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    I went in to be induced at 12:30am on monday morning. DH and I got to the hospital and they put us in the "luxury" room since it was available (its not much different than the other rooms, except its got a view of the intercoastal across the street). The nurse said I was at 2cm, 80% effaced so we could just hang out until 4:30am when she would start pitocin. After not being able to sleep, 4:30 rolled around. They got the pitocin hooked up, I was doing fine. I had no problems or pain from the pitocin. At 8:30am, they checked me, I was still the same and the midwife came and broke my water. At 9, the contractions were picking up enough to feel them. The nurse said she was going to up my pitocin - I told her, "Get the epi ready then." (my last labor was pitocin induced without the epi.. been there, done that, dont want the t-shirt) So, she did.

    She checked me at 10 and I was 4 cm. The epi was ready at 10:30am. It was relief because the pains were getting stronger. Unfortunately, about 11am I noticed the epi was leaking all over my bed out of the tubing. By 12pm, I was suffering through the pain again and no more meds were going through - just all over my bed instead. The anest. finally got there from eating his lunch. He fixed THAT problem, which was immediately replaced by a new problem - the epi machine kept beeping and displaying that "alarm code needed". The anest. guy said he'd never seen that, took a long time to figure out the problem while I bared through the contractions. The nurse suggested perhaps it needed new batteries - yup, that WAS the problem. Thank you nurse.

    So, at 12:30, I was feeling the epi again. At 1pm, the nurse checked me and said, "you know, you are 10 cm." That was news to me. She called the midwife in, they quickly set up a cart. At 1:07, after 3 contractions, Natalie was born. She was sooo easy to push out, unlike my first DD - who took the assistance of a vaccum (the one who was also a pitocin birth with NO epi). I had no tears - with older DD, I had 2nd degree tearing and needed a lot of stitches. I had such a good experience, I started bawling as soon as she came out. I didn't cry at all with older DD, I was so traumatized by that experience that I just went into a deep depression.

    This truely was a wonderful, mind blowing experience and I can't stop being in awe of little Natalie - two things I never felt after my first labor and delivery. I felt on top of the world after Natalie was born. Definitely a very good and happy experience. Everyone should have such great labors, I wouldn't wish my first labor on my worst enemy. It really is a world of difference and such a major change of emotions when you experience a good labor vs a bad one.
    Ashley (22) & Chris (22) married 05/05
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    DD Natalie Reagan 02/09/09

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    The weather was beautiful here over the weekend, so we got out and

    about a lot! We took Landon to the park on Saturday and went shopping,

    so I had done a pretty good amount of walking. Sunday morning, we

    cleaned our Expedition out to get it ready for 2 carseats. Our

    neighbor's 2 girls came over to play with Landon (they are 11 and 4)

    and they wore him out! So, at about 1 p.m., Landon and I laid down to

    have a nap.

    I woke up at 3:30 p.m. and I don't know if pain woke me up or if I just

    had to pee really badly, and that's what woke me up. Once I got up, I

    noticed I was having pretty regular contractions. We timed them and

    they were every 6 minutes like clockwork. We were supposed to be over

    at my inlaws' house at 4 p.m. for a spaghetti dinner, but we were late

    because we made sure everything was packed up because I didn't think

    we'd be coming back home that evening. We got over to my inlaws' at

    about 4:30 p.m., and went ahead and ate (I was going to make sure I ate

    before I went to the hospital...they like to starve you while you're in

    labor). By this time, my contractions had gotten closer together.

    They were now every 4 minutes, and steadily getting more painful. I

    decided I wanted to be 100% certain that this was the real thing, so we

    took a walk around the pond. I wanted to see if walking made them

    worse and closer together. Wow...did it! While we were walking, they

    started coming every minute! So, we went and gave Landon lots of hugs

    and kisses, and headed to L&D.

    We walked into L&D (after having 2 people offer me a wheelchair) at

    about 6 p.m. They were going to take me into the monitoring room until

    I told them that at my appointment on Friday that I was already 5 cm

    dilated. They did a 180 and took me right into the birthing

    suite...the same one I was in when I had Landon! Too cool! Anyway,

    they went ahead and admitted me and got me all hooked up. When they

    checked me, I was 6 cm dilated and 80% effaced.

