help with breastpump JULY 08

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help with breastpump JULY 08

Hey girls. Sorry, I have been MIA on posting, but I enjoy reading up on everyone! We are good and Amelia is growing like a weed.

Question: We are BFing and I usually don't pump much cause I am SAHM. Right now, I have the Medela Single Swing pump and it is good, but usually takes me about 30 minutes to pump both sides. I am starting a class in a couple of weeks that is once a month, but all day on Saturday. I was thinking of buying a double pump so I could pump faster in the breaks. Any recommendations for a double pump? What do you guys think about buying from Craigslist or something like that?


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30 mins to pump both sides, omg, I would die! lol
I rent a hospital grade, Medela Symphony, both sides completely drained, less than 10 mins! It rocks.
But if you were to buy it it would be like 1500 bucks so I guess it is out. But I have heard the Medela PISA works great. I'd be to freaked to buy of craigslist or whatever, personally. Buying a pump is a decent investment, esp if you plan to have another child..i was thinking about going that route now, actually.

GOOD LUCK and nice to see you around!:D

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I use my trusty Medela PISA. LOVE it, but I really have nothing to compare it to. I spend 15 minutes pumping each time. It's easy to use and easy to clean. I bought mine online for $215 brand new.

I know some women feel comfortable buying a used pump, but I just don't think I would. Especially not knowing the person. If my friend or family member had one, I might consider a used.

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The Playtex Symphony!!! I have used a Medela PIS for the last 5 years and a friend just lent me her Playtex. It kicks my Medela's butt! The cones are soft and more massaging.

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you can rent from the hospital & it is usually covered by insurance...

oh & i have a used pump...used twice actually by a friend and her sister. i just steilized everything...not really a big can even buy new tubing if that would make you feel better...however, if milk were to have gotten in the tubing (which isn't likely), the pump probably woudn't work well anyway...

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I would totally buy a good used one if the price was right.

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When I pumped I rented from the hospital and it was amazing how efficient that thing was - honestly used tubing and flange wouldn't bother me as much b/c you can sterilzie or even buy new replacement ones but I might be concerend about the pumping power of a used one if it has diminished at all if the prior owner used it alot - that happend to a friend when she used her cousins.