January 2009 ~ Arrivals, Stats, and Birth Stories
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Thread: January 2009 ~ Arrivals, Stats, and Birth Stories

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    Lightbulb January 2009 ~ Arrivals, Stats, and Birth Stories

    *Please place comments in a separate thread. This thread for birth stories and pictures only. If you'd like your info updated, please PM me.

    Quick Update
    If you'd like a quick update of the arrivals list, please copy & paste the following and fill in the necessary info. Feel free to add to it. Add it to your birth story.

    Child Name (username)
    Born @ ?w ?d (EDD ???) time
    Weight, Length

    Group Calendar
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    Gender Count:
    Boys: 25
    Girls: 18


    October Arrivals:

    Oct 4th

    Isaiah (tryin)
    Born @ 23 weeks (EDD 1/29/09) 1:12am
    1 lb 3 oz, 11.5"
    Passed away

    Oct 12th

    Gabrielle Marie (beckastar)
    Born @ 27w 1d (EDD 1/11/09) 12:02pm
    1lb 1oz, 11"
    Passed away

    November Arrivals:

    December Arrivals:

    December 1

    Evelyn (Evie) Mae (cyndereller)
    Born @ 34w 5d (EDD 1/7/09) 8:41am
    6lbs 5oz

    December 10

    Jacen Christopher Clyde (kisses_278 )
    Born @ 36w 6d (EDD 1/1/09)
    6lbs 4oz, 20"

    December 14

    Tyler Rhys (terpmama)
    Born @ 32w 5d (EDD 2/3/09)
    4lbs 4oz, 18"

    December 16

    Memphis Ervin (taralynne)
    Born @ 37w (EDD 1/8/09) 8:10am
    6 lbs 4 oz
    Abigail Rubye
    Born @ 37w (EDD 1/8/09) 8:11am
    6 lbs 1 oz

    December 25

    Alexandra Noel (redmachchick)
    Born @ 39w 1d (EDD 1/1/09)
    8lbs 14.5oz, 22"

    December 27

    Christopher Shannon Andrew
    Born @ 37w 5d (EDD 1/14/09) 4:19
    7lbs 10oz, 21.5"

    December 28

    Delaney Shea (Barbee06)
    Born @ 39w 1d (EDD 1/4/09)
    8lbs 12oz, 21 1/2"

    December 29

    Daphne Jo (joysiloo)
    Born @ 38w 3d (EDD 1/9/09) 3:10pm
    5lbs 8oz, 19"

    Tegan Noelle (Kendergirl)
    Born @ 36w 2d (EDD 1/24/09)

    December 30

    Hallie Jayne (tiffanylynn444)
    Born @ 38w 3d (EDD 1/11/09)
    8lbs 10oz, 21"

    December 31

    Taylor John (T.J) (keaty)
    Born @ 37w 1d (EDD 1/21/09)
    6lbs 3oz, 19"

    January Arrivals:

    January 2

    Lyric Hope (Uropachild)
    Born @ 38w 2d (EDD 1/14/09) 10:01am
    7lbs 6oz

    January 3

    Vincent Anthony (~*((Kimberly))*~)
    Born @ 37w 4d (EDD 1/20/09) 12:12pm
    7lbs 3oz, 20"

    Aditi (aai2008 )
    Born @ 39w 6d (EDD 1/2/09) 2:49pm
    6lbs, 20"

    January 5

    Ayden Michael (shannonjp)
    Born @ 37w 6d (EDD 1/20/09) 11:22am
    7lbs 8oz, 20"

    January 6

    Kameron Rae (fauxien)
    Born @ 38w 5d (EDD 1/15/09) 8:08am
    8lbs, 20.5"

    January 7

    Madelyn Kate (JenIsrael)
    Born @ 40w 2d (EDD 1/5/09) 3:11pm
    6lbs 8oz, 20"

    January 8

    Isaiah (~Shellie~)
    Born @ 39w 1d (EDD 1/14/09) 1:31pm
    7lbs 13oz, 19 1/2"

    Elijah Aaron (~Jamie~)
    Born @ (EDD 1/7/09) 7:05pm
    9lbs 2oz, 21 1/2"

    January 9

    Zachary Isaac (ASIHER)
    Born @ 39w 2d (EDD 1/14/09) 1:55am
    8lbs 4oz, 20"

    Daniel Mark (Nell4Him)
    Born @ 40w 6d (EDD 1/3/09) 5:20am
    7lbs 8oz, 21 3/4"

    Owen James (lori_gorniak@hotmail.com)
    Born @ 39w 5d (EDD 1/11/09) 11:10am
    7lbs 14 oz,

    Ava Veronica (BuccoBabe)
    Born @ 38w 4d (EDD 1/19/09) 12:33am
    6lbs 14oz, 22"

    January 11

    Michael Cristopher
    Born @ 41w 3d (EDD 1/1/09) 5:46pm
    7lbs 8oz, 20 3/4"

    January 12

    Leland James John Oliver (mommyin04060809)
    Born @ 39w 6d (EDD 1/13/09) 2:58pm
    8lbs 7oz, 21"

    January 13

    Dylan John C.
    Born @ (EDD) 11:47am
    8lbs 4oz, 20"
    36cm head circ.

