January 2010 Spaces and Gender Predictions and EDD

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January 2010 Spaces and Gender Predictions and EDD

Welcome Ladies to January and Congrats of your BFP's!
I wish everyone a H&H9M
Please reserve your spot AFTER you get your BFP!

Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

* Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!
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:angel11: Little Angel 5/8/09 9 weeks, 5 days

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Kalista's Space!
Estimated Due Date: January 3, 2010!

(because I didn't believe the first one!)

Belly Pictures!

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Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at GlitterYourWay.com

Myspace Layouts

Due date- January 6, 2010

My name is Mandi, my dh and I currently have two little girls who are 3 and 5 years old. Hoping this little guy stays put until at least 36 weeks.

I love seeing that line

Dr Appts

May 29- first mw appointment
June 12- hb check- healthy heartbeat at about 160bpm!-2lbs, everything looks good
July 10-mw appt- measuring 18 wks fundal height, heartbeat 162bpm, -4lbs total, ultrasound to check on size discrepancy- baby looks great measuring at 14 weeks 6 days (actual 14 weeks 2 days) and 4oz
July 28- unexpected appt, heartbeat 157bpm
August 5- mw appt, heartbeat 144bpm, back to starting weight, measuring 20 weeks
August 11- heartbeat 132bpm, +2lbs, baby measuring right on track at 9oz and healthy!
September 4- 22wk mw appt. Heartbeat about 150bpm, +3lbs
October 2- 26 wk mw appt. Heartbeat all over the place and an active little one (140s-160s) Smile +9lbs...making for a total +12. Fundal height 27cm
October 14- 28 wk mw appt. and glucose screen. Heartbeat 130s and 140s., + another 6lbs. Fundal height is right on at 28cm
October 27 30wk mw appt. Heartbeat right around 138, + another 4lbs. Fundal height right on again at 30cm, glucose came back at 90 which is great.
November 12 32wk mw appt.
November 27 34 wk mw appt. Heartbeat right around 132bmp, + another 2lbs (total is right about 30lbs now). Fundal height 34 cm. Group B strep done (came back negative) and 1cm dilated
December 7 35/almost 36 week mw appt.

Belly Pictures

5 weeks, 10 weeks

15 weeks, 20 weeks

25 weeks, 30 weeks

35 weeks

Baby Pictures

Baby's 1st picture Wink 14 weeks 2 days

Smiling for the camera (18 weeks 6 days)
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Reserving myspace!!!!!

Estimated ovulation April 10
AF due April 23
Tested April 23--3 Positive Tests


Symptoms: nausea, sore boobs, (believe it or not) tighter fitting clothes, increase appetite

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Reserving my space....

Name: Deborah
DH: Ben
DS: Duncan (4/27/08)

BFP 4/22/09 and 4/23/09
Due date: January 1st

Symptoms: Nausea and a lot of cramping. Same happended with DS, just the luteal cyst that maintains the preganacy until the placenta is established.

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Alicia's Space

EDD January 3, 2010

Cycle day 30 11DPO - 4/27/09

Belly Pictures

5/12/09 U/S and Date check measure correctly Due Date is 1/3/2010 Saw the hearbeat...rate was 97.
5/18/09 U/S and recheck heartrate...rate is 128 Yahoo
6/29/09 NST for testing at 12 week apt Biggrin
7/13/09 15 Week Check up

Chart that got us here
Pregnancy Chart

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BFP Finally!

:angel5: @ 5 weeks 4 days

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EDD January 6, 2010

#1 +hpt on cd 26 (11dpo) and #2 +hpt on cd 31 (16dpo)

6/9/09 (9w6d)

7/6/09 13w5d

7/28/09 16w6d Introducing William Rourke
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

8/25/09 20w6d
His profile:

His toes:

1st appointment: 5/29 Nurse Consult
2nd appointment: 6/9 It went GREAT! The doctor said that the baby was measuring right on target (9w6d) with a hr of 176. Right when we saw the baby (s)he was wriggling around. It was so beautiful. I just wanted to stare all day. I also have a UTI but but hopefully a short round of antibiotics will correct it fast but all other labs were perfect.
Nuchal Screening: 7/6 (@ 2:15) The ultrasound went well. They baby looked great and we got to see all the different parts. The heart rate was 155 bpm. I was technically 13w5d but the baby measured 14w3d so we couldn't get proper risk assessment. The doctor said that anatomically everything looks really good so I am not very worried. I asked for a gender prediction but the tech said due to lawsuits they no longer did them unless they were 100% sure. And this early, they are never sure.
3rd appointment: 7/6 (@ 9:50) The appointment went really well. My doctor found the heartbeat really quickly but after about 5-10 seconds the baby swam away and she couldn't find it again. My weight was good and blood pressure was a tad high but doctor wasn't concerned.
Early Gender Scan 7/28: Our baby was asleep the entire time. Laying on its stomach with its back facing up. The bottom (which is what we wanted to see) nestled low into my pelvis. But, we found it...It's a boy!!!! The heart rate was in the 150's and he is growing right on target. For some reason we got to see his face. He had his hands resting right underneath his chin. So cute.
4th appointment 8/4: Doctor said everything is great! My weight, urine and blood pressure are all great. Doctor said things are just rolling along great. Listened to baby's heartbeat, it was still in the 150's and nice and strong, again doctor said heartbeat was great! I guess I couldn't ask for a better appointment! I also got my paperwork to make the anatomy scan appointment. Even though I know the gender already I am excited to see baby Rourke again and to make sure everything is growing on schedule.
Anatomy Ultrasound 8/25: Apparently the u/s place made my appointment for a different office but didn't tell me. I went to the office I called and luckily they were able to fit me in. Everything looked good but I have to wait for my doctor's appointment to get full results. I did see all organs and all chambers of the heart. I saw 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 hands, 2 feet and 10 fingers and 10 toes. Also confirmed Rourke is still a boy! It was great to see him again and to see how much he has grown.
5th appointment 9/1:Another great appt! The hb was in the 150's but he was being very active. We went over the results of the u/s and he is measuring right on target, all organs are accounted for, are the proper size and are functioning as they should. Also, the placenta, umbilical cord and cervix all look perfect. He weighs .9 lbs. We talked again about scheduled c-section or VBA2C. I told them I am still up in the air so we'll see. The fact that they keep asking me makes me thin I should really *think* about my decision rather than just taking the easy way out by doing the c-section.
6th Appointment 9/28: Appointment went great. The doctor said my weight, blood pressure and urine all looked great...phew. Also, they baby's heartbeat sounded great and my fundal height is right on target. Doctor wants to start seeing me every 2 weeks. Seems early but oh well. Also got paperwork to do the 1 hour glucose test. I think I'll be doing next week. I've gained a total of 18 pounds (at 26 weeks).
7th Appointment 10/12: Saw the nurse practitioner today. She didn't mention anything about vitals, she never does. No news is good news on that front. We talked about c-section again and my next appt is with the OB so I have some questions for him. HB was perfect and strong and I am still measuring perfect. One thing I am dealing with is awful pin in my left rib area. Most likely due to baby and position but I have to watch it as it could be organs, too. Did my GTT test today, wasn't too bad.
8th Appointment 10/26: The appointment went great! GTT was 86 (should be below 140), also not anemic at all so my iron levels are great. Always a bit worrisome as I don't really eat red meat. I lost 1 pound and my bp was 114/78 with hr 80 bpm and my fundal height is right on target.. The baby's hr was 140 and doc said he sounded like a happy baby in there. We spoke more about my intense rib pain, just normal but I can try heat and cold compresses, and take more time off my feel when if flares up. We also talked about my c-section questions just incase I can't VBAC or I get really uncomfortable in the end and decide to schedule it early. I'm comfortable with either option, honestly, so I feel in a good place...now I just have to commit. Smile
9th Appointment 9/9:

DH Jason
DS Kai 18
DS Cullan 15
DS Peyton 15

Our Newest addition due 1-6-2010 Graphics

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I am a proud mama to three boys, Austin 13, Steven 5, and Thomas 3.

First positive, 10dpo ---------- EDD 01/07/10



-------4 wks --------------------6 wks --------------8 wks-----------------10 wks--------

--------12 weeks------------14 weeks ----------------16 weeks-------------18 weeks--------

-----20 weeks----------------24 weeks-------------26 weeks --------------30 weeks--------

-------33 weeks-------------38 weeks---------
5/26 Ultrasound: 7w5d---------------- 6/29 Ultrasound: 12w4d-----------8/26 Ultrasound 20w6d

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Hi! I'm Brandi, I'm 30 years old and stay at home mom to Nicholas (4/1/08 ). He was conceived after 2 years of trying with the help of Clomid and Metforim after I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2007. DH, Nick, and I have been married since January 8, 2005, so we will be celebrating our five year anniversary with a newborn instead of the return trip to Sandals we had originally planned, but we are much more excited about this surprise addition to our family. After the issues we had TTC Nicholas we never expected it would happen so quickly this time!

BFP at 13 dpo 4/29/09

Baby #2 is due January 5 by my best calculations, but we have not had that confirmed yet, so it could change by a few days.

So far I have experienced the same crippling morning sickness this time that I did with DS, but I expected it. The biggest difference so far is, that until I was 34 weeks I lost weight with DS, and this time I have already GAINED 6 lbs and I am already showing! My clothes are getting tight right now at 9 weeks, so I will be digging out maternity clothes soon! I wore maternity clothes at around 5 months last time, not even because I need to, but because I wanted to look pregnant already!

I got my first appointment scheduled! I will go in on June 12th at 11:30 I have an ultrasound and at 2:00 I see my midwife. I am so excited to see my baby for the first time! As for symptoms (I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow), I still have constant nausea and some throwing up, but the unisom and B6 I have been taking before bed has helped some. I have had headaches for the last few days, but i am hoping they are from the cold I am battling and not from my pregnancy.

