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Thread: January 2010 Spaces and Gender Predictions and EDD

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    I am a proud mama to three boys, Austin 13, Steven 5, and Thomas 3.

    First positive, 10dpo ---------- EDD 01/07/10



    -------4 wks --------------------6 wks --------------8 wks-----------------10 wks--------

    --------12 weeks------------14 weeks ----------------16 weeks-------------18 weeks--------

    -----20 weeks----------------24 weeks-------------26 weeks --------------30 weeks--------

    -------33 weeks-------------38 weeks---------
    5/26 Ultrasound: 7w5d---------------- 6/29 Ultrasound: 12w4d-----------8/26 Ultrasound 20w6d

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    Austin (15) Steven (7) Thomas (5) Jack (2)
    EDD 9/11/12
    Fraser and Payton, always in my heart

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    Hi! I'm Brandi, I'm 30 years old and stay at home mom to Nicholas (4/1/08 ). He was conceived after 2 years of trying with the help of Clomid and Metforim after I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2007. DH, Nick, and I have been married since January 8, 2005, so we will be celebrating our five year anniversary with a newborn instead of the return trip to Sandals we had originally planned, but we are much more excited about this surprise addition to our family. After the issues we had TTC Nicholas we never expected it would happen so quickly this time!

    BFP at 13 dpo 4/29/09

    Baby #2 is due January 5 by my best calculations, but we have not had that confirmed yet, so it could change by a few days.

    So far I have experienced the same crippling morning sickness this time that I did with DS, but I expected it. The biggest difference so far is, that until I was 34 weeks I lost weight with DS, and this time I have already GAINED 6 lbs and I am already showing! My clothes are getting tight right now at 9 weeks, so I will be digging out maternity clothes soon! I wore maternity clothes at around 5 months last time, not even because I need to, but because I wanted to look pregnant already!

    I got my first appointment scheduled! I will go in on June 12th at 11:30 I have an ultrasound and at 2:00 I see my midwife. I am so excited to see my baby for the first time! As for symptoms (I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow), I still have constant nausea and some throwing up, but the unisom and B6 I have been taking before bed has helped some. I have had headaches for the last few days, but i am hoping they are from the cold I am battling and not from my pregnancy.

    6/12/09- first appointment and ultrasound!
    Had my first appt today and let my midwife know about my headaches and nausea. She suggested papaya enzyme tablet for the nausea and gave me the ok to have a little caffine that may help the headaches. If those things don't help they will perscibe meds, I am all for trying other ideas before medication.
    I will have to have my labs done at the next appt since my veins kept collapsing today, probably because I have been so sick and might be a bit dehydrated despite drinking gallons of water.
    We also got to see the baby for the first time and hear the heartbeat for the first time. Heartrate was 177. It was amazing. You can already see the fingers and toes and beautiful profile in the copy of the u/s I have.

    6/21/09- almost 12 weeks and still feeling sick most of the time. But tonight I think I felt flutters. It is still really early, and I could have completely imagined it, but I was laying on my side watching TV and I felt them, really low and just real light fluttery feelings. I will try to pay more attention in the next few days and see if it happens again!

    Definitely stated feeling kicking at 14 weeks 2 days!

    7/10/09- second appt- Today was pretty uneventful. They successfully got my blood, from my wrist in my right hand. Heartbeat was 160. I am measuring 14 weeks 5 days, 2 days ahead. And I managed to lose a pound somehow. My migraines are gone thanks to adding a little caffine back into my diet at my midwives suggestion. I still have bouts of nausea here and there, but it is getting better. they mainly come when I haven't eaten in a few hours.

