Graduates and Birth Stories

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Graduates and Birth Stories

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Grads, you are a source of inspiration to us all. Please share your birth stories and pictures with us in this topic, so we can celebrate with you.



jorich (Jo) -
Mommy to William
DOB: 2006

Illiana (Jade)
Mommy to Arianna (Aria)
DOB: May 23, 2006

mandie~max (Mandie)
Mommy to Maxwell David
DOB:May 9th, 2006

Abby36 (Abby)
Mommy to Caleb Charles
DOB: July 3rd, 2006

Mommy to DD - DOB: July 7th 2005

Mommy to Arthur - DOB - January 2007

Dee7273 (Dee)
Mommy to Kira
DOB: July 2006

mandyn81 (Amanda)
Mommy to Madeline
DOB: August 3rd, 2006

Mommy to Ava Rose
DOB: September 27th, 2006

Mommy to Grayden
DOB: November 3rd, 2006

Mommy to Cole
DOB November 2006

Mommy to Macy Louise
DOB: November 5th, 2006

Mommy to Kara Nicole
DOB: November 11th, 2006

Mommy to Evan
DOB: November 20th, 2006

Topo (Franki)
Mommy to Dora
DOB: November 14th, 2006

Tonieerin (Erin)
Mommy to Isabella Grace
DOB: November 22nd, 2006

gtv072 (Sarah)
Mommy to Ella-Rose
DOB: February 2nd, 2007

lbff (Erin)
Mommy to Christopher Charles
DOB: February 16th, 2007

littleclaire (Claire)
Mommy to Griffin
DOB: February 11th, 2007

Mommy to Jessica Lynn
DOB: March 1st, 2007

Mommy to Carson William
DOB: March 17th, 2007

aljustine (Justine)
Mommy to Addison Marie
DOB: March 12th, 2006

mom81lea (Leah)
Mommy to Nathan Robert
DOB: April 5th, 2007

annk82 (Ann)
Mommy to Allison Nicole
DOB: April 30th, 2007

Sterre (Abby)
Mommy to Emma Elisabeth
DOB: July 13, 2007

Stephiebuffie (Stephanie)
Mommy to Averi Elizabeth
DOB: August 7th, 2007

JenArbo0603 (Jennifer)
Mommy to Nolan Ryan
DOB: August 8th, 2007

Mommy to Myles Jashaun
DOB: August 24th, 2007

frosty's girl (Kelly)
Mommy to Lucia Raevyn
DOB: August 27th, 2007

cuteartsygurl (Kristi)
Mommy to Gwyneth Hadley
DOB: September 2nd, 2007

jenepicam (Jenni)
Mommy to Louisa
DOB: Sept 12th, 2007

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Illiana wrote:

Ok well lets see.. heres the story..

I went into the appointment on Monday and the MW called back saying that she thinks that I should have my water broken because of my "history". She didn't want me going over that much. She also thought that I'd go into labor on my own since I'd been having contractions so regularly. Well, honestly I was going to do it. I was pretty close to breaking them myself just to set things off. I was pretty sure that once the water broke I wouldn't have a problem with it but still was a little nervous about it.. scheduled to go in at 7:30 the next morning.

so, after all this, we took the evening pretty laid back.. kept walking around the block or so because i still did want to go into labor on my own, but was just so frustrated. well we hung out and planned the naming ceremony some. Before turning in around 11pm we DTD since we knew it'd be the last time for a while and then went to sleep.. at 1am I woke up with cramping.. I laid down for a while seeing if they'd go away and then realized that it was contractions.. for about 45 minutes they were pretty regular and hurt like a ...well.. they hurt.. alot.. so i got up for a few minutes and went to the bathroom and decided to go to the hospital.

Got to the hospital about 20 minutes later and got checked out.. i was definately having contrax and was 5 cm dialated. so we checked in. don't remember much time wise at this point. It was nice though, didn't get offered drugs or anything.. with one of the first few contractions my waters broke but i wasn't really sure if it was that or me "going" i figured it was diarreaha(sp?). after about an hour of contractions they turned off the monitors and let me get into the tub... so nice but i so didn't like the jets they freaked me out!! I was in there for a while and got out because i kept feeling like i needed to push.. so i was only at 8 cm so i was told not to push.. after a number of contractions i really felt like i needed to push.. so i was checked again and i still had a "lip" in the way so the mw suggested that she hold it to the side and that i could push if i needed to.. not really sure what that was supposed to do but it she did and i pushed.. baby crowned twice before she came out. and was born at 5:45 am.. my time sense is all screwed up so time wise i may be off but i definately know that at 1 am i woke up with contractions and at 5:45 am she was born just as dawn was breaking.

i tore a little and did need some stitches. but that was the worst of it.. no pain meds or anything so I'm proud of myself for being able to do it.. we're doing good with breastfeeding.. took a while to get the hang of it. and some feedings are better than others of course.. shes pretty mellow and as everyone else says i'm just so in love. and now that shes a few days old, she doesn't look quite so alien. That was one odd thing though.. She was covered in vernix when she came out.. The MW said that was the amount of vernix that is usually on premature babies.

Her naming ceremony was simple. My friends that came down to visit since they were still here and our priest and priestess and their family (mother and children) We're going to do a bigger welcoming with as many friends and family as possible around the full moon.

Her name is Arianna Morrigan and we'll probably mostly call her Aria.


May 23, 2006
5:45 am
7 lbs 8 oz
20" long

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mandie~max wrote:

I used to be a very active member of this board. When I first discovered I was pg I was so scared I would lose this baby too, and I knew that I just couldnt take loosing another one. So I joined this board. These ladies were so supportive and helped me get through the first six months of my pg with out loosing my mind!!! Biggrin
Well, I am very proud to announce that I am now a graduate of this board. I really wondered if I would ever make it to this list, but here I am!!!!!!! Happier than I ever have been in my life! BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

Maxwell David entered the world on May 9th, 2006, by cesarian section. He was a breech baby. The dr even tried a version, and he wouldnt turn around for us.
He is the cutest baby ever (if I do say so myself Wink ).

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"Abby36" wrote:

And its a BOY!!!

Caleb Charles was born July 3rd, 7:52pm, weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces, 20 1/5 inches. What started out as a normal labor turned into a rather dramatic affair culminating in a c-section using a general anesthesia. Its been a long recovery but I've got my beautiful baby boy who is doing fantastic. Naturally we are smitten! Hope to have a photo and birth story posted soon!

Hope everyone is doing well!


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Leanbh wrote:

I was on the previous grad thread that got pruned.

My DD was born July 7th 2005, 6lb 8oz.

Prior to her I had two first trimester m/c and I'm a carrier of a chromosome defect.

This board got me through my pg with DD and hopefully will get me through this new pg too!

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Dee7273 wrote:

Hi Ladies --

I'm finally feeling a little bit more like myself and I thought while dh is home and Kira is sleeping I would send out a post.

Needless to say, Monday was a huge surprise and everything happened so fast. I was chuckling to myself yesterday thinking, wow, I still didn't even have my bag packed yet. It was started but that was it.

Went to bed Sunday night feeling just fine and peachy keen. Having a few minor contraxs but nothing to even think twice about because they were not even close together. At about 3 a.m., I woke up and remember dh was still studying and I told him to call it a night, otherwise he was going to be exhausted on MOnday for work. He came to bed a 1/2 hr later. At about 5:30ish, I got up to make my ritual routine to the bathroom and came back to bed feeling fine. But when I got back into bed, I got this really strong menstrual type cramp and I couldn't get comfy. So I rolled over and OMG I felt this huge pressure and I sat up and realized it was my water breaking. I jumped out of bed and waddled as quickly to the bathroom as possible (TMI -- leaving a trail behind me). As I'm rushing to the bathroom, I slammed the bedroom light on and told dh to wake up, my water broke. And my groggy dh asked back are you sure you didn't just pee your pants. My reply was ---- Ummmm, NO -- very sure because it is draining out of me like the hoover dam. Poor guy only had an hour or so of sleep.

We get to the hospital and get hooked up and an internal exam and u/s. I'm still tightly closed and high and Miss Kira was still breech. Call the OB and it turned out it was my lucky day as it was my OB who was on call. She was so excited because she was going to deliver me. We have some time to kill waiting for her and another c-section to finish. So dh takes a cat nap while I'm sitting there bloody bored out of my mind. Contrax's were happening but were not evening registering as painful with me. Then at 12:30, they came and got me and off we went to OR.

Set me up, dh came in. My doc said dh could watch as much or as little as he wanted. So what does my dh do --- stands beside me and looks over the curtain and watches the whole thing. Then at 1:24 p.m. they told dh that they were going to pull out her feet and then everything else followed. They also discovered why Kira was not able to turn. I had a fibroid that they were watching but at the 28 week appt it was still the same size, but in the last several weeks it grew along with Kira and it blocked her from being able to rotate. And it couldn't be seen on any of the u/s tha I have had because Kira took up most of the room.

There was also a concern that they think I became a diabetic at the end because Kira was so big and 3 weeks early. Her blood sugars kept bottoming out and we couldn't keep them above 40 for about a day and 1/2. We were having to supplement feed her because my milk hadn't come in and she wasn't able to latch on yet. But by Wednesday night, her blood sugars evened out and we are still supplementing but not as much as before because my milk is finally coming in. Woo Hoo. She's still not latching but I'm pumping and giving it to her via bottle.

Wow, Sorry this is so long, but that is the kind of week it has been. I'm so glad to be home with my little one. Both dh and I have been extremely emotional because we got to bring this one home with us. We are so in love with her and she is absolutely beautiful. She looks just like her dad but I think she has my big round eyes. Her eyes are very expressive and she loves to look at you crossed eyed, like she is trying to figure you out. It is so cute.

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mandyn81 wrote:

On wednesday 8-2 I lost my mucous plug so I was really hoping that meant things were progressing but then nothing the rest of the night. Then at around 5:30 am on thursday(8-3) I woke up and went to the bathroom and laid back down in bed. Not long after I laid down I started having contractions. I got up and got a drink and laid back down to rest because the alarm was going to go off soon for David to get up for work. At 6 the alarm went off and I told David I didn't think he would be going to work today! SO we stayed in bed and I tried to time the contractions. They were about 5 min apart by around 7am so we got up and I took a shower while David got everything together, then we took the dog on a walk around a few blocks and came back and I ate half a bagel and had some apple juice then we headed to the hospital. By the time I got there and they hooked me up to time my contractions they were 4 min apart and she checked and I was at 5cm, and fully effaced. This was about 8:30-8:45. So I tried squating and stuff for awhile then the nurse came back at 9:45 and I was close to 7cm. I had to have an IV since I was GBS+ and then they asked if I wanted to have my water broke. I decided to wait a little longer and about 10:45 she popped it for me. Almost immediatly the contractions got really strong and I started feeling very nauseaus. They got me a cold washcloth and a bucket incase I got sick. Then after awhile they put something in my IV for nausea. And some Nubane (I think)- She said it would help me sleep thru the contractions but by then I was already at 9cm and the contractions were a minute apart. It only made me sleepy and I wish she didn't give it to me but I guess David asked her too because he didn't like seeing me like I was in pain but I really wasn't handling the contractions too bad. Anyways the nurse told me that I could start pushing whenever I felt like I was ready too, and I pushed for about 30 min I think.
Madeline was born at 12:06 pm on 8-3-06. She was 7lbs14oz and 20.5inches long.
I had 3 small tears that didn't need stitches and I got a small hemmoriod.
we had to stay 48hrs since i was + for the GBS. I also only got one dose of the antibiotic since my labor was so short.

some pics
1day old:

1 week old:

mommy and maddie after a bath (2 weeks 1/2 weeks)

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"Salsta" wrote:

Ava Rose Jones
September 27th, 2006
8 pounds 2 and a half ounces
57cm long

Well, after all my failed inductions, I finally went in to have a scheduled c section on September 27th!! I was so so so exicted and nervous by this point but I knew it was time my little one made an appearance! I was also getting really impatient by this point cos I didnt know if I was having a boy or girl!!!

Anyway, me, my mam and Dave arrived at the hospital at 8am and checked in. The section had been scheduled for 9.30am but when we got there, they said they were running a little late because of an emergency section so we went into a labour room and I had a little nap!! At around 9am, the anaethetist came in to talk me through the spinal procedure and to see if I had any questions, followed by the surgeon, who I already knew, who then did the same about the actual operation. Next came the part I had been dreading the most!!! THE CATHETER!! I swear, I was more nervous about the catheter going in than anything else!! And it was awful, just like I expected!! I just couldnt relax!! Eventually, after a struggle, the nurse got it in! Ugh, I hated the thing!!! And it was time to walk across the hall to the theatre!!! I said goodbye to my mam and Dave went off to change into his theatre clothes!!!

I was starting to get nervous at this point but all the theatre staff were so lovely!!! The head nurse in there was an old man named Ken who was so sweet! He was covered in tatoos and was at least 60 but he held my hand all through the spinal injection, which, honestly, was nothing!!! They sprayed my back and injected me and I felt nothing at all!! I was excpecting a spinal to be agonising! I started going numb then so they lay me down ready for the section to begin. I had lots of tests with ice cold water to test that all my feeling had gone - which it had! God, it was such a mad feeling!!! I started being sick then! Ken had to hold a kidney bowl by the side of my mouth while I threw up out of the side of my mouth! Not nice! They injected something into my drip then though and the vomiting stopped. By this point, Dave had arrived and the section had started! I could feel some puliing and pressure but definately no pain at all! Its still like a dream looking back on it all now! 6 minutes into the procedure, the nurse asked Dave if he wated to see the baby being born and he said yes and stood up and watched as our baby made her big entrance at 10.20am!! I heard the nurse say "I think its a girl" and then a massive scream!!! Ha ha!! Dave said "Yes, its a little girl!!!!!!! And shes not happy!"" It was so amazing!!! We were both crying! The nurse brought her straight up for me to see and she was so tiny and prefect!!! They washed her off then and weighed her and gave her to Dave to hold by my face!!! I just wanted to hold her so much!! The nurse told us her weight then - 8 pounds 2 and a half ounces - and we couldnt believe it!! All that fuss that we were supposed to be having a 12 pounder and here she was -a perfect size!! At this point, the nurse told me that my mam was pacing the corridor, a nervous wreck, so I told Dave to go and tell her the news - that she had a grandaughter!!! It took about 20 minutes to stitch me back up then and I was wheeled back into labour ward where I had skin to skin with the baby and fed her. I was shaking so much at this point though from the surgery that I was afraid to hold her! I was shivering like hell!!!! We all stayed in the labour ward then until 1pm just hugging and taking photos of Ava!!! It was so lovely!!! By then, Id stopped shaking and shivering and was feeling more like myself so I was wheeled over to the materity ward with my darling daughter!!!!

So thats pretty much my birth experience! It was amazing! I had no problems at all and now looking back, I cant believe I was so scared of a c scetion. I know its not the natural way to give birth, but I wouldnt have changed the experience for the world!!! It really was the best day of my life!!!!!

Photos of Ava Rose!

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"MommaMonster" wrote:

Grayden was born at 8:16am on Friday morning. He weighed in at 7lbs. 14oz and was 19.5 inches long. And he's the spitting image of his Daddy. I haven't had a chance to upload the pics yet, but I'll post them as soon as I do.

He's an awesome baby! Most of the time he sleeps 5-8 hours at a shot(today being the exeption because I've been trying to get on here!), and bf'ds like a champ.

I'm recovering really well from the c-section. I've only had to use my pain meds once today, and didn't really even need them then.

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"**Tiffany**" wrote:

Well I owe my MW an apology. I went into labor Wednesday night or more like Thursday morning so she was right. When she came in she said should I do the "I told you so dance now?!" . I told her she could. Here is his birth story:

Hard contrax started at about 1 am Thursday morning. At 3 am they got to be every 3-4 minutes. At 5:30 I called the MW and woke her up and she said to go in and the nurses would evaluate me. When I got there at 6 I was 4-5 cm and about 60% effaced. They admitted me then. I was in alot of pain during the contrax but breathing through them so they werent too unbearable. The MW came in around 8 and I had gotten too a full 5 and 80% and she ordered my epidural. The epidural didnt work for crap which happened in my previous pgs also though it was placed perfectly. The MW came in after the epi and broke my water I was at 6 then. By 9:30 I was in hard labor and really in pain. They kept upping my epi but it wasnt helping. The MW checked me at 10 but I was still only 7 then even though I was feeling pressure. They couldnt get Alec or my contrax traced very good on the monitors so they decided to do an internal monitoring. Well they talked about that forever I remember through my pain haze the MW explaining the process to her assistant so she could do it. When she checked me again at 10:45 or so I was 9 and 10 when I had a contraction. I started pushing and she immediatly had me stop so she didnt get "baby goo" (her words) on her hands as he was right there after one push (I always push very well). Then she called dh over! He was standing back by my head and she said do you always stand so out of the way? He said yes and she said not this time I need your help. She let him practically deliver Alec!! It was sooo neat. Not at all what I would expect of Mike as he isnt so into the blood and gore but he did it! After his head was free Mike got to help pull him out and then hand him to me!! I pushed for all of 2 minutes the nurse said. Alec came out perfect at 10:49 am weighing 7 lbs 10 oz. and he was 21.5 inches long.

I had some trouble afterwards. About a half an hour after the birth, I had already gotten up and gone to the bathroom, I started having intense afterbirth pains. I had never felt them this bad before. Pretty soon after I felt a gush and I had passed some clots. The nurse monitored it and was a bit concerned but I seemed to have stopped bleeding after that when she pushed on me. Long story short the pains came back and I ended up passing clots several more times the last time so much I soaked the bed. Thankfully Mike was out of the room for the last time as my Mom said he would have passed out. She saw it all and was very concerned she later told me she was sure I would need surgery. But through it all my uterus was contracting and firming up what ended up happening was the MW had to go in manually and remover 2 clots that were stuck in my uterus preventing it from fully clamping down. It could have been b/c this was my 4th baby or just bad luck. I was ok by 2:30 though and they got me up again and the bleeding was controlled. I am anemic now but nothing alarming I just have to take it very easy. We went home early even just with strict instructions not to lift anything over 11 lbs (this means Cole which is soo hard!) and not to do any housework for 2 wks then I still cant lift Cole or anything over 25 lbs for 4 wks. Doing any of this can cause more hemmoraging she was very serious when she made me promise not to do anything but just basically rest and walk around for 2 wks if I lose more blood I will need a transfusion she said.

Cole is doing wonderfully with his new brother! He loves him to death! He is jealous of my attentions but not too bad he never takes it out on the baby. He doesnt understand why I cant lift him though and that is hard. I am so relieved though that he likes him! I will end this very long story now with some pics!

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"catmoff" wrote:

It's been a while, but I thought all you ladies my like to know that my little GIRL is here!

