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    Ava Veronica
    Born: 1/9/09 @ 12:33 AM
    6 lbs 14 oz
    22 Inches Long

    I had my weekly scheduled OB visit for Wednesday morning. Once again, they had sent me here to West Penn Hospital's Labor & Delivery unit for high blood pressure (we went through this the week prior). That day, the doctor on call decided that it was best to begin starting labor. I was 38 weeks and the baby was thriving. She was full term & he felt it harmful to me more all the back & forth. So Wednesday afternoon, they got me settled in my labor room and ready to start. Thursday morning my doctor broke my water for me & started me on the pitocin to start my contractions & get me started dilating where I needed to be. I had a very LONG & slow progressing labor... I was stuck at 3-5 cm for most of Thursday. I got my epidural and the day was much more comfortable for me after that - I didn't feel any contractions until the very end when it came time to begin pushing. That is when the labor became very hard & dicey. Towards the end, Ava's heart rate kept dropping, so they had me lay on my side & when I did that it went back up. She seemed to be more at comfort when I did that. But when it came time to push, she just was not coming out. We were told that her umbilical cord was wrapped around her shoulder & all of the distress from the contractions, labor, and that cord really made her heart rate plummet. They rushed me to the OR for an emergency c-section then. From there on, everything was a blur. They had to totally put me under to sleep & they intubated me (so I had a breathing tube down my throat). When I woke up, the c-section was over..... That whole process was done in a min or so since it was a very emergent situation. That is when I was told that Ava had to be sent to the NICU unit. When she was born, all of her organs were shut down, her heart wasn't beating, nor was she breathing. They revived her in about 3-6 minutes. She was breathing on her own. In the NICU at first, they put her on a respirator to prevent apnea (even though she breathed on her own - they wanted something as a back up just in case).

    A few hours later, the NICU doctor came to visit w/ me to give us an update on her. (I was not able to see her until much later in the day/afternoon since I was on Magnesium Sulfate for the pre-eclampsia). But she reported to us that Ava was off the respirator & breathing on her own. Josh & I signed consent forms so she can have a blood transfusion since her body was not producing any blood from all the trauma & distress of labor. The transfusion went GREAT! Her heart & blood gases all are doing well now. We're learning little by little how her organs are doing. Kidneys & bowels are great - she's been peeing like a champ & we just found out this morning that she had her first bowel movement. So we are thrilled for that. She's beginning to open her eyes some. Josh & I talk to her while we're down there. I actually read her a Dr. Seuss book this morning so she can hear/recognize my voice & hopefully have the book stimulate her some. The swelling is down in her head, it's not bruised looking anymore & the neurologist does not see any size of seizures on the EEG. They will be doing an MRI on her and it should take 5 days or so to see what else is going on with the brain activity. But little by little, we're seeing so many more positive things. She's such a beautiful baby girl & it's seriously killing me and making me so sad that I cannot hold her yet. But I do know in my heart she's in the best care. West Penn has one of the best NICU units in the city & I've known people who have had kids in here and been told they have great care...I'm seeing that first hand myself. The nurses are fantastic, and I know Ava is in wonderful care.

    She is still in the NICU Unit & will be a bit longer. But she is a beautiful little girl & quite a fighter.

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    ~*Mommy to my Beautiful Miracle Ava Veronica*~

    Diagnosed with a dystonic Cerebral Palsy March 2011 as a result from birth complications.

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    Daniel's birth story:

    Daniel Mark
    01/09/09, 5:26am
    7lbs 8.8oz, 21.75 inches
    40 weeks 6 days

    So, I woke up with cramps and hadn't slept well the night before due to contractions going about every 5-10 minutes apart for an hour or two, then nothing for an hour, then again, etc. The contractions weren't painful, just irritating and enough to wake me up and keep me awake because I was actually wanting to time them.

    I continued to have contractions in this manner all day long and by the time we got up to the hospital at 7pm for the induction, I was having very consistant 4-6 minutes apart and starting to feel more crampish.

    They checked me at around 8pm and I was 3 centimeters dilated but still 60% effaced and Daniel was still at -3 station. They inserted the cervadil around 9 pm and within the hour I was feeling its effects and how it was changing my contractions. The doctor made a prediction of around 4am after she had inserted the cervadil and I was happy with that prediction.

    Around 11:30pm the contractions had so much pressure that I could hardly breath through them. I mentioned to the nurse the severity of the pressure and she had the doc come in and check me. I was 4cm 100% effaced but Daniels was still at -3 station. At about 2 am I was considering an epidural, but opted for some fentanil (sp?). The pain killer knocked my contractions back from 2 minutes to around 10, but it gave me time to rest. It was at this point that I used the relaxation music on my ipod and slept in between contractions. I was checked again at about 3 am when the pressure was returning to the point of my saying some bad words and I was at 5cm and Daniel dropped to 0 station. Somewhere between 3 and 4 am the pain got so bad that I wanted the epi but was unsure about being able to feel my legs this time. I was told that the
    anestesiologist was coming for another woman at 4 and that they could send him in to talk with me about it. In the meantime I had another dose of fentanil (which did practically 5 minutes of good) and the pressure was getting so strong and sharp.