    8/6/09- I had my BIG u/s! And our baby is shy, but we think it's a boy. The tech got a glimpse, but not a good enough one that she wanted to say she was sure, so I am not rushing out to buy anything right now. He was asleep despite my efforts at waking him with a candy bar and a Mt Dew and he decided to start kicking me all the way home while I was driving. I will have another u/s in 4 weeks since the tech also couldn't get a great measurement for some of the heart measurements she needed, so we will have another chance to get a peek. She said he was growing right on track and everything looked great though. I forgot to ask the heartrate, but got to hear the heartbeat which was good and strong. Everything else was great. I gained 1 1/2 lbs, my bloodpressure was good and I got a perscription of Zofran. I will be using it sparingly since it is pretty pricey, but my nausea was getting bad. I was throwing up most days and feeling horrible pretty much all the time. So, for now we are having a boy! And I am pretty excited! Here is a pic

    9/6/09- Forgot to update this back then, but it was a good appt. Found out for sure it's a boy! He was still stubborn and wouldn't let anyone get a good look at his heart, so I scheduled another u/s. My bp was good and I had not gained any weight during the month. My fluid was measuring a little high so they were also going to recheck that at my next appt.

    10/2/09- Today's appt was good and bad. Good baby is measuring right on target, he is about 2 lbs 4 oz right now, making him in the 57th percentile. His heartbeat was strong (145 bpm) and he was pretty active, but still not letting anyone get a good look at his heart. The dr noticed on one of the u/s pics that there may be some fluid next to the heart, so I have been refered to a specialist for another u/s to make sure all is well with this little guys heart.
    I also took my GD test today, I should find out by Tuesday if I passed or not, they said no news is good news so I hope not to hear from them. The dr I saw today talked to me for awhile about my GD concerns and made me feel a little better, I have not gained much weight this pregnancy, baby is measuring on target and my fluid level is normal, so besides the PCOS, I don't have many signs showing that I have it, so we'll wait and see.
    We also spent awhile talking about Nicholas's delivery and my low fluid then and his infection and subsequent stay in the NICU. She wants me to deliver by 39 weeks and they will do extra NST's and u/s toward the end to be sure he is doing ok until then.
    BP was good and I only gained 1 lb this month. so, I am up a total of 7 lbs right now.
    And I can't believe I am on 2 week appts already, this pregnancy is flying!

    10/7 This u/s was at Maternal Fetal Medicine since there was a question of fluid near babies heart. He was still being difficult and it was hard to see, but they think that the fluid near the heart is ok. I will follow up in 3 weeks.

    10/16 Short and sweet appt, I haven't gained anything, my BP is good and babies heartbeat is good. My iron levels are low so, I am on an iron supplement now twice a day.

    10/28- Echocardiogram at Maternal Fetal Medicine- The Echo showed that there may be aproblem with the blood flow in the babies heart. The Dr called it ductus arteriosus. Basically it is when the blood leaves the heart, goes to the lungs, then returns to the heart. Right now there is a short in that area since baby does not need oxygen from the lungs, but the problem William is having is that the blood is moving too quickly in that area. From my own research it sounds like this is a problem that resolves itself when baby is born, but may cause me to need to have him early, so they will monitor the blood flow. I will follow up with them for another Echo in 2 1/2 weeks to see what is happening with this and have lots of questions for the doctor.

    10/29- Regular midwife appt- Everything is good, my iron has gone up a bit, bp is good (lower than it has been actually, guess having the move and surgery over has been good for me, although now I am worried about William's heart) and I gained 1 lb in the last 2 weeks. I will start NST's at my next appt- 32 weeks!
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    DH- Nick
    DS1- Nicholas
    DS2- William

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    Reserving my spot!!

    Due Jan, 5, 2010


    12 weeks; 16 weeks; 19 weeks


    12w2d scan measuring 13w2d

    U/S 21 weeks

    Married for 11 years.
    TTC for only 3 short months.

    mom to 3 boys. Maybe a girl this time??? ~fingers crossed~ DH wants another boy (Enough already lol)