Macy Louise
Born November 5, 2006
7:35 am
6 pounds 10 ounces
19 inches

I suppose my birth story may have its beginning on Friday November 3. I had my 39 week appointment in the afternoon, and while there I asked my doctor to strip my membranes. She said okay, but warned me that I would have bleeding and contractions later that night that most likely wouldn’t lead to labor. Okay, I said…and she stripped my membranes and stretched me to a two. I went home Friday night anticipating some action…but there was none! But I figured as much.

Saturday the 4th was a pretty chill day. My sister and I dropped Scott off at a football game, then she and I went to lunch and ran some errands. I was having very irregular contractions all throughout the day, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. In fact, I thought maybe I was getting sick. Both my sister and her son, who were staying with us, had vomiting and diarrhea so I thought maybe my contrax were just stomach pains from a pending case of the icks.

Scott called me around three to pick him up from the game. The Beavers were winning, it was raining, and he was just standing around drinking beers. On my way there I was having mild contractions about 10-15 minutes apart…but still thought I was just having an upset stomach. These contractions continued for the rest of the day. Around 8:30pm I decided I should try to get some sleep in case things were to pick up. I still had serious doubts at this point. I wasn’t in real pain, and I figured I could be sick or thought maybe these were just the contractions that my doctor had warned me about…the ones that wouldn’t put me in to labor.

Once in bed I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. I was timing my pains and going to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so. I thought I would have diarrhea at any second, but I never did. I was peeing every time I got up, sometimes between every contraction. Scott came to bed around 10:30. He started timing the pains for me. At some point the pains were coming every 4-5 minutes and lasting 30-60 seconds long. Between the hour of 11 and midnight I began to experience true pain. I started to have difficulty breathing through the pain, and tried different positions to deal with it. I still didn’t think I was in labor and just pictured myself showing up at the hospital only to be sent home. I didn’t want to embarrass myself, since my doctor had “warned” me about what stripping my membranes would do. Alas, I decided I would rather go and be sent home than suffer through the night. My sister heard us get up, came to check on us, took one look at me leaning over the footboard swaying my hips and saying “Sh*t, sh*t” and said, “You’re in labor.” I still wasn’t convinced, but we grabbed our stuff and go in the car. It was 1:11am November 5th. The number 11 has strange significance in the Moff family, so when we noticed the time in the car, we looked at each other and didn’t have to say anything other than, “It’s one-eleven.” And then we knew we would be having a baby very soon.

It took us six minutes to get to the hospital. I didn’t have another contraction until 1:17, as we were pulling up and parking. I again had the doubt that they would send me home. Not close enough, not long enough. We registered in the Emergency Room. I got a contraction and went to the lobby to lean over a chair and sway my hips. I was breathing and concentrating hard, but I heard my name. “Cathi?” I looked up. It was my doctor. She said, “I guess I better go back upstairs.” My doctor was on call, had been called in and was on her way home from a false labor. She did not seem thrilled to see me.

Once I got checked in and in a bed my doctor came in and checked me. “5 centimeters, good bloody show, looks like you’re having a baby today!” HOLY SH*T! It came as a complete surprise, and I was as scared as I have ever been in my life. I was scared of the pain, scared of becoming a mom, scared of everything about to unfold.

While the nurse prepped my IV for the GBS antibiotics and I worked through harder and harder contractions, I began to consider pain medication. It was only every few contractions where I could relax and breathe through the pain like I was supposed to, and the others were living hell. I couldn’t grab on to the bed rail tight enough, or push my feet against the end bar hard enough. I wanted to be in water, but it would take 30 minutes to fill above the jets and I just didn’t have that sort of time horizon. After the IV was in (2 tries…terrible wait, but some of my best contrax because I knew I had to relax) I asked the nurse to call the anesthesiologist. I think it took him about 45 minutes to get there and I did my thing through those contractions, hoping for any second to see the nice man walk in the room! Scott helped me through that wait and rubbed my back like the champ that he is, and helped me breathe. I worked through three contractions while getting the epidural, and did great. At that point, I wondered if I had made the right decision, because I was doing better. I had gained focus. But that could have been very short lived focus because I knew I wouldn’t need it for much longer. One thing I am disappointed about is that I didn’t ask to be checked before the epidural. I only got checked about an hour after, so at like 4am (guessing at this point…I lost all track of time) and was 8cm. I’ll never know if I was 8 before I got it and only had two more to go…but my guess—as well as the nurse and doctor’s—is that I was 8 and almost ready to go before I got it.

Luckily the epidural didn’t slow things down. I was checked again around 6am and was complete and at +1 station! The nurse had to wake the doctor and also get ready for a shift change, so just before 7am I met my new nurse. My labor nurse was wanting to stay to see if we were having a boy or a girl, but since I didn’t have the urge to push they were guessing it would be about 2 hours of pushing and she didn’t want to stick around for that. The new nurse considered letting me “labor down” (wait for the urge) but I declined and said I would try now. I felt so motivated! So the first nurse left, Scott and the new nurse walked me through one contraction and three pushes and there was the baby’s head! I could see it in the mirror! I was ordered not to push, the doctor was paged and about 35 minutes and 7 contractions later sweet little Macy Louise was born!

As we had asked, the doctor caught her, and Scott and I got to find out together, with our own eyes, that the sweet baby we had been waiting for all these months was our little girl! I completely lost all sense of my surroundings when she placed Macy on my tummy and I got to hold her, touch her and kiss her for the first time. It was, no doubt, the greatest surprise and best moment of my life and every tear that came from my eyes was a tear of sheer joy and true and utter bliss. I will never forget it.

And now for the gruesome details! On the second to last contraction the doctor told me I was going to tear. In fact, she could see that the muscle already tore underneath and the skin would tear with the next push. She said it would be small and she could either cut me or just let it tear. I chose to tear because I was too scared of a full on rectal rip from the episiotomy. The tear ended up not being too bad. I think I have about 4 stitches…BUT I tore towards the front too! At the time I didn’t know the difference, but now when I pee it burns like a mother. There are no other stitches up there or anything, I guess it will just heal on its own. So now when I pee I have to use that lovely bottle to wash away the urine right away so it doesn’t get on the tear as bad. And thank heaven and earth for Dermoplast spray! The doctor thinks had I not had the epidural I would have pushed so fast that I would have had, in her words, "a full blow out." Ouch.

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"jill123" wrote:

Kara Nicole born on Saturday, November 11th at 3:41 pm by emergency c-section. She weighed 8lbs., 4 oz. and was 19 and 3/4 inches long.
I will post some pics when I am not so sleep deprived.

My water broke at 1:30am on Saturday morning. My contractions started, but were spaced far out and were unproductive. They started Picotin around 5am. I labored for several hours before getting stuck at 8cm. By that afternoon, the baby started to show some distress so they decided to do a c-section. She was born a short time later. Mom and baby are both doing well. Mom would be doing better if baby Kara wasn't so gassy and cranky. I will post more later when I get a chance.

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"Mommy2Bearcub" wrote:

I haven't posted here in ages, but Dee asked me to let you all know when my DS Evan arrived. Smile Well, he has! He came at 2:10am on Monday morning 11/20... in the back of an ambulance, as labor progressed a bit more quickly than I or the dr. thought it would. LOL The paramedics were great considering he was their first baby, and took good care of us both!

Stats -

7lbs. 14oz.
21in. long

Looks like his big brother except he has a bit more hair and is bigger, LOL. Nursing and sleeping very well!

You all continue to be in my prayers for healthy pregnancies! (((HUGS))) to all and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. Smile

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"Topo" wrote:

Thursday, November 9: After being in and out of the hospital for preeclampsia, I had one final prenatal appointment. My doc informed me that the protein in my urine was borderline severe and he really wanted me to stay in the hospital until he could deliver my baby. He wanted to do an amnio that day to assess the baby's maturity and how soon he'd induce. So, later that day after spending a few hours getting ready, I again checked myself into the hospital. But I had waited too long and all the rooms were taken, so my DH and I had to wait out in the lobby for an hour or so. But we finally got taken back to a small closet they called a room for my amnio.

My doctor is a very quietly spoken man with a very positive outlook. But I saw a very different doctor during the amnio. He was irritated at something, I'm guessing the nurse. She hadn't drawn blood by the time he got there. When he said, "You won't need gloves for this," she turned right around and put gloves on... He was actually kinda scary. lol.

The next day after sending the tests out and doing another 24-hour protein test, all the results came in. One of the amnio tests were border-line and the other was mature. My protein count hadn't risen at all though. So the doc said I'd be induced monday!

Monday November 13: I was scheduled to have the cervidile (that gauze that they place next to your cervix to thin it out. I was nowhere near ready to give birth lol) put in at noon but all the L&D rooms were taken until 1. Finally, I got in and was put on an iv. Then my doc inserted the cervidile and said it may make me contract. If it does, good. Not 10 minutes after that, I started having small regular contractions. Then, a nurse came in saying my doc had called for a enema. Let's just say it wasn't pleasant.

Later that night, the contractions had let up. I was only supposed to have the cervadil in for 8 hours but no one came to take it out. After checking my blood pressure, the nurse turned out the lights, turned off my tv, and told me to lay down and go to sleep. She said it was through the roof and I needed to relax and bring it down. I was very unhappy. But I finally fell asleep.

2:00am: My nurse came in and removed the cervadil and started me in the pitocin.

3:00am: I woke up in pain and called the nurse. She gave me just a normal shot into my iv. I was 1cm dialated. I hated having contractions and having her stick her hand up there to check my cervix.

4:00am: I woke up in extreme pain and again called my nurse for more medication. I was so scared. I probably hadn't dialated enough for an epideral by now but I was in soooo much pain. I was terrified of what the rest of the labor was going to be like.

My nurse checked my cervix to make sure it was ok for more meds. But then she just ran out of the room saying she was going for another nurse to double check my cervix. Another nurse came in and checked. I was 9cm dialated. After that it was all a blur. The nurses were rushing around, calling the anesthesialogist and trying to get a hold of my doctor. All I cared about was that I was in pain and no one would drug me dammit!!!

Finally, the epidural angel got there. But he wouldn't give it to me because I was already at 9cm! That devil! The nurses just stared at him in astonishment and hatred. They said her baby was coming, you'd better give her something! They argued for a bit until my doc finally called and said give me the damn epidural. After that, I really could tell my baby was coming and started pushing. I didn't know how, I just did it. The nurses finally started assissting me. But then they stopped to get some stuff ready. But this baby was coming whether they were there counting or not. So I just kept pushing like they taught me. There was no way I couldn't. My body was telling me it's time! When I would contract, I'd wake up , push, then go to sleep. Again, whether the nurses were there to catch the baby or not. LOL I was so out of it.

Finally my doc got there. He said to put the handle bars up and get my feet in the stirrups. Those handle bars helped more than the epidural LOL. Everyone got into position. My doc said, just push when I feel a contraction and don't stop. I tried for 2 contractions and failed. He said, you have to push through the pain.

On the third contraction, I finally did it. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life but it was gone so quickly. My DH tells me I screamed louder than anyone he'd ever heard. And he once saw a guy chop his fingers off with a chainsaw. And no one told me this part about delivering. There's that God awful quick pain and then absolute euphoria. My doc said there we go. Just one more push. I was ecstatic to be able to push after that. It felt great! A few seconds later, I heard Dora's first sounds. Gurgle gurgle. She was born at 5:30a.m. and weighed 6lbs 14oz. She had no problems at all.

Everyone rushed around getting stuff done. I just laid back and went to sleep. Everything after that was a blur and I don't remember most of it. I don't even remember our first breastfeeding session. I barely remember my doctor stitching me up or putting the cathater in.

The next day, they kept me in the L&D room because they couldn't get my bp to come back down. They did bring my bed from the post partum room I had been staying in. That bed never felt so good! They moved me back into post partum Wednesday morning and took me off the magnesium. I finally got to come home Friday morning. My doc still seemed a bit reluctant, but he knew I didn't want to stay.

So, now we're both home. I'm sure my bp is still bad, but it's probably doing better as are my stitches. Dora is breastfeeding well (once I finally get it right that is!!) and loves her daddy.

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"Tonieerin" wrote:

Isabella Grace's Birth Story

At 3:30 am on the morning of Wednesday, November 22, I felt the contractions start. I got up to use the washroom, where I saw that the Cervadil insert had come out. I tried to go back to bed, but was feeling strong waves of pain move across my tummy. It bothered me to contiue laying down, so I got up and paced back and forth down the basement hallways. The contractions continued to build and increase, so I woke Toni up and told him that I thought we should go to the hospital. The contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart at this time. So I told Mom that we were leaving, Toni had a quick bite to eat, and we were out the door!

We arrived up at RUH at 5 am. The nurses put a monitor on Isabella, and she was still doing very well with a nice and strong heartbeat of between 120-150 bpm. The contractions were still coming strong at this time, and were still about 5 minutes apart. We got up to walk the halls for a little while, and I enjoyed rocking in a nice comfy glider that they had in the family room. At approximately 8 am, Dad arrived at the hospital to see how we were doing. It was so great to have him there, because he was so calm and made such good conversation. He helped to take my mind off of the pain.

At 8:20 am, Dr. Friggstad arrived and checked me, and he said that I was between 4-5 cm dilated and was 100% effaced. He was very pleased that I had progressed so well already, and decided to break my water. After my water broke, the contractions really picked up in their intensity. I layed there for a while on the monitor again, and then Toni and I again got up to walk the halls of the Antenatal Unit. My step-sister Tessa arrived at about 10 am. I was so glad to see her, she was such a comfort. She was so calming, she would rub my legs and encourage me through each contraction. I continued to labour in the antenatal unit, because all of the beds in labour and delivery were full!

I was finally moved over to labour and delivery at about 11:30 am. When I was checked by the intern at this point, I was 8 cm dilated. The contractions were still coming very hard, and were about 2 minutes apart at this time. I had to close my eyes and breathe through each one (“in through the nose, out through the mouth.”) The pain started to become more and more intense, and I was having trouble making it through the contractions with just my breathing, so finally I asked to have an Epidural. The Anisthesiologist was in the operating room, however, so I had to wait until almost 12:30 pm to give it to me. That was a very hard wait, the contractions were coming about a miunte and a half apart and were very intense. Toni was absolutley incredible, he stuck by my side and encouraged me and breathed with me through each contraction. He would run out to get ice chips or water, or whatever I needed. He was my rock.

Before the Anisthesiologist could start the Epidural, I had to be hooked up to an IV. It seemed like an eternity before the nurses came to do the IV. I was getting quite anxious, and was having a harder and harder time handling the pain on my own. The breathing didn’t seem to be helping. Finally the nurses arrived, and I was informed that a student nurse would be putting in the IV while his supervisor assisted him. They were so slow, and had to try three times before they were able to get it in. At this point I had lost most of my patience, and was having a hard time. When the Anisthesiologist finally came and put in my Epidural, I felt the pain lessen almost immediately. I could still feel the contractions coming, and still had to breathe through each one, but they weren’t near as intense as they had been. It was at that point that I was finally able to rest.

I was checked again by the Dr. at 2:20 pm, and he said that I was fully dilated, but that Isabella’s head was still at station 0. He said that if we started to push now, it would take a lot of pushing and a lot of effort to bring her head down. He had me try a practice push to see if I could move it, and I could, but he suggested that we wait for the contractions to bring her head down on its own. He also called Dr. Friggstad to inform him of my progress. It was hard to resist the urge to push during the contractions at this time, because they were coming strong and the desire to push seemed so natural. The Edpidural was connected to a button that I could push to release the medication at this point. I could still feel the contractions very well, and decided only to take enough medication so that I wasn’t feeling the pain so intensely.

At 3:05 pm, the intern returned with Dr. Richard (a resident) and I began to push. The nurse, Melanie, stood on my right side and Toni was on my left and they were encouraging me to push. I would take a deep breath in, let it out, take another breath in, and then push three times as hard as I could. It felt so great to finally be able to push after being told not to for an hour. It felt like such a release. Pushing was very hard and physical work, inbetween pushes Toni would give me ice chips to suck on until the next contraction came. He was amazing. The nurses set up a mirror at the end of the bed so that I could see her head coming. It took quite a bit of pushing to get her head from slipping back in, but every time I could see the tip of her head it motivated me even more. I know that God was present, because this strength came from within me that I didn’t know that I had. It was just as much of a spiritual experience as it was a physical one. Finally I could see her head start to crown, and our Dr. told me to push through the burning and the pressure. With two more sets of good strong pushes, out came her head. They suctioned her, and then with one more push her shoulders and body were delivered. It was such a euphoric moment, full of more intense emotions than I have ever felt before. Both Toni and I were sobbing as Dr. Friggstad said, “and we have a girl” and placed her onto my chest. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, with dark hair, blue eyes and the most perfect little nose and mouth. The Dr. clamped her cord and asked if Toni would like to cut it. He said that he did. Toni and I then sat there crying, praising God and holding each other as Isabella was taken over to the warming table to be checked.

Isabella was breathing, but her breaths were more pants and grunts than nice big breaths, and she hadn’t let out a big screaming cry yet, so they had to do quite a bit of suctioning to clear her airways. The NICU Doctors were also called in to do some additional suctioning, just to make sure that she was breathing well. Dr. Friggstad and the intern put in some stitches that I needed from her birth.

After a few minutes, the nurses wrapped her up and placed her in my arms. Toni and I were amazed at this incredible miracle that we had been blessed with, she was so tiny and perfect. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her. She already loved to suck, and had was rooting for Toni’s pinkie finger trying to get it into her mouth so that she could suck. I can’t possibly explain or describe the love, joy, and feeling of completeness and contentment that we had in our hearts as we held her and looked into the eyes of our new precious daughter, Isabella Grace.

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"Leanbh" wrote:

Well, as promised, my birth story....

Woke up as usual on Sunday morning. Felt a bit disappointed as I was 38+5w on Sunday and with DD I woke up having contractions at 38+5w, so I'd kinda been hoping it might happen again. Anyhow I figured, this baby would come when he decided to and just got on with my day. About 9am started having some vague, very brief tummy pains. Thought it was gas pains as I'd taken some laxatives the night before. After a while I noticed that the pains were almost exactly 10 minutes apart and so it clicked that they were probably contractions. They only lasted about 20-30 seconds though so I still thought might be a false alarm.

About mid-day the contractions speeded up to about 5 minutes apart, but still very short and not particularly strong. DH phoned his parents who live 2 hours away as we planned for them to watch DD when we went to the hospital, so we wanted to give them a heads-up so they could sort themselves out, eat lunch etc. in case we needed them later. Things stayed pretty much the same, so we phoned them again at 1:15 to say head out as it looked likely it was the real thing. We sat down and ate lunch, then headed out to the supermarket to pick up a few things, then on to the park to let DD play on the swings. While we were out, the contractions got stronger, though still lasting less than a minute at a time and coming about every 5 minutes. We headed back home around 3, expecting DH's parents would be arriving soon after. We were only home about 10 minutes when there was a 'pop' and my waters went.