    The doc came in and checked me again and I was at 7cm and my bag of waters was bulging. Shortly after that check I was screaming through a piercing contraction, cussing like a sailor, and I looked up and saw my doctor and stopped profanities to make eye contact with her, smile
    and say "Hi!" then I went right back to the contraction and swearing. It was the very next contraction that I screamed and then lifted off of the bed (I was sitting on the side waiting for the anestesiologist) and said "now that was a gush!" my water broke on its own!

    The anesthesiologist came in around 4:30 and took for-freaking ever to get set up and to get me hooked up. I asked him if he was done yet because I needed to "get off of the pain" and he finally gave me permission to lay on my side. I couldn't close my legs together because the pressure was soooooo bad and it felt like there was a spiked ball in between them. I started to say that I "needed to poop, or fart, or push, or something!!!!!" The doctors checked me again and said I was ready and then they asked if I wanted to try pushing from that position or if I wanted to move to my back. I opted for the back position because laying on my side didn't feel
    like the best position to make the most effort in.

    His heart rate disappeared off the monitors completely during each push and the doctor became very forcefull in her telling me to push the baby out. I got the oxygen mask on because I verbalized my feeling like I was going to pass out mid push. My birthing coach forced my knee to my chest because I could not bring it there myself. They told me that his head was crowning and then I started to think "how the hell are they going to get him out... I can't". Then all of a sudden I felt what I could only say was a finger in my a**hole and I was right. They were using the vaccuum, but also assisted me by using my rectum. I'm thankfull that they did because he came out with that push and they said his cord was around his neck and both of his arms. My little houdini was taken over to the nurse who was waiting to clean him and while my birthing coach was again unable to cut the cord, she was able to trim it.

    I was so relieved to have him out and have it over with, but I was sooo exhausted that I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open. My doctor(s) pushed on my stomach to deliver the placenta as I was so weak they weren't about to ask me to do so. Then they began stiching me. Even though I felt as if there was no room and actually asked for an episiotomy, the doctor did not give me one and I only tore a couple of little 1st degree tears. My bum is more sore than my stiches and I'm pleasantly proud of the work I did. I didn't really have the effect of the epidural afterall, so I'm considering it that I made it the whole way without it, and I can't believe I did!

    I am RH negative and Daniel is positive, and there was some crossing of blood. I got two shots of Rhogam instead of one and the nurse said that it was the first time she had to do two in the 40 years that she's been a nurse, so this is indeed a rare occurance. I didn't think anything of
    what it would do to the baby (I honestly didn't know it would) and I was told by the pediatrician today what it means. If not monitored it could be a VERY bad situation, so they have to do blood tests and check for anemia and I'm gonna look up the rest online later.

    Daniel is pretty jaundice and we took him back today for his bilirubin check. I fell asleep this afternoon and slept long enough to miss the chance to call on the numbers, so I'm gonna call in the morning. We may be getting a bili blanket for at home therapy if the numbers are too bad.

    Well, I wrote a book and if you made it all the way through, congratulations.

    I am so glad that we had the "natural" delivery that I was going for, even though we did have some medical assist here and there. I am still unsure if I prefer not feeling the pushing phase over what I experienced this go round. I never felt the good part about pushing. If it weren't so rushed, I might have. Oh well, who knows what I'll do next time.
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    Madelyn’s Birth Story

    We nervously arrived at the hospital for my scheduled induction on January 6th at 8pm. A very grumpy nurse checked us in and started my IV, hooked up the baby monitor, did paperwork and took some blood. She checked my cervix and informed me that I was still only a fingertip dilated. She inserted the first tablet of Misoprostal to dilate my cervix at 9:30pm. We tried to sleep for a bit, but I had to get up to pee every 5 minutes because they were pumping bags of IV fluids into me. Getting up to use the restroom was not an easy process because we had to call the nurse to unhook all of the baby monitors, etc. before I could get out of bed. Jonathan got the fun job of pushing my IV pole back and forth to the bathroom all night.

    About 11pm, the night nurse (who is very nice-thank goodness!) took over. She checked my cervix again at 11:30pm and I was still only a fingertip dilated, but my cervix had softened and I started to feel minor contractions. She inserted the second tablet of Misoprostal. We tried to sleep again and I was able to drift off for maybe a half hour. The nurse came back to check me at 5:30am and I was dilated 2cm, 50% effaced and having contractions that were 2 – 4 minutes apart. The nurse informed us that she won’t be inserting a third tablet of Misoprostal because I was dilated and contracting. She said she wanted to wait and see if the contractions continued on their own before she started Pitocin. She offered me some pain meds to deal with my increasing contractions, but warned they might make me nauseous, so I refused.

