Feb 12 arrivals and birthstories!

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Feb 12 arrivals and birthstories!

Feel free to post your birth stories here. Oh, and pics. We need pics:) and since it will be a photo heavy thread, turn siggies off. No comments please.

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Saturday night I couldnt sleep. Too many things running through my head, all the what ifs, and thoughts of HOLY CRAP I'm about to be a mom of two little monsters!! I did squats, Shane rubbed my back, I ate until I thought I would get sick, went for a walk and finally went to sleep around 5am. I was having contractions, not very strong but enough to notice them and some that were not to cozy feeling.

I woke up around 8-9am, ate, got dressed, did my make-up; yes I am really that vain lol, then woke up DH and Kay. We spent the rest of the morning cuddling with her, and making sure she was secure and happy. It was obvious she knew something was happening but had no idea her little would was going to change so dramatically. We dropped her off with Shanes dad and headed to the birth center.

11:50am Arrived at Birth Center with DH and my doula Stacy. We waited for about 15 mins for our "corner" room to be ready. The corner rooms are the best, they are HUGE. Like swanky hotel room huge, and did we complain? Heck no! lol My contractions lost all their thunder by this point. ): BOO!

12:43pm Cervix was 1.5, high and thick. UGH seriously?! Contractions alllll night and for nothing?! Darn you body, darn you!

1:15pm Foley bulb put in. Seriously the coldest thing ever to enter my lady parts. It was like they soaked it in water, froze it, let it thaw and then injected ice cubes into it. Jerks. ):

3:20pm Fed up with lack of useful internet and start chowing down since I know at midnight Im offically cut off from the surprisingly yummy caf down stairs. My doula and Shane are getting antsy, taking turns playing nurse Contractions were managable, and the liquid ice continued to cycle and making me feel like I pee'd myself over and over again. Which at that point who cares?! Im not allowed to get up anyway right? Blum 3

6:00pm Contractions got stonger, but further apart. After two horrible cervix checks, I said NO MORE. I think part of being a nurse there means you have to have the smallest hands in the world so that you can torture your paitents by shoving their fists inside for a feel...Jerks. 4.More.Hours. with this horrible ice machine until I can finally get up!

9:10pm Lost my Mucus Plug! And what a glorious feeling that was! No really...It was amazing. The ice machine/Foley was no longer trapped and the super cold feeling went bye bye! Score

10:15pm No more Foley! It fell out on its own, which means I am offically a full 4cm. Woop woop.

11:00pm Put on my big girl diaper and got to walkin, squating, using the birth ball and hip rockin'. And eating...lots of eating, I was starving.

12:00am Monday: Hit the naughty list! I had cookies, chocolate milk and a breadstick while doing accu-pressure points with Stacy.

1-3am ZzzZzzZzz

4am: Contractions slowed down while we were sleeping! New nurse [my favorite out of all of them] comes in to remind me there was an order for Pit to be started at 5am. Then she says, that after reading my birth plan she suggests denying it and waiting until the on call dr comes to do rounds and ask for my water to be broken first [which was the plan] We told her that was the plan and she was super happy to cancel the order.

5:30am: Dr.L is no long the on call Dr. ): Dr. T [whom I am not a fan] comes in demanding to know why I am risking my babies health by denying the Pit. Ohhh goodness; I said I wanted my water to be broken, she refused. I said then I refuse your Pit and any other treatment. She stares at me for a moment then makes some snide remark about how she doesnt understand why woman think they know everything yadda yadda yadda, DH stepped up to the plate and put her in her place. I win. Waters Broken.

5:45am 4cm 50% effaced.

10:03am 5cm 70% effaced & still no pit [Dr grumpy pants is not a happy camper]

12-3pm Lots of walking, birth balling, dancing and uncomfortable contrations

3:15pm start of low dose pit. Contactions every 3-5 mins

8:12pm 7cm pit was increased without our consent!!!!!! ):

8:20pm DH decides to run to the grocery right down the road to get dinner for him and Stacy.

8:30pm lay on side to help Ro's heart rate. Epi is wearing off already. Iwant to push..Shane still gone!! Stacy calls him and he hurries back

8:45pm Tons of preasure!! like a rocket is about to take off, everything gets set up. Stacy helps me back onto my side since thats the most comfortable with the pain pf the contractions.

8:48pm Shanes back-Push1-Ro moves the rest of the way down the canal

8:50-8:52pm- 2 more pushes and BAM we have baby!!


Rowan Malachi Harless was born at 8:52pm on January 16, 2012.7.4lbs 18.5inches long. Scores of 8 & 9.
No tears, no stiches. (: