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    My name is Nicole, and I'm 28, and my DH is Eric, and he's 29. We've been together for over 4 years, and married for just over a year. We got out BFP on Sunday, but I got the dark line yesterday!!!! So, I am figuring my due date to be Feb 24!!! This is our first, so I'm nervous, and not too sure what to expect!! My only problem so far is being EXAUSTED.........I look forward to talking to all you ladies and getting to know you!!!!

    DH & I when we got married May 11, 2007:

    When we were first dating:

    My first appointment went well, but they did change my due date to March 1st, but I think, with all the back problems I have, that I might go early. Aside from my lower back, I'm feeling OK, still not the greatest eater, as the smell of most food still makes me ill.
    I know its a bit late, but here's the pic of our little peanut!!!

    I had our 2nd ultrasound on October 15, and found out that we're having a baby girl!!! Here's our little girl's pics:

    She's waving!!

    We're working on picking out names, but I think we might keep the name quiet. We'll see, though.
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    Due February 24th

    14 Weeks


    June 18, 2008; Wednesday
    : Confirm Pregnancy [weight: 127] [4w 1d]
    June 24, 2008; Tuesday: Blood work, Pap smear [weight: 125] [5w 0d]
    July 22, 2008; Tuesday: Dating U/S, Prenatal visit [weight: 123] [9w 0d]

    August 25th; Monday: Prenatal visit [weight: 125] [13w6d]
    September 22nd; Monday: Prenatal visit

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    My name is Stephanie and my Hubby is Kyle. I am 28. He is 29. We've been together for 3 1/2 years now and married one. I now have a beautiful Step-Daughter who is 5. She's lots of fun. We decided she needs a brother or sister. We got pregnant last year 3 times and lost them all.

    1st Ultrasound~ June 18 Yipee


    2nd Ultrasound~ July 3

    HB 172

    Meet with Nurse~ July 8, For sure found out due date is Feb. 14, 2009!!

    3rd Ultrasound~ July 16, the little bean is now 30 mm.


    Be released from Specialist and maybe 4th Ultrasound~ July 23
    Got released!! yay!! The bean is now 41 mm. Getting big!!


    Reg. Appt. to see Doc~ July 28
    Had a great appt. DH and i got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! It was amazing!

    Appt. to see Doc~ Aug 26
    She said everything is wonderful. Got to hear the heartbeat again. It is 136 now. She said that is perfect.

    Sept. 15~ Belly pic

    Appt to see Doc~ Sept 26, she said everything is wonderful!!!

    Oct. 3~ Big U/S, everything looks great. baby wouldn't show us what it is!!

    Oct. 20~ Monthly doc appt. The doctor got called out to delivery a baby so didn't get to see her.

    Oct. 23~ Got to see my doc today. She asked if we got to find out what we were having at our u/s. i said no. she scheduled me for another u/s. yay!! Everything is going great!!

    Oct. 31~ Ultra sound!! YAY It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!! Took diabetes test too!

    Nov. 9~ Shower

    Nov. 19~ 27 Weeks 4 Days Belly pic

    Nov. 20~ Monthly doc appt, went great. measuring correctly. start every 2 weeks now

    Dec. 5~ Doc Appt., went well. she said everything is good.

    Dec. 6~ Child Birth Class. went really well.

    Dec. 9~ BF class. glad we went. we learned quite a bit.

    Dec. 13~ Sibling Class. dsd enjoyed very much.

    Dec. 19~ Doc Appt., went well. go back in 2 weeks

    Jan. 2~ Doc Appt., went well. go back in 2 weeks.

    Jan. 12~ 35 w 2 d belly pic



    Jan. 16~ Doc Appt., fingertip dilated.

    Jan. 23~ Doc Appt., 1 cm dilated. everything good

    Jan. 30~ Doc Appt., still 1 cm dilated. everything good.

    Feb. 5~ Doc Appt., still 1 cm dilated. everything else good.

