January Snowflakes Arrivals & Birth Stories

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January Snowflakes Arrivals & Birth Stories

January Snowflakes Arrivals & Birth Stories

Please feel free to post your birth story here in this thread! You will also want to post it in a separate thread on the board, as this is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please remove your siggy to make loading much faster.

Cash (James87) 5lbs, 10oz
Phineas (xtinagreen) 6lbs, 11oz
Jonah (clio) 8lbs, 1oz
Emily (JuneorJulyBaby?) 6lbs, 14oz
Sophia (shankay) 7lbs
Alyssa (blessednewmom) 5lbs, 5oz
Asher (vodiesgirl) 7lbs, 2oz
Lois (DitherDither) 7.5 lbs
Kara (Jenn0113) 7lbs, 1oz
[SIZE=2]Isabella (hopinfor1again) 4lbs, 4oz
Mabelle (lesleynka) 7.5 lbs

Nash (turtnjay) 7lbs, 11oz
Maya (thinktink19) 5lbs, 13oz
Joshua (Chloe&Matt) 8lbs, 9oz
Skylar (Renee595) 8lbs, 13oz
Carolina (Mommyin04060809) 7lbs, 10oz
Nikolas (Tanylisa ) 7lbs, 2oz
Lukus (kridda_88 ) 5lbs, 2oz
Odette (merickson)) 7lbs, 5oz
Rileigh (Breen31806) 7lbs, 10oz
Daniel (brug64) 10lbs
Landon (RoniBoo) 8lbs, 15oz
Fiona (SlackerMom) 7lbs, 15oz
Emily (horseybabe) 7lbs, 8oz
Flynn (AmayaNSugar) 6lbs, 12oz
James (AmberBella) 9lbs, 6oz
Oakley (~HollyBear~) 7lbs, 14oz
Thomas (Surprise Mom) 9lbs, 7oz

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Baby arrived early, on December 15th (despite his Jan 10th due date). Mom's midwife noticed an elevated blood pressure at her 36 week appointment on Dec 14 and ordered some blood labs, as well as have her do a 24hr urine collection for protein. When the blood results came back on Dec 15, her liver enzymes were very elevated, so we were admitted to the hospital that very day due to danger of preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, throwing our whole birth center birth plan out the window. They wanted to induce immediately, and both mom and dad were in a bit of shock and denial until they checked mom's cervix, and it turned out she was already 4cm dilated, 100% effaced, at 0 station, and mom was already having contractions without really feeling them (other than some slight tightness in her abdomen). Obviously baby wanted to come out. A quick urine sample test showed protein in the urine. They started mom on a magnesium-sulfate IV drip to reduce the chance of seizures (which can occur with HELLP syndrome) and antibiotics as the GBS test had only been done the day prior and results were not back yet. The doctor broke mom's water, but otherwise we didn't have to do any inducement. The nurse allowed mom to get out of bed at one point and labor while sitting on the toilet which may have helped advance her dilation from 4cm to 8cm by the next cervical check. They offered to let her labor in the tub however at that point mom was feeling pretty hot and woozy from the magnesium drip and she elected not to as she would have to come out of the tub for the actual delivery. Mom labored great, without pain killers or Pitocin. She tried lying on her side for a while to help with back labor. Finally, baby came out screaming about 5 hours later from when we were admitted. Baby was placed directly on mom's chest and did not need any interventions from the NICU team who were able to leave the room shortly after his arrival. Placenta took a little longer to be delivered than anticipated (about 40 minutes) so Pitocin was started to help bring it out intact as we did have a secondary lobe that they did not want to lose. Mom had only minor tearing (not even 1st degree per doctor) and just had two stitches placed. He was 36 weeks and 2 days, but came out 6 lbs 11 oz., though a little short at 19.3 inches. Mom and baby had to stay at the hospital 2 days because of frequent jaundice checks for baby, preliminary results showing positive GBS so they wanted to make sure that baby did not develop an infection, also to work on his feeding as he was losing some weight, and mom needed to be monitored for her blood pressure, liver enzymes and blood counts. After being discharged, baby was put on a supplemental feeding routine to help gain back lost weight and mom is slowly starting to feel like herself again now that her blood pressure is normalizing and she is getting more sleep.