    Tyler David
    Born @ (EDD) 4:27pm
    6 lbs 14 oz, 20 1/4"

    January 14

    Seth John Robert (Emjo)
    Born @ 41w (EDD 1/7/09) 11:15pm
    8lb 3oz, 20.5

    January 15

    Shania Joy (4boysn1grl)
    Born @ 39w (EDD 1/22/09) 8:29am
    6lbs 8oz, 19 1/2"
    Apgars: 8 & 9

    Tanner Michael (jenna_rose)
    Born @ w d (EDD 1-14-09) 2:00pm
    8lbs 10oz, 22"

    Isabella Raelynn (darkshadows91)
    Born @ ?w ?d (EDD ???) 8:26pm
    8lbs 8oz, 21"

    January 18

    Piper Ansley (fittoac)
    Born @ 40w 4d (EDD 1/14/09) 1:41am
    8 lbs 7 oz, 21"

    January 19

    Ezra Ornan (harper)
    Born @ w d (EDD ) 12:00am
    10 lbs 10 oz,

    January 20

    January 21
    Connar (Gretel27)
    Born @ ?w ?d (EDD ???) time
    Weight, Length

    January 22

    January 23

    January 24

    Elizabeth Marie
    Born @ ?w ?d (EDD ???) time
    Weight, Length

    Joseph Michael (MommyQCT)
    Born @ ?w ?d (EDD ???) time
    Weight, Length

    Corbin Stone (Jacksadonut)
    Born @ 39w 2d (EDD ???) 12:30am
    8lbs, 20"

    January 25

    January 26

    January 27

    Preston Ian Vincent (Cdn_Tinkerbell)
    Born @ 41w 1d (EDD ???) 12:14am
    8lbs, 19 1/2"

    Lyla Mavis (MinneMa)
    Born @ ?w ?d (EDD ???) time
    8lbs 8oz, 20"

    January 28

    January 29

    Bobbie Wayne A. III (Topo)
    Born @ 40w 4d (EDD 1-25-09) 3:30pm??
    8lbs 10oz, 21"
    January 30

    January 31
    February Arrivals:
    February 9

    Eli Jeremy (sandraraleigh)
    Born @ 41w 3d (EDD ???) time
    9lbs 7oz, 22"


    Mary (FLSunshineMom)
    Corinna (Rusty-Scotland)
    Erin (Eternaldarknss19)
    Kati (chatakat)
    Susan (nasus84)
    Genevieve (CearaGen814)
    Jenny (steubified)
    Tara (kevsgirl)
    Keri (KeriAlways)
    Colleen (Silver_218 )
    Kristen (swimmerkris)
    Carrie (cjmaxell)
    Rachel (rachelperry1983)
    Deb (2sonsplus1)
    Samantha (Faith1985)
    Angela (mamaof_5)

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    Isaiah's Birth Story (loss mentioned, picture included-not graphic but we are AA hence the skin tone).

    On 10/04/08 Isaiah Zion-Omar was born weighing 1 lb 3 oz, 11.5 inches. My water broke on 10/03 and contractions began about 12 hours later. I didn't even know I was in labor until my cervix was checked and the nurse said I was 2 cm dilated. He was born vaginally and gently @ 23 weeks gestation at 1:12AM. He made two little cries and was placed on my chest. I immediately fell in love. He lived approximately 3 hours.

    I had chosen his name weeks prior to his birth, little did I know how significant his name would be.

    I believe Isaiah's short life was for a reason. Now that I've had my third loss, testing will be done and I am now considered high risk. This is the scripture I wanted to put into his room under his name letters. I had chosen his crib bedding (leopard print) and I thought this scripture and the crib bedding went perfectly together. Now it has taken on a much stronger meaning.

    "...and a little child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6

    Isaiah was named Zion after Lauryn Hill's song "To Zion". One night I lay in bed. this song came on and I began to cry thinking of my previous losses. I soon discovered that I was pg again, when I find out I took this as a sign that I would be a mother through birth. This is our song:


    I had a dream before I knew I had conceived. In the dream, I placed my son in his father's arms and called him Omar. When I found out that I was pg, I knew it was a boy and that his name would be Omar.

