This is a subject I have been doing a lot of research on. I do suggest buying a few books on baby nutrition because making sure they get the right vitamins when foods should be introduced is important. My starter foods were avocado, sweet potato (her favorite), egg yolks (experts run the gamut on when these should be introduced), and pears. She is now eating other things like broccoli, carrots, butternut squash, apples, and will soon be getting spinich, peas, apricots, prunes, etc. Of course, I began with brown rice and oatmeal. We start Millet this week. Because she was only 5 months when she started I bough the Earth's Best cereal but will start making my own this week. Yogurt is also something we can begin now and is a good staple food.

There are some great cook books for baby food. The 100 best baby food purees is good. Super Baby Food has great nutritional info but she believes babies should be vegetarians. I'm not on that band wagon.

For veggies, I steam then puree with the water in the bottom of the steamer, put in ice cube trays, cover with foil and freeze overnight. Then you can put them in labeled freezer bags. Most will keep for 1-3 months. With yams/squashes I bake them even though you can steam them because I think they taste better that way . Fruit I just soften in a saucepan and then puree with water for desired consistency. You can freeze just about anything.

Most people, I think, microwave their little cubes. I don't and choose to heat them on the stove due to the fact that I believe it changes the molecular structure of the food. So there is some constant preparation. I plan out Catie's meals for the entire week so that I can allow things to thaw in the fridge overnight or heat them in the morning before we leave the house if she is going to have to eat out.

You have to make sure you introduce each new food over a few days and build on each as you go. Some people suggest delaying fruits not to cause a sweet tooth. I find bananas and avocado mixture is a favorite and oh so healthy. I have not given her fruit all by itself. I always mix it with a grain.

Oh, one other tip. When you put your little cubes into their freezer bags, you can suck out the extra air with a straw.

I do suggest purchasing a few different books on the subject because there is so much to know and EVERYONE has a difference of opinion.