finally sharing the dress JULY 2008

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finally sharing the dress JULY 2008

the dress/outfit that i made my sister for her baby due in may. Smile I think it turned out really good, but I didnt' get good pictures of it--I'm sad about that! Its about a 3-6 month size. I tried it on weston--dh was not thrilled with that--and it fit, but a little snug.

Dress front view

Dress back view:

Shoes (blurry Sad )

Whole outfit, dress, diaper cover/bloomers whatever its called, shoes and headband:

Next project, dd's easter dress!

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OMG!! i am so jealous! that is SOO adorable! wow, great job!!

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That is so adorable!!!!! I love the pattern.

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Oh my gosh, Holly, that is super CUTE!!!

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Oh, how cute is that!!

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it's so cute! hoping I get a girl next time Acute

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B-E-A-U-T-IFUL!!! You are a very crafty to women. Can't wait to see DD's easter dress.

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wonderful!!! so cute! i wish i had that kind of talent!!

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oh wow! You are seriously talented!

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Great job, Holly. That outfit is just adorable!! I love the red and white and ruffles Biggrin

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oh, how cute!

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You did a great job! Has your sister seen it or is it a surprise?

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Holly, that is awesome! I just love the whole outfit, it's adorable!!! I would have loved to see Weston in the dress. Wink

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"kris_w" wrote:

You did a great job! Has your sister seen it or is it a surprise?

It was a surprise until i gave it to her when we visited 2 weekends ago on our mini vacation. she liked it