Hey babyfood makers! July 2008

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Hey babyfood makers! July 2008

I found a really easy way to fill your ice cube trays with your pureed foods! After pureeing, put your food in a large ziplock bag and zip the top. Then cut off one of the bottom corners and use it like a cake decorating bag to fill each hole. No spooning and making a huge mess! It was so fast! I cut a largish hole (about an inch or even more maybe). So far I've done it just with sweet potatoes that have a stickier texture and I tend to make my babyfoods a little thicker and then thin them down later if needed (but my babies like them a little thicker). I'll let you know if it works with other foods, but so far we've only had cereal and now sweet potatoes here. Smile

Just thought I'd share!

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Awesome! TFS!!

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oh, great idea! thanks!
i made sweet potatoes the other day and had a heck of a time trying to get them into the ice cube tray!

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thanks that is a great idea.

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Thanks...great tip!

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Great idea! I remember it was a PITA to fill those trays.

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Ooh, that's a great tip- thanks Holly!