Jitterbugs Arrivals and Birth Stories!

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Jitterbugs Arrivals and Birth Stories!

Jitterbugs Arrivals!

(Please don't comment in this thread, this way it will be easy to read/find the Birth Stories!)


April 17, 2009
Nalayah (preggo2009)
34 weeks and 4 days
6 lbs 8 oz.
21 inches

April 23, 2009
Camden Fletcher (capricity)
34 weeks and 1 day
4 lbs 9 oz.
18.5 inches

May 10, 2009
Cohen Patrick (Taliakey)
37 weeks
7 lbs 3.5 oz.
11:44 p.m.

May 15, 2009
Darren Michael (xxxDragonflyxxx)
35 weeks and 4 days
5 lbs 15 oz.
19 inches
1:14 a.m.

May 18, 2009
Carson Michael (jes23)
37 weeks and 3 days
7 lbs 3 oz.
19 inches
8:06 p.m.

May 21, 2009
Lydia (Smiles777)
37 weeks
4 lbs 1 oz.
12:17 a.m.

May 22, 2009 (:angel7: May 24, 2009)
Sarah Katherine (kerina313)
35 weeks and 3 days
3 lbs 11 oz.
16 inches
4:48 p.m.

May 25, 2009
Benjamin Reid (Claire'sMommy)
37 weeks
8 lbs 4 oz.
20 inches
2:58 a.m.

Amina (mommykins)
38 weeks and 3 days
6 lbs 9 oz.
20 inches
7:28 a.m.

May 26, 2009
Samantha Renee (3KiwiKids)
7 lbs 1 oz. (3.19 kg)
19.7 inches (50 cm)
1:11 a.m.

Gwendolyn Freya (AshG)
8 lbs 6.4oz.
20 inches
9:11 a.m.

May 27, 2009
Megan (mamino)
36 weeks and 2 days
5 lbs
18.5 inches

Mia Janae (tisaboom)
7 lbs 13 oz.
19.5 inches

May 28, 2009
Luke Sebastian (Chichi7374)
37 weeks and 1 day
6 lbs 4 oz.
17.75 inches
3:38 p.m.

Cash (Raybay58)
35 weeks
5 lbs 7 oz.
19.5 inches
7:12 p.m.

Cody (ChristaPhillips)
38 weeks and 4 days
7 lbs 9 oz.
20.5 inches
8:49 p.m.

May 29, 2009
Grace Elizabeth (ThumpersMom)
37 weeks
7 lbs 6 oz.
20 inches
6:56 a.m.

Mckenzie (mrsgpanther)
38 weeks and 6 days
7.2 lbs
18.5 inches
12:46 p.m.

Tyler Kane (lilcrzyrn)
37 weeks and 3 days
7 lbs 11 oz.
19.25 inches
1:10 p.m.

May 30, 2009
Rachel Grace (mom2tyrus&nathan)
40 weeks
7 lbs 12 oz.
21 inches
6:29 p.m.

June 1, 2009
Miles (AimeeLynne)
39 weeks and 1 day
5 lbs 10 oz.
18 inches
10:25 a.m.

June 3, 2009
Abigail (HarmonyBear)
39 weeks and 3 days
6 lbs 3 oz.
19.5 inches

Emilia Danielle (ababyforus)
40 weeks and 5 days
8 lbs 3 oz.
21 inches
9:18 a.m.

Addison Leigh-Ann (Littlemama07)
39 weeks and 4 days
8 lbs 15 oz.
19.5 inches
7:02 p.m.

Magnolia Berlin (Oh Baby)
38 weeks and 2 days
6 lbs 13 oz.
19.75 inches
9:57 p.m.

Pagan Amber-Lynn (knitaholic)
37 weeks and 5 days
8 lbs 6 oz.
22 inches
10:31 p.m.

June 4, 2009
Madison Hope (Jackie1)
38 weeks
8 lbs 3 oz.
6:06 p.m.

June 5, 2009
Donovan Lawrence (TurkeyBB4me)
40 weeks
9 lbs 6 oz.
22.5 inches
9:06 a.m.

Vance ShawnAlexander Ward (Coconut2)
37 weeks and 4 days
8 lbs 3 oz.
21.5 inches
4:52 p.m.

June 6, 2009
Hayleigh Bryn (ekcanada)
40 weeks and 4 days
7 lbs 4 oz.
20.5 inches
2:55 p.m.

June 7, 2009
Lewis the 4th (jujusmomma)
37 weeks and 3 days
7 lbs 5 oz.
3:50 p.m.

June 8, 2009
Leah Marie (shortee77)
7 lbs 15 oz.
19.5 inches
8:10 a.m.

Emma Grace (jforto)
38 weeks and 4 days
6 lbs 13 oz.
6:22 p.m.

June 9, 2009
Celia May (molly_4711)
41 weeks and 4 days
9lbs 3oz
20.5 inches
8:05 a.m.

Aurora Jean (Tamatha278 )
39 Weeks
7 lbs 9 oz.
19.75 inches
12:54 p.m.

Chase Robert (Mom2APickle)
5 lbs 15 oz.
18.5 inches
3:32 p.m.

Bennett (MAJH)
38.6 weeks
9 lbs 15.2 oz.
21 inches

June 10, 2009
Sofia Angelica (isisgoddess_1)
39 weeks and 4 days
8 lbs 13 oz.
3:15 a.m.

Ari (littlefish7)
39 weeks and 1 day
7 lbs 14 oz.
20 inches
4:30 a.m.

June 11, 2009
Kathryn (Katie) Helaina (Girlandi)
39 weeks and 3 days
8 lbs 3.5 oz.
22 inches
3:58 a.m.

Zoey Isabella (April777)
41 weeks and 9 days
6 lbs 11 oz.
19 inches

Charli (CaddyLaLa)
39 weeks and 3 days
7 lbs 10 oz.
19 inches
11:38 a.m.

Brazos Kyndle (3MunkysInATree)
39 weeks and 1 day
7 lbs 3.5 oz.
19.5 inches
6:52 p.m.

June 12, 2009
Trace Jackson “T.J.” (thinkinpositive)
38 weeks and 6 days
6 lbs.
19 inches
7:49 a.m.

Joey (Mandie565)
39 weeks
7.5 lbs
20.5 inches

Logan (nicholeharris)
40 weeks
7 lbs 13 oz.
20 inches
11:20 a.m.

June 13, 2009
Kieran Daniel (DunyaWolf)
8 lbs 3 oz.
21 inches
9:34 p.m.

June 14, 2009
Isabelle Laura (MichiGal23)
8.1 lbs
20.5 inches
4:10 p.m.

June 15, 2009
Catherine Rose (gte135h)
7 pounds 9 ounces
21.5 inches
1:50 p.m.

Delaney Ariel Jennalyn (basschick)
41 weeks and 5 days
10 lbs 3.8 oz.
23 inches
2:29 p.m.

June 17, 2009
Isabella Grace (lilahstar)
40 weeks
6lbs., 6oz.
20 in. long
12:27 a.m.

June 18, 2009
William Alan (woelfelyojo6)
7 lbs 8 oz.
20.5 inches
11:34 a.m.

Maria Konae (babyJtime)
40 weeks and 2 days
7 lbs 12 oz.
21.25 inches
12:38 p.m.

June 19, 2009
Ethan (Erin Elizabeth)
40 weeks and 3 days
6 lbs 4 oz.
9:38 p.m.

June 20, 2009
Victoria Dorothy Irene (Thyninne)
39weeks and 1 day
9lbs 4oz
20.1 inches
6:58 a.m.

June 22, 2009
Everleigh Rain Neveah (Shopaholic_Mommy)
7 lbs 12 oz.
12:55 p.m.

Josie (snaresie)

June 24, 2009
Ada Lane (Julz806)
7 lbs 5 oz.
20 inches
12:40 p.m.

Ally (deanaaz)
39 weeks
8 lbs 4 oz.
19.5 inches
1:07 p.m.

June 25, 2009
Grayson Scott (ablondie)
40 weeks
8 lbs 6 oz.
21.5 inches
2:14 p.m.

Penelope Mae (jpgmarks)
40 weeks and 6 days
8 lbs.
20.5 inches
5:26 p.m.

London Claire (luckyme41)
42 weeks
8lbs 10oz
21 in. long
12:36 p.m.

Cutter Jay (katielee83)
40 weeks
7lbs 6oz

June 28, 2009
Mary Joyce (kristycoulter1)
8 lbs 5 oz.
20.25 inches
8:26 a.m.

June 29, 2009
Sevan Tennyson (Maygen13)
7 lbs 10 oz.
20.25 inches
3:49 p.m.

June 30, 2009
Sean Thomas (marymoonu)
8 lbs 8 oz.
19 inches
7:17 p.m.

July 3, 2009
Lauren Bea (katiecougar)
7 lbs 9 oz.
19 inches
9:09 p.m.

July 6, 2009
Ariana Joyce (Lina5781)
8 lbs 11 oz.
22 inches
7:58 a.m.

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Birth Stories

"capricity" wrote:

Camden's Birth Story:
I had my baby shower last Saturday and felt great and was able to get up and around a little bit with no problems. Then on Sunday I started to feel more crampy and as DH will testify a bit more hormonal and crazy (which I haven't really been at all the whole pregnancy). All this week I've been pretty miserable each day: really crampy, tons of pressure, if I got up at all, standing for even 2 minutes the lower part of my uterus felt like a pulled muscle and I needed to immediately lay down, but for the most part I couldn't even get comfortable laying down. I couldn't get comfortable sitting or sleeping...I just chalked it up to normal pregnancy discomfort since I'd just been checked on the 14th and was still at 1cm and 80% (which I'd been at for the past month). Turns out maybe the whole week baby was preparing?

Thursday morning I woke up and I could walk again! I felt so much better that morning - a lot of the pressure was gone, so I figured maybe I had overdone it at the baby shower the past weekend and that now I was back to normal. The only change was now my contractions were only felt really really low right behind my pubic bone, but I didn't have more than 2 or 3 each hour (completely normal for me). I'd been laying on the couch, feeling alright, watched an entire episode of House. When that ended another episode started at 9. I watched the intro, took my dose of Procardia, and then got up to go pee hoping to make myself feel a little more comfortable.

While I was sitting on the toilet I felt something pop that felt exactly like I'd just broken a water balloon. It even sounded like I'd just popped a water balloon and a gush of liquid splashed into the toilet. I went and told my mom (we are living with my parents right now), called the doctor, and then I called DH at work and told him to meet us at the hospital, while my parents drove me in. I wasn't really having too many contractions, but I didn't want to wait for them just to be on the safe side with my history.

DH was kind of freaking out, lol. In a good way, though. He said I got to the hospital around 9:30 and then I walked to L&D. I love coming at night because the elevators don't end up stopping at every floor on the way up. At this point I was having contractions about every 3 minutes. They were the most painful ones I'd had so far, but really nothing too bad, though they did take my breath away. The nurse checked me in, got me a bed, and started getting things prepped.

My OB had told them to start the GBS test and see where I was and they were going to call him when I got close. Meanwhile I was laying in the bed with the contractions getting more and more painful. The nurse asked me what my pain was on a scale of 1-10 and I said at least a nine because I was in so much pain. She was like "No..you are probably only at a 6." And I was like "Ummmmm no f'n way - I am at least at an 8." But she didn't seem to believe me. By the time the on call doctor made it over to do the GBS swab and put the speculum in I overheard him and the nurse say "I can already see the baby's head, does he still want me to do the swab??" and they said that I was complete, which I took to mean 10 cm.

So they continue to go about their way. They do the swab and the on call doctor goes back to doing paperwork. I was a little frustrated at this point because I knew I wasn't going to get an epidural, the pain was getting worse, and it seemed like the doctor didn't even want to deliver the baby. Everything went so fast, though, that he said he was just waiting for the baby to come a little further down and stretch things out more before I started pushing. There was no way I couldn't push, though. I was near delirious with pain. DH was trying to talk me through it and I bit him several times to try to cope with the pain of the contractions. Lol.

They had me push for a couple of minutes and then I guess the baby's HR was dropping down to the 80's or 90's. I think it was at this point they had me breath through 2 contractions and he gave me an episiotomy. They also put some oxygen on me to help me breathe. I was really out of it and I know I was screaming at the nurses a little bit. They kept telling me to breathe slower and I kept shouting "I AM breathing!"

I barely remember anything, just staring at the bright light on the ceiling and finally during one of the contractions I had already pushed twice and I heard the nurse say "He could be born on this one if you really push him!" And all I could think was "OMG an end in sight!" lol so I pushed as hard as I could and his head came out. I think I only ended up pushing through 7 or 8 contractions. The cord was wrapped once around his neck and under his arm. They said he was pretty tangled in there, so the doctor cut it before they could deliver him. He started crying and they let me touch him before they took him to clean him up and check on him.

They wrapped him up and let me hold him for 5 minutes and then let DH hold him before they took him to the special care nursery. As soon as the baby left my doctor walks in and was like "What the heck happened? I hurried in here as fast as I could!" Lol. Then he stitched me up. I had to wait around and 'recover' for about an hour and a half until they would wheel me up to the nursery to see my baby, but all the family went up to visit him in the meantime.

