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    Grads, you are a source of inspiration to us all. Please share your birth stories and pictures with us in this topic, so we can celebrate with you.


    jorich (Jo) -
    Mommy to William
    DOB: 2006

    Illiana (Jade)
    Mommy to Arianna (Aria)
    DOB: May 23, 2006

    mandie~max (Mandie)
    Mommy to Maxwell David
    DOB:May 9th, 2006

    Abby36 (Abby)
    Mommy to Caleb Charles
    DOB: July 3rd, 2006

    Mommy to DD - DOB: July 7th 2005

    Mommy to Arthur - DOB - January 2007

    Dee7273 (Dee)
    Mommy to Kira
    DOB: July 2006

    mandyn81 (Amanda)
    Mommy to Madeline
    DOB: August 3rd, 2006

    Mommy to Ava Rose
    DOB: September 27th, 2006

    Mommy to Grayden
    DOB: November 3rd, 2006

    Mommy to Cole
    DOB November 2006

    Mommy to Macy Louise
    DOB: November 5th, 2006

    Mommy to Kara Nicole
    DOB: November 11th, 2006

    Mommy to Evan
    DOB: November 20th, 2006

    Topo (Franki)
    Mommy to Dora
    DOB: November 14th, 2006

    Tonieerin (Erin)
    Mommy to Isabella Grace
    DOB: November 22nd, 2006

    gtv072 (Sarah)
    Mommy to Ella-Rose
    DOB: February 2nd, 2007

    lbff (Erin)
    Mommy to Christopher Charles
    DOB: February 16th, 2007

    littleclaire (Claire)
    Mommy to Griffin
    DOB: February 11th, 2007

    Mommy to Jessica Lynn
    DOB: March 1st, 2007

    Mommy to Carson William
    DOB: March 17th, 2007

    aljustine (Justine)
    Mommy to Addison Marie
    DOB: March 12th, 2006

    mom81lea (Leah)
    Mommy to Nathan Robert
    DOB: April 5th, 2007

    annk82 (Ann)
    Mommy to Allison Nicole
    DOB: April 30th, 2007

    Sterre (Abby)
    Mommy to Emma Elisabeth
    DOB: July 13, 2007

    Stephiebuffie (Stephanie)
    Mommy to Averi Elizabeth
    DOB: August 7th, 2007

    JenArbo0603 (Jennifer)
    Mommy to Nolan Ryan
    DOB: August 8th, 2007

    Mommy to Myles Jashaun
    DOB: August 24th, 2007

    frosty's girl (Kelly)
    Mommy to Lucia Raevyn
    DOB: August 27th, 2007

    cuteartsygurl (Kristi)
    Mommy to Gwyneth Hadley
    DOB: September 2nd, 2007

    jenepicam (Jenni)
    Mommy to Louisa
    DOB: Sept 12th, 2007
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    Illiana wrote:
    Ok well lets see.. heres the story..

    I went into the appointment on Monday and the MW called back saying that she thinks that I should have my water broken because of my "history". She didn't want me going over that much. She also thought that I'd go into labor on my own since I'd been having contractions so regularly. Well, honestly I was going to do it. I was pretty close to breaking them myself just to set things off. I was pretty sure that once the water broke I wouldn't have a problem with it but still was a little nervous about it.. scheduled to go in at 7:30 the next morning.

    so, after all this, we took the evening pretty laid back.. kept walking around the block or so because i still did want to go into labor on my own, but was just so frustrated. well we hung out and planned the naming ceremony some. Before turning in around 11pm we DTD since we knew it'd be the last time for a while and then went to sleep.. at 1am I woke up with cramping.. I laid down for a while seeing if they'd go away and then realized that it was contractions.. for about 45 minutes they were pretty regular and hurt like a ...well.. they hurt.. alot.. so i got up for a few minutes and went to the bathroom and decided to go to the hospital.