    My contractions were still 3-4 minutes apart, and were nice and strong.

    OK well, they were strong...not so nice! Not having any desire at all

    to have a natural birth, I went ahead and let them know that I would be

    wanting an epidural as soon as possible. Of course, at that point,

    they went ahead and put my IV in. She got it the first try, God love


    At about 7:20 p.m., the anesthesiologist came in to give me the good

    stuff. I was more than ready for it. It was the same Dr. that gave me

    my epi with Landon, so I had faith in him. I think getting the epi

    this time hurt worse than before though. After awhile, it became

    apparent that the epi wasn't working very well on my left side. We

    tried having me lie on my left side for a while, but that didn't

    help...neither did cathing me and draining my bladder. That made me


    At 8:10 p.m., the doctor came in to go ahead and break my water. This

    made me nervous because it hurt so bad when I was in labor with Landon,

    and my epi was only working on one side. Thank heavens he popped it in

    about 2 seconds. At about 9 p.m., the anesthesiologist came back in to

    give me a second bolus of the anesthetic. That did the trick, and my

    left side finally went numb. After I had gotten my epi put in, my

    contractions slowed down, so they went ahead and put me on some pitocin

    too. I was itching pretty badly at this point from the epi, so they

    gave me some Benadryl in my IV and that is when I couldn't keep my eyes

    open anymore. I got sleepy immediately, and just HAD to have a nap.

    Steve wrote down that I fell asleep at 9:37 p.m.

    At 9:57 p.m., Steve noticed that my contraction monitor was going

    crazy. They were coming fast and furious, so he got a nurse to come

    check things out. Well, the baby was coming, and I was only wanting to

    sleep! I felt NOTHING!!! They broke my bed down and got my legs up in

    the stirrups and the doctor got in there. I pushed twice and out he

    came (actually, 2 pushes and a cough)!

    Matthew Benjamin W**** was born at 10:12 p.m. weighing in at a whopping

    9 lbs. 8 oz. and 21.5 inches long! I had a 2nd degree tear this time

    (no wonder...this one was almost 2 lbs. heavier than Landon). I still

    can't believe I had such a big baby...I didn't think it was possible!

    He is perfect. He and Landon look nothing alike though, which I find

    so bizarre for some reason. Landon really looks like my DH's side of

    the family, while Matthew looks like me and my family.

    He nursed very well after birth and has been a champion nurser since.

    My nipples are killing me, but I am proud to say I have not broken down

    and given him a bottle. My supply seems to be more than adequate this

    time, and I am thrilled!

    What is very strange is that Matthew was a bigger baby than Landon and

    caused more damage coming out, but I am not nearly as sore down below

    this time around. He came barrelling out so fast, the doctor didn't

    have time to do any perineal massage at all, so I had a nasty little

    tear. I am not complaining though. I am so proud of my little body

    for being able to handle such a big baby.

    Landon isn't quite sure what to think of the new baby. He likes to hit

    him on his head. We're working on that. Having 2 is going to take a

    lot of adjustments, but we'll make it.





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    Owen Samuel
    6lbs 11oz
    19.5 inches
    born at 4:55pm

    I had my bloody show on the 9th when I woke up. That entire day I was having irregular contractions but they never progressed closer than 10 minutes. The next day I had an OB appointment at 9:15 am where I had DH drive me due to the irregular contractions. At the appointment the OB checked me and noticed the bloody discharge but said that I was still only a fingertip dilated. However, my Blood pressure was up higher than the doctor was comfortable with so they decided to send me into the hospital for observation to make sure we were okay. The doctor made an appointment for me on thursday just in case and we went to our observation at the hospital.