I still hadn't really decided on whether or not I wanted the epidural, but I was definitely planning on getting it if I felt I needed it. I am SO SO glad that it happened the way it did, though. I am really glad I got the chance to experience what it feels like to have my baby almost completely naturally. It was also a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies. Lol. I am very glad I did it this way, but next time I'm getting 5 epidurals. Or more. Haha.
And Camden was just a little guy - if I had been full term I can't imagine how much more pain I might have been in.

4lb 9oz
18.5 in.
Apgars 7 and 8
eyes - still very dark, can't even see them
hair - dirty blonde

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Birth Stories

"jes23" wrote:

Monday May 18th, I went for my biweekly NST test @ 930am. I was exhausted from the weekend of searching for the missing puppy and for the first time in 2 weeks I wasn't thinking about "when's the soonest my doc will induce".

As always baby was perfect on the machine. The doc came in a couple times to monitor as she always has and the appointment appeared to be another boring appt. Doc came in at the end and I asked her if we could put something down on the schedule for an induction if he doesn't come on his own by 39 weeks.

She sat down and began to tell me that she has some serious concerns about my medical condition and beleives that I am borderline preclampsic, borderline gestational hypertension, I had a weight gain of 7lbs over a 4 day span, my gestational diabetes was becoming uncontrolled... she said that I had 2 options. First was to go to the hospital today and induce, the second was to go to the hospital and strict bedrest until Friday (38weeks). We talked about the risks and benefits... the risks of course is that baby's lungs still had a less than 1% chance of not being developed... however my health could became a "grave" concern and she didn't want my placenta to give out which can cause serious problems rather quickly...

I chose induction. Started the pitocin at 1:30pm... contractions were regular and slightly stronger, but nothing unbearable... I was 3cm and 80%.

At 5:24pm doc came in and checked me... still 3cm and 80%... she broke my water.

At 5:55pm the first of the worst contractions I'd felt began. I did not want to cry for the epideral too early so I tried and tried to hang in there. By 6:10pm the contractions were 2minutes apart and STRONG so I requested the epideral. The nurse checked me and I was a 4 and 80%.

"Epi dude" came in at 6:40pm... epi was in place and they started the bolus dose at 7:15pm. Although the contractions weren't super painful... the pressure was almost unbearable... I kept telling the nurse that I was having lots of pressure with the contractions. She went to place the catheter in at 7:30pm and was having great difficulty getting it in, she finally got it in and checked me... 8cm and 100% She immediately called the doc and said "she's an 8 and changing fast"

At 7:45pm I was trying my darndest not to push... i kept asking where the doc was... Finally my doc walked in at 7:50pm at which I yelled "I need to push now". She was getting gowned up and I began pushing with the nurse at 7:53pm...

I had 4 contractions... and at 8:06pm there he was! Perfect in every way!!
He let out 5 really good cries and then was quiet. Turned out that he had swallowed some fluid and since he came out so quick my body didn't compress it out of him. His temp was also low 96.3 so he had to stay under the lights for an hour and a half. I couldn't hold him until his temp came up...

So I laid there being stitched up (truthfully the worst part of entire experience) she had to give me 2 lidocane injections in my whoohaa because I still hadn't gotten all of the effects of the epi. But it was ALL WORTH IT!!

I finally got to hold him an hour and half after he was born and since then every minute I look at him, I fall further and further in love!!

Carson Michael L
May 18th, 2009 @ 8:06pm
7lbs 3oz
19 inches long

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Birth Stories

"Claire'sMommy" wrote:

First I wanted to thank Lisa for posting updates and Ben's birth announcement for me!!!!!!:D Lis, you're the best!!!!

On Sunday afternoon I went to L&D because I thought I might be in labour, but I was still 4+ and no change in effacement. The doctor told me to go home, have a bath, and if I didn't settle down to go back in. We just hung out for the rest of the day but by 9pm I was feeling really intense back pain the way I did when I went into labour with Claire. I drove myself back to the hospital at about 10pm for a reassessment and found out I was no more dilated or effaced. I wanted to cry. I was told I could go home or walk around for a couple hours and see what happened, so I decided to walk. That sucked. I was in so much pain from walking I almost died. I returned to L&D at 12:30 and was more effaced but no more dilated. Seemed as though my cervix enjoyed being stuck where it was.:rolleyes: My OB was on call that night and she came in after my assessment and gave me my options - either go home or have my water broken. I opted to have my water broken! I called DH to tell him and I went over to the delivery room. I had my water broken at 1:05 am and DH walked in about 10 minutes later. Oh yeah, I had so much fluid that it was shooting out of me like a fire hydrant. Every time the doctor moved the baby to empty each pocket of fluid it was literally spraying to the end of the bed and I was sitting in a little lake of water and the doctor was soaked.

As soon as DH arrived the nurse got me up to labour in the shower. She asked me what I wanted for pain management and I told her I did not want an epidural but was open to other pain relief if needed. As soon as I got in the shower and sat on the birthing ball the contractions started. They were about 3 minutes apart at first and it was just slightly pain rectal cramping, but in no time they were a minute apart and excruciating. After about only 45 minutes in the shower I moved back to the bed so the nurse could check me and I was 7-8 cm. I was screaming for an epidural, but Kelly my nurse suggested I try some Entonox (sp?) gas instead. I was on my hands and knees on the bed because the baby was LOP (face up) and I had to get him to turn. The gas took a teeny bit of the edge off the contractions. Kelly managed to start an IV between contractions, just in case. She checked me about 5 minutes later and I was 9+ cm, and in another couple minutes I was fully dilated. No time for an epidural even if I wanted one. And OMG, I always wondered how I would know when to push, but the urge is completely overwhelming.

I turned onto my back and the nurse said if I wanted to try pushing I could with the next contraction. I don't think wild horses could've stopped me once I was allowed to push! After one push Kelly said "OK, stop". She said she could already see the baby's head, so she called in the people that needed calling. I pushed 3 times with each contraction, for 4 contractions and out he came. I was nervous about how much it would hurt when he was crowning, but other than a little burning, I barely felt it. Actually, it was a relief to finally be able to do something with those contractions. They hurt like heck, to put it mildly! I never felt a single one in my belly - they were all in my rectum. So start to finish the whole thing lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes, and I only pushed for 15 minutes! I have a 2nd degree tear and a few stitches, but I feel freaking amazing. I barely hurt at all and am getting around just fine.

Because of the quick delivery, Ben was born with some fluid in his lungs, which apparently happens quite often with fast deliveries. He was taken to the NICU for some O2 (just barely over room air), and then later on in the day he was on straight room air. He has an IV to get some fluids and protein/amino acids, but he came off the monitor today. He has tolerated all of his feedings with no puking for the past 24 hours or so and is eating more and more all the time. I'm pumping about 15ml of colostrum every 3 hours, so he gets that and a teeny bit of formula. I'm hoping my milk will come in tomorrow! We will start actual breast feedings tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Ben looks a lot like Claire when she was born, but he really looks a lot more like his daddy than Claire did. He's got lots of blonde hair and all of Mike's facial features. He's even had a haircut already, since they moved his IV from his hand to his scalp last night. It's no big deal - just a better spot for an IV when some babies don't like it in their hand and it's being tugged at.

I am rooming in with him tonight and probably tomorrow night, so Mike is taking me back to the hospital after dinner. Thanks you guys for all your well wishes and thoughts. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to reply to everyone's posts, and I will try hard to catch up once Ben is home with us! Leaving the hospital without him is the hardest thing I've ever done, but I know he's where he needs to be right now. Take care everybody and talk to you all soon!

Benjamin Reid, May 25/09, 2:58am, 8 pounds 4 ounces, 20 inches

Just out of the oven

Cleavage shot (he's got more than I do!)

Our wonderful nurse checking him over

Mom and Ben (lovely 'do, don't you think?)

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Birth Stories

"knitaholic" wrote:

Pagan Amber-Lynn McD
Time of Birth: 10:31pm
Date of Birth: June 3rd, 2009
Weight: 8lbs 6oz
Length: 22ins long
Length of PG: 37 weeks 5 days (we are guessing the dr's got it wrong based on her size)

At about 10:50am on Wednesday June 3rd, I got the call to go into L&D between noon and 1pm so they could insert prostaglandin(sp?) and get things underway. They monitored me for just a little over an hour...in which time her heart rate became a small issue and the pain for me was unbearable...but they sent me home regardless and told me to call at 7pm to see if they wanted me to come back in. I swear if this nurse would have been on duty when I went back I would have killed her. Before I left after lunch, I explained to them that the contractions were really painful and then they would weaken from about 100% to about 75% in strength and then jump right up to 150% and that this pattern continued for about 15 minutes before I would get a 30 second break before it started again...she didn't care and sent me home.

I took the city bus home and the drivers all knew that Thursday was the day and they were purposely avoiding all of the bad bump areas so my water didn't break on the bus...and Wednesday, the driver I had at the hospital was the same driver to take me home, and she took it further...she would drive on the yellow line if not over it to avoid ALL of the bumps. Which considering the pain I was in...it was greatly appreciated.

I got in the house and managed to tell DF what happened and he was shocked himself that they sent me home. He ended up listening to me screaming bloody murder for about a little over 4 hours and he couldn't do anything to help. If I moved my big toe, the pain got worse it was that bad. I did call up and beg for them to let me come back in but she told me that they won't see me before 7pm and that I could come up but they would just send me home. I tried the shower on my lower back and it helped until one of the other residents in my building flushed his toilet and the hot water burnt me. After that I just started flailing around the house like a fish out of water, crying my eyes out because I couldn't tolerate it...it hurt soooo much.

At 6:55pm I called L&D...no answer so I hung up and told DF, I am not gonna stop calling till I get someone...he agreed because he was pissed and worried. His ex wife had 2 kids all natural and she wasn't ever in this much pain so he was freaking out because he suspected this may just be a quick labor. After the 4th call to L&D, they finally picked up and it was a new nurse (THANK GOD!!!) and she told me to get up there ASAP... so we called the cab company we had put on notice and they were waiting outside by the time I managed to make it down the stairs and within 5 minutes we were making our way through Emerg and up to L&D.

They immediately took me back to the room where I was earlier (they didn't even clean up the milk carton or cookie wrapper that I left earlier). They hooked me up and the resident that was shadowing that night asked me every question imaginable... How far was I?, How far apart are the contractions? Am I sure I'm not making it more then it is? The about 10 minutes after they hooked me up, and all of the nurses and the resident are there holding my hands, telling me to breathe and relax, one of the nurses goes to check me and she must have had the smallest fingers ever because it was as if she was digging for treasure up there... it hurt so much I told her to get her hands out of me or I would kick her in the head... she promptly removed her fingers...lol A second nurse tries to do it...she is a little more gentle but once she hit my cervix..OMG!!!!!!! I didn't give her warning, I just went to kick her... but she grabbed my foot...lol She tells us that we are at 2cm and it could be a while yet...and she'd get the dr. DF was starving and asked if I was allowed to eat...nope... so he went to Walmart and McDonalds to grab something really quick (they are next door to the hospital). He was gone for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes( he bought a few things for her)...all the while the resident doesn't leave my side and she tries to distract me as much as possible...doesn't work. She goes and grabs my Dr to get him to look at the chart because Pagan's heart rate was going from 98 to 210 and then back down again...and the contractions were getting longer and more painful.

He came in and looked at my chart and and told the nurse to grab the anasthesiologist(sp?) before he left. Because of the pattern the contractions (as I mentioned above) they were the same but getting stronger every time...he told me I was having one just in case he needed to do a c/s. At that point, I didn't care about any of the worries or concerns I had towards them... I was begging for it!!! The drug man came in before the dr even left and got me prepped and ready. He screwed up the first time and hit a bone, but the freezing he gave me made me numb so I didn't feel the second attempt. He checked on me before he left and I told him my right side was numb but my left side wasn't as numb as the right. He said it was normal when it's first administered.

Shawn came back just after the epi guy left the first time and showed me the butterfly mobile he bought her and what he thought were boppy pillows... they were inserts for a stroller or carseat to prevent there heads from moving...but we needed them anyways...lol 15 minutes later(the dr was delivering another baby) the dr comes in and looks at the monitor and says that he wants to check me before he deicdes the next step...I was 4 cm. He decided to break my water and leave me for a little bit and then check again. Apparently I had lots of fluid... the resident told me it was a flood...lol. After my water was broken DF decided to run home quickly and walk our puppy and then quickly get back.

The resident asked me if I was ok because I was acting like I was before the epi and I told her that it was worse then before the epi and only on my left side...it really hurt. She went and grabbed the dr and he came in, checked the monitors, her heart rate was still an issue (he actually turned the monitor away from me so I couldn't see) and he checked me again...(not more then 6 minutes from the last check) and I was at 6cm. He looked at me and asked where DF was, I told him he just left to walk the dog and he gave me the phone and told me to call him. I did and DF told me he was at the lights just at the end of the hospital driveway... he turned and bolted it back because the dr told me that I was having a c/s and that he needs to be there for the delivery.

DF got there just as the epi guy was upping the dosage so I couldn't feel the c/s and they got him in scrubs...wheeled me into the OR and told DF wait in the hall till they were ready. I was crying, DF was crying...it was awful. They did the prick test to tell if the left side of me was freezing...NOPE.. he tripled the dosage and waited a few minutes, did the test again...nope didn't work I could feel EVERYTHING. The epi guy looked down at me (I was shaking uncontrollably and crying so bad...I couldn't breath because of the contractions..even with the oxygen mask on), he told me that he was gonna put a different mask on and when I wake up, I'll be a mom. I asked if Shawn was going to be able to record this... nope. The epi guy quickly put the other mask on and told me to think of my daughter and of DF.