    Got to the hospital about 20 minutes later and got checked out.. i was definately having contrax and was 5 cm dialated. so we checked in. don't remember much time wise at this point. It was nice though, didn't get offered drugs or anything.. with one of the first few contractions my waters broke but i wasn't really sure if it was that or me "going" i figured it was diarreaha(sp?). after about an hour of contractions they turned off the monitors and let me get into the tub... so nice but i so didn't like the jets they freaked me out!! I was in there for a while and got out because i kept feeling like i needed to push.. so i was only at 8 cm so i was told not to push.. after a number of contractions i really felt like i needed to push.. so i was checked again and i still had a "lip" in the way so the mw suggested that she hold it to the side and that i could push if i needed to.. not really sure what that was supposed to do but it she did and i pushed.. baby crowned twice before she came out. and was born at 5:45 am.. my time sense is all screwed up so time wise i may be off but i definately know that at 1 am i woke up with contractions and at 5:45 am she was born just as dawn was breaking.

    i tore a little and did need some stitches. but that was the worst of it.. no pain meds or anything so I'm proud of myself for being able to do it.. we're doing good with breastfeeding.. took a while to get the hang of it. and some feedings are better than others of course.. shes pretty mellow and as everyone else says i'm just so in love. and now that shes a few days old, she doesn't look quite so alien. That was one odd thing though.. She was covered in vernix when she came out.. The MW said that was the amount of vernix that is usually on premature babies.

    Her naming ceremony was simple. My friends that came down to visit since they were still here and our priest and priestess and their family (mother and children) We're going to do a bigger welcoming with as many friends and family as possible around the full moon.

    Her name is Arianna Morrigan and we'll probably mostly call her Aria.

    May 23, 2006
    5:45 am
    7 lbs 8 oz
    20" long

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    mandie~max wrote:
    I used to be a very active member of this board. When I first discovered I was pg I was so scared I would lose this baby too, and I knew that I just couldnt take loosing another one. So I joined this board. These ladies were so supportive and helped me get through the first six months of my pg with out loosing my mind!!!
    Well, I am very proud to announce that I am now a graduate of this board. I really wondered if I would ever make it to this list, but here I am!!!!!!! Happier than I ever have been in my life!

    Maxwell David entered the world on May 9th, 2006, by cesarian section. He was a breech baby. The dr even tried a version, and he wouldnt turn around for us.
    He is the cutest baby ever (if I do say so myself ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby36
    And its a BOY!!!

    Caleb Charles was born July 3rd, 7:52pm, weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces, 20 1/5 inches. What started out as a normal labor turned into a rather dramatic affair culminating in a c-section using a general anesthesia. Its been a long recovery but I've got my beautiful baby boy who is doing fantastic. Naturally we are smitten! Hope to have a photo and birth story posted soon!

    Hope everyone is doing well!


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    Leanbh wrote:
    I was on the previous grad thread that got pruned.

    My DD was born July 7th 2005, 6lb 8oz.

    Prior to her I had two first trimester m/c and I'm a carrier of a chromosome defect.

    This board got me through my pg with DD and hopefully will get me through this new pg too!

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    Dee7273 wrote:
    Hi Ladies --

    I'm finally feeling a little bit more like myself and I thought while dh is home and Kira is sleeping I would send out a post.

    Needless to say, Monday was a huge surprise and everything happened so fast. I was chuckling to myself yesterday thinking, wow, I still didn't even have my bag packed yet. It was started but that was it.