Things moved very quickly after that. My contractions were virtually continuous and very strong. We were thinking 'time to get going' though I still thought there was probably another 1-2 hours to go. DH phoned his parents on their cell and discovered they were stuck in traffic about an hour away, so we called our backup person, who lives in the same city as us, but their cell was out of coverage. Then, I suddenly got the urge to push and my body took over. I told DH the baby's coming now - he said no - I said yes Smile We called a friend of mine who lives 5 mins away and is a Paed, but two pushes later and my poor DH was delivering the baby. We just about had time to throw a towel down on the floor (though the carpet will still need to be replaced :oops: ). My friend arrived a few minutes later and helped my DH to clamp and cut the cord, then we phoned the maternity hospital who sent out a midwife who arrived about 10 minutes later and delivered the placenta. MIL and FIL arrived a few minutes after her, when it was all over and done with!!

Through the whole thing my DD was standing right by me. She did really well and when the baby was born, she came up to him, signed baby and gave him a kiss.

We've called him Arthur and he's absolutely lovely. He's still in that completely mellow newborn phase where they just eat and sleep and chill out all day. My DD is great with him, my DH has recovered from the trauma and my MIL did all my ironing as an apology for missing the whole thing Smile

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"gtv072" wrote:

Well after an eternity i am proud to announce that


Ella-Rose Amelia Mary Honey-Blossom Princess is here!

Born fri 02/02/07 at 1.18 pm
Weight: 4160gm
Head 36cm
Length 54.5cm
apgars 9 & 9.5

Went in with ctx mon - induced wed with cervidil (after all that no we cant use it bs) induction failed, thurs baby goes from 3/5, 4/5 station to BREECH, csect booked first thing fri. Fri morning lost my plug & found to be 2cm with bubs engaged again (only just though, cautious induction decided. They put 4 iv lines in my arms (which are still black!), then hook the drip up at 10.20, put epidural in at 11am - it FAILS so have to labour flat on back but in pain - bubs posterior. So unnatural...
I am ready to push after 1 hr 52 mins (yep 8cm in less than 2 hours)
- I push twice - but this is over 20 mins as her shoulders are huge and they have to 'swizel stick ' her to get her out.
In the room is a trauma emergency team just incase (head of high risk unit, head of nursing unt, head of aneatheseiology, another aneasthatist (sp?) 2 ob's and a midwife! Oh and dh too.
Out she pops and proceeds to scream her lungs out and poop all over the mw and me Takes after her brothers lol!
No stitches just grazes and tears.
Unfortunately i had an alergic reaction to the anti heamorraging drugs so it was hideous for about 3 hours after the birth - vomits and literally like having a bad trip iykwim...sweats/adrenilin/no bp - 80 over 45/panicky and lots of involuntary body jerking yuck basically.
But they gave me meds for it and i was eventually allowed off the bed around 6pm for a shower. Best bit is i didnt get a catheter cos it happened so quick
And just cos its sods law (and something i am more than a little relieved over) i didnt need the trauma team! Placenta plopped out a.o.k! They gave me a heap of diff meds to help it along not just oxytocin and all i can say is what the trauma team said - its a miricle It did have lacerations and they found a bloodclot the size of your fist but thats NOTHING!
Yeah so im getting about 3 hours sleep out of 24 but i dont care my miracle is here
I'll update with a photo when i get the chance.
Stayed in hospital till mon morning and now am learning about life with 3 kids!

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"lbff" wrote:

Sorry this is so long!

Morning trip to the hospital for an external version (procedure to turn the baby from breech to head-down). The procedure was successful, although the doctor mentioned that he still had one foot down, so we would want to follow-up on Thursday at my appointment.

Blizzard! 26 inches of snow at our house. I was feeling menstrual-type cramps.

Morning doctor’s appointment cancelled due to snow (the practice was closed since no one could get in and/or park). I went to work and was feeling a backache and menstrual-type cramps. I had an extremely productive day at work (good thing since it ended up being my last one!). DH and I had a mellow evening at home.

At 11:45PM, I awoke to a gush of fluid. At first I wasn’t sure if I had urinated or if my waters had broken. I sprinted to the bathroom and the fluids kept coming. I called the doctor even though I wasn’t feeling contractions yet, due to the fact that I hadn’t been in to see anyone since Tuesday’s procedure. He told us to head in to L&D.

12:45 AM we arrived at the hospital. I was having some contractions, and they confirmed that my waters had broken. No internal exams were done (they try to minimize after the waters break due to risk of infection). I was having contractions that were about 3-4 minutes apart by the morning, but they petered off after a while.

8:30 AM I had an internal exam and was only 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced. At 9:00 AM a Pitocin drip was started.

1:00 PM My contractions started to intensify to the point that they were really grabbing all of my attention. I labored through with the birth ball and the giant tub until about 6:30 PM, at which point I was only 3 cm dilated. I started to get discouraged and wondered how much worse the contractions would get and how long I would still be in labor. The nurse said that getting to 4 would be the worst and then it would go faster. I decided to go for the epidural anyway.

7:15 PM Epidural was administered. At 7:45 PM, I was 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced and –1 stage. I rested from about 7:45 to 8:45, but the doctors noticed that the baby’s heartrate was dipping pretty dramatically with every contraction at this point. They started moving me around to find the best position for the baby, so I was shifting from side to side periodically. It seemed to be better on my left. Around 9:00 or so, I noticed a lot of rectal pressure and asked the nurse about it. The doctor did an internal exam and found me fully dilated and ready to push!

I pushed starting around 9:00 PM. They were still monitoring the baby’s heartrate and put me on an oxygen mask to give him more oxygen. There also started appearing lots of docs in the room (it’s a teaching hospital, but still) – pediatrics, anesthesia, etc – I assume they were preparing in case I needed emergency intervention. I was starting to get nervous, but keeping focused, and my OB decided to move forward with a vacuum-assisted delivery. She said it would probably take me 3 hours to push him out on my own and she wasn’t sure the baby could take it with what they were seeing. At 9:52 PM, Christopher Charles was born, with the cord wrapped around his neck twice! Luckily, he cried immediately, and it was determined that he hadn’t had any oxygen loss. He was 5 lb 7 oz and 18.75 inches long. I was so relieved and so awed by the whole process of birth – what a miracle!

Here are a few more pictures of our little peanut:

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"littleclaire" wrote:

When I went to bed at about 1am on Sunday, February 11th, I thought I felt a small pop high up in my stomach, but figured it was gas. My theory was further strengthened by the fact I got up to go to the bathroom several times during the night without incident.

At 10.30am I got up to start my day, which was to be a spot of housework, some pantry organizing, and preparing for my final week at work. I went to the toilet again, and when I had finished peeing, I felt some pressure as if I wanted to try to pee again. I thought it was a little odd, but probably the baby’s head pressing on my bladder. I went into the bathroom and washed my hands, and as I was finishing up, there was a little gush of water, and then a larger one that soaked my underwear. I dashed into the toilet and sat back down. Clear fluid continued to trickle from me for several seconds, ending with a few drops of blood. It didn’t look anything like the urine I’d just passed. I pounded on the toilet wall and shouted for my husband, who came down stairs to see if I was okay. I told him that I thought my water had broken.

Once I got off the toilet I put a maternity pad in and called my OB. She suggested a “wait and see” approach – see if any more fluid leaked out, or if I got any contractions, and call her in a couple of hours. Within a few minutes I had leaked more. Every time I stood up or changed position, there was a little gush. Between midday and 1.00pm I began to feel very weak contractions, so at 1.00pm I called the OB back and told her what was happening. She arranged to meet me at the hospital at 2.00pm so I could be checked.

I couldn’t believe how calm I was. I called my parents and my sister, had a shower and got dressed, had a cup of tea, and sent out some emails. At just before 2.00pm hubby and I drove to the hospital where they were expecting us, and we were taken to the assessment room in the birthing suite.

The OB showed up at around 2.30pm. She examined me and saw immediately that my water had indeed broken. She was shocked at how low the baby’s head was when she tried to do the exam – when she popped her hand in there it was the first thing she felt. Then she got out the ultrasound machine to check on him. Sure enough, there was virtually no amniotic fluid left. We could see the baby breathing consistently through the whole ultrasound. The OB had great difficulty taking a measurement of his head because it was so low in my pelvis, but she eventually managed to measure all his bits and estimated him at just over 5lbs.

I was hooked up to a monitor to see if I was contracting (yes) and whether the baby was in distress (no) and left for an hour or so to see how things went. My contractions got gradually stronger, and I leaked more fluid. At some point the nurses took hubby and I on a tour of the Special Care Baby Unit, just down the hall, as the baby would likely be spending some time there when he was born.

We waited around until 8.30pm when the next OB from my clinic took over. She came in to check me and found that I was now 2cm dilated, and that we were definitely in active labour and would be having the baby soon. Because he was small, she wanted to get him out quickly to minimize stress, so we decided to go into a birthing room, have an epidural and start an oxytocin drip to speed things along.

By this time the contractions were getting quite painful, so I was more than happy for the epidural man to show up. The lovely midwife assigned to me by the hospital helped us get settled in the delivery room, and hooked me up to more monitors. I was having a strange contraction pattern – 2 close together, then a gap of several minutes.

The anesthetist showed up fairly quickly and over the next 30min or so he explained the epidural, put it in, and made sure everything was going well before leaving. It didn’t hurt at all going in, though hubby was rather disturbed at the size of the needles involved. Happily, I couldn’t see (or feel) much!

A few contractions passed and while my butt and legs were nicely numb, an area across my lower stomach and back was still very painful. After 20 minutes they gave me the first top-up, and when that didn’t work, I got the next. It was now 10.30pm and when the OB checked me again, I was 6 cm dilated. At that point they hooked up the Oxytocin, although I was progressing nice and fast by myself. Convinced that the epidural would kick in fully, they dimmed the lights, and told me and hubby to get some rest – and instructed me to call them if I felt the urge to push.

It must have been only three or four contractions later when I thought I felt pressure. They were getting almost unbearably painful and hubby buzzed the midwife back in. When they checked me again (about 11.10pm) I was fully dilated. The next contraction hurt so much I burst into tears, and the OB told me to focus, and to try pushing next time. I did, and they saw the baby’s head. They kept telling me how much hair he had. They put my feet up on their hips, standing one either side of the bed, and got everything ready for his delivery. Hubby stayed up by my head in a vain attempt not to see anything gory (it didn’t work). A nurse from the neo-natal unit came in to attend the birth since the baby was early and might need special treatment.

I pushed for about 25 minutes, and it felt so much less painful to push with the contraction. It was really hard work and I burst a little blood vessel under my left eye in the process. The midwife put some lovely cold, wet flannels on the back of my neck and on my head. They felt like heaven, as I was boiling hot.

Despite the fact that I was pushing him out pretty fast, the baby’s heartbeat began to drop with each contraction. The OB explained that because he was little and early he had a very low tolerance for stress, and she wanted to get him out more quickly. I agreed to an episiotomy, which she did during the next contraction. Then she got me to do a series of pushes and panting (which I think I totally mucked up, I was in such a flap) and told me that with the next contraction he would be born. When it came, she grabbed his head and whoosh – he came all the way out in one go, like a champagne cork out of a bottle. Griffin James was born at 11.47pm, weighing 5lbs, 13oz, and 19ins long.

He started screaming straight away, and they put him on my stomach. I was laughing and crying, and asking everyone if he was okay. After a few minutes the neo-natal nurse took him over to the warmer to do his tests. His apgars were 9 and 10. While that was going on I delivered the placenta. Then Griffin began to grunt a little and they whipped him away to the Special Care Baby Unit so he could get some breathing assistance. Hubby went with him at my insistence.

When they were gone I was sewn up. The OB inspected the placenta, and there was some concern about the size and shape of it. She was in two minds whether to ultrasound me in case some was left behind, but as I wasn’t bleeding badly and it seemed to be intact, she decided against it.

Hubby came back from SCBU all upset because Griffin had so many wires and tubes in him, and a CPAP machine helping him breathe. He also felt quite ill after having seen all the blood and stuff from the birth. I sent him home to rest up, figuring I’d need him fresh and rested in the morning. Also, I didn’t want to have to worry about him getting sick as well as having to worry about the baby!

*warning, this is where it gets a little icky*

I was left to rest while the epidural wore off, during which time I phoned my parents with the news. Then I dozed for a while, feeling a bit sick and shaky. Two hours later a midwife came in and removed the epidural from my back. Then she tried to get me up to go to the bathroom – they like you to pee asap. When she sat me up on the edge of the bed I began to feel very sick and she brought me a plastic pot. I got the dry heaves and while I didn’t really throw up, every time my stomach contracted, blood gushed out between my legs, all over the bed and onto the floor. I kept apologizing about the mess, for some reason. When I stopped retching she made me lay back down as she was concerned about the amount of blood I was losing. They packed me with pads and let me rest a bit longer.

About an hour later they were back with a bed to transfer me to the maternity ward, as it had suddenly gotten very busy in L&D and they needed the delivery room. I was scooted over to the new bed and wheeled off to a private room, where I was again left to doze for a while. Around 4.00am another midwife came to try and get me to go to the bathroom again. This time I made it onto the toilet, but felt very faint. My ears began to ring, and I remember saying, “don’t let me fall off” over and over. She called for help to keep me upright and I managed to stay conscious.

Eventually I managed to pee, and they cleaned me up, packed me with clean pads and popped me back in bed. I dozed on and off until my OB came back at about 7.00am. During that time I bled even more. As soon as she saw me she was certain I had retained some of my placenta, and the next thing I knew I was signing consent forms and being zoomed down to surgery for a manual removal. I just had time to call my mother and let her know what was going on, and to give her instructions to call my bosses and let them know I wouldn’t be at work that day.

The theatre staff were a bit miffed the epidural wasn’t still in, or they would have done the procedure while I was awake. I begged them for a general – I really didn’t want to be awake for the procedure, and I was desperate to have a sleep. A general is more risky when you’ve just given birth, but everything went well, and when I woke up the only real issue was that my throat hurt from the breathing tube.

As I was being delivered back to my room, hubby showed up, and he sat with me until 1.00pm, when all visitors, including dads, are sent away so the mums can get some rest. One of the hospital midwifes helped me into a wheelchair, and I was taken to SCBU so I could see my son for the first time since his birth. His CPAP was off already, and we had a lovely kangaroo cuddle.

Griffin was in SCBU for 13 days in total, and finally discharged on Saturday, February 24th.

Minutes old:

In SCBU, with his feeding tube in his nose

First day home:

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"_deb" wrote:

Jessica Lynn was born 3/1/07 at 3:40 am delivered by C section. I don't have a USB port so I can't send a picture but she is beautiful. she weighed 7lb 11 oz and 20.5 inches long

On 2/28/07 I ent for a doctor appt and was 1 day past my due date. My blood pressure was 142/100 so my doctor sent me over to the hospital for my non stress test and to ceck fluid level. he said if it were up to him that he would like them to keep me and induce so he called the doc on staff
I registered in triage at 11:15 am and was hooked up to non stress test and blood was drawn. My husband was at the hospital by 12:00 he had to come from work. They kept me hooked up for about an haiur and 1/2 and then did an ultrasound. The baby's fluid level was 7.9 and is supposed to be 10 so they decided they would indeed keep me and induce.
I was admitted to Labor and Delivery at 2:00, iv and pitosin was started.
At 3:30pm the dr came and broke my water and increased the pitosin so we just played the waiting game.
I was having contractions, but things were slow to progress so about 6 or 7 I began walking the hall to try to speed things along. i became tired and the contractions were getting stronger so it was hard to walk.
At 8:30pm i was given the epidural so at this point I was bed bound. The anesthesiologist knocked out the port while inserting the cathider so I felt everything. he quickly got the meds hooked back up, but it brought tears to my eyes.
I progressed to a 5 and then an 8 by 11:pm so they brought alll the necessities in the room for delivery so they were ready. I did progress to 10 by about 1am but the baby would not descend, so we waited. At 2 the doctor came back and had me try to push a few times, but the baby was not moving. He said he'd be back in an hour.
At 3:00am still no change so they decided to prep for c section.
I had a reaction to the meds and almost passed out, but they gave me additional meds to counteract the effects.
our daughter was born healthy and happy.
And now I am enjoying her and recovering from my surgery

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Carson William
March 17th
8lbs, 9.6oz
21 ½ inches long

I went to my appt at 39w, 5d and my doctor told me I wasn’t dilated or effaced. He hadn’t even dropped yet. He told me he wanted to induce me since I would defiantly go over my due date. He was mainly concerned because the baby was getting big for me and he was afraid he might get stuck. They decided to induce that Saturday – my due date. I went in at 7:15am and was hooked up to the pitosin by 8am. The doctor also put some antibiotic in my IV in case I had to have a c-section…It would help with the incision getting infected. The nurse said I was having a few contractions on my own(I couldn’t feel them), I was 60% effaced and a fingertip dilated. My doc came in within a half hour and wanted to put some cathader in me – it was supposed to help with effacing and dilation. It hurt like H**L!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to scream when he was putting that in. He finally got that in and I started noticing the pitosin working. By noon, I was around 2cm and still 60% effaced. The contractions were quite painful by then. At 1pm, I decided to get the epideral – not bad at all! Just felt a prick when they numbed the area and didn’t feel a thing after that. By 2pm I was about 3-4 cm and they broke my water. At 5pm, I hadn’t progressed at all since being 3-4 cm. My doctor told me that he would recommend a c-section. He said that since the baby still hadn’t dropped and I hadn’t made any progress in 3 hours, that he was afraid the labor would go on for a long time and that I may still end up with a c-section. They took me straight to the operating room and prepped me. By 5:30pm they were starting on getting him out. At 5:53pm, Carson William was born. I could hear him crying and then I started crying. It was the most wonderful feeling to hear him cry. I didn’t get to see him for about 5 minutes – they took him to check him out. Apgar scores were 9 and 9. I finally got to see him and starting crying even more. He was the most precious little thing I had ever seen. I didn’t feel the greatest afterward. I got sick while they were prepping me and then twice after he was born. And I was shaking a lot after too. Walking around was a challenge and we didn’t sleep at all that night. Nurses were walking in and out about every hour checking me and Carson’s vitals and I would get my pain medicine too. Everything is going well – Carson weighed 8lb, 6 oz when he left the hospital. Last night was the first night he slept well – I have been sooooo tired lately!!! He has his night and day mixed up!

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Here's my birth story again!

Got to the hospital on Monday at 11:30 with Al, my Mom and step father. Didn't get to L&D until 12:15 since registration was so backed up. They set me up on a stretcher and got my IV going. Then the nurse says "OK, I'm going to do your foley catheter now." I was shocked! I thought that was something they did in the OR once you were numb, but nope, felt every bit of it and it hurt like a big, ugly dog!!! My surgery was scheduled for 1:00, but of course, the Dr was running behind by an hour!!! So it was sit and wait and the longer I waited the more nervous I got. By then my MIL and FIL arrived and we all sat around anxiously waiting for our little girl's birth! We were asked if we would mind having a nursing student watch and of course we didn't mind. We had this absolutlely wonderful girl who was so nice and it was good for Al since she kept him somewhat calm in the OR!! My Dr finally got there at 2:00 and then we had to wait for anesthesia to get back to the OR.