The next thing I remember I was slowly waking up and as soon as I could move my lips I was asking to see her. They told me I couldn't see her and that DF was with her. The nurse told me she was perfect. She said there were a few obstacles that if they didn't do what they did when they did it...she wouldn't be here. I started to cry and demanding to know how she was and that someone has to bring her to me to see. I was told that over and over that DF was with her and that she was ok now. The nurse told me the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck 3 times and wrapped around her left arm as well. If I would have pushed her out, it could have killed her. I kinda went in and out of it for a little bit after this but everytime I was conscious I kept asking to know her weight, apgars, etc. Bless the soul of the nurse in recovery, she called down to the NICU everytime for me.

About an hour after she was born, the phone rang in NICU..I was doing pretty good at staying awake at this point, and DF was wanting to see me and let me know she was good. He handed me the digital camera and told me to push play on the playback setting. That is how I was introduce to my little girl...I got to watch a video of her being checked after she came out. He answered all of my questions about how much hair she had, to if she had all of her little toes and fingers. Then he went down to the room they were laboring me in (not the room I got to stay in though) and he got my things and brought them to recovery so that I could have them when I got into my room. I was told by the nurse that when she wheeled me down to my room that she would swing by the nursery so the nurse could bring her out and let me hold her for a few minutes... this never happened.. I went straight to my room... the recovery nurse had a better surprise for me.

DF left before I went to my room and told me he would be back in the morning (it was about 1-2am and we were told that she wouldn't be coming into my room until the morning, so he went home to take care of puppy and get some sleep..poor guy needed it too).

I got placed in my room and the nurse gave me my bag...and told me to look on the camera... so I did. DF told her that he took 5-6 videos totalling over an hour from the time they brought him in to see her to the time he came to see me...and she surprised me. I sat and watched every video just bawling my eyes out (like I am right now as I'm typing). About 10 minutes after I finished watching the videos I decided to lay back and try to get some sleep... but the recovery nurse came back and told me I forgot something...she went in the hall and wheel in my baby girl. She told me that I can keep her with me until I am going to go to sleep, then she needs to go back to the nursery... Needless to say...I stayed up all night that night. I think I rang for a nurse to take her to the nursery at about 6:30am...and I slept for maybe 15-20 minutes and then my nurse came in and woke me up to check my blood pressure, my temp, my wound and how bad I was bleeding...I figured since SHE woke me up..SHE can go get me my baby...and she did. I was away from her for a max of 20 minutes. Biggrin

When she brought her back to me, the nurse said the girls in the nursery are gonna miss her (they all fell in love with her...they even came to see her after she was with me). But I was allowed to keep her with me as long as nothing weird came up. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I was told to feed her the bottle for the first feeding and the next one we would try to bf and see how it goes...it didn't. I think to her it was like "mom get that gushy thing out of my face and give me my ba-ba". She is a bottle baby at this point. I do try everytime to get her to latch (the lacation consultant was suppose to meet with me but every feeding time she tried, the nurses told her nope, Pagan's sugar levels were too low and that I wasn't going to be bfing at that moment), so I never had an official lacation consult but the nurses there all told me the same thing. Massage, pump for 5 minutes to stimulate the nipple, then bring her close and wiggle my nipple around her lips...if she opened wide enough, to move her mouth over my nipple and let he do her own thing, not to force it but wait to see what she does... she just sucks 2 or 3 times and is like "yeah I'm sleepin now, shsssh". She mainly just plays with it rather then use it to eat. I am hoping it'll change once my milk comes in but if not, I am okay with pumping it for her exclusively.

We were discharged this morning but because when we left we were soo excited to be going home, we grabbed all of the bags and forgot the paper work they gave me, so we had to go back. We brought the stroller with us and made our own travel system and went to Walmart after getting my papers. We put in my script and went to the baby section to look at formulas, toys, etc. Everyone was in awe of her and when they would ask how old she was and we said a little under 2 days old, they looked at me and then had this odd look of amazement in their eyes. (We even got a discount at walmart because the lady at the checkout always did our checkout when we were there and she kept up to date with us.)

But now we are home, and because I think I may have overdone it today, mainly cause my belly is a bit more tender, I have no plans of going anywhere until her appointment on Monday with her nurse practioner. Sneakers is no longer a black and white dog... she is a pale shade of green. If I am holding or feeding Pagan, she HAS to have my attention...daddy tries to get her to pay attention to him but she won't have it... and vice versa. Although Sneakers is very interested in the diaper changes... We do them in the crib on a change pad for the moment, and we put the side of the crib down and as we're changing Pagan, Sneakers will get on her back paws and put her front ones on the side of the crib and just watches. She has already "bathed" Pagan a few times...I think our baby has a super clean face at the moment...lol When we feed her and she starts to fall asleep, we get Sneakers to lick her arm or leg and it wakes her right up...doesn't piss her off.. just wakes her up. She's all motherly, but when she wants the attention, she acts like Pagan should leave now...iykwim....lol

Overall I am in absolute love. As I said in a previous post... she is perfect, she is sooo quiet. She only crys when she is cold...she doesn't cry when she is hungry or when she wants to be changed. The nurses at the hospital told me to feed her every 2 - 2 1/2 hours until Monday and hopefully she'll start to let us know these things. DF is out changing her right now and all I just heard was "CRAP!" so I thought he forgot to grab something before he started or something like that and when I asked him what he needed his reply was this "nothing... it's everywhere!!! We're down a blanket cause there is crap EVERYWHERE!!!" ROFL I'm betting he didn't miss this part of parenthood... ROFL

Any now here are some pics... I would have posted the videos but after I watched them I put them on the table next to my iv drip machine... when I woke up and went to watch them while I cuddled her...they were gone... the whole memory card was wiped. we had pics and videos on it from back around my b-day and now they are gone :cry:

a few hours after she was born when I finally got to see her (I was a bit loopy and I don't remember this pic being taken)

Her sleeping in her crib

And lastly, daddy teaching Pagan all about his favorite hobby....lol

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Birth Stories

"Coconut2" wrote:

Vance ShawnAlexander Ward was born June 5th 2009 at 4:52PM. He weighs 8 lbs 3 ozs and was 21 1/2 inches long at 37 weeks 4 days. I went into the hospital having pain, contractions, and a fingertip dilated and the doctor let me decide whether to deliver or get admitted and wait to see what happens. I decided it was time to deliver the pain was intense and I knew both of us were ready. They did say because he was premature there were risks with his lungs but I was confident as well as the doctor was that he was going to be good. So they prepped me for surgery, luckily I was in so much pain and nauseas that I hadn't eaten all day, then they took me back for my c-section. Surgery went great and Vance was born doing great. His apgars scores were 9 and 9. He did have some fluid in his lungs so they brought him to the nicu to get cleaned up and be observed while I got finished up and went to recovery. They brought him to me in recovery so that I could breastfeed him. They said they got the fluid out of his lungs and he was sounding good. After feeding, he and Shane went to the nursery again while I got prepped to go to my room. They brought me to my room and shortly after brought him to me. I was going to feed him but they had to check his blood sugar because they had been low and he already had formula to help with it, they were low again so they brought him back to the nursery for a recheck and feed him formula again. After that his blood sugar didn’t go up so they had to admit him to the nicu with IV’s. I was so upset because I only breastfeed him once in recovery and they wouldn’t let me again because of his blood sugars and since he was admitted to the nicu with an iv he couldn’t leave there and I couldn’t go see him because I was still hooked up to my own ivs and catheter. I didn’t get to see or hold him all night which was incredibly heartbreaking and I cried a lot. He got admitted on Friday a couple hours after he was born. On Saturday they weren’t planning on unhooking me until around 2pm since my surgery was late in the evening but I pushed to get disconnected so that I could get up and visit Vance and nurse him. The doctor agreed, I was fine physically but mentally/emotionally I was really upset about not seeing the baby. I got to get up and get wheeled to the nicu to hold and feed him for the first time in over 12 hours. Vance nursed like a champ 10 minutes on each breast and then he took his bottle. We have to supplement to keep his blood sugars up. Before each feeding they checked his blood sugar and as long as they stayed up they would turn his IV pump down. Once we started visiting him, Vance did great and his IV pump would go down 2 points every 3 hours until it finally got disconnected at 2:30AM today. I really believe that having love and attention from his mommy and daddy really did well for him while he was in the nicu and that is why he did so well and got out so fast. After that he has held his own blood sugar levels after every feeding and they finally discharged him from the nicu and brought him in to room in with me at 10AM. He has to get his blood sugar checked 3 more times and if they stay up then they wont check them anymore and we will get discharged from the hospital together tomorrow. He is absolutely gorgeous and I am in so much love. I am happy he is here and is doing well. The kids haven’t met him yet unfortunately because he has been in the nicu so we haven’t had any visitors. Victoria is very excited and keeps asking about her new baby brother. Vincent seemed excited when my parents told him his baby brother was born and they showed him a picture, he put his hands on his face, said baby, and did a little dance. They are coming up to the hospital today to visit him and I can’t wait to see their reactions. I am so glad things are going well for us both, my pain has been controllable and my bleeding is nonexistent. Vance is doing so well and I just love watching him. He has a head of dark hair, long fingers, long toes, and dark blue eyes. Vance and Vincent share a birthday too, how exciting and special for them. I will post pictures when we get home.
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Birth Stories

"harmonybear" wrote:

First off, I am so sorry this update took so long to get out! The wireless network at the hospital was not working for us, so we have been completely out of the loop for the last two days. I have been dying to post this update!

So... we left off with me out of back labor and going to the doula's house. I labored over there for about 2 or 3 hours (I need to get the time frame from her - I can't remember). I finally got into her hot tub and things started speeding up big time. Contractions were piggy-backing each other, much more intense, and I was feeling pushy. DH went to tell the doula this, and we head to the hospital. I was riding with the doula, DH followed in our car. She was so amazing. The drive to the hospital is 40 minutes long, and No Fun when you're in active labor, but she got me through it. By this time my contractions were 2 to 3 minutes apart and really rough, but we were carrying on regular conversation in-between them.

At the hospital I had to get my antibiotics for GBS and they had to do a strip of fetal monitoring before I could get in the tub. I arrived somewhere between 6 and 7 cm with the newest midwife at my practice on call (she is SO awesome, I really had the best labor support team imaginable). So they fill up the tub, I get in, and my pain level goes from about a 7 or 8 to a 4 or 5. If you can labor in warm water, especially a birth pool do it!! I cannot recommend laboring in water highly enough. I was so relaxed through labor, it was absolutely amazing. The contractions slowed to ever 4 to 5 minutes, but they were as strong as ever and I was pushing through all of them. At one point the MW checked my cervix again and I was 8 cm dilated. I asked MW and doula if it was "okay" to push when I wasn't 10 cm yet. They both assured me that if I felt like I needed to push, I should. So I did.

The bag had been bulging since I was in the doula's tub, and during one of my pushes the bag broke. Meconium... It's hospital policy that if there's meconium in the amniotic fluid, you can't deliver in water. So it was out of the tub for me. My pain level went from about a 5 to a full 9. Ouch!! The baby had turned posterior again, I didn't have fluid to cushion the contractions, and no warmth from the water. Once again, the doula worked her magic. She got me into knee hip position on the bed, pushed on my belly, and then did the sacrum release thing backwards. The end result was that the 9 dropped down to a 7 or 8 and I could actually labor again. At some point I started pushing full strength again, moved to the bed, and the midwife checked my dilation. Nine with a tiny lip. That was 2am. I pushed for 23 minutes. Head and body all came out in one last push. DH was attempting to catch her. Umm, she came out a bit too forcefully and shot past him and (luckily) into the midwife's hands. So much for all of my attempts to push slowly. I was lucky to end up with only a 2.5 degree tear (the midwife insisted it was just a 2, but the rather surly OB who was backup that night said it was a 3). Honestly, in my mind the stitching up was the worst part of the entire experience. I don't know if it was because the OB was a bit rough or what, but that stands out in my mind as the most horrible part of all.

So our little girl was born at 2:23am, 6lb 3oz and 19.5 inches long. She looks all Korean to me, but the Korean relatives say she has my nose. She is a champion nurser, going for 2 hour stints twice last night. In fact, the LC said that it looked like my milk was starting to come in already today, at least on the left side. Going along with that, I am a lot sore. But it's getting better.

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Birth Stories

"mrsgpannther" wrote:

Yeah, yeah, I know...slacker here, but having a newborn around tends to keep me sidetracked a little!!!

Anyway, after a certain early delivery, we were all surprised that our little angel made it to her scheduled due date...May 29th.
We had a surgery time scheduled for noon that Friday, and had to be at the hospital by 10:00am. Once we checked in, we requested the "Family Suite", an amazing room, almost 1000 square feet of pure recovery heaven. There are only 3 of them, so we thought our chances were nil, but it turns out that was our lucky day!!! The nurses ushered us into a labor room to get set up, one did paperwork, one did the I.V., and my anesthesiologist, Dr. Sam Zamzam, (the most memorable name ever!), gave me the run down of the spinal. After being hooked up to all the monitors, to our surprise, I was in active labor, with the contractions 2 minutes apart! I have a very high pain tolerance, so I just thought they were the Braxton's kicking in from excitement. Guess that day was the day no matter what!!!
This is the very last picture ever of me being pregnant...still looking happy though!!!