6/12/09- first appointment and ultrasound!
Had my first appt today and let my midwife know about my headaches and nausea. She suggested papaya enzyme tablet for the nausea and gave me the ok to have a little caffine that may help the headaches. If those things don't help they will perscibe meds, I am all for trying other ideas before medication.
I will have to have my labs done at the next appt since my veins kept collapsing today, probably because I have been so sick and might be a bit dehydrated despite drinking gallons of water.
We also got to see the baby for the first time and hear the heartbeat for the first time. Heartrate was 177. It was amazing. You can already see the fingers and toes and beautiful profile in the copy of the u/s I have.

6/21/09- almost 12 weeks and still feeling sick most of the time. But tonight I think I felt flutters. It is still really early, and I could have completely imagined it, but I was laying on my side watching TV and I felt them, really low and just real light fluttery feelings. I will try to pay more attention in the next few days and see if it happens again!

Definitely stated feeling kicking at 14 weeks 2 days!

7/10/09- second appt- Today was pretty uneventful. They successfully got my blood, from my wrist in my right hand. Heartbeat was 160. I am measuring 14 weeks 5 days, 2 days ahead. And I managed to lose a pound somehow. My migraines are gone thanks to adding a little caffine back into my diet at my midwives suggestion. I still have bouts of nausea here and there, but it is getting better. they mainly come when I haven't eaten in a few hours.

8/6/09- I had my BIG u/s! And our baby is shy, but we think it's a boy. The tech got a glimpse, but not a good enough one that she wanted to say she was sure, so I am not rushing out to buy anything right now. He was asleep despite my efforts at waking him with a candy bar and a Mt Dew and he decided to start kicking me all the way home while I was driving. I will have another u/s in 4 weeks since the tech also couldn't get a great measurement for some of the heart measurements she needed, so we will have another chance to get a peek. She said he was growing right on track and everything looked great though. I forgot to ask the heartrate, but got to hear the heartbeat which was good and strong. Everything else was great. I gained 1 1/2 lbs, my bloodpressure was good and I got a perscription of Zofran. I will be using it sparingly since it is pretty pricey, but my nausea was getting bad. I was throwing up most days and feeling horrible pretty much all the time. So, for now we are having a boy! And I am pretty excited! Here is a pic Smile

9/6/09- Forgot to update this back then, but it was a good appt. Found out for sure it's a boy! He was still stubborn and wouldn't let anyone get a good look at his heart, so I scheduled another u/s. My bp was good and I had not gained any weight during the month. My fluid was measuring a little high so they were also going to recheck that at my next appt.

10/2/09- Today's appt was good and bad. Good baby is measuring right on target, he is about 2 lbs 4 oz right now, making him in the 57th percentile. His heartbeat was strong (145 bpm) and he was pretty active, but still not letting anyone get a good look at his heart. The dr noticed on one of the u/s pics that there may be some fluid next to the heart, so I have been refered to a specialist for another u/s to make sure all is well with this little guys heart.
I also took my GD test today, I should find out by Tuesday if I passed or not, they said no news is good news so I hope not to hear from them. The dr I saw today talked to me for awhile about my GD concerns and made me feel a little better, I have not gained much weight this pregnancy, baby is measuring on target and my fluid level is normal, so besides the PCOS, I don't have many signs showing that I have it, so we'll wait and see.
We also spent awhile talking about Nicholas's delivery and my low fluid then and his infection and subsequent stay in the NICU. She wants me to deliver by 39 weeks and they will do extra NST's and u/s toward the end to be sure he is doing ok until then.
BP was good and I only gained 1 lb this month. so, I am up a total of 7 lbs right now.
And I can't believe I am on 2 week appts already, this pregnancy is flying!

10/7 This u/s was at Maternal Fetal Medicine since there was a question of fluid near babies heart. He was still being difficult and it was hard to see, but they think that the fluid near the heart is ok. I will follow up in 3 weeks.

10/16 Short and sweet appt, I haven't gained anything, my BP is good and babies heartbeat is good. My iron levels are low so, I am on an iron supplement now twice a day.

10/28- Echocardiogram at Maternal Fetal Medicine- The Echo showed that there may be aproblem with the blood flow in the babies heart. The Dr called it ductus arteriosus. Basically it is when the blood leaves the heart, goes to the lungs, then returns to the heart. Right now there is a short in that area since baby does not need oxygen from the lungs, but the problem William is having is that the blood is moving too quickly in that area. From my own research it sounds like this is a problem that resolves itself when baby is born, but may cause me to need to have him early, so they will monitor the blood flow. I will follow up with them for another Echo in 2 1/2 weeks to see what is happening with this and have lots of questions for the doctor.

10/29- Regular midwife appt- Everything is good, my iron has gone up a bit, bp is good (lower than it has been actually, guess having the move and surgery over has been good for me, although now I am worried about William's heart) and I gained 1 lb in the last 2 weeks. I will start NST's at my next appt- 32 weeks!

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Reserving my spot!!

