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    Quote Originally Posted by catmoff
    It's been a while, but I thought all you ladies my like to know that my little GIRL is here!

    Macy Louise
    Born November 5, 2006
    7:35 am
    6 pounds 10 ounces
    19 inches

    I suppose my birth story may have its beginning on Friday November 3. I had my 39 week appointment in the afternoon, and while there I asked my doctor to strip my membranes. She said okay, but warned me that I would have bleeding and contractions later that night that most likely wouldn’t lead to labor. Okay, I said…and she stripped my membranes and stretched me to a two. I went home Friday night anticipating some action…but there was none! But I figured as much.

    Saturday the 4th was a pretty chill day. My sister and I dropped Scott off at a football game, then she and I went to lunch and ran some errands. I was having very irregular contractions all throughout the day, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. In fact, I thought maybe I was getting sick. Both my sister and her son, who were staying with us, had vomiting and diarrhea so I thought maybe my contrax were just stomach pains from a pending case of the icks.

    Scott called me around three to pick him up from the game. The Beavers were winning, it was raining, and he was just standing around drinking beers. On my way there I was having mild contractions about 10-15 minutes apart…but still thought I was just having an upset stomach. These contractions continued for the rest of the day. Around 8:30pm I decided I should try to get some sleep in case things were to pick up. I still had serious doubts at this point. I wasn’t in real pain, and I figured I could be sick or thought maybe these were just the contractions that my doctor had warned me about…the ones that wouldn’t put me in to labor.

    Once in bed I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. I was timing my pains and going to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so. I thought I would have diarrhea at any second, but I never did. I was peeing every time I got up, sometimes between every contraction. Scott came to bed around 10:30. He started timing the pains for me. At some point the pains were coming every 4-5 minutes and lasting 30-60 seconds long. Between the hour of 11 and midnight I began to experience true pain. I started to have difficulty breathing through the pain, and tried different positions to deal with it. I still didn’t think I was in labor and just pictured myself showing up at the hospital only to be sent home. I didn’t want to embarrass myself, since my doctor had “warned” me about what stripping my membranes would do. Alas, I decided I would rather go and be sent home than suffer through the night. My sister heard us get up, came to check on us, took one look at me leaning over the footboard swaying my hips and saying “Sh*t, sh*t” and said, “You’re in labor.” I still wasn’t convinced, but we grabbed our stuff and go in the car. It was 1:11am November 5th. The number 11 has strange significance in the Moff family, so when we noticed the time in the car, we looked at each other and didn’t have to say anything other than, “It’s one-eleven.” And then we knew we would be having a baby very soon.

    It took us six minutes to get to the hospital. I didn’t have another contraction until 1:17, as we were pulling up and parking. I again had the doubt that they would send me home. Not close enough, not long enough. We registered in the Emergency Room. I got a contraction and went to the lobby to lean over a chair and sway my hips. I was breathing and concentrating hard, but I heard my name. “Cathi?” I looked up. It was my doctor. She said, “I guess I better go back upstairs.” My doctor was on call, had been called in and was on her way home from a false labor. She did not seem thrilled to see me.

    Once I got checked in and in a bed my doctor came in and checked me. “5 centimeters, good bloody show, looks like you’re having a baby today!” HOLY SH*T! It came as a complete surprise, and I was as scared as I have ever been in my life. I was scared of the pain, scared of becoming a mom, scared of everything about to unfold.

    While the nurse prepped my IV for the GBS antibiotics and I worked through harder and harder contractions, I began to consider pain medication. It was only every few contractions where I could relax and breathe through the pain like I was supposed to, and the others were living hell. I couldn’t grab on to the bed rail tight enough, or push my feet against the end bar hard enough. I wanted to be in water, but it would take 30 minutes to fill above the jets and I just didn’t have that sort of time horizon. After the IV was in (2 tries…terrible wait, but some of my best contrax because I knew I had to relax) I asked the nurse to call the anesthesiologist. I think it took him about 45 minutes to get there and I did my thing through those contractions, hoping for any second to see the nice man walk in the room! Scott helped me through that wait and rubbed my back like the champ that he is, and helped me breathe. I worked through three contractions while getting the epidural, and did great. At that point, I wondered if I had made the right decision, because I was doing better. I had gained focus. But that could have been very short lived focus because I knew I wouldn’t need it for much longer. One thing I am disappointed about is that I didn’t ask to be checked before the epidural. I only got checked about an hour after, so at like 4am (guessing at this point…I lost all track of time) and was 8cm. I’ll never know if I was 8 before I got it and only had two more to go…but my guess—as well as the nurse and doctor’s—is that I was 8 and almost ready to go before I got it.

