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    Mary's space.
    EDD Feb 7th.
    I will start by posting my son's (very long) birth story is anyone is interested in reading it (or rereading it as the case my be) I have added some editing to the last part of the birth, these are bolded:

    After two days of on and off contractions my water broke at 11:30 pm on Sunday June 4th. Right before it broke I had four very close but mild contractions. I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep after a very long day and I rolled from my right to left side, and suddenly I was all wet. I got up and told Luke what had happened and called my midwife to let her know,too, and went back to bed to try and get some sleep.
    Luke and I changed the wet sheets and put on clean ones, then a plastic sheet and the sheets for birthing on top. I laid down, but sleep was not going to happen for me that night, though. Right after I laid down the contractions started coming in earnest. About 3-4 minutes apart and 60 seconds long, and getting stronger with each one.
    I decided to get up and hang out with Luke and try and watch a movie and relax. We also called his parents to come and get the dog. We watched a DVD of the animated series Aeon Flux, which was very strange and hard to follow. My contractions were still getting more and more intense and were about 3 minutes apart and some as long as 90 seconds. I was having to focus to get through them. Eventually I couldn't handle watching the show anymore, and after his parents came and got the dog, I went back to bed to try and rest again. I rested, but couldn't get to sleep, the contractions were too much. Luke came to bed a little bit later and got about an hour of sleep before I woke him up again.
    I was starting to feel nauseated and went to the bathroom where I puked a little. The contractions were getting very strong now and I thought we had better call the midwife. At about 4 am we called her and she and her two assistants arrived not long afterwards. They started to set things up and get out their tools and instruments. This is when I started to really get excited and think "I am really going to have this baby today!" the sky was just starting to get light and I knew the sun would be up soon. I labored kneeling on the ground and hanging over the ball while Luke rubbed my back for a couple hours. The contractions were very difficult and close at this point. They were not coming like waves, but hitting me with the most intense part first and then slowly letting up, and it was very hard to relax with them like this because the initial shock would tense me up every time. I remember my midwife telling me some time in this period that if I continued like this it "wouldn't be too much longer." I asked her if she thought it would be before noon and she said she thought so, that made me feel really excited and I felt a little bit better after that.
    Some time mid morning I asked when I could get in the hot tub and she said any time I wanted, so we went right out after the next contraction. Luke got in with me and I faced him squatting in the center while he sat on the side and I looked at him and held his hands or legs through contractions. It felt really good to be in there and I liked it a lot, but the contractions were very close together and hard. We spent a while in there. The sun was pretty high up in the sky and it was shaping up to be a gorgeous day. A few high clouds and a very blue sky. It was already quite warm. After a little bit in tub I started to feel sick again, and had to lean over the side and puke into the gravel. When I did this the contractions got even stronger and I felt like I was going to die. It was pretty scary, but afterwards I felt better. The midwife and assistants generally left us alone at this point except to periodically check the heart tones with a doppler. After a little while I started to get really pruned up and wanted to get out, so I did and went back to kneeling with the ball inside.
    I am not sure how long I did this, but I puked a few more times and started to feel really depressed and tired. It felt like it was never going to end. I though that this must be the self doubt part which means I am getting close, so I asked Nicole to check me. She waited for a break and then checked, and she was in there a long time and seemed very serious. When she was done she looked sort of disappointed and asked me if I really wanted to know. I said "just tell me, am I close?" she said she thought it would be a while longer and that my cervix was very thin, but not dilating the way it should because the baby's head was a little crooked and not putting pressure on it. I asked her how much longer and she said there was no way to know but it could be awhile and I should try to get some rest. This was very depressing news. (She would tell me later after the birth that at this point I was only between 2&3 cm dilated, only 1 cm progress in 12 hours! I am glad I didn't know the details at the time.) I had been in hard labor for about 12 hours at this point, and it didn't feel like it was going anywhere and I was getting very tired. I was also getting dehydrated and couldn't keep anything down. Nicole suggested that we try an enema to get some fluids in me since you absorb water pretty well through the colon. I was not excited about this idea but said I would try it and so Luke and I went onto the bathroom and did it. It worked alright, and I kept it in through one or two contractions, but felt pretty worked after that.
    Then we went to bed and set up a system of pillows so I could be on modified hands and knees and we tried to sleep. Luke slept for about an hour maybe, and I dozed in between contractions, which got a bit lighter at this point. We were in bed for a couple hours maybe and I was feeling a lot better, but the contractions were getting stronger again so I woke Luke up and called Nicole in. Nicole suggested I get up and take a little walk around. It was really hard to get out of bed, but I felt much better. We went out and walked around the yard. We also walked the stairs sideways to try and get him to straighten out. At this point it started to get drawn out and tedious. I started puking again and the contractions were very strong and not before too long I was tired and feeling like it was never going to end again. Luke was great all through this part (and all of it) and telling me that I was doing great and how strong I was and how proud of me he was and letting me use him to lean on for support etc..I am so glad he was there.
    We tried the hot tub again, but it had cooled down a bit and I didn't like it as much this time. While I was in there Nicole, Luke and I talked about my "options." She said that it could possibly go this way for awhile longer and that the hospital was an option at this point. I could go get an epidural to get some rest and it might help me get through it. Or I would try and get some rest here at home and keep going. I was feeling like maybe I wanted to get some pain relief and rest at this point, but really didn't want to have to go to the hospital. The car ride sounded no fun, and also I just really wanted to do it naturally and at home. I was bummed out and decided to try and rest a bit and then see where we were after that.
    I ate half a fruit popsicle and went and laid down in bed again. At this point Luke told me that no matter what happened he was proud of me and I had done a great job. It was a really sweet moment and it made me feel a little bit better. We tried to sleep but the contractions were way too intense, but I relaxed a bit and we laid there for a long while just getting through it together. I didn't puke the popsicle up this time and that felt good, too. After awhile I couldn't lay there any longer and they were getting very strong! The most painful yet and I was having to really hold onto Luke to get through them, so I asked Nicole to check me so we could decide what to do, because if I still wasn't progressing I was ready to transport. So she checked me and I was at 7 and she thought his head was straight now! This was great news and I knew that he would be much faster from here, but also I knew that transition was just around the corner and I was exhausted and a little nervous.
    We went out into the living room and I leaned over the ball again and Luke rubbed my back with contractions. The midwives started to get things ready for delivery and this felt good. It was finally going to happen. Well before too long the contractions were almost right on top of each other and not going away entirely in between and the hurt really bad. I was squeezing Luke's hands so hard and at one point I even bit him. My back was hurting tremendously and I was crying for hot compresses with each contraction. I knew this was transition and it wouldn't be much longer, but I was so difficult. I just tried to focus and breath, and that took all the strength I had. After what seemed like forever but was probably only an hour or less things started to feel different and I asked Nicole to check me again. She did and said I was complete, 10 cm and could push when I wanted. I said I felt like pushing (even though I didn't have the urge yet, I really wanted it to be over with. In retrospect, I really should have waited for the urge) and with the next contractions tried it laying on my side. Well that hurt a lot and I didn't like it at all so I got on hands and knees for the next one. The sun was setting at about this time, so it must have been 8 pm or so.
    I pushed on hands a knees for a few contractions, but Nicole wanted me to be more upright to get his head under the pubic bone so I moved to the birthing stool. I really didn't want to move. (I argued with the midwife at this point, I had heard horror stories about the birthing stool, she has since stopped using it since everyone that uses it has had bad tearing) Finally she said she could see the head and he started to crown. She kept saying just a couple more pushes and he would be out, but I kept pushing and pushing and it didn't feel like he was moving at all. I didn't believe her and asked Luke if he thought it looked like he was moving out at all, he told me he was just a little bit with each push.(at this point my back pain was very intense, I would find out later it was because my tailbone was dislocating probably due to the position I was birthing in and the fact his head was not straight.) At this point Nicole was practically yelling "This baby needs to be born NOW push harder!" I guess he was in distress from crowning for so long and she was worried about him. This really scared me so I was pushing constantly even in between contractions. This was a very tense point between my midwife and I, I had no urge to push and did not feel like pushing, and I felt like my baby was fine and we just needed a rest. She felt like he needed to be born ASAP. His heart rate was dropping, but not to a dangerous level, and I thought that if I stopped and caught my breath and waited he would be fine. She disagreed and was yelling for me to push push push him out right now. After a few pushes like this he started to come out completely and Luke helped Nicole catch him and she practically pulled him out. He started making little sounds and they suctioned him because he had fluid in his nose and mouth. He was pink and alert, but had an initial Apgar of 6 but his next one was 9. In other words, he was fine
    I was so happy he was finally out and he looked so perfect. I was holding him and he started to make little noises and rooting around a little bit. Nicole said he was doing really well and I could lay down now, which sounded great to me! I laid down and Luke cut the cord when it got limp and I delivered the placenta. Luke held him for a bit and we felt like going to bed. We laid in bed looking at him and just relaxing for a bit while the midwives cleaned up and made us dinner. We ate and I nursed and it was just so nice to be home in my own bed with my family. I got to take a shower and we took off the birthing sheets and were al snug in the bed together. It was a great feeling.
    Then Nicole came in and told me that I had torn a bit during the delivery and she wanted to check me out. I was not excited about this and but wanted to get it over with. She checked me and said I needed stitched and she couldn't do it, so another midwife came over and did it. 30-40 stitches and about an hour later they were finally done and we all ate birthday cake and they packed up and went home some time well after midnight.
    We were all alone for the first time together as a family. I was so in love with Luke and Orion and feeling so great, exhausted and spent at the same time. We slept for a few hours and at about 4 am I started feeling really terrible, with cramping and strong contractions and a lot of blood was coming out. I got up to change my pads twice in an hour and was in a lot of pain so I woke up Luke and we decided to call Nicole. She came over and massaged my uterus and said that it was a lot bigger than when she left and something was definitely going on. She didn't like the amount of blood I was loosing, either. She said she would try a couple of things and if it didn't work she would have to take me to the hospital. I was bummed out to hear this but in a lot of pain. The last thing I wanted to do was leave the house now after he was already born and doing great. So she massaged uterus a bit more, which gave me really painful contractions so I was almost screaming and she gave me a pill (I can't remember the name) and a shot of pitocin to stop the bleeding. Then she had me stand up to see how much I was bleeding. I stood for a second and then al of a sudden I felt really strange and then a huge "thing" fell out of my and splatted on the ground and then another smaller one. It looked like the placenta but about half the size. I was totally freaked out and Luke looked like he was going to faint. nicole seemed happy to see it though, and said they were blood clots and it explained a lot and that I should start to feel much better. She cleaned me up a bit and got me new pads and put me back to bed. I was feeling a lot better already and finally she left and we went back to sleep.
    Everything has been great since then. Orion is 2 weeks old now and growing like a weed. I am healing up very well and the only thing that still bothers me is my tailbone. Luke and I are adjusting to family life pretty well and Orion is a really good baby. I am so glad the birth is over. It was much more difficult that I ever imagined it would be and could have never done it without the support I got from Luke and the midwives. After going though it though I have a lot more confidence in myself and feel ready for all the challenges ahead.
    Orion Nehemiah Sheridan
    born 8:51 pm June 5th
    8 lbs 3 oz
    19 inches

