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    20. Colic (Work in progress)

    Dr. Jack Newman has loads of superb advice for nursing moms. This link was submitted by Katie (skat130)

    If anyone has more contributions to make to this topic, PM me!

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    21. Member Recommendations and Favorites

    Avent Isis (occasional use - manual) (kellyr2, momma2babygirl)
    NEVER get an inexpensive (ie $40-ish) electric pump by evenflo, gerber )(KellyR2)
    Pump In Style Advanced (PIS Advanced). Do an online search for the best prices (Crazykiddos)
    PIS Advanced, backpack + extra kits if you are working(CJNME)
    Medela PIS - "spend your money on a pump." (tnrunnergirl)
    Ameda Purely Yours 'I loved it and it worked to re-establish my milk supply and EP for about 10 months." (Mom22Boys2005)
    Hospital Rental pump "I used [one for] the first two months... I loved it!" (CJNME)
    Medela PIS "Spend the money on a good one" (surfingirl)
    "Get a good one. I've had manual ones from Ameda and they're okay. BUT just spend the $$$ and buy the Medela PIS(A) or the higher end Ameda ones. They will be worth it in the long run. I still use my Medela Single Electric and it's good, but it's an OCCASIONAL pump - meant for a TOTAL of 2-3 x's (that's not per breast) a day." (layman)
    Medela PIS (Baby_Vol, Angie676)
    NOTE: The recommendations may be misleading- many mothers (especially stay at home mothers) do not need a pump at all.

    Nursing Bras : (kellyR2)
    Padded are a PITA, don't buy too many before the baby comes (Crazykiddos)
    "GET FITTED! I love the Bravado. Make sure you can undo it and redo it with one hand." (tnrunnergirl)
    "I just have ones from Motherhood, some I am very happy with others not so much. I have a sports bra style one that I sleep in. It is just basic white soft cotton and it is so comfortable. I still looking for one I “love.” " (CJNME)
    "I was fitted at Mimi Maternity. Yes, they are more pricey than Motherhood, but the ones at Motherhood were not as comfy IMO. A soft sports bra is great to sleep in. And for day-to-day wear I totally recommend the bras that unhook around the shoulder/collarbone area. I bought one that snapped in the middle front, and it popped open all the time!" (surfingirl)
    Motherhood - "Wait a couple of weeks and let your breasts adjust and your chest cavity go back to a smaller size. Their tank tops are great for pajama tops." (layman)
    Target nursing bras - get fitted (Baby_Vol)
    GET FITTED! ". I was fitted at Nordstrom. Once fitted, I purchased additional bras at It may be hard to spend a lot of money, but not having pain in my breasts is worth it." (momma2babygirl)

    Breastmilk storage containers:
    Lansinoh bags - occasional use (kellyr2, erikaarcher, layman,Baby_Vol)
    Glass - regular use (kellyr2)
    Lansinoh double zippered, HATE the 1st-Year Self Standing (Crazykiddos)
    Gerber bags (tnrunnergirl, CJNME)
    Medela's bags (surfingirl)
    Medela containers (layman)

    Breastfeeding books:
    Dr. Sears Breastfeeding Book (kellyr2, ErikaArcher,layman)
    Fresh Milk by Fiona Giles (kellyr2)
    The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (Mom22Boys2005, ErikaArcher, Angie676, layman, Baby_Vol)
    Working Mother, Nursing Mother -LLL (Mom22Boys2005, surfingirl)“So That’s What They’re For” by Janet Tamaro, LLL (CJNME, ErikaArcher)
    The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Dr. Jack Newman (ErikaArcher)

    Breastfeeding websites (help or support): (kellyr2, Crazykiddos,tnrunnergirl, CJNME, ErikaArcher, Angie676, layman, Baby_Vol)
    mobimotherhood (tnrunnergirl) (tnrunnergirl,CJNME) (CJNME, layman, Angie676,Baby_Vol) (layman, Angie676) (Excellent visuals/videos) (momma2babygirl)