    My contractions continued throughout the morning. The nurse informed me that I wouldn’t need the Pitocin at all. My doc came in at 9:00am to break my water. That was seriously one of the grossest parts of the whole process. They put a towel under me and one in between my legs, but it soaked through both. More water would gush out with each contraction. Yuck! He checked me again after he broke my water and said I was still 2cm dilated, but now 70% effaced. Yay for a little progress! He told me that my contractions would start to intensify since he’s broken my water. Contractions immediately got SO strong that I couldn’t do anything besides bear down during them. They were still about 2 minutes apart at that point, so I didn’t get much of a break in between. I’ve never experienced pain like that before! Jonathan told me later that we had several conversations during my contractions (in an attempt to distract me from the pain) but I don’t remember anything we talked about! I do remember Regis and Kelly being on TV in the background though. Go figure! I told the day nurse (who was also very nice) that I am ready for my epidural NOW. She said there were a few women ahead of me on the epidural list, but she would send the anesthesiologist in as soon as possible.

    The anesthesiologist arrived at 10am, just when I thought I couldn’t take the pain anymore. She worked as fast as she could while I tried to breathe through contractions, all while sitting still on the edge of the bed. Not an easy task! She numbed my back before she gave me the epidural, so I didn’t feel more than a poke, which was nothing in comparison to the contractions I’d been having. The epidural took about 20 minutes to kick in, but when it did, I felt instant relief. Once I was numb, the nurse inserted a catheter. She also checked my cervix again at 10:30am and said I was now dilated to 4cm and 90% effaced. I was able to drink some water and nap for a few minutes.

    Our parents arrived at about 12:30pm. They came into my labor room to say hi and visit for a little bit. While they were there, I started to feel pain from the contractions again. We tell them it’s still going to be a while, and suggested that they go walk around the local mall for a bit. I was still feeling contractions, but tried to rest some more anyway.

    At 1:20pm, a new day nurse (Bonnie) came in to check me again. To my surprise, she informed me that I was completely dilated to 10 cm and baby was at +1 or +2! She went to call my doctor to see if he wanted me to start pushing. Jonathan quickly called our parents and told them not to go too far! This is when I started to get REALLY nervous! It all became really real when she said the word “push.”

    At 2:15pm, I told Bonnie that I could feel the pressure of the baby’s head and felt the need to push so she had me try some trial pushes before my doctor arrived. I pushed with each contraction for about 30 minutes. Bonnie said she could now see the baby’s head. I asked her if the baby had hair and Bonnie said “Yes, and it’s blonde like yours.”

    At 2:45pm, my doctor arrived, huffing and puffing from running up 4 flights of stairs. The hospital elevators had been on lockdown because someone had set off a false alarm. I joked with him that I’m glad he’s in good shape! Jonathan held one of my legs, Bonnie held the other, and the doc gets in position. I started pushing again with each contraction. I was exhausted, but I pushed as hard as I could. Everyone was cheering me on, so I kept pushing and pushing. I feel the doc do an episiotomy (no pain, just pressure) to make more room for the baby’s head. The doc told me that I was SO close, and to keep pushing!

    At 3:11pm, Madelyn Kate made her entrance into this world. The first thing I noticed was that she had Jonathan’s ears! She had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck 3 times, but she started breathing and crying immediately after the doc suctioned out her nose and mouth. Jonathan cut her cord. Bonnie put her on my chest for a minute so I could meet my daughter. I couldn’t believe how tiny and perfect she was! The nursery nurse then took her to the warmer to clean her and weigh her. The doc delivered my placenta, and started to sew me up. In addition to the episiotomy, I also had 3rd degree tear! (Ouch!) However, I don’t notice anything he was doing because I was too busy starting at our beautiful little girl. Jonathan took her first picture while she was being weighed, and then ran to the waiting room to share the good news with the new grandparents. We feel truly blessed to have such a healthy baby and are both head over heels in love with our little girl.

    Madelyn Kate
    Born January 7, 2009 at 3:11pm
    6 pounds, 8 ounces
    20 inches long
    Apgars 9 & 10
    DH - Jonathan, happily married since May 30, 2004
    M/C - September 7, 2006 at 6 weeks
    DD - Madelyn Kate, born January 7, 2009
    M/C - October 1, 2013 at 4 weeks
    EDD - Baby #2 - December 2, 2014

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    Tyler David born 1/13/09 @ 4:27pm 6 lb. 14 oz. 20 1/4 inches.
    Alix (rollergirly)

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    Seth John Robert born Jan 14 @ 11:15pm
    8lb 3oz 20.5 inches

    Seth's Birth Story

    We got to the hospital at about 10am, and my OB checked me at about 10:30am - I was 1-2 cm, same as the day before. He put in the cervadil and they monitored me for awhile. I was having some very mild contractions, and his heart rate was dipping to about 95, when it should have been at least 110. He seemed to do better when I was on my side but it happened so often that they started getting a bit concerned, and I was officially admitted and they started an IV. They started talking C-section because he wasn't reacting well this early on, and I was getting pretty upset at that point. Thankfully, he decided to behave himself for long enough that they let me walk around and eat and just try to get things moving. They put me in a sort of "holding area" for inductions downstairs.

    4 hours later and basically nothing was going on...I was being monitored hourly and he was still dipping now and then, but they seemed to think that was OK. They encouraged me to walk the hospital to get things going, which I did, but I was snarking the whole time about how the stupid cervadil wasn't going to work and that I'd be here for days! And of course they had me on the same floor as post partum, and walking around there was just making me even more cranky...my poor DH!

    I was wrong about the cervadil...at about 3:30pm I started getting stronger contractions, 3-5 minutes apart. DH kept telling me to tell my nurse but I was still convinced it was false labour and I didn't want to look like a moron, so I went and laid down to see if they would keep coming...and sure enough, they did! I stayed in bed being monitored until about 4:30pm when the resident came and checked me and said I was 2-3cm. I was happy with that and we started walking again to keep things moving. By about 5:30 pm the contractions were getting stronger, 2-3 minutes apart and I was already starting to get tired...I was having back labour as well, so I hung out on my bed listening to my Ipod and went on all fours during contractions, which really helped. At this point DH and I weren't saying a word anymore, I'd just get on all fours and he'd rub my back while I breathed through them. At 6pm the cervadil fell out with a bunch of bloody show, and I got really excited...certainly things must be moving along now! The resident came back and checked me and I was a bit more effaced but still 2-3 cm...I was so mad! We went walking again, and I was having stronger contractions still 2-3 minutes apart...I hated being in public in that much pain but it was better than being in bed!

    At 8:30pm I started getting worried, because I didn't have a private room and visiting hours were over. DH was supposed to leave and hang out in the lounge, but I was in a lot of pain at that point and just wanted to stay near my bed and be in private, you know? So we were just quiet about it, and nobody said anything. At 9pm my (really really nice) nurse put me up in L&D because my contractions were so strong (although thankfully the back labour had stopped) and Seth's HR was still dipping now and then. As soon as I got up there the resident checked me - I was fully thinned out and 4 cm, which meant I could get my epidural! I became much more friendly at that point. I was having brutal contractions at this point and they were coming every 2 minutes. I couldn't breath through them anymore, I had to moan and remind myself not to panic and just relax. Finally epidual guy came...I got my epi but things didn't get better right away like I remember with Emmett. Thankfully it did take the edge off, and the resident checked me and I was 6-7 cm (this was around 10:30pm). He broke my water at this point as well.

    I laid there, waiting for the epi to fully kick in, but I was still feeling the contractions, especially in my perineum. Epi guy came back and topped me up and told me that should make the pain stop really soon. 5 minutes later I'm feeling more pain and a lot more pressure...cue nurse running out to get the resident (I believe this was around 11pm). I'm panting through the contractions, and basically cursing poor epidural guy, and the resident checks me...I'm fully dilated! He tells me not to push because baby is still at 0 station and he wants him to move down a bit more first. A few minutes later I told him I HAVE to push now, and this is how it went:

    Resident: How long did pushing take with your first baby?

    Me: 2 hours...I have to push now!

    Resident: Ok, with this next contraction I want you to try to push...aaaaaaaaaaaand we're crowning!

    Cue flurry of activity...one half push and I had Seth out to his eyebrows! Did I mention I got to learn about the whole "ring of fire" thing at this point? I was screaming "Get him out! Get him out! Please!!" and the nurse tells me to keep up with the push, but just a little at a time. Keep in mind I was still flat on my back at this point, as nobody thought he'd be coming so quickly...not the most comfortable position to push in! So yeah, basically in one push he was out...as much as I wanted to be totally frozen, I have to admit it was something else to feel him slide out of me! I'm still on my back, I hear him cry, I can see the look of happiness on DH's face and I can't see a darn thing! I wanted to tell them to lift him up but they were busy suctioning him and I couldn't find the words. Finally they lifted him up and he was screaming his head off! They took him to the warming bed for more suctioning...since he was born so fast he didn't really get much of a squeeze on the way out, so he was really mucus-y. I was still on my back trying to get a look at him while the doctor instructed the resident on stitching me up...I had 2nd degree tears, but that's not bad considering how fast he was born I think.

    About 25 minutes later I was back in one piece and holding/nursing my little man, and 12 hours later we went home!

    Seth John Robert 01/14/09

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    Introducing Kameron Rae

    I went into the hospital on Jan 6 for my section at 5:20am, I got into my room and settled. IV's were started right away and dr's came in to tell me the process and what their purpose was. I was taken in around 7:30am into the OR. It was tough I cried through the whole process. I was numb don't get me wrong but the pulling and tugging was just a little too much for me to handle! And the spinal kinda hurt and was a little uncomfortable at first. At 8:08am, our little baby girl arrived! She was 8lbs 20.5inches long.. and did I not mention she was just beautiful! She has a great set of lungs on her and cried the whole time until she was put into my arms.