Due Jan, 5, 2010


12 weeks; 16 weeks; 19 weeks


12w2d scan measuring 13w2d

U/S 21 weeks

Married for 11 years.
TTC for only 3 short months.

mom to 3 boys. Maybe a girl this time??? ~fingers crossed~ Smile DH wants another boy (Enough already lol)

[INDENT]June 1st, hopefully first U/S to follow shortly after that.
June 25th Nuchal screening U/S and high risk appt.
June 29th Reg OB appt
Aug 20 Reg OB appt
Aug 25 21 week U/S
Sept 17 Reg OB appt
Oct 15th reg ob appt[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Major emotional instability starting 4w5d
MS starting 6w0d
Baby movement already?? 7w6d probably not but it totally feels like it. {{shrugs}}
Maybe baby movement now?? (11w2d)[/INDENT]
[INDENT]First appt-I got to see my favorite OB nurse for the paperwork stuff. She was so excited to see me in there and offering so much help with insurance issues and the like. Told me to call her for anything. That felt good b/c sometimes i get that feeling when you tell people your pregnant again (#4) it seems like no big deal. the only people to seem excited for this baby are me my husband my sister, and my fav OB nurse. So anyway, got the lovely internal and doc says i measure right on for LMP. Then i said" so its unlikely its twins?" he said well not yet b/c at this stage one pea and two peas isnt much change in the uterus. Yikes I dont know about having twins. Going to forgo the early basic dating u/s b/c my cycles were pretty regular and we are doing the Nuchal measurements scan on the 25th(?). Next appt is on the 29th. I think we are going to do the Progesterone injections from mid point on like last time. It seemed to help and if it didnt it didnt hurt anything. Cant tell if it helped or didnt but i dont want to not do that again and have PTL and PT baby b/c i didnt do the injections. only down side is the PITA of going in once a week for it. But i do get to hear the HB everytime so thats a plus.

Rented a baby Beat doppler. I had no problem finding the HB Yay! I just got it today (10w2d). I dont know why i never rented one before?!?!?!

6/22 (11w6d) My uterus is up and out of the pelvis!! and i have started to feel BH randomly and moref requent better feeling days although i think i jinx myself everytime i say something about it. LOL.

6/25 NT scan and high risk OB appt (12w2d): the u/s was great but shorter than i remembered from last times. The tech seemed rushed so i am not sure she got good measurements Sad She wasnt really nice either. Thats too bad but whatever. The baby is already measuring one week ahead but they dont want to change the DD?!??! **shrugs** and i got a few good pics out of it. High risk OB doc said i really wasnt a candidate for the progesterone shots again so we'll see what my reg OB says on monday about that. He did give me advice on what to do as far as testing when/if i have the contrax early on again and he predicts i probably will and what i should take to ease the discomfort or to lessen the intensity of them.

6/29-2nd OB appt Doctor is okay with the high risk assessment. But is also okay if still want to do the shots and i can start them as late as 24 weeks. Next appt scheduled for Aug 5th but I may change that. Spending most of the summer in NM with DH during military training out here in Hell. Its at least 100 every day. At least its a dry heat?!?! I dont think it matters. Its freaking hot!!

8/10 had an episode of what i think was restless leg syndrome. It was aweful and the only thing that helped was going to sleep. I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow. I really think the baby had a growth spurt this past week. I couldnt eat enough! I hope the scale does me a favor at the next appt which has been pushed back yet again :rollseyes: Scheduled for the 20th.

8/20 OB appt 20 weeks along- MW said everything was good. Tummy measurement "good" BP "good" weight gain (8 lbs) "good". Scheduled U/S for the 25th. Next OB appt Sept 17th.

9/5 Started getting BH throughout the day. Trying to take inmore water and not do too much (rest more).

9/17 OB appt. gained 14 total. But I think their scale is worng. I always weight myself at home and it says i have only gained 10 lbs. Whatever. I thought i might have a bladder infection but hte tested and said no but to keep them posted if it gets worse. I really felt rushed today and didnt get to ask the doctor all my questions. They werent real important so i guess thats okay and if i cant get the answers else where or if I am still concerned I can call or just wait until next appt. The doc did nt tell me what the belly meaured, what my bp was, if there was sugar or protien int he urine. I guess if they were concerned at all they would have said something. {{{shrugs}}} I just like to know those things. Sorry about the vent. next appt oct 15th


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I suppose I ought to hold a spot. I'm a little superstitious about this though.

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Annie's Space
EDD: 1/09/10

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M/C 11wk 2d

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Whitney's Space

[LEFT]39 Weeks with Logan Day before Labor


[LEFT]4 wks.

[LEFT]5 wks.

16 wks.

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I guess I'll reserve my spot now too Smile I'm 34 years old and people call me Brans. I have a DD, ELF, who's 3 and such a joy. This baby is due on her 4th birthday.

EDD: Jan 10, 2010
O'd: April 19th
BFP: May 4th (15dpo)

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Loss Confirmed 05-20-09
Pls Delete from thread

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Baby Kate is here:

Jan 11, 2010 7lb 1.6 oz

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ *
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Baby #2

2 May 2009 BFP 13DPO EDD Jan. 10

28 June 2009 Shared the news with anyone who will listen - 12W,0D
28 June 2009 New Siggy!

3 July 2009 12W 5D

15 July 2009 14W 3D; Midwife appt (Midwife was busy so the MA looked for heartrate); HB ~150bpm

27 July 2009 16W 1D; Baby movement detected Smile

10 Aug 2009 Angie predicts girl??? Ultrasound countdown ticker...

Will it be Elizabeth or Matthew?