    Luckily the epidural didn’t slow things down. I was checked again around 6am and was complete and at +1 station! The nurse had to wake the doctor and also get ready for a shift change, so just before 7am I met my new nurse. My labor nurse was wanting to stay to see if we were having a boy or a girl, but since I didn’t have the urge to push they were guessing it would be about 2 hours of pushing and she didn’t want to stick around for that. The new nurse considered letting me “labor down” (wait for the urge) but I declined and said I would try now. I felt so motivated! So the first nurse left, Scott and the new nurse walked me through one contraction and three pushes and there was the baby’s head! I could see it in the mirror! I was ordered not to push, the doctor was paged and about 35 minutes and 7 contractions later sweet little Macy Louise was born!

    As we had asked, the doctor caught her, and Scott and I got to find out together, with our own eyes, that the sweet baby we had been waiting for all these months was our little girl! I completely lost all sense of my surroundings when she placed Macy on my tummy and I got to hold her, touch her and kiss her for the first time. It was, no doubt, the greatest surprise and best moment of my life and every tear that came from my eyes was a tear of sheer joy and true and utter bliss. I will never forget it.

    And now for the gruesome details! On the second to last contraction the doctor told me I was going to tear. In fact, she could see that the muscle already tore underneath and the skin would tear with the next push. She said it would be small and she could either cut me or just let it tear. I chose to tear because I was too scared of a full on rectal rip from the episiotomy. The tear ended up not being too bad. I think I have about 4 stitches…BUT I tore towards the front too! At the time I didn’t know the difference, but now when I pee it burns like a mother. There are no other stitches up there or anything, I guess it will just heal on its own. So now when I pee I have to use that lovely bottle to wash away the urine right away so it doesn’t get on the tear as bad. And thank heaven and earth for Dermoplast spray! The doctor thinks had I not had the epidural I would have pushed so fast that I would have had, in her words, "a full blow out." Ouch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jill123
    Kara Nicole born on Saturday, November 11th at 3:41 pm by emergency c-section. She weighed 8lbs., 4 oz. and was 19 and 3/4 inches long.
    I will post some pics when I am not so sleep deprived.

    My water broke at 1:30am on Saturday morning. My contractions started, but were spaced far out and were unproductive. They started Picotin around 5am. I labored for several hours before getting stuck at 8cm. By that afternoon, the baby started to show some distress so they decided to do a c-section. She was born a short time later. Mom and baby are both doing well. Mom would be doing better if baby Kara wasn't so gassy and cranky. I will post more later when I get a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mommy2Bearcub
    I haven't posted here in ages, but Dee asked me to let you all know when my DS Evan arrived. Well, he has! He came at 2:10am on Monday morning 11/20... in the back of an ambulance, as labor progressed a bit more quickly than I or the dr. thought it would. LOL The paramedics were great considering he was their first baby, and took good care of us both!

    Stats -

    7lbs. 14oz.
    21in. long

    Looks like his big brother except he has a bit more hair and is bigger, LOL. Nursing and sleeping very well!

    You all continue to be in my prayers for healthy pregnancies! (((HUGS))) to all and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topo
    Thursday, November 9: After being in and out of the hospital for preeclampsia, I had one final prenatal appointment. My doc informed me that the protein in my urine was borderline severe and he really wanted me to stay in the hospital until he could deliver my baby. He wanted to do an amnio that day to assess the baby's maturity and how soon he'd induce. So, later that day after spending a few hours getting ready, I again checked myself into the hospital. But I had waited too long and all the rooms were taken, so my DH and I had to wait out in the lobby for an hour or so. But we finally got taken back to a small closet they called a room for my amnio.

    My doctor is a very quietly spoken man with a very positive outlook. But I saw a very different doctor during the amnio. He was irritated at something, I'm guessing the nurse. She hadn't drawn blood by the time he got there. When he said, "You won't need gloves for this," she turned right around and put gloves on... He was actually kinda scary. lol.

    The next day after sending the tests out and doing another 24-hour protein test, all the results came in. One of the amnio tests were border-line and the other was mature. My protein count hadn't risen at all though. So the doc said I'd be induced monday!

    Monday November 13: I was scheduled to have the cervidile (that gauze that they place next to your cervix to thin it out. I was nowhere near ready to give birth lol) put in at noon but all the L&D rooms were taken until 1. Finally, I got in and was put on an iv. Then my doc inserted the cervidile and said it may make me contract. If it does, good. Not 10 minutes after that, I started having small regular contractions. Then, a nurse came in saying my doc had called for a enema. Let's just say it wasn't pleasant.