    The hospital is about a block from the OB's office so I was there and hooked up to the fetal monitors and all that in no time. They wouldn't let DH come back until I was triaged and hooked up to the monitors, so after an hour he joined me while we waited. At just before noon my doctor came in and looked at the monitor tape, she told us that she didn't want to send me home because even though I was doing fine the baby had several dips in his heart rate which concerned her and she didn't feel comfortable with me going home in case something happened and she wanted to watch baby's condition more closely. She scheduled us to be induced in the am on the 11th. I was tired of the contractions and knew that baby was full term so I was okay with the induction though a small part of me was disappointed that we had to be induced. But ultimately my concern is for baby to be healthy no matter how we get there. So we called everyone and was moved into my room for the night.

    The nurses brought me food and DH went home to get our things, settle Parker at grandma's and get something to eat. They hooked me up to fetal monitors again and then tried to hook me up to an IV. I told the nurse to put it near my wrist but as usual she didn't listen and they poked me 3 times and ended up putting it in my wrist anyway. While they where hooking me up baby's heart rate took a dip, the nurses started to scramble and put me on an oxygen mask and IV fluids. Baby's heart rate came back up and they left us content. The nurse came in and put me on the antibiotics for Strep-B and then let us have our day. Baby's heart rate dipped again and the nurse came in to check on us and had me roll over onto my side for a while.

    Then around 4:50 pm I was talking to Michael and we where laughing and I remember hearing baby's heart rate get really quiet and faint, I shifted to my side and the nurses came rushing in. They told me, "Okay, we are going to be moving really fast right now" They started asking me if I had any jewelry on and made me give my glasses to Michael, they shaved me as my doctor walked in and told us that Baby's heart rate kept dropping and they needed to get him out before he took another one. I asked if Michael could come they said no because it was going to be fast and that I wasn't going to be awake for it either. I almost cried because even with a regular C-section I would have been awake for it, but they where rushing to get baby out as fast as possible and didn't have time to give me a spinal block or an epi or anything. Michael gave me a kiss and then they rushed me off.

    They took me into the OR and had me move to the table, they started prepping my stomach and gave me a shot to stop the contractions. I started to shiver and shake from the shot. They hadn't given me anything to knock me out and I could hear them setting up the knives and the clamps, they strapped me down and rubbed my stomach down, they covered off the area and taped it off. They put a curtain up across my middle and the Anesthesiologist came in and asked me again if I had any allergies or problems with general. I remembered to tell him it made me sick to my stomach but that I was not allergic and he said that he would take care of it. Then I was just shaking and shaking and he looked down and me and said, "We don't want to give baby any more of these drugs than we have to, so we are going to wait until they are completely setup and ready before we put you out." The next thing I know I hear my OB say that they are ready, and the nurses and everyone said they where ready and suddenly my air mask was filled with gas that burned me lungs and I was out.

    I woke up hearing a small voice talking to me, "... baby is 6lbs and 11oz... he's.... Susan, wake up. Susan, you need to wake up..." Then I was hurting, they gave me medicine and moved me to my hospital room. I was returned to my room at 6pm. Michael was there and I was crazy loopy from the drugs. They gave me a pain pump for the medicine so I would be able to hit the button every ten minutes when I needed more. We waited till 7pm for them to bring Owen into me, I cried and hugged my teeny little baby.

    DH said that they brought Owen to him in about 5 minutes after they took me out so he was the first that got to see our little baby.

    Everyone says Owen looks like me, which is nice as Parker is a carbon copy of his Daddy. Owen's eyes look to be a gray color, we are hoping they will look like mine and turn green. He is nursing like a champ and doing great!

    Parker and OwenOwenMichael and Owen
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    Ava Rose
    February 9, 2009
    6:25 am
    6 lbs 14 oz, 18.5 inches long

    I was awake at 1:00 am for a potty trip and then again at 2:00ish. I couldn't get back to sleep. Too uncomfortable. So my mind was going in 1000 different directions. I actually was supposed to see my doctor today at 9:00 am for my weekly checkup. I've broken out in a rash from chin to cankle and I was just miserably itchy. I was going to ask him to schedule me for an induction this weekend if his exam didn't do anything tonight or tomorrow.