Finally at 2:15 I was wheeled into the OR. Al had to wait outside and he was a nervous wreck. I have never seen him this bad, I thought he was going to pass out. They did the spinal and it wasn't bad at all, then they let Al in. The poor guy looked like he had been crying. I was scared but I was trying not to show it for him so he would calm down. It seemed like it took forever but after a lot of pulling, tugging, and pressure, I heard a little squeak and was told her head was out, she was already trying to cry! They pulled her out and I heard the Dr say Wow, she's a big girl, you were all baby!!! She screamed so loud, it was the most wonderful sound in the world. Al and I just cried and cried! I had to tell him to go take pictures, and he took several of the floor before he got pics of the baby! Too funny!!! At 2:43pm our precious daughter was born!!

They took the baby to the nursery and Al went with her while they tied my tubes and closed me up. Al came back to check on me and let me know that she weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and was 22 inches long, so I guess I really was all baby!! She was born at 38 weeks, I can't imagine how big she would have been if I had gone to 40!! Her Apgars were 8 and 9. I then went to recovery where I proceeded to shiver and shake and get very nauseous. The nurse kept asking if I was cold and I kept saying I didn't know since I was numb from the chest down. She finally took my temp and it was 94 so I guess I was cold. She heated me up with this wonderful hot air blanket and finally after an hour and a half I could go to my room. We made a stop at the nursery where I got to hold my little girl for the first time. It felt so natural, like she'd been there alll along! They took me to my room and then brought her to me. My parents and in-laws left to give us family time. I breast fed the baby right away and she latched on like a pro, it's so amazing that they know just what to do. We had about a half hour and I had Al go get Parker, I was dying to see him. In the mean time I was getting more and more nauseous. They gave me a shot of Zofran but it didn't touch it. Parker came up and was very shy but happy to see me. I wound up throwing up a few times and then they put a bag of Reglan with my IV and I felt a whole lot better. Everyone left by 8:30, I sent the baby to the nursery and tried to get some sleep. I slept for a little while but then woke up itching so bad from the spinal drugs and pain drugs that sleep was very hard all night. They gave me pain meds and Benadryl but I still couldn't sleep. At least I wasn't nauseous anymore!! I got a spinal headache on Wednesday when I got up to take a shower. They wanted to do a blood patch but I didn't want them going back into my spine since I am back on Lovenox so I had to tough it out. I stayed in the hospital until Thursday afternoon and almost stayed until Friday but we were getting a huge snow storm and I wanted to be home before it hit! The poor baby wasn't even named until the day we were leaving at around 2:00!! We named our little girl Addison Marie and we will call her Addy!! She's such a good baby, we are so truly blessed with both of our children. My losses were the hardest things I have ever experienced but when I look into the faces of these 2 beautiful children that my DH and I created it makes every bit of the heartache worth it! I feel so lucky to be their mother!!

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Hey everyone! First of all... Thank you all for your congratulations. It was so fun to come home to all your notes. I am happy to say that Nathan and I came home yesterday evening (the 7th) and are doing GREAT!!! We actually went to Easter service at church this morning!
I see that Ann updated you all about the fact that they ended up inducing my labor on thursday morning (the 5th) at 7am. They had a hard time getting my IV in, which is my personal phobia... so that was really hard for me. Once they got it in though they started the Pitocin, which very promptly started contractions that were about 5 min apart and lasted 30-45 seconds. My midwife checked me before they got started and said that I was 3cm and 50% but that his head was to high for them to break my water. So all morning was pretty much a sit and wait game. At lunch she came back in and checked again, with no change. The contractions at this point were strong, but not painfull. So I started walking to try to bring Nathan down lower.
At 5:30pm my midwife came back in and finally announced that he was low enough to break my water, which she did right away. I was 4cm and 75% at that point and still not in any real pain. I was moved to the Delivery room and told that I could have my epidural at any point that I wanted it. I had been hoping to avoid the epidural, because after having a bad anestesiologist hit a nerve when I delivered my angel Luke... I am TERRIFIED of getting the epidural done. The contractions began to get very heavy and painfull though and I decided to just get it done. So about 1 hour after getting my water broken and with me in alot of pain with those nasty Pitocin induced contractons that were now comming every 3 min and lasting about a min I got my epidural put in. The Anestesiologist was so compassionate with me and was FANTASTIC... Praise God!!!
I then labored for another 2 hours or so before I began to feel some pressure. We called the midwife in from the Nurses station and she checked me and found that I was 9cm and almost ready to push. 1 contraction later I called her back and said that I really felt that it was time, so she checked again and said ,"Oh my... He is right there." so they all frantically started getting gloves on and such while my husband tried to get ahold of Ann (annk82) so she could listen in on the phone.
With the next contraction they got me in position and I started to push. Push one...Pressure....Push two... Discomfort... Push three...I could feel him crowning... Push four...

Nathan Robert was born at exactly 9:01pm on April 5th after 14 hours of mild labor and 4 pushes!!!! BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin
He weighed in at 7lb 15oz and was 21 in long.

After delivery Nathan nursed right away like a champ then contentedly went to sleep. He then slept for the next almost 12 hours without wanting to eat, so he lost 10oz before we left the hospital. So I have to bring him back in for a weight check tomorrow. He is eating much better now though, so I'm sot worried. My 2 older sons adore their little brother and fight over who gets to hold him. Over all it has been a dream come true. I am feeling great and have been getting a decent ammount of sleep despite the nursing. I am so in love and thrilled with every moment that I can hold, smell, and touch my new little guy. I am so blessed and praise the Lord for my Husband, and my three precious boys.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I hope to see you all over at the Parenting after a Loss board soon. I will be lurking around here for sure though as I want to meet all your little ones. God bless you all. ---------------------Leah

1 minute after birth

Nathan Robert

Mommy and Nathan

A family of 5!!!!

My 3 boys

Nathan's Home

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Ally's Birthy Story:
I was 39 weeks and feeling miserable and as swollen as a water balloon. I woke up friday morning and when in the bathroom lost my never saw that with my first one.
I was crabby crabby crabby all weekend.
Sunday I woke up with slightly painful contractions, just a hint of pain with otherwise Braxton Hickes feeling ones. they persisted and got stronger all day....but i was afraid to hope it was the real thing even though i pretty much knew it was.
by ten we were hanging out and i started to really notice them a lot and realized i was having a lot of tem. i had DH time them while we watched a movie. 1/2 way through i asked where we were at and how far apart they were......the goober let me go an hour with them 4 minute apart!!! i couldn't even tlak through them.
So we rushed to the hospital and i was already 4cm. I told them i wanted to have her in the tub but they wanted to monitor her first, and that was agony. My water also broke at this point. i asked for drugs but was told i was 6cm and moving way too fast for drugs so i was best off with my original plan.
so into the tub i got. SOOOO much better in teh tub. it was a great way to get through the pain. 1/2 hour in there and I started to feel like maybe pushing would make the pain lessen, so i asked if i could, and 15 minutes later at 2:49 AM April 30th 2007 Allison Nicole entered the world by way of the bath tub. We had checked into teh hospital at 12;30AM so needless to say, things went VERY quickly!! She was 8lbs 8oz, and 21 inches long.
Very different from my first where my water broke and STILL i needed to be induced and was in labor for 24 hours! Every birth truly is different, sometimes it goes JUST the way you want it, and sometimes things are unexpected. Just keep an open mind and no matter what happens you will always remember that wonderful first moment when you meet your sweet little baby!!!
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Here is my birth story:
Thursday night, I was sitting on the couch (Editing this very topic, believe it or not.... !), and I felt a sharp pain in my belly. I thought Emma had kicked really hard or something, because she had been active all day. A second later, I felt a gush. Thinking I had peed myself, I went in to check, and it was not pee, and it kept gushing out everytime I moved. I called the OB, who sent me in to get checked. Of course, in the hospital parking lot, so much fluid gushed out that it ran down the front of my pants. I told the triage nurse my OB sent me to be checked, and she started laughing, and sent me right into a labor room. Well, I was only 1-2cm and 50% effaced, and my contractions had just started on the way there, and were almost unnoticable. I labored through the night, not getting any sleep. In the morning, I was only at 3cm and 80%, after 8 hours of laboring. They put me on pitocin to move things along, since they were worried about her heartrate being low all the time. The contractions were getting hard to talk through. I held out for a while longer, and when at 11am I was only 5cm, and I was exhausted, and the contractions were still not in a regular pattern, I agreed to the epidural. I don't think I could have made it without it. I had the shakes, and could not talk during contractions, and was not even near pushing. After that, things went pretty easily. The epidural was great, I had no problems with it. I catnapped a bit. I still had irregular contractions, but no pain, I just felt my belly tighten when I had them. After a while, I was feeling pressure down low. I had not seen the nurse in a bit, so while I waited for her to come check, I did some small pushes during contractions, in the hope that it would help with the dilation. at 3:45pm, the shift changed, and a new nurse came in. I told her I had pressure, so she checked me. She laughed, said she didn't even have to feel around, she could see the head, and I was about to have her. So everyone rushes in, including the OB (whom I had not seen at all yet). I pushed for about 5-6 pushes, when they told me to wait a second. There was some commotion, and then I was told to push and wait, push and wait, for a few more pushes. Then she was out! She cried almost right away, and her apgar was 8. I got a quick cuddle, then she was taken to the other side of the room to be checked out and cleaned up. Despite being early, she never had to go to NICU or have oxygen or anything.
I found out while being stitched, that what happened was her cord was very tight around her neck, and she was crowning so slowly, that they ended up doing a quick episiotomy and using the vacuum extractor. It was only a 1 degree episiotomy though, so not too bad.
Her second apgar was a 9. She was sponged clean, and had a chance to breast feed a bit, then taken for a more thorough checkup while I was cleaned up. We're both doing well. She's had a bit of trouble latching, and we had some sleepless nights, but I think its getting better every feeding, and I slept today some.
So her final stats are:
Emma Elisabeth, born July 13th, 2007
6lbs, 4oz at birth, 19in.

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We started TTC in September of 2005. We conceived in January of 2006. We lost that precious angel at 7.5 weeks in March 2006. It was the worst day of my life.

We conceived again in December of 2006. Here is her story:

Gwyneth Hadley K_____
September 2, 2007
7:01 a.m.
6 lbs, 7 oz.
19 in. long

The first day of September was like any other day. I got out of bed on this particular Saturday morning around ten-ish feeling lazy from my surge of late-pregnancy hormones. I would be 39 weeks on Monday. The laziness quickly faded as I realized all that I hoped to accomplish that day. I was nesting, yes, indeed! I needed to take our queen-sized comforter to the big washer at the laundry-mat. Check. I then cleaned on the house. Check. Hmmm…I really wanted to add the final items to my hospital bags and unload the dishwasher. However, I was tired at this point and opted to go lay out by the pool instead. I was having a few irregular, not-at-all-painful contractions at this point. However, this was the norm for me lately.

Rich got home from work while I was at the pool. I came in and got ready for church. We attended mass at 5:30 that evening. Then we had big plans! One last hurrah on the town…we were to have dinner at the Olive Garden and then head down to Omaha’s Old Market. Dinner was fantastic. I had lasagna and Rich had the manicotti. I noticed my contractions were somewhat stronger. Oh well, not to get my hopes up. I was experiencing cramping and some lower back pain at this point also. After dinner we went to the Old Market. I didn’t really feel up to our usual walking though. We simply went to our favorite, charming little European bakery and had Black Cherry sodas & chocolate. We sat on the patio laughing and talking…yes, the occasional giggle was due to “people watching”. The lady at the table next to us caught on and admitted that she loved to do the same. The evening was one of the sweetest Rich and I ever spent together. But our time left as a family of two was much shorter than we might have thought…

When we got home, I set up the digital camera to take our picture. The contractions were yet stronger and I was cramping more. Yes, at this point I added more items to the hospital bag. I went to the restroom and noticed that I was losing my mucus plug. Wow. This was exciting. I was downright giddy and even offered to show it to Rich. He immediately declined. Rich and I headed on to bed as it approached one a.m. I lay in bed having fairly regular contractions. By around 2:30 a.m. I was sure I was in labor. Now I just needed to see if they would get more regular. Sure enough, the contractions were getting more regular. By three o’clock they were about 9 minutes apart. Around 3:45 they got to be about 5 minutes apart. Somewhere between that I had started having to really BREATHE through the contractions. I came down stairs a little before four. I finally unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I actually had to stop and hold the counter through two contractions while conquering this final task.

I went upstairs and woke Rich. His first reaction to the lamp was, “Wha…what’s going on? Why’s the lamp on?” I told him we were heading to the hospital, to let me call the doc first. I called and a nurse practitioner called me back. She didn’t question whether we should be going. I told her I had no idea the contractions would be this intense. We would soon find out why though. Rich loaded our bags. I became nauseous and began to vomit while in the upstairs bathroom. As soon as I had control again we left. I was so scared, nervous and excited.

We entered through the ER. I actually had to be wheeled up in a chair since I couldn’t really move during contractions. We were admitted at 5:10 a.m. After being hooked up to the monitor I had to answer questions as the nurse typed. I also gave her a copy of our birthplan. The contractions were so intense at this point…about 3 to 4 minutes apart. I just remember rubbing my face so hard and breathing through each contraction. She checked my cervix. She said she could feel my bag of waters and that I was 5 centimeters dilated & 90% effaced. (Note- I had been 2 to 3 cms and 70% effaced at my appointment the previous Monday.) The nurse said at this rate she thought we would have baby in our arms by noon. I joked that I hoped it was at most ten a.m. I was vomiting some. I remember Rich asking the nurse if this was normal. Yes, it was. At this point I was asked to make a decision regarding an epidural. I said if I was only halfway there, with this intensity. That yes, I would take it. Soon thereafter my water broke. I kept telling the nurse that I was getting a STRONG urge to push already. The anesthesiologist finally showed up around 6:10. The nurse checked me and said, “You all aren’t going to believe me, but you are 9 centimeters. In fact, I think one push would get rid of that lip on your cervix and you will be at ten.” Suddenly I wasn’t so sure about the epidural. I had a discussion with the anesthesiologist between contractions about how I thought the Epi mostly helped during dilation, but could hinder the pushing. He seemed to agree. Therefore I DECLINED the epidural (it was hard to say no at this point...go me!!!). I pushed once with the nurse checking, and we were ready to go. We quickly discussed specific key points of the birthplan at this point; since the nurse had not yet had time to read it.

We actually started pushing right way (between 6:15 and 6:30). My body totally took over. It actually felt really good to push in comparison to not pushing. My doc showed up after I had pushed about ten minutes. About ten minutes after that they could already see the head. I felt down there- touching my baby with my hand for the first time. Dr. J was holding a warm rag to my perineum and really stretching me as we went. Basically it took about another 10 to 15 minutes. I just remember Rich saying over and over, “Oh my God, Baby. You are doing it. You are amazing. I can see her head. You are amazing.” It helped so much just having him sweetly encourage me. The nurse was great…counting down the pushing breaths for me. I think I was pushing three or four times per urge. I pushed so hard. It burned so much as her head crowned. They all encouraged me to touch her again. I recall saying, “Just get her out, just get her out!!!” They immediately placed her on my chest. I didn’t cry the way I thought I would. I just looked at her in amazement. Sometimes I think we have pivotal moments in our lives, where we know our lives will never be the same. I was so incredibly aware of this evolution.

We had requested that they allow for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it was cut. Daddy did the honors and cut the cord. Dr. J delivered my placenta. I had experienced a second-degree tear and had to have stitches. When the doctor and nurse massaged my uterus, it was incredibly painful. They explained it was necessary to avoid clots though.

My husband was so proud. He just kept looking at me, then her, me then her. He kept saying, “That was incredible. You did it baby. I cannot believe she is here already. That was fast…what a champ!!!” He then started calling people that we had spoken to less than two hours earlier. Rich also got out the camera and video camera (there had been no time up to this point!!!). As proud a proud daddy he began taking pictures and videoing.

Gwyneth’s apgar scores were 9 and 9 (at one and five minutes after birth). She weighed 6 lbs, 7 oz and was 19 inches long. Her chest & head both measured 12 inches around. She took her first breath at 7:01 a.m. and stole our hearts forever. I never doubted she would be precious. However, my imagination was never able to fathom such beauty! I love her so much and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life being her mommy.

Minutes after birth:

Daddy's first time holding her:

Our sweetie at one day old:

Leaving the hospital:

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here's my birth story

Well, as most of you know. I had my 36 week appointment and it did not go as I had planned. My doc said Averi was only 4lbs 11oz and that I did not have much fluid in there. So then I saw a specialist and yadda yadda yadda... long story short for those of you who don't know. They said my placenta was not feeding her enough and that she needed to come out. They scheduled an induction for Aug 7, 2007.

So Aug 6th I went out on a date with DH and saw a movie, had dinner, he bought me a slushy at the movies Smile and we had a great night. Then Aug 7th I went to work early got off at 3 and I was not allowed to eat anything after lunch Sad ... DH had scheduled a hair appointment for me. He is so sweet! So I chopped off my hair to my shoulders and got it highlighted!! I love it...anyway...then we head to the hospital where my mother had already been waiting for us...

They got me registered and situated in a room and told me I could not eat just in case I needed a c-section.... this was aggrivating since Averi's heart rate had always been great... but oh well.

They hooked me up to monitor her heart rate and contrax... i was having mild contrax that I could not even feel and when the nurse checked me I was at 2cm ...yeye...

Then a nurse came in to start an IV, she stuck me once and it was no good...ouch...she stuck me twice and it was no good...ouch again so she gave up and a second nurse came in to start an IV, she stuck me once and got it but she blew it... needless to say that was a big ouch and I have huge bruise to show for it...then the third nurse came in...she stuck me once and got...Thank God!!!

Then they left me for a while...I have no idea why the cervidil had not be inserted yet...I was feeling cramps in my back (I always feel cramps in my back when I am laying on it ever since the 2nd tri)... so I rolled over to my side...then I sneezed and a bunch of fluid came out of me...the nurse came in and told me to get off my side (she did not tell me why) but I got back onto my back and told her that when I sneezed I felt a lot of fluid come out and I don't know if it is pee or my water. So she checked me and she said the test came up negative for fluids... okay...

Then she does an ultrasound and measures my fluids...they were at 2cm...yikes, she told me the safe amt is 10cm.... and since the test came back negative that my water had broken, it meant my placenta wasn't working enough to replenish the amt of fluids... then they have the on call doc come in... (my doc was scheduled to be there in the morning when I was supposed to start the pitocin) The on call doc starts talking about how much stress the baby is in because her heart rate drops every time I move and he showed me the chart... it was dropping dramatically Sad , he told me that with her showing signs of stress and my fluids being so low he did not want me to have any large contrax. He said that the fluid is what helps cushion the baby during labor till it breaks and that in the current situation it would be easy for her cord to wrap round her neck or for her to pinch her cord by laying on or what not... I am probably not explaining it very well but the point is her heart rate was dropping with my movement and my fluid was low so the on call doc said the only option was c-section and I agreed...