We found out an emergency c-section had priority over us, and it would push our time back a little, no biggy, it was gonna happen either way. About 12:30pm, they wheeled us into the OR, got the spinal in place, (not fun at all!!!), and brought Greg in. My doctor and Greg had gone to kindergarten together so all of the typical rules of not being able to watch the surgery went right out the window. Plus, he used to be a medic, so he loves that stuff! I never had a single ounce of pain, just a little pressure, and at 12:46 pm I heard the most beautiful sound known to woman...that first cry! Greg quickly announced that it was in fact a girl, and they whisked her over to the table to get her all checked out. Her apgars came back 9's both times, and my doctor told me she hadn't seen that in quite a while, reassuring me that she would be a very healthy baby. Doc asked me one last ime if I was certain to have my tubes tied...for a very brief second I thought no...but realized I have my perfect family, and there was no need to continue my fertility. And so it was done...bye bye birth control!!!

After spending an hour in recovery, I was wheeled up to my suite, and holy crap, do I mean suite!!! The room is huge, a table with 4 chairs, 2 couches, 2 rockers, a pull out bed for Greg, and a view to kill for!!! The bathroom alone was as welcoming as my own at home, with 2 shower heads, a bench seat, and every amenity thinkable!!! We obviously settled right in!!!
This is just one half of the room...at one point, we had 18 people to visit at one time, and there was plenty of room for everybody!!!

We spent the next 3 days enjoying our little girl, walking the halls, and being the envy of every person on the floor, for not having any problems or pain with the c-section. Even my doctor came in the next morning and asked if I had a body double...showering and even getting out of bed were not the usual first day post-surgery activities!!! We walked the halls for at least an hour each day, and made it known we were doing great!!!

Tyler, Greg, McKenzie and I are doing amazing, and we are very thankful to be home. Nothing beats the comforts of what you're used to!
Overall, I couldn't be happier with the results of my stay, or surgery...as I haven't needed a single pain pill since an hour after birth.

Here are some pictures of McKenzie...so damn cute!!!

Thank you for looking!!!
XOXO, Bryn

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Birth Stories

"AimeeLynne" wrote:

I started contracting on Thursday, they were coming about 7mins apart, I laid down, they still came, but ended up slowing down, i kept having them all the way up until Sunday, they didn't get bad again till Sunday night about 6pm. Well they kept getting worse, but not consistent, about 5-15mins apart. About 1am I started to throw up after every contraction. I ended up calling my doc at 4:30 because I couldn't keep any type of fluids down. He told me to come and get checked out. Sean and I got there about an hour later. They checked me and I was 3cm and 100% effaced, baby at 0 station. At that point I had been up for 24 hours and decided I wanted an epi (I was 100% against them, I was just so tired and had been contracting for days). They checked me about 45mins later and I was 7cm, They broke my water and had to put an internal monitor on the baby. His heart rate was dropping with every contraction, and coming back slowly. 30mins after that, I was 9 1/2 cm. The baby wasn't doing good and his heart rate will still not coming back up fast enough. At 10cm (10mins later) they wanted me to start pushing. I pushed through 2 contrax and his HB went down to 85 on the last one, so they wanted to do a c-section. (that was the most scariest experience of my entire life!) They rushed me in and Miles was born at 10:25am, he was 5lbs 10oz and 18"long. They neonatlists took him right away because there was meconium when they broke the water. He came out and was absolutely perfect!!! I was in the hospital till Thursday and I'm recovering well, just really sore. He is breast feeding and doing great, he's just about at his birth weight again. We have been completely blessed!

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Birth Stories

"3KiwiKids" wrote:

Born: 26 May 2009
Time: 01:11am
Weight: 7lbs 1oz (3.19kg)
Height: 19.5 Inches (50cm)
Pregnancy Lasted: 39 weeks and 4 days

Samantha arrived very VERY quickly on Tuesday 26 May at 0111hrs here in Dubai at 39 weeks and 4 days. She's 3.19kg (7lb 1oz), 50cm long.

I had an OB appt at the hospital on Monday morning. I requested a membrane sweep. My last two pgs I had 3 sweeps each before anything happened. Not this time though! By 1630hrs I was using an online contraction timer. By 2000hrs it was established labor. We left home at 2335hrs, got to the hospital at 2350hrs. I was examined and was already 5cm and contracting 2mins apart. Then we clashed with Dubai "protocol". DH had to go pay for the delivery first (ok sounds funny but it's not on the list of priority when you're so close to delivery), then "security" told him he couldn't leave the car parked outside the door and he had to shift it. In the meantime I was stuck in a wheelchair completely unable to get myself out, in a waiting area where there were other people just watching me... with an orange sticker on my chart which indicated that I need to wait 10 minutes for a room! WTF??!!

When DH finally returned from parking the car elsewhere, he was told by security that he couldn't wait with me! They have separate male/female waiting areas in the hospitals here - which to me is stupid considering it takes both of you to get into this situation... what's the point of segregating in a maternity ward? I'm sorry but I have to say here "stupid bloody Arabs!". It started to get heated between him and the security guard and my call to the delivery room came just in time!

Gown on, and onto the table to be examined. Well that was the end of that one. There was no way in h3ll my body was going to let me move after than and there went any hope of delivering on my hands and knees like the last two times.

Anyway, what happened next is a memory I will treasure. There was no one in the room saying "push now" like I've had in the past. My body did it all by itself and I let it. Three strong contractions and the head was out without me physically pushing. Then the OB said "one push", DH said "come on babe, one push and she'll be here". One push it was and there she was.

My post-natal experience is appalling. Seems there are rules here for local Emiratees and rules for everyone else. I ended up in a shared room with 3 Emiratee women. Two of which started with visitors at 8am and which didn’t let up at all. I was already desperate to go home before lunchtime because of the noise and constant Nokia ring tone going off behind the curtains! Now women here can’t discharge themselves, only the husband can do that. I rung DH and said to him “I want out, get me out of here now!”. By 1700hrs the paperwork was done, DH and the boys turned up, DH had to go back to the cashier to pay for any outstanding charges, and we were home by 1830hrs.

Samantha and I are doing well. My came in on day 2 and she’s getting drowned at every feed :ROFL:.


June 4 (9 days post delivery): heavier than normal bleeding and some small clotting
June 5: (10 days post delivery): even heavier than normal bleeding and some bigger clotting
June 6: (11 days post delivery): extremely heavy bleeding and clots the size of my palm.

On Saturday 6 June the bleeding became very heavy and I needed to go to the toilet every half hour because of the clotting. It was decided that I needed to get to the hospital. I was now filling a maternity sanitary pad in an hour and it was not getting lighter. The bleeding was bright red fresh blood.

When we arrived at the hospital I got out of the car and experienced a massive gush. There I was standing in a pool of blood in the middle of the carpark. DH went to seek help and came out with a wheelchair to take me, the baby and our bags inside. This time I was seen immediately, blood test done to check my hemoglobin level and hooked up to two IV's. One saline solution to re-hydrate and the other some gel stuff to try stop the bleeding. They tried to do an ultrasound to determine where the bleeding was coming from but there was just too much blood. The Gynecologist thought she saw a cervical polyp but it was just too messy to be sure.

So I was admitted for observation and sent to a private room so that Samantha could stay with me in the ward. At 11pm that night I was taken for another ultrasound using a clearer machine. By now my bladder was too full. I sat on the toilet for over half an hour trying to empty my bladder but to no avail. So they put in a catheter instead and took over 550ml out :eek:!

The ultrasound showed the uterus was clear and no birth matter was hiding so no need for a D&C. So back to my room and put on an IV of antibiotics and another saline. During the night I had another IV of antibiotics too. By now the needle in my left hand was hurting bad.

Late in the morning I was seen by a very headstrong Gynecologist who did an examination. She said that the bleeding was now down enough to be able to see things clearer and there was no evidence of any cervical polyp (TG!). Also with the clear ultrasound results from the previous night, my stable blood pressure during the night and my hemoglobin level being normal at 11.7, I could go home with a course of antibiotics that afternoon.

I've spent the last two days trying to recuperate from my postpartum hemorrhage experience. The loss of blood has left me very drained.

This was certainly one very very scary experience! I'm very very thankful that DH was so focused and strong. Not sure if I could have done the same if I had been in his shoes. :biglove:

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Birth Stories

"ababyforus" wrote:

I have a few minutes here so I am going to try and type Emelia's birth story.
As you know I was scheduled to be induced on June 3 at 5 PM. WELL, Emelia had other plans even though she was 5 days late. On June 2 my OB stripped my membranes as much as she could since I was only 1CM 70% effaced and cervix very high. I went to work on June 2 after my OB appointment and worked until 6:30 PM - it was very hard to get anything done though knowing that I was going to meet my baby very soon. I had a little more cramping while at work but nothing seroius. Knowing that I was being induced the following evening I wanted to try and get a good nights sleep, maybe even 10 hours of sleep. HAHAHA like that really happened. I maybe slept one hour before I started having contractions at 2 AM which were about 7-10 minutes apart. I took a shower because I had a feeling I would be going in well before 5 PM. After my shower I got on the computer and even posted on here... wanted to let DH get some sleep because every time I had a contraction I would wake him up I was in so much pain. They jumped from 7-10 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart - we headed to the hospital arriving at 4:55 AM NOT PM. haha On the way to the hospital I was in so much pain I was crying and it was hard to breath through the contractions. Arriving at the hospital they checked me and I was 2 CM 90% effaced. They said I could walk around if I wanted to. We walked not even 3 laps in L&D which are very short laps and I was in even more pain. Went back to the exam room and begged for some pain meds or something. She checked me at 6:30 a.m. and I was at a 3. At 6:40 they gave me a shot of nubain in the arm which releived the pain very little for maybe 10 minutes if that. Right after the shot they moved me to labor and delivery room. Shift change at 7:00 - new nurse brought me consent for at 7:15 for the epidural and started my IV, which by the way they blew the IV 2 times. ugh I was reading over the consent form and had a very bad contraction, had to put the paperwork down. I was like "I think my water broke" Nope, was a huge bloody show I guess. Checked me then at 7:45 a.m. and I was 7CM - they were trying to call my Dr. who was on call but at home. I was SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER for my epidural. They assured me I had time. I screamed and screamed and cried, no I don't have time. 8:15 a.m. huge gush - crap my water broke. I HAVE TO PUSH. No you can't push, the Dr. isn't here yet. Where is my epidural. He's on his way. He's not fast enough!!! I started pushing anyways. So I tried pushing without any pain meds but couldn't do it because I couldn't keep my legs open to push. Dr. arrived anywhere between 8:30 and 8:45. Begged for pain meds because I can't do this. It was WAY TOO LATE for an epidural. They gave me an epithecal (some kind of spinal) close to 9:00 a.m. and little Emelia was born after about 6 pushes at 9:18 a.m. weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces 21 inches long. Very strange is they couldn't put her up on my chest right after delivery because her cord was really short, but I got to feel her in my hands on my stomach while they cut the cord. DH and the nurse gave her a sponge bath while the Dr. delivered the placenta and sewed me up after having 2nd degree tearing. I took a shower and then got moved over to my new room.
She latched on right away so no problems there. She slept pretty well the first night but second night we sent her to the nursery from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. so we could get some sleep. When we left the hospital she weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces but they weren't concerned. We have been home for 2 days now - things are going well. Having a hard time getting her to sleep at night but she is still on my work schedule when I worked nights. But once she gets to sleep she sleeps good waking up for only 2 feedings at night.

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Birth Stories

"Mommy2APickle" wrote:

Born: 06.09.09
Time: 3:32pm
Weight: 5lbs 15ozs
Length: 18.5 inches long

Chase's birth/induction went SO perfectly!! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We arrived at the hospital at 5:20am for the induction. They finally called me back to get me all registered and get the iv's started. I have to say, the IV went in SO easy! I hardly felt anything at all! Once I was all settled in, they called everyone back into the room. At 7am our OB came in to see if I was dilated anymore, but I was still at 3cm. At 7:20am they started the pitocin. By 10:30am I was contracting pretty hard but they were still kind of sporadic……I would have three good hard contractions in a row, then none for a little bit. At 11:40am the OB came in to break my water, which wasn’t bad at all…in fact, it felt good to get rid of that extra pressure! The contractions really picked up then….they felt like they were back to back with very little breaks in between. By noon I was SO ready for the epidural! The anesthesiologist came in and by 12:45pm I was feeling good. And the epi went in perfectly….no pain what so ever! They also put the catheter in a few minutes after the epidural and that was awesome as well! It felt so good to finally not have the feeling of having to pee constantly! The OB came back in and as of 1:10pm I was 4-5 cm dilated and 100% effaced. At 2:15pm I was still having some painful contractions, but only on the left side….my right leg was completely numb but the left leg was barely tingly. So the anesthesiologist came back in and added more meds to my epidural and I felt amazing!!! I actually was able to dose off for 30 minutes! A little before 3pm the nurse came back in and asked how I was feeling and I told her I felt great!! Boy did things change fast after that!!! She no sooner left when I started feeling contractions with TONS of pressure. At 3:15pm Zane buzzed the nurse and told them I was having contractions with tons of pressure and she came into the room quickly. I told her how I was feeling and she said she wanted to check my cervix. Well, when she checked my cervix she said “Ok, do me a favor….do not push! The baby is RIGHT there!” She grabbed her phone and called the nurses station and told them to get the doctor into the room STAT! Within 5 minutes the OB was in the room and we were ready for a baby!! After only 3 pushes, Chase Robert Marshall entered the world! He was so perfect in every way! I did have a 2nd degree tear, but I felt so good after delivery! And the best part of all, Tyler was in the room the whole time and saw his little brother being born! He was SO excited and amazed with everything!! When Chase came out and was crying he asked Zane’s mom why he was crying and she said all babies cry when they are born, and he gave her the biggest hug ever!! The only thing I’m dealing with now is horrible cramping…….it is TOTALLY kicking my butt!! I swear, the contractions didn’t even hurt this bad. I’m now taking motrin and vicodin for the cramps and as long as I don’t wait too long to take them they seem to be working. I’ll be so glad when they are gone for good, though!! Also, my sugar is now right back to where it was before I was pregnant and so is my pressure!