    Natalie, 24
    DH Tim, 39
    DD Madison 9-19-2006
    DD Kameron 1-06-2009

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    Michael Cristopher's Birth Story

    Sunday, January, 11th, 2009
    Weight: 7 lbs 8oz
    20 ¾ in. long.
    Apgars: 9 and 9

    I was scheduled for an induction on Sunday night 1/11 at 8pm, but really wanted to go into labor on my own. On saturday morning I decided to take some castor oil. I had taken a small amount the day before and it didn't really do anything, so I took a little more this time, about an oz. After a couple hours I didn't feel anything so around 11am I took another dose. I waitedd until about 3pm and I was having a few contractions but nothing steady, so Idecided to take some black/blue cohosh to try and get things going. I had the little pellets from when Sienna was born but never got around to taking them with her. I had been very wary of taking them at all, but time was running out.

    I decided to take 1 of each every half hour, and it was working, I was getting steady contractions every 3-5 minutes or so. I talked to a friend on the phone and was telling her I think this might be it. The evening continued on, I had dinner around 6:30, Cris put Sienna to bed and around 8:30 I went into the bedroom to listen to my Hypnobabies CD because things were starting to intensify. I was sitting on the exercise ball listening to the CD when I felt a small gush. I immediately got up and went to the bathroom and it was blood. It seemed like a lot to me and I kinda freaked out since that was a major concern because of the low lying placenta. I came out of the bathroom and told Cris, “we need to go NOW.” He got up and we left, he called the doctor on the way and she called the hospital so they knew we were coming.

    We got to the hospital and I realized that my contractions had completely stopped. It is amazing what your mind can do. They checked us in and showed us to a room about 10pm. They listened to the baby and put in a heplock, saying there was no need for an IV right now which was just what I wanted. The nurse checked me at 10:30 and I was 3cm, about 50% effaced. At this point I was having contractions maybe every 10 minutes, but nothing regular. So I decided to try and get some sleep. At 6am the nurse came in to check me again and I was 4 cm and 70% effaced so I had made some progress which I was surprised about. She also said my OB wanted to start pitocin, and I agreed since I was scheduled for an induction that night anyway. Meanwhile they were calling my bleeding “heavy bloody show” and by this point it had pretty much stopped.

    Around 10:30 my OB shows up and checks me, I am still at 4 cm so they up my pitocin again, she offered to break my water, but I said I wanted to wait knowing that the contractions would get much stronger. She was fine with that and left to go check on some other patients. After she checked me, I did start bleeding again, but I didn't tell the nurse until around 1:30 or so when I was passing large clots and it seemed pretty bad to me. The nurse checked me and I was 5 cm now, I was pretty surprised at the lack of progress since the contractions were getting stronger at this point.

    At 2:30 or so my OB came back to check on me and said we should break my water since my bleeding had started up again and we really needed to move things along. She checked me and I was still 5 cm and broke my water. It was clear which was good, and she left again. With the next contraction, it was way more intense and I tried to listen to my Hypnobabies, but my CD player kept cutting out and I gave up. The nurse was in and out more frequently now, so it was hard to concentrate on anything.

    Around 5pm the nurse suggested laying on my side to speed things up, so I tried it and it hurt so bad, there was so much pressure on my hips, I couldn't stand it at all. She decided to check me and I was still 5cm at that point, I knew I was getting close even though I was still 5 cm. I got up to go to the bathroom and it felt so good to sit on the toilet, I could feel that I was making progress. I came back to the bed and tried laying on my side again, but I instantly sat up, because there was way too much pressure. I decided to get up to go to the bathroom again, and stayed in there for two contractions. While I was in there I was starting to feel “pushy.” I came back out and my OB was there. She suggested laying on my side too but I told her I couldn't. So she said I should go on my knees and lean against the back of the bed and to lean back during contractions. I did this through a couple contractions and was really feeling like pushing so I told Cris and he told the nurse. My OB came back in and she checked me right in the middle of a contraction and it hurt pretty bad, they set everything up and called in the other nurses there for the baby. I turned over so I was sitting on the bed, mostly I needed the rest, I was soooo tired.

    They had me push with the next contraction, but I wasn't really pushing, mostly just trying to breathe through it. During the next contraction, someone said to hold my breathe like I was going under water, and then push. It clicked, and I pushed and I felt his head come out, then Cris said to keep pushing so I did and out he came. During all the pushing I had my eyes closed but I opened them now and asked “what is it?” and the doctor said I am not going to tell you, you look for yourself.” I did and it was a boy. Cris said “are you Michael?” and I agreed, the name seemed to fit. I got to hold him for a while and he nursed right away, everyone was impressed. A few minutes later they cut the cord. Best of all, not a tear at all, I wasn't even sore down there.