At this point it was "get my baby out and make sure she is healthy" its all I cared about...

So then they start talking to me about drugs Sad
Do I want the epi where only one person can be in the room with me or do I want to be knocked out where no one can be in the room with me...they also described to me the dangers of being knocked out and having a complacent baby...risks I already knew about because that's why I never wanted a drugged birth .... Sad

Then they start talking to me about what they were going to do to me...and I freaked...I literally freaked out...I started crying and I was so scared, I even said and I quote "I can't do this, I can't do this, just knock me out I can't do this"
The nurse grabbed my hand and reminded me that we don't want to be knocked out for the safety of the baby...and I was still crying...then DH stepped in and I will forever love him (if not for anything else) for this one thing he did for me!

He put his forehead to mine and looked me dead in the eyes and said, Stephanie calm down, God has it all under control, you are going to be fine and Averi is going to be fine, and then we prayed... I calmed down a lot. I was still nervous and still crying but I knew I could do it and I knew it had to be done.

So then they roll me out to get my epi leaving my DH behind...WHAT??? ... I didn't want to be without him but they said he couldn't be back there while they put the epi in. My super nurse (the same one that got my IV in the first try) held me against her chest and talked to me and rubbed my back, then the epi guy said a sting... and it was over... my legs started going numb and they had to place me on the bed, they had my arms out like a T ... and they raised a blue curtain. Then DH came in and sat by my side I told him to just keep talking to me...he kept me very distracted from what was going on... I felt a lot of tugs and pulls but no pain.

DH was right there the whole time...God I love this man so much more just from this experience... then I felt them push on my stomach really hard and I heard her first cry!! She was born 08/07/07 at 9:57pm weighing 5lbs 7.7oz and 17.75 inches long! DH got to see her and he took some pix, I got to hold her for the first time, then they handed her to DH and he was told to leave as they stitched me back up. They had previously warned me that if she was as small as they thought she would have to be in the NICU...but with her birth weight...Thank God, she could go to the nursery!!!

The recovery room was a nightmare, they could not put me on morphine because I am allergic to it so I had some other drug on a push as needed thing... they brought Averi to me and she had some issues latching on but seemed to get it after a few tries. Then they said they had to take her away due to checking her sugar and all that because of her size and I didn't see her again for a few hours... it made me sad. The nurse came back and said Averi's sugar level was 37 (very low) and that they wanted to supplement with formula to get it up... and I agreed...

The rest is a bit of a blur, the drug they had me on made me loopy. I would talk to people and in mid sentence pass out then pop back awake and try to finish my made everyone laugh!

I got to breast feed finally cause Averi started passing all her sugar tests! And I have to use a breast shield on my right nipple cause in mid-suckle it likes to flatten out. But other than that the breast feeding is going super smoothly. We are home now. Have been since Friday but I just have not had time to post yet.

Averi is doing great!!! She is so healthy and steadily getting bigger and stronger. She likes to push her head off my chest, and sometimes while she is laying down she tries to roll over so I know she is getting stronger and stronger each day. She is perfect! I am sooo in love and its so great to see how much DH loves her too! Her cord fell off last night... and I cleaned it up this morning and that's where we are as of today!!

Both happy, both healthy, I do feel a little sad I didn't get to birth her naturally or vaginally... but I am confident the right decision was made...

Sorry this is soooo long...

Just a few mins old

Here is a pic of her a couple days ago

and here are just a few more pix

Okay I will stop, If you want to view all the pix I have of her thus far.. (a lot) you can go to

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JenArbo's birth story:

"JenArbo0603" wrote:

I had a scheduled c-section since Nolan was breech. My mom came with me and DH to the hospital. We got there at 5:45 am and I was put in a bed and they strapped up the monitors and there was Nolan's heartbeat. WHEW! Secretly, that had been my fear, that we'd get to the hospital and there would be no heartbeat. My c-section was scheduled for 8 am. It was time to get the IV going but 3 nurses and 5 pokes later they were having no luck. See, I wasn't allowed to drink anything after midnight which meant my veins were not going to cooperate. The anaesthesiologist came in and he was my last hope. After 2 sticks he finally found a vein on the side of my left hand, just under my thumb. YEAH, OUCH! And I had to hold my hand in a weird, cock-eyed position until I had enough fluid in me and could relax my hand. What a nightmare.

DH's dad and stepmom arrived about 6:30 am. They drove from Neenah, WI down to us in IL (about a 3 1/2 hour drive!) We chatted it up and found out that an emergency c-section bumped me so we had longer to wait. Not a big deal, I understood.

Now it's my turn. I get into the OR and have to sit on the table so I can get the epidural. This was the worst experience of my life. I have back issues and alot of damage to in my lower lumbar so I don't know if that was an issue, but getting the epidural hurt so bad. I thought the numbing shot was supposed to take care of that ? I had electric shocks shoot down both my legs, jolting them so badly they kicked on their own. I felt the needle going thru the bone in my back. I was crying really hard actually stopping myself from screaming. LORD HAVE MERCY.....I WILL BE HARD PRESSED TO GET AN EPIDRUAL NEXT TIME IF I'M SUCCESSFUL WITH VBAC.

Once the epidural was done and I was laid down, DH came in and the doc started cutting. I didn't feel anything, not even tugging really. He was so far in the front she didn't really have to move much around I guess. I think I was holding my breath as she said she was pulling him out. I just waited and waited and as soon as I heard Nolan crying I was in tears. He was born on August 8, 2007 at 10:15 am. He weighed a whopping 9 lbs 7 oz and was 21 1/2". Before I knew it the nurse flashed him around the corner of the screen so I could get a glimpse but then she whisked him to the warmer to suction him and wrap him up and that is when the neo-natologist checked him over. He does have hypospadia, which means his urethra is split. At 6 months he'll have to have surgery and a circumcision to repair the urethra but it's not a big deal. DH and I weren't planning on having him circumsized but we have to and we are fine with it. Hey, nothing has really gone our way with this pregnancy, so why should the "after" be any different, right?

I think once I knew he was safe and DH followed him to the nursery I fell asleep and woke up when they got me into recovery. DH was there and so was my dad and his dad. They brought Nolan right to me and he started BF'ing right away. I thought he'd be a champ but now, 4 weeks later, I'm only pumping about 2 oz of milk a day. He's a lazy latcher and even in the hospital I had to supplement because the colustrom wasn't enough for such a big baby.

Here are some pics of Nolan after he was born.

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Jenepicam's birth story:

"jenepicam" wrote:

Forgive me that it took so very long. Been pretty exhausting since I arrived the Hospital on Wednesday. Baby Louisa taking after mom excited with attention she gets from mommy, daddy and everyone visiting her. She's very beautiful and very healthy. I got to starty moving around 2nd day of recovery. Things that bother me is a sinus infection clearing up, gas hasn't passed yet and hemorrhoid I have that comes and goes from the end of my pregnancy. Got kind of more uncomfortable lately, but Dr. will get me something when I go home. My Dr. still has me on a adjusted diet. (Even of these few things bothering me I say this C-Section delivery gone a lot better than my 1st). Will be home on Sunday
C- Section
(bikini cut)
September 12, 2007
@ 12:34PM
7 lbs 15 oz; 19"

5:30 AM -- Mom took DH and I to hospital to sign in and get me in a L&D room to start on IV fluids/Penicillin
11:45 AM -- Or about this time gave the Epidural
12:34 PM -- Louisa delivered by C-Section

Two hours after delivery in recovery room. Baby Louisa with me at all time, too. After 2 hrs nurse took me to my room where I'll stay until Saturday. Baby Louisa for the most part was able to room with me unless really sleepy at night she would be taken to the nursery. Also if I have visitors and like to walk around with them out of the unit, the nurses will look over baby Louisa in nursery. (2nd day after C-Section delivery I was able to get up moving around).


2 wk Post Partum
September 26, 2007
Weight check up 172 lbs
(Pre- Pregnancy weight 182 lbs)
Incision looking great and healing wonderfully.
But ever so once in awhile still get the itchiness, sensitivity mid section belly. None too bad thought. Discharge drying up. Still I question how much longer I'll have this and will end? Because being that I'm BF'ing not so sure when my cycle will come back. In 3 weeks I see my OB and mentioned that I like to start on the IUD Birth Control.

Baby's check up
September 27, 2007
7 lbs 12 oz.; 24"

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Shee_na's birth story:

"Sheena" wrote:

Whew that was alot of work ladies. But like Kelly told you guys- Myles Jashaun was born on Friday August 24th at 3:09pm. After 3 doses of Cytotec, IV Pitocin an Epidural that wore off at the end, and almost needing an emergency c-section b/c they broke my water and his heart rate was going into the 90's with back to back contractions. But it was all worth it he's home and safe. It took over 24 hours to get to that point with all the laboring I was good with it until about 6 hours after starting the pitocin the pain was unbearable and I needed the epi. Before that I was up walking around the whole time. He was 6lbs 13oz alot smaller then I thought he would be. The u/s estimate was 7 3 on Wednesday so obviously close but not really. He has the biggest feet in the world. Breastfeeding is hard and well a wee bit painful but I'm trying he's trying etc. Going to get my pump tomorrow and at least he'll get the breast milk. Dad is well pissing me off but whats new. He likes to cuddle but not do diapers or really help. I'm totally in love and amazed that after all this time and effort and well utter sadness and depression I have a child laying here next to me. Totally bittersweet that I never had that opportunity with Jeremiah but nice to know this little one is here to stay.

I can't find my camera cord to upload the pics but here are a few from my cell phone.

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(Kelly) frosty's girl's birthstory:

"frosty's girl" wrote:

Hello ladies,

Sorry it's taken so long to get this in here. We're home from the hospital safe and sound. Our daughter, Lucia (pronounced loo-SHA) Raevyn Frost was born on Monday, August 27th at 8:41 a.m. by c-section. She weighed 8lb 9oz and was 20.5". My Mom's middle name is Rae and Jason's Mom's middle name is Lu. We love the Caribbean so we have always loved Lucia for a girl. Lucia also mean "light" or "light bearer" so that is perfect-she is the light in our lives.

Lucia had her echocardiogram the day after her birth on August 28th and we are overjoyed to report she has a healthy heart. Her PDA was already closed. We are all getting to know each other and are extremely exhausted. Lucia is so dear and precious to us she looks so much like her brother Cayman; just a feminine version. It is worth every second and I know how lucky we are and will never take a second for granted with our baby girl.

I have attached some photos of her. I will be mia for a while and probably just lurk when I am able to. I will be checking in on everyone to see how you are all doing. Thank you so much for all of your support and congratulations messages!!!

big heart hugs to everyone,

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Here is Jack Owen's Birth Story.

I woke up Friday morning (November 30th) with an inkling that something was going to happen that day. I had been feeling sick off and on the day before and was very tired. I stayed home from work and just took it easy. When Matt got home, I told him that we should go to dinner as I thought that the walking around and just being out might help move things along. We got home about ffice:smarttags" />8pm and watched TV until about 10 when we decided to go to bed. As I got up from the couch I felt this small gush of fluid…..I said to Matt, “Ummm, I think my water just broke!” I went to the bathroom and as I sat there, more fluid just kept coming out. I remember telling Matt to listen and with a smile on my face I said, “I am not peeing”. We called the OB’s office and spoke to the doctor on call who told me that the only way to really know if my water had broken was to go into Labor and Delivery but she was pretty sure that it had in fact broken. I was excited yet kind of nervous, I was happy that we would be meeting our little man soon. Matt took a shower and I finished packing the bags. We checked into L&D around and they did confirm that my water had broken and I had 24 hours to deliver before the risk of infection increased. I still had not had any real contractions so I was not sure how the night would go. When they checked me at the hospital I was still only 1cm dilated (had been for about 3weeks!)…my doc gave me 2 hours to make some progress or else we would have to start the Pitocin. I knew that walking was my best bet so Matt and I started our many trips around the L&D floor. After the two hours I had only progressed to 2cm and about 70% effaced, not a lot of progress but it was progress. I now had 2 more hours. I had hoped to deliver little Jack without any pain medication but by the time I was only 4cm my contractions were really painful and coming about every 2-3min and lasting about a min…the really hard part was that during each contraction I had this horrible nauseous feeling. It made it really hard to breathe through each one and I was so tired since I had not had any chance to rest. I looked at Matt and said to him, I think I am going to have to get the Epidural…this is really hard and I still have so far to go. Not to mention I knew that I would need the Pitocin soon since I really wasn’t making enough progress on my own. So by I had the epidural and I was resting in bed…not very comfortably but at least I was able to get some rest. The Pitocin came not long after that as my labor had stalled from the epidural. My mom arrived about and I was still only about 5cm though I started to feel some of the contractions so the Pitocin had started working. Not long after that the monitors were showing that Jacks heart rate had dropped. Our nurse Linda came in and we tried moving the monitor around to see if that was the problem. They had me move from side to side but that didn’t help. Finally they had me go on all fours which when you have an IV, an epidural and a blood pressure cuff hooked up to you is not the easiest thing to do. It helped though and Jack’s heart rate came back up. My doctor came in and checked to make sure that he was ok and we found that I went from 5 to 8cm in about 30 min and he had dropped to a +3 station…it must have freaked him out a little which is why his heart rate had dropped. After that they turned off the Pitocin and my contractions started to get pretty painful. I had heard that transition was bad but I thought that since I had the epidural, it wouldn’t be that bad….boy was I wrong about that! By the time I was 9 ½ cm I was in so much pain that I just wanted him out…I felt the urge to push but since I still had a lip of cervix left I had to breathe through each contraction. Boy that was hard! What made it even harder was that he was so low. I even asked the nurse at one point if they had turned off the epidural, when she said no I said “Jesus Christ, are you kidding?” I was really thankful when I was finally able to really start pushing…I felt like I was finally able to do something and since you push during a contraction I wasn’t in so much pain. My mom, Matt and all the nurses where there keeping me going and pushing hard. I just remember them saying, come on Jamie, he is so close…one more push and he will be here. My Dr. was down there trying to prevent me from tearing and helping little Jack out. Not long after that I remember them saying, he is out…look Jamie, look at him. I looked down and saw his head and then the rest of his body come was the most amazing and beautiful thing I had ever seen. He had the umbilical cord wrapped around his body a few times but other than that he was just perfect. They put him on my lap and Matt went to cut the cord. I was so happy to have him in my arms finally. Little Jack Owen was born at on Saturday December 1st, weighing 8lbs 1oz and was 19 in long, I was 39 weeks and 4 days. His Apgars were 8 and 9. I made it through the delivery with a second degree tear but that is nothing compared to what we got out of it….our precious little boy, Jack.

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Dalton Shey born on Dec 11th at 11:24 am by c-section.
6 lbs 13 oz.
almost 21 inches

I went to the hosptial on the 9th of Dec. because I thought my water had broke and the nurse said that I had her stumped because I was leaking fluids but it wasnt coming back as if my water broke so after being in the hospital for 6 hours they sent me home. That night I started having contractions really bad and could barely talk but I didnt want to go back to the hospital. My dh called the hospital Monday night at 6 pm and he made me go to the hospital and we got there at 7 pm. I got put on the monitores and my water broke at 10 pm, (and we didnt bring the bag so my dh and my dad had to drive a hour back home to the bag and the carseat). By 4 am the nurse comes in the room and tells me that she is going to get me ready for a c-section because the way I was contracting I should of had Dalton by 2 am, but I wasnt dilating past 2 cm. By 6 am I am ready for my c-section and have to wait for the dr to get there because of the ice storm. They came and got me at 10:45 am and got the epidural and at 11:24 am Dalton was born and he was peeing all over the nurses. The weighed him and then let me give him a kiss before they took him. My dh said that they had to measure him 3 times because they couldnt believe how long he was. My dr told my parents he couldnt believe how big he was and know wonder I was complaining of chest pain because he was taking up all my space.
I got to hold him for 5 minutes when I got back to my room and I had to have my sister take him because my arms were numb and I didnt want to drop him. Then my family took turns holding him and they left an hour after he was born because of the storm. The nurses kept be drugged up for 14 hours, so I didnt get to see Dalton again until Wednesday morning and that is when the nurse tells me that he had to be under the heat lap all night because he wasnt keeping up his body temp. I was a little disappointed that I didnt get to see him as much as I wanted, because of the drugs. We got to go home on Friday and I was so ready to get out of there.
One good thing was that I had a friend as my nurse every morning and she was in the operating room too.