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I woke up Saturday morning around 5am feeling crampy and started to wonder what was going on. Had a few intense contrax but no pattern so I laid around for a while with Nick watching Christmas shows. The contractions were more lower than before in my belly and I told Clif at one point "If this is how I feel in labor, I am for sure getting an epidural". Got up around 8am from the couch and cooked breakfast and started some muffins for Clif. Ate breakfast and stood up and felt a small gush. That's when we took Nicholas across the street and I showered. Went to the hospital and checked in. I stood up and my water REALLY broke right there in the waiting room. Got to my room and kept gushing fluids. It is crazy how much was there!

Dr checked and I was 4cm 70% with contractions 5 min apart. Sat on the birth ball for about 3 hours before getting the epi. Towards the end I was just waiting for the anesthesiologist and saying loudly " It HURTS". Got the epi and 1.5 hrs later I was 7-8cm and 90%. After that it hurt pretty bad still and I kept getting loud saying "ow" and "mommy has an owie in her belly" 30 min of that and I was ready to push. 18 min of pushing maybe 4-5 contrax and she was here. Again I was pretty vocal with "it hurts".

Afterwards Emily nursed for about an hour. We were trying to get her blood sugar up because it was close to their alert level at first. It took them a while to get the scale in to weigh her. They checked her sugars ever 30 minutes for the first 2 hours. Got moved to my recovery room around 7:30. Total labor was from around 8:30am when my water broke at home to 4:18 pm. Not too bad! Recovery has been ok. I have a 2nd degree tear so I am taking motrin and percocet. Emily is nursing well with a nipple shield and passed all her sugars. I passed mine too so no more diabetes! My milk still isn't in but I think it is coming close.