    Went to bed Sunday night feeling just fine and peachy keen. Having a few minor contraxs but nothing to even think twice about because they were not even close together. At about 3 a.m., I woke up and remember dh was still studying and I told him to call it a night, otherwise he was going to be exhausted on MOnday for work. He came to bed a 1/2 hr later. At about 5:30ish, I got up to make my ritual routine to the bathroom and came back to bed feeling fine. But when I got back into bed, I got this really strong menstrual type cramp and I couldn't get comfy. So I rolled over and OMG I felt this huge pressure and I sat up and realized it was my water breaking. I jumped out of bed and waddled as quickly to the bathroom as possible (TMI -- leaving a trail behind me). As I'm rushing to the bathroom, I slammed the bedroom light on and told dh to wake up, my water broke. And my groggy dh asked back are you sure you didn't just pee your pants. My reply was ---- Ummmm, NO -- very sure because it is draining out of me like the hoover dam. Poor guy only had an hour or so of sleep.

    We get to the hospital and get hooked up and an internal exam and u/s. I'm still tightly closed and high and Miss Kira was still breech. Call the OB and it turned out it was my lucky day as it was my OB who was on call. She was so excited because she was going to deliver me. We have some time to kill waiting for her and another c-section to finish. So dh takes a cat nap while I'm sitting there bloody bored out of my mind. Contrax's were happening but were not evening registering as painful with me. Then at 12:30, they came and got me and off we went to OR.

    Set me up, dh came in. My doc said dh could watch as much or as little as he wanted. So what does my dh do --- stands beside me and looks over the curtain and watches the whole thing. Then at 1:24 p.m. they told dh that they were going to pull out her feet and then everything else followed. They also discovered why Kira was not able to turn. I had a fibroid that they were watching but at the 28 week appt it was still the same size, but in the last several weeks it grew along with Kira and it blocked her from being able to rotate. And it couldn't be seen on any of the u/s tha I have had because Kira took up most of the room.

    There was also a concern that they think I became a diabetic at the end because Kira was so big and 3 weeks early. Her blood sugars kept bottoming out and we couldn't keep them above 40 for about a day and 1/2. We were having to supplement feed her because my milk hadn't come in and she wasn't able to latch on yet. But by Wednesday night, her blood sugars evened out and we are still supplementing but not as much as before because my milk is finally coming in. Woo Hoo. She's still not latching but I'm pumping and giving it to her via bottle.

    Wow, Sorry this is so long, but that is the kind of week it has been. I'm so glad to be home with my little one. Both dh and I have been extremely emotional because we got to bring this one home with us. We are so in love with her and she is absolutely beautiful. She looks just like her dad but I think she has my big round eyes. Her eyes are very expressive and she loves to look at you crossed eyed, like she is trying to figure you out. It is so cute.

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    mandyn81 wrote:
    On wednesday 8-2 I lost my mucous plug so I was really hoping that meant things were progressing but then nothing the rest of the night. Then at around 5:30 am on thursday(8-3) I woke up and went to the bathroom and laid back down in bed. Not long after I laid down I started having contractions. I got up and got a drink and laid back down to rest because the alarm was going to go off soon for David to get up for work. At 6 the alarm went off and I told David I didn't think he would be going to work today! SO we stayed in bed and I tried to time the contractions. They were about 5 min apart by around 7am so we got up and I took a shower while David got everything together, then we took the dog on a walk around a few blocks and came back and I ate half a bagel and had some apple juice then we headed to the hospital. By the time I got there and they hooked me up to time my contractions they were 4 min apart and she checked and I was at 5cm, and fully effaced. This was about 8:30-8:45. So I tried squating and stuff for awhile then the nurse came back at 9:45 and I was close to 7cm. I had to have an IV since I was GBS+ and then they asked if I wanted to have my water broke. I decided to wait a little longer and about 10:45 she popped it for me. Almost immediatly the contractions got really strong and I started feeling very nauseaus. They got me a cold washcloth and a bucket incase I got sick. Then after awhile they put something in my IV for nausea. And some Nubane (I think)- She said it would help me sleep thru the contractions but by then I was already at 9cm and the contractions were a minute apart. It only made me sleepy and I wish she didn't give it to me but I guess David asked her too because he didn't like seeing me like I was in pain but I really wasn't handling the contractions too bad. Anyways the nurse told me that I could start pushing whenever I felt like I was ready too, and I pushed for about 30 min I think.
    Madeline was born at 12:06 pm on 8-3-06. She was 7lbs14oz and 20.5inches long.
    I had 3 small tears that didn't need stitches and I got a small hemmoriod.
    we had to stay 48hrs since i was + for the GBS. I also only got one dose of the antibiotic since my labor was so short.