    So I was laying there as comfortably as I could and I felt a kick? a punch? No wait, that felt kinda familiar. So I laid there for a few minutes and felt something warm coming down. I bolted out of bed and expected a flood, but nothing. So I went to the bathroom again and still nothing. So I figured it was just discharge. I stood back up and my shorts were then wet, but still nothing big. I changed my shorts and went to lay back down and more came out. So I went back into the bathroom and there was clear liquid running down my legs. I shook Andy wake and said I think my water just broke. He asked if I was sure. I said, well, my shorts are wet. He asked if we should go. I said, I don't know. I didn't want to drive an hour just to find out that I peed myself. I went downstairs and sat on the couch (with a towel under me) and waited for something to happen. But no contractions yet. Andy came downstairs and asked what I wanted to do. I said, we'll just wait a bit to see what happens. I shifted and there came the big gush. That answered that question. I called my doctor's office so that I could get the answering service's phone number and called them. The on-call doctor called back about 5 minutes later and I told her that my water had definitely broken. She said to head on in. It was about 3:30ish when we left the house. Andy called his parents just to see if they would answer and his mom DID – ON THE FIRST RING. We dropped Alec off there on the way here. That was at about 4:15 that morning.

    We got to the hospital sometime between 4:30 & 4:45. We should have been there sooner, but DH missed the exit and then we both thought the hospital was on a different street, so then we had to turn around and backtrack. I was timing contractions and they were coming about every 3-5 minutes, and I was feeling pressure in my butt – not that I told Andy that. He was already driving like a madman. They got me hooked up to monitors and started taking all my information. The on site OB came in to check me and luckily I had another big gush of fluid which got me out of a speculum exam. I was completely effaced and a centimeter dilated. We got into a room about 5:15ish. More questions. Wait, didn’t I just answer these back in the other room? More contractions starting to get more intense with some back pain. Epidural lady came in and asked THE SAME QUESTIONS! Hello? Don’t you people communicate? Harder contractions – can’t talk through them. I finally signed the consent form about 30 minutes later. I was hoping she would be right back. They came in and checked me again. I was at 4 cm. All the nurses left. Everytime someone walked by the room or a cart rolled by, I was thinking that relief was in site. Andy continued to send out email to his coworkers about his cars we was supposed to deliver today. I was getting frustrated because 1. He wasn’t paying attention to me, and 2. The contractions were really getting harder and about 30 seconds to a minute apart. Another hard contraction came and I screamed “I HAVE TO PUSH!!!” as I was pounding away on the nurse call button. Three nurses came flying into the room and checked me again. I was fully dilated, there was now no time for the epi. It’s now about 6:00 am. They get the bed broken down, the scary on site OB comes back in since my doctor isn’t here. Serioulsy she was scary! I have a thing about teeth and she really didn’t have any! So the nurses help me with my legs because I was in just too much pain to move myself. After about 10 minutes of pushing, Ava’s heart rate started to decelerate so they pulled out the vacuum. Her head was right there in the canal, they just wanted her out because of the decel. About 10-15 minutes and an episiotomy later, they were telling me to look down because here she was! I pushed as hard as I could and wow! The relief was amazing. And holy crap! I did it without drugs! WTF was I thinking???? It felt kinda weird that I could feel her whole body leave mine! I heard them say something about a cord around the neck. I asked Andy about it later when I was replaying the events in my head. He said not only was it wrapped around her neck, but her entire body. She had squirmed and rolled around so much on the inside. Everyone thought I was just exaggerating!

    Who would have thought that after the marathon labor I had with Alec that the second one would only be 3 ½ hours long? Surely not I!