    And some photos for you:
    Most recent belly picture, last week at 35 weeks

    30 weeks

    27 weeks

    My son, Orion

    My sweetie and I having our wedding ceremony in Fiji in November

    Family photo from our wedding reception at home in September

    Minutes after Orion's birth

    Orion at 1 day old

    Okay that's it for now.
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    <-·´¯`·.(¯`•¸·´¯) CANDIE's SPACE (¯`·¸•´¯).·´¯`·->

    EDD: 2/11/08

    5/28/08 Beta: 72
    5/28 Progesterone: 21

    5/30/08 Beta: 153 (38.6hr doubling time)

    1st appt: 6/2/08 - Dr. confirmed EDD of 2/11/09.

    1st Ultrasound 6/18/08 at 6w0d: Sac measuring 5w5d, baby measuring 6w1d, FHR of 133bpm. Small amount of fluid build up which may be blood and cause some minor spotting.

    2nd Ultrasound done on June 18, 2008 at 12 weeks. Baby was measuring 12w6d but OB is keeping my due date and keeping me at 12w or 12w1d.
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    tryin's space
    EDD 1/29/09
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    Amanda's space!

    Positive pregnancy test: June 3/08
    Our first little one is due February 7/09!

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    Monica's Space!!

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    Mary's Space!

    Dh and I! We have been married 4 years on June 5th.

    My 1st Mother's Day

    Lily First Born

    And Now

    BFP - June 1st

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    I lost my baby. I had my d&c on what should have been 10 weeks, 5 days.
    God bless you all.
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    Default Scarlet's Space!

    Here it is!! (Well my actual first BFP was a blood test but I took one anyway!)

    Little One at 11 Weeks:
    11 weeks
    9 Week belly shot:

    12 Week belly shot:

    Here's my timeline:
    4/30: LMP
    5/13: IUI (after cycle of Clomid and Ovidrel)
    5/27: First Beta 123 = BFP!!!!
    6/26: 1st ultrasound we can see the heartbeat and measured right on track at 8 weeks, 2 days
    6/30: released from the RE and had a nurse consultation at the OB's office
    7/15: 2nd ultrasound Heartbeat measured 175
    7/16: 1st visit with OB
    8/13: Next OB visit
    9/19: anatomical screening ultrasound- Boy or Girl???!!!
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    It's a BOY!!!

    Free Blinkies


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