26 Aug 2009 20W 3D; US appt....

Today is also our 14th Wedding Anniversary!


27 Aug 2009 New siggy!

1 Sept 2009 Baby is wiggling like crazy! I don't remember Andrew moving this much, this early. Andrew set up the baby's organizer for his little sister.

2 Sept 2009 Baby didn't wiggle all day. I was starting to get really worried, but when I laid down for the evening she started moving full force again. I've got most of the baby gear I need now; today I washed some of the things I've gotten so far, and the liners from my old gear. I bought to baby "sleeping bags" and 2 dozen baby washcloths. On another note, the past week has been exciting for names - We're trying to decide between Katherine (Kate) and Elizabeth (Ellie). Just when I decide, daddy changes his mind again. He seems to prefer Elizabeth, though, so that's probably what we'll stick with.

3 Sept 2009 We have a name (for now Smile ) :

Elizabeth! size>

I think all we still need as far as baby gear is the car seat, pump, pkg of gowns, and pkg of sleepers. We may trade in our playpen at ToysRUs this month, since they're having the big trade-in sale.

16 Sept 2009 23W 3D

17 Sept 2009 New Siggy

My Stick Family from WiddlyTinks.com

8 Oct 2009 26W 4D

14 Oct 2009
I am just getting over a probable bout of H1N1 (I won't argue over seasonal vs. novel Smile ), and stints with way more Class C meds than I ever intended to take during pregnancy, but after over 3 weeks of illness I finally feel good again.
Dental: I have an appt today to try (again) to fix a tooth I didn't want worked on during pregnancy. A filling, repaired filling, 2 x-rays, and a crack later, I may end up getting referred for a root canal today rather than my "temporary" crown (which means at least one MORE appt for the actual crown). I am SO beyond over this.
OB: My Midwife has gotten me a referrel to a VBAC'ing hospital but forgot to tell me when the app't is Biggrin . Called in to remind her today so hopefully I'll hear from them during lunch!

18 Oct 2009
A comparison of me at 28W during my last pregnancy (2002) and now (2009):

My 2003 Boy with my 2010 Belly:

27 Oct 2009
Carving pumpkins:

Go Pokes!size>

11 Nov 2009 31W3D

13 Nov 2009
Well, DH (let your imagination go with that "D") is leaning towards our other girl-name choice. So perhaps she's NOT Elizabeth. Perhaps she'll be Katherine (Kate).

Sigh. He's totally messing with me.

15 Nov 2009

1 Dec 200934W 2D (on my way to work):

AND one of my boy, cuddled up in the guest room with his sister's blanket:

2 Dec 2009 34W3D
Second Midwife appt with the VBAC'ing midwife!

14 Dec 2009 36W1D

29 Dec 2009 38W2D

18 Jan 2010 7D PP
Last week's and this week's pictures.

40 Weeks, taken about 5 hours before labor started (hence, I didn't get a chance to post them!):

This week (would be 41W1D Biggrin - 7 days PP)
(yes, this is the "bad" c-hold for carriers; she was only in this position long enough to get the picture!)

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ *
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Kate's Birth (VBAC)

Prior C-section 2003
Induction at 41W1D, cytotec, pitocin, AROM, dilation to 8cm after 2 days.
Uterine infection and failure to progress led to emergency C-section at 41W3d
DS 9lb 7oz

This time around (2010)
Gained 20lbs, rather than 40lbs
Trouble finding VBAC'ing facility; finally accepted as VBAC patient at 32 weeks, at a teaching hospital one hour from home.
DD 7lb 1oz

Zero days old:

One day old:

Two days old:

January 10 (due date)

11:30 pm Water broke with one big contraction. It actually felt like Kate kicked me hard at the top of my uterus - two strong jabs and I was doubled over. I took a quick, shallow, hot bath to relax my lower back/pelvic floor, and when I got out of the tub I thought I had a gush into the toilet, but wasn't sure. When I layed down, sure enough, another small-ish gush, stand up, nothing. Lay down, smallish gush. Woops - that's the water, then. I also had blood and while I was sure it was bloody show, I wasn't sure enough (blood can be a sign of uterine rupture - my brain loves to think of these things)

11:30-12:30am - Have to convince my DH that he really, REALLY does need to hurry, call his mother to let her know, etc. He's dawdling. Seriously. He wants to call the midwife to make sure. I told him I was sure. I'm periodically checking baby's heart with the doppler as we get stuff ready, to make sure the release of water hasn't made her fall on her cord. Heartrate ok.

January 11
12:30 am Drop Andrew off at MIL.

12:30-1:30 am Drive to El Paso - Cx are every 2-5 minutes apart and NOT fun to deal with while driving. I knew they wouldn't be.

