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Freeesia 34 Real Name : Carrianne

Not really sure when Im due. I calculated November 1, my doctor guesses November 3... Ill know at 13 weeks when I have an ultrasound I guess.

I am hoping for a girl but as long as the baby is one or the other Ill be happy!

Ill find out if I can. I was at my 7th US before we saw for Melodie, this time Ill only be getting two!

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Updated...please let me know if there are any mistakes or changes. Thanks

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Jenni Beth/ Jen
November 8th
Think its a girl
YES we will be finding out!

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Thank you for doing it Melanie!!

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Lizbet22 / Liz

Nov 9th..but subject to change Smile

Hoping for a girl, DF hoping for a boy

Will find out. Smile

Thanks Melanie Smile

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real name-Alexes
gender prediction-wishing for a girl, no instincts yer
find out or a surprise-will find out

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happysarahrana/ sarah
EDD Nov 5th but might change
hoping for twins, boy and girl!! (one can dream Biggrin )

we will find out! Can't even wait the 20 weeks. lol

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sandraleigh / Sandra
EDD November 16
Hoping for a girl! Haven't decided if we are find out or not yet.

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November 21 (though will be scheduled c-section due to medical issues so probably a week before that)
Hoping for a girl
We will find out the gender

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Nov 8
he wants a boy I want a girl and the debate begins
Will be finding out lol

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EDD : 11/07/11
Not sure if we will find out Smile

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EDD November 14th.

We will probably find out. Smile

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EDD: 11/12/11
Gender Prediction: Either would be fine!
If baby cooperates we will find out (DD was a surprise because she didn't cooperate!)

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Hi there! I'm new to this board...

I am jenniferh745.
My real name is Jen.
I am due 11.03.11.
We will definitely find out the sex when possible and we're pulling for team BLUE seeing as we have two girls already.

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Updated Smile

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edd: 11/22/11
kaymya/ mari

predicts: boy!!!!
will find out asap!!!@!

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Due Date - 11/25/11

Hoping Girl/ Will find out

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edd 11/11/11
Hoping for a healthy baby
WILL find out the sex!!!

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Updated thx

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justinehonor/ Justine

EDD according to pregnancy.org calendar is Nov. 28th, subject to change after I have a dating u/s Smile

I am predicting boy, definitely planning to find out.

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Mummy2be2011 / Hannah
EDD: 28th Nov 2011
Aslong as my baby is healthy am not bothered
Will definatley be finding out Smile

TTC since Dec 09,
BFP - 10th June 2010, MC 16th June 2010
BFP - 16th March 2011 :)(

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Hi I'm Looneyru... Stacey in real life. My EDD is Nov 18th. This is DH and my first baby. I don't even have a clue what it is. DH really wants a boy.. and I want a healthy baby. He wants to find out, but I don't. Have a feeling he's gonna win because I can't wait an hour to see who got voted off American Idol! Biggrin

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Stacey EDD 11/15/11
DH,DS team blue, DD's and me team Pink...

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Hi ladies!
I got my BFP this morning. EDD November 30th! Hoping for a boy and will be finding out Smile

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Due November 14
Thinking boy, hoping girl
Will find out

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Updated - sorry for the delay Smile

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Sweet Sriracha! Jasmine in real life. EDD is November 1st. Partner and I both hoping for a boy...boys run straight through both families. However, I think both Grandmothers have dreams of little pink dresses. We are waffling back and forth on whether we'll find out.

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Hoping for a Princess, but DH wants a BOY
Will Find Out!

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username: Sheamiss
real name: Shea
gender prediction: Just want health fullterm baby
find out or a surprise: Haven't decided

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[INDENT]I am not quite sure yet. If I go by cycle then 16th - but if I go by when I think I O'd then 26th. I am having blood work tomorrow. We will have to wait and see. I will keep you all posted.

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my EDD is 11/25/11 Smile

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EDD November 17th
Thinking girl but not sure, we will most likley find out but not till 26ish weeks.

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mellen - Marni
Due Nov 29th
I've got two boys, so I'm hoping for a little pink. Smile

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Hi Melanie, my new due date is Nov. 25th!

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Updated - pls let me know if I have any mistakes

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please add me to the november angels

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nlanza/ Nancy
mom to :
cheyenne, march 2003
cole, december 2004
and edd november 27th 2011
girl, hoping for another girl (paige for a girl or Bruce for a boy)

definatly going to find out!!

i cant wait, Smile

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Melanie, can you change my due date to Nov 20th? Thanks!

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Updated Smile

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Thanks for managing the list!!!

My EDD is 11/23, but I am expecting fraternal twins, so earlier is more than likely.

Yes, we will want to know the gender..I am "predicting" one of each--I had a dream about them. Wink



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