    Here is a picture, He was so perfect and so strong and sweet. I think he looks like me.

    On the last page of his memory book prepared by the hospital I read:

    "I have called you by name...You are mine forever." Isaiah 43
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    Gabby's birth story:

    I had been in the hospital for monitoring since 10/4 due to IUGR and absent diastolic flow in the cord (which later turned into absent & reverse flow).

    Our daughter was born on Sunday 10/12 at 12:02 pm by c-section. She weighed 1 lb 1 oz and was 11 inches long.

    During the early morning of the 12th, she had a lot of heart rate dips and she wasn't recovering from them the way they like to see. She also had periods of minimal variability in between. Around 4 am, the attending wheeled in an ultrasound machine and did a BPP. She scored another 8, so I didn't have to be wheeled into the OR immediately.

    In the morning, when my doctor came in, he said that we had a choice of delivering her that day or trying to wait a little longer. He said if what happened during the night happened again that I would be delivered immediately. We weren't sure how big she was or what was going to happen, but we did know that she was NOT doing well in the womb. We decided to have the c-section that morning.

    I was wheeled into the OR a little after 11am. Gabby came out kicking and was nice and pink. She scored a 4 on her 1 min. APGAR and an 8 on her 5 min APGAR which was AWESOME for her size and gestational age. She was even breathing on her own a little.

    Gabi developed an unknown infection/illness in early November. She fought for 3 long weeks but the infection was too overwhelming given her prematurity and small size. She passed away November 27th in our arms.
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    Well, tuesday night DF and I DTD and after that I started having contractions. I figured they would go away so we cleaned up and went to bed. I woke up in the morning around7:00 or so and noticed I was still having contractions but they weren't too bad so I told DF to just go to work and if anything happens I'll get ahold of him. Well, I fall back asleep until about 10:00-11:00, and I'm having harder contractions and I'm having to breathe through them. So I called my mom and told her and then jumped in the shower to see if that wouild help with them being so strong. I get out and they are stronger than before. So I call DF and tell him that I'm calling my OB's office to see what I should do. They say to head to L&D to get checked. While I'm waiting on DF to get home I packed the rest of the last minute things that are going in the bag, and pack DD's bag so she can go to my sisters. Well, we drop DD off at my sisters and we head to the hospital (which is in the next town over) we get into town and stop to get gas and DF realizes that he has the keys to the casino so we had to drive all the way back to town and drop them off and head back to go to to hospital, how fun. We get back to where we were and decide before going to the hospital we're going to go to McDonald's to get lunch because I hadn't eaten and after you get admitted to the hospital they don't allow you to eat or drink anything. I get about half my fries down and feel like I can't eat anymore. So we decide to head to the hospital. I get there and they take me up to L&D and check me, I'm at a 5, this is at about 1:00 PM. My doctor comes in and checks me to make sure, and I'm definately at a 5. He said that they are just going to watch me to see what happens. About an hour or so later the nurse comes back in and checks me and I'm still at a 5 but she can stretch me to a 6. I labor for a few hours contractions are getting stronger, I concentrate on the clocks seconds hand and say the numbers in my head when the hand passes over them to distract myself. I ask them to check me again around 5:00 or so and I'm at a 7. I told myself that if my contractions got bad enough at 7 cm that I would go ahead and get the epidural. Well, they call for it and she comes in about 15 minutes later and they sit me up and get it in, I'm screaming I'm in so much pain at this moment. That's when my doctor comes in, they lay me back down, my epidural has not kicked in yet, and told me to push. Well, three or four pushes and he was here. My anesthesioligist was still setting my epidural up when he was born, so she just took the battery out of it. Jacenw as born at 5:22 PM on December 10th 6lbs 4 oz 20 inches long. I didn't tear or anything, and I'm proud of that.

    Long story short, I got my all natural birth I wanted with the effects of an epidural after the fact. How fun is that!!! I had to lay in bed for about 3 hours until it wore off before I could get up and I didn't even need it while delivering!
    Kimberly, NOT KIM (20)
    Very Proud Mommy To:
    Madelynn 'Maddie' Jade (6/8/2007)
    Jacen Christopher Clyde (12/10/2008 )[/I]

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    Christopher Shannon Andrew's birthday story!