    Later that night, the contractions had let up. I was only supposed to have the cervadil in for 8 hours but no one came to take it out. After checking my blood pressure, the nurse turned out the lights, turned off my tv, and told me to lay down and go to sleep. She said it was through the roof and I needed to relax and bring it down. I was very unhappy. But I finally fell asleep.

    2:00am: My nurse came in and removed the cervadil and started me in the pitocin.

    3:00am: I woke up in pain and called the nurse. She gave me just a normal shot into my iv. I was 1cm dialated. I hated having contractions and having her stick her hand up there to check my cervix.

    4:00am: I woke up in extreme pain and again called my nurse for more medication. I was so scared. I probably hadn't dialated enough for an epideral by now but I was in soooo much pain. I was terrified of what the rest of the labor was going to be like.

    My nurse checked my cervix to make sure it was ok for more meds. But then she just ran out of the room saying she was going for another nurse to double check my cervix. Another nurse came in and checked. I was 9cm dialated. After that it was all a blur. The nurses were rushing around, calling the anesthesialogist and trying to get a hold of my doctor. All I cared about was that I was in pain and no one would drug me dammit!!!

    Finally, the epidural angel got there. But he wouldn't give it to me because I was already at 9cm! That devil! The nurses just stared at him in astonishment and hatred. They said her baby was coming, you'd better give her something! They argued for a bit until my doc finally called and said give me the damn epidural. After that, I really could tell my baby was coming and started pushing. I didn't know how, I just did it. The nurses finally started assissting me. But then they stopped to get some stuff ready. But this baby was coming whether they were there counting or not. So I just kept pushing like they taught me. There was no way I couldn't. My body was telling me it's time! When I would contract, I'd wake up , push, then go to sleep. Again, whether the nurses were there to catch the baby or not. LOL I was so out of it.

    Finally my doc got there. He said to put the handle bars up and get my feet in the stirrups. Those handle bars helped more than the epidural LOL. Everyone got into position. My doc said, just push when I feel a contraction and don't stop. I tried for 2 contractions and failed. He said, you have to push through the pain.

    On the third contraction, I finally did it. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life but it was gone so quickly. My DH tells me I screamed louder than anyone he'd ever heard. And he once saw a guy chop his fingers off with a chainsaw. And no one told me this part about delivering. There's that God awful quick pain and then absolute euphoria. My doc said there we go. Just one more push. I was ecstatic to be able to push after that. It felt great! A few seconds later, I heard Dora's first sounds. Gurgle gurgle. She was born at 5:30a.m. and weighed 6lbs 14oz. She had no problems at all.

    Everyone rushed around getting stuff done. I just laid back and went to sleep. Everything after that was a blur and I don't remember most of it. I don't even remember our first breastfeeding session. I barely remember my doctor stitching me up or putting the cathater in.

    The next day, they kept me in the L&D room because they couldn't get my bp to come back down. They did bring my bed from the post partum room I had been staying in. That bed never felt so good! They moved me back into post partum Wednesday morning and took me off the magnesium. I finally got to come home Friday morning. My doc still seemed a bit reluctant, but he knew I didn't want to stay.

    So, now we're both home. I'm sure my bp is still bad, but it's probably doing better as are my stitches. Dora is breastfeeding well (once I finally get it right that is!!) and loves her daddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonieerin
    Isabella Grace's Birth Story

    At 3:30 am on the morning of Wednesday, November 22, I felt the contractions start. I got up to use the washroom, where I saw that the Cervadil insert had come out. I tried to go back to bed, but was feeling strong waves of pain move across my tummy. It bothered me to contiue laying down, so I got up and paced back and forth down the basement hallways. The contractions continued to build and increase, so I woke Toni up and told him that I thought we should go to the hospital. The contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart at this time. So I told Mom that we were leaving, Toni had a quick bite to eat, and we were out the door!

    We arrived up at RUH at 5 am. The nurses put a monitor on Isabella, and she was still doing very well with a nice and strong heartbeat of between 120-150 bpm. The contractions were still coming strong at this time, and were still about 5 minutes apart. We got up to walk the halls for a little while, and I enjoyed rocking in a nice comfy glider that they had in the family room. At approximately 8 am, Dad arrived at the hospital to see how we were doing. It was so great to have him there, because he was so calm and made such good conversation. He helped to take my mind off of the pain.