    Then came time for the placenta, I am not exactly sure what was going on at this point but my placenta wasn't really wanting to come out I guess so she went in after it and was having a hard time. She was saying it was wanting to fall apart, it was hard to get it in one piece, but she managed. Then I guess I started bleeding pretty bad and she kept pressing on my stomach, and she wasn't gentle about it. It hurt way worse than the contractions and she kept doing it, then the nurse would, then someone came and grabbed the baby and they were pressing even harder. At this point I was basically screaming from the pain. Next, she put her hand in my uterus and was feeling all around basically scraping my insides. Then she said “this is the worst part of not getting an epidural” and I would have to agree. Finally, things seemed to calm down, and I could relax and hold my little Michael again. I was hooked up th IV for another bag of pitocin to help my uterus contract back down and help with the bleeding, but everything turned out fine and we left the hospital 24 hours after he was born.
    Sienna 11/2/05 Michael 1/11/09

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    Elijah Aaron was born Jan 8 at 7:05pm. One day past his due date. He was 9lbs 2oz and 21 and a half inches long. The morning of the 8th around 9am I started having the contractions I'd been having forever. My stomach would get really hard and it would just go away. Normally It happened once or twice and then wouldn't happen again for an hour or more. That day it was happening every 5-15min. When it got to 10 in an hour I called my ob office and they told me to come in and get checked. I was at 3cm and I think she said 80% effaced so she told me to head on over to the hospital and get checked in.

    I figured that since it wasn't hurting that I was probably gonna be a while but my other kids came really fast and my last labor was a little over an hour and a half and I didn't want to have a baby in the car because I waited too long! They hooked me up to iv's did bloodwork etc and at 3pm my contractions were slightly uncomfortable but still not really painful. The doctor came in checked me and I was about a 4 dialated and he went ahead and broke my water, there was meconium in it, not bad but it was there. She told me that the anesthesiologist was going to be doing something that would keep him tied up for some time and if I wanted an epidural I needed to get it now or I may not be able to get one. I went ahead and had him do it and just kicked back for a while.

    Around 6:30 I started feeling the contractions and they were hurting! I pushed the button on the epidural pump and it started beeping that there was an error or something. They were able to get the anesthesiologist back in the room and gave me another dose of meds. It did nothing. The nurse told me that the contractions I was having right on top of each other were the kind that you get when you are on pitocin and I wasn't on anything. The pain got worse and worse, I was so frustrated that the epidural stopped working when it WAS working in the beginning. I progressed very quickly from there and was completely dialated by about 6:50. The nurse went ahead and had me start pushing while the dr. was on his way. I pushed maybe 4 or 5 times and he was born at 7:05. His apgars were 8 and 9. The nurse told me to sit up so that she could remove the epidural cathiter thing and it turned out that it had come out on it's own and that was why it had stopped working!

    I knew that they were going to want to take him to the nursery to get his bath and everything so I nursed him before they took him and he latched on right away. Everything seemed fine, he stayed with us that night and shift change the next morning the pediatrician was looking at him and noticed that he was fine when just laying there but when he cried around his mouth was a little bluish looking and his o2 levels were slightly low. They kept him on a little oxygen for a day, I had to go to the nursery every 3 hours to nurse him. It was so heartbreaking for me not to be able to have him in the room with me. They also said that one test that they did came back that he may have an infection so they put him on antibiotics and the next test they did came back fine. They said that his glucose levels were a little low and they may have to give him fluids if they didn't go up but they ended up not having to do that. After his oxygen levels got to where they needed them to be they let him come back and stay with and my husband and then they started in on that his blirubin levels were around 12 and they thought he needed to be on the lights and we would have to stay another night. They ended up having to discharge me but the room was in his name so I was able to stay at the hospital with him. The next day his levels had dropped and we were finally able to go home.
    Jacob 6/23/00,
    Joshua 10/18/04
    Elijah 1/8/09
    Amber 8/5/98-7/7/03

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    As most of you know, I had been having intermittant contractions for a couple weeks and had dilated significantly without really going into labor. On Friday night I had a bout of contractions that were 2 minutes long and 4 minutes apart. They weren't strong enough to hurt more than menstrual cramps, and since it was the middle of the night, I was hesitant to call the mw. After about four hours, with the contractions heading towards 3.5 minutes apart, they stopped and gave way to bh. Since everyone says to call the mw or go to the hospital when they are 5 minutes apart, I needed new instructions. So the next day I called the mw and asked her what I should do. She had me come in, examined me, discovered the baby had dropped and that I had dilated to 6cm, but that nothing seemed wrong, and told me to start paying attention to intensity instead of timing.

    Later that evening, she called me and said she wanted to try inducing me the next day. She had been thinking about it, and if I went into the hospital they would instantly break my water, because technically I had already been in labor for 2 weeks (since I was 4 cm). I agreed to her idea.

