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    I'm not very good at these but I'll start one anyway. I'm Krista DH is Shem. We have 2 boys already, Shawn who turns 3 in July and William who is 15 months old. This is baby #3 for us and we are really hoping it's a girl this time but I'm not going to let my heart get set on anything so I don't deal with disappointment. Got my BFP at 10 DPO, May 19th, 2011. Took another test at 12 DPO, May 21, 2011. My guess date is January 30th. With this birth I will be attempting a home birth with a midwife.

    May 19th, 2011- 10 DPO

    May 21st, 2011- 12 DPO

    *First midwife appointment set up for July 12th @ 11 weeks. We should hear the heart beat!
    *May 23rd- 4 weeks- 98 Ibs
    *May 30th- 5 weeks-99 Ibs. Also admitted to hospital with kidney infection. Praying the bean will stay sticky in there.
    *July 12th-11 weeks-97.8 pounds, first appointment, bp 111/87, Babe's HR 160's
    *August 12th-15 weeks-99.8 pounds, BP 106/70something, Babe's HR good upper 140's lower 150's. Need to eat more veggies and fruits so I was instructed to drink green smoothies. Made the choice to stop caffeine consumption.
    *September 6th- 19 weeks 1 day. Anatomy scan and gender. Placenta is low but not on cervix. Might need another U/S in a few weeks to check it. Most measurements were 18 weeks 5 days. But that's normal for me.
    *Sep 8th appointment- BP 101/77, 102.6 Ibs, BB HR 140's. Possible trace of protein in urine but just waiting to see if it gets worse or just a one time thing.
    *Oct 6th- 23+3weeks appointment- BP 97/73, 109.8 Ibs (14 Ib gain, 7 Ibs in 4 weeks), BB HR in 140's, though it was super hard to get, I had to trap him down into my hips to hear it long enough to get a rate. Everything looks good and no trace of protein this time.
    *November 11th, 28+4 weeks appointment- BP 104/87, 116.6 Ibs, BB HR 130's, fundal measurement was 25 weeks.
    *December 2nd- 31 weeks 4 days- BP 106/74, 119 Ibs, BB HR mid 150's, fundal measurement was 27ish weeks.
    *December 23rd- 34 weeks 4 days- BP 114/77, 118.6 Ibs, BB HR 150's, fundal measurements between 30 & 33 weeks. Got the birth pool and water birth kit.
    *January 5th- 36 weeks 4 days, home visit- BP good, BB HR 140's, still head down, and low.
    *January 13th- 37 weeks 4 days- BP 116/72, BB HR 130's, stretch to 2cm dilated, 80%efface, BB head is 0 station.
    **January 18th, 2012- Lukus Alexzander arrived at 12:35a.m. 5Ibs 2oz, 19 1/2 inches long. Born at 38 weeks 2 days.
    Belly Pictures

    Ultra Sound Pics....BOY!!!!

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    TTC in August

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    Nicole's Space

    Hi! I'm Nicole, aka SlackerMom. I love being a mom, but I fully accept the fact that I just can't do it all! I forget birthdays, I mix up doctor appointments, I don't wash the bedding, I refuse to Scrapbook, and I re-gift. Like, alot.

    If I stumble upon a shortcut that makes life easier, I happily take it and don't look back! Parenthood is hard enough...we all do our best, and us Moms need to give ourselves a break. My parenting style is a regime of benign neglect.

    DD is Brynna, she is three years old. She is my daughter from a previous ill-advised relationship that evaporated before the pee on the stick did. Being a single mom was difficult to deal with at the time, but DD and I had such a great time together just the two of us, all the hard stuff just faded into the background.

    Lo and behold, my Prince Charming showed up on the scene and now he is my darling husband. He is an amazing partner and father to DD (he has adopted her, she is now 100% his little girl). He was actually my highschool sweetheart years ago...we had lost touch over the years, but reconnected via Facebook and fell in love all over again. We got married last fall, and I am so happy to be with my best friend and true love.

    We are ecstatic to be adding on to our little family! We TTC for 6 months....it felt like FOREVER. I thought that since DD was conceived with little more than a wink, a smile and a bottle of rum, that #2 would be just as easy. Turns out that was not the case. Every month I would just be devastated when AF would arrive...I was so worried that something was wrong and that we weren't ever going to conceive. I got so frustrated, I gave up on OPKs and BBTs and CDs and all of the planning tools, then just about gave up entirely when we found out that DH's boys were operating at half capacity...and wouldn't you know it, that's exactly when one determined little spermie cracked the little eggy. Isn't that just the way that life goes sometimes?