    Christopher Shanon Andrew born Dec. 27th 2008 @ 4:19pm
    7lb 10oz 21.5 inches

    We got to the hospital for my induction at 6a.m. They got all the paperwork done and finally got the IV started for the Pitocin started after about 4 times trying to get the IV started. My veins kept rolling away from the nurse. The doctor came in at 11am and checked me and I was at 3 cms dilated and broke my water At 1pm I was dilated 4 cms and then 2pm i was at 6. They had to give me a pain shot to help with the pains bc the contractions started getting stronger. I finally had to ask for the eperdural at about 2:45pm. The doctor came in and checked me again at about 3:35pm and I was 8cm and did something to kind of strech me out to 10cms. They sent everyone out of the room b/c they were ready for me to start pushing at 3:45 pm but they came in and told her the other lady that was in labor had a problem. They doctor had to leave the room and go deliever her baby b/c it was coming out face up. The contractions were getting really rough. I even asked the nurse if she would deliever my baby!! She said she would it came down to him popping out before the doctor got back. She was the best nurse ever, she stayed there with me the whole time. Finally the doctor came back in at 4:00pm and I started pushing. She had to do a apeameoty (thats where they cut you instead of letting you tear. She did that on my next to last push and at 4:19pm Christopher was born. He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 21.5 inches long! They let me hold him for a few minutes and had to take him to the nursery and kept him till about 9:30pm and brought him to me after they checked everything out on him. The doctor said everything looked great and that his sugar was fine (I am diabetic so i was worried about that).

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    Taylor John Born December 31st, 2008 7:18pm. My New Years Eve baby born 3 weeks early.

    I woke up about 7am with alot of abdominal pain/pressure and back pain. So I got what clothes I needed and went and took a HOT shower to try to releave the pain in my back. It helped for a bit while I was still in the shower. I was having contractions off and on all day. Anywhere from a few minutes apart to over 30 minutes to a hr with nothing. I got blood and part of my mucus plug around 5:25pm or so so I called my dr's office left a message with the service since they were closed and waited for my dr to call me back. My dr called back around 5:30 told him what was going on but that my contractions were anywhere from 3minutes to half hr apart. He told me that I needed to wait till the contractions were 3-5 minutes apart for a hr then call back/go into the hospital. Needless to say I did what he told me to do. Almost right after I got off the phone with him my contractions got steadly worse and was timing them with the contraction master(http://www.contractionmaster.com) all day other then some when I was trying to move around or in the shower or whatever. I was talking to a friend of mine at 6:30 barely being able to talk to him he told me to call the dr. I told my mom we needed to go NOW!!!!!!!!!! The contractions were almost right on top of each other by that time and the pressure was so bad. My dad stayed at the house with Trinity and my mom drove like a mad woman to the hospital. While on the way I had the strongest urge to push which I tried my hardest not to but OMG it hurt. We got to the hospital and came in the ER. They made me re-resgister(even though I was pre-registered, they did that monday when I was here) while they could tell I was in ACTIVE LABOR. They got some/all the paper work done gave me the wrist band and ran me upstairs. I got upstairs to L&D and when I got to my room got ran into the door on accident while I was in the wheelchair. The nurses were waiting for me since they called upstairs while they were doing my paperwork and my dr was called. They had enough time to strip my pants, shoes and underwear off me toss a gown on over my shirt and stick me in bed. The dr checked me I was complete one of the nurses was trying to find Taylors hb with that monitor and was pushing on my stomach really hard. I tried to push her hand/monitor off cause it was causing me to need to push. She wouldnt let me. I guess they told me not to push till my dr was here even though one of theirs was here. I couldnt help it because the pressure was so intense I pushed and my bag of water burst all over the dr, me, the bed and floor. I pushed again and his head was out. Pushed a third time and he was out. They gave me a shot of pit. in the leg so I would continue to contract to get the placenta out. That hurt. Got it out. I got to the hospital around 7pm Taylor was born at 7:18pm. My dr got here about 10-20 minutes after he was born. He gave me crap about not calling him when I went in but I really couldnt considering I could barely text the word HOSPITAL to a cpl people that were supposed to be here. His apgars were 8 and 8. Weighed 6lbs 3oz at birth and was 19inces long. He is so tiny. Preemie clothes fit him perfect. He gets his circ tomorrow morning by our dr. His sugars are dropping and were having issues with bf. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to go home in the afternoon after he gets cleared after his circ. I got a Natural birth that I never wanted. I barely tore with him since he was so tiny. Didnt require any stitching. So thats a good thing. He is so precious and my lil impatient peanut.

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    I kept switching back and ck and forth from referring to DH as that or Kevin..so you don't get confused.

    The birth story of Alexandra Noelle. Born Dec 25th 2008 weighing 8 lbs and 15.5 oz.

    Okay..finally...I hope I get all this right as things got really blurry and time made no sense to me towards the middle of everthing. I'll try not to write a book.