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Lukus Alexzander Born January 18th, 2012 12:35 am, at home in the water 5pounds 2oz, 19 ? inches long At my appointment on January 13th I decided to have my midwife check dilation and effacement as I was having her look at something anyway, rather than her checking she had her student midwife check. I was 2cm dilated and 80% effaced and baby?s head was at 0 station. After the check I knew I probably wouldn?t be much longer before I was holding baby. The only thing I really wanted to wait for was my yeast infection to clear up and my group B strep test results to come back. All weekend I was having bloody show and each day it would get a little bit more red rather than just pink. Sunday night I had a round of contractions that got my attention they were coming about every 8 minutes and were about 50 seconds long. That went on for about 7 hours with an hour and a half break somewhere in the middle. They stopped at around 3 in the morning and I got some rest. Monday afternoon one of my midwives was down in the area and asked if I wanted her to do another check. I decided to go ahead and have her check. She discovered that I was now 3 cm dilated and could be manually stretched to a 4 if encouraged to but I was still 80% effaced. That night I had another round of contractions that I thought for sure was labor starting but it never turned into a pattern and then died off. I was exhausted. Tuesday I talked to my midwife and she instructed me to take a warm bath and a bendaryl to try and sleep. If it wasn?t active labor it would stop. I did just that and my contractions never went away but they just wouldn?t get into a good pattern. That evening she called me up asking how things were going and to ask if I wanted her to come down and check me and see if they could finish sending my body into labor. I said yes to that, honestly thinking there wouldn?t be anything she could do to help things along and I would just be waiting it out longer. She showed up at around 8:30 that night with one of the other midwives and all of her equipment. When I saw them bring that stuff in I started to think that maybe I would be holding my baby in a few hours. She then proceeded to check me and I was 3+ and still 80% effaced. She then proceeded to manually dilate me to a 4+. After we had to decide if they were going to break my water or do an herbal oil message and pressure points and then send me out on a walk, see if we could get labor going that way, and if needed break my water. Or just continue to wait it out. We opted for the oil message and walk. The message was wonderful and smelt so good. The midwives told previous birth stories while doing the message and we just laughed. My contractions picked up again during the message and we found I would have 1 big contraction every 10 minutes with 2 smaller ones in-between. After the message hubby and I bundled up and went out walking around the neighborhood. This was around 9:30p.m. While on the walk we were lucky to make it a full block before I had to stop and sway my hips through the peaks of the contractions. We were out in the cold for a little over 30 minutes and I could tell the contractions were intensifying. When we got back to the house Shem changed his dusty clothes (he was working in his wood shop trying to finish a towel rode) and then the midwives checked me again. I was now 5cm dilated and we went ahead and broke the bag of water, this was around 10:30p.m. Within 15 minutes my labor kicked into full gear. I have no idea how close my contractions were or how long they were lasting but I knew I needed to moan through them as it helped relieve the intensity of how they felt. My mom and our friend showed up at some point as I was down stairs in the front room on my knees, rocking on my birth ball. Lol. They both showed up while I was in a contraction or going into a contraction. At some point one of the midwives put pressure on my hips since they were really bothering, and that was heaven sent! When the pool was ready I went up to the bathroom and got ready to get and my body started clearing my bowels so I knew I was getting close. (I don?t know times after they broke my water. I lost all track of time and didn?t care to know either) When I got in the pool it was so wonderful! I only had a couple contractions in the pool before I got the pushing sensation. So listening to my body I started to give light pushes, and the best part is the midwives encouraged me to follow what my body was telling me to do. After several pushes sitting we discovered I had a posterior lip that I could push baby over but he kept slipping back up. Then they discovered an anterior lip that my midwife held back for me to push Lukus past. Through this whole labor and pushing phase the midwives never once told me when or how to push. It was great! I started out pushing, sitting in the pool and then baby?s HR dropped to the 90?s and my midwives had me roll over onto on my hands and knees. His HR came right back up. I knew that was a better position anyway because the pushing sensation got a lot more intense. While pushing I said several times, ?I am so tired.? ?I can?t do this? and everyone just kept reassuring me that I was doing great. Then the crowning came and I got really vocal. I never really screamed but I moaned very loud. I still never felt the ring of fire but there was so much pressure and it was SO intense, of course the whole labor was intense, and all I wanted to do was get him out of me and that is what my body was telling me to do anyway. Once his head was out the rest of him slid right out of me as I was trying to turn around and sit down and I heard my midwife tell the other one that was taking the notes that he came out posterior. No wonder he was so hard to push out and my body was having a hard time going into labor, and why I felt so much pressure in my hips! He came out looking at the world and it took him a minute to take his first breath, he just casually looked around and took things in. Which was so different then either one of his brothers. His apgar at 1 minute was 8 and at 5 minutes was 10. It was so cool just letting my body detach and deliver the placenta on it?s own as well. Such a different and better experience. Once I got out I was checked over while they looked at Lukus and I had one second degree tear and a couple other small single stitch tears. Took me a little bit to get Lukus to latch on because his mouth is so small. I started out having to use a nipple shield. But so far everything is going great and I had an awesome birth experience! I wouldn?t trade it for anything. Total labor time was just over 2 hours long, from start to holding baby. Turns out it was a good thing we had the midwives finish encouraging my body into labor because the placenta was calcifying.

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The birth of Carolina Elizabeth Willow Anne
We arrived at the hospital at 6:00am on Friday January 13th to prepare our induction. The nurses were all ready for us and took us right to room 12! I wanted room 13 but it was being cleaned! They got started right away. By 6:45 am I had filled out all the paperwork, got my iv and had a nice strip of her heartbeat. The weather was really bad and my ob was running late. So we watched the news till 7:15am when my ob came in and said lets have this baby! She checked me and I was 4.5cm 100% effaced. At 7:25 she broke my water and said no turning back now!