    Feb. 6~ 38 Weeks 6 Days Belly Pic


    Feb. 13~ Doc Appt., still 1 cm dilated. she stripped my membranes. that's about it.

    Feb. 19~ Doc Appt. if i make it till then. well, i made it. lol. now 2 cm dilated. had stress test and ultrasound today. scheduled to be induced

    Feb. 24~ Have to be at L&D at 7am for delivery.

    Feb. 25~ Carson James was born at 1:31 am. 8 lbs. 13 oz. 22 inches long


    March 28~ some new pics of carson



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    DSD 12-30-02
    DS 2-25-09
    DD 8-12-10

    Kyle & Stephanie ~ 7-28-07

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    Glitter Words

    Glitter Words

    Glitter Words

    Haley after being born:

    Haley about 1 month old:

    Haley 6 months old:

    Haley 1 year old:

    Haley 18 months:

    Haley 2 years old:

    Glitter Words

    Glitter Words

    7 weeks, 15 weeks, 23 weeks, 35 weeks:

    Glitter Words
    [Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Words*]

    9 weeks 4 days

    12 weeks 4 days

    20 weeks 4 days

    31 weeks, 3 days

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    DD Natalie Reagan 02/09/09

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    m/c June 28 at 6 weeks
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    6/28/08; 3/12/2011
    Damien Gage: April 8, 2009
    TTC #2 since 2/2011

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    Wink wow


    Chrisie <3

    Alexander: 2-16-2010
    Christian: 1-31-2011

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    Due February 25th, 2009 ITS A GIRL!!!!

    BFP on 06.14.08 on 10dpo

    Test 12 dpo

    Test 14 dpo


    First BT on 06.16 ( 12 dpo): HCG 84, Prog 29
    Second BT on 06.19 (15 dpo): HCG 317
    07.06 BT HCG 81,530
    07.06 heartbeat 134
    07.30 at 10 weeks we heard the HB with the doppler, it was around 170!
    08.13 at 12 weeks HB was 161
    09.10 we found out its a GIRL! Weight was 6oz.
    10.08 at 20 weeks weight 13 oz, measured at 20 weeks 4 days, HB 138
    12.03 at 28 weeks had another u/s to make sure the fluid levels are good
    everything looked good, the baby is still a girl and she is still breech.
    12.30 at 31 weeks and 6 days Emily is head down, measuring right on time, 4 lbs even, fluid levels great. Felt and saw her first hickups too. Still a girl.

    6 week u/s BABY



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    Kelly's Space

    Our family

    BFP June 4

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    Rick and Lindsay married 10/7/2006

    TTC for almost 2 years, until we got our BFP through IVF
    The embryos we transfered:


    10 dpo barley a line but its there!!
    Ultra Sounds:
    First one at 7 weeks shows twins!!

    Second U/S on 7weeks 2 days
    They've grown!!

    Babies at 8weeks 5days:

    13 weeks 6 days
    Babies' heads, Baby A waving, and Baby B's profile

    Belly Pics!
    6weeks, 7weeks, and 9 weeks

    11weeks and 13 weeks
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    This is me and DH:

    We've been doing a lot of things together.

    First we had a wedding after dating for 6 years:

    Then we had a living donor kidney transplant operation:

    And now we are having a baby together!

    Baby M @ 12 wk u/s - profile picture:

    Baby M at 19 weeks - profile picture:

    Baby M's 3D pictures at 29 wks:

    Her laughing at us, because it took 2 appts and about an hr in total before she would show her face -

    Her holding her foot with her hand -

    Here's how I started looking....

    14 wk belly picture:

    18 wk belly picture:

    22 wk picture:

    27 wk picture:

    31 wk maternity pictures:

    Just me and my belly

    my baby belly, scar in the lower left is my kidney transplant scar

    belly and booties

    38 week belly pics:

    Front view

    Side view

    Me and Evie-Mei, born 3:22 am on Fri Feb 13:

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    Sophia 41, DH 36

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