    At 8:20 am, Dr. Friggstad arrived and checked me, and he said that I was between 4-5 cm dilated and was 100% effaced. He was very pleased that I had progressed so well already, and decided to break my water. After my water broke, the contractions really picked up in their intensity. I layed there for a while on the monitor again, and then Toni and I again got up to walk the halls of the Antenatal Unit. My step-sister Tessa arrived at about 10 am. I was so glad to see her, she was such a comfort. She was so calming, she would rub my legs and encourage me through each contraction. I continued to labour in the antenatal unit, because all of the beds in labour and delivery were full!

    I was finally moved over to labour and delivery at about 11:30 am. When I was checked by the intern at this point, I was 8 cm dilated. The contractions were still coming very hard, and were about 2 minutes apart at this time. I had to close my eyes and breathe through each one (“in through the nose, out through the mouth.”) The pain started to become more and more intense, and I was having trouble making it through the contractions with just my breathing, so finally I asked to have an Epidural. The Anisthesiologist was in the operating room, however, so I had to wait until almost 12:30 pm to give it to me. That was a very hard wait, the contractions were coming about a miunte and a half apart and were very intense. Toni was absolutley incredible, he stuck by my side and encouraged me and breathed with me through each contraction. He would run out to get ice chips or water, or whatever I needed. He was my rock.

    Before the Anisthesiologist could start the Epidural, I had to be hooked up to an IV. It seemed like an eternity before the nurses came to do the IV. I was getting quite anxious, and was having a harder and harder time handling the pain on my own. The breathing didn’t seem to be helping. Finally the nurses arrived, and I was informed that a student nurse would be putting in the IV while his supervisor assisted him. They were so slow, and had to try three times before they were able to get it in. At this point I had lost most of my patience, and was having a hard time. When the Anisthesiologist finally came and put in my Epidural, I felt the pain lessen almost immediately. I could still feel the contractions coming, and still had to breathe through each one, but they weren’t near as intense as they had been. It was at that point that I was finally able to rest.

    I was checked again by the Dr. at 2:20 pm, and he said that I was fully dilated, but that Isabella’s head was still at station 0. He said that if we started to push now, it would take a lot of pushing and a lot of effort to bring her head down. He had me try a practice push to see if I could move it, and I could, but he suggested that we wait for the contractions to bring her head down on its own. He also called Dr. Friggstad to inform him of my progress. It was hard to resist the urge to push during the contractions at this time, because they were coming strong and the desire to push seemed so natural. The Edpidural was connected to a button that I could push to release the medication at this point. I could still feel the contractions very well, and decided only to take enough medication so that I wasn’t feeling the pain so intensely.

    At 3:05 pm, the intern returned with Dr. Richard (a resident) and I began to push. The nurse, Melanie, stood on my right side and Toni was on my left and they were encouraging me to push. I would take a deep breath in, let it out, take another breath in, and then push three times as hard as I could. It felt so great to finally be able to push after being told not to for an hour. It felt like such a release. Pushing was very hard and physical work, inbetween pushes Toni would give me ice chips to suck on until the next contraction came. He was amazing. The nurses set up a mirror at the end of the bed so that I could see her head coming. It took quite a bit of pushing to get her head from slipping back in, but every time I could see the tip of her head it motivated me even more. I know that God was present, because this strength came from within me that I didn’t know that I had. It was just as much of a spiritual experience as it was a physical one. Finally I could see her head start to crown, and our Dr. told me to push through the burning and the pressure. With two more sets of good strong pushes, out came her head. They suctioned her, and then with one more push her shoulders and body were delivered. It was such a euphoric moment, full of more intense emotions than I have ever felt before. Both Toni and I were sobbing as Dr. Friggstad said, “and we have a girl” and placed her onto my chest. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, with dark hair, blue eyes and the most perfect little nose and mouth. The Dr. clamped her cord and asked if Toni would like to cut it. He said that he did. Toni and I then sat there crying, praising God and holding each other as Isabella was taken over to the warming table to be checked.

    Isabella was breathing, but her breaths were more pants and grunts than nice big breaths, and she hadn’t let out a big screaming cry yet, so they had to do quite a bit of suctioning to clear her airways. The NICU Doctors were also called in to do some additional suctioning, just to make sure that she was breathing well. Dr. Friggstad and the intern put in some stitches that I needed from her birth.

    After a few minutes, the nurses wrapped her up and placed her in my arms. Toni and I were amazed at this incredible miracle that we had been blessed with, she was so tiny and perfect. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her. She already loved to suck, and had was rooting for Toni’s pinkie finger trying to get it into her mouth so that she could suck. I can’t possibly explain or describe the love, joy, and feeling of completeness and contentment that we had in our hearts as we held her and looked into the eyes of our new precious daughter, Isabella Grace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leanbh
    Well, as promised, my birth story....