    She’s a little peanut and very feisty! She’s actually taking to nursing but hates that it isn’t instant gratification. We tried at about 7:15 and she just wouldn’t stay on long enough and she just kept crying and crying. So the nurse thought that we should try to put a little formula on me and see what she did. She still wouldn’t stay on. So after about 2 hours of crying, she took about 2 tablespoons of formula and passed out. I have to call the nurse before I feed her because of the gestational diabetes. They need to check her sugar to make sure that she is ok. So far, she’s perfect. They can’t believe that I had it! The last time I tried nursing, she stayed on for a good ½ hour. I am really hoping that this time works! Speaking of passed out, Andy is snoring away on the couch.
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    I got to experience pretty much every stage of labor which I had missed out on the first time around - NOT FUN AT ALL. I went to bad with mild contractions and not feeling well. At 1:20 am (Friday, February 13) I woke up with a contraction. I tired using Contraction Master, but couldn't get to the computer consistently. I also wasn't sure if they were gas/constipation pains at times, because I had to keep running into the bathroom. When I did time them they were between 5-10 mins apart and lasting over a minute. They were painful. I finally woke Jeff up around 2:30; a little after 3:00 I said it was probably time to head to the hospital. About 3 mins. into the 45 min. drive they changed. They were coming every 3-4 mins., but weren't lasting nearly as long. The real painful part lasted 1/2 minute, then there was another 1/2 minute of like after shocks. (Shaking legs, mild cramping, etc.) When I was checked I was about 7 cm and the anethesiologist (sp) was already called for another lady. Finally about 6:00 am I got some pain relief. It was similar to an epidural; numbing started within mins, but only lasted a couple hours. We went this route since I was so close to having the baby. The nurse checked me again; I was 10 cm with a very thin lip still. Around 8:00 it was time to push. I had kind of a hard time initially because I was still numb and couldn't really feel what I was doing. The doctor joked around about the baby's hair crowning. Between pushes she said if you put your hand down here you can feel your baby's hair - sure enough I could. LOL She decided since the baby was big to give me an episiotomy. At 8:47 am Kaysen Peter was born. He weighed 8lbs. 14 oz. and measured 19.5 inches long. I ended up tearing pretty badly as well, so ended up with a lot of stitches.

    mama to asher & kaysen

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    I was scheduled for induction at 7:30am, I got to the hospital at 7:00 to register and get set up. I got put in triage for about an hour and a half. They got my IV in, started the first round of antibiotics since I was GBS+ and they filled out a lot of paper work.

    I got moved to my room at 9:00 and got pitocin started about 10 minutes later. My pitocin was increased every half hour. I started feeling contractions and was bearing through them until about 12:00 when they really started getting painful. I got a shot of Stadol and felt it working in a couple of minutes. The contractions were still strong but tolerable now. At 12:50 they were really getting intense and close together with one after another. I started getting pretty loud. By 1:15 or so I was really loud and crying. DH and my mom said people were coming out of other rooms to see what was going on. A few minutes later I had 4-5 nurses in my room trying to help me breathe through the contractions and help me to stand up. Laying down or sitting was not working for me at all. They turned off the pitocin for a while and got the anesthesiologist in ASAP, who gave me a shot in my IV (don't remember of what) which barely took the edge off. After that she worked quickly to get my Epi in.

    Around 3:00 I was started to feel everything on my right side. The contractions were really strong but I tried to hang in there and just breathe through them.

    At 4:00 I started feeling sick, I was getting a headache and feeling nauseated and I couldn't take it any more. I asked if they could call the anesthesiologist to come and try to get my right side numb again. The nurse checked me while we waited and she said I was 8cm and was probably going through transition and that's why I was feeling sick.

    The anesthesiologist came around 4:20 and gave me a shot thru my Epi line. It didn't start to work for about 10 minutes though. All of a sudden I got really nauseated so I sat up the best I could, my mom got the bed pan thing and I started throwing up. All of a sudden I felt my water break (yeah I still hadn't had my water broken!!) So I told my mom to call the nurse, they answered on the intercom and my mom was panicked and just said "her water broke!". The nurse came in quickly and saw me throwing up so she started putting on gloves. All of a sudden I felt really weird down there, not really pressure but like something was falling out. I was dry heaving and suddenly yelled "I feel something!" and just started yelling because it started to hurt. The nurse said what pressure? I couldn't even answer, I just laid back and threw open my legs and yelled. The nurse lifted the sheet and she freaked out, she said, Oh my goodness the head is out!! She pressed the intercom and just started yelling I need nurses in here now, this baby is coming out! All of a sudden I felt my baby just slide right out and a huge relief from the pressure. She started crying right away. The nurse was in such a panic. All the other nurses came in to help and they were all kind of panicked. My Dr. came running in about 7 minutes after my baby was born. She delivered my placenta and then apologized that she didn't make it in time. I couldn't blame her, the nurse barely made it in time!