1:30 Arrive at the hospital and get into Triage. They won't let DH into triage, no biggie, I thought.... Thank goodness they only have me in for 20 minutes. I managed one trip to the restroom before they realized my water had broken and after that they would not let me up the rest of the labor. I might add that for the past 5 months of pregnancy I haven't been able to urinate without leaning so slightly forward, so when they gave me a bedpan to urinate in I couldn't go. That didn't add to my comfort level. I was 4cm. I also started throwing up repeatedly about this time.

2:00 am
Transferred to my own room, quicker than usual because baby's heart is decel'ing occasionally. They'd told us that Jason would be allowed back once I had my room - they lied. At this point they told him he could come in once we'd been set up (including AFTER my epi). He was LIVID. At this point I was in a lot of pain (I had the same thing happen at 4cm with Andrew - I couldn't deal with the pain anymore) and I just wanted Jason there, but couldn't vocalize it. Jason argued with the nurses for the next hour or two till they finally let him come back.

3-4:00 am At some point they finally let Jason come into my room. At this point I couldn't talk except in mono-syllabic phrases... He was unbelievably angry at the staff at this point but happy to see me. Late in this time I started having to push. I grunted at DH that he needed to tell someone. He said do what my body told me to do Smile I said no, tell them, not supposed to push yet... I couldn't talk but I needed him to get them and let them know.

4:30 Epidural finally arrived. The guy was an ***, I won't even go there. After the epi, I was measured at 9.5 cm. Yikes.

4:30-5:00 I was so happy - I could talk again. I could think. I was so happy. I said, "I'm so happy! I can talk to my husband!" I asked when I was supposed to start pushing. Finally they told me to start.

5:30-ish I said, "My husband is never going to believe labor is hard after this". If I could have walked, I would have been 10 feet off the ground. I was that happy.

5:45 am After a bit of pushing, Kate arrived. Jason was very, very happy. He said he kept almost crying. After I had the epidural, I had no real pain at all. The hardest thing was trying to push when I couldn't much feel what I was trying to push. The OB helped a lot, though, and even gave me tips on when I was pushing the best (eyes opened or eyes closed, I wondered. Turned out, eyes closed!). I coughed once and it turned out that my body was better at coughing babies out than pushing, so the OB had me cough a few times. I think (but I'm not sure) that I actually coughed her head out. Wierd but true! I had a very small 1st degree tear and only required a couple stitches. The stitches cause me absolutely no problems, esp. compared to hem. issues.

After she was born, she was put on top of me for a minute. DH cut the cord (he hadn't intended to but the scissors were put in his hand and he was too out of it to resist). Then the peds checked her out and gave her back. I delivered the placenta so fast I didn't even realize I had. When I got Kate back, I was able to nurse her for quite awhile, she latched on well and nursed on both sides.

I've never been so happy, excited, exuberant, energetic... I felt great at that point. I had no idea at all that labor could go that smoothly. I had about 3 hours of truly unbearable pain and I think the main reason that was so bad was because I wasn't permitted to move at all; but I had no pitocin augmentation, no cervical ripening, no pain meds besides the epi for the last hour or so. I contracted regularly on my own every 2 minutes the entire time. When we started the VBAC the resident OB was cautious about my chances for success but as the night wore on she got more and more excited, herself. By the end she was as excited as I was, I think, and was so reassuring. I just honestly never thought birth could be like this.

Pregnancy Tickers from WiddlyTinks.com

-OR (less likely)-

Pregnancy Tickers from WiddlyTinks.com

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Loss confirmed 5/19/09 @ 7 weeks.

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Krystal's Space

Due January 12

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

I'm married to Andy 4-9-05

We have a adorable 3 year old, Alex

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Danielle's Space

Basic Info

- Danielle
- Married to Mark
- Mummy to Callum [3], Katelyn [2] & Lily [1]
- Wirral, UK


(Top taken - 4th May 2009, Bottom taken -7th May 2009)

LMP: 3rd April, 2009
EDD: 8th January, 2010

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Beth 31
Dh Mike 36
Married 6/24/05
BFP: 5/9/09 13dpo

EDD 1/15/10
First appointment & U/S 5/26/09-We got to see the little baby. It looked like a grain of rice flashing away! It was an amazing experience to be able to see our little baby.
Morning sickness set in. I was throwing up every morning. Then it progressed to me throwing up every afternoon/evening and I would feel lousy in between. After about a week of that, I felt REALLY lousy and threw up most of the day every day for about 6 weeks. At about 15 weeks I stopped feeling so yucky all the time and only had bouts of sickness every now and then.
I first felt the baby move at 12 weeks. I was very surprised especially since I was not expecting to feel it for another month! The feeling was unmistakable, I knew imediately that I had felt the baby! A few weeks later I was able to feel the baby move about once a day. By 16 weeks I was feeling the baby move quite a lot. I could feel it especially when I laid down or was resting. At about 19 weeks, my DH could finally feel the baby move. It was a magical experience for both of us. Now we have been feeling the baby move and I am noticing a pattern. At 21 weeks I was able to see my belly move when the baby was moving. It made me laugh to see the undulation in my belly!

Ultra Sounds:
7 weeks: We only got paper copies of the ultra sound pics.