We are all so happy to have him here with us........

**I forgot to add that I actually called the day and time Chase would be born!! (well, close to the time, anyway...LOL) Last week when we saw the OB everyone was saying he could be born any day, but I said I just had a feeling it would be Tuesday the 9th....and that was with the OB saying if I didn't go on my own I was scheduled to be induced on the 10th. On Monday we found out we were going to be induced on Tuesday instead and when we left the office I told Z I just knew Tuesday would be the day and I got quiet for a second, then said "I think he'll be born around 3:45 in the afternoon......that sounds like a good time." Boy was I close, huh!!! LOL

Meeting big brother......

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Birth Stories

"shortee77" wrote:

Born: 6/8/09
Time: 8:10am
Weight: 7lbs 15oz
Height: 19.5 Inches
Pregnancy Lasted: 40 weeks and 5 days

I'm gonna try to make this quick cause my internet shuts off all the time. I arrived for my repeat c-section on June 8th @ 6am. I was first in line so things went pretty quickly. After getting my iv and answering questions, I made the dreaded walk to the OR. They put in my spinal and let DH in the room. It is the strangest feeling not being able to feel my legs, I thought I was gonna have a panic attack. After about 5 minutes I could hear them getting ready to bring her out. As soon as I heard her cry, the tears came running down my face. They showed her to me over the curtain and then checked her out. Her apgar scores were 9 and 9. They had Fred go over to her to check her out. She was born with a tiny skin tag by her ear, no big deal at all. She did have some meconiom but it was very slight. They closed me up and brought me to recovery for an hour......or so it was supposed to be. They kept putting blankets on me to bring up my temperature. After awhile I was so hot, the sweat was dripping off of me. Despite that, my temperature was still very low. I couldn't leave recovery till it went up to about 96 degrees. After about 4 hours or so in there, I finally got to go to my room. I was so loopy that day, I really don't remember much more. I know they brought baby to me hours later because she was being retested for her slight Arrythmia. The prenatal cardologist said everything was fine and believe it'll dissapear on its own. So after 7 hours of her being born, I finally got to hold her. I was in love. She has since gotten a tad jaundice but nothing to be concerned about. We did not have a name for her till that evening about 7pm. I just looked at DH and told him to name her. So Leah Marie R____ it is and I love it!!!!! We couldn't be any happier.
Oh I look great...lol:

Fresh from the womb:

Daddy & Leah:

Gianna meeting her baby sister:

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Birth Stories

"ekcanada" wrote:

Name: Hayleigh Bryn
Birthday: June 6, 2009
Weight: 7lbs, 4ozs
Pregnancy duration: 40 weeks, 4 days

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, June 5th. He did a very hard sweep. I didn't think it worked because I had no cramping and very little bleeding.

Friday night, contractions started but they were not painful and they were very far apart. I went to an organ concert and felt fine besides the contractions. I went to bed between 10 and 11pm.

I woke up at 3:30am on Saturday Nauseous and had major diaherra. I got into the shower at 4am because of back labour (which lasted throughout the duration - I still don't know what front labour feels like ). Tyler got up at this point and started counter pressure on my lower back. We laboured at home until 6:30 when contractions were 2-3 mintues apart and lasting 50 seconds to the peak. I threw up just before leaving.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:45. I was checked and was only 2 cm (what I had been for 2 weeks). I was discouraged but the nurse told me to walk for two hours and then she checked me again. She also gave me gravol to relieve my nausea. At 9 am, I was 4 cm and they admitted me. Tyler couldn't put enough pressure on my back so I asked for something to take the edge off. The nurse gave me morphine. As I was getting off the bed to start walking again, my water broke. The nurse brought me a hot water bottle to relieve some pain and I laboured without walking in triage for an hour. I finally got into the shower (but don't know what time). After 45 minutes in the shower (heavenly!), I felt the need to have a BM and tried a couple of times. I actually tried to push it out in the shower (gross I know but I didn't care at that point) but I realized it felt a lot bigger than your average BM! DH called the nurse to check me.

she laid me on the bed. As soon as I laid down, my bag of waters popped out! Tyler thought it looked like a small balloon fell out of me! the nurse popped it and checked me. After 45 minutes in the shower I had progressed 6 cm's and was ready to go.

When in the delivery room. the nurses had me kneeling of the bed with my arms draped over the back. I delivered her in this position because it helped relieve back labour!

I pushed for two hours. I really had trouble when she was crowning (worst pain I felt the entire time!). the doctor was speaking forcefully to me which was exactly what I needed!

I had 2nd degree tearing almost to my bum and up towards my clitoris so it took forever to get sewn up. The baby was a wonderful distraction though!

I couldn't have had an easier birth experience in my option. And best of all, I did it without an epidural (just the shot of morphine at 4 cm's).

Thanks for reading, sorry so long!

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Birth Stories

"DunyaWolf" wrote:

Kieran’s Birth Story
June 13 2009, 9:34 pm
8 lbs 3 oz, 21 inches long
@ 41 weeks 1 day

Its kind of hard to know where to begin with Kieran’s birth story, since by the time I got to the hospital it went so quickly and most of the day before we left I simply didn’t realize I was in labor. The day before he was born (Friday) I had gone in for an NST and ultrasound to confirm everything looked ok since he was a week past his due date. Assuming everything did, my doctors were going to give me the weekend to see if I would go into labor on my own, and if not I had an induction scheduled Monday night/Tuesday. It was overwhelming having a set date, but I really didn’t want to be induced. But, it just didn’t seem like my body was going to do it on its own. Anyway, so the NST and US both looked great, he was moving well and had plenty of amniotic fluid etc. So they sent me home and I expected to come back Monday night.

Sometime early Saturday morning (4 am ish?) I got up to pee and there was tons of bloody mucous when I wiped. I had that all the rest of the day too. I knew something was up from that, though I didn’t know if that meant anything about when exactly I would go into labor, whether it would be sooner or later. I was also pretty crampy, but went back to bed for a few hours and ignored it. So the bloody show continued that day, as did the crampiness. Only it didn’t feel like what I thought a contraction would feel like- with a clear beginning and end… it was more like a general cramping in my lower abdomen that sometimes got a little worse. I always figured I would feel the contractions in my entire abdomen. I was also feeling it in my back a lot too along with a lot of pelvic pressure, but it didn’t seem quite intense enough for it to be “back labor”. In fact, none of it was intense enough to signal to me that I might actually be in labor at all lol. Though, I was pretty uncomfortable… and another thing, I had always read that women in labor often want to move around, walk, etc… not me! Any time I stood up it was way worse. I had to keep sitting down- the best was on the birthing ball.

That afternoon my mom, sister and brother, stepdad, and DF’s mom came to visit. By that point I was really not so much in the mood for visitors… I kind of just wanted to be left alone. I didn’t feel like talking about any of it and didn’t feel like trying to maintain conversation with people since I was increasingly uncomfortable. They visited for a while though. By the time they left, at 5 or 6 pm, I was REALLY in some pain. I could breathe through them and everything, but… it was definitely more difficult. So I finally decided to sit and time them for a while, just to see. They were coming about every 3 minutes or so and lasting 30-60 seconds each at that point. So I called the answering service at the OBs to see if they thought I should go in… the doctor I got (also the one who delivered me) seemed appalled that I was more than a week past my due date and told me definitely to come in.
So we did. By the time we got to the hospital and were waiting to be taken to triage, the pain was definitely worse. I couldn’t get up and walk through contractions, or really talk through them, and having to sit leaning back while they monitored the contractions and heartrate was almost torture. I was definitely re-thinking my decision about doing this medication-free. My biggest fear at that point was that I’d only be like 1 cm dilated and they’d send me home. When the doctor finally got in to check me, I found out that I was in fact 5 cm dilated, 90% effaced and baby at zero station. I thought I mis-heard him- up until that point my cervix hadn’t done a thing to get ready, and I was already at 5 cm??
So I most definitely was not going home. That was around 7 pm. From there they sent me to the labor room. And actually from there things are fuzzy. I don’t know if endorphins were kicking in or what, but I was actually quite out-of-it from pain and my memory of the actual delivery isn’t clear. Like, I was asking Daniel about things that happened, and apparently the doctors were making comments/jokes and things that I don’t remember hearing or responding to. I sat there for a little while, and the contractions were getting really unbearable. I was not tolerating them well… wasn’t crying or screaming, but I was definitely tensing through them and was miserable. In fact, I kept my eyes closed pretty much the entire time. Not sure why, it just seemed like that was the best way to get through them. I told them that yes, I wanted the epidural. The anesthesiologist took what seemed like an eternity, and I was getting really scared about how I would handle anything worse. I didn’t feel like I could do it. I also assumed I’d have a while to go, and the thought of putting up with that for any longer was terrible. I told them I wanted something else in the meantime until the anesthesiologist got there- anything! But right after that he arrived, explained the procedure to me and had me sign a consent form (honestly? That form could have said they would amputate my leg and I would have signed it at that point!) and FINALLY started the procedure. For all my previous nervousness about getting one, it really wasn’t too bad… at that point it couldn’t have been any worse! After he did it I was sitting there anxiously awaiting it to kick in, but I didn’t feel all that different. Then it seemed like it was only working on my right side, so they had me roll over to my left to help it work on that side.

And then I felt like I had to poop lol. I told them that and immediately began pushing… they are right, its more of an uncontrollable reflex than an “urge”. So they flipped me over to my back and I began pushing with contractions. I still am not sure how well the epidural worked. I think it did help the contraction pain a little, but I still felt everything while pushing. I’m not sure it had enough time to kick in before I had to push. And I never did lose feeling in my legs. Total I pushed for 30 minutes, maybe a half hour. Again, my eyes were closed pretty much the whole time- I was in another world. I remember the doctor saying he had hair, and that was encouraging. Eventually I pushed his head out, then an arm, and finally the rest of him. That was the weirdest feeling in the world! Also, apparently he was sunny side up, so I guess that was back labor I was feeling earlier. I did open my eyes briefly when they put him on my chest, and I was just in shock. I couldn’t even process it. They took him away and the doctors spent some time stitching me up… which I felt, and it wasn’t fun. Finally they brought him to me all wrapped up, and it was just a totally surreal experience. I couldn’t even say anything. After a while a nurse helped me to nurse him, which he seemed to want to do immediately. Even right after he came out he was rooting around and shoving his fist in his mouth so I could tell he wanted to. We had some time to hang out and bond before family came rushing in lol, so that made me happy as it was something I was worried about.

So… that was our story! I’m totally in love!

By dunyawolf, shot with DSC-W150 at 2009-06-16

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Birth Stories

"thinkinpositive" wrote:

Let me first say, this is going to be long. Rudely long. No way around it. It's not that I'm the pompous sort - really. I’ve just read so many of these stories on pg.org since 2005 and never thought I’d be the author. And this is likely to be my only chance. I also need to record it; to let any woman with a uterine malformation know that pregnancy is possible in the face of what seems like insurmountably negative fact. The world is a miraculous place and life will find a way, even in cases like mine: just when you think all hope is gone.

My HSG. You can see how the catheter goes in and turns abruptly to find my oddball cervix. That tiny triangle on my left thigh is my uterus - or was. Heaven knows where it is now Biggrin

And look what it was able to do!

And sometimes the curse becomes the blessing. For those who run from this epic novel (no jury would convict you) I want to mention early on because it's pretty amazing - that my severely retroverted cervix – that abrupt horizontal right turn that we doubted any baby could make to get to the outside world – is likely what allowed me to carry Trace full-term. Dr. S. said it basically locked the door, holding T.J. safely inside. If it were vertical (as we’d wished it was) we likely would have lost him or delivered him very prematurely.

Hidden blessings. Turns out life is full of them. Who knew.

Here’s the story of Trace Jackson (T.J.) T_______ Our “Little Miracle Man”

6 lbs. 19 inches
born June 12, 2009
38 wks 6 d.
by scheduled c-section due to necessary breech presentation (since wk 28.)
in a unicornuate uterus Biggrin (that's my boy!)

Chris and I left the house at 4:30 a.m. on June 12th, excited and nervous – and for me, empty and dry as a bone. I’d slept a tiny bit, the only shut-eye I would get for 3 days. I was prepped at the hospital by a sweet nurse named Julie. Put on my gown (those things are huge) then asked if could put on deodorant (the surgery instructions hadn’t mentioned it) and ended up getting it all over myself like an idiot. Julie had to poke my IV twice, but did an amazing job of putting it under my arm, not on top or in my hand so I’d have more freedom to hold Trace. Then it was shift change and I met Holly who would be my nurse.