    On Sunday morning, the mw showed up around 7:45 in the morning. She got me started taking some herbs and using a breast pump to stimulate contractions. I had already lost most of my plug thanks to two acupuncture sessions. Around 2 in the afternoon, she gave me my first dose of castor oil. My contractions were a little more intense, but not impressive. An hour later, five minutes after the second dose, the first dose started to kick in with its laxative effect. All the while I had continued with the breast pump 20 minutes out of every hour. When I pumped at 3:30 I started having contractions that I had to breathe through. The following hour, I pumped for ten minutes and had to stop to use the bathroom. I decided not to start pumping again, because it was making the contractions too intense--no break between them. I knew things were really getting moving a while later when I threw up. A little after that, I was still on the toilet and I felt my belly. The lower half felt soft, so I knew the baby had angle himself into my pelvis.

    My contractions continued and kept ramping up over the next several hours. I went from lying on my side to rocking on my hands and knees. I couldn't bear to be on my back at all. Around 10 pm I started feeling the urge to push, but because of the castor oil, I just assumed I needed to poop again. I tried a little, but couldn't, so I proceeded to ignore the urge. Around 11, I couldn't ignore it anymore, so I pushed when my body made me. Normally, I'm a stiff upper lip kind of gal, so I was really surprised to find myself yelling. It was around this time that I figured out I was pushing, not pooping. As the contractions came closer together, I started screaming through the pushing. This was around the time that my water broke. It burst like a water balloon, and was perfectly clear. I had no break between contractions, just periods of pushing and not pushing.

    The mw watched me push and confirmed that I wasn't quite doing it right--I was lifting up as I pushed rather than putting my full weight into it. But my arms were too tired for me to push right while on my hands and knees. She and dh got me over on my back with dh supporting me to a semi-sitting position, which made being on my back bearable. I pushed for a while to get the head out, because I kept coming up against the ring of fire and backing down. It didn't feel like a ring to me--more like a knife cutting through my clit and perineum. Finally I pushed the head through, and I had to wait what seemed like forever for another contraction to help get the body out. Apparently it looked like the body flopped out, but it felt like a really big push to me. My mother, who had come up to assist, happened to walk in the room just as the head came out. I think she almost fainted.

    After my baby was born, he didn't start breathing on his own. After maybe 30 seconds at most, the mw gave him a little mouth-to-mouth to jump start him and he started crying just fine and pinking up. I didn't have anymore contractions after the body came out, so I had to force myself to push out the placenta. My little boy had his first bowel movement as soon as he was out, so we were a bit of a mess, and apparently he continued pooping for the next three hours. There was also a gush of blood when he came out, so the mw was concerned about my bleeding.

    I nursed Ezra right away. When the cord stopped pulsing (after the placenta came out), dh cut the cord. It took him three tries to get through it. After that, the mw needed me to get cleaned up and try to pee, so she could see how I was doing and if the bleeding was letting up. It took me over an hour to be able to pee even a little bit. I think the only reason I did at all was that dh brought me some black iced tea with beer in it to stimulate me. Once I did that, the mw brought me back to my bed and brought Ezra back in and examined him in front of me. She had originally thought he would be around 9 lbs, and the ultrasound estimated 9 lbs 9 oz, but he weighed in at 10 lbs 10 oz!

    After examining him, she examined me. She found three tears that needed sutures. It took a ton of anesthetic to numb me for them, and I still felt some of the stitching. It had taken me long enough to pee, that I wasn't numbed from the birth anymore. Anyway, in addition to a ton of bruising and skidmarks, I escaped with only eight stitches.

    The placenta looked remarkably healthy. The mw said she had never seen one with such big blood vessles. It weighed in at two pounds. Ezra and his placenta account for almost half my pregnancy weight gain!

    All in all, I'm really happy I was able to do this at home. I think I probably had an easier birth than most of you, because I can remember thinking in the worst part of it that this couldn't be the most painful thing that happens to people. I could always imagine it being worse. The worst part for me was being touched during a contraction. Dh kept trying to comfort me, and that made it so much worse. He finally got the hint. I did my best to tolerate the mw checking the baby's hb with the doppler, but it really was excruciating.

    I can't remember ever being more alert in my life. Even though I was too focused on what my body was doing to speak, I was able to think clearly through the whole thing and pay close attention to what was going on around me. Because of that alone it was really worth it to me that I was able to control my environment by staying at home.

    Ezra Ornan, born 1/19 12:00 midnight
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    I know I don't post here often, but I thought I would share my story with you all. And give some hope to the mamas that are still pregnant by sharing my painless labor....It was AMAZING.

    ANyway, here goes....

    Vincent Anthony
    7lbs 3oz
    20 inches
    born on January 3rd 2009 (My son Michaels 3rd birthday) at 12:12pm
    born at 37weeks

    Friday evening I was having some small contractions that seemed to be coming every five minutes, totally tolerable, in fact, I wasn't even sure they were the real deal, and still don't know because they only lasted a little over an hour and then completely went away. I went to bed, pain free, contraction free. I woke up around 6:20 am, with contractions that felt like braxton hicks contractions, as there was barely any noticeable pain only tightening and maybe 10 secs of VERY minor pain in the middle of the contraction. I didn't even hurt as bad as a menstrual cramp. I timed these "contractions" for about an hour and a half and they were continuing and coming anywhere from 5- 10 minutes apart. But again, the contraction would start out with about 20secs of tightening, 10 secs of little pain, and then another 20 secs of tightening. I figured, I should call my dr, just incase this is early labor and she knows to expect me at the hospital at some point. With this being my fourth and all I figured I better give her some notice in case I go quickly. She told me she was going to go to the gym and work out for a half an hour and for me to go ahead into the hospital she would see me shortly. So at this point it is about 8:30 am. I call my Mom and Mother in law and they come to be with the kiddos. We left our house at about 9:30 am, in no hurry, as I was still not even convinced that I truly was in labor.

    We get to the hospital and I'm in the main lobby registering. Again, at this point, I'm convinced that we will be sent home since I was in no pain pretty much and at my last dr. appt I was not dilated and my cervix was no where near effaced. So I get register, go down to labor and delivery, get my beautiful gown on. At this point it is about 10:20ish in the morning. The nurse checks me and says, wow, your 6-7 centimeters. I NEARLY FELL OUT OF THE BED!!! SO I was like, wow, okay, thats a pretty good head start for this early labor!!!! Then she says, I don't think this is early labor, your contractions are long and steady....I was like, um, well, where the Heck is the pain????? I said okay then this is incredible. My doctor shows up about 30 minutes later (11ish am) and checks me and says WOW, you are 8-9 and have a bulging bag. I said, I would prefer we not break it, maybe this is why I am only having very little pain. At this point my pain level increased to about 20 secs of pain for a 60 sec long contraction....same senerio though, 20 secs of tightening 20 secs of LITTLE pain (at this point it felt like period cramps, but not awful ones) and then 20 secs of tightening. She agreed and said okay we won't break it now, but with all that bulging she told me that it would break any minute and it was going to be a good BIG OL GUSH!!! I laughed at the thought of that.

    She left and said she was just going to go get her paperwork and she would be back again to check me in about 30 mins.

    So at 11:30 am, she was back to check me. I was at 10 cm. I couldn't freakin' believe it. All the nurses at the nurses station kept coming in to see the freak of nature that I am and saying how unbelievable it was that I was ready to push and still in no pain. I have no explaination to why it went this way ladies, if I did, I would write a book, because I would love for all women to have a labor like that.

    Okay, so, back to my bag of water....I'm at 10 cm and it is STILL intact, bulging, and intact. The baby was still a bit high up and my doctor felt that at this point, breaking the water would help bring him down. I agreed to let her and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH MAMA, look out she had to dodge the water!!! lmao, it was HILARIOUS. And yes, I was laughing, at 10 cms. To our surprise there was A LOT of meconium (sp) in the water, even though he looked great on the monitor, I was concerned. They called the NICU dr to come for the delivery. I tried to push a couple of times to bring him down, but I didn't have the urge to push.

    This is where the pain free part changes, unfortunately. It is about 11:45 am at this point. Trying to push without the urge was hard. In fact, it hurt to push. Only this time it hurt right on my pelvic bone. I KNEW he was hitting it and NOT fitting through. At this point, I got REALLY concerned and told my nurse I know he is too big, I know that this is a typical sign of having a baby that is too big. I'm 10 cm, and he is high and now he has meconium..... She suggested that I go on my hands and knees on the bed to try to get him to flip over, because she thought that maybe he was facing up and that is why he wasn't coming down. So I did just that. AND OH MY LORD IN HEAVEN. All that pain that I should have been feeling was built up and released in that moment. I panicked. I told them I couldn't handle it anymore. And actually said I needed medicine. lmao. I knew I wouldn't get it, as at this point I felt my baby turn and drop all at once...HOLY FRIGGIN PAIN MAMAS!!! lol. At this point it was about 12 noon. My doctor comes in, the NICU doctor came in (because of the meconium). I begin to feel the urge to push, but not like I felt it previous deliveries....it was not overwhelming and it didn't feel good to push. It hurt, bad.

    He was moving down but I kept asking them to please, just tell me the truth, I knew he wasn't moving and that he was too big....That's when Kevin (DH) looked at me and said, Kim, I see his head, he is moving, your doing it, okay, your doing great, push. I knew he was telling me the truth I could tell. I pushed for 3 contractions. Out came my beautiful little boy. Crying away and breathing just fine. The NICU dr said he is just fine and that he didn't swallow any meconium and that his apgars were 9 and 9.

    They handed me my sweet little boy and I was instantly in love. OMG and he was so perfect. His little head was so perfectly round, his face so small and beautiful. Kev and I were left alone for a while. I looked at Kevin and said, this is Vincent Anthony, the little boy that completes us, completes our family.

    We both agreed, his name suits him well.

    At this point, I am still in no pain, and have no swelling "down there". In fact, I didn't even need the ice after delivery. It's all so very bizarre. I can't explain it. All I can say is that God is good, and I am very blessed.

    Here are some pics of my sweet Vincent:



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