Finished the Dress *PIC* JULY 2008

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Finished the Dress *PIC* JULY 2008

So I finally finished Rylee's dress today. Man, it was a lot harder than I thought. I don't think this will be her final dress, but I still think it turned out OK. I may have to perfect my sewing a bit more.

SOOO, here's my first piece of clothing!!


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That turned out amazing! Jennifer! You should be soooo proud of yourself! I cant wait to see her in it!

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Great job Momma..... I wish I had that kind of talent...

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That is so cute! We need to see her in it!!!

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I think it turned out great I like it

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My mom used to sew dresses for me all the time! I LOVE IT!!!!:D

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I love it Jennifer!!

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wow, that looks great!!!!!!!! I can tell it was a lot of work, and I can't wait to see a picture of her wearing it. Smile

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That dress is amazing! good job!!
cant wait to see the pics of her wearing it Smile

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Fantastalastic job! Can't wait to see her in it.

So jealous of all your guys talents.

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Thanks ladies! I tried the dress on Rylee today and it's way big. I just hope it will work during the summer.

But I like this pattern and I think I may try to make another one Smile

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Love the dress! Super cute!

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It looks great! I love the colors!

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Beautiful! It's an adorable dress. Smile

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Great Job!! It is VERY cute.

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Very cute!

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great job Jennifer! Super cute little we need a pic of her in the dress!

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Very cute and looks good for your first dress.

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super cute jennifer. and like heather, i'm totally jealous of you guys! dh got me a sewing machine for my birthday so hopefully when it arrives, i'll be able to get crafty Smile