20 Weeks:
Our ultra sound was amazing. We got to see the baby moving, waving, turn from face up to face down and we got all of the measurements. Everything measured right on schedule except for the weight which they were estimating ahead. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby, much to DH's dismay.

Belly Pics:

4 weeks 4 days

My belly never changed or got bigger until I was 18 weeks. Then it just slightly got bigger. We didn't remember to take a belly pic until 20 weeks.

20 Weeks:

23 Weeks:

I think in this pic, my belly looks bigger than the 27 weeks. Maybe I ate a big dinner that night! Wink

26 Weeks:

27 Weeks:

28 Weeks

We have decided on names: Kelly if it is a boy and Kennedy if it is a girl.

Well, things have changed a bit with names. I am pretty sure we are going with Isabella for our girl name. We also decided on middle names: John (Boy, obviously) and Regan Eileen (Girl)

We have decided on a neutral theme for the nursery. Our bedding is called "Forest Friends" We think it is pretty cute for either a boy or a girl. Of course we can always change it once the baby comes!

Well we have changed our minds. We went with a jungle theme instead. It has brighter colors and cuter animals than the Forest Friends. We set up the nursery this week and it is SOOOO cute!

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J's space!
EDD = January 2, 2010 (hubby's b-day!)

Estimated ovulation = April 10-13
BFP = April 29
First U/S = May 28th!

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BFP: 5/9/09 14&15DPO Weight at 14dpo: 128lbs, Weight at 9 weeks: 136 lbs. 11 weeks: 138 lbs. 15 weeks: 143 lbs. (I gained over 70 lbs with my first pregnancy so I am keeping track), I think I gained so much because Carly was 10lbs 1oz. My uterus is tipped so I think this is why I never measured ahead. I hope the baby isn't too much bigger.

Belly: 4.5 weeks & 7 weeks

11 & 13 weeks:

17&19 weeks:

22 weeks:

Belly at 35 weeks with daughter, Carly:


6/3 - ultrasound, yay!! heartbeat 160
6/11 - Appointment with midwife and doctor
7/14 - Appointment with midwife. heartbeat at 153
8/21 - big ultrasound, Its a boy!!!!
9/15 - midwife appointment

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Okay, nervous, but reserving my space. Smile My EDD is 25th January 2010

I am Rachel married to Brian,

(here's a pic from the weekend we conceived. lol)
and we have two great kiddos. Our daughter Brilee is 6, and our son Tucker is 4.

(being the goofballs that they are)

I am nervous and excited! I have been TTC for 2yrs, with 2 losses, and 2 months on clomid.

Here is my bfp from before the test had completely soaked up the urine.

and here it is after it dried

both at 11dpo. Smile

HCG at 15dpo-740
HCG at 17dpo-1280
HCG at 21dpo-10,600!!! :shock:

u/s at 21dpo, showed one nice gestational sac, and one questionable one.

First appt: June 16th!!!: Its TWINS!!!!!!
2nd appt: July 14th: good heartrates, great blood pressure 114/66
3rd appt: aug 11: 2 heartbeats, good blood pressure
u/s appt: Sep 1: Twin boys!!
21wk appt: Sep 15: two heartbeats, gained 11 lbs since last appt! and measuring 26wks!
23wk appt: 2 heartbeats, one wiggly baby, and now measuring 29wks!
26wk appt: good heartbeats, good blood pressure, now measuring 34 weeks!

Here is a ticker.

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Pregnancy Glitter Graphics from dolliecrave.com


Hi Yall! Im Chadae' and I got my BFP on May 15 YAY! I would like to think that I married the bestest man ever on JUne 7, 2008! We are high school sweethearts and I wouldnt want for ne one else. DH and I are soo excited about this and plan on cherishing every moment of our pregnancy. We did have a m/c back in November 08, but God has blessed us again Smile Thanks God and please let this one stick.

BFP Pics!

Photobucket Photobucket

Belly Pics!

July 20th..... Meet and Greet!
July 24th.....Normal Pap and heard HB Biggrin
August 7 (?)....IT'S A GIRL!!!!
August 20th.....Strong HB!
August 21st...Had an appendectomy. Waaay scary Sad But everything turned out GREAT Biggrin
October 15.....1hr Glucose

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[SIZE=7]K's Space[/SIZE]

Hi I'm Katherine and look forward to having a HH9M!! DH and I have been married for almost 13 years. We have a ds 9yo, dd 6yo and I am due with #3. I was pg last summer and found out just shy of 20 weeks that we lost our ds. I gave birth to him on 11/22/08 so I am very nervous and cautious with this pgcy as we have been thru a lot these past 6 months. We are however, very, very excited about this baby!

BFP at 10dpo 5/17/09

(+) Bloodtest on 5/18/09 52hcg
3rd bloodtest on 5/20/09 155hcg
3rd bloodtest on 5/25/09 2256hcg

started spotting on 5/20/09
no more spotting 5/21/09
M/S in full swing been dry heaving for days, first day vomiting Sad 6/3/09

6/1/09 First u/s found a yolk sac but saw now embryo

7/16/09 12week NT scan HB=160 CRL=2.26 inches

[SIZE=6][COLOR=PaleGreen][COLOR=Lime]Belly Pix's[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE]

*5 wk belly pic 5/27/09* *6 wk belly pic 6/3/09* *7 wk belly pic 6/10/09* *8 wk belly pic 6/23/09*

*12wk belly pic 7/12/09**23wk belly pic 9/28/09**23wk belly pic 9/28/09*

20 wk U/S picture

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My name is Denise

I have two step children and two daughters. This one will be number 5 for us and we are hoping for a boy!!!!!