    Woke up as usual on Sunday morning. Felt a bit disappointed as I was 38+5w on Sunday and with DD I woke up having contractions at 38+5w, so I'd kinda been hoping it might happen again. Anyhow I figured, this baby would come when he decided to and just got on with my day. About 9am started having some vague, very brief tummy pains. Thought it was gas pains as I'd taken some laxatives the night before. After a while I noticed that the pains were almost exactly 10 minutes apart and so it clicked that they were probably contractions. They only lasted about 20-30 seconds though so I still thought might be a false alarm.

    About mid-day the contractions speeded up to about 5 minutes apart, but still very short and not particularly strong. DH phoned his parents who live 2 hours away as we planned for them to watch DD when we went to the hospital, so we wanted to give them a heads-up so they could sort themselves out, eat lunch etc. in case we needed them later. Things stayed pretty much the same, so we phoned them again at 1:15 to say head out as it looked likely it was the real thing. We sat down and ate lunch, then headed out to the supermarket to pick up a few things, then on to the park to let DD play on the swings. While we were out, the contractions got stronger, though still lasting less than a minute at a time and coming about every 5 minutes. We headed back home around 3, expecting DH's parents would be arriving soon after. We were only home about 10 minutes when there was a 'pop' and my waters went.

    Things moved very quickly after that. My contractions were virtually continuous and very strong. We were thinking 'time to get going' though I still thought there was probably another 1-2 hours to go. DH phoned his parents on their cell and discovered they were stuck in traffic about an hour away, so we called our backup person, who lives in the same city as us, but their cell was out of coverage. Then, I suddenly got the urge to push and my body took over. I told DH the baby's coming now - he said no - I said yes We called a friend of mine who lives 5 mins away and is a Paed, but two pushes later and my poor DH was delivering the baby. We just about had time to throw a towel down on the floor (though the carpet will still need to be replaced ). My friend arrived a few minutes later and helped my DH to clamp and cut the cord, then we phoned the maternity hospital who sent out a midwife who arrived about 10 minutes later and delivered the placenta. MIL and FIL arrived a few minutes after her, when it was all over and done with!!

    Through the whole thing my DD was standing right by me. She did really well and when the baby was born, she came up to him, signed baby and gave him a kiss.

    We've called him Arthur and he's absolutely lovely. He's still in that completely mellow newborn phase where they just eat and sleep and chill out all day. My DD is great with him, my DH has recovered from the trauma and my MIL did all my ironing as an apology for missing the whole thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtv072
    Well after an eternity i am proud to announce that


    Ella-Rose Amelia Mary Honey-Blossom Princess is here!

    Born fri 02/02/07 at 1.18 pm
    Weight: 4160gm
    Head 36cm
    Length 54.5cm
    apgars 9 & 9.5

    Went in with ctx mon - induced wed with cervidil (after all that no we cant use it bs) induction failed, thurs baby goes from 3/5, 4/5 station to BREECH, csect booked first thing fri. Fri morning lost my plug & found to be 2cm with bubs engaged again (only just though, cautious induction decided. They put 4 iv lines in my arms (which are still black!), then hook the drip up at 10.20, put epidural in at 11am - it FAILS so have to labour flat on back but in pain - bubs posterior. So unnatural...
    I am ready to push after 1 hr 52 mins (yep 8cm in less than 2 hours)
    - I push twice - but this is over 20 mins as her shoulders are huge and they have to 'swizel stick ' her to get her out.
    In the room is a trauma emergency team just incase (head of high risk unit, head of nursing unt, head of aneatheseiology, another aneasthatist (sp?) 2 ob's and a midwife! Oh and dh too.
    Out she pops and proceeds to scream her lungs out and poop all over the mw and me Takes after her brothers lol!
    No stitches just grazes and tears.
    Unfortunately i had an alergic reaction to the anti heamorraging drugs so it was hideous for about 3 hours after the birth - vomits and literally like having a bad trip iykwim...sweats/adrenilin/no bp - 80 over 45/panicky and lots of involuntary body jerking yuck basically.
    But they gave me meds for it and i was eventually allowed off the bed around 6pm for a shower. Best bit is i didnt get a catheter cos it happened so quick
    And just cos its sods law (and something i am more than a little relieved over) i didnt need the trauma team! Placenta plopped out a.o.k! They gave me a heap of diff meds to help it along not just oxytocin and all i can say is what the trauma team said - its a miricle It did have lacerations and they found a bloodclot the size of your fist but thats NOTHING!
    Yeah so im getting about 3 hours sleep out of 24 but i dont care my miracle is here
    I'll update with a photo when i get the chance.
    Stayed in hospital till mon morning and now am learning about life with 3 kids!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lbff
    Sorry this is so long!