    My water broke on Mon (Dec 22nd) around 5:30 in the AM. I thought it had before because I had a few gushes and I was loosing my plug, but I wasn't sure. Then I woke up and KNEW and ran to the toilet and it just gushed out of me. I remember thinking wow, this is really going to happen! When it finally stopped gushing I got back into bed and told my DH and we went back to sleep. I was having regular little contractions. Like BH but also like I was having muscle spasms. I remember at one point being so excited it was hard to sleep.

    On Tuesday (Dec 23rd) Woke up the next day and contrax continued throughout the day some were really strong and some were not. I kept getting frustrated in wondering when I was going to get going with all of it. We went out to eat at Applebees and I ate a HUGE meal and dessert, it was SOO good. Contrax was really on and off and my doula and mw were just waiting to hear from us. I called them every few hours to update but nothing serious. DH was so good to me by doting on my every need and pampering me. By the late afternoon and evening the contractions started getting stronger. Me and DH took a walk around the neighborhood and I remember thinking how beautiful it was out with the sunshine and all the snow. I started having to rock my hips and walk alot through the contractions. By the evening they were coming pretty regularly but not enough to call everyone over to the house. Me and DH spent alot of time in bed cuddling and kissing and listening to music...it was wonderful to just love him like that for awhile. DH seemed in awe of what my body was doing. He would tell me how great I was doing through a contraction and then we would rest. When they were over it was almost a after climatic feeling and I felt blissed out and so relaxed. This feeling would stay with me the whole time I was at home. Around 7ish my contrax got really strong and I couldn't lay down for very long and had to get up and they were coming about 7-5 mins apart so I called everyone and they came over.

    They came over and N. my mw checked the baby and her hb was great. D. our Doula came shortly thereafter and we talked for a bit in between contractions. Me and DH stayed in bed for a bit to try and rest since we knew it could be a long night. Around 12ish things really started picking up...we finally got up because I couldn't take it in bed anymore and from there went from the birth ball to walking and finally to me on the ball and laying my head on the kitchen table trying to sleep in between contractions. Around 2-3ish we decided to get in the pool and OMG it was wonderful. I had no clue that it would make me feel so light and especially relaxed between contractions. It was alot easier to get into my zone and just move my hips and rock back and forth or in circles. Most of the time I was on my hands and knees rocking and then sometimes I would extend my legs and do a U shape and stretch my body out, supporting my body with my arms outstretched. DH was in the pool with me and the whole time never took his hands off of me. We had our eyes locked on each others and lots of touching and kissing during contractions and between. It was the most beautiful and precious time ever to me. We seriously lost track of time and before I knew it, it was getting light. I really thought things were getting close because of all the pressure building in my hips and also I was getting really emotional and weepy and a few times was crying so hard.

    It was maybe 7:30 in the AM and N. asked me if I wanted her to check me. I agreed I wanted to know and was excited but scared at the same time. She let G. who is in training do the exam which HURT like hell! I was screaming through it and a contraction because it hurt so bad! She said I was only at a 1 and my heart dropped. She said there was a gap where the baby's head should be and that she thought that her head wasn't positioned right on the cervix to press on it and said that Alex could have been posterior. Then to be sure N. checked me and it was the same. They said that since the baby was doing so great we could try doing some different positions to try to turn the baby during contractions.

    It felt like my world had just crashed under me and I just started sobbing and asked everyone to leave the room and DH just held me. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do yet but I just felt so defeated at that moment. G came in and asked that I lay in the bed and keep changing sides and instructed me on different leg positions to get the baby to move. Kevin left to make some breakfast for us and G stayed with me and did alot of hip and back compression through the contrax. I managed to eat a good breakfast of scrambled eggs and fried apples and then me and Kevin laid down. We did this for maybe two hours and I actually got a little broken sleep in between. The contractions had gotten stronger and so had the hip pain to the point that I was screaming to get up and for Kevin to help me up. We sat there and I could feel how tired I was...I couldn't even think straight anymore and at that moment made the decision that I wanted to go to the hospital because I just knew things were not going to work out here at home. It was a very emotional time for me and DH and we held each other for a bit. My DH cried with me and at that moment I fell in love with him all over again. We were loosing the birth that we so wanted and I didn't realize how much it meant to him as well. We allowed ourselves that moment to grieve and then proceeded to pack up for the hospital...I wasn't much help since my mind I had already lost awhle back. DH kept asking me to pack the babys clothes and I just stood there looking in the drawer and looking back at him because I had no clue what was what. At that point I was okay with the hospital I just wanted to get there and it was a hour away! We all packed up and left for Yale.

    The ride was intense with me sitting in the front and ripping the seatbelt off during every contraction and breathing and telling my baby to turn and come down. I would grab my sis's hand from the backseat and squeeze it. At that point they had slowed down to about 7mins apart.

