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    Griffin Donovan (username)
    Born @ 11:15 p.m., January 18th (EDD was 1/20/09)
    6 lbs, 9oz., 19.5 inches

    Around 1:30 p.m. on January 18th, Brian called to say he was too antsy to stay at work (he works 3 hours away and is gone Friday-Sunday) and was coming home. I told him I wasn’t in labor, but if he wanted to come home that was OK with me. He said he had woken up the night before with stomach cramps and it made him think he was picking up on something and he just couldn’t focus.

    Around 3:30 p.m. I started having some irregular contractions that felt a little different from the Braxton-Hicks I had been experiencing. After a little while, I decided to start timing them and my mom suggested I start my cookies for the nurses at the birth center just in case it was the real deal. So I started baking. The contractions got more regular and were consistently about 4 minutes apart, but not too intense yet. I took a shower and they slowed down some and decreased in intensity for a little while, but didn’t stop.

    I got on the computer and spent some time fiddling around on pregnancy.org. After a while I felt like I couldn’t sit on the couch during contractions anymore, but they were still totally manageable, and I thought it could still be a false start. I went into the kitchen to finish the cookies. I called my sister while I was doing that and she was saying she thought since I was still talking through contractions I had a ways to go. I bent over and put my elbows on the counter during a contraction and it felt way more comfortable. I felt a little pop, like a gas bubble or something. I wondered for a second if my water had broken, but was still thinking I might not really be in labor. I stood up and felt a gush and ran to the bathroom, still on the phone with my sister, who was excited she was on the phone with me when my water broke. I talked to her for a minute longer, and we finally realized we needed to get off the phone so I could focus on having a baby!

    I came out of the bathroom and my mom and Brian were talking to me about something and I had to wait for them to finish whatever random thing they were talking about to tell them my water broke. They were excited and we all knew now this was the real deal.

    Almost right away, my contractions got a little stronger, but still totally manageable. We called the clinic and the midwife suggested we go to the birth center in about an hour. I was really happy because it was my favorite of the midwives at the clinic who was on call and she would be delivering my baby! We called the waterbirth tub rental place and my doula to tell them I was in labor and we’d call again to keep them posted. Brian started getting ready to go get some last minute snacks so we wouldn’t have to stop on the way.

    I went in our bedroom and sat on my birth ball and leaned on a pile of pillows on the bed and put the Hypnobabies Easy First Stage track on my ipod. Almost instantly, I started having contractions strong enough I had to moan through them and they started coming every 2 minutes. Brian was messing around on the computer trying to transfer money for the birth tub (we had to pay the balance when we arrived at the birth center). I had a really strong contraction and afterward both my mom and I simultaneously said it was time to go, we were not waiting an hour. Between contractions I made my way out to the car and stood and leaned in on the seat through a couple contractions while my mom rubbed my back and we waited for Brian to finish getting the stuff packed up. I was saying “aaahhh, aaahhh, aaahhh” through them and it made me realize how vocalizing a little really helps. Finally my mom went to get Brian and say she would get the rest of the stuff, we needed to leave NOW. My legs were starting to shake and I had a feeling I was entering transition.

    It was really hard to get in the car, we had the carseat and stuff in the back seat and I couldn’t recline the seat or lean forward, I had to sit up straight and I was dreading the drive. Luckily, the contractions slowed a bit in the car and I only had two and they were not as intense. As soon as we got to the birth center, though, things picked up. We walked in the door and I was on the floor on my hands and knees “aaahing” through a contraction. The nurse said she needed to check me so we knew if she should call the midwife yet. Brian and I both looked at her like “seriously? I am on the floor moaning!” She said it can be really intense sometimes even at 5 cms, but I knew I was further along than that. We got into our room and I went to the bathroom. I had to poo and really didn’t want to end up doing it during delivery if I could help it. It took me forever to go because I had to work through several contractions and they were starting to come fast. The nurses were knocking on the door and saying they really needed to check me. I had locked the door and wanted to have some privacy because I sort of knew someone would try to open the door, but wasn’t trying to be difficult. Brian and my mom both knocked, they all thought I was hiding in there, but I was trying to finish as fast as I could.

    Finally I made it out and ran over to the bed, trying to get there so the nurse could check me before the next contraction. She couldn’t feel any cervix and said she though I was complete. Brian and my mom both looked at me and were smiling and saying “good job!” I had known that I was complete or really close already, so wasn’t surprised. It was getting very intense for me at this time and I was really having to focus to get through contractions.

    It gets blurry at this point, but they put a monitor on (which was supposed to come off as soon as they got a good read on the baby) and started an IV antibiotic drip because I was strep B positive. I had thought I would really hate the IV, but I was so in my own world I barely noticed. Again, the IV was supposed to be in for 20 minutes and then I could move around freely. My doula arrived and came over and tried to get my attention and talk me through a few contractions. Brian was pushing on my back and both of them helped a lot to keep me focused. At some point the midwife arrived and I managed a weak “hello.” The contractions were right on top of each other. She asked Brian if we had done anything to start labor, since it was coming on so fast (we hadn’t). Someone brought up that we should call the waterbirth place and get the tub in here. I said there was no way there was time and not to call. Anyway, the way things ended up going we couldn’t have used the tub even if there had been time….

    During contractions the nurses and my doula and Brian and my mom were talking me through them, moaning along with me at times and doing what they could to help me be comfortable still strapped to the monitor and the IV. I became aware slowly that I could not hear the baby’s heart beat during contractions. The midwife announced she was going to have to switch to an internal monitor because the baby’s heart rate was dropping a lot during contractions and since I wasn’t pushing yet she was worried about him. I said “nooo” but mostly because I was afraid that was coming, not because I meant no we can’t do it. My doula asked me if I wanted time to think about it. I said no, because I was worried about the baby. My contractions were so close together that she had to put the monitor in during one and it was horrible. She told me I needed to start pushing because we needed to get him out. She apologized that we were needing to deviate so much from our birth plan (we specifically had intermittent monitoring and mother directed pushing included). I didn’t care at that point, I just wanted the baby out and safe and not to end up with a c-section. Luckily, I started feeling the urge to push right at that moment and she encouraged me to push hard and helped me direct it. Her strategy was get the baby out as soon as possible.

    I became aware that there was a strange man in the room who was wearing normal clothes. I could have cared less at that point, but the midwife saw me notice him and explained she had called for back-up because of the heart rate issue (his heart rate was seriously dropping during contractions and went down as low as 50 and was at 70 for 7 minutes). I wanted to kill this doctor at the time, but he probably saved me from an emergency c-section and possibly saved the baby’s life by making me stop pushing through 7-8 contractions and blow through them and take deep breaths through an oxygen mask. I also had to lie on my side and my doula held my leg up and this position helped the baby’s heartbeat, so the doctor wouldn’t let me change positions. Not pushing was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I wouldn’t describe the contractions as painful (that’s the wrong word, it isn’t pain, but it is totally overwhelming), but extremely intense and it took everything I had not to push. The doctor decided he needed to change internal monitors for some reason and I about lost it, I was screaming and crying because he had to do it through a really intense contraction while I was lying on my back, it was the worst moment of the whole labor. I think the Hypnobabies helped keep me calm and focused through most of this though, and allowed me to breathe and do what I needed to do to help my baby.

    Good news was the baby’s heart rate went back up. Finally the doctor gave the go-ahead for me to push again and it was the best news I’d heard all day. I pushed through one contraction and realized I was not pushing effectively (again, I think it was the Hypnobabies that helped me have the presence of mind to realize this) and on the next and last contraction I really directed my pushing, and felt his head pop out. It burned a little, but really not bad at all, nowhere near what I expected. The contraction ended and I kept pushing because I wanted it to be over. His body slid right out and I felt instantaneous relief. I was kind of afraid I was wrong and he wasn’t really out yet, but I heard everyone oohing and aahing so I knew he was out. I couldn’t see him because I was on my side facing the inside of the bed. My mom said “oh, he’s cute, Maggie!” It took me a second to come out of my daze and roll over so I could see him. Even though he had been in such distress for part of the labor, he came out pink and cried immediately. His apgars were 9 and 10. I still had my sweatshirt on because I hadn’t been able to get it off between contractions because they were so close together, so they put him on my belly instead of my chest and I reached down and held his slimy warm body. I saw he had a full head of dark hair. I was still really out of it and just stared down at him, I don’t think I even said anything. I vaguely remember Brian cutting the cord and the midwife saying the placenta was right there and ready to come out if I pushed. Pushing sounded awful at that moment and I said “oh, no, I forgot about the placenta!” A nurse said “it just slides out like a fish, it’s easy.” I remembered watching a video where a woman coughed out her placenta, so I coughed a couple times and the placenta came out. Such relief! I was done! They dimmed the lights (OK, back to the birth plan!) and things really calmed down after that. The room cleared out and they gave us time to ourselves to bond.

    The nurses helped me take my sweatshirt off so I could put him on my chest. I don’t remember him nursing, but there is a picture to prove he did, and I am smiling at the camera. I was so dazed!

    I did tear a little because of how quickly he came out at the end (the midwife did what she could with massaging my perineum and trying to ease him out, but he had other plans). I had to have a few stitches, but not too bad.

    Not exactly the birth I had imagined, but still an amazing experience and I did it with no medication. And I got to transition so quickly and easily and painlessly, and I have to credit Hypnobabies as well as prenatal yoga for that part.
    Married Brian 8/11/07
    DS Griffin 1/18/09, DS Ronan 7/3/12

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    Joseph Michael QCT (MommyQCT)
    1/24/2009 (EDD 1/25/09)
    8lbs 1oz ~ 21 inches

    We the story is not too exciting b/c it was a scheduled C-section – sorry it turned out to be pretty long b/c I can remember every single detail.

    I got no sleep the night before mostly because I could not have any food or water after midnight and if I laid down I would get bad heartburn and I know I could not have any water or Tums, so I just sat up in bed and read until 5am. DH and I were so excited to get ready to go the hospital and even video taped each other last minute packing and getting dressed.

    He got there at 6am on the dot – we were supposed to go to admitting, but no one was there yet so we went straight to labor and delivery where we were immediately checked in, changed into gown, hooked up to monitors, asked a million questions, etc…. I thought we would be waiting around a while since the surgery was not until 8am, but it really happened pretty fast and it was 7:30am before I know it. The monitor said I was contracting the whole time (even though I did not feel any of them) – Dr. said they were coming every 6 minutes and if we had not scheduled the section for that day – it still would have been born that day!

    I was not nervous at all until I walked into the operating room and got on the table – then I was shaking and realized – OMG, I AM HAVING SURGERY! – I was freaking until I was laying there and heard my husbands voice and I said “I hear my husband” and he came to my side and held my hand and even though I could see the sweet on his forehead and he was white as a ghost (he is very squeamish) I was instantly comforted.
    So surgery began at 8:27am, and then 5 minutes later the Dr. told Chris, stand up if you want to see, baby is coming now. I did not think he would, but he stood up…then after A LOT of pushing (about 3 minutes - Dr. had to push the baby out with the elbows) I hear the first cry and I was excited…but did not understand why no one was telling me if it was a boy or a girl ( I mean I had waited 40 weeks for this moment)…He cried for a while until the baby finished being pushed out and DH just saw his back/ bottom and then Dr. turned the baby over and Chris screamed…IT’S A BOY!!!.... He and I instantly started to cry (something I have only seen him do one other time in 10 years). I will never forget the look on his face when he screamed it’s a boy – it was the best moment of his like (mine also).

    They showed him to me very quickly and then took him away…did not realize until later than Chris did not get a chance to cut the cord. Baby was “retracting” not to sure what this meant but they put a tube down his throat and he was fine a few minutes later.
    I got finished being put back together and my squeamish husband watched the whole thing – he said to me – your organs are on your belly, Dr. then proceeded to give him an anatomy lesson showing him my ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus etc…
    Then I went into recovery for about two hours and could not wait to see my baby. The whole time my stupid step mother kept trying to sneak a peak at the baby or me in recovery room even though nurses kept telling them no visitors. When I was finally wheeled into my room – I was followed by my dad, step mom, sister, my mom, and my inlaws… which was weird b/c I was still a little out of it, still had not seen my baby and everyone was telling me about him – so I was kind of pissed, that was my fear with the whole c-section process. They all wanted to knows his name but I had not seen him yet. So FINALLY they brought my little angel to me – everyone left the room so Chris and I could have a moment with our son, but my stupid step mother watched from the door way!!!!! Taking pictures (BTW – I don’t really like her to begin with)….

    It was not until about 6pm that we got about 1 minute alone before all the night time visitors came – we finally decided on the name Joseph Michael. By 6:15pm we had about 20 people in our room and flowing into the hallway – pretty much both visiting hours for the next few days were like that. I know it sounds mean but I really wish I had more alone quiet time in the hospital. I did not get to try breastfeeding until late that night which is why I think it took 4 – 5 days for my milk to come in.

    Also late the first night the nurse wanted me to get out of bed and sit in a chair – I had a tube in my vagina to drain my bladder but when I stood up I thought it fell out b/c I felt warm pee flowing onto the floor – but it was BLOOD. I knew there was bleeding, but GOSH it almost made me pass out to see that much – and for DH to see it also. I was NOT prepared for that AT ALL!

    Breastfeeding was hard at first but as soon as my milk came it has been a lot easier and I am really enjoying it.

    I think that is about it – Chris and I are so in love with him and are so happy. Chris is already dreading going back to work on 2/9.

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    Natalie Rose (Muddee)
    1/25/2009 (EDD 2/10/2009)
    10:15 PM
    5lbs 5oz ~ 19 inches

    Wednesday January 21

    I got up and there was blood in my mucus, I spent the morning in L&D and at the end of the day was told I had lost my mucus plug and to come in Sunday morning for another exam at the hospital with my OB. All bleeding cleared up by Thursday morning.

    Sunday January 25

    10:00 AM - I showed up at the hospital and checked in, they promptly sent me to a birthing room and told me to change into the hospital robes then hooked me up to monitors. Baby was sounding great, I was not contracting but my blood pressure which was high for the past 6 weeks sky rocketed 150/105. Two things would be done to get my BP in check, first I was given heart medicine and second my water would be broken so I could have the baby and get my BP in control.

    1:00 PM - My doctor was very busy so it took him till this time to break my water, he determined that I was 3cm and 25% effaced. I was then instructed to walk around to try and start labor, during 3 hours of walking I started having alot of contractions close together, I couldn't walk one circle of the hall without having to stop. I was getting tired.

    4:00 PM - I laid down for a bit and got something light to eat, I was feeling horrible. All contractions stopped, so I decided it was time to walk some more, I walked for another hour but couldn't do it anymore, and the contractions weren't coming back.

    5:00 PM - I was checked again, still 3cm but I was now 75% effaced, I really felt like I wasn't progressing, and I was really tired of walking. My doctor and I determined that I would be given pitocin to speed things up but he had to attend another delivery first.

    8:00 PM - My nurse, started setting everything up, filled out paperwork and went over protocols, checking to see if I wanted any drugs, we decided to play it by ear, as things progressed.

    9:00 PM - Pitocin was started, and almost instantly it started working I was feeling contractions, every one hurt pretty bad, but they got worse as the hour wore on.

    9:45 PM - I was asking for a Demerol, so the nurse checked me I was 5cm and fully effaced, I couldn't have any drugs because I would be delivering soon, so the doctor recommended Nitrixoxide. Didn't like the hazy feeling it left me with for a few moments but it helped me through the pain.

    10:00 PM - I felt alot of pressure in my vaginal region, and sure enough I was fully dialated! The doctors and nurses rushed about getting everything ready.

    10:15 PM - After two good pushes, my baby girl Natalie entered the world.

    Natalie Rose - Shortly after birth

    Mom & Baby - Shortly after birth

    Dana (DD1) & Natalie (DD2) - One day after birth

    * Amanda *

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    Well I've finally decided to sit down and type up the story of Liam's Birth:

    As some of you may recall I was starting to head towards Preeclamsia so the drs decided an induction was the best route for us before it got to that point.

    So after my 24 hour urine drop, the dr called me at 3:30 Wednesday and said he'd meet me at the hospital at 6:30am to break my water the next day. I was exactly 38 weeks.

    Once we arrived at the hospital bright and early the dr finally got there around 7, which was perfect timing because the nurse got my IV in and all the questioning done.

    He broke my water which was nice and clear and checked me, I was having minor contractions and they started the pitocin at 2. I was still between 2-3 and about 90% effaced.

    I have to add that the water breaking was TOTALLY not what I was expecting. I was expecting ONE gush and that'd be it. Little did I know that I'd have to lay there with the water coming out in small and big gushes with any movement--big or small. The nurse had to constantly change the pad and sheets under me. It was GROSS. Definitely the worst of the induction.

    At around 10:30 I got the epidural (which I was deathly afraid of due to a bad experience with a spinal tap I had a few years back). The epidural went in smoothly. While it took awhile for me to get to that "feel great" stage, the pressure was much better than the pain and it was very tolerable.

    Things continued to progress at the same pace, every thing was good.

    Around 4, I was 8cm and a thin lip of cervix was there, my dr and nurse kept coming in and whispering and leaving and coming back.

    I didn't know what was happening so I finally asked the nurse. She said the babies heart rate was decelarrating and instead of coming right back after the contraction was over it was staying low (70s-80s) for a minute or two. The drs said the baby wasn't tolerating the labor and an emergency c-section must be done.

    I was crying. A c-section was my worst fear. I wanted my dh and my mom to experience the birth and with a c-section they wouldn't be able to. I know it was selfish, but I just felt robbed of the whole birthing experience, first being induced and second now a c-section.

    So they took out the internal monitors (heart rate and contractions) and I got the stronger epi for the c-section. Every thing else was disconnected and as I was being wheeled out (literally) I heard my drs arguing in the hallway with another man. I asked the nurse what was going on and she said my dr booked the OR but another dr said his case was more severe.

    A few mins later the dr came in and explained since my LOs heart rate stablized after the pitocin was pulled he went ahead and let the other lady go ahead of me. It was supposed to be 25 minutes and ended up being an hour. When the dr came in to say it was time I asked him to check me again just in case because I was feeling a lot more pressure. He did, and sure enough the baby had dropped from -2 station to 0 so I was almost ready, plus I was a good 9cm. They agreed to start the pitocin again and see what happened but warned me if the heart rate dropped it would be no option, a c-section would be done STAT.

    At this time it had been two and a half hours since the c-section epi had been placed and it was wearing off fast. I was feeling every contraction. They put in another order for the anethes. While I was waiting for her to come back up, I felt this urge to use the bathroom. I was literally convinced I had to go #2. I know this is a common sign of labor, but I didn't go the bathroom before my induction or the day before (nerves!) and was convinced I just REALLY had to go to the bathroom. The nurses wouldn't give me a bed pan and just said GO we'll change you if needed but we're sure it's the baby. I wasn't convinced and started to just try to go and the nurses said see it was just the pressure of the baby. So at 7pm, I began to push. At 7:15 the nurse said she'd call the dr that I was beginning to crown. She said he was 5 mins away and would be here and ready within 10 mins. LORD was this horrible. She stopped me from pusing and it was torture. I just wanted, no I NEEDED, I HAD to push!!!!! But the nurse wouldn't let me. At 7:40 the dr walked in and I screamed (well said loudly), "I'm pushing NOW." He laughed and told me to have at it. I pushed with the next contraction (forgot to mention, I never did get another dose of epi so I was feeling it ALL). And as the dr was suiting and scrubbing up, all of a sudden I felt a release of pressure and my dh hit the dr on his arm yelling, "Hey his head's coming out, he's gonna fall out". The dr. laughed, turned around and I pushed one last time and out he came.

    I don't think the dr. thought my DH was literally speaking, but I guess he was because according to my mom and DH it was like as soon as the dr put his hands up I pushed and my baby was out. Amazing.

    SO, that's the birth story...

    Liam Preston
    5lbs 7oz
    17 3/4 inches (hospital measured him at 18.5 but ped. measured him at that and I did too)
    APGAR 8, 9, 10 (yayy!)

    Just born-

    My baby burrito

    My first good look, don't mind the tears---

    Getting ready to go home--didn't like all the clothes he had to wear, lol

    Carride home-
    Liam Preston 1/15/09 7:49pm
    5lbs 7oz 17 3/4 inches

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    Logan John (TalkingBabies)
    Born @ 41 weeks, 1 day on 01/26/09 (EDD was 01/18/09) at 8:53 p.m.
    9.6 pounds, 20 inches

    Logan was born via cesarean section on Monday, January 26th at 8:53 p.m. He was 9.6 pounds and 20 inches long. It was the most amazing moment when the doctor yelled out ‘it’s a boy!’ And of course I cried my eyes out. I was so happy he was out and safe! They quickly brought him over to be so I could give him a kiss and then they whisked him away. I did not see him for another 4 hours.

    So, let me go back to the beginning and tell you about our interesting labor and delivery. I will tell you now that if you get queasy with surgery stories, stop here! It is not really bad, but I wanted to warn you. Since Logan was overdue by one week (he was 41 weeks), we scheduled an induction. I arrived at the hospital on Sunday night and was started on medication to induce labor. At 8:30 Monday morning the doctor broke my water (ouch). I labored (with terrible back labor) for several hours before requesting an epidural. Once I got the epidural, it was sweet relief! Unfortunately, that sweet relief wore off on the left side. I am not sure why, but the anesthesiologist had a lot of difficulty numbing my left side. I was slightly numb, but not completely. I was also very nauseous.

    At 6 pm and having sloooooowly progressed to 5-6 cm, there was not much hope of progressing further. That is when we had the c-section discussion with the doctor. It seemed like it would be the best thing to do because the back pf Logan’s head was stuck in my cervix and was getting squeezed like ‘toothpaste through the tube’ because my cervix was not dilating quickly enough. The doctor felt that we would not progress any faster and the baby’s head would get continually squeezed. So we went with the c-section. It ended up being a great decision since Logan was posterior and so big.

    So they quickly prepped me for surgery and everything starting to happen so fast. I was exhausted, having been up and in labor for 24 hours. I cried a bit, having been disappointed to not get the vaginal birth I had hoped for, but I just wanted Logan out and safe!

    The surgery was fairly traumatic for me though. Because the epidural wasn’t working well on my left side, I felt a lot of the surgery. I was numb but not completely on that side. As the doctors talked about cars and such while I lay there with Greg by my side, it was just too surreal of an experience. I heard the doctor say that my ‘anatomy’ was small and this was a big baby. So they had to pull and stretch and it took a little longer to get him out. He came out screaming and with his arms and legs spread wide open. His apgar scores were 9/9. By the time the surgery had ended I had lost a lot of blood in the process and started dry heaving on the operating table. That was NOT fun and very scary.

    I was wheeled to a recovery room where I spent the next 3 hours. Because of the blood loss they had to monitor me for a while. I told Greg to stay with Logan, and so he kept coming back to my room to show me video of our little boy. I finally made it to my room at 1 am and was able to be with Logan. It was heaven to FINALLY hold, kiss and snuggle with my boy. Greg and Logan roomed-in with me at the hospital for the next 4 days. Greg was my rock. He did (and is continuing to do) everything for Logan including changing his diaper, soothing him and carrying him over to me for feedings. He has also played guitar for him quite a few times! It was so wonderful getting to know our little boy over the past few days. He looks like an angel when he sleeps. He also has a funny grumpy face that I just can’t get enough of!

    In the past day my milk has come in, and we have seen a dramatic change in Logan. He is much more satisfied with feedings (obviously since now he is getting really full) and is sleeping very well. He is also more alert and very inquisitive. He stares at our faces, follows our voice and looks at pictures and objects we hold up in front of him. He is just too darn adorable, and definitely the light of our lives. We can’t believe we created this little guy!

    Well, that is Logan’s birth story. I love him with every ounce of me!
    > >

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    Tanner Michael
    Birthday: January 15, 2009 @ 2:00 pm
    Weight: 8 lbs, 10 oz
    Height: 22 inches

    Birth story and pictures coming soon ...
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    Jenna [21] ~ Mommy to Carter ~ 11.09.06
    SO Andy [30] ~ Daddy to Jacob ~ 01.05.02
    1st Little Bean Together Due 01.14.09

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    Kilynn Cooper
    Born January 22nd, 12:31pm
    @28wks 5days
    7lbs 1oz
    19.5 inch long

    So, it wasn't too exciting of a birth, but I'm not sure what else could have happened outside of the birth that would have made this day better!

    I started having contractions Wednesday night, Jan 21st, after I got off the treadmill about 9:30pm. I walked hard for 1 hour, so I guess it did help. I started timing the contractions at 10:30. They were lasting 45-50 sec, and comming every 3-5min. At 2am, we decided to head into the L&D. We had to be escorted in cause of the hour.

    When we came in, I swear to god, The lady at the counter took an annoyed look at us and asked, in a very short tone, "Can I help you?"
    DH, just looked at her and said, "Nope, just came in to hang around and check this place out." HAHAHA.

    So, we were brought back to get checked out, and the Fire Alarms went off!!!! So the whole floor was on lock down. Even if I wasn't going to be admitted, I wouldn't have been able to leave. It was crazy! Just was steam that set off the alarm - In the room we were in getting checked out! I knew I was hot, but wow, that was good.

    So, My contractions pretty much died off about 5am. Nurse said that I can go for it, or just go home. I told her NO WAY, I came here to have a baby.

    Another thing that happened: As my feet were in the stirrups, and I was showing my goods to the world, Some random woman came walking in. She stands there staring, and says, "You're not Jessica." Um, no. Thank you. Can you leave now. The nurse told her she had to talk to the desk and can't just walk into rooms. The Dr was appologizing to me, but I think that woman was more traumatized than I was. I mean, how many people today have seen my glory anyway?

    Pitocin was started at 5:45am. I was 3 cm dilated
    Epidural was put in at 9am -still at about 3cm dilated
    Broke my water at about 10:30 -almost 4cm dilated
    Check at 11am - 5cm dilated
    Born at 12:31

    Here are some pics.

    This is me right before I gave birth.

    BTW - After her bath, she decided to nurse. She latched on so great, and nursed for about half an hour!!!!
    Aislynn 7/25/07 ~ Kilynn 1/22/09
    My personal Challenge http://lcmancinichallenge.blogspot.com
    TTC #3 Since Dec '09
    Reed Aslan, Always in our prayers.

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    Lyla Mavis (MinneMa)
    Born @ 40 weeks on her due date Jan 27, 2009 at 12:06 am
    8 lbs. 8 oz. 20 inches

    We left the house Monday (Jan 26) after finally getting the call that they had a place for us. We got to the hospital around 11:30 and I was in a gown hooked up to an IV with fluids and pitocin by noon. At 12:30, the doctor stopped by and checked to see how things were going. I was only about 2 and a half centimeters, but he said he would break my water while I was there to get things going.

    After he broke my water things progressed, though slowly. I could definitely feel that it had worked and was in a fair amount of pain a couple hours later. When the nurse asked where I was on the pain scale, I said a four (5 = makes you cry, 10 = going to die). She offered me some lavender aromatherapy and by the time she got back into the room with it I told her to call the anesthesiologist cause I was ready for the epidural. Getting the epidural hurt just as bad as the contractions, but once it was in I felt better almost immediately. My contractions were in the 30s on the monitor then. Thank God I didn't have to feel them when they were in the 70s.

    My body was responding to the pitocin, but the contractions weren't getting stronger and were inconsistent. When they checked me around 3:30 I was only about 3-4 centimeters dilated, so they turned up the pitocin. It worked, but then I was contracting too often and they had to dial it back. After several hours of this, I was dilated to a 6-7 around 8 pm. They upped the medicine just a little bit and must have found a happy medium because I had steady contractions that, though not strong, had helped me dilate to 10 by about 9:45 pm. By this time, I had enough epidural in me to numb my entire lower half.

    I started pushing while still fully numb at 10 pm. It was way harder than I ever thought it would be and even though I couldn't feel anything, it was totally draining physically and emotionally. I decided to have them turn off the epi at 11 after I wan't making as much progress and I thought. Even then I couldn't really feel much. They offered me a mirror to watch as a I pushed and I finally gave in and asked for it thinking it would help me to see what was going on. I guess it sort of did looking back, but at the time, it was mostly just really gross ... especially when I asked it if was a magnifying mirror and they said no.

    The doctor was called in at about 11:45. He helped me through some more pushes and said I was making good progress. Close to midnight he did an internal exam and said my pelvis would accommodate her and that her head was in the right position and not getting stuck on anything. He said I could go ahead and keep pushing on my own or that he could try the suction to get her past that point since he could see I was exhausted. Either way, if I couldn't get her out, we would "discuss other options" (he said this to DH too since it would have been a big decision to have a C-section). My MIL had told me earlier not to do suction, but given she was so close and I didn't want a major surgery, I opted for suction first. One contraction and three pushes later, our little girl was born. He only suctioned for one push (less than a minute) and she came right out. It was definitely the right decision for us.

    And then there was our amazing baby on my chest! DH cut the cord and followed her to the warmer with the nurse while I got stitched up (nothing too bad). Next thing I know she's mostly cleaned up and laying there on my chest. Amazing!

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    I posted my birthstory but I'm left off the stats post on page one

    Liam Preston
    Jan. 15, 2009 (38 weeks exactly)
    5lbs 7oz 17 3/4 inches
    APGAR 8,9
    Liam Preston 1/15/09 7:49pm
    5lbs 7oz 17 3/4 inches

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    Default Savanna June

    Savanna June (les27)
    Born January 29, 2009 @ 8:52 PM (due January 22)
    8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long

    On Wednesday January 28th, we went into the hospital to have the Cervadil inserted...we got there at about 7:10 PM. My doctor had been out of town for almost a week, and had just gotten back into town that afternoon. He called the hospital at about 8 to see if I had had my baby while he was gone, and when they told him that no I was there to get induced he headed right in. He checked me before he did anything, and I was the same as I was at my appointment the Friday before (1 cm, 50% effaced, and still high up there). He gave me a Bishop score of 5. He inserted the Cervadil at about 9:30 PM. I was already having contractions before this, but they gained in strength after he inserted it. I wasn't in pain, but I was definitely VERY uncomfortable all night. I slept for MAYBE 2 hours that night. I kept having to get up to go pee, and of course I had to have the nurse come unhook me a gazillion times.

    Dr. Brown checked me the next morning around 9:45 AM. I was 2 cm, 60% effaced and -2 station....Bishop score of 8 (he wanted me at a 10). Since I wasn't quite where he wanted me in order to start the Pit, he inserted a Foley catheter balloon against my cervix, this is supposed to do the same thing that Cervadil does, but it works faster. Oh man, the instant he put that thing in, I was in so much pain. I immediately started feeling sick, and the contractions got A LOT more intense. He told me that the balloon will fall out on its own when it was done doing it's work....it did at 11:00 AM when I had to go to the bathroom....I was still having intense contractions, but they weren't as uncomfortable as they were with the balloon up there. The doctor checked me and I was at 4 cm, and I was still having intense good contractions, so they decided to hold off on the pit and see what my body did. I told them I wanted the epi........and then I vomited. My dh almost vomited right along with me, but he didn't.

    I then found out that my older sister was coming down to be with me while I was in labor (my dh was there, but he isn't very good about distracting me). When she got there, we played card games for hours. She was VERY good at distracting me! She'd also given birth 4 times so she knew what was going on with me, and was very helpful.

    Epi was placed at about 1 pm.....YEA!!! CAN'T FEEL ANYTHING!! I told the anesthesiologist that he was my hero of the day. The nurse checked me again at about 2:45 PM and I was 5-6 cm, -1 station. The doctor then came to check me to make sure it was the same as the nurse, and he said I was really just barely a 5. He then broke my water and it had a staining of meconium.

    Checked again at 4:00 PM, and was still at 5 cm, -1 station......they started the pit on a low level. 5:30 PM I was checked again, still at 5 cm, 90% effaced, 0 station. They upped the pit.

    6:45 PM was checked again, and I was at 7 cm (Yea! finally some progress!), 100% effaced, +1 station. I still couldn't feel a thing! I felt so good!!!

    7:45 PM I was complete. I had to wear an oxygen mask the whole time I was pushing, because her heartrate was all over the place. The doctor and nurse kept telling me I was such a good pusher - they were so encouraging. my dh was awesome, he was helping me pull my back and neck up when I was pushing. I was holding my own legs, and the nurse was helping me with one of them. I pushed for a little under an hour, and she finally came out at 8:52 PM. I immediately started crying when I saw her she was so beautiful. I had waited so long to be a mommy, and I could not believe the she was all mine. Her apgars were 7 & 9. I had a 2nd degree tear. I didn't feel a thing until just after the dr was done stitching me up.....oh man, then I was hurting! The doctor then wanted to examine Savanna.....and while he was, she pooed all over him! The nurse had to take her to get a bath (which normally doesn't happen until they are about 4 hours old), and then she had to go under the warmer because of that. They finally brought her to me and I nursed her again. (I nursed her in the delivery room, but I don't remember when....it was kind of a blur....my sister helped me nurse her the first time).

    The next few days were a little rough on me....my body didn't like the after effects of the epi, but I was in heaven taking care of my little girl. She was a great nurser right from the start (and still is!)

    I was so scared that I would end up with a c-sec (from hearing so many stories about inductions ending up in c-sec)....I am so glad that the induction went so smoothly for me, and that I got the vag birth that I wanted!

    I took her to her 2 week appt and she was already up to 9 lbs! It's now been 2 weeks since that appt, so I'm sure she's more than that. She is looking more and more like her daddy every day.

    I will post some pics later.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Lesli & Russell August 24, 2007
    Savanna June --- January 29, 2009
    Alivia Christi --- January 9, 2013

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