    Morning trip to the hospital for an external version (procedure to turn the baby from breech to head-down). The procedure was successful, although the doctor mentioned that he still had one foot down, so we would want to follow-up on Thursday at my appointment.

    Blizzard! 26 inches of snow at our house. I was feeling menstrual-type cramps.

    Morning doctor’s appointment cancelled due to snow (the practice was closed since no one could get in and/or park). I went to work and was feeling a backache and menstrual-type cramps. I had an extremely productive day at work (good thing since it ended up being my last one!). DH and I had a mellow evening at home.

    At 11:45PM, I awoke to a gush of fluid. At first I wasn’t sure if I had urinated or if my waters had broken. I sprinted to the bathroom and the fluids kept coming. I called the doctor even though I wasn’t feeling contractions yet, due to the fact that I hadn’t been in to see anyone since Tuesday’s procedure. He told us to head in to L&D.

    12:45 AM we arrived at the hospital. I was having some contractions, and they confirmed that my waters had broken. No internal exams were done (they try to minimize after the waters break due to risk of infection). I was having contractions that were about 3-4 minutes apart by the morning, but they petered off after a while.

    8:30 AM I had an internal exam and was only 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced. At 9:00 AM a Pitocin drip was started.

    1:00 PM My contractions started to intensify to the point that they were really grabbing all of my attention. I labored through with the birth ball and the giant tub until about 6:30 PM, at which point I was only 3 cm dilated. I started to get discouraged and wondered how much worse the contractions would get and how long I would still be in labor. The nurse said that getting to 4 would be the worst and then it would go faster. I decided to go for the epidural anyway.

    7:15 PM Epidural was administered. At 7:45 PM, I was 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced and –1 stage. I rested from about 7:45 to 8:45, but the doctors noticed that the baby’s heartrate was dipping pretty dramatically with every contraction at this point. They started moving me around to find the best position for the baby, so I was shifting from side to side periodically. It seemed to be better on my left. Around 9:00 or so, I noticed a lot of rectal pressure and asked the nurse about it. The doctor did an internal exam and found me fully dilated and ready to push!

    I pushed starting around 9:00 PM. They were still monitoring the baby’s heartrate and put me on an oxygen mask to give him more oxygen. There also started appearing lots of docs in the room (it’s a teaching hospital, but still) – pediatrics, anesthesia, etc – I assume they were preparing in case I needed emergency intervention. I was starting to get nervous, but keeping focused, and my OB decided to move forward with a vacuum-assisted delivery. She said it would probably take me 3 hours to push him out on my own and she wasn’t sure the baby could take it with what they were seeing. At 9:52 PM, Christopher Charles was born, with the cord wrapped around his neck twice! Luckily, he cried immediately, and it was determined that he hadn’t had any oxygen loss. He was 5 lb 7 oz and 18.75 inches long. I was so relieved and so awed by the whole process of birth – what a miracle!

    Here are a few more pictures of our little peanut:

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleclaire
    When I went to bed at about 1am on Sunday, February 11th, I thought I felt a small pop high up in my stomach, but figured it was gas. My theory was further strengthened by the fact I got up to go to the bathroom several times during the night without incident.

    At 10.30am I got up to start my day, which was to be a spot of housework, some pantry organizing, and preparing for my final week at work. I went to the toilet again, and when I had finished peeing, I felt some pressure as if I wanted to try to pee again. I thought it was a little odd, but probably the baby’s head pressing on my bladder. I went into the bathroom and washed my hands, and as I was finishing up, there was a little gush of water, and then a larger one that soaked my underwear. I dashed into the toilet and sat back down. Clear fluid continued to trickle from me for several seconds, ending with a few drops of blood. It didn’t look anything like the urine I’d just passed. I pounded on the toilet wall and shouted for my husband, who came down stairs to see if I was okay. I told him that I thought my water had broken.

    Once I got off the toilet I put a maternity pad in and called my OB. She suggested a “wait and see” approach – see if any more fluid leaked out, or if I got any contractions, and call her in a couple of hours. Within a few minutes I had leaked more. Every time I stood up or changed position, there was a little gush. Between midday and 1.00pm I began to feel very weak contractions, so at 1.00pm I called the OB back and told her what was happening. She arranged to meet me at the hospital at 2.00pm so I could be checked.