Chris was glued to his laptop getting things set up on TJ’s website to show the families. I kept having my upset-stomach-gotta go to the bathroom nerves, which was a super pain, because I could barely go when I got in there and had to get my IV into the small room with me and there wasn’t a bathroom fan (WTH?) I was given the antacid (a super sour somewhat vile “shot glass” of liquid) and then Betsy, the nice pre-op nurse came to chat. She would be assisting in surgery. Another friendly face on this scary, emotional, surreal day.

DH had me roaring with laughter as he “scrubbed-up”. At first his pants were inside-out and the tag was hanging behind him and then he hopped around trying to get them off and back on with his shoes on. He looked amazing in them though (he’s so slim and handsome) like a doctor. So of course in true Chris form, he picked up a stethoscope laying nearby and goofed around. What would I do without his sense of humor.

Then, to my delight, Cory, the super caring anesthetist from my pre-op popped into my room and said he’d be on my team! I was so thrilled to see him, because he’d spent a lot of time with me the day before. Because of the fused vertebrae in my neck, there was some concern about my range of motion if they had to go to general anesthetic. Cory was all set with specially shaped tools to do the job (once you’re out, they put a tube down your throat – ack!) and it was reassuring to know we were all set, come what may. Cory would end up being my right-hand-man once Chris left the OR with T.J.

Eons passed as we waited for Dr. S. Finally, he zoomed in with a big smile, saying “are you ready to do this?” I said, “Yup. Let’s have this baby,” and eek - it was Go Time. He felt my stomach for positioning (no need for u/s - by now we both knew what the head felt like) said something like, “See you in there!” and left for the OR.

I don’t even remember saying goodbye to DH before leaving, which I’m sad about now. (what if? what if?) DH videotaped me as I walked down the hall with nurse Holly to what is titled on the wall as the Caesarean Delivery Room (I appreciated that). I’d been worried I’d cry at this point, but somehow I didn’t.

We pushed the doors open and it was bright and clean and new looking and there was the whole team, Dr. S., Cory, Betsy, lots of other assisting nurses – and they all applauded and cheered – such a lovely unexpected welcome. Elton John’s “Daniel” was playing at a good volume – Dr. S.’s preferred “birthday music.”

Turns out it was a mix-tape of sorts with Elton and Billy Joel songs. Of course several songs played during the delivery, but I only remember the words to the one playing when I first met Trace: Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time.”

I sat on the edge of a skinny table and held onto a nice nurse I’d never met before while I rounded my back as instructed by Cory (hard to do when your front is round as well). They inject the block directly into your spinal column and Cory warned me to speak up if I felt any kind of electrical shock feeling. He numbed the area (uttering words of support) then in it went and I felt a truly odd sensation, like a quick shot of cold liquid shooting down my spine. I’m sitting there thinking “was that electrical?” Egads. I’m gonna need a vacation after this!

I immediately felt hot and my feet began to numb. The nurses swung my legs up onto the table and I lay down and they got started. Cory was right there explaining what they were doing and talking me through. They put a blood pressure cuff on my right arm (left one had the IV) so all I could do was lay there. For those that don’t know, you still feel sensation and motion, touch basically and for me the feel of any palpitation seemed magnified by 1,000. Dabbing at the incision felt like someone was jumping on me!

Dr. S. commented that Chris was out in the hall “pretty darned excited.” Judge for yourselves:

They actually started the incision before they got Chris, which was a bit un-nerving. Cory softly says, “They’re making the incision now” and I’m repeating, louder each time, “Did someone get Chris?!” After what seemed like an eternity, his smiling face appeared on my side of the curtain, bringing tears to my eyes (darn, hadn’t cried through any of the scary stuff, but seeing my sweetie did it).

I felt a lot of pushing and pulling (good grief what the heck are you doing to me?) and let out a lot of “Oh God”s and “Oof”s. Cory suggested that Chris peer over the curtain and take a picture or two, which was weird for me at the time, but I’m SO glad he did:

Sure enough. Our breech baby emerged bottom first and they flipped his little legs out as he came into the world. Shortly after, I glimpsed motion out of the corner of my eye, heard “Get your camera ready” and there was my narrator Cory again with those unbelievable words I never thought we’d hear: “There’s your baby!”

My eyes filled up and I called out “Oh wow!” as I heard Trace cry and spotted our tiny pink, perfect (and crying – yay!) son in one of the nurse’s arms. For a millisecond Chris seemed frozen to the spot. Then he jack-knived up and headed for the bassinette/warmer. I’ve never been so jealous in my life!

I lie there, basically a “head” with an attitude, going “Oh good, he’s crying!” / “Is he okay?” – and most of all – “How does his FACE look?” LOL! (We’d had an terrible u/s image of T.J.’s face at the end of the pg that looked all the world like he had lips 4-feet long) Thank the Good Lord – not a beak nor platypus bill in sight! Biggrin

They announced Trace’s weight at 6 lbs., his length at 19” and his Apgar scores of 8 & 9. Then Cory called to Chris – “Bring him over, hold him up, show your wife your son,” and I’m staring in wonder at Chris and this little warm bundle in a tiny knitted hat.

I managed to blurt out, “Hi sweetheart,” and soaked in every detail of his little wrinkled, tiny face through my tears. Every time I relive that moment I cry and it’s one of the most joyous life experiences I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Despite all my (needless) worries, all of my misgivings along the way - We DID it! The “Little Uterus that Could” DID it! We posed for a couple quick pictures and Trace and Chris left for the nursery. (Had it been a dream?)

Having Chris leave with the baby was a decision we’d made early on and didn’t second-guess. But if I had it to do over, I think I would’ve wanted him to stay. Because despite all of my fears about walking into the OR and having to deliver that way, it was the trials of the medical team putting Humpty Dumpty back together again that were my greatest psychological challenge.

First of all, Dr. S. called over to me from behind my curtain (while showing the medical team) that I do indeed have a unicornuate uterus (UU) on the left side with a small rudimentary right horn. I felt so redeemed that the “hunch” we’d all had from that single HSG so long ago was bang on. And of course that the nasty OB from that time who shattered our lives by telling me me babies were unlikely but "you can still make love for pleasure" UGH - was VERY WRONG! I felt like a case study and had sort of an out of body feeling of watching what they were seeing in my mind’s eye, although all I saw was blue curtain.


The uterus is developed by the fusion of two mullerian ducts that usually are identical and fuse together into one vessel. In about 1 in 4,000 women (more common in those with renal malformations such as a solitary kidney like I have) the uterus is formed from only one duct. Sometimes there is a partial “horn” on the other side, which cannot support life and will lead to fatal uterine rupture if a pg implants there and is not immediately removed with the horn.

In one study of 290 women with a unicornuate uterus, 175 women conceived but only 50% of them delivered a live baby. The rate for ectopic pregnancy was 2.7%, for miscarriage 34%, and for preterm delivery 20%. The intrauterine demise rate was 10%.

So for perspective, later on Cory would discover that I had sensation waaay lower in my core than I should have. He says my body metabolized the spinal block faster than most, giving me LOTS more feeling and discomfort than I should have had. Combine that with the fact that the “closing up” part took a lot longer with me and the UU and you’ve got a memory not soon forgotten.

I could hear Dr. S. talking to the team beyond my blue world and was snapped back to reality that this was indeed surgery and my innards were still splayed all over the table.

“I’ve got a floppy one here. It’s not responding to the pitocin.” (They administer pitocin after c-sections to create uterine contractions, firming up the organ before re-insertion.) My poor little uterus had swollen to such an un-natural size that the normal procedural dose wasn’t touching it. They upped it and it still didn’t work, so they injected another med (didn’t catch what that was) into my left thigh and then when that wasn’t enough, something else into my right. Some firmness resulted and they moved ahead.

“Uh, Cory. I have a headache. A bad one. Just on the right side of my forehead. And it’s getting worse.”

All the meds had raised my always excellent blood pressure to quite a height, hence the headache. Lying there, feeling somewhat alone, I was doing battle in my head not to think of it as a dangerous sign.

“Cory – Cory, now my chest hurts. On the left side and up under my arm.”

Cory was amazing and reassured me that everything I was feeling was a common reaction to the medications and that my BP was high but still okay.

“Oh God – Oh Ugh!” I gripped handfuls of both sides of the table in my fingers as they jostled and pushed my giant uterus back into its new placement.

“Can I give you something to relax you?” Cory kept asking me. “Will you be mad at me if I give you something?”

“Oh no, I’m okay,” I kept saying, but then my headache intensified.

“I think I’d better give you something,” he said, and I agreed, adding “Just a little bit.”

I felt the tiniest bit drowsy after that but still a lot of abdominal acrobatics during my “reassembly.” Then Cory told me they were stitching me up and after what felt like an eternity, they were done.

As the curtain came down, I spotted a smiling Dr. S. and said, “Fancy meeting you here!” Everyone was full of congratulations and so nice and said I was a “real trooper.”

Then I was transferred to a hospital bed and wheeled out to recovery. Chris and Trace came in (it WASN’T a dream!), the Lactation Consultant appeared and we got T.J. BFing immediately. He latched right on perfectly and she said, “It’s almost never that easy,” (Go T.J.! I’m so proud of you, sweetie.)

Then they wheeled my bed down the hallway and nausea hit – big-time! I barfed my way to our room into those strange little plastic cylindrical bags that reminded me of The Cat in the Hat’s hat. (It continued for a few hours until they found an IV med that stopped it.)

So there I was. IV in my left arm, oxygen sensor on my left finger and to ease my mind, compression hose and boots on both legs inflating and deflating on their own. (My dear father died of a blood clot, 4 months post surgery, hence my blinding fear of all things OR.) When Dr. S. first mentioned a possible c-section, I’d called my Mum shrieking and crying. For the rest of the pg, I’d felt really “tricked” into facing my worst fear, as there wasn’t any other way to get T.J. out.

I don’t think I slept in hospital at all. There was always someone coming in. T.J. fed 12 times on his first day on earth with 3 wet and 3 dirty diapers (and with me bed-bound, Chris had to deal with the meconium!)

How to sum up this epic novel? Well, here’s what I wrote when I just couldn’t sleep in the wee hours of the next morning, laying there in hospital with Chris on the couch and our newborn son sleeping peacefully in his plastic basinette beside me:

“We are so much in love with Trace. We shared him on the webcam with our parents yesterday. Mum had been crying all day, so happy and so worried. It was incredible to see her on the camera, still emotional and in a state of disbelief. She never thought she’d ever be a Grandmother and it was incredible to share the moment with her. And my step-dad is so happy too, which is so special to me. He's going to be a wonderful Grandad. He was a good friend of my Dad's, so it's almost like sharing T.J. with him too.

I was able to eat supper last night in a chair and had my catheter removed at midnight and could “go” on my own in an hour! The compression stuff has been removed and today I’ll finish my IV med and be able to lose it and shower – heaven! I also get to go with T.J. to the nursery tonight Smile

T.J. is truly a Miracle Baby and we’ve never felt so blessed in our lives. Chris can’t stop holding him, walking around the room with a giant grin, whispering excitedly, “He’s so precious!” over and over like he’d discovered hidden treasure.

The nurses are saying they’ve never seen a newborn look so much like his Daddy. That made me so happy, because when we were told I was basically infertile, my deepest sadness was not being able to give Chris our own child; to see each other in his eyes and family members like my beloved Dad in his talents and gestures in years to come.

I can’t believe we have a son. By far, this is the greatest wonder I have ever experienced in my life. God bless you, T.J. I’m so glad you chose us.

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Birth Stories

"babyJtime" wrote:

3 p.m.: 2 c.m. Dilated, stretch and sweep done
Irregular contractions and losing mucous plug throughout the day.

More irregular contractions and losing more mucous plug.
10:30 p.m. Contractions are 9 minutes apart, lasting about 45 seconds.

5 a.m. Woke up because the contractions were 5-6 minutes apart, lasting 30 seconds.

8:30 a.m. Called the Midwife. Contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, lasting 30 seconds.

9 a.m. Midwife came to my home. 4 c.m. Dilated and fully effaced. Antibiotics for GBS given.

9:45 a.m. Checked again and 5 c.m. Contractions are still the same. Midwife had to leave to go to a consultation appointment.

10 a.m. My sister and friend arrive and apply counter pressure to my lower back with each contraction. Much better way to get through contractions!!

11 a.m. Midwife returns.

12:30 p.m. Contractions 1-2 minutes apart, lasting 45 seconds. Checked and at 6 c.m. Because of the progress, was asked if I would like my waters broken.
Agreed and lots of clear fluid.
Was told to go have a couple contractions on the toilet.
Had one contraction and 10 seconds later a very intense contraction. Called for my sister and friend to come for counter pressure.
With the next contraction, I felt like I had to have a bowel movement.
Somehow I moved to the bedroom in between contractions. Had one more contraction before they checked me and I was fully dilated.

12:38 p.m. With the next contraction, Maria Konae came into the world, VERY quickly! I'm not sure if anyone caught her or not!!
Maria was put on my chest and breastfed right away! I cut the cord and held Maria for at least 90 minutes before they did their baby checkup!

Maria Konae
40 weeks and 2 days
7 lbs 12 oz.
21.25 inches
12:38 p.m.

So 3 days later, things are going okay. Maria only cries when she is getting her diaper changed and it is a MAJOR meltdown cry!!