    We finally got there and I immediately started freaking out because I am terrified of hospitals. I was SO scared! We made it up to L&D and they already knew I was coming thanks to my mw. I got checked again and it was the same. I immediately asked for a epi but couldn't get one untill they recieved my medical records and my bloodwork came back. I had WONDERFUL doctors who were very open to me still trying for a VBAC but also let me know that there could be a c/s in my future if things didn't eventually happen, and I was okay with that.

    Around 3-4ish I was finally shown a room and hooked up to IV and monitors though I still chose to labor standing up at least untill I got the epi. It took probably a hour to get the epi...Got the epi and man that was so hard to sit down during the contractions but sweet relief afterwards...or so I thought!

    After getting it I went totally numb from my chest down. I could hardly move anything and started getting the shakes and chills and sweat pouring out of me at the same time. I got itchy too. Come to find out the needle had knicked the membrane and when that happens it makes it more intense and you either have to go way down on the epi or get a new one. Then my BP dropped so they turned the epi off for awhile and the aneth. decided just to try to "tweak" and play with it to get to that "sweet spot" in his words instead of doing another. They started giving me low levels of Pitocin too and throughout the rest of the day and night my epi would wear off and then would have to be "tweaked" again and it would get to that good spot for awhile. It was really rough because I was laboring in the bed and couldn't move or get up through my contractions. I would get relief for a little bit when the epi would get turned "up" and then it would go away shortly thereafter. I probably should have asked for another epi but it just didn't occur to me at the time to ask and I figured that the end was near anyway...or so I thought! :^)

    Day and night and time was lost to me...I don't even think I knew what planet I was on. People would talk to me and it was all I could do to focus on what was said to me. Hours and hours of laboring on my side with my doula putting pressure and heat on my back and DH or my sis holding my leg up and apart because it felt good to spread my legs and hips..breathing through the contrax and telling Alex to come out baby over and over. I remember eating alot of ice chips during the breaks and that kept me well hydrated. Wednesday came and went and by morning we found out that I was dilated four centimeters! I was SOOO excited! The nurses kept telling me I was going to have a baby that day and it helped me keep going.

    Thursday was pretty much of the same...in the bed, switching sides and fighting with my epi. By that point I was really getting aggrivated that it had to be adjusted so many times. At least I got some relief in bits and pieces and that was so nice to have a break and relax a bit when it came. By the late afternoon we found out I was dilated to a 7 and things seemed to be picking up for me. I was already having the urge to push a little through the contractions and it helped to do so and felt SO good! I had to have DH help me hold my leg up higher and higher because I needed my legs spread. Contractions seemed to be getting faster and faster with hardly any break in between and so the doctors wanted to check me again and hours later I was still at a 7! I was so upset and I had to cry on DH's shoulder for a bit. We talked to the docs who wanted to insert a cathether inside me to measure the strength of the contractions before they would up my pitocin. I also found out (because I was too zoned out to know) that they had turned my pit off sometime early that morning and I had been doing it on my own for hours and that they had turned it on again but just to a 1. At that point I had a decision to make and I just wasn't sure yet. Alexandras hb was going strong and she was doing just fine. Me on the other hand, I was just so tired and hungry and mentally exausted at that point. Me and Kevin talked it over for some time even requesting more time from the doctors. I cried for a bit. He wanted me to keep going but ultimately it was my decision. When the doctors came back I told them I was ready to see my baby and I just didn't think she was going to come out the normal way and I wanted a c-section. The docs asked me if I wanted it now or later and of course I said NOW! I asked everyone to leave my room but Kevin and I cried and told him that everything would be okay and that this was just the way she was meant to come out.

    They turned off my epi because they were going to give me a spinal in the OR and thats when my terror and nerves took hold of me. I threw up everywhere and I was so nauseous from my nerves. When they finally wheeled me in the OR my contractions were going strong and I was yelling that I couldn't do this and I was terrified...I was having flashbacks of Aidens c/section and I was so scared. The docs were great though and asking me lots of questions about my life to distract me. LOL one of them was talking about my toes...:^) The spinal was pure hell, I didn't think I would get through it sitting up and scrunching out my back with the contractions but I did and after that it was sweet relief! The docs kept talking to me and then Kev was by my side and they told me they had started. I kept getting lots of nausea meds because the tugging was making me sick. Then they told me that in a minute our baby would be born and I was SO excited! Then we heard her cry and it was so wonderful and overwhelming and I just cried and kept saying "my baby." She cried all the way from my tummy to where she was examined and they kept her there for a bit and I kept asking if she was okay. Her Apgars was 9 and 9 btw. Finally they brought her to us and she was so precious and she seemed to calm down once Kevin was holding her and she heard me talking. I got to touch her face and Kevin kept holding her to me so I could rub faces with her and give her kisses, it was wonderful and I loved her so much in that moment. I was still nauseous and dry heaving through the rest of the surgery which took a bit longer than normal since it was my second c-section. I was happy to spend the time with my DH and little Alex though. Finally they were finished and the docs told me so and cleaned me up. They put me on a gurney and I got to hold her for the first time and also BF in recovery. She never left our side the whole time in the hospital.

