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    Mother to Dante Orion 3/23/05 and mommy-to-be of Eliot, Due 2/25/09
    Prepreggo weight 128' @12 wk appt 129' @20 wk appt 132' @32 wk appt 142.5' @36 wk appt 146.5' @37 week appt 147' @38 week appt 145' Total Gain-17 pounds...Not too shabby!

    BFP-June 20th, 2008!

    12 weeks

    18 weeks 3 days

    20 weeks

    21 weeks and 4 days

    22 weeks and 4 days

    23 weeks and 4 days

    24 weeks and 4 days

    25 weeks and 4 days. Dante refused to just smile so every pic I took has him making a crazy face. This one made me laugh the hardest.

    26 weeks and 5 days

    27 weeks 6 days

    28 weeks 3 days I think I'm shrinking or the baby is finally not transverse!

    30 weeks

    32 weeks

    34 weeks

    35 weeks in my pjs

    ~36.5 weeks

    The set I've crocheted for Eliot

    Eliot's Wool Shorties I crocheted

    My collection of cloth diapers for Eliot

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    Father's day - 6/15/08 9-10DPO

    18w4d - 9/28/08

    20w 10/8/08

    25w 11/12/08
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    Our Family:

    DH-William 21
    Me-Melissa 22
    DS: Raiden (2 Weeks old in pic) 21 months

    Our everything, the essence of our lives:

    Raiden at 1 year old.

    (EDD Changed to Feburary 22nd 2009 at 1st Doc appt Dating u/s)

    Tested on June 23rd 2008. Tried 6 months (5 cycles) to concieve this bean!

    5 Weeks Pregnant 6.23.2008

    9 Weeks Pregnant.

    13 Weeks Pregnant.

    15 Weeks Pregnant.

    17 Weeks Pregnant.

    20 Weeks Pregnant.

    22 Weeks Pregnant

    22 Weeks Pregnant

    26 Weeks Pregnant

    36 Weeks Pregnant

    39 Weeks Pregnant

    1. June 30th 10am @ 5 weeks. For "proof of pregnancy".
    -Yep! Definatly Preggers!! YAY!
    2. August 26th 10am @ 13 weeks. Baby's 1st Doctor appointment!
    -YAY! I had my appt today! And, the nurse that i had while i was pregnant with DS was there, and she rememberd me! it was nice.

    All was well, at first i thought it'd be a pretty boring appt because the nurse said "now, you're not seeing the doctor today, it's just paperwork and such" and i was dissapointed...but still had hope!!!

    Well, i got my blood drawn, got a TB shot, and I got weighed, 121! so i gained 6 lbs so far I also signed against the paper to get tested for birth defects. i find it unessisary to me.

    and then i asked about hearing the baby's HB, and i got to hear it! the baby was kicking the doppler it was cute. HB was nice and strong, but she didnt tell me the BPM.

    The doc gave me a dating scan.


    AND, then as im leaving, i schedule my next appts, they called the u/s area, and she asked "can u come in today at 1:30?" I was like YES!!!! unfortunately my DH wasn't able to come back with me for the u/s, because it will be too hard having kids in the u/s room. they most likely wont sit still since they're all under 2! lol. im a lil sad but hopefully they will give me pics to bring home to show him. and we couldnt find another sitter.

    Also, i have to go back thursday for my TB shot checkup, and then my next appt is a week from today That's when ill get a pap done, and most likely get to hear the baby's HB again.

    So, I had my u/s, I guess I wasn't fibbing about my dates! They changed my EDD from March 2nd 2009 to Feb 20! The baby is measuring 14w2d!! So maybe that explains why i felt the baby moving so early. Also, i'm going to stay on the March 09 board, since i feel like this is my home!

    The HB was 164, and the baby was a lil over 7cm crown-to-rump. I got 8 u/s pics!

    I tried to push the lady into telling me if she could see the sex, she kept making excuses that she couldnt tell, which may have been true i suppose. but i asked her "so, are you just not allowed saying? since its so early?" and she like changed the subject. lol. oh well. at least now ill have my anatamy u/s not to far from now.

    Here are the pics:

    Baby's Face

    Side of baby

    Close up of baby.

    3.August 28th 2:30 @14w4d for TB Shot checkup.
    -All is ok
    4.September 2nd 12:30 @ 15w2d for PAP/etc.
    -Heard baby's HB, nice and strong, got a PAP, doc offically changed EDD to Feb 22nd.
    5.September 7th 1:15 @ 16 weeks for GENDER U/S!
    -It's a BOY! Nice and healthy my lil sweet Gabriel Paul! <3

    6.September 30th 1:00pm @ 19w2d for Anatomy U/S
    - Everything is great, healthy lilman. definatly a boy!

    he weighs approx. 10.5 oz, and he's got DH's hands, just like Raiden does (his pinkys are pointed inward. some think its a defect, however i think its unique and adorable. its not even noticable unless youre looking hard. hehe.)

    His heartbeat was great, 141 bpm.

    I'm glad I got to see him today!!


    7.October 27th 1:40pm @ 23w1d for monthly checkup.
    -All is well, Gabe was kicking the doppler and moving around a bunch HB was strong. Measured on track. I weighed 124. (up 9 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight) so I'm doing well.
    8.November 24th 12:45pm @ 27w1d for monthly checkup and sugar test.
    -The usual, good-boring appt, lol. Baby is doing well, im 27 weeks 1 day, my belly is measuring 25 centimeters/weeks. So she said she will check again at my next appt and if im still behind she will do an U/S. So i'm excited because i might get to see my baby again but then it makes me wonder why she may be that concerned...my DS was always measuring 2 weeks behind and they never seemed concerned before.

    anyway, i had my sugar test and yuck. when i took it with DS it wasnt so bad. but now after this time i have a headach from it. but anyway the hour seemed to fly by and she had to prick my vien twice because i flinched the first time...lol oops. She said they will know the results by wednesday and if i dont get a phone call, i passed.