    Nursing pads:
    Medelas are okay (Crazykiddos)
    Lansinoh washables (Mom22Boys2005)
    Gerber Variety pack (in the beginning) (CJNME)
    Lansinoh disposables (surfingirl, Angie676, layman, Baby_Vol)
    Cloth (ErikaArcher, Angie676)Lily Padz (excellent for infrequent leakers) (momma2babygirl)

    Essential first-week-home-with-the-new-baby items:
    Lansinoh Lanolin (Crazykiddos, tnrunnergirl, surfingirl)

    Nursing pads, Soothies (tnrunnergirl)

    Water, clean sheets, a fan or some white noise of some sort, a comfortable chair, phone numbers of some support people you can call anytime for help/advice/support (Mom22Boys2005)

    "Either frozen easy to cook meals or someone to cook for you. Breast Pump, even if you don’t think you will need one—rent one just in case. I didn’t and really wish I had. I like the Medela Pur Lan breast therapy. The top two things would be patience and support." (CJNME)

    Waterbottle (surfingirl)

    "Lansinoh, extra towels or cloth dipes for catcing spit up, and rolling up for under the breast or under the babies head, a tiny flashlight for nighttime nursing in the dark, the phone number to the LLL leaders in the area and a good IBCLC in case you run into problems or have questions." (ErikaArcher)

    "bottled water, a basket, rolled up burp cloths (if you have big boobs), a good book, healthy snacks, a firm pillow (or Mybrestfriend pillow), burb cloths, cold compresses (found in baby section), rent a hospital grade pump for 2-3 weeks, lansinoh cream (not medela's), and a good stool to put your feet up on. Or nurse on the couch - get good and comfortable. Oatmeal cookies, granola, mother's milk tea - little bit of them to help the supply get going, but the best thing is to nurse, nurse, and nurse." (layman)

    "Nursing Pillow (I used a boppy); Lansinoh Lanolin or Soothies; breastpads; if you are shy, some sort of nursing cover; a bracelet to help you keep track of which side was nursed last; snacks; a big container to put water in (you'll be thirsty); if you had latch problems, a good pump; the phone number for an IBCLC and the LLL (Baby_Vol)
    "Someone to bring you water and the TV remote! I spent the first few weeks in my breastfeeding corner, in my comfortable chair, my brest friend pillow, my nursing stool and my baby latched to me. And once we got latched I would realize how hungry and thirsty I was, how my husband left the TV on ESPN and left the remote accross the room and that the phone was ringing in the other room. If you can have everything in your breastfeeding area it can help you get through the first bit of constant nursing. So, outside support is very important, but additionally try to be your own support. Try to plan ahead and have water and snacks by your chair, so it will be there when you need it. Breastfeeding is hard at the start, but remind yourself, it does get better and it is only super hard for a limited period of time!" (momma2babygirl)


    "Just remember that things WILL get better, even if its hard in the beginning. It is totally worth working through it!" (Crazykiddos)

    "get to a LLL meeting if you can--they are *very* supportive and they are not as pushy as people make them out to be" (tnrunnergirl)

    "Just enjoy your time!! Breastfeeding is not easy but just stick with it because it is so worth it!!! I was not completely sold on the idea of breastfeeding during my entire pregnancy but I really wanted to do it for the health benefits for my baby. Now I am so glad I stuck with it because I love it!! Sorry this is so long!! I hope it helps someone out!!" (CJNME)

    "The My Breast Friend Pillow (especially for Lg breasted woman! I found it MUCH better over the all popular boppy)" (ErikaArcher)

    "There will be good days and there will be bad ones. Just hang in there. The little milk smiles are the best payment around. " (layman)

    "Hang in there! It gets much easier after the first 6 weeks, and the bond is so worth it!" (Baby_Vol)

    "If it is important to you, be stubborn and DO NOT GIVE UP. It was very important to me and it was hard for a full six weeks, but at six months it is easy, painless, and simple." (momma2babygirl)

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