    The two days after that was hell on recovery but I think it hurt so much because my body had been through it all. I was totally depleated in every sense. After that I started healing up pretty quickly and was released from the hospital on the 3rd day!

    This experience is so special and precious to me and I can't get over how I did it for so long! I didn't realize I had that in me! I will never forget ever how supportive Kevin was through the whole thing, he never left my side and I felt his love shining for me and thats what got me through it all. Anyway, I am healing up nicely and even went for a brisk walk tonight at over a week pp!

    Alexandra is such a easy baby who only cries when she is hungry or needs to be changed. She has definately wormed her way into our hearts and is such a cuddlebug! We love her so much!! Aiden is slightly jealous but loves to help me out and brings me her diapers and paci and stuff when I ask. He comes running when she cries and calls for her "Alex! Alex!" Its really cute!
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    I'm happy to announce the arrival of our sweet little girl, Daphne Jo S*******r. Daphne was born at St. David's Medical Center in Austin, TX at 3:10 pm, on Monday, December 29th, 2008. She weighs 5 lbs 8 oz and is 19 inches long.

    Labor started at about 5 pm on Sunday night. By 10 pm my contractions were less than 5 minutes apart. We decided to bake cookies for the hospital nurses to kill some time at home. We got to the hospital at around 1 am. I was 90% effaced and 4-5 cm when we arrived. My contractions were painful, but totally manageable. When the nurse checked me again at 6 am, she said I was a 4 still...cervical measurement is subjective, but I felt like I had moved backwards...very discouraging.

    When my doctor arrived at 9 am, he thought I was only a 3.5...maybe a 4. Then I was really discouraged. Dr. Y broke my water, and that really got things moving. I dilated 6-7 cm (to a complete 10 cm!) in a little less than 2 hours! Those two hours were probably the hardest two hours of my life. I had a bit of a meltdown. I begged for an epidural even though I was at 10 cm, but since I didn't get an IV, they had to pump me with fluids first. And the anesthesiologist was with another patient. I had a very strong urge to push...and they wouldn't let me because the doctor wasn't here and also, she was posterior. Finally the anesthesiologist arrived and I got the epidural (although it took him many tries). Nearly instant relief.

    They had me labor down because I was so worked up. Basically, I just rested for a couple of hours while the baby made her own way down. I couldn't sleep because I was too excited, but I finally got myself under control. I had been in so much pain, hadn't eaten since the night before and hadn't slept since Saturday night. I had no energy and didn't think I could do it. Laboring down really helped me relax and it allowed time for Daphne to turn to the proper position. As an added bonus, she moved her way down the birth canal. By the time they needed me to push, we could see her head. We waited for the doctor to arrive, and with half a push, she was here!

    I planned on going without pain meds, but I'm glad I opted for the epidural. I could have done it without...I didn't have far to go, but I was in such a wonderful state of mind when she was born. Tyson and our doula were fabulous...Tyson's a dad now!

    Because she's so little, they had to check her blood sugar. It was pretty low (even after she nursed like a champ for 15 minutes or so), so they're giving her some sugar water. They'll monitor her after the next couple of feeds...it shouldn't be a problem.

    We both think she looks like Tyson, but she has my long skinny fingers. Enjoy the photos.

    Oh, and her Apgars were 8 & 9. I had to have 2 tiny stitches, but I'm doing fine. I'm just taking some Advil for some minor cramping.
    Daphne Jo 12.29.08 Cormac Thomas 08.25.11

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    Delaney Shea
    born December 28th 2008 @ 9:13 PM
    8lbs, 12oz
    21 ½ inches

    I was scheduled to be induced at 39 weeks on Sunday December 28th. We were told that the hospital would call anytime between midnight on Saturday to midnight on Sunday. The phone rang at 1:45 in the morning and we both knew it was time. We got ready pretty quick and were out the door by 2:15 AM.

    I was in the hospital bed hooked up to an IV and Pitocin by 3:00. The nurse checked me and I was STILL 1cm 90%. I had been at this stage for a couple of weeks. The nurse came in every hour or so increasing the dose of Pitocin. My contractions were about every 2-3 minutes but I was not feeling ANY of them. At 10:30 AM the Dr. came in and I had only dilated a cm or 2. She decided to break my water. It did not hurt at all but the contractions came on strong soon after that. By about 11:15 I was ready for my epidural. The initial shot they gave me to numb the area stung/burned for about 5-10 seconds but was not painful.