I am due January 7, 2010

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Marcia's Space

Hi, I am Marcia I am 24 and my husband is 25, we have been married for 4 years. I got my BFP on 5/19/09 and I believe my EDD is 1/31/2010. I am not sure since I just had my first PPAF on 4/15/09 and not totally sure when I ovulated but I think it was around 5/7/09. We have a little boy who is 15 months and was born on 1/29/2009 so if this little bean sticks they will be exactly 2 years apart in age which is what we wanted! I am just flat out shocked that I got pregnant so quickly this was our first cycle trying.

5/19/09 10-11 DPO

5/20/09 11-12 DPO

Our little man, Ethan

Family Photo from Christmas
From the other day at the park, not the best pic seeing how Ethan isn't even looking

Me in labor with my son (39 weeks 3 days) about 10 minutes before we left for the hospital (notice the bowl in front of me, I thought I was going to throw up). My water broke at 8am and I labored at home until 6:30 pm with the help of a doula and of course my husband. Went to the hospital (which was less then 5 minutes from our house) and was 10 cm!! Didn't start pushing until 8:30ish and had him at 10:30pm. It was amazing!!
Our plan is to have #2 at a birth center with a nurse midwife. There is an awesome birth center 30 minutes from our house.

5 weeks -- Nips are super sore when nursing my son, ouch!!

My first appt won't be until I am about 12 weeks

4 weeks 118
5 weeks 120.5

Belly Pics

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JP's space
EDD 1/29/2010

Hi everyone! Saving my space. I will do a formal intro soon, I promise.

BFP on 5/18/09 10DPO

Beta HCG results
11DPO = 79
13DPO = 292

Look forward to sharing this pregnancy with you all.


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Deanna's space

My name is Deanna. My Dh is Jeff. we have been together for 13 years and married for almost 4. We have a beautiful daughter, Samanatha. She is seriously the coolest kid every. We are very excited to be having number 2!!

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I'm Angie, and my EDD is 1/13/10. DH and I already have a wonderful DD (Abbey) and are so excited about #2. They will be almost 2 years apart.

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Amy's Space

BFP on May 20th, 2009!
EDD January 30th, 2010!
First OB appt June 22nd!

Taken at 10 DPO

Taken at 12 DPO because DH didn't believe the first....

I'm a mom to 3 awesome kids already. Jackson is 8, Olivia is 5 and Reese just turned 3! This will be our last little one and will come early since it's a 4th c/s.

Olivia and our cockapoo, Murphy

With Reese at the beach a few summers ago

Jackson and Reese the day we brought her home

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miscarriage 8 w 2 d

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Donna's Space

We are welcoming our 6th Child!
Due on Jan 27, 2010

I got my BFP on May 19,2009 at 10dpo!!!

I waited a week before taking the photo this time! But the line is still there!

1st quants were done on May 19 - 75
2nd quants were done on May 21 - 276

Here is another FRER test at 19 dpo!

Ultra Sound Pics

1st U/S July 1st! 10W

NT SCAN was done 7-15 @ 12w baby is measuring 12w 4d. Baby's HB was 176 Everything looks GOOD!!

Baby sucking it's thumb

The Little Ones Feet!!!!




It's a BOY!

3D picture

Here is how we told the kids at home

Weekly Belly Pics

10W 2D





17W feeling some movement!!!

18 W









35W 3D



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Lena's Space

Dh and I are expecting our third child in January!

Claire is 3

Parker is 1 1/2

After 7 months of trying and dealing with a lot of pelvic pain, we finally conceived!!!

6-3-09:First appointment - nothing too exciting, just paper work
6-29: Heard the heartbeat right away!
7-30: Beautiful heartbeat again and normal quad screen results

Felt little kicks for sure at about 17 weeks!
8-1: Scheduled Ultrasound

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Screen Name: Harleygurl

Real Name: Stacey

EDD: January 12th 2010

Gender Guess: Boy

Joined: 05/30/09
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Screen Name: Northeast Rose
Real Name: Rose
EDD: 1/31/10

Gender Guess: girl


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Screen Name: Leslie487461

Real Name: Leslie

EDD: January 15th 2010

Gender Guess: Girl

Joined: 03/16/15
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Screen Name: pickle in middle

Real Name: Lena

EDD: January 17th 2010

Gender Guess: twin girls;)

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Due: Jan 17th

Guess: Hmmmm, don't know. We'll probably keep it a suprise too this time.

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Screen Name: Cougrrrl
Real Name: Meg
EDD: January 10th 2010
Gender Guess: Boy

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Can you change me from Jan. 16 to Jan 15? I meant to do this before, but forgot. Thanks for taking over!