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My contractions started July 5th at around 6pm, just as we were eating dinner... not bad ones, just braxton hicks contractions.... as the evening continued they subsided, and I was able to sleep through the night.. the next morning at 6am when Nate was waking up for work, I noticed that they were starting back up.... Nate went off to work, and I tried to go back to sleep... I slept for a little longer, and then they started to get about 5mins apart. At around 11am, I decided to page my midwife as the contractions were really starting to hurt!! Kylene was actually at a birth already, so my secondary midwife, Alison, returned the page. After telling her that I had begun spotting earlier in the day, and my contractions were about 5-6 mins apart, she decided to come to our house to do a quick check. Keep in mind that Olivia wasn't techincally due until the 26th (by my last period), or the 16th by the size of Livie on the ultrasounds. At 37 weeks they were worried I was going to go into pre-term labour as I was spotting, and was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced already. So anyways, Alison came to check, and I was only 2cm dilated and 75% effaced... she said to just continue breathing through the contractions and to try to rest. So I called Nate to let him know.. and then decided to go out with Carrie to Adrianne's house (my sister-in-laws) for a visit (what else was I going to do, right??)
So while at Adrianne's house, my neices and nephews kept trying to come up and touch my belly.. then when I would get a contraction, they would ask what was wrong... not knowing what to tell the kids really, we just said the baby is probably going to come out soon... and that Aunt Julie's body was just getting ready for it..
So after being there for a little bit, we decided to head back home... my contractions were getting closer and more intense.
I decided to page my midwife again at around 4:30, Alison came to do another check, and I was only 2cm still but almost 75% effaced. She said continue keeping track of the contractions, and to page when they got closer and more intense... at this point, I was wondering how much more intense they were going to get... yikes... man, they hurt!!!
Nate got home around 5'ish... and Carrie was over for a little bit, and my back started hurting more, so she was giving me back rubs, and helping me concentrate on my breathing during contractions. I was squeezing a water bottle (full of water because I was drinking it too lol). Thank goodness for sister-in-laws because a little bit later, Adrianne came over, and took over the back rubs... they each have 3 and 4 kids so they knew what to do!
Finally around 7:30pm, I decided they were really too intense to sit, stand or lie down... and after having a bath, I decided to page the midwife again. I bet they thought I was such a wimp!!
After what seemed like the 10th internal check (which by now they were nothing!) I was finally 4cm and 75% effaced!) Whoo hoo!!! Time to pack my stuf into the car, and head to the hospital!!! Ack... getting closer!
So, off to the hospital we go... we arrived at 8:30and we got placed in the labour and delivery room, which was quite nice.... there was even a leather recliner chair, which Nate took for himself about 5 seconds after we got there... haha... I decided to lay down on the bed and tried to relax... Alison the midwife did another check, and I was 5cm... got told to continue breathing and timing the contractions.... decided to go for a walk through the hallways... saw another woman who was in labour... we gave each other sympathetic smiles... and then decided to go back into the room... by now it was 10:30pm... Nate was getting hungry, and my parents had arrived and were waiting in the waiting room... so Nate went out and asked my dad to go get him some food... at 11:00pm Nate was sitting in the nice recliner chair eating Wendy's, while I was getting into more intense contractions... he'd sit down and eat some of his burger, then I'd have a contraction, and make him get up and hold my hand.. contractions were getting more and more intense, and I wasn't sure I could handle the pain anymore... then Kylene showed up, and it was a little bit better.. we would talk and she's tell me to breathe properly through the contractions, then she dimmed the lights, and put on some upbeat music. Nate watched a little bit of tv (some western cowboy movie), but I couldn't concentrate so I made him turn it off... then some good music came on so in between contractions I would be singing.. only me! lol...
Around 11:30 I tried to demand an epidural, but Kylene and Alison would literally not let me have one... I was a little mad... contractions got really intense... so they let me have some laughing gas... man, that stuff kicks butt! During a contraction, they'd let me put the mask on, and I would concentrate during the contraction, and then I'd have to take the mask off after it was over... sometimes Kylene had to pull it off my face because I didn't want to let it go!! They let me drink some gingerale and suck on ice chips... thank goodness for those, they're yummy! Then I got such a bad contraction and intense pain, that I threw back up the gingerale.... ick!! Oh well... I remember at one point, because I hadn't been screaming much, the door that went out into the hallway was open, and I had such a bad contraction, I yelled "JUST GET HER OUT OF ME!!!".... then I heard my door shut.. haha.. oops!
Around 12:30 I think my water broke.. what a strange, yet cool feeling.. then they did another internal check, and I was at 9cm and 100% effaced! Yippee!! But there was still another little bit of water sac that needed to be broken, so Alison took this long blue thingee and popped the water... another cool yet strange feeling...
At about 1:30'ish, they did a final check, and I was 10cm dilated!! I was ready to start pushing! Oh my goodness, its almost over! I think that was my thoughts the whole time.... This will be over eventually, and I will get to meet my baby girl!!
Kylene got situated on the bed, and my right leg was pushing on her side of her stomach, and my other leg was pushing on Nate's shoulder, while he was holding my hand at the same time... he was so encouraging, and despite almost dislocating his shoulder, he didn't even complain! As Olivia's head was crowing, which is like intense burning sensation.. ouch, Nate got to touch her head, and just kept telling me "wow, she has a lot of hair"... they asked me if I wanted to put my hand down there and touch her head.... I think my response was "UMM... NO!" lol... so after her head was out, I was told to stop pushing for a minute... Nate just kept rubbing Olivia's head, and she started making burbling sounds.. he was in awe.... then I had the urge to push again, so I started pushing... and then kept pushing and pushing, and at 2:27am on July 7, 2007 (7/7/07!!) our gorgeous daughter Olivia Colleen Schuit was born into this world. What a beautiful, most amazing feeling it was seeing her for the first time. I don't even think I cried, which is a little unusual for me. I just asked "She is a girl, right??" Kylene answered "yes", and I said "good, because she has a lot of clothes to wear!" lol... After going through the pain of having 2 miscarriages, it was the most amazing feeling to have this precious being placed on my tummy. WOW. Nate told me how amazing of a job I did.
Then I felt another urge to push, and out came my placenta. Nate cut the umbilical chord, and poked a little bit at it the placenta. I think he secretly wants to be a doctor. So interested in everything! Kylene said that there were white spots on the placenta, which means it had separated from the uterus a bit too soon. That means that the placenta was old. Thank goodness Olivia arrived when she did! If she hadn't arrived early, they think we could have lost her. How scary!
So onto the weigh scale Olivia went, and Kylene asked me how much I thought she weighed... I answered "8lbs"... and little Olivia weighed 6lbs15oz! She was 19.5 inches long.
Anyways, skipping a little bit... we were to go home on Monday, July 8th, but they noticed Olivia had a bit of jaundice, and had lost more than 10% of her weight, so they decided she needed to go do some phototherapy to help get rid of the jaundice. The jaundice turned really bad, so she stayed for a week.
To make a long story short, Olivia finally was able to come home on Saturday, July 14th, 2007.
I am not going to lie and say labour isn't painful, because it really is, but my labour and delivery were one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had. Ask Nate. The moment we laid eyes on Olivia for the first time, it was such a beautiful feeling. He continued to tell me how wonderful of a job I did, and that he was really proud of me... How great of a support and help he was! We pray the Lord will bless us again with more healthy babies, and can't wait for our family to continue growing!!

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Pregnancy Recap

During the first trimester, I had brown spotting on and off. They never determined the cause, but they thought it was the progesterone supps irritating my cervix. At 15 1/2 weeks pregnant, we had the biggest scare when I started bleeding red. It was determined that I had a slight placenta abruption and that I was to remain on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I again had brown spotting for the next 2 1/2 weeks and then my prayers were answered when it finally stopped. However, the doctors still wanted me to remain on bed rest.

Day before Brianna came

On January 15th, I was scheduled for my weekly OB appointment and my weekly Peri appointment for my NST and BPP. First we went to my OB appointment and everything went really well. My brother was getting married in Arizona that weekend and my DH was the best man, so we asked the OB if he thought it would still be okay for DH to go to the wedding and he said, definitely, I don't think you will go into labor this weekend. In fact, he said, we will discuss the c-section process in 2 weeks. So, after that appointment, we went to the Peri for the NST and BPP. He also said that everything was looking good; however, she was getting really big. DH and I were feeling pretty good about him being away for a few days for my brother's wedding,

Brianna's Birth

On January 16th at 3:30 am, I got up to go to the bathroom and when I was getting back into bed, I felt a huge gush. I leaned over to my DH and said I think my water broke. He quickly got out of bed and I called my OB, who said I needed to go to L&D. We didn't have anything packed as we thought we still had another 3 weeks. As I was getting ready to leave, we noticed some red bleeding as well as the water gushing out. At this point, I got really scared; I thought for sure something was going wrong. We rushed up to the hospital and got checked in and went back to the room. They confirmed that my water had broken and that I was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced. I was scheduled to have a planned c-section due to my heart arrhythmia, so the OB called my cardiologist, to find out what the plan of action would be. In the meantime, the nurse said that they would wait a few hours 9 or 10, so that my OB would be able to do the c-section. My DH called my brother, who was scheduled to fly out to Arizona that morning to prepare for his wedding, to come to the hospital and bring a camera. I called my parents, who had arrived in Arizona the night before from Holland, and my mom was on the first flight out of Arizona in hopes to make it here for the birth. A few minutes later, the nurse came in and said that the OB and cardiologist wanted to do my c-section immediately (30 minutes) due to the risk on my heart if I went into heavy labor. I didn't even have a chance to think, everything went so fast. The anestesioloigst came in to administer the epidural and I was wheeled off to the OR. It seemed like forever before my DH arrived in the OR room and once he arrived, I calmed down. After about 15 minutes in the OR, I heard the most beautiful sound in the world, my daughter crying. I burst into tears of happiness; I couldn't believe that this day was here. After spending 6 months in bed, I finally had the opportunity to hold my daughter in my arms. It was truly a miracle!!! Brianna Michelle was born at 6:58 AM and she was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long at 36 weeks 2 days!

Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers over the past 8 months, I could not have done it without you!!!!

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Jackson’s Birth Story

My birth story is that I had a scheduled C-section on 6/19 because my baby was breech. I was delivered at 39 0/7 weeks. I decided not to try for a version because I am on Lovenox and would have had to stop it in order to do a version. Also, I had a C-section with my angel baby, Jasmine, so I was only going to do a VBAC if everything went smoothly for a vaginal delivery.

I went into the hospital the morning of 6/19 for my C-section and my son, Jackson, was born at 9:47 am. It was a difficult C-section because my spinal anesthesia was not very good so I had a lot of pain during the procedure. The physicians also had a hard time getting Jackson out because he was on the large size- he weighted 8 lbs 4.3 oz (3750 grams). The ended up making a T-shaped incision on my uterus so I will never be allowed to labor due to an increased risk of uterine rupture. I also have to wait 18 months before getting pregnant again and my C-section with my next baby will likely be scheduled at 36-37 weeks.

I was very excited to hear Jackson’s first cry. I feel like I have been waiting for this for almost two years because my angel baby, Jasmine, was born with a blood clot in her lungs. She was born at 37 weeks by emergency C-section and then lived for 14 days in the NICU before she passed away. I now feel like I don’t have empty arms any more. I am very grateful to God for giving me Jackson. Here are some pictures.

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Kaiden's Birth Story/Pics

i posted a shorter version of this a few days's the longer one! i didn't see this thread...

I can't believe it's been almost a week...this time last week I was spending my last day ever being pregnant and getting ready for Kaiden's arrival...little did I know today I wouldn't be up and "running" around like I thought I would be! this pregnancy has been so different from my other 2-and several times toward the end I had a feeling i would end up w/a c-section...i don't know if i was just saying that in case i did or what...but here is how it happened!

We got to the hospital tuesday morning at 630-i was settled in my room by 7 and got my IV for the fluids-it took her 4 times to find a vein that would hold it. that was not fun. The dr came in around 730 and checked me-he was nice enough to give me a fingertip dilation...i think he was being generous. They started the pitocin and within 30 minutes i was having contractions. they weren't too bad but some of them lasted a long time. i thought for sure i would be progressing by now so i asked the nurse how long she thought the epidural would last and she said through delivery-i've always heard of them wearing off and people saying they got it too early (never in my case before but i wanted to be sure) i decided to go ahead and get it early. she said i needed some more fluids first and then she would call for it. so i went to the bathroom one last time since i knew i wouldn't be able to get up once it was in-i stood up and felt my water break! (8:55am) it never broke w/my other 2 so that was quite the feeling for me. my hubby went and got the nurse and she checked me and boy did that hurt-i came off the bed screaming. i was still at 1 cm. so much for progress! I got my epidural-it wasn't too bad. within minutes i couldn't feel a thing and was having some really good contractions-my husband was amazed i couldn't feel anything. several times i could hear the machine slow down afterwards indication Kaiden's heartrate was dipping-sure enough the nurse came in and made me switch positions. we went through this several times until around 11 she checked me again and saw i was still at 1 cm...she said if his heartrate kept dropping we'd have to talk c-section, but she'd give it a little more time. within 5 minutes she was back and said she was calling the dr. he was there within 15 minutes...since i had already had my epidural, things moved really fast. i thought i was ok with it all, but as soon as they started getting me ready i started shaking so was the worst feeling ever. when they put me on the table they strapped my arms outward-i thought i was going to pass arms locked up and my upper arms felt like i had been lifting weights for days-they hurt so bad. within 15 minutes they said his head was out, then i heard him cry! it was the most wonderful sound in the world! he cried for about 10 minutes-not a screaming cry but a sweet cry...they cleaned him up and brought him so i could kiss him then my hubby went with him to the nursery while i went to recovery for an hour and a half. the nurses were so wonderful...i couldn't have asked for better care.

i finally got to see Kaiden right around 2 pm...he was born at 11:51. the recovery nurse and i joked about how unfair it is we do all the work and are the last to see them! as they were wheeling me back to my room i saw my 2 other boys looking in the nursery window-they ran to my stretcher and kissed me-it was so sweet. they are so proud of him and have been doing so well.

i never knew just how much recovery would hurt but i am starting to feel a little better's all so worth it though. it's hard for an independent person like me to sit back and let my hubby take care of me but he's doing an awesome job.

so that's my little guy's birth story-he's perfect and scored 8 & 9 on his Apgars...he's doing so well eating, pooping and sleeping! i plan to enjoy every minute since he's my last...cherishing him every minute of the day!!!

here's some new pics since coming home:

Jordan w/Kaiden

I love him in dark blue!

He loves his swing!

bottle is bigger than him!

this is the cradle in our room...

chilling out w/daddy

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I completely forgot to post my birth story here.... better late than never right??

"oimiloy" wrote:

We went into the hospital on Sunday the 24th at 3pm to start the cervix ripening gel. I was shown to a delivery room and Sophia was monitored for about half an hour. My obstetrician arrived and explained what would happen. He put the thing up around my cervix which was still high and 1cm dilated. This was quite uncomfortable as it had to go in so far. We decided that I should stay the night at the hospital as my blood pressure was through the roof. After an hour or so it was back to normal. They think that the blood pressure spike was from nerves! Baby was monitored for a further hour.

I was then moved to a nicer delivery room to spend the night there. This was the room I would give birth in.

At about 8.30 that night I started getting quite painful contractions. They were coming every 2 minutes but only lasting about 30 seconds. This was the gel starting to do its thing. I was given some pain meds, heat packs and a sleeping tablet and managed to snooze through the night. Ben went home for the night, we decided that he would sleep better at home and that he’d need it for the next day.

At 7am the next morning my obstetrician showed up to check me over and rupture my membranes. I was anxious as Ben had not arrived yet! My cervix was still very high but it had opened enough for the AROM. I had to be put in stirrups and the OB
did his thing. This was very uncomfortable. I got quite upset and worried from the pain and said “that’s enough now”, he hadn’t even broken them yet! When he finally did I felt like the tides had come out! My doctor got showered with fluid. Once this was done baby was monitored again and I was started on the pitocin drip. Finally Ben arrived! It turned out that there was a huge car accident. It took him 2 hours longer than usual to drive in!!

At about 10 I was contracting well. The contractions were taking my breath away and getting stronger. I wanted pain relief. I was only 3 cm, so we decided to go for the epidural. It went in easily and didn’t hurt nearly as much as the contractions. The problem was that it didn’t work properly. It had removed pain from my left side but intensified it on my right. I was getting very upset and anxious. I kept asking “why is my hip so sore, why is my hip contracting” and had to keep being reassured by everyone that it was ok. Finally they decided to call the anesthetist again. He removed the 1st epidural and put in another one. This did nothing. It was in my back and in the right spot but I had no pain relief. I was so angry. I was contracting hard and was screaming through the contractions. I was offered the gas but all this did was make my head cloudy. I kept trying to say things but couldn’t control my mouth and just mumbled out jumbled sounds. I gave up on the gas and kept on screaming, yelling and crying through the contractions.

It was now the early afternoon. My obstetrician came in again to check me. I was 8 cm dilated! I was having bad contractions that were on top of each other. I couldn’t do anything but yell and scream and cry. My OB said “we will wait another 2 hours, and then we will either deliver or have a cesarean”. I was screaming at him to just give me the section then and there. I couldn’t handle the pain any more. I was doubting myself. I remember saying to Ben “This is why we couldn’t get pregnant, because I can’t deal with the pain and the labour.” I was so upset and so anxious and scared. I was also having huge urges to push. I had to push and I did. But I was still only 8cm, so all this did was put me and baby under stress.

The midwife decided to call the head anesthetist. There was no way I could handle 2 more hours of this torture. He removed the 2nd epidural and inserted a combined epi/spinal anesthetic. The spinal was heaven. Instant relief. I told the anesthetist that he was the most wonderful man on the planet.

2 hours of snoozing through slight cramps, I was 10 cm!!! Baby had finally engaged and my obstetrician was ready to give delivery a go! I was put in stirrups again. I could feel pressure but no pain. I could feel the ob putting the forceps around baby and giving her a pull as I was instructed to push. I had an episiotomy as I started to tear. Again I could feel this being done, but I didn’t feel pain. Mum and Ben were shouting “I can see her I can see her, she’s coming!” 3 contractions later I felt a massive release of pressure and heard my daughter cry.

Ben cut the cord and Sophia was put on my belly. I was crying with joy. I couldn’t contain myself. I let the tears flow and started to get to know my daughter. I had a retained placenta. My ob sat there for a good hour controlling my bleeding. My placenta was delivered complete and I avoided surgery.

Sophia is perfect. She was born at 4.48pm on the 25th February 2008. She weighed 4.4kg (9lb 12) and was 54.5 cm long. Her head circumference was 36 cm. She was seen by a pediatrician an hour or so after her birth as she was a forceps delivery. She had a slight red mark on her face from the forceps. This disappeared over the next day or so. As did my voice from all the screaming!

I was so tired. I had my family visit and Ben’s family visit. I was feeding Sophia for the first time and fell asleep. I couldn’t hold myself anymore. We have photos of this, I think they capture the moment really well. I had lost a lot of blood and had to be taken to my room in a wheel chair. I slept so well that night.

After a hard labour our precious daughter Sophia is here. She is the most perfect thing. I can’t imagine life without her.

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I can't believe I get to write this..


For a few weeks I have been having a feeling that I would be getting my baby early, nothing that was actually making me feelings true but just a feeling.

As it got closer to the 39 week mark I told EVERYONE I will have this baby on Monday.

Sunday came and I knew in the morning something might happen. I had the worse back ache and the baby had been very quiet. DH went to work as normal telling baby that he would like it to come out now so we could all meet it.

I went to the loo about 8 and found my mucus plug had come out. I got VERY excited knowing that something could happen any day. I went to bed and started having really mild contrations. At midnight DH came in from work and I told him not to be excited but I was having mild contractions. He just got into bed and I felt a strange wriggle from inside me then a pop and my waters had broken!! DH jumped out of bed and found me a towel and I called the hospital. I was told to come in when I was having contractions every 3 mins lasting for 1 min.

After an hour of timing we phoned my FIL who picked us up and off we went to the hospital. We got there at around 2am. I got changed into my nightie and was checked by the midwife. She confirmed that my waters had broken and I was 2cm dilated, although only on one side of my cervix.

I got out the gas and air and for about 3 hours laboured well. I was checked again at 5am and I was 4cm dilated but still only on one side. I decided I wanted some pain relif and chose Diomorphine. It made me very sleepy and I couldn't feel any contractions. I was told to lie on my right side so my cervix could open more one the closed side and I had a nap while this was going on.

At around 11am I was checked again and I was 7cm. By now my pain meds had worn off and I wanted some more. I was given a new dose and relaxed again.

at around 2pm I was starting to feel I wanted to push but kept being told not to as I was only 9cm. At 3pm I was 10cm and was told to start pushing. I could not get comfortable and I was in a lot of pain. I started to loose my contractions at around 4.30pm and I didn't want to cary on, but the head was stuck and there were a lot of Drs and midwives in the room. Both me and baby were very tired and I didn't have a contraction for 20mins.

at 4.53 I got 3 contractions on top of each other and my baby flew out like a cannon ball with no one there to catch!! Everyone thought there was a big problem with me as he came out so quick so DH didn't get to cut the cord. My baby was passed to me very quickley and covered over. Then after a few moments to compse ourselves I looked and saw I had a baby boy!

I had a 3a tare which apparently is the best kind to get (I would think no tare would be better :eek:) and was rushed off to be stitched up and DH was left alone with his new baby boy.