    Anyway, my next appt is in 3 weeks! yay! and i asked when do i start my 2 weeks appt's, and she said after my next appt ill have them every 2 weeks! so i'm excited because its kinda more real now things are going to be going fast over the next couple months.

    oh and i gained 13 lbs so far. pre-preg is 115, and im 128 now. So that's cool.
    9.December 15th 1:30pm @ 30w1d for regular checkup.
    -Long wait time, short appt. Gabe's HB is great, im measuring on track now, and I weigh 130 now. So i've gained 2 lbs since last appt.
    10.December 29th 12:20pm @ 32w1d for regular checkup.
    -Went well, short appt. Gabe's heartbeat is good and strong,measuring on track, i gained 4 pounds since my last appt (2 weeks ago). so far 19 pounds all together.

    i asked the doc about why it hurts like H*** after me and DH DTD, he basically said its normal and not to worry unless im bleeding or leaking.

    so i guess its too bad for me....

    I had the same doc i had last time, i dont really like him but this time he was more friendly and i didnt have to wait 3hrs. lol.

    anyway thats all...
    11. January 4th 3:30 @ 33weeks for 4D Ultrasound!!
    -My adorable lil man! He looks JUST like his big brother!!
    He is 4lbs 12oz, already 19 inches long! DS was 19inches when he was born! wow. U/S predicts him to arrive Feb 18
    12. January 12th 12:15pm @ 34w1d for regular checkup.
    - Baby's HB is good. I gained 3 pounds since last appt. Total of 22 pounds so far.
    13. January 26th 10:45am @ 36w1d for regular checkup and and cervix check.
    -HB is good, measuring 37 weeks. No weight gain since last appt. Still at 137. Probably because of the vomiting from the flu I had last week. Doc did the GroupB and STD test, On weekly appt's now
    14. February 2nd 10:00am @ 37w1d for regular checkup and cervix check.
    -HB good, measuring a week ahead still at 38 weeks. Cervic STILL closed and I gained ONE pound, i am now at 138. lol.
    15. February 9th 1:00pm @ 38w1d for regular checkup and cervix check.
    -One Cm dialated. Weigh 138.
    16. February 17th 1:00pm @ 39w2d for regular checkup and cervic check.
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    June's Space
    Wow I came on board too late!
    Married Zhen 10/22/04
    DD Sophia 06/11/07

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    So I have been here forever and just decided today to make a space
    EDD:Was Feb. 14th now its the 8th
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    BFP:June 17th
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Ultrasound pics:
    Ultrasound Number 1:
    No pics was just to confirm pregnancy
    Ultrasounds Number 2:
    August 25th
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Ultrasound Number 3:
    December 9th
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    It's a boy
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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    Kaitlyn 03-29
    DS-Daniel 02-14-09 My Valentine

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    Chantel Space

    A Little About Us
    Sean and I have been together since May 15, 2007. He is a tattoo artist and I work as a bookkeeping assistant for a large commodity brokerage. This will be his first and my second...we are absolutely thrilled!


    Other baby

    I have one son, Nicholas, who is 9 from a previous relationship. He was born January 18, 1999 and was 6lbs, 14oz...19 inches long. He was about 3 1/2 weeks early. Now He is about to go into the 4th grade and I love him with all of my heart.




    July 23, 2008- LMP
    July 25, 2008-BFP!! Took the first test...didn't do it right...had to wait until I had to pee again...arrggghhh! So...then I got the second one to work...oh boy did it work! Took a third one when I went to meet my boyfriend when he got off of work to tell him...he wanted to see for himself...so we did it the test in the bathroom in Jack in the Box...lol. I'm sure they've seen stranger things in their trash. We couldn't wait till we got home...we were so excited.
    August 7, 2008- 1st appointment, pregnancy confirmed, blood test, sugar test...fun. (Here, drink this nasty orange sugar water...ugh.) I weighed in at 196lbs.
    September 8, 2008- 1st OB appointment...heard the heart beat...all tests came back normal...weighed in at 198lbs.
    October 7, 2008-2nd OB appointment...turns out I was right about being further along than previously thought...so now I am due March 3rd instead of March 30th. Had my blood drawn for testing for birth defects. Still haven't had an U/S do to insurance issues. Weighed in at 203.
    November 4, 2008-3rd OB appointment....Blood pressure was a little high...weighed in at 205lbs. Scheduled an ultrasound for November 17th.
    November 17, 2008- 1st medical ultrasound...found out that we are due February 9th instead of March 30th. Baby is healthy and still a girl!
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    Chantel, 28
    Sean, 26
    Nicholas, 1/18/99
    Sydney, due 2/09/09
    pregnancy week by week

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    Default Moodymcliv's Space

    Suppose it's now or never!

    My website http://moodymcliv.treinacles.net/

    I post pictures there of my belly.
    I married my love 3 years ago.
    Had a miscarriage a year and half ago.
    Found out I was pregnant in May.
    Due Feb 1 with a little girl.
    Name is a suprise!

    "To achieve the impossible; it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.” Tom Robbins

    Zoey Lyra- daughter 2 years

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