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    Jayda Alina
    Feb 16, 2009, 4:47am
    9lbs, 14.5oz, 23"

    So, I went for my 40 week appointment on Feb 13th and got the doctor to do a stretch and sweep for me. He told me I was 2-3cm and would likely not make it to my 41 week appointment. The strech and sweep gave me some braxton hicks contractions on Saturday, but nothing significant or regular. Sunday we were celebrating my sister's birthday at my parents house for lunch. I was having some contractions, but not really painful or regular so I thought they were BH again. Later in the afternoon, they started getting more regular so I decided to start timing them. I started at 4:30 when DH and I sat down to play euchre with my parents. Turns out they were 5 mins apart and lasting about 45 seconds each. We stayed, played euchre, had supper and then decided whether or not to leave lainey with my parents. We figured since we didn't want my mom to have to come out in the middle of the night if this was labour, we would leave her there. Dh went home to get a couple of things and then we went home together. I sat in my room with the laptop and contraction master on the screen watching some TV and DH went downstairs to watch a movie. My contractions were about 2.5 mins apart and 45-60 seconds each and getting much more regular and painful. I was bummed when we first got home though cause they went from being 5 mins apart to 11 and I really thought I was going to just go to bed. At 11:30 when Dh came to bed I asked if he was taking a shower before we headed to the hospital and told him that he'd better do it then cause I thought this was it. So he called Fiona (my massage therapist and other support person) to have her come over and hopped in the shower. Fiona got there around midnight and DH and I were sitting in the rec room watching tv and timing the contractions. Fiona got to work on my lower back because it was really starting to ache with the contractions. It felt nice just to lean over the computer while she applied pressure to my back. We continued to time contractions and at about 1:30 DH and Fiona decided it was time to go to the hospital. So DH called in to let them know we were coming and we loaded up and headed over. We were the only ones in labour that night which was nice and the L&D nurse was actually helping out in emerg so she was happy we came in. We discussed me not wanting any pain meds and she was really good with that. Never mentioned it again to me. I was hooked up to the monitor and they looked at my contractions and checked baby's HR which were all fine. They also checked me and found that I was 5-6cm with bulging membranes and a very thin cervix. They disconnected the monitors after about 20 mins but I didn't really want to walk around. DH and Fiona just took turns applying counter pressure to my back since I was having severe back labour again (I had this with LG too). I continued to labour, they checked me again a little later on and I was 8cm with bulging membranes, so they thought if they broke my water i would hit 9cm in no time. So I asked them to call the dr in to break them. Dr. S came in, broke them and sure enough I was at 9cm. It was clear fluid too, so I was happy to hear that. With Lainey there was meconium in the fluid which scared me. I hate it after my water breaks because the pressure is just that much more intense. Dr. S lives in the next town so since it was the middle of the night, I guess he decided to stay until I delivered. It's not like I had that much further to go. Unfortunately I didn't look at the clock, so I have no idea what time this was at. At 4am I told them I needed to push so another nurse came in to help with my legs and monitor her HR they also put the stirrups up which was a nice change from lainey's birth where I had to hold my legs myself. At first pushing wasn't doing much but I think that was because of her size. Finally I was able to get her to start moving down and I had her out in 45 minutes (I pushed for 90 with Lainey). I tore a bit cause Dr. S threw some liquid that burns like crazy on me and I thought I had been cut but my sister informs me he would have seen a tear and was keeping it clean I guess. Between getting her head out and her shoulders out, they had me panting like crazy but she was a little bit stuck, so Dr. S had to manoever her to get her moving again. THen she got slightly stuck at the belly as well. The nurse said in all her 32 years, she has never seen a baby get stuck at the belly. Jayda wasn't really crying when she came out, but shortly after birth on the warming tray after some oxygen she started to pink up nicely. She was grunting more than she was crying. The gave her to me and I held her while the dr put in some stitches. We finally got to our room at about 5:30am. It was a really great experience, and I will never forget the feeling of pushing out my daughter but man, I don't know that I would want to deliver a baby that large without some kind of drug relief again. I will say that the recovery has been much faster and I feel my nether-regions are healing a lot better this time, even with a bigger baby.

    We stayed in the hospital for one night and were discharged Tuedsay afternoon. The nurse screwed up in requesting the discharge bloodwork for Jayda so we were delayed until 2pm. We had to go bac to the lab to get another billi ruben test done on Wednesday cause she was slightly high on discharge but yesterday at the doctor he said she was fine.

    We are all doing well, Jayda is already eating 2.5 oz every 3 hours and my milk has finally come in. Yesterday I got 26oz of milk, so things are going well.

    Me and my girls Monday morning

    The girls and their papa

    Lainey holding jayda

    She finally got a bath!

    Ready tp head home

    Kim (27), DH Shawn (34)
    Lainey Marieke August 5, 2006
    Jayda Alina February 16, 2009

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    Default Villette Lynn 2-20-09

    I forgot to post Villette's birth story, so here it goes!...