Alexander James
8th December 2008

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Birth Epic: The Coming of the Kai-Monster

** Please excuse the profanity used in this story... Wink **

Kai Adrian (boy)
Born via emergency c-section
4th of June 2009 at 7:03pm
8lb 2oz
51cms long with big feet and big hands like his dad.

I was nervous as hell – I didn’t want to be induced, the idea of it frightened me. I’d heard inductions were often more painful than spontaneous labours – labour is painful enough, why make it more painful?? At the same time, I was excited that finally, things were going to start happening! I was seriously over pregnancy by now, being a full week over due – and I was still struggling to believe nothing had really happened as of yet. I thought I was going to go early, my mother in law talked of nothing else!

So, the night before my induction, I was fluttering around the house in a state of anxiety, putting things away, tidying, cleaning, wiping, longing to use the vacuum cleaner (Adrian was asleep – the bum! Who can sleep at a time like this?)... I ended up waking Adrian up at 5am simply because I couldn’t handle him still being asleep when there was so much to do before we left for Murray Bridge later that morning. I made him vacuum and do the dishes while I showered and got dressed. I put those last minute items together for my hospital bag (which had been packed for weeks but never actually needed before now), and finally started to relax once there was some illusion of order to the house to still my anxious hands. Adrian made me a lovely breakfast (my last breakfast) of baked beans on toast with a couple of poached eggs on top (by request :oD), which I devoured in record time. I even said to Adrian afterwards “I could so go another plate full”, to which he called me a piggy. I was feeling rather piggy, myself. Thinking back on it now, I’m wondering if my body knew in advance what sort of a journey I was about to start on, and that it would need copious amounts of energy in order to cope. I think now if I hadn’t had such a hearty breakfast, I might not have coped as well as I did.

By now it was around 8:30am and we weren’t due to leave Pinnaroo until 10am – so Adrian suggested I go have a lie down for a bit since I’d probably need my energy later. I was finally tired enough to agree, so off I went to bed, telling Adrian to make sure I don’t sleep past 9:30 as I still had to put some stuff into my hospital bag. I managed to sleep solidly (like the dead) until about 9:28am when suddenly I was started awake by a pretty intense and quite painful contraction, coupled with an incredible urge to ... do a poo. That’s the nicest way I can put it. I remember thinking “Kai, if you ruin my plans for today, you’re dead!” while waiting for the contraction to finish. It lasted about a minute before tapering down into Braxton Hicks, then I scrambled out of bed to start waddling towards the loo. I was about halfway through the lounge room when my water broke. Initially I thought I’d peed myself – there was so much pressure going on down there, who knew, really! But as I kept walking, the fluid kept gushing – it became obvious my water had really, truly broken this time. So, I rushed to the toilet (cos I really needed to go!), waddling really badly now as it felt awful to have fluid gushing out of me continuously. I did my business, quietly cursing Kai for ruining my hair plans for the day. I guess it was lucky I hadn’t made an appointment in advance. As calmly as I could, I told Adrian what had happened and how we needed to get going now. There was no need to tell him twice, he set about packing up my things and loading up the car. I put on a pad, did those final tasks that needed to be done, and rushed out the door.

We were well on our way by 10am.

By this time I was getting contractions every 15 or so minutes. They were a little uncomfortable, but easy enough to cope with. Adrian and I joked about it all the way to the hospital.

When we finally arrived at the hospital, we were greeted by a midwife who took us into a birthing room for an internal examination. We were all a bit doubtful that much had happened as my discomfort was minimal and the contractions were irregular. My internal (which was pleasant in comparison to evil Dr. Butler’s (Butcher!) internal) revealed I was one finger width dilated and 75% effaced. So, my body had been up to something, after all. Noice. But, since it was apparently that nothing else was really going on, we were allowed out on Day Pass (we would have got sent home if we’d lived in Murray Bridge), so we could have a bit of fun at the mall and try to chillax.

Got back to the hospital at around 3pm (roughly) feeling really achy and tired. I’d been dashing to the toilet constantly all day, and had quite nasty diarrhea to boot. Lovely. I had a thought that I’d try and have a bit of a sleep since I’d had hardly any, and lay down on my bed while Adrian lay on his reading a booby mag... bit inappropriate if you ask me. Pfft. Men. Can’t live with them, tie them up in fishing line and still expect them to do the dishes... contrary beasts, aren’t they??

I’d been getting contractions all day, and it seemed all the pain was in my back, so it didn’t take me long before Adrian was put on back rubbing duty.

A new midwife (Pat) came in at around 6pm for her night shift, and hooked me up to the heart rate monitor. All was going well; baby’s heart rate was looking good, although there were some minor concerns relating to how it slowed down during contractions. Wasn’t too big a deal, though – it seemed to recover quickly enough. I had the heart rate thingy on for what felt like forever, and it sucked that when I got a contraction, I couldn’t stand or have Adrian rub my back. Over time, I really grew to loathe that bloody contraption – although, in reality, it probably saved my baby’s life.

Sometime later in the night, the contractions had really started to ramp up. By this time I was constantly going to the toilet (I’d actually started to blame that on the baked beans), and since I had the monitor off by this time, I was standing at the edge of the bed, swaying my hips while Adrian rubbed my lower back with the heel of his hand. They were getting seriously painful, and they were all in my lower back! I have no idea of time during most of this, but I know I got very little sleep. Adrian was exhausted himself, but was soooo supportive – he came and got into my bed with me and cuddled me in between contractions – it really helped me to get that little bit of sleep I needed to get through it all. By now, though, I could not lie on my back/side during a contraction. I found the best way to deal with them was by getting up onto my knees and resting my head on the top of the bed (the bed was propped up almost the whole way) and swaying my hips while Adrian rubbed my back. They were getting very painful and I’d long since stopped joking about Kai just needing a deadline to get motivated. As far as I was concerned, this was the real deal.

At some stage in the early hours, Adrian and I gave up on sleep completely. The contractions were too painful and too close together – I’d started to have to vocalise my pain (although at this stage it was only saying “**** **** **** **** **** ****” etc under my breath as opposed to much later... yes, I turned feral. It was only fair, considering). As Pat left at the end of her shift, I asked if I could get something to eat (I was famished!), but she told me I shouldn’t eat anything “just in case...” I remember thinking “**** off! I’m hungry!” I decided I did not like Pat. She kept calling my contractions “niggles”. *****. They were NOT niggles, and I resented them being labelled as such! She also seemed to know something I didn’t (turned out she did, later on), and that made me dislike her more. The new midwife came on – Kate. She was really bubbly and friendly, but at the same time condescending and patronising. By this time I was very vocal through my contractions, and they had ramped up to the point that I was very unhappy. Kate seemed to disregard my pain by insinuating that this was probably still only early labour, and since I could still talk/focus and was aware of what was going on around me, then there was still so much more pain to come! I knew at the time she was probably right, but I was so miserable by then I burst into bitter tears and called her several names I shouldn’t have under my breath. She brought me a bean bag to labour over on the bed, and suggested I try out the shower. Half an hour later, I was beyond bean bag and was ready for the shower.

Oh. My. God. The shower! Liquid bliss it was, and I stayed in there for aaaaaaaages! I felt so guilty about wasting the water (and Adrian must have too, as he kept asking me if I was ready to get out), but at the same time I now wondered how I would ever get out! Kate later reassured us that women in labour are entitled to long showers, especially after all the pain we go through. I was to stay there as long as I wanted. Eventually, though, I did feel obligated enough to get out. And by this time Dr. Altman was ready to check me out to see how far I’d come.

I’d said to Adrian I’d be happy with 4-5 cms. As long as I was halfway there, all would be well. When Dr. Altman revealed I was only 2-3 cms dilated, but fully effaced, I was devastated! How was I supposed to get through the rest of the labour if it had only just started?? I had my heart set on a drug-free labour, but it seemed less and less likely the longer things went on. I was also hoping to avoid any interference from the doctor/midwives, but instead had made it necessary. The synctopin drip was put in and that bloody heart rate beast was strapped back on. Arse.

That’s when it all started to get really interesting. Well. Maybe not so much interesting as more freaking painful for me! I was told the drip would make the contractions more regular and more effective. I was also told they would become more intense. Ha, no ****ing kidding – I turned from only swearing under my breath when it was just me and Adrian to swearing like a trooper in full voice (although apologising frequently – I usually have marvellous manners). Apparently the midwives were all gathered outside, snickering to themselves. Those bastards, how dare they laugh at my pain??!

By the time the drip was well and truly under way, so were the contractions. Adrian kept asking me did I want my back rubbed? I didn’t know. Did I want a cold flannel? I didn’t know. It seemed by this point I didn’t know much at all – except that I wanted off that bloody heart rate monitor! I really wanted to be able to move around, and I really REALLY wanted the wonderful shower! Eventually, with persistent whinging (and some tears), I was allowed off the monitor and into the shower. Well. It was pleasant for the most part... but it was hardly the miracle cure it was earlier. We tried the bath after that – I found it made me too hot and even with the combined use of the shower hose, I was clawing the sides of the bath in agony. Before too long, they wanted me back on that evil demon heart rate monitor, although this time they let me be on all fours on the bed with a bean bag to lean against. But not for long, as apparently Kai did not like that position, and the heart rate monitor told them as much. Typical. Back on my back for me. Yay.

By now I’d been on the drip for a couple of hours, and it was evident that it was definitely working (I was stark raving mad with pain). They decided to do another internal to see how far I’d come – we’d gone from 2-3cms dilated to 5-6cms in only a few hours. I was so gutted though – I really wanted it to be over already, and to only be half way... !! So far I hadn’t asked for drugs (and was the subject of much praise because of this – apparently I was “amazing” or whatever. Truth was, it just wasn’t in me to ask. I was too busy dealing with the pain to think of anything else!), but I knew if I was only half way and it was going to get worse before it got better... I’d probably be begging before too long. As it was, Adrian was constantly asking me if I wanted drugs – which infuriated me! If I wanted them, I’d ask! I felt like he just wanted me to shut up – unreasonable of me, I know, but pregnancy and reason aren’t exactly on friendly terms, are they?

I’m not sure if they turned up the drip or left it as is – by now my memory of things gets very hazy. I remember lots of pain, lots of screaming, swearing, crying and telling Adrian to “**** off” numerous times. Apparently I also grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and pulled him down to my level – I don’t remember this at all. I remember cups of crushed ice which Adrian fed to me by the spoon full after every contraction – it was kind of like a reward for getting through it. I remember being told to moan low, and not being able to do anything but scream for the first few seconds of each contraction. I remember bawling my eyes out, saying I couldn’t do it anymore (like I had the choice!), and screaming at Adrian to “shut the **** up!” because he asked me if I wanted gas... or was it ice he offered? I screamed at him quite a lot. I also apologised to him quite a lot. Poor bugger, it must have been so hard to him to feel so helpless.

I felt like I was going insane with the pain. The contractions never seemed to end – just when one would finish, another would start, and they just kept coming... and coming... and coming. They gave me oxygen at some point, and the smell of the mask made me feel sick. I didn’t want it, but Adrian said that it was for the baby, the baby needed it... which was one of the first real indicators that something wasn’t going right. I’d been too wrapped up in dealing with my pain to notice the growing worried expressions on the midwives’ faces as they watched the monitor, but now because of the oxygen, I suddenly noticed. Something was definitely not right.

They eventually gave me some drug like pethidine but not... fenegrene? Something starting with f, anyway. Same effect as pethidine, only without the after affects on the baby. It really helped me to relax, and even enabled me to sleep between contractions. The pain became more manageable, now – and I could moan rather than scream, always a good thing!

It was around this time (or maybe it was a bit later?) that Dr. Altman finally showed up. Yet another internal was done, and I was told I was fully dilated, but there was still a lip of cervix in the way. The midwife – who, by the way, had morphed from Kate to Lisa as Kate’s shift was over – felt confident that I could push through the lip, anyway – she said it was pliant enough to move out of the way as the head came through. So finally – FINALLY!!! I was allowed to push! So, the very next contraction I had, I started to push... I thought I’d get more attention than I did (that movie image of the doctor between the legs telling me to breath, a midwife/nurse either leg... that kind of thing, you know?), but they were all gathered around that stupid heart rate monstrosity. I felt like going “Oi! Um... having a baby here??? Helloooo???”, but thought maybe this was how it goes in the real world. Next contraction, I pushed again. Harder, this time. I started to feel something shifting inside, yet still they weren’t paying attention to me at all. It was then that I realised they were all murmuring and muttering over the monitor and looking agitated. Dr. Altman then appeared before me, saying something about a vontuse... I froze, and said “But doesn’t having a vontuse mean I’ll get an episiotomy?” – that REALLY freaked me out. I was interrupted by a contraction, and so decided I’d prove to them I could get the baby out on my own, and pushed as hard as I could... I remember hearing the heart rate monitor going really quiet, and suddenly the room erupted into activity, and I was being told by Dr. Altman that my little baby was too tired to go through being born, and would have to come out via emergency caesarean.... I felt like the whole world suddenly caved in. This was the one thing (other than losing my baby) I dreaded happening – and here it was, it was really happening! I didn’t argue, as it wasn’t just the doctor who looked concerned, but the midwives also. I knew this was a serious matter, and although I was terrified of the procedure, I was also really terrified for the baby, too.

They wheeled me through dark hallways I hadn’t seen before, and I was aware suddenly of how late it was. Adrian was right beside me holding my hand, yet I couldn’t stop crying and moaning “No no, not a c-section!” The contractions didn’t stop just because the baby wouldn’t be born naturally – oh no, they wouldn’t be so courteous. I was still in agony – worse, the shock of having all this crashing down on me seemed to take away the effects of the drug I was given, and I was back into that shrieking, mind-blowing pain again. I was taken into a massive room filled with... stuff that looked scary. And people who looked scary. In fact, the whole thing was scary – it was all noise and motion, people asking me strange questions, being told to drink horrid tasting things, being told to sit here, do this, do that... The whole situation had taken on a nightmarish tone of slightly ill green, and I felt like I really had gone mad! I was told to sit up on the bed I was on, and to lean forward so the anaesthetist could administer the numbing stuff before he put in the epidural. I was told I would feel a small “prick”... it was not small, not halfway through a contraction! I remember screaming, it hurt so bad! And then when they put in the epidural, I remember screaming “I can feel it!! I can feel it!!” over and over. Apparently that was MY fault, as one of the nurses (who had a face that had seen the back of a shovel blade one too many times, I might add) rudely jerked me downwards and told me if I’d sat far enough forward last time, they wouldn’t have to do it again this time! What a nasty *****! So, she’s jerking me downwards onto my very pregnant belly, while telling me to “push my spine out” so the druggy dude could stick me with his numerous needles, meanwhile I’m contracting like a ***** and screaming in pain... I could have quite happily kicked her in the face, and may have if I’d been able to use my brain for anything other than shrieking. Seriously, if you’ve got a crap people skills, probably not a good idea to work in a hospital. Cos, you kinda have to deal with people – it’s in the job description! Also, if you’re lacking in compassion, same deal! Stupid *****.

Epidural finally in, I was moved from my labouring bed onto a surgical gurney. I remember asking the Anaesthetist “does this mean I won’t feel the contractions anymore?” and being told that no, I wouldn’t feel them anymore. That gave me a huge wave of relief – if I had to go through this surgery, at least I was released from pain. The evil witch nurse and her evil companion (don’t actually know if she was evil, it just sounds more dramatic if they both are) started ramming these white stocking things onto my legs. Witch woman is snapping at me “push! Push against them!” which is interesting – I mean, I’ve just had an epidural put in, how much pushing does she think I can do? I’ve also had 30+ hours of labour... I should have just kicked her in the face; it would have been easy enough to do – could just blame it on the epidural, of course! What a horrid cow.
Once the epidural kicked in, suddenly things felt less nightmarish and more comical. I was lying basically naked in a room full of strangers, these weird white stockings on my legs and both my arms spread out – I was a big naked star fish in the centre of chaos. Things progressed quite quickly from there – which is probably good considering what we found out afterwards.

Adrian sat by my head white they were operating on me. I asked him if he wanted to watch them do it – he didn’t. I don’t blame him. It felt so bizarre when they were pulling Kai out of me – I could feel what they were doing, but felt no pain. And Kai must have really been jammed in there – my whole body was being jerked up and down while they struggled to get him out!

Sometime after the tugging, we hear this pathetic little “urrghahhh!” noise and we’re told he’s out! They confirm he is indeed a boy and tell us he is a big baby with huge hands and huge feet. We’re also told he’s a bit battered, and that his head is seriously cone-shaped. Poor wee bugger, he really did try to come out naturally for me! It’s a couple of minutes before we see him, but they bring him to me on the way to the little baby bench place (where they give them a bit of oxygen and whatever). I’m ashamed to say it, but my very first reaction was “Ew!” – he was all covered in goo, and in their rush to get him to the bench, they kind of squished him against my face, so I got goo on me as well. I saw his peeling skin (from being “over cooked”), and how monstrous his feet were. They rushed him off again, but I could see him at the bench as they worked on him. I could hear his cry as they did whatever they did, and that’s when the love started. It was always there, really – I think I just needed time to adjust to it. I started to tear up, and as I turned to Adrian I said “We’re parents!” – and noticed he was crying, too. It made me love him all the more for it. My wonderful sensitive man-beasty! :o) I’m a very, very, VERY lucky woman.

Adrian took Kai while Dr. Altman stitched me up. I could see the love all over Adrian’s face, and it was a beautiful moment for them. Dr. Altman told us how happy he was he decided to go with a caesarean section, as Kai’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck – which was why he went into distress every time I had a contraction. It wasn’t until a few days down the track when Kate finally had a shift again that I found out the full story – Kate was awesome, she took it upon herself to go through my records and find out exactly what happened so she could explain it to me. No one else had done that, and while I was satisfied for the reasons behind my c-section, I was grateful to know the full story. Apparently, from the get go Kai was facing the wrong way. Instead of facing my back like babies are supposed to before they come into the world, Kai was facing my tummy – which is why my labour was so long and so incredibly painful. Yes, I got the dreaded back labour. Yay me. This is also why Kai got so tired – it required so much more work for him to get into the birth canal and get himself facing the right way, AND he had his cord around his neck. Or so we thought – as it turns out, the cord wasn’t just around his neck; it was also around his shoulder. So, while these days women can quite safely give birth to babies with cords around their necks (the attending midwife/obstetrician can just loop it over as the baby comes out), Kai having the cord around his shoulder also presented an entirely new set of circumstances. So, a c-section was the only way to get him out safely. And Pat, the smarmy midwife who wouldn’t let me have breakfast totally picked it. Pfft. *****. Ah well. As Kate pointed out – having an emergency c-section is not the worst that can happen. The worst that can happen is losing your baby. It’s scary to think how close I could have been to losing mine.

So, all’s well that ends well. Before seeing Kai, this experience was the single most terrifying, most agonisingly painful event of my life. But now, it’s also the most wonderful and life changing, too. As it should be! That being said, I don’t think I could even contemplate another child for at least two years, if not more! No thank you!!

I love my little Kai-Monster more than I could ever express in words. It really was all worth it.