    I was disappointed with her though because she was supposed to come at Noon to break my water but the nurses kept saying she was super busy covering for 2 other OB's but would get here as soon as she could. I wish she would have made it to deliver my baby, but the only thing that matters is my baby was born healthy.

    It amazes me how easily she came out, it just felt so slippery. Oh and not a single tear! She is bf'ing like a pro, latched on perfect right away.

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    On 02.11 Wednesday (right at 38 weeks), after being sent home from L&D with bleeding and some contractions, my water broke at 7 pm. I was having my contractions every 15-20 mins most of the day, my bleeding got very light so I sent DH to the store to get me some panty liners because the pads were too big, while he was gone I got a few sharp contractions 3-4 mins apart so I called him that I will go dry my hair because we may be going back to the hospital by the next day and didnt want to look like a freezy mess. While doing my hair I didnt have any contractions for 30 mins and when DH came home I was having one and I was telling him how sad I was because the few sharp ones were just a false alarm. As I was talking to him I felt like I'm peeing but from my other hole, good thing I was still wearing the big pad. I took my panties off to see whats going on and yep I was dripping all over the floor. Called the dr and she said to go in, I got so lucky because my dr was on call that night. I finished doing my hair, yeah I know its sad because I ended up looking like a homeless person anyways after the labor. Got ready, took my 38 week belly pic ( cant miss that), and went to the hospital.

    They got me in bed and checked me, at 9pm I was only tight 2 cm, 80% effeced, -2 station, they made sure it was water and not pee, like they didnt believe me, I told the nurse I know which hole it was coming out of and it wasnt pee.
    My contractions were only 6-8 mins apart and were kinda mild so the dr said she will have to start Pitocin since my water was already broken and we have a time limit. They started Pitocin at 10.45pm, when it kicked in after about an hour my contractions got strong and 2-3 minutes apart, I started to not be able to handle the pain at around 12.30, I told the nurse i want the epi so she checked me and I was still only 3-4 cm, I was really hoping for at least 5-6 with the pain. Got my epi at 1 am, and it hurt more than just the pinch they say it will feel, my contractions were coming and I couldnt relax well, felt weird pain going down my back but finally it was in and after a few minutes I only felt pressure and no pain, I was in heaven. They checked me again 20 minutes after epi and I was already 8 cm, I was so happy. By 5 am I was ready to push, they called the doctor and Emily came out 49 minutes later. I tore just a little and didnt get any hemorrhoids.
    Baby girl came out screaming and didnt stop for the longest time which made me feel like she doesnt want me but it was just hormones and everyone told me its good because her lungs are strong and she is getting rid of all the fluid.

    I just couldnt believe I'm a mom now and its my kid, the whole pregnancy and the labor felt like a dream. I love this little girl so much.

    We had her first pediatritian appointment on Monday and she is doing great, she lost almost 8oz in the hospital in 2 days and after we got home she only lost less than an oz in the next 2 days. She is doing great and loves to eat, hope we can fix her latch, going to see a LC tomorrow. She is full of smiles, I dont believe its just gas because nobody has gas all the time, she smiles so much, we just lay her down and shower her with kisses and she just smiles at us. DH is in trouble because he wont be able to ever say no to her.
    I cant believe she will be 1 week old in just a few hours.

    Emily Mae
    Born 02.12.09 at 5:49 am
    6 lbs 12 oz, 20 inches long, Apgar 9,9

    Getting cleaned up

    On the scale

    Falling in love

    Got to love those lips

    All dressed and ready to home, she is so tiny even the NB size looks big on her

    At home, her daddy loves to make her hair into a mohawk
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    Eliot and I arrived home to around 3p this afternoon, just 26 hours after Eliot entered the world and I wrapped up the natural childbirth I had wanted so badly. Dante loves his little brother and is taking his role very seriously. We've had several visitors and Eliot is a hungry little man, so shockingly my milk is already coming in which didn't happen until day 3 with Dante.