    On Friday, February 20th, I went to my ob appt at 2 pm and was 5 cm dialated with small regular contractions. She told me to go over to the hospital. My sister had DD 1, and went to my house to get our bags for us.
    At 7:30 pm they started pitocin. By then, my sister was there with DD 1.
    At 8:30 pm my water broke.
    At 9:30 pm I was really uncomfortable, and MADE them check me. The nurse did, and didn't tell me what was going on. I asked a few times what was going on, and she finally said, I can't believe you're complete!
    At 9:50 pm, Villette Lynn made her way into this world. Her hand was up by her face, and the ob actually had to push her back in at one point so that her arm didn't break.

    7 Lbs 11 ozs
    19 inches

    Right when she came out:

    After with DH and DD 1

    The next day with my sister and DD 1

    Randi and Aaron <3

    Barbara Jane 03-13-08 and Villette Lynn 02-20-09

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    Default Josiah's birth story

    Josiah’s Birth Story

    On Friday Feb. 20th I had my 40.5 week doctor’s appt. The doc checked me and I was dilated to just 1cm, no change from the previous appt. Doctor asked if I wanted him to sweep the membranes and I decided it was a good idea. If I was ready to go into labor it might give my body the push it needed, and it was worth a try in my opinion! At 40 weeks and 3 days I was ready to meet my baby! When I got home I put Jacob in the stroller and took a nice long walk through our neighborhood. Then dad got home and we all went to the park and enjoyed the amazing winter weather, which was about 70 degrees with a cool ocean breeze!
    We decided to go out to eat that night…Jacob requested fish tacos so we went to Baja Fish, which has awesome Mexican food and delicious fish tacos, of course. While eating I got a few painful contractions, but I tried to ignore them because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I got more and more of these throughout the evening, but they were about 6 to 8 minutes apart so I just tried to relax while Joe and I watched some television. By about 10:00 pm they were getting closer together and much more painful. We decided to really start timing them on the contraction master. It took about three hours for them to get SO intense that I could hardly bear them, but we waited another hour just to be sure. I called my doctor at 2:00 am and he gave me the go ahead to head to the hospital. We got everything ready and headed to Grandma and Papa’s house to drop off Jacob, who had no idea what was going on! This would be the first night I ever spent away from Jacob, so I of course started to cry when I gave him a kiss goodbye! The hospital was only about a ten minute car ride away from that point, but we seemed to hit every single red light on the way so it felt like an eternity!
    We got there at 2:30 am and I was admitted by 3:00. They checked me and I think I was at 3cm and 50% effaced. The contractions were so hard to handle lying down in that bed…I wanted to scream! But…I didn’t, I just tried to breathe through them. The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural and I accepted immediately, which surprised my husband but I just looked at him and said “I NEED it, okay?” The anesthesiologist was there in no time and I had my drug line hooked up and I was feeling GOOD! My sisters and my mom got there right after that and we chatted for a while, then we decided I should try and get some rest. So Joe and I slept for about an hour and a half, and when I woke up around 6 am they checked me and I was a 5 and 80% effaced. Things continued to move at a slow and steady pace from then on…by around 8 am I was about a 9 and almost completely effaced.
    My epidural had begun to wear off about a half hour before I was fully dilated, but I was alright with that because I wanted to be able to feel when it was time to push. The pain got to be so intense though…all I could do was breathe through them but they were on top of each other, so it was exhausting. My doctor came in all suited up and ready to go at about 8:15 am, and I got into position. It was hard to get the “right push” at first, but after about 10 minutes I really started to feel and understand what I needed to do. At one point when I felt like I had nothing left, my doctor grabbed my hand and put it on my baby’s head and said “Look, he’s right there! You are so close. Just keep pushing!” That really helped me to refocus and keep going, so I started pushing with all I had. A few minutes later with one good push, the baby’s went from in…to OUT! All of a sudden my doctor said “Okay, the cord is wrapped around his neck so DON’T PUSH. Just hold still.” He had to cut the cord because it was wrapped so tightly, and then he says “Okay…this is NOT a little baby so take it easy…give me one more good push and he’ll be out.” So I did, and at 8:48 am baby Josiah entered this world.
    I didn’t get to hold him right away…they needed to make sure he was okay because of the cord being wrapped around his neck. So I just laid there and watched them clean him up…but I knew he was alright. God was with me during the entire labor, putting my mind at ease about everything. It was simply a beautiful experience that I will never forget! Josiah Reid weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz, he was 20.5 inches long, and he got 8 and 9 on his apgars. He was absolutely perfect, a blessing and a gift from God above!

    ~ Kaci

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    I think I have attempted to sit down and write this at least a dozen times.

    So February 26th (my due date) I was totally bummed out that I was going over my due date and was willing to do anything! So after going for a massage I agreed to DTD with DH. About 15 minutes later I started to feel cramping, but figured it was nothing. Around 12:30am on the 27th I started to get really uncomfortable. My joints felt like they were going to come undone and I almost felt like I had symptoms of the flu and PMS at the same time. and it finally hit me I was in labor (and of course I started taking notes!!)