    June 1st, hopefully first U/S to follow shortly after that.
    June 25th Nuchal screening U/S and high risk appt.
    June 29th Reg OB appt
    Aug 20 Reg OB appt
    Aug 25 21 week U/S
    Sept 17 Reg OB appt
    Oct 15th reg ob appt
    Major emotional instability starting 4w5d
    MS starting 6w0d
    Baby movement already?? 7w6d probably not but it totally feels like it. {{shrugs}}
    Maybe baby movement now?? (11w2d)
    First appt-I got to see my favorite OB nurse for the paperwork stuff. She was so excited to see me in there and offering so much help with insurance issues and the like. Told me to call her for anything. That felt good b/c sometimes i get that feeling when you tell people your pregnant again (#4) it seems like no big deal. the only people to seem excited for this baby are me my husband my sister, and my fav OB nurse. So anyway, got the lovely internal and doc says i measure right on for LMP. Then i said" so its unlikely its twins?" he said well not yet b/c at this stage one pea and two peas isnt much change in the uterus. Yikes I dont know about having twins. Going to forgo the early basic dating u/s b/c my cycles were pretty regular and we are doing the Nuchal measurements scan on the 25th(?). Next appt is on the 29th. I think we are going to do the Progesterone injections from mid point on like last time. It seemed to help and if it didnt it didnt hurt anything. Cant tell if it helped or didnt but i dont want to not do that again and have PTL and PT baby b/c i didnt do the injections. only down side is the PITA of going in once a week for it. But i do get to hear the HB everytime so thats a plus.

    Rented a baby Beat doppler. I had no problem finding the HB Yay! I just got it today (10w2d). I dont know why i never rented one before?!?!?!

    6/22 (11w6d) My uterus is up and out of the pelvis!! and i have started to feel BH randomly and moref requent better feeling days although i think i jinx myself everytime i say something about it. LOL.

    6/25 NT scan and high risk OB appt (12w2d): the u/s was great but shorter than i remembered from last times. The tech seemed rushed so i am not sure she got good measurements She wasnt really nice either. Thats too bad but whatever. The baby is already measuring one week ahead but they dont want to change the DD?!??! **shrugs** and i got a few good pics out of it. High risk OB doc said i really wasnt a candidate for the progesterone shots again so we'll see what my reg OB says on monday about that. He did give me advice on what to do as far as testing when/if i have the contrax early on again and he predicts i probably will and what i should take to ease the discomfort or to lessen the intensity of them.

    6/29-2nd OB appt Doctor is okay with the high risk assessment. But is also okay if still want to do the shots and i can start them as late as 24 weeks. Next appt scheduled for Aug 5th but I may change that. Spending most of the summer in NM with DH during military training out here in Hell. Its at least 100 every day. At least its a dry heat?!?! I dont think it matters. Its freaking hot!!

    8/10 had an episode of what i think was restless leg syndrome. It was aweful and the only thing that helped was going to sleep. I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow. I really think the baby had a growth spurt this past week. I couldnt eat enough! I hope the scale does me a favor at the next appt which has been pushed back yet again :rollseyes: Scheduled for the 20th.

    8/20 OB appt 20 weeks along- MW said everything was good. Tummy measurement "good" BP "good" weight gain (8 lbs) "good". Scheduled U/S for the 25th. Next OB appt Sept 17th.

    9/5 Started getting BH throughout the day. Trying to take inmore water and not do too much (rest more).

    9/17 OB appt. gained 14 total. But I think their scale is worng. I always weight myself at home and it says i have only gained 10 lbs. Whatever. I thought i might have a bladder infection but hte tested and said no but to keep them posted if it gets worse. I really felt rushed today and didnt get to ask the doctor all my questions. They werent real important so i guess thats okay and if i cant get the answers else where or if I am still concerned I can call or just wait until next appt. The doc did nt tell me what the belly meaured, what my bp was, if there was sugar or protien int he urine. I guess if they were concerned at all they would have said something. {{{shrugs}}} I just like to know those things. Sorry about the vent. next appt oct 15th

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    wife to Andy (paraplegic)
    Elijah 4/17/07
    Charlotte 1/4/10

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    I suppose I ought to hold a spot. I'm a little superstitious about this though.

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    Annie's Space
    EDD: 1/09/10
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    M/C 11wk 2d
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    Whitney's Space

    39 Weeks with Logan Day before Labor


    4 wks.

    5 wks.

    16 wks.
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    I guess I'll reserve my spot now too I'm 34 years old and people call me Brans. I have a DD, ELF, who's 3 and such a joy. This baby is due on her 4th birthday.

    EDD: Jan 10, 2010
    O'd: April 19th
    BFP: May 4th (15dpo)

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