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Thread: Introduction and Nursing FAQ's

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    Default Introduction and Nursing FAQ's

    Each post covers a different topic. In order:

    1. Intro and helpful links
    2. Breastfeeding Resources
    3. Caffeine Consumption
    4. Dairy consumption by a nursing mother
    5. Domperidone links
    6. Galactosemia Information
    7. Medications while Nursing
    8. Nursing through Pregnancy, and Tandem Nursing
    9. Pumping Resources
    10. Side Lying Help
    11. Thrush
    12. Thyroid problems in Nursing Mother
    13. "The Truth about Breastfeeding" by Jan Anderson
    14. VIDEOS - Breastfeeding "How-To" from Dr. Jack Newman
    15. Vitamin D Supplementation
    16. "What's normal"
    17. Breastfeeding Awards, Milestones, and blinkies from
    18. Weaning Info
    19. "C-hold" or "Sandwich-hold"
    20. Colic Information (In progress)
    21. Member Recommendations and Favorites

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    1. Intro and Helpful Links

    Welcome to our forum! Nursing during the first 6 weeks (and in particular, the first 2-3 weeks) may be the most difficult part of your childbirth experience. I hope some of what we have to share will help new mommies.

    When anyone gives you "advice" about breastfeeding, be sure to look at the sources and/or consult with a lactation consultant before taking it to heart. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and if you feel something isn't right, trust your instincts. The ONLY experts on breastfeeding your baby are you and your lactation consultant! In particular, be aware that much of the free information you will get on breastfeeding from the hospital or your doctor is subsidized by the formula industry. While they are usually technically accurate, some of the information is sometimes skewed to make breastfeeding seem less than ideal. As always, consider the source. I encourage you to use any advice given on this forum only as a jumping-off point for your own research.

    Here are some good online sources for breastfeeding:’s Everything Breastfeeding Page
    Online LLL meetings (live help)
    La Leche League
    World Health Organization’s Breastfeeding Page
    Kellymom Breastfeeding and AP Website
    Militant Breastfeeding Cult
    Kathy Dettwyler, anthropologist
    Berkeley Parents Network

    Medical Association Policy Statements:
    American Academy of Pediatrics 2005 Position Statement
    American Academy of Family Physicians Position Paper
    World Health Organization Breastfeeding Publications
    American Dietetic Association

    Links to sites with lists of recommended books:
    International Board of Lactation Consulting Suggested Reading List
    Kellymom’s list of recommended books

    Other Breastfeeding forums: Breastfeeding Your Baby Breastfeeding Multiples Extended Breastfeeding Relaction/Adoptive Breastfeeding Support Working and Pumping Pumping Exclusively Breastfeeding Boards

    Find a IBCLC (Board Certified) Lactation Consultant near you: LC Directory LC Directory

    Be sure to stop back in here often to offer your support and wisdom to all the new mommies[/b]

    Links edited and fixed July 16, 2005

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    2. Breastfeeding Resources

    Originally posted by Celestial:

    Everything about Breastfeeding
    Welcome to our Breastfeeding Area. You'll find everything you need to start breastfeeding or continue on your journey. Below choose from expert advice, articles, community and more!

    Ask the Lactation Consultant
    Now is your opportunity to ask our lactation consultant all your breastfeeding concerns and worries, questions about getting started, latch/position, pumping, nutrition or whatever is on your mind that's related. You'll get real and honest answers.

    Breastfeeding Articles

    Breastfeeding Boards
    Extended Breastfeeding
    Working & Pumping
    Pumping Exclusively
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    3. Caffeine Consumption in Nursing mothers

    A thoroughly researched and well cited summary:
    Breastfeeding and Caffeine, from

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    4. Dairy Consumption in Nursing Mother/Allergy

    Common Symptoms of a Reaction to Dairy

    Green, runny stool
    Blood tinged stool
    Skin rashes
    Chronic nasal stuffiness
    Excessive abdominal discomfort
    Mimic of GER (gastroesophageal reflux) symptoms
    Spitting up

    Dairy Elimination Diet Check-list

    Milk Allergy Print-out

    4a. Dairy-Free Recipe Suggestions
    A great recommendation by the regulars has been to check out Vegan-websites. Here are some specific ideas:

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    5. Domperidone

    Originally posted by Susan/LCinTraining

    Here is a table of medicines approved by the AAP for use during lactation (note not FOR but during). Domperidone is on the list.

