Homemade Baby Food ??July 2008
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Thread: Homemade Baby Food ??July 2008

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    Default Homemade Baby Food ??July 2008

    So I decided that I am going to spend the day making baby food for Lexi tomorrow. I'm really not sure how to do it and I'm not really sure what to make. I was thinking about apples, pears, squash, and sweet potatoes. Any other ideas? Do I just cook these and puree them??? What about freezing? Any suggestions for storage containers? Can you tell I'm really new at all this?? I hadn't ever even considered making my own baby food but I really want the best for Lexi.

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    I haven't ventured there yet either but there are some really good websites and a board here, but I forget where it is - maybe under "All About Baby"

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    My older DD's favorite was eggplant. I think I peeled it then boiled it then pureed it. (Definitely google it before trying.) The seeds were a bit annoying since they went straight through her system into her diaper. She loved them.

    The list you have sounds good. Sweet potatoes were also a favorite and were easy to makes. I always had a hard time with green beans and peas since I couldn't get the texture right. My DD was picky about textures.

    Let us know how it goes!

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    *lurker from July 07*

    Hi there, I made food for my DD and it was so easy! I did sweet potatoes and squash and apples for starters. The best way to do the squash is to bake it, the other two you can go with baking or steaming or boiling.

    After cooked put it in a blender with some water, put in a little at a time, untill its the consistancy you want. (it will get a bit watery when it thaws) Then I put them in ice cube trays and freeze. After they were frozen just put the cubes in a freezer bag and take out a few as needed.

    Here's a website that is amazing for all homemade baby foods


    Also there is a board here too. Good luck!
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    I have been making baby food for mia...so far, butternut squash, yams, & apples.
    The best way to preserve the most nutrients is to steam them.
    I boiled the yams, baked the squash and steamed the apples.
    Then I put small amounts into my mini food processor, and added tiny bits of water that was used in the steaming or cooking
    Then, I put the puree through a strainer and then put it into my baby food freeser tray that has a lid (looks just like ice cube trays with a lid.
    I take out one cube at a time and put it into the fridge to thaw
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    I also use ice cube trays, just regular ones. As soon as the food is frozen, I pop them out of the trays and store in either Tupperware freezer containers or Ziploc freezer bags.

    What I've learned is that it doesn't make sense to make baby apples. It's a LOT more cost effective to buy a jar of unsweetened applesauce (nothing is added to it, except maybe vitamin C) and then further puree it so it's a better consistency for the baby.

    For this baby, I've done that, and also steamed carrots and purreed them with the carrot cooking water. I've also roasted a butternut squash and purreed that too - I put those cubes into my family's casseroles when no one is looking (and in the waffle mix too).

    You can buy frozen veggies instead of fresh, and steam and puree them too. Baby food is pretty easy, especially once you get beyond single food servings - you can just mash whatever you're having and they can eat that.
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    I make sweet potatoes, apple sauce, carrots, and turkey soup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolmama72 View Post
    What I've learned is that it doesn't make sense to make baby apples. It's a LOT more cost effective to buy a jar of unsweetened applesauce (nothing is added to it, except maybe vitamin C) and then further puree it so it's a better consistency for the baby.
    Ditto this. I made pretty much all of DS's baby food, but I bought unsweetened applesauce. A zillion times easier and a lot cheaper, actually. Just read the label and find one that's apples, water, and ascorbic acid (which is vitamin C) only.

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    I made all of my first DS' food and am doing the same for Owen.

    One question I have...if I use frozen vegetables (can't get fresh peas or corn here at this time of year), is it ok to refreeze them again after steaming them?

    Oh, and another question regarding cherries....has anyone given these to their lo's? They happen to be on sale this week, which is very rare for this time of year, and I thought that they would be great stewed and pureed (although I think Owen would have to eat them naked, what a nightmare those stains would be!). Are cherries ok for this age or should he be older before he has them? They are apparently in the peach family, and I know peaches are ok. I always think of them as a berry, which I know they shouldn't have until 1 year, but they really aren't berries at all.

    I love making baby food...you can make such a variety of things! Like cantaloupe...that was my first son's fav when he was a baby!

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    This is a subject I have been doing a lot of research on. I do suggest buying a few books on baby nutrition because making sure they get the right vitamins when foods should be introduced is important. My starter foods were avocado, sweet potato (her favorite), egg yolks (experts run the gamut on when these should be introduced), and pears. She is now eating other things like broccoli, carrots, butternut squash, apples, and will soon be getting spinich, peas, apricots, prunes, etc. Of course, I began with brown rice and oatmeal. We start Millet this week. Because she was only 5 months when she started I bough the Earth's Best cereal but will start making my own this week. Yogurt is also something we can begin now and is a good staple food.

    There are some great cook books for baby food. The 100 best baby food purees is good. Super Baby Food has great nutritional info but she believes babies should be vegetarians. I'm not on that band wagon.

    For veggies, I steam then puree with the water in the bottom of the steamer, put in ice cube trays, cover with foil and freeze overnight. Then you can put them in labeled freezer bags. Most will keep for 1-3 months. With yams/squashes I bake them even though you can steam them because I think they taste better that way . Fruit I just soften in a saucepan and then puree with water for desired consistency. You can freeze almost anything including bananas.

    You have to make sure you introduce each new food over a few days and build on each as you go. Some people suggest delaying fruits not to cause a sweet tooth. I find bananas and avocado mixture is a favorite and oh so healthy. I have not given her fruit all by itself. I always mix it with a grain.

    Oh, one other tip. When you put your little cubes into their freezer bags, you can suck out the extra air with a straw.

    I do suggest purchasing a few different books on the subject because there is so much to know and EVERYONE has a difference of opinion.
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