We decided that we were only going to break my water and let things happen on their own. At this time I was not having any contractions at all! Nothing! I could not believe it! So she said she will be in touch with the nurses and she went back to her office, which Is right across the street.

So hubby went to sleep, he works 3rd shift and worked the night before. So he slept and I watched the 60th year episode of the today show and just hung out! There were tiny contractions but nothing major going on. My back was starting to hurt but I could manage. Nurse checked on me a few times but nothing going on.

At 10:30 she was called to help with an emergency situation in the O.R. So she checked me and I was 5cm! WHAT! She said she would have another nurse check in on me. She also said she would have to call my ob to tell her nothing was happening and I would most likely need Pitocin to help me along. Which I didn’t want. So I told miss stubborn diva to get the heck out it was her time!

This is where it gets crazy!
10:45 I get a HUGE contraction in my back and BOOM! They start coming fast and intense! I start throwing up! No one is coming in! I ring the nurse button NOTHING! I start yelling for hubby to wake up! NOTHING! Throw up some more! Huge long painful contractions in my back! Finally I stand up and felt much better rocking back and forth! Nurse comes in at 11:05 says sorry a million times over! Asks if I want the epidural! YES MAM AND NOW!

11:30 they come in to start Epidural. It took them a long time to get it in. He had to poke and insert the catheter 3 times. I told them that I would let them try 1 more time and if it didn’t work I would just have to live. The back labor was so intense and I am sure it was a hard stick because I just could not relax my back. It just hurt so much. The contractions were just too intense. I was crying and just couldn’t control myself this time. Finally around 12:15ish they were able to place it and I was pain free by 12:30. I could not feel any pain but I could feel pressure. Nurse checked me about 12:45 and I was still 5cm. She told me to relax and let baby come down. Ob was there and said the baby was facing the ceiling and that is why I was dilating. She said we were probably in it for the long run.

1:15 after a little nap, I felt a lot of pressure and starting to feel the contractions in my stomach. Told the nurse something was going on. Checked me I was 5.5cm.She said to rest. 1:30 TONS of pressure and pain! Said something is HAPPENING AND NOW! Checks me I was 7 to 8. My ob came in and they set up the room just in case! Well things went NUTS and nurses were running in and what not, I said I’m PUSHING NOW! Carolina made her grand entrance at 1:41pm screaming and peeing! I was so happy and I was crying and just in love with her! It was the best feeling ever! Her apgars were 9 and 9! Perfect little princess! She was 7lbs 10oz and 20inches long. And she was born facing the floor so she turned coming down! But man back labor is bad! I did not have that with any other labor. Her face was swollen and bruised from getting to the world fast but it’s starting to go away and the swelling is gone in her face.

We wanted to breastfeed and she was just having some problems with it. She has a great latch but would scream and cry and turn this dusky blue color. So Saturday I was starting to feel sick and a huge headache and just blah! I caved and told them to give her a bottle. They took her to the nursery so they could work on me. Well I guess when she was feeding her oxygen would go from 99 to 65! So they wanted to run some tests. And she kept doing this. By 5pm the same day I was so sick I couldn’t even get out of bed. My head was throbbing and I couldn’t see and my neck hurt. So they pumped me full of fluids and drugs and I went to sleep. Hubby took care of her for me in the nursery. Sunday the same thing I could not even get out of bed. I missed 2 days of her life and it sucked! I would have some periods where I felt better and thought it would be ok but it all came right back.

Finally Monday morning I got a spinal tap to release any extra spinal fluid and a few hours after that I got a blood patch done to close any holes in the spinal area. I had to lay flat for 2 hours. And when I was finally able to get up I felt much much better! I was released Monday night. Carolina had to stay till Wednesday evening. It was great to bring her home!

Things have been very crazy and busy here. I did have a little breakdown but I feel much better! I have to remember I just had a baby a week ago and we have to get into a routine with the baby. I feel so complete with her in our life!

Now onto pictures Smile