    Monday night (more like early Tuesday morning), I began to feel some contractions that we're similar to those I've been feeling only slightly more intense. They varied in frequency and duration and so I didn't think much of them, and spent several hours just kinda' ignoring them, going about my normal activity (writing a paper and then sitting on the couch eating chips and guacamole watching House) until, jeez maybe 4 in the morning (since I've been in the habit of not sleeping for months now). At this point I began thinking that even though I was eating and really very comfortable these contractions did require a little bit of breathing through and maybe I should give my mom the heads up that I may be calling her for another L&D visit. Made the call and decided to lay down for a while. An hour later the contractions became stronger, though still very mild and less regular. Even though they weren't that bad I couldn't sleep through them. I decided at 630am that perhaps I should head to L&D. Mom arrived at 730, my contractions at this point were the same and totally more than bearable. I was experiencing some sustained back pressure though so I was a little worried about the baby.
    After arriving at L&D, I kinda assumed that the outcome would be the same as the other night...not enough action and I'd be sent home. Much to my surprise the initial cervix check showed that these "contractions" had done some work. I was a solid 6cm and I wasn't going anywhere.
    At 830a I was moved into a delivery room (the same room in which I had delivered Dante almost 4 years ago) and I asked to walk the halls. I was issued an IV for GBS antibiotics and began my jolly easy jaunt around the halls. The contractions didn't really change at all during this foray and I casually called friends and fam and chatted L&D folk up. I also spent a short time in the luxurious whirlpool bathe the rooms offered because my bath at home doesn't have jets, and my bag of waters was intact. That was a nice little perk. A half an hour later I checked in with my nurse. She asked to see my progress...I was 7cm! How that happened is anyones guess. I was snacking on graham crackers, drinking black tea and dilating and I really barely felt more than moderate twinges and the back pressure I mentioned earlier.
    At this point came medical intervention #1. At around 10am my doc asked to break my bag of waters, hoping to expedite my dilation. I decided the it seemed like a progressive move and agreed. The contractions after my membranes were ruptured were a little stronger but still bearable. I stood up, rocking breathing and singing Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" during the contractions and shared anectdotes with my mom and the nurse during the breathers. I went from 8-10cm in less than 20 minutes all with no real intense pain and at 11am it was time to start pushing.
    "I think you'll have this baby by 1130" the nurse said. Famous last words!
    This is when labor became difficult. I spent the first 45 minutes of pushing laying on my back. A horrible mistake since I was having major back labor. Eliot like Dante was posterior, but unlike my delivery of Dante I was pushing with no pain meds and the pressure associated with the difficulty of delivering a posterior baby was starting to get the better of me. I was bearing down with every contraction so hard, and despite the encouragement of everyone around me and the "he's right there, just a couple more pushes" I kept hearing he just wasn't coming out. Despite the intensity of the contractions I was "remarkably serene during the breaks" according to my doc. I begged to push standing up. My doctor agreed that this might be best and blankets and pillows were quickly lining the floor. Using my mother and doctor as anchors I began bearing down in a much more comfortable position. At this point a quick check of my progress revealed a small lip of my cervix had been keeping the baby's head in the birth canal and hindering my progress. I'd been pushing for over an hour and apparently fighting this the whole time. I was devastated and thoroughly exhausted. The lip of my cervix was held in place and I continued to push for 30 more minutes finally getting his head past the block and making real progress.
    At this point I was so overwhelmed and beat I began crying...I felt like I just couldn't continue. My nurse looked at me.."It's either this or a c-section...you can do this!"
    Then my doctor suggested medical intervention #2 aiding me with the vacuum (which was also used to aid in Dante's delivery). I went over the risks and decided that it may be the best route for a quick delivery of the baby who'd been being squashed in the birth canal for almost 2 hours at this point (although I was reminded constantly that he was doing great since I asked between every contraction).
    I was moved back into the bed. After about 3 more contractions and solid pushes and finally the aid of a vacuum baby Eliots head came out with a hearty cry. It was 102pm. I quickly delivered the rest of him. What relief!!! and he was just perfect!!5 minutes later he was latched on and feeding like a champ!! and although tired I felt wonderful. I'd done it (as best I could) and now I had my little man. "I'm so happy to finally meet you" I whispered, kissing his soft head, while the small tear I'd suffered was closed with 2 little stiches and my placenta was delivered intact. After a shower my second son and I were wheeled to recovery and a little over a day later we're home. I feel fantastic and Eliot is so alert and robust. He lost a whopping 3 oz of his orinal birthweight which I suspect will be quickly regained since he is nursing my milk supply in quickly.
    Here are some pics...