    I can't wait to share this journey with all of you!!

    BFP on CD26, the same day AF was due.


    Married to my Soul Mate 09/18/2010
    Monkey #1: Brynna, born 02/09/2008
    Monkey #2: Baby girl, expected to arrive 01/23/2011

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    Juli's Space!!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Juli, My husband and I have been married for about a year and a half, and this is our second baby we got pregnant the first time on our honeymoon and had our son Mason in June 2010, he is 13 months old! We started "trying" at the beggining of the month (may) and I guess it was perfect timing. Im beyond excited to be pregnant again, and so happy I get so share it all with other Jan 2012 mommies!!!! Congrats to ALL!!!

    Starting weight: 113
    7 Weeks - 113
    9 Weeks - 110
    11 Weeks - 109
    12 Weeks - 109
    13 Weeks - 111
    16 Weeks - 114

    Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket _ Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket

    Photobucket Photobucket

    Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket

    EDD: Jan 22nd 2012

    How to tell!!
    We plan on telling everyone at my sons first birthday party, we bought a shirt from Etsy that says "im going to be a big brother" We are going to put it on him half way through the party and see how fast everyone catches on, I will be 8 weeks!
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    reserving my space

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    Hello all! My name is Brandi, 24 years old. My SO is 27, and we are currently expecting twins. (This is our first pregnancy.) I don't know what a BFP is (I even looked on the Acronyms list, it isn't there), but I know the conception date. I conceived April 13th, but the doctor has measured from my last period. According to the doctor, I am 8 weeks pregnant; according to me, I'm 7 weeks 2 days. I have no pics of the strip (didn't keep it) and will post belly pics/ the ultrasound as soon as possible!

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    I'm Gabrielle and my fiance is Eric. We've been trying to have a baby for two years and finally hit the jackpot! I found out I was pregnant at the doctors office after a visit to the dentist and them requesting a urine test before doing any work. I'm 6 weeks tomorrow and super excited. :3
    Pics soon to come!


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    M/C July 11.
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    Eva's January Space!
    EDD: January 1, 2012

    This has been a long time in coming, and I didn't dare start a space until I was (relatively) safe into my second trimester. My husband and I have been trying for 4 years to get pregnant with our first child, and it's been a rough road. After three previous losses (and three abandoned spaces on three other boards), we finally made it through!

    I began this journey with my husband Eric when I was turning 35 and I am now turning 39 in July. I was watching my window of fertility grow increasingly smaller with each loss and with each BFN. With this pregnancy, we had been in fertility treatment at a clinic for a full year and had just completed our 5th medicated cycle and IUI. I was certain it wouldn't take; we hadn't fallen pregnant in over a year and I saw no reason why this cycle would be any different. We had actually put everything in place for IVF in Ontario, my home province, and were 6 days away from getting into the car and making the long drive home, when I thought that it would be irresponsible for me not to test before I finalized the details. So I dipped a stick, put it down, phoned the clinic to make sure everything was set for our arrival, and completely forgot about it. Since I had been on progesterone supplements and had had the HCG trigger in my system for the first half of the 2WW, I dismissed anything I was feeling as the product of synthesized hormones, not pregnancy. But when I hung up the phone, feeling a great sense of relief because our IVF plans were set, my husband said: "Eva, it's pink."

    And it was. A FRER later confirmed that I was, indeed pregnant. I was stunned. And here I am, 10 weeks later, still pregnant, and trying very hard to process it. This is truly something I never thought that I would experience!

    April 21, 2011 13 dpo

    April 30, 2011 22 dpo

    Still to come: U/S pics

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    Default my lil miracles space

    Roni's January Space

    EDD: February 2nd but U/S has been always showen January 27th

    About me:

    Hello my name is Ronda
    *but I also go by Roni*

    Well let’s see. where to start

    I have had an infertility problem for over 15 years.. so when I found out we were expecting.. I was shocked to say the least. I feel so blessed and at times I sit and think why it took my body so long to finally do what it is made to do I really think god gave me two special gifts this year. One was my husband Bobby (married earlier this year and the second is my lil precious miracle that I cannot wait to meet We are both very excited about starting our family and our lil miracle is growing so fast & healthy I have been super scared to show how excited I am but each day little by little I let go of that fear. I had a few losses in my past but since this was a natural conception everything has been great and on track. I will still need to be watched very closely and will need to see the high risk specialist. (As I may need to get a surcloge)