    I couldn’t believe how calm I was. I called my parents and my sister, had a shower and got dressed, had a cup of tea, and sent out some emails. At just before 2.00pm hubby and I drove to the hospital where they were expecting us, and we were taken to the assessment room in the birthing suite.

    The OB showed up at around 2.30pm. She examined me and saw immediately that my water had indeed broken. She was shocked at how low the baby’s head was when she tried to do the exam – when she popped her hand in there it was the first thing she felt. Then she got out the ultrasound machine to check on him. Sure enough, there was virtually no amniotic fluid left. We could see the baby breathing consistently through the whole ultrasound. The OB had great difficulty taking a measurement of his head because it was so low in my pelvis, but she eventually managed to measure all his bits and estimated him at just over 5lbs.

    I was hooked up to a monitor to see if I was contracting (yes) and whether the baby was in distress (no) and left for an hour or so to see how things went. My contractions got gradually stronger, and I leaked more fluid. At some point the nurses took hubby and I on a tour of the Special Care Baby Unit, just down the hall, as the baby would likely be spending some time there when he was born.

    We waited around until 8.30pm when the next OB from my clinic took over. She came in to check me and found that I was now 2cm dilated, and that we were definitely in active labour and would be having the baby soon. Because he was small, she wanted to get him out quickly to minimize stress, so we decided to go into a birthing room, have an epidural and start an oxytocin drip to speed things along.

    By this time the contractions were getting quite painful, so I was more than happy for the epidural man to show up. The lovely midwife assigned to me by the hospital helped us get settled in the delivery room, and hooked me up to more monitors. I was having a strange contraction pattern – 2 close together, then a gap of several minutes.

    The anesthetist showed up fairly quickly and over the next 30min or so he explained the epidural, put it in, and made sure everything was going well before leaving. It didn’t hurt at all going in, though hubby was rather disturbed at the size of the needles involved. Happily, I couldn’t see (or feel) much!

    A few contractions passed and while my butt and legs were nicely numb, an area across my lower stomach and back was still very painful. After 20 minutes they gave me the first top-up, and when that didn’t work, I got the next. It was now 10.30pm and when the OB checked me again, I was 6 cm dilated. At that point they hooked up the Oxytocin, although I was progressing nice and fast by myself. Convinced that the epidural would kick in fully, they dimmed the lights, and told me and hubby to get some rest – and instructed me to call them if I felt the urge to push.

    It must have been only three or four contractions later when I thought I felt pressure. They were getting almost unbearably painful and hubby buzzed the midwife back in. When they checked me again (about 11.10pm) I was fully dilated. The next contraction hurt so much I burst into tears, and the OB told me to focus, and to try pushing next time. I did, and they saw the baby’s head. They kept telling me how much hair he had. They put my feet up on their hips, standing one either side of the bed, and got everything ready for his delivery. Hubby stayed up by my head in a vain attempt not to see anything gory (it didn’t work). A nurse from the neo-natal unit came in to attend the birth since the baby was early and might need special treatment.

    I pushed for about 25 minutes, and it felt so much less painful to push with the contraction. It was really hard work and I burst a little blood vessel under my left eye in the process. The midwife put some lovely cold, wet flannels on the back of my neck and on my head. They felt like heaven, as I was boiling hot.

    Despite the fact that I was pushing him out pretty fast, the baby’s heartbeat began to drop with each contraction. The OB explained that because he was little and early he had a very low tolerance for stress, and she wanted to get him out more quickly. I agreed to an episiotomy, which she did during the next contraction. Then she got me to do a series of pushes and panting (which I think I totally mucked up, I was in such a flap) and told me that with the next contraction he would be born. When it came, she grabbed his head and whoosh – he came all the way out in one go, like a champagne cork out of a bottle. Griffin James was born at 11.47pm, weighing 5lbs, 13oz, and 19ins long.

    He started screaming straight away, and they put him on my stomach. I was laughing and crying, and asking everyone if he was okay. After a few minutes the neo-natal nurse took him over to the warmer to do his tests. His apgars were 9 and 10. While that was going on I delivered the placenta. Then Griffin began to grunt a little and they whipped him away to the Special Care Baby Unit so he could get some breathing assistance. Hubby went with him at my insistence.

    When they were gone I was sewn up. The OB inspected the placenta, and there was some concern about the size and shape of it. She was in two minds whether to ultrasound me in case some was left behind, but as I wasn’t bleeding badly and it seemed to be intact, she decided against it.