    7 cm and cool as a cucumber...

    Welcome to the World lil man

    My perfect boy...

    Nursing right away...

    Ready to go home and I felt great

    First cloth diaper

    Leaving the hospital with gramma

    Dante loves his brother!

    Okay this is waay to long and pic heavy!!!
    Mary (29) 2 Angels- 2/98 2/07

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    Jackson Edward
    2/14/09 (my 'lil Valentine)
    9:58 am
    7lbs 3oz, 19 1/2 inches

    Well its all pretty simple actually! Friday was my due date, and i was gettin really anxious so at 11:00 pm DH and i ran to walmart to buy some Castor Oil. I chugged 2oz with oj and went straight to bed, Not knowing what was going to happen. I slept just fine, and about 2:30 am i woke up having to poo (tmi) really bad. I kept on reading how castor oil gave really bad gas pains and cramps but i didnt feel anything like that. So i went back to bed and within about 5 mins i started feeling pretty strong contractions. After about 5-6 of them i went down stairs to get my phone to time them. They seemed really close together. By the time i stepped down stairs i felt a Gush. Not really big... but i knew right away what it was! I was thrilled

    So went and put on a pad and went to tell DH to get dressed we were going to the Hospital!!

    So got to the Hospital at about 4:00 am and got admitted and my contractions were gettin stronger and about 3-4 mins apart, and i was 3 cm. I also get coupling and tripling contractions meaning i get 1, then before that one goes completely away i get another, or more. They SUCK! I did the same thing with DD.

    So by about 5:30 i was in ALOT of pain!! The nurse already knew i wanted an Epi so she called the anesthesiologist and he was on the way.

    Right before the anesthesiologist came in i had 8 contractions in a row... with about 5 seconds in between them! It was really intense. The nurse said its pretty rare to get that many without a break. I was recovering from that when the anesthesiologist walked in the room! I was never so relieved!!!

    He put it right in and INSTANT relief... i was now in Heaven!

    So i kept dilating, and the Dr came in at about 9:15. I started pushing and 15 mins later He was here. I didnt feel any pain while pushing, but really uncomfortable when the head and body came out. He had the cord wrapped around his neck, same as DD. But after that was removed he started crying right away!

    I am so happy with the way everything happened, and still cant believe how well the castor oil worked!
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    Justin and Jennifer 9/29/07

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    I was scheduled for a c-section on Thursday, the 12th, at 9:00am. We went and dropped the kids off at my mom's so they can join us later. At that point, I was having some contractions. But I figured they would go away like they always did. Well, we got to L&D and they were so busy they didn't even have a room for me. So they prepped me in the recovery room along with other patients. They put me on the monitors around 8:00am until they finished with the first c-sec which they started late. Within that hour I started to feel major painful contractions. When the nurse came in to check she was surprised I was in labor on my own. They were coming every 1-3 minutes apart. I was in all that pain and they still had to put the catheter in me which hurt like hell! I had to just wait out the pain. Finally, they took me in around 9:30am and I had to walk with that catheter in and the iv on the other hand and in pain.

    To make a long story short, Mia Aryana made her screaming arrival at 10:01am on February 12th. She weighed 8lbs 7oz and 19.5" long. They had to check her sugar levels because I'm diabetic and thank goodness she was okay and didn't need to go to the NICU.

    We're both doing well now. I'm still sore and in some pain. Still have a hard time walking, but I'm getting better everyday. I'm finally breastfeeding and it's going well so far.






    ~Cinthia & Rafael
    Darius 8/16/1997
    Kyla - 6/17/2003
    Mia - 2/12/2009

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