    some pics
    1day old:

    1 week old:

    mommy and maddie after a bath (2 weeks 1/2 weeks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salsta
    Ava Rose Jones
    September 27th, 2006
    8 pounds 2 and a half ounces
    57cm long

    Well, after all my failed inductions, I finally went in to have a scheduled c section on September 27th!! I was so so so exicted and nervous by this point but I knew it was time my little one made an appearance! I was also getting really impatient by this point cos I didnt know if I was having a boy or girl!!!

    Anyway, me, my mam and Dave arrived at the hospital at 8am and checked in. The section had been scheduled for 9.30am but when we got there, they said they were running a little late because of an emergency section so we went into a labour room and I had a little nap!! At around 9am, the anaethetist came in to talk me through the spinal procedure and to see if I had any questions, followed by the surgeon, who I already knew, who then did the same about the actual operation. Next came the part I had been dreading the most!!! THE CATHETER!! I swear, I was more nervous about the catheter going in than anything else!! And it was awful, just like I expected!! I just couldnt relax!! Eventually, after a struggle, the nurse got it in! Ugh, I hated the thing!!! And it was time to walk across the hall to the theatre!!! I said goodbye to my mam and Dave went off to change into his theatre clothes!!!

    I was starting to get nervous at this point but all the theatre staff were so lovely!!! The head nurse in there was an old man named Ken who was so sweet! He was covered in tatoos and was at least 60 but he held my hand all through the spinal injection, which, honestly, was nothing!!! They sprayed my back and injected me and I felt nothing at all!! I was excpecting a spinal to be agonising! I started going numb then so they lay me down ready for the section to begin. I had lots of tests with ice cold water to test that all my feeling had gone - which it had! God, it was such a mad feeling!!! I started being sick then! Ken had to hold a kidney bowl by the side of my mouth while I threw up out of the side of my mouth! Not nice! They injected something into my drip then though and the vomiting stopped. By this point, Dave had arrived and the section had started! I could feel some puliing and pressure but definately no pain at all! Its still like a dream looking back on it all now! 6 minutes into the procedure, the nurse asked Dave if he wated to see the baby being born and he said yes and stood up and watched as our baby made her big entrance at 10.20am!! I heard the nurse say "I think its a girl" and then a massive scream!!! Ha ha!! Dave said "Yes, its a little girl!!!!!!! And shes not happy!"" It was so amazing!!! We were both crying! The nurse brought her straight up for me to see and she was so tiny and prefect!!! They washed her off then and weighed her and gave her to Dave to hold by my face!!! I just wanted to hold her so much!! The nurse told us her weight then - 8 pounds 2 and a half ounces - and we couldnt believe it!! All that fuss that we were supposed to be having a 12 pounder and here she was -a perfect size!! At this point, the nurse told me that my mam was pacing the corridor, a nervous wreck, so I told Dave to go and tell her the news - that she had a grandaughter!!! It took about 20 minutes to stitch me back up then and I was wheeled back into labour ward where I had skin to skin with the baby and fed her. I was shaking so much at this point though from the surgery that I was afraid to hold her! I was shivering like hell!!!! We all stayed in the labour ward then until 1pm just hugging and taking photos of Ava!!! It was so lovely!!! By then, Id stopped shaking and shivering and was feeling more like myself so I was wheeled over to the materity ward with my darling daughter!!!!

    So thats pretty much my birth experience! It was amazing! I had no problems at all and now looking back, I cant believe I was so scared of a c scetion. I know its not the natural way to give birth, but I wouldnt have changed the experience for the world!!! It really was the best day of my life!!!!!