Breastfeeding is going 'okay'. She sucks great but there are some latch problems so I'm already all scabby and cracked. Getting help from the midwife with that. It needs to get better because it is very painful!!

Jeena is doing great as a big sister. She is always talking to Maria and helping me with diapers, etc.!!

A MAJOR bonus is that Maria was born on Thursday and my DH was granted a special leave (in the Army) to come home for Friday and Saturday!! So he got to meet his second little lady! Originally he would meet her when she was about 3 weeks old!

Here is one picture for now... more to come when I sort out the hundreds we already took!! Smile

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Birth Stories

"Thyninne" wrote:

My water broke at 5:45 in the morning. Thankfully, my MIL was staying with us this weekend, so she was able to stay with the boys. DH and I took off to the hospital. I was feeling pains in right around my mid-section that came and went like contractions. Didn't feel like full contractions though, just really intense menstrual cramps. They intensified when we got to triage. I got undressed and put the gown on. Right away, I felt the urge to push. I was so scared, thinking there was no way I could be fully dilated yet. I yelled out that I felt the urge to push, they came running to check me, and confirmed that I was fully dilated! We were whisked into a delivery room, and I pushed for about 20 minutes, and she was born at 6:58 am! We never had a minute to spare!

Victoria Dorothy Irene
Born June 20, 2009 @ 6:58 am
9lbs 4oz

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Birth Stories

"katiecougar" wrote:

Lauren's birth story:

I was scheduled fo an induction and asked to come in to the hospital on Thursday, July 2nd at 5pm for Miso (oral) to ripen my cervix. I checked in with DH after dropping of DD at my parents at 5pm. By the time I was admitted and in bed it was 7pm and the monitors were picking up regular contractions about 10 minutes apart. But they were not painful. I was a fingertip dilated but my cervix was still long.

We ate dinner, and they gave me something to help me sleep and sent me to bed without any unduction drugs. I was woken up at 11:30pm by the nurse stating that my contractions had stopped so they gave me the oral meds and put me back to sleep. I slept OK, but not great. I was up for the day around 5:30am and waited for the dr to arrive. I was checked around 9am and I was 1-2 CM dilated - so basically nothing much had happened, but my contractions had picked back up - still not painful.

They started petocin around 10am and let me rest. About an hour later they decided that they would insert a bulb in my cervix to dilate it manually to see if that kickstarted that. At 1pm I was having more painful contractions and when I got up to pee, the bulb fell out and I was bleeding a bit. I walked around for about 30 minutes and labored through the contractions.

Around 5pm they have to move me to a new room (closing the wing I was in cause there was only 2 patients in it) and by then the contractions were really painful and I was about 5-6cm. I told the nurse that I wanted the epi as soon as I got to my new room. It took the anastesiologist 30+ minutes to get there and I was having a hard time with the pain. It too two tried for her to get it. but when she did, I was in heaven. I could feel my legs but NO pain!!!!

My family went and got dinner together and when they got back it was like 6:30pm. I was checked again at 8pm and I was 8cm. My 9pm I was full and complete and ready to push. After two short pushes Lauren arrived and they placed her right on my chest!! I never got that with DD #1 cause she had pooped in utero. She nurse right away and I was in HEAVEN!!! She was 7lbs, 9.9oz and 19 inches. 13 inch head.

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Birth Stories

"Mandie565" wrote:

With everything that has been going on, I have not had time to type out the wonderful story that brought Joey into the world…. As I sit in bed resting from all of these gallbladder problems I have finished and added a few more pics from the 1st few days of his life. My next goal will be to upload new photos so u can see how big he is getting!

Joey’s Birth Story

At 1am Friday (6/12) I woke up to go to the bathroom. On my way back to bed I felt a pop and my underwear was soaked. I waddled back to the bathroom still not completely understanding what had just happened. After cleaning up I called DH at work. (He works 24 hour shifts). I told him it was time to come home. Later on I found out that he grabbed his stuff and just walked out of work. The guys he works with knew I was due soon so they assumed I was in labor but it was so funny that DH panicked as much as he did. My hubby has delivered babies already, he’s a paramedic. He also gave himself an asthma attack. LOL.

Well we called the OB who said to go to the hospital but don’t rush in. I got a shower and finished packing and then we stopped for coffee :cuppajoe: on the way to the hospital for DH. When I got to the hospital it was around 2am and I was 2 cm at this point. I tried to nap a little and got a few cat naps. :sleep:

Around 7am they hung pitocin to get the contractions going. Wow did that stuff work right away!!!! I could breathe through them and they weren’t awful. At 9am my OB came in and checked me and I was 4 at this point. And my god did that check hurt!! This is the only point I cursed during the enter delivery!! :censored: She told me that I was dilated enough that I could have an epidural when ever I wanted one. I held off for a little while but then I asked for it and it was put in around 10:30am. :clappy: What relief!! I was able to relax a lot at this point and even took some naps!! :sleep: I was feeling soo much better and I’m so glad I decided to go with the epidural. I had almost talked my self out of it during the pregnancy.

Once I got the epidural the Nurse kept turning me. Well around 1pm we flipped to my left side and things just started to go wrong at this point. My B/P started to climb up, I started to get a mean headache and Joey’s Heart rate started to decelerate. We put me on my back again but Joey’s heart rate wouldn’t stay up. We would get it up for a little bit but then it would drop again. I was so scared at this point! In the end we think that I had so many contractions in a row that it never gave me or the baby time to recover from them so his heart rate dropped and my Bp went up. They stopped the pitocin for almost an hour and then they started it back up slowly.

At 3pm the OB doctor came back in to check again and I was a 6 almost a 7. This time it didn’t hurt at all thanks to the wonderful epidural! She came back in an hour and by that point I was 8cm and fully effaced. She told me it wouldn’t be too long at that point.

At 445 I felt the need to push. They also discovered that my temp was at 100 but they weren’t too worried yet. They set up the room and let me start pushing. I actually got the hang of pushing pretty quickly and things got moving along. The Doctor came back in about 530.
At 603 John Joseph B********* IV entered this world. :happybday: They put him right on my stomach and then he finally cried. He had an extremely short cord so I couldn’t hold him very well until DH cut the cord. I was so in love immediately. :biglove: DH & I cried and just couldn’t believe our miracle baby had arrived! :cryinghard: :bawl: I had a temp of 101.9 at this point. :sick:

I think we only held him a few minutes and he went over to get his checks done. He was 7lb 5ozs, 20.5 inches, 14 inch head with a big cone on it, His 1st APGAR was 8. His temp was 100.9, heart rate 162. They called in the neonatologist pretty quickly and they decided he was going to go right to the NICU for blood work and antibiotics. Joey left the room a little before 7pm. :byebye2:

I had a 2nd degree tear and got stitched up and cleaned up. I was up and in the shower :shower: with in 30-45 mins. That shower felt amazing!!! Then I got to eat!! :hungry: Thank god!! I spent 9 months of pregnancy not being able to eat a whole lot and then I spent the entire 18 hours of my delivery starved!! I have never been so hungry and of course I wasn’t allowed to eat anything other than ice chips and water ice. The water ice was amazing! I missed the cafeteria being open but they gave me a box lunch with a turkey sandwich and I think I cried because it tasted so good. DH was so amazing during the entire delievery. I can’t even imagine going thru that without him!! :comfort:

Joey didn’t return to our room until a little before midnight. It was so rough not getting to see him for so long. We held him for a little while and then I actually sent him to the nursery. I didn’t want to but I knew I needed to try to get some sleep and work on recovery. :sleeping:

Both Joey and I were given clean bills of health and we were able to go home on Sunday!! I was worried Joey was going to have to stay but thankfully everything worked out. Bring him home was the most amazing and overwhelming thing. DH & I listened to the new Darius Rucker song called “It won’t be like this forever” during the car ride home!! :homesign:

DH & I waiting for Joey to make his big arrival!

Little Joey in the NICU. I love the look on his face!!

Grissom giving Joey kisses! Grissom loves Joey so much.

My Dad holding Joey once we got home.

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Birth Stories

"Lina5781" wrote:

Quick and dirty:

Arriana Joyce arrived July 6, 2009 at 7:58am. She weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 22in long. Not only was she big weight wise but her head is 75%+!


I was scheduled to go in Sunday night for induction if she didn't leave of her own accord. Monday the 6th was the 41 week mark and Powell didn't want me to go past that with my BP creeping up and swelling and so on. So we have an organized chaos of family set up tenitivly to watch the girls. Basic game plan is DH drops me off at the hospital and comes back in the morning when the morning baby sitters arrive. His grandmother gets sick on Friday and his mom can be there at 9am at the earliest, so a friend (the one with the henna) says she'll help out if he needs to be at the hospital sooner. Thank God she did or he would have missed it!

Comparing it to the girls labor and delivery I was hoping to have her by afternoon but prepared for it to go longer as my body wasn't doing anything on it's own aside from a few braxton hix contrax here and there over the weekend. Because of the off and on contractions earlier in the weekend I was hoping for some progress, but no. We get in and they check me. Still zero change from over a month ago. The night crew was awesome. My nurse was Kathy and she was wonderful. She did mess up my IV though. First stick missed the vien. When she took the needle out, it was a pumper. Blood shot across the room on the floor. So after that one was bandaged up she put it in my hand. Not awesome but she didn't want to miss again which I was thankful for.

They had student doctor a and b at night. The lead resident or whatever was actually there for the girls birth and was good. I liked her bunches. The other guy was SO green, but he introduced himself that way and was actually pretty alright. He was learning about radiology so he practiced on me. They did an ultrasound to check the size and position of the kiddo and I think I learned a lot, lol. Like what organs need to be in view to take what measurements and why and such. Was actually a pretty fun experience. They came up with ~7 1/2lbs, give or take a pound (which is the normal margin of error). I asked the lady doc so we're sure we're well under 9lbs, right? She said probably...

She comes back with the cervidil and the nurse gets me a baby benydril to help me sleep. So I do what I can to sleep in between the pokes and prods and BP checks and so on. I actually do quite well and sleep for 1-2hour chunks. They come back around 3am to check me again. No dilation, no effacement, but I'm soft so it's doing what it should. One more dose to be sure and they'll probably start the pit in 4-5 hours. Yay. So I try to go back to sleep. Can't move for an hour anyway... Soon before 4 I feel crampy and have to pee but it's too early to move. Nurse pops in for another BP check and I ask anyway. She says if it's not an emergency she'll be back in 10. Fine I can wait 10. SO as I'm laying there I'm thinking it's not the "full bladder cramps" and they are actually contractions. Doesn't make sense as they won't be giving me pit for hours yet. Nurse pops back in and unhooks the monitors so I can use the restroom. As I'm walking around I'm pretty sure I'm having contractions, regularly too. Not hurty, just noticeable.

By 5am they HURT. It felt just like it did with the girls after they broke the first water. I call DH and tell him to get up ASAP. Not sure delivery is imminent or even less than 5 hours away, but I hurt and I really want him there sooner than later. I call the nurse and the dr and ask to be checked. They ask silly questions and say how they don't like to check too much. I say I hurt enough I want a pain killer now. Look at my read out, contrax are way less than 5min apart. (All I can think of is OMG my water hasn't even broke and I don't know if I'll be able to stand this very long without something to take the edge off.) Student dr lady checks me and says I'm almost a 5cm and more than 50% effaced. OKs a shot of nubane and goes to call my dr. It's about 5:30 and I still haven't seen DH so I give him a call to find out his ETA. Turns out he's in the waiting room but no one is at the desk to let him in. My nurse goes and gets him.

At about 6am I start asking where my doctor is and to check me again. They do and I'm at a 6+. I'm not impressed with the nubane. Last time around it brought me back down to where I could almost sleep through the contrax. I'm not sure it did anything this time around. Still I can breathe through them and talk in between OK.

At 6:30 I ask if I can have another shot. Last time I had 2 doses, and wondered if I was able to this time. I think I was just hoping more in my system would actually do something. Now it seems a really silly request, but OMG did it hurt. Nurse says she'll ask the doctor, and then seemingly vanishes. Turns out there a shift change and a brief so no doctors can be bothered. She's bugging them for me but I'm being ignored. About 7:15 my doctor comes in checks me, the new student doctors introduce themselves and it's worse than I imagined. Dr "I think that's a head" from the girls labor is the head student dr for the next shift. You have to be kidding me... SO I'm all "I've asked about some kind of drugs for like an hour, can I have anything or what?" Green student dr lady with curly hair checks me, then my dr follows behind to confirm. I'm at an 8 and not completely effaced. Waters are still in tact so he OKs a 1/2 dose of morphine and heads out to get in his scrubs. My new nurse is evil, but some others on staff are OK. One in particular becomes my new best friend. Best friend nurse asks about breaking my water and Powell doesn't want to. She makes this comment under her breath about how Dr Powell should experience labor for himself for a change. In my mind I giggled. Evil nurse is craby about giving me the drug (now 7:30ish), but I didn't care. At that moment in time I'd claw someone's face off if I knew it would make the pain go away. Evil nurse makes snippy comments like "if you can't slow your breathing I'm going to have to give you oxygen." Slow my breathing? You have GOT to be kidding. Contrax are on top of each other and I want to push, slow my breathing? DH even said it's not like I was hyperventilating or anything.