    BaBy pics
    6 week

    8 week

    11 Week 2 Days

    12 Week 4 Days

    14 Week and 3 Days

    15 Weeks and 4 Days

    It’s a BOY

    Little Landon Facing you.. I think it’s a cute picture my lil alien

    17 Weeks and 4 Days
    Little LANDON

    My little foot. (1 inch)

    19W and 4 D

    Tummy, Hand waving and Face pic

    21 W and 4 D

    23 W and 4 Day

    25 W and 4 D

    28 W and 3 D

    36 W and 4 D


    Lips and Nose Only



    Date: June 6th (Follow up from ER) Surprise your pregnant!!!
    Measured: 6 weeks and 4 days
    Heartbeat: 90
    Notes: Wow I was in shock after all these years and it only took my DH 2 months..

    Date: June 20th
    Measured: 8 weeks
    Heartbeat: doctor did not measure .. Boo
    Notes: has grown a lot s/he was looking right at us

    Date: July 8th
    Measured: 11 weeks 2 Days
    Heartbeat: 167
    Notes: This was our first time seeing the baby move all around.. so so cute. s/he kept waiving at us *we were able to get this visit on video*
    This is around the time I first felt movement

    Date: July 19th NT U/S
    Measured: 12 W and 4 Days
    Heartbeat: 173
    Notes: Baby was resting and stayed pretty still for the NT exam.. turned it’s back on us one afterwards lol we also got to see the baby suck it’s thumb .. so so cute

    Date: Aug 1st
    Measured: 14 Weeks and 3 Days
    Heartbeat: doctor did not measure .. Boo
    Notes: Was sleeping mostly face pictures.. the U/S says "maybe" a BOY

    Date: Aug 9th
    Measured: 15 Weeks and 4 Days
    Heartbeat: 136
    Notes: Was moving around just a little but he liked to stay all curled up towards the bottom.. he would raise his arm and flex his lil hand.. so cute.. Confirmed BOY

    Date: Aug 23rd
    Measured: 17 Weeks and 4 Days
    Heartbeat: 150's
    Notes: Was moving around alot.. he likes to place his hand behind his head and waive his other hand.. so so so cute..

    Date: Sep 6th
    Measured: 20 Weeks and 4 Days but I am 19 W 4 D
    Heartbeat: 144 Head: 2 inches Weight: alomost 1 lbs
    Notes: He was just a grOOving and a moving the entire time. He was opening and closing his mouth like he had much to say He also had the hiccups so we were lucky that they were able to get all the measurements. I do have to go back so that can get a better picture of his lil hands because he kept his thumb in his mouth or all balled up in a fist waving it all around.

    Date: Sep 20th
    Measured: 21 Weeks and 4 Days
    Notes:moving around alot

    Date: Oct 4th
    Measured: 23 Weeks and 4 Days
    Notes: Sleeping

    Date: Oct 18th
    Measured: 25 Weeks and 4 Days
    Notes: Sleeping and snuggling with anything in arms reach.. He even held both knees in his arms.. too cute.. weight 2 lbs and 4 oz over 12 inches long

    Date: Nov 3rd
    Measured: 27 Weeks and 6 Days
    Notes: My mom was able to attend and see the lil man in action He was wiggling all around and his head measured at 30 weeks... hmmm

    Date: Nov 7th
    Measured: 28 Weeks and 3 Days
    Notes: Weighs 3 lbs He had his feet at his face and his toes pinching his nose.. too cute

    Date: Dec 6th
    Measured: 32 Weeks and 4 Days
    Notes: Sleeping during U/S.. He measures at 35 w and 5 D.. weight was 6 lbs and 2 oz.. more talk about a c-section.. scheduled for Jan 20th (1 week early) certain body parts actually measured at 37 weeks

    Date: Dec 3rd
    Measured: 36 Weeks and 4 Days
    Notes: Resting during U/S.. (his foot and hands were at his face.. He measures at 42 w.. weight was 9 lbs and 2 oz.. Head measured at 40 weeks and tummy at 42 weeks.. BIG baby but that is just more to LOVE

    Bellly pics[/LEFT]

    33 WEEKS

    36 weeks

    My lil family
    Me and Bobby

    Teddy (doggy) and Alex (kitty)
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    DH: Bobby
    It's a..BOY!! "Landon"
    Marianna,(Twins) Elena & Antony

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    Jill's Space

    BFP on 5/26/11

    12 week belly pic

    12 week ultrasound pic

    20 Weeks

    It's a Boy!

    34 Week Ultrasound

    34 Weeks
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