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Thread: I'm Back at work (and pumping question) JULY 08

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    Oh no, you aren't supposed to wear that bra all day long. You wear your normal nursing bra, and when it's time to pump, you undo the flaps, zip on the hands-free bra over top of it and do it that way. It says on the package that you're not supposed to wear it all day. I just have it rolled up in my pump bag. You might find that eating and relaxing while you're pumping will really help because you'll be focused on eating.

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    Well today I pumped on both sides while eating my lunch and got a measly 2.5 oz. I also feel totally deflated right now, and Finley ate on both sides for her last top-off feeding. I remember that it was about this time that my milk started way decreasing with DD #1, but I thought it was because I was EP'ing and not getting to pump very often at work. I really hope that this isn't the end of breastfeeding...

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    don't get discouraged

    I pump a lot less in my afternoon pumps at work too. I get the most in my first morning pump. I attribute it to being "busy or wired". Once I'm going at work it is really hard to wind down and just relax while pumping. I have a very short lunch too. It is technically 30 mins. but by the time my students are dropped off and I'm back after I go to the ladies room and get all "set up" my time is a lot less. Then I have to include the time to get unhooked, put the milk away, and get my coat on etc. for recess. I try to remind myself that all those ounces will add up.

    I'm going to try to drink some warm mother's milk tea during this afternoon pump from now on to try and relax. I'm also going to bring my camera with me so I can watch pictures or videos of Daemon while I eat. Please know you are not alone. Do you pump in the morning at all before you leave for work? I pump 1x in the morning on the weekends to bank up some extra fresh milk.

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    Is it possible to pump before you go to bed? I pump before bed and if I'm consistent I get more and more each day. DS goes to bed by 8 and I pump between 10-1030. At first I got 4 ozs total and now I get about 6 ozs total. Last night I got 7, but I was about an hour late doing it at 11:15. I heard that if you do it at the same time each day that your body gets better at it. I just sit on the floor and watch tv and don't think about it too. I actually am starting to find it relaxing!

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    I had those same issues with pumping at work. What saved me in terms of avoiding formula was pumping first thing in the morning EVERY DAY (regardless of whether or not I was working) BEFORE baby ate. That's when I got the most milk. The baby always got more milk when it was time to eat, as the baby is a better sucker than the pump is.

    try to pump at work at the same time Finley normally eats - that's a help too.

    oh, and fenugreek is your friend ... 3 cap with each meal should help (and a lot of water too)

    I didn't read the other replies (as I can't hang out too long online) but I'm sure you got some good advice above too. Good luck!
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    Just keep pumping.. Sometimes it takes a while to get a letdown. Also hand express the leftover milk after you finish pumping. Doing this I can get an extra 1-3 ounces out.

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