    Hubby came back from SCBU all upset because Griffin had so many wires and tubes in him, and a CPAP machine helping him breathe. He also felt quite ill after having seen all the blood and stuff from the birth. I sent him home to rest up, figuring I’d need him fresh and rested in the morning. Also, I didn’t want to have to worry about him getting sick as well as having to worry about the baby!

    *warning, this is where it gets a little icky*

    I was left to rest while the epidural wore off, during which time I phoned my parents with the news. Then I dozed for a while, feeling a bit sick and shaky. Two hours later a midwife came in and removed the epidural from my back. Then she tried to get me up to go to the bathroom – they like you to pee asap. When she sat me up on the edge of the bed I began to feel very sick and she brought me a plastic pot. I got the dry heaves and while I didn’t really throw up, every time my stomach contracted, blood gushed out between my legs, all over the bed and onto the floor. I kept apologizing about the mess, for some reason. When I stopped retching she made me lay back down as she was concerned about the amount of blood I was losing. They packed me with pads and let me rest a bit longer.

    About an hour later they were back with a bed to transfer me to the maternity ward, as it had suddenly gotten very busy in L&D and they needed the delivery room. I was scooted over to the new bed and wheeled off to a private room, where I was again left to doze for a while. Around 4.00am another midwife came to try and get me to go to the bathroom again. This time I made it onto the toilet, but felt very faint. My ears began to ring, and I remember saying, “don’t let me fall off” over and over. She called for help to keep me upright and I managed to stay conscious.

    Eventually I managed to pee, and they cleaned me up, packed me with clean pads and popped me back in bed. I dozed on and off until my OB came back at about 7.00am. During that time I bled even more. As soon as she saw me she was certain I had retained some of my placenta, and the next thing I knew I was signing consent forms and being zoomed down to surgery for a manual removal. I just had time to call my mother and let her know what was going on, and to give her instructions to call my bosses and let them know I wouldn’t be at work that day.

    The theatre staff were a bit miffed the epidural wasn’t still in, or they would have done the procedure while I was awake. I begged them for a general – I really didn’t want to be awake for the procedure, and I was desperate to have a sleep. A general is more risky when you’ve just given birth, but everything went well, and when I woke up the only real issue was that my throat hurt from the breathing tube.

    As I was being delivered back to my room, hubby showed up, and he sat with me until 1.00pm, when all visitors, including dads, are sent away so the mums can get some rest. One of the hospital midwifes helped me into a wheelchair, and I was taken to SCBU so I could see my son for the first time since his birth. His CPAP was off already, and we had a lovely kangaroo cuddle.

    Griffin was in SCBU for 13 days in total, and finally discharged on Saturday, February 24th.

    Minutes old:

    In SCBU, with his feeding tube in his nose

    First day home:

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    Quote Originally Posted by _deb
    Jessica Lynn was born 3/1/07 at 3:40 am delivered by C section. I don't have a USB port so I can't send a picture but she is beautiful. she weighed 7lb 11 oz and 20.5 inches long

    On 2/28/07 I ent for a doctor appt and was 1 day past my due date. My blood pressure was 142/100 so my doctor sent me over to the hospital for my non stress test and to ceck fluid level. he said if it were up to him that he would like them to keep me and induce so he called the doc on staff
    I registered in triage at 11:15 am and was hooked up to non stress test and blood was drawn. My husband was at the hospital by 12:00 he had to come from work. They kept me hooked up for about an haiur and 1/2 and then did an ultrasound. The baby's fluid level was 7.9 and is supposed to be 10 so they decided they would indeed keep me and induce.
    I was admitted to Labor and Delivery at 2:00, iv and pitosin was started.
    At 3:30pm the dr came and broke my water and increased the pitosin so we just played the waiting game.
    I was having contractions, but things were slow to progress so about 6 or 7 I began walking the hall to try to speed things along. i became tired and the contractions were getting stronger so it was hard to walk.
    At 8:30pm i was given the epidural so at this point I was bed bound. The anesthesiologist knocked out the port while inserting the cathider so I felt everything. he quickly got the meds hooked back up, but it brought tears to my eyes.
    I progressed to a 5 and then an 8 by 11m so they brought alll the necessities in the room for delivery so they were ready. I did progress to 10 by about 1am but the baby would not descend, so we waited. At 2 the doctor came back and had me try to push a few times, but the baby was not moving. He said he'd be back in an hour.
    At 3:00am still no change so they decided to prep for c section.
    I had a reaction to the meds and almost passed out, but they gave me additional meds to counteract the effects.
    our daughter was born healthy and happy.
    And now I am enjoying her and recovering from my surgery

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