    I laid in bed for the rest of the day SLOWLY progressing. I literally dilated a cm an hour. At 7:00 PM the Dr. told me it was time to push. After the first set, the Dr. told me Delaney was face up. Each time I pushed the Dr. would try to turn her. I am so glad I could not see down there because I imagine her hand was pretty far up there. About ½ hour into pushing I felt sick. I threw up a few times then was good to go. After an hour of pushing Delaney had still not turned and had not dropped all the way (the Dr. trying to turn her did not help). The Dr. gave me the option of continuing to push or to have a c-section. I never thought I would have to have a c-section but I did. I was OK with it and at that point READY to meet my little girl.

    Delaney was delivered at 9:13 PM on Sunday December 28th. She weighed 8 lbs, 12 oz and 21 ½ inches long. Her apgars were 9 and 9. DH Mark was by my side the whole time. I was never scared, quite calm actually. He was able to take amazing pictures and cut her cord. He held her right away and she had her eyes open looking at him. The birth of our daughter was not quite what I was expecting, but I would not change a thing about it.

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    Libby & Mark 11/19/06

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    Ayden Michael
    January 5th
    11:22 a.m.
    7 lbs 8 oz
    20 inches long

    After battling high blood pressure and being 4 cm dilated for a while, I was scheduled for an induction on January 5th. The night before, we went out to eat for the last time as a family of three. I actually did get some sleep that night, although I was feeling very nervous about going through labor and delivery again and already have a daughter at home to take care of.

    I called at 6 am to be sure I could come in as planned and I could. We dropped DD off and headed to the hospital, arriving at 8 am. It was very strange to have a planned date and time to go have a baby, but at least we knew it was time!

    I was checked and was 4-5 cm when I got there and my blood pressure was quite high. My water was broken at 8:45 am (which was a very odd feeling!) and I knew we were on the way! The nurse told me to let her know when I wanted my epidural and I knew I wanted one this time around too. After about 30 minutes, my blood pressure had risen and I started feeling awful. What I felt came in waves like contractions, but the pain was so very low and not even registering as contractions on the monitor. It was almost unbearable and I felt like he was coming out. Once I could speak, I had DH call the nurse and I told her I needed the epidural then and that something was going on. She thought it was just cramps signaling the beginning, but I knew what I felt was NOT a cramp! Thank goodness the dr was there asap for the epi. She tried and tried and could not thread it so she had to start over and do it a second time. I was getting really nervous.......I did NOT want a natural birth! She was successful and I immediately felt better. The nurse came back in a few minutes later because she saw on the monitor that my contractions were now 2 mins apart. I did not even believe her! She checked me and she was even shocked that I was about 8 cm and baby was even lower. She said 'we are having a baby by lunchtime'. I laughed....even though it sounded great to me! She came back in shortly and checked me and said 'let's have a baby!'. She got the room prepped as others came in, and she notified my dr. I could not believe it. DH even laughed and said 'I didn't even have time to read the newspaper this time'. I felt the need to push and started pushing, and finally the dr came in just in time. This time around, the epi worked perfect. I was not feeling pain, but I could feel the sensation of baby and I knew when I needed to push. After the first push, they could see his head and I was just so excited to think this labor would not be as horrific as with DD. I pushed for about 20 mins and Ayden was here! They laid him on me and I was in awe. He was so sweet and did not cry. He made noises at first so we knew he was okay, but he just looked so peaceful and so happy to be here. He scored 9's on his apgars and was just so precious. I was not even in pain, and while they started cleaning him up, I was texting and DH was making calls to let everyone know he had arrived. My parents came in with DD, and as soon as DD got near him, his eyes lit up and he stared right at her. She talks a LOT and I guess he got to know her well over the past nine months.

    I then started to feel sick, and got sick several times. But, I had expected I would. I was just so thankful for an easy labor and delivery, especially for an induction. The dr and nurses were even quite impressed! With DD, the experience was not good, and I often forgot in the hospital that I was there for a happy and good reason. I had hoped this would be different this time and am just ecstatic that it was. I felt I finally experienced the 'joy' of childbirth. I had 2nd degree tearing this time, but nothing like with DD, and I feel I am healing so quickly this time. My hospital stay was great. Every nurse, etc that I came into contact with was awesome, both for me and Ayden.

    We are still adjusting to life since getting home and hoping each night will get a little better, and I think once I have recovered, it will make a big difference. DD has been awesome, she loves her little brother so much and she adjusted so well to having someone else take some of our attention.
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