    Photos of Ava Rose!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommaMonster
    Grayden was born at 8:16am on Friday morning. He weighed in at 7lbs. 14oz and was 19.5 inches long. And he's the spitting image of his Daddy. I haven't had a chance to upload the pics yet, but I'll post them as soon as I do.

    He's an awesome baby! Most of the time he sleeps 5-8 hours at a shot(today being the exeption because I've been trying to get on here!), and bf'ds like a champ.

    I'm recovering really well from the c-section. I've only had to use my pain meds once today, and didn't really even need them then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by **Tiffany**
    Well I owe my MW an apology. I went into labor Wednesday night or more like Thursday morning so she was right. When she came in she said should I do the "I told you so dance now?!" . I told her she could. Here is his birth story:

    Hard contrax started at about 1 am Thursday morning. At 3 am they got to be every 3-4 minutes. At 5:30 I called the MW and woke her up and she said to go in and the nurses would evaluate me. When I got there at 6 I was 4-5 cm and about 60% effaced. They admitted me then. I was in alot of pain during the contrax but breathing through them so they werent too unbearable. The MW came in around 8 and I had gotten too a full 5 and 80% and she ordered my epidural. The epidural didnt work for crap which happened in my previous pgs also though it was placed perfectly. The MW came in after the epi and broke my water I was at 6 then. By 9:30 I was in hard labor and really in pain. They kept upping my epi but it wasnt helping. The MW checked me at 10 but I was still only 7 then even though I was feeling pressure. They couldnt get Alec or my contrax traced very good on the monitors so they decided to do an internal monitoring. Well they talked about that forever I remember through my pain haze the MW explaining the process to her assistant so she could do it. When she checked me again at 10:45 or so I was 9 and 10 when I had a contraction. I started pushing and she immediatly had me stop so she didnt get "baby goo" (her words) on her hands as he was right there after one push (I always push very well). Then she called dh over! He was standing back by my head and she said do you always stand so out of the way? He said yes and she said not this time I need your help. She let him practically deliver Alec!! It was sooo neat. Not at all what I would expect of Mike as he isnt so into the blood and gore but he did it! After his head was free Mike got to help pull him out and then hand him to me!! I pushed for all of 2 minutes the nurse said. Alec came out perfect at 10:49 am weighing 7 lbs 10 oz. and he was 21.5 inches long.

    I had some trouble afterwards. About a half an hour after the birth, I had already gotten up and gone to the bathroom, I started having intense afterbirth pains. I had never felt them this bad before. Pretty soon after I felt a gush and I had passed some clots. The nurse monitored it and was a bit concerned but I seemed to have stopped bleeding after that when she pushed on me. Long story short the pains came back and I ended up passing clots several more times the last time so much I soaked the bed. Thankfully Mike was out of the room for the last time as my Mom said he would have passed out. She saw it all and was very concerned she later told me she was sure I would need surgery. But through it all my uterus was contracting and firming up what ended up happening was the MW had to go in manually and remover 2 clots that were stuck in my uterus preventing it from fully clamping down. It could have been b/c this was my 4th baby or just bad luck. I was ok by 2:30 though and they got me up again and the bleeding was controlled. I am anemic now but nothing alarming I just have to take it very easy. We went home early even just with strict instructions not to lift anything over 11 lbs (this means Cole which is soo hard!) and not to do any housework for 2 wks then I still cant lift Cole or anything over 25 lbs for 4 wks. Doing any of this can cause more hemmoraging she was very serious when she made me promise not to do anything but just basically rest and walk around for 2 wks if I lose more blood I will need a transfusion she said.

    Cole is doing wonderfully with his new brother! He loves him to death! He is jealous of my attentions but not too bad he never takes it out on the baby. He doesnt understand why I cant lift him though and that is hard. I am so relieved though that he likes him! I will end this very long story now with some pics!

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