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Emelia Bess

Hi ladies. Sorry this is late in being posted, but we welcomed Emelia Bess on March 10, 2009 via planned c-section. It was uneventful and fabulous. Everything I wanted it to be. We are in love with our beautiful girl and she has mended our hearts. She also looks a lot like her big brother.


and now.

and a smile just because.

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fast and furious birth story
Friday, July 10
BPP and growth scan - everything looks healthy. Jordan seems to be right on track in the 50%tile, estimated weight 7.5 lbs. Doctor didn't think I would have him this weekend
Saturday, July 11
My mom flies in from Germany. My biggest fear was that I would go into labor befor she arrives and I was worried about the babysitter situation for Renee. But everything went well and Renee and Oma got along from the first minute on
Sunday, July 12
The whole family went to the pool in the morning. It was a beautiful and hot day and the cool water felt so good on my 39 week belly and back. We spent a couple of hours there and came back home pretty relaxed. Came back home, all took naps and showers and baths and we decided to go out for dinner that evening. We went to Golden Corral and of course I ate way too much.
Back home we took Renee to bed, watched the rest of a rented movie and went to bed early. DH thought it would be a good idea to do some nipple stimulation. At 10:40 pm, about a half hour in the game, I had felt about 3-4 contractions, I feel that weird "popp" inside of me and a gush of liquid runs out of me. I tell DH "babe, I think my water just broke" and he's like "you're joking, right?". Both in total disbelive. I thought, that can't be it. They all told me that I have lots of water and that really just felt like 2 hand full. So I decide to go to the bathroom and sit down on the toilet for a while. Sitting there I feel more running out, but really not a lot. But I feel some contractions starting. I get and start walking around a little bit because I had a leg cramp and during this walk I feel more and more water running out. By then I was sure, my waters had broke. DH called our doula and she told us to slowly get ready to go to the hospital and time the contrax and she would meet us there in an hour. I woke up my mom and told her what to do with Renee in the morning and wrote her a big whole list with stuff. I was just so worried she wouldn't know what to do since she just had arrived and basicly did not even know yet where everything was at. I took a quick shower. Ray was bugging me the whole time to tell him when contractions start, stopped and how long and hard they were. It was so surreal, I didn't really pay that much attention to the whole contraction thing and forgot to tell him quiet often. By 11:45 pm we were in the car and on the road to Chapel Hill. My contractions were about 3 min apart and lasted 30-70 sec. They didn't hurt alot, just were unfomy. I was talking and laughing through them and told Ray, if I would stop talking through them he would know that it got bad. On the bumpy road to the hospital I felt a few stronger contrax but still in the same time frame. Came to the hospital, met Grace (doula), got admitted and settled into the triage room at midnight.
Monday, July 13
The nurse there took all my data, put in an IV lock and an annoying medical student asked me tons of annoying questions. I couldn't care less, it all still felt very unreal to me. A resident doctor checked me and I was at a 3 cm. She then checked me if I had broken my water. that was the funniest for me. I thought that woman must have been out of her mind. What else did she know was all that stuff I was leaking around. We all (nurse, doula, DH and I) had quiet a laugh about it. So she "confirmed" I had my water broken and was good to be sent to an L&D room, DUH!!!! In the L&D room while nurse Lisa tried to hook me up to the wireless monitors, Ray asked me how I felt and if it was ok if he would go out for a quick smoke. It was 2 am and I didn't feel much different then the whole time, so I let him go and just told him not to take to long. I went to the bathroom, joked around with Grace and had another annoying and hurtful cramp in my right leg which I walked off in circles in my room. The cramp in my leg went away or I just couldn't feel it anymore because all of a sudden I was hit by a contraction that was NOT funny or annoying anymore but painful. Ray came back the same moment. Grace suggested to keep standing and leaning on Ray in kind of a slow dance position while she stood behind me massaging my back and cooling me off with a cold wet towel. Now things really got nasty. The doc on call came in and it happend to be one of my primary providers, Doc Ewers. We joked a little around that he would most likely again not be there for the delivery since his shift would be over at 7 am and it was already something like quarter to 3. So he left the room, me still standing there trying to get over the contrax when they got worse and worse every minute. I started screaming, swearing, cursing and threatening people. I wanted an epidural, IMMEDIATELY and got really mad at my doula for telling me I could do without. I guess at that point thet realized I was serious. I wanted to lay down on my side. Nurse Lisa had to adjust the monitors because she kept loosing Jordan's heartbeat because of all my moving around. The resident had checked me and had said I was at a 6 cm. The anestaesiologist came in and irritaded me with stupid questions. Lisa had already some pain meds ready to put into my IV and they asked me if I wanted those or the epi. This question was so hilarious to me - of course I wanted both, what a question. Lisa told me they would make me a little loopy. I didn't care. The anestaesiologist kept asking me questions and I almost didn't hear her because I was drifting away just to be present during my contrax. All of a sudden I felt this huge urge to push and I actually couldn't even stop myself from pushing through this contraction. I told them about it the same time Ray noticed that more water came shooting out of me. Lisa pushed the anesteasiologist out of her way and called the resident to check me again and sure enough I had gone from 6 to 9 in 5 min!!!!!!!! Everybody got into a rush now, calling Doc Ewers, breaking down the bed, trying to convince me not to push (yeah, right!). Doc comes in, jokes around about how I couldn't wait until his shift was over, looks at me and gets serious. He tells me real quick what would be going on in the next minutes. He suggests a numbing medication he would directly inject into the vagina to help relax everything, apparently something they do quiet often for VBACs. I kinda heart all of that just in a blur, like I was hypnotized or dreaming , just not really there. Him and Grace directed me through the next couple of contractions by counting for me and telling me how to push. He told how he already sees Jordans head and that it would take me just a few pushes to deliver the head and then he would want to have my legs held up by Ray and Grace so he could turn the baby to deliver the rest of him. The head came out with the next push, my legs were held up and Jordan came flying out with the next push like a torpedo right into Doc Ewers chest. I had a second degree tear
Jordan was born on 4:05 am. Weight 7.8 lbs, 19 3/4 inches and a head full of black hair. Apgar 8/9. Total time of labor from breaking of water to delivery: 6hours and 20 min
Jordan was placed on my belly and Ray got to cut the cord. He stayed on me for the next half hour and then was just taken over to the scale and back to me. I nursed him already for a good hour and he was all alert. He went for his bath and assessment after 2 hours when I was transfered from L&D to my hospital room and was back with me as soon as I got settled in there.
I left him for a few hours in the nursery to get a good snooze (as good as you can get in a hospital were every 15 min somebody peaks his/her head into the door). We left the hospital on Tuesday around lunch time.


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Belated birth story...

Eleanor Grace
1:47 am

Our little girl's arrival was a total surprise - I really thought I'd be pregnant at least a few more weeks. On that assumption, I started staining a dresser for the nursery and made plans for the weekend to order bedding and pick up the the car seat, crib, hand-me-downs, etc. from my in-laws... and then my water broke that Friday morning!

My water broke pretty spectacularly - I had a lovely gush while sitting on the toilet, another on the way to the hospital, and then it felt like I just leaked the whole walk from admissions to L&D - I swear my pants were wet down past my knees!

Since my water had broken and I was having mild contractions 4-5 min apart, L&D decided to keep us. Unfortunately, my contractions stayed mild and I wasn't progressing very well, so they started Pitocin to get things moving.

At first it wasn't so bad... it just felt like menstrual or gas cramps in my lower back and hips. After two hours of steadily increasing amounts of the Pitocin, though, the contractions started to HURT. (According to DH, I went from very calm and joking around to 'Holy $#!& I want my epidural NOW!' in about 4.5 seconds.)

Sadly, I hadn't progressed nearly enough for that and had to settle for going to my happy place for a few hours. I don't really remember about that part...I was in a zone and tuned just about everything out. I think I sent DH out for dinner while I discussed what kind of cabinets we wanted for our kitchen renovation with my MIL , but I'm not too sure.

I do remember the relief when I finally got the epidural, though. It let me relax enough to nap while I finished dilating. The doctors kept me on my left side almost the whole time - the baby's heart rate kept dropping otherwise - so the epidural ended up wearing off on that side by the time I was ready to push. I wasn't too happy about that, but it did at least let me feel when to push.

Pushing was fun. It didn't hurt nearly as much as all the waiting - and I finally felt like I was doing something. DH was great - he held one of my legs and kept up a very detailed commentary while cheering me on. He thought watching her come out and cutting the cord was the coolest thing ever. (I don't know why that surprised me...he did ask to see my hemorrhoid after I complained about having one. Men. )

The only thing I really disliked was the monitoring - for some reason it didn't pick up all of my contractions, so the doctor only had me pushing half the time. I got fed up with that and just did my own thing. It was much more effective - she crowned and then shot right out about five minutes later . I did end up with some tearing, but it was my own fault for getting impatient and going too fast.

I got to hold her for a bit while they delivered the placenta, then DH wouldn't put her down. The nurse had to chase him around the bed a few times to get her measurements. She was perfect - we were worried about her being early, but everything was just fine. Honestly, I think she handled things better than I did .

It still doesn't feel quite real yet - I can't believe she's mine and I get to keep her. She has my eyes and hair and DH's chin dimple...and the cutest little nose. It's very small and straight, and when she latches on or snuffles, she twitches it just like a little bunny. (I've taken to calling her baby bunny and silly rabbit when she makes the face at me.)

She's also a drama queen already - she'll go from pitching a fit to posing for pictures the minute a flashbulb goes off. And she'll hold the pose for a few snaps, too.


brand new!

getting cleaned-up - look at those lips!

and more recently...

Some fun birth trivia:

DH took the wrong exit on the way to the hospital (we've lived in the area all our lives, been there multiple times, and his dad has been fixing the elevators there for at least the last 20 years).

My water broke on my grandmother's 82nd birthday (8-7-09). Ellsabunny was only 1 hour and 47 minutes too late to be a birthday present.

Because they waited till after midnight to deliver her, Ellsabunny was technically full-term according to their dates. (She was able to skip the NICU or any extra monitoring since she was officially 'full term'.)

Jan, the best labor and delivery nurse ever, is a fellow knitter and after we got to chatting, we realized we both patronize the same local yarn shop.

DH read Twilight the entire time I was in labor...I didn't mind since it kept him occupied, but he did keep trying to discuss it with me in between contractions. He now wants to watch the movie again.

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Calvin's Birth Story ~ Mary (marymoonu)

Calvin Michael's Birth Story
February 28th, 2011 - 7:39PM
Weight: 6 Pounds 8.4 Ounces
Length: 18 Inches
Head circumference: 13.25 Inches

L&D Nurses:

PP Nurses:
Linda (another one)

Monday, February 28th, 2011 at 9am was my OB appointment for 37 weeks, 5 days. My blood pressure was great for the third week in a row after being high or borderline high at all of my prenatal appointments. The doctor had been talking about inducing at 37 weeks based on the BP's, but decided that it probably wasn't necessary afterall. He informed me that he would be out of town the following week and that we could induce before then if I wanted to, or wait for natural labor and potentially have one of the partners deliver the baby. That was all under the assumption that my fluid levels were still okay. We had been keeping an eye on them because they were borderline low. That day, he did an ultrasound himself and found the fluid was too low. Two of the four pockets of fluid were totally empty and one measured 3.8cm. The fourth he said technically should be considered empty also, but he might be able to count a small amount of fluid there. Regardless, it wasn't enough to put me into the "safe zone" because my fluid only measured 4cm, tops. They induce under 5. He told us we were going to be meeting our baby that day and to head to the hospital.

I hadn't eaten anything yet that day and I knew they wouldn't let me eat, so we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for a breakfast sandwich. I didn't feel hungry, but needed my strength.
Tom dropped me off at the hospital while he and Sean went home to gather some bags, do some last minute cleaning, and wait for the grandparents to come watch Sean.
I went up to L&D and got checked in, then waited several grueling minutes alone in the waiting room until they were ready to take me to my room.

By 11am, we were getting started. I had already changed into my gown and gotten into bed to be checked out on the monitor. They had to have a good tracing of the baby on the monitor before they could begin my induction. I was group B strep positive, and my first IV of clindamycin (antibiotic) was started for that at 11am. My cervix wasn't favorable. It was only 1-2cm and was still posterior and pretty thick, so we had to begin with cervical ripening. This was started at 11:15am. They used a foley catheter which was placed in my cervix and inflated, along with low level pictocin (started at 11:20am) to help things along. It made me feel crampy and I found it uncomfortable because part of it hung outside of my body. I couldn't wait to be done with it because it made going to the bathroom difficult.

Then night before, I had been awake all night with nausea and that morning I had battled diarrhea multiple times. When they offered me phenergan for nausea, I jumped on it because I wanted to feel as good as possible for the delivery and the upset stomach was miserable. At this point, my belly was feeling pretty crampy from the foley.

At 2:30pm, the foley finally came out and I was overjoyed to be done with it. My cervix was 3-4cm, but baby was still high at -2 station. The nurse went to find out whether the doctor wanted to crank the pitocin, break my water, or both. The doctor decided on both. The midwife who was working at the hospital that day came to break my water. I had met her before in the midst of all my NST's and she was nice. At 3pm, my water was broken. It was horribly painful because my cervix was still so high and a bit posterior. I had to really breathe through the pain.

After my water was broken, the contractions became a lot more intense. I was still handling them really well and was able to tell Tom exactly what I needed. He helped by rubbing my back and applying pressure to my tailbone region. Although I was doing really well with the labor, I got scared and finally asked for the epidural.

At 5pm, nurse anesthetist Joe came to place the epidural. He and nurse Donna were really awesome during this time. The contractions were pretty intense and I was breathing through them. They both told me repeatedly how great I was doing. I really was doing well and I questioned why I was even getting the epidural, but I was just scared of the pain.
At 5:30pm, I was 5cm dilated and 80% effaced. My blood pressures started to really dip. They got as low as 80's/40's. It scared me, but I felt fine throughout. Nurse Donna and nurse anesthetist Joe were keeping an eye on me. This epidural was way different than the one with Sean. I wasn't in pain at all, but I could still feel contractions and other sensations like touch. With Sean, I was so numb I couldn't feel anything at all and couldn't move my legs at all. This time, I could still move my legs somewhat.

At 6:20pm, I was still 5cm and baby's heart began decelerating. I was scared at this point. Scared for the safety of the baby and scared that I would need a c-section.
His heart rate decelerated every time I had a contraction. The weird part is, mine did too.
Our heart rates were really mimicking each other. The baby and I were one for that moment, for just one last time.

The nurse told me that the reason for the heart decelerations could be that the baby was decending and his head was being compressed by the birth canal. She checked me again at 6:40pm and I had progressed to 6cm and 90% effaced. I was happy to see some progress and also happy that the nurse gave me a possible non-scary explanation for the heart decelerations.

At 7:15pm, I had progressed to 10cm and +1 station. The nurse didn't expect me to move that fast and called Dr. K. She said he gave an overly dramatic "OH NOOOO!" on the phone, afraid he would miss the birth because he likes to be called at 7cm. It took him 10 or 15 minutes to get there, and he rushed in talking about all the traffic violations he made on the way there. I found it very humorous because I just figured he was used to that sort of thing happening, but he was all flustered. Nurse Angela later told me that after the birth, he told her all about how he had such a bad day and I started it all that morning with my low fluid, haha!

As soon as he was ready, I was told I could push with the next contraction. I pushed twice through that contraction and the baby moved down pretty far, so they told me. I couldn't see anything in the mirror yet. I was told to try to push four times through the next contraction. I made it through about three and a half pushes before I tuckered out. But the baby's head had crowned and was almost all the way out. It was apparent that we were going to have a baby with the next contraction. But of course the next contraction took FOREVER to come! We waited and waited, and then finally it began! I pushed twice and we had a baby!

Calvin Michael was placed immediately on my chest at 7:39pm on February 28th, 2011.
I had always remembered being in a totally different world when Sean was born because I pushed for longer, bled a lot, and was just exhausted. I have trouble remembering his first cry, so I wanted to savor this one. Calvin came out looking purple. I knew it was normal until he started crying, but it still made me nervous. It was no time before he started to cry and I just held him and took it all in. I laughed because as soon as he was on my chest, he started peeing on me! The nurse came to me and asked if she could take Calvin to be weighed, measured, and assessed. I thought it seemed quick in comparison to my delivery with Sean, where I got to hold him for a long time before he was taken away. The nurse told me they normally leave baby with mom while the doctor finishes up, but that I hadn't torn a bit, so he had nothing else to do. No stitches! I was overjoyed and in disbelief at the time to have no tears, but I'm even happier about it now because my recovery has been SO much easier. She took Calvin to the warmer for his assessment and Tom went with her to watch and take pictures. I watched from my bed and fell in love. I couldn't believe how tiny he was.

I loved the actual delivery because it just felt so low-key and casual. There were only three people in the room other than me, Tom, and Calvin. Dr. K., nurse Donna, and nurse Angela were the only other people there. It just felt so calm, quiet, laid-back. It was perfect for me. I almost didn't even have nurse Donna there. She was actually supposed to be off for the day at 7pm, but I think they were short-staffed due to a call-off and she stayed extra for the birth. I appreciated her staying because I'd had her as my nurse all day and felt comfortable with her.

Once everyone had cleared the room and we were doing well, it was just the three of us and nurse Angela in there. She told me that if Calvin started acting hungry, to let her know because she'd help me get him to nurse. I had told her about the latching problems with Sean, and so I was nervous for a repeat. To my surprise, he latched on immediately with no problem and we've been going strong ever since. The nurses in the post-partum department were amazed by what a good nurser he was. He wanted to eat every hour, but that was fine with me. I just wanted to nurture my baby the way my body was made to do! I'm so overjoyed to have this experience this time after pumping for so long for Sean.
I would do it again in a heartbeat to feed my baby the food that is best for him, but I love the additional bonding time that I get. It's something special for just the two of us!

Tom and the nurses kept asking when I wanted to invite the rest of the family in. I hesitated to do it and kept putting it off. I loved the bonding time with just the three of us. It was perfect and I wasn't in a hurry to end it. Sometime around 9pm, we finally asked the rest of the family to come in. My parents were the only ones there at the moment because Tom's parents were watching Sean at our house. My mom and dad were in love and amazed by how tiny Calvin was compared to Sean. Tom had thought his mom was in the waiting room also because he hadn't heard her say earlier that she was leaving to go be with Sean. So at this point, his parents didn't even know he was born yet.
Finally my parents left to come stay with Sean so that Tom's parents could come meet the new baby. His mom had already left for the hospital, so Tom's dad was alone with Sean.
When my parents got to my house, my mom stayed with Sean and my dad came back to the hospital with Tom's dad. I was surprised and happy to see my dad show up at the door again with Tom's dad. His face was happy just like a kid at Christmas!

I am so in love! Sean has been curious and excited about the new baby, and I can't wait to watch their relationship grow!

With Mommy:

With Daddy:

DH says it looks like he's kissing his biceps, LOL:

Meeting his big brother for the first time: