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Thread: January 2009 ~ Arrivals, Stats, and Birth Stories

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    Birth Story of Payton Amanda: January 9th, 2009

    Sorry it has taken me so long to post; I have been sooo busy!! So...Here it is!!!!

    January 8th, the day before my due date, I woke up with a little bit of blood, so I knew it was coming. We got ready, and I made sure we had everything packed, and so on...Then I just waited. Nothing happened til about 2:00 p.m. I had my first contraction; It was VERY mild; In fact, I wasen't even sure it was a contraction at first. They were coming about every 45 min-an hour, and not strong at all. Then, at around 5:00 p.m., they started coming about every 20 min. but still very mild. All the way up to around 9:00 p.m., still every 20 min. but getting a tad bit stronger. So at about 11:00 p.m., I decieded to go lay down for a while, thinking I better get my rest, that it would probably pick up sometime in the middle of the night. Well as soon as I layed down, they went to every 7 min. so I waited about a 1/2 hour, then got up, got my husband from the garage where he was playing video games, and called my father-in-law to come over to stay with Ashlyn while we were at the birthing center. He came over about 12:15 a.m., and we were just hanging out, I was walking around, getting things ready, having contractions still every 7 min. But they weren't too bad. We thought we had some time before calling our midwife, so we were just trying to stay calm. Then all of a sudden I had a really bad one, just sent me almost to the floor, I thought I was going to throw up, so I headed back to the bed with Travess (My DH) I had a couple more really bad ones, then from my waist down I started shaking uncontrolably in between contactions, I couldn't relaxe; It was terrible. I was pretty scared. Then, my contactions jumped to every 2 min. after about 4 of these, my DH was like, "Katie, I think we need to leave NOW" I hadn't called our midwife yet, so I crawled to the bathroom and called her. She heard my voice, and told me she didn't think I was going to make it, and that I should just go straight to the hospital. I was mad, because I really didn't want to go to the hospital, so we were trying to deciede what to do, when I had the worst contraction yet, threw the phone at my husband, screamed "I HAVE TO PUSH!!!" And just started to push. I was uncontrolable, like my body was doing the pushing itself, and I HAD to push. My DH picked up the phone, said "She says she has to push. Should I call an ambulance??" And the midwife said "Uhh......YES!" So he called an ambulance, meanwhile I am screaming in agony, trying to get my pants off because I can feel her coming out. My DH is running around the house like a madman, and when the ambulance got hear, he ran out of the house screaming "HURRY!! SHES CROWNING!!" Soo funny! I woke up my daughter screaming so loud, and she came running in the room screaming "Mommy mommy!!" My DH picked her up and took her out in the living room with my FIL, and then came back with me; He finally took my pants off, and Payton was crowning!!! It took the ambulance about 10 minutes to get there, and suddenly I have 8 dudes standing my my bedroom...It was crazy!! But I so didn't care at the moment, I was in so much pain, I think just because it happened so fast, My body was in shock; 2 pushes later, and she was out!! Right there on the bed!! My DH brought Ashlyn in to see her new baby sister, and made sure she was I was o.k., I was just crying. It was so intense. I had my DH call my mom, and soon they put me on a strecher and carried me out; I delivered the placenta in our hallway! I got to hold the baby all the way to the hospital, so I was happy. The hospital sucked, but we were home 19 hours later; She weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. was 20 inches long, born at 1:36 a.m. ON MY DUE DATE!!
    I had tested positive for group B strep, so the hospital wanted to keep her for 36 hours, but after 19 we were released, because she seemed fine; I was a little dissapointed that I didn't get to have her at the birthing center where I had my daughter, but it is a hell of a story, one we will definately never forget!! She is such a good baby, I am doing really good too; Alot easier with the 2 then I thought it was going to be; Ashlyn is adjusting well, Payton is nursing well, and we are so happy. But I am not sure we are going to have anymore; The first thing that popped into my head when she came out was 'I am never going through this again!!' And I kinda meant it; So we will see. My DH might not get his boy he always wanted, But he has 2 beautiful girls now to drive him crazy!! So that is it, hear are lots of pics. (Obviously I have no pics. from right after she was born; Just at the hospital and afterward) and thanks for reading!!!!!







    Payton, 2 months:
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    Default Kamryn Born 01-06-09

    I went in to my OB office for my weekly check up and ultrasound at 37 weeks. Since I've been known to have a 9lb baby, and it was a tight squeeze for me, they checked her weight. She weighed in at 8.13 lbs. They scheduled my induction for 39 weeks. I went in on January 6th at 5:30a.m. to have Kamryn at Lexington Medical Center. They sent me to one of the brand new suites to deliver. Around 7a.m. after all the paperwork they started me on pitocin. At around 11a.m. I was 3-4c.m. dilated. They then gave me an Epidural. They rushed b/c there were so many women in labor that they felt that if I didn't get it in time that I wouldn't get it. Well, low and behold I had a 20 hour labor with my first, I would not have a fast labor this time. Around 5p.m. I was 7-8 cm dilated and they gave me another Epidural. Around 9:12 p.m. she was born. They said that she was in an odd position that would have made it hard to contract on my own. I had such a high level of pitocin that they had to continue it afterward so that I wouldn't just have a huge bleed out. Kamryn Isabella weighed in at 8lbs 15o.z. and 20 inches long. I had a really quick recovery and really got to enjoy this pregnancy a lot more this go around.

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    though i did write up Ellie's birth story right after she was born, i want to have it saved on this thread, with me remembering different things now that it was almost 4 months ago.

    at almost 37 weeks i was scheduled for an u/s, routine i guess for my OB's office, and i decided to see the MW instead even though i had often seen only one of the Dr's because of scheduling. i always felt like i was getting rubber stamped on my forehead, and i wasnt sure thats how i wanted my labor to go. they reccomend you meet all the Dr's so you know whichever one is on duty the day you deliver. the U/s tech confimred that Ellie was a girl for me, then gave me her measurements. Dh guessed she'd be bigger than 6 lb 8 oz. i guessed 6lb 2 oz. she weighed 7 lb 12 oz and was measuring 39w6d at 36w5d.

    i realized i would not be making it to my due date at this point. then the MW talked to me, went over a few things and warned me that my usual DR would probably have been scheduling me for a C-secion becaus of her size, and i trusted her, she's worked with him for 20 years. Then she asked if wanted to be checked, and i said yes. totally not even uncomfortable, the lady was awesome, and she said "well, you are 3-4 and 80% dilated" and i just about fell off the table. she wasnt even sure i'd make it to my next appointment, but almost guarenteed i would not make it 2 weeks. smart lady, i didnt make it that long, but i did make it to my next appointment the next week.

    2 days later DH and i DTD, becausei told him we could at 37 weeks because she was officially full term (he'd been cut off for a month because it was uncomfortable and i didnt want to freaking deal with it anymore) had mild contracions that at first just felt like cramps and backpain but kinda started coming in waves at that point.then it stopped. we went to sleep. DTD again that sunday, no contrax. spent the night wandering wal-mart because i couldnt sleep and neither could DH. got sick of walking my kitchen.

    at the next appointment i saw a different Dr, he was pretty cool, hes on my good list for my next pregnancy... whenever that is. checked me said i was at a solid 4, and i quote "you cant stay dilated forever!" and he was pretty sure i wouldnt make it a week. i didnt. the next night DH and i DTD and started some contracions. was just sore/uncomfortable right after but soon they were coming in waves and getting pretty regular. DH started timing them. i baked a cherry chip cake. then i frosted it. managed to eat some of the trimmings, last thing i ate until after Ellie was born.

    at about 10 i looked at my log, realized they were 4-5 minutes apart and nearly a minute long each and i wasnt doing anything except laying in bed anymore, so DH told me to call the hospital. i did. the Dr i usually saw and wish i hadnt was on duty, told me to go in. so i did. sat in the ER waiting room for 10 minutes while they sent a nurse down for me. she was very nice, and i rode up in the elavator even though i HATE elavators, DH took the stairs and met me on the OB floor. we got checked in, got a room and i got the most ancient and outdated nurse EVER. UGH. not comfortable when she checked me, still at a 4 and she could not get the contracions on the moniter for sh*t. just kept making me uncomfortable and telling me the contracions were not that bad. witch. then she told me that the Dr would probably send me home. she called him, and he said for me to stay, best move he made then the nurse got me to take an ambien so i would sleep, even thogh i didnt want it, but i did get some good sleep before she was born at least.

    woke up in the morning just before the Dr came by to do rounds, wanted breakfast. was denied then the Dr came in and checked me, i had gone to 6 and he said he could stretch me to a 7 and wanted to break my water. i didnt really want to but i was stunned that i was at a 6 after my contractions stopped and i slept all night, so we went with it. they broke my water and i sat there for an hour gushing and dripping with ONE contracion the hwole time, making phone calls. my mom didnt work that day and she came right away. my BIL came by for a second and i kicked him out. Dr said if i wasnt progressing my 11 he wanted to start Pit, and i didnt want that so at 10 we started walking the halls, made it around the loop 3 times and the contractions got stronger and closer and longer ... took like an hour. then we went back to my room where my mom was knitting in the corner. tried the ball, tried heat, tried different positions... this is where it starts to BLUR. we kicked my mom out, i was too uncomfortable.

    they started me on IV antibiotics for Group B strep.... and i realized later that i thought i was GBS negative.... pretty sure i was.... somebody screwed up. i got a really good student nurse named Ashley. i liked her. lots. then Ellie's heart rate started to dip on the moniter so they gave me some apple juice and that fixed it. woke the kiddo right up then she got the hiccups and the volume was way up and i laughed because they sounded just like hiccups on the outside! went to the bathroom.... started feeling the urge to push from being in that position, told the nurse. told her i wanted drugs. she checked me, told me i was 8-9 and in transition and she'd check but they probably wouldnt give me drugs. she was right. the Dr said 9, with just a lip of cervix left, so dont push yet.

    but i wanted to push, at this point there was lots of lay, sit, lay, squat, dont push, rest, the nurse trying to push the cervix back in so her head could engage better... and it ended up only being 2 hrs until she was born and it seems like so much happened, i threw up the apple juice. i chewed ice chips and tried to swallow before the next contracion. i swore, i yelled, i think once i screamed. my mom and sister came to the door 3 times. DH turned them away for me. good boy. DH told me once (repeating the Dr) "try harder" and i must have glared lasers at him because all i heard from ther eon out was "good job" i kept trying not to hold my breath in and strain my neck or jaw because i read not to. bull****. i made almost no progress until i started to do that.

    the nurse tied a sheet to the squat bar and i used it for leverage. idk why they took it away for the actual birth. i liked it. i guess it was in the freaking Dr's way... because things have to make him comfortable. (note the heavy sarcasm) anyway, i was pushing, they kept telling me to relax but if i let go of my legs and let them drop the next contraction would start so i had to keep them bent and up. the poor nurse kept trying to move the damn moniter around on my belly to get Ellie's heart rate, it was FINE every time she checked it, and it really annoyed me but i guess thats what she gets paid to do so they dont get sued if the baby gets stuck and is under too much stress. then i get to thinking i'm pretty close, i feel like she has moved down more... its not like there is a ruler taped there to see how far she's at... and the Dr comes in, feels around and asks "have you ever broken your tailbone?" um.... i dont think i have.... but i guess i must have because its kinda kinked the wrong way and they tell me now i have to get Ellie's head AROUND that!
    not really what i wanted to hear. then at 1:34 pm (i was born at 1:35 in the afternoon) my mom comes tothe door again and says "you've got one minute" and i really wanted to tell her where she could shove that damn minute... but i just said "if i could do this in one more minute i WOULD!" and i kinda figured i was close but not THAT close. i ripped my gown of at one point. i was HOT.
    the Dr comes back in again.... cuz he cant just stay in the room and be helpful or anything... not even sure what he was there for... and says "oh, she's right there" and instead of telling me to rest between contractions, the nurse tells me to hold onto it, take a breath and push again. and i did. my lips went numb i held my breath so hard. they put a receiving blanket on my tummy to get ready to put her there. i got excited. i never got that "ring of fire" feeling i was told to expect, but i could kinda tell when her head came out, because the rest of her followed so quickly. but i was pushing so hard that the rest of her came out TOO fast and her shoulder ended up causing a 2nd degree tear.

    they laid her on my belly, and the first thing i though was "she's so heavy" and like a good mommy, i just started helping clean her off with the blanket. that was my instinct. i didnt cry. DH almost did. then he freaks out going to look for a camera.... the nurse takes the baby to dry her off and clean her up... and i feel a poke. "OUCH" well, at least the Dr didnt say "what" he said "you tore, i didnt perform an episiotomy. you TORE" like it wasnt his fault.... and that was just the anesthetic! i didnt feel the poke when he sewed it up, but i did feel the TUG. uuuugghhh.. not a pretty feeling. the nice nurse is mopping up blood from ALLLL over me, i'm trying to remember it getting there... and i'm not insisting on nursing Ellie because i'm getting stitches right now... but DH was back with the camera, taking pics of the baby, the student nurse already had MY camera that DH couldnt find and had taken a dozen pics for me, now everybody is standing outside the door because DH went running to the waiting room for a camera. and i told them they couldnt come in yet, i was going to nurse the baby first.... and maybe put a fresh gown on
    the regualr gowns were blue but the nursing gowns are pink
    Ellie nursed... not bad for a newborn, she kinda knew what she was doing, more than i did at least, then was kind enough to behave so that DH's grandma could hold her and they had to leave.

    *will continue later*
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    I finally got around to typing up Eli's Birth Story! I did type it up when he was about 6 weeks old, but it wasn't saved and someone turned off my computer.....so I lost it all! That's why it was so daunting and I kept putting it off! So, here it is.

    Sunday, February 8, 2009
    41 weeks 2 days

    I stayed home from church and decided to get everything ready to go for my scheduled induction the next day. The bags had been packed for over 3 weeks already, except for the last minute things like toiletries, camera, and cell phone. I had a pretty lazy day - considering I was the veritable size of a whale, I excuse myself. That night I went to bed around 10 pm.

    Monday, February 9, 2009
    41 weeks 3 days

    I was woken up at midnight by Ella - for some reason she deemed it appropriate to wake up ready to start her day 8 hours early. She did not want to go back to sleep! When I went in to her room to see what she needed, I didn’t find her drowsy and searching for her soother, as was usually the reason for a night time rousing. She was wide awake, and started calmly at me - like she knew I was going to be induced that day and thought she’d make me extra tired by keeping me up all night! I tucked her in, told her to go back to sleep and returned to bed. At 12:20 am, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep again and listening to Ella whining away across the hall, my contractions started.

    By 2:20 am, Ella was in bed with Chris and I watching TV. The three of us were watching PVR’d episodes of In The Night Garden and Chris was timing my contractions. They were 6 minutes apart, and becoming more painful. The pain was radiating around my left side from the back to the front. We decided to call my mother in law to let her know that she may have to come over to watch Ella before the night was over.

    At 2:45 am, Chris put Ella back in her bed and she finally drifted off to sleep. I came downstairs to time my contractions on the computer and let Chris get a bit of sleep in. By 3:15 am, my mother in law arrived (we didn’t tell her to come yet, we had just warned her she may have to make the 30 minute drive soon, but it’s a good thing she did come then!) and my contractions were 4 minutes apart. I started to gather my hospital bags and at 3:40, I woke Chris up. We left for the hospital at 3:52 am and were up in Labor and Delivery by 4:00 am.

    I was brought in to the examination room so I could be checked to see if I should be admitted. The Dr. who tried to examine me had really short fingers and couldn’t get an accurate assessment, so she had to call for a nurse (with longer fingers...haha). I was 3 cm dilated, 50-75% effaced and my water was still intact (At my appointment 4 days previously I had been 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced). They decided to admit me as they could tell my contractions were very strong and getting quite close together. Before I went to my room, I soaked in the tub for about 40 minutes.

    By 5:15 am I was out of the bath and in my room. My contractions were 2 minutes apart and becoming unbearable for me. They were much stronger than I remember them being with Ella. My legs and feet were tensing up and my toes were curling from the pain. At 5:45 I had the nurse call for the anesthesiologist. The 30 minutes that I waited for him to arrive felt like they lasted hours and the contraction pain got even worse. Finally he arrived at 6:15 am and by 6:30, the epidural was in place. At 7:00 am it was finally effective and I dozed off for about an hour.

    At 8:00 am the nurse offered me some grape Jell-o which I greatly enjoyed! She came back with the Dr. when I was finished and did another internal check. At 8:20 am I was 6-7 cm dilated, and my bag of waters was still intact. She broke my water and immediately my contractions became much stronger! The nurse check me again just a few minutes after my water was broken and noted that I felt even more dilated than just minutes before. She turned up my epi a bit for the more intense contractions (not that it helped) and said it shouldn’t be long at all. She told me to let her know when I felt pressure like I wanted to push.

    By 9:30 am I was feeling the pressure and urge to push, so the nurse checked me, and I was fully dilated. She had me do a practice push while she was still examining me, and said she could feel the baby move down effectively. They got the room ready for delivery and called the Dr. in. By 9:50 I started pushing - I couldn’t believe that he was already on his way! Labor was going much quicker than with Ella.

    With each contraction I pushed 3 times, for about 10 seconds each. From watching my contraction pattern on the monitor, she could see that I was having a good strong contraction followed by a lighter, shorter one. She had me ignore the light contractions and wait for the big ones to do my pushing as I would have more effect during those. After 40 minutes of pushing, the head was finally out! He had lots of dark hair, just like his sister. During the next contraction, I didn’t even have to push his body out, it just slid right out with the contraction in to the Dr.’s hands. She lay him on my chest, all warm and gooey - which is the nicest feeling, strange as it sounds! Baby Boy was born at 10:27 am, weighed 9 lbs 7 oz, and was 22 inches long! Chris cut the cord, and they took baby boy to the warming table to clean and wrap up. When they told me his weight both Chris and I nearly fainted from shock! How on earth I got that huge boy out of me was beyond me! After I delivered the placenta a few minutes later, they gave baby boy to Chris to hold while I was stitched up - I had a second degree tear, but fared much better than with Ella’s delivery!

    We remembered how when Ella was born, Chris had said “Wow! She looks like my Dad!”. This time, as we looked at our new baby boy, he said “Wow! He looks like your Dad!”. He looked much different than Ella at birth - he was definitely an Allingham and not a Goetz! It took us a few days to name him, just like with Ella. Finally we decided on Eli Jeremy - I really thought he looked like an Eli, and he took Chris’ middle name.

    Sandra & Chris ~ June 10, 2005
    Ella Marie ~ July 17, 2007
    Eli Jeremy ~ February 9, 2009
    Emerson Blake ~ November 26, 2011
    Ethan Maverick ~ June 7, 2013

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