    1:15am-I got my first real contraction. It just about knocked me off my feet, I had to grab the kitchen counter to brace myself, but they were only coming every 15-18 minutes

    2:30am-Suddenly they were coming 8-10 minutes apart, they weren't as strong but were getting very consistent with time and length. I decided to call my dr's office, but had to leave a message for a call back.

    3:45am- The on call dr finally called me back (good thing it wasn't an emergency) by this point the contractions were 5-7 minutes apart and over a minute in length. The dr told me to come into the hospital and get checked out.

    5:00am- I decided to be nice to DH and I let him sleep until 5, and I even had a cup of coffee in my hand when I did. Of course, his response was "are you sure, I think you may be faking it", so I smacked him on the leg and told him to get his a$$ out of bed.

    6:30am- we finally got to the hospital, all DH kept saying was "this is nothing like in the movies, why aren't you screaming your head off yet" LOL The nurse checked me and I was only dialated to 1 and contractions were only coming 4 minutes apart. The nurse decided to have me stay an hour to see if I would make an progress.

    8:00am- The nurse came in to check me again and I wasn't making much progress, I was still a 1 but getting more stretchy. She was getting ready to call the dr to see about sending me home when all of the sudden Wyatt started getting decels. We watched it for a few minutes and then there was a decel that lasted close to 2 minutes . It totally freaked the nurse out and she ran to call the dr. We all agreed to start an induction to speed up the labor.

    8:45am- We started the Pitocin, and DH called everyone he could think of and told my mom it was time to come to the hospital.

    10:20am- A strange doctor came in with a knitting needle and said he was going to break my water He broke my water (holy f#*^) and there was a slight amount of muconioum staining, not really bad, just a little. But boy was there a lot of water, the nurse was amazed and I was totally grossed out.

    The labor was progressing nicely, around .5 centimeters an hour but they kept fussing with the pitocin because of the heart decels. They would up the drugs and then come in and shut them off and I started getting really frustrated. The contractions were every 2 minutes and were getting stronger but I was handeling them well. My mom was a SAINT the whole time. Poor DH was sitting in the corner and had no idea what to do, poor guy. Mom saved the day and help me count through the contax and breath.

    1:00pm- The nurse thought we should get the epi going because I was dialated to 4.5 but I didn't want it yet. I was determined to hang on as long as possible and wanted to be able to walk around and use the birth ball, etc. But the pain was getting to the point where I was almost unable to breath through them so I agreed to get a dose of IV drugs. (side note...my mom was taking notes for me on what times certain things were happening, her notes say 1:00pm-Wimped out )

    The drugs were great, they gave me just enough to take the edge of and let me get a little nap, but it didn't take away all the pain or take away my ability to labor how I wanted to. The nurse came in about an hour later to tell me that the anastesiologist was going into surgery and it was either get the epi now or wait till he was done. I opted for a 2nd dose of the IV drugs

    4:30pm- Got the epi, holy cow was it amazing!!!! The anastesiologist was great. It took the pain away but I was able to wiggle my toes and move from side to side but I was stuck in bed. I was still dialated to just under 5 My mom said I fell asleep about 2 minutes after the Epi kicked in and didn't wake up for over an hour.

    7:00pm- I dialated to 7-8 and sat there for awhile. The new nurse finally noticed that the day nurse hadn't put in a cathater. She put in the cathater, good thing too, DH said I almost filled the bag pretty quick.

    8:00pm- I was still dialataed to 7-8 and started to get extremly nauseaus after eating nothing but ice chips and popsicles for 15 hours straight. Got a dose of regelan and passed out for another hour, thank god for sleep!!!

    9:30pm- Finally dialated to 10!!!!!!!! The nurse warned me that it may be awhile until the actual delivery, I was fully dialated but the baby wasn't quite ready yet.

    10:00pm- The nurse had just left after checking me and I stared to feel pressure. It wasnt uncomfortable but I kept saying I really need to pee. The nurse said what the heck and decided to check me again, she had this look like and said not to move that the baby was "right there" and she called the dr. DH said that the baby was really right there. The nurse actually held his head in with her pointer and middle finger, my mom made me laugh and the nurse freaked out because it started to make the babies head come out

    10:15pm- The doctor came in (not my normal dr, he had a family emergency ) dh said that the dr walked in, took a look down below and said "Oh $hit" We did one test push and the dr said we were ready to go.

    10:20pm- after 3 good pushes out he came. The dr had asked who wanted to announce the sex and all I remember is just as I saw the top of his head my mom started screaming "IT'S A BOY...IT'S A BOY...IT'S A BOY" My little Wyatt was here, 7lbs 2oz and 19 3/4 inches.

    It was the most amazing experience, so amazing that DH says I actually asked if we could have another right before I started pushing I would do it all over again.

    Sorry it took so long to get this written but my mom lost the notes and just found them yesterday. It was such a whirlwind I couldn't remember what happened and when. Thanks for reading!

    Fixing my hair right after the Epi

    My baby boy is here

    Finally holding my baby for the first time
    IBCLC Intern, Almost there!!!!
    Wyatt Rett 2-27-09
    Reagan Jean 9-15-11

    Moderator of Everything Breastfeeding!
    Co-Moderator of September 09

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