    Last but not least, Dr. Tom Hale's (author of Medicines and Mother's Milk) response to the FDA statement...
    (link not working, Susan)

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    6. Galactosemia

    Originally posted by Jamie~n~Ashley (New Screen Name Jasmine~N~Ashley):

    General Information about Galactosemia
    Very briefly, galactosemia is a genetically inherited metabolic disorder that is characterized by the partial or complete lack of an enzyme (galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase) in the bloodstream that breaks down the carbohydrate (sugar) called galactose. This is a rare disease, occuring in 1 in 80,000 births (numbers vary depending on who you talk to). There are a number of varieties of galactosemia. "Classic" galactosemia, the most common, is treatable by removing all lactose or galactose-containing foods from the diet. This includes breast milk, dairy products, most legumes, and many other foods. Opinions differ on what other foods should be avoided. People with the "Duarte" form of galactosemia do have some enzyme activity, and often do not need to go on strict dietary restrictions. Galactosemia is normally found via a newborn screening test that is done simultaneously with the PKU test (the two tests are different, however).
    I am going to just post this link because the entire page is filled with a wealth of information.

    ETA: If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM (Jasmine~N~Ashley). I would be more than happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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    7. Medications While Nursing

    Originally Posted by MamaRenee:

    I'm creating this post as an announcement because I feel it is critical info. for a nursing mom to have available. It can be so traumatic to worry whether you should wean, or forego a certain medication. Hopefully these links will be helpful. And please, everyone, add any information that you may have. (Click the topic of interest, they are links!)
    Breastfeeding Pharmacology
    Medications in the Breast-Feeding Mother
    But Is It Safe for My Baby? Medications and Breastfeeding (Dr. Hale)
    Kelly's AP: Antidepressants and Breastfeeding: References
    Kelly's AP: Cold and Allergy Remedies Compatible with Breastfeeding
    Kelly's AP: Vitamins for Nursing Moms

    Edited, 3/13/05 to update the links.

    Originally posted by shelbygoo:
    I just wanted to add this resource as well.
    It has a section on BF and drugs. It is run by the sick kids hospital in Toronto and will take questions, I believe.

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    Originally posted by SaraMandM's:

    Hi! I'm Sara, host of Pumping Exclusively on I?ve compiled a list of pumping links that I hope will help you out!

    Breastpumps 101
    Breastpumping Tips

    Supply Boosters
    There are so many different ways to boost your supply while pumping. Unfortunately not all things work for everyone. I found success with several "supply boosters." (please note that I was pumping exclusively)[list]Increased Water Intake
    Warm Compresses (placed on breasts before pumping)
    Increased Number of Pumping Sessions (routinely 8-10x per day, increased to 12x)
    Increased Time of Pumping (routinely 10-15, increased to 15-20 minutes)

    Blessed Thistle
    More Milk Plus

    Here are several excellent links that talk about herbs and other things that you can take to help increase supply.

    *I'm not pumping enough milk. What can I do?

    *What is a galactagogue? Do I need one?...Herbal remedies for increasing milk supply
    This page includes an alphabetized listing of herbs and remedies used for increasing milk supply. GREAT!

    *Herbal safety for nursing moms
    This link is extremely important. With anything that you ingest, you and/or your baby may have an adverse reaction to it. A must read!

    *Fenugreek Seed for Increasing Milk Supply
    Great information about Fenugreek and it's usage to increase milk supply.

    *Oatmeal for increasing milk supply
    Great information about Oatmeal and it's usage to increase milk supply.

    *Prescription drugs used for increasing milk supply
    Information about prescription drugs Reglan and Domperidone and their uses to increase milk supply.

    Originally posted by MamaRenee:
    The Pumping Cow
    Laura's Pumping Page

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