How about this DYSAL?

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How about this DYSAL?


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I just posted on the IVF board too...


I am sooo happy for you! And crying for you! And man did I PRAY! Oh GOD IS GOOD!!!!

So many congrats for you girl!

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I already congratulated you on March, but thought I would here too!!! Congrats, can't wait to hear your beta numbers, that's an AWESOME positive!

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Tamika!!!! Yahoo OMG girl, I've been watching(yeah, stalking )for SOOOOOOO long it seems on the IVF boards and I had a feeling this time was your time to shine in beautiful pregnancy glory my friend! I've been cheering you on behind the scenes and I'm so very thankful to see your lovely B!F!P! :bighug:

Congrats and HH9M to you Smile

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Congrats! HH9M.

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OMG congrats girl!!!! HH9M!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! :jumpingbeans:

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congrats! HH9M!!!

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CONGRATS!!!! :jumpingbeans:

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Tamika I swear you have made me cry more in the last two days! i feel like I have been watching Steel Magnolias on rerun! LOL! (that movie makes me cry when I see the credits!)

COngrats again girl!

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Congrats!! HH9M!

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congratulations! sending you vibes for a hh9m!

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