I tell, well more like yell, that I REALLY want to push now not joking (7:40ish) and the staff is all NONO you aren't complete! After the fact I think they were trying to stall waiting for my doctor... LOL stall. Oh at this point crabby nurse is all "you need to work with the pain or the kid won't come out" like I'm actually freaking out and not allowing my body to progress. HELLO the opposite is occurring, pay attention! So I spend the next 10-15 minutes doing everything in my power not to push. Student dr 'I think that's a head' checks me and says I'm close but she wants to see if I'll stretch around her head and not tare even though I'm not complete so go ahead and try pushing a little with the next contraction. "try pushing a little" ... Is she kidding me? My best friend nurse is up by my head and she tells me to do what my body needs to do. If pushing feels good at this point, push. Besides it might just break my water. SO I pretty much block out the staff and focus on the contrax trying to work with them. My water breaks, but there's not much. Like I think maybe I peed... Student curly hair goes to break my water, during a contraction and that hurt like nobody's business. And it already broke so instead of confirming that fact, she's just really confused and spends way to much time in my ho-haa.

Next contraction I push and push and it HURTS so much more than the girls ever did. Excruciating comes to mind. Then the contraction stops and the pain is SO intense all I want to do is keep pushing through it, but the staff tells me to stop. WTF stop?? Yeah right... Best friend nurse is over by my head and is trying to explain that the head is out, they want to suction her before I push the rest out. My brain screams suction her after she's out and let me push before I kick your face! I think I actually just screamed something more like WHAT? I HAVE TO PUSH!!! Next contraction she was out. So the entire L&D went from "I think that's a contraction" to baby in 4 hours. I pushed a total 4 contractions. First broke my water. Second was with them trying to break my water, third was the head, and 4th she was out. It was intense so I'm glad it was short.

DH cuts the cord, but I'm not hearing a cry so I ask if she's OK. They say yes but I don't see or hear her. Scary moment for me until I hear that sweet sweet cry~

At this point Dr Powell walks in and says "What happened here" as he was gone at most 20 min. He oversees the placenta delivery which somehow dr curly hair makes hurt. I'm telling her OW and she's all yeah yeah silly lady. Finally I yell out will you stop pressing on my pubic bone?! Stupid student doctors... Powell scolds her for being dumb. He scolds them both for letting me tare too, 3rd degree and it's ugly. He lets tweedle dum and tweedle dee sew me up while he supervises. Also not awesome as dr curly hair is ROUGH. She's even rough when cleaning me up after all the stitches are in. My lord PAT do not WIPE! I think they are used to women who get epis and can't feel all that.

After the fact I learned she came out facing my left hip. The fact that she had a good 3 lbs on the girls and came out oddly explains a lot of the pain difference with the actual delivery. (well that and the speed) Her hair is this dark brown color with like frosted tips or highlights in it. Very cool and yet I have no idea where that came from. Her eyebrows are platinum blonde so we're thinking it will lighten.

Breast feeding is going rough. This girl has an insane suck reflex. Stronger than the LC has seen in a very long time. Good news is she can take my breast no problem. That was an issue with the girls. Bad news is I still need nipple shields because she is SO rough. The LC said do not let her comfort suck on you. If she has the need save yourself and use a paci. I'm also not to pump until things get better and I heal. In the 20 min after delivery where we breast fed, she tore me up simply because her suck is so strong. So when she learns to back off a bit and I toughen up, I think we'll be good.

She's already picking her head up and in a lot of ways a head of where the girls were when they were born. Thinking about it, it does make sense though. She's 3-4 weeks older then they were. She almost has more hair than the girls do now at a year old too!


Elly playing with the belly the Sunday.

Just born

back in PP

At home

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Birth Stories

"luckyme41" wrote:

On Wednesday the 24th of June, I was so done being pregnant. I was overdue by almost 10 days and since my induction was scheduled for the next night, I decided to throw caution to the wind and do what I could to get this lovely little girl OUT OF ME. I started by mowing the lawn, both front and back, then I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I followed all of that up with a hefty portion of pineapple. I don't know if any of that is what did it but...

"I think I'm in labor..."

That's how I woke my husband up at 11:45pm on Wednesday the 24th. I hadn't even really gone to sleep that night because I was feeling pretty crampy and thought maybe *MAYBE* I was actually going to be able to go into labor on my own, instead of having to be induced. Anyway, my husband perked right up and we started timing the contractions. At that point, they were about 6 minutes apart. We called the doctor's office and they told us to just head on in to the hospital. My husband called his parents to come over, we got the rest of our stuff ready and off we went. We were checked in by 3:00am. The nurse checked me, I was at a 4 and they had me walk around. My husband and I made lap after lap around the mom/baby unit for over an hour, at which point I was checked again. Still a 4. Bummer. (Thankfully though, I was told at this point that we would be staying no matter what since I was scheduled for an induction that night at 6 anyway.) We were sent off to walk some more. And we did for almost 2 hours! By then, contractions were hellish. I couldn't walk or talk through them and I figured I had to have progressed significantly and I was definitely ready for that epidural. I was checked again and I was a 4 and a freaking half! I couldn't believe it! I was so pissed off at my body. The doctor thought breaking my water might do the trick and if it didn't we would have to go the pitocin route. Well, while she was checking things out with the breaking-of-the-water she found a little hand! Turns out, London had her hand above her head and the doc thought that was likely the reason I wasn't dilating. She moved her hand, broke my water and said we would see where things went from there. I decided it was epidural time for sure, the contractions were killing me (kudos to those of you that go natural...no thank you!). The nurse came back about a half hour later to check me and I was an 8!! Woo hoo! It was definitely her hand that was hindering things, I was really excited. She left and said she would be back again in another half hour to check me. When she came back in, I told her that I could feel pressure and it felt as though I would need to be pushing soon. She checked, and sure enough, I was a 10! She had me start pushing right then. It seemed really sudden, especially compared to my 20 hour labor with Peyton. The nurse told me she thought I would push for a half hour, and that was it. I told her I was holding her to it ;).

During the pushing process, there was one scary moment when London's heart rate dropped for an extended amount of time. I know a drop in heart rate is somewhat normal, but I could tell it wasn't right just based off of how the nurse was reacting to it. She called a doctor in, but no doctor came. ALL of the doctor's were either delivering or in surgery with c-sections. Not very reassuring! Luckily, her heart rate rebounded and things were good again. However, another nurse came in and told us to "push slowely" since all of the doctors were busy. I was like "SAY WHAT?!?" My nurse laughed at her and said she would do what she could, but this baby would likely be here in the next 10 minutes. Sure enough, the doctor made it in just in time. She got set up, I pushed 3 times, and there she was! She was 8lbs 10oz's (I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!) and 21 inches long. She was born with fat roles! She has a ton of hair (compared to Peyton, anyway) and big ol' feet.

Our other scary moment was post placenta "delivery." Apparently, the umbilical cord was inserted at the edge of the placenta instead of in the center of it, it's called marginal insertion. The doctor said with concern/surprise in her voice, "oh my! oh, look at this (to the nurses). Ohhh, my goodness." The nurses reacted the same way. So yeah, these are NOT things you want to hear when you're in the delivery room. And my husband said, "what?! What's going on?" She told him about the marginal insertion and he said, "what does that mean?" The doctor said, "we dodged a bullet. Big time." The baby nurse said, "this is a miracle baby, is what that means." The doctor then gave my husband a little more explanation while pointing it all out on MY PLACENTA. Lovely. LOL! She told him that we were extremely lucky the umbilical cord didn't sever, which would have caused hemorrhaging and an emergency csection (at best). I found this on the internet after we got home: "The risk of cord vessel rupture is increased with an abnormal cord insertion. The difficulty of managing an incident such as cord rupture is great. What makes the mystery even more complicated is the location of the cord insertion in the uterus. If the membranous insertion is over the cervical opening, the risk of tearing and fetal blood loss is great. If a marginal insertion is against the sacrum (lower backbone), the risk of compression and fetal circulation disruption is great as the fetus descends into the pelvis. This relationship of vessel location to fetal location has caused sudden fetal distress and the need to activate a surgical team for an emergency C-section. It is unknown how often this happens during day-to-day obstetrical care as the attention is on the fetus, not the placenta, its location, or its cord insertion architecture. http://www.preginst.com/chapter1.html#UCAA" This was also the likely the reason that London's heart rate dropped the way it did.

I was holding her while all of this was going on, tearing up, of course. We knew she was a miracle - all babies are - but we didn't know to this extent.

I got to hold her on me skin-to-skin for a really long time. An hour, at least. I didn't have this experience with Peyton because she was in shock when she was born and they took her. I can't even express how much I enjoyed this time with London. It was amazing.



We were able to get home the very next day. I was ready and basically said that we would leave whenever they would let us. We were home before she was 24 hours old. I missed Peyton so much! That was my first time leaving her over night...good thing there was enough going on to keep my mind occupied.

Peyton has done really well with her. She's acting out a bit, but we expected that. We're just happy that she LOVES her sister, who she calls "Lemon," btw, hahaha! She likes to hold her and give her kisses and help with diaper changes, etc. It's been great and I think she's adjusting really well.

Other than that, all is well. My recovery has been stellar compared to what it was with Peyton. I only had one stitch and I already feel like I'm back to normal. I'd love to be able to work out sooner than 6 weeks, but we'll see. London is a calm baby. She's sleeping really well and very rarely cries. Peyton was pretty boisterous, so we're enjoying the calm of this one. Right now, I think she looks a lot like my husband.

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Birth Stories

"bassicmama" wrote:

Delaney's birth story! DONE Smile XP
First of all, thanks SO much Lisa and Noel for keeping everyone updated You're both awesome!

Delaney Ariel Jennalyn
June 15th,2009 @ 2:29pm
10lbs, 3.8oz, 23.8in

Let me start this by recapping my DD's birth story. I was 41wks, had a bit of plug/show the night before but no ctx at all until the moment labour started. The first one hit at 9:55am, and they were 5min apart. Lots of show, cramping, diarrhea etc. I had a 20min shower that quickly progressed things to 2min apart. DH had to commute home, by the time he arrived at 12:15 they were 30secs-1min apart. I was 9.5 cm dilated, waters bulging when I arrived at the hospital, and Cadi was born 45min after we got there, after 20-30min of pushing. 3rd degree tears, no pain meds except the gas while they were stitching me up - which took as long as the pushing lol.

So I had no idea what to expect my body to do this time around. When I started going overdue, I figured it would be much the same...nothing, then wham. The difference with this pg was how huge I was measuring, due to baby and a lot of extra amniotic fluid, plus the fact that baby was facing up. My 1wk overdue mark came and went. We scheduled the induction to start on Saturday (June 13th) but I never thought it would get that far. It was surreal walking into the hospital and getting hooked up for the NST. I felt like somehow my body had failed this time and I hadn't expected it.

Sat, 5:30pm:
So they hooked me up (pretty painful and difficult to find a position that didn't kill my hips that I could stand lying in for a long period of time.) and started the strip. My mom came up to be with DH and I in the room - I hadn't planned on her being there, she was my backup, but it was ok. She was SO excited to be there for the birth. I was pretty uncomfy on my back, so they had me turn to the side. They lost the hb and it took forever to find it...way up on the upper side of my belly. They couldn't definitively find the head down low, so with the extra fluid were concerned it could have shifted to breech (baby's head had never engaged). They pulled in an u/s machine, and the nurse couldn't tell if it was the head for sure down there so they had 3 nurses and the ob come in and verify. Yes, head was down, but not engaged, still facing up. They had to run the strip for quite a while b/c baby was asleep, then got the hiccups so loud that it drowned out the hb lol. So it was 7pm before the dr came in to check me and insert the Cervadil. (at my 40wk appt baby was "right behind my tonsils" and cervix so high up he couldn't tell if dilated at all) My dr was off for the weekend. I didn't like this one. Knowledgeable, but distant, and it felt like H*LL every time he did anything internal. He said I was soft, 3-4cm, so favorable for the Cervadil to do things, and with my history expected it to happen that night. Yay! Finally. They had me on the monitor for 2hrs afterwards, then told me they'd probably send me home since we live close. I had a few cramps during the pre-NST, and started having mild ctx at 8pm, fairly regular. We opted to stick around and walk, b/c I fully expected labour to just start and be exactly like Cadi's. Went and got Frostys (I still had my nasty cold and was coughing a ton plus really sore throat), started walking the halls. My ctx picked up to the pt that they were one min apart, lasting a full 45-70secs. I didn't seem to be in active labour by my demeanor (they hurt but I could still walk/talk through most of them, had to breathe through a few) but w/ my history they decided to admit me at midnight to a L&D room. Get all settled in, Mom decided to stay - we all thought it would have happened by now, and she had been planning to drive home that night and come back with Dad to visit baby the next day. I was finding that walking made the ctx super close and strong - I had one ctx that was 5min straight of 1min ctx that never let up - but if I sat down on a birth ball, they slowed to 2-3min apart. The nurse kept pushing me to get some rest, which I found annoying - I just wanted this thing OVER, I didn't care what time of night it happened! Finally at 3am or so I tried to lay down, but it was SO hard getting into bed, and the ctx were just strong enough that even though I was mentally exhausted, my body couldn't really relax and sleep. I tried sleeping on a birth ball leaning on the bed, didn't work. I finally gave in at 4am and really tried to sleep. Every hr or so my bladder would be full and the ctx would get unbearable, but I literally couldn't get in/out of bed on my own so I'd have to wake poor DH or Mom to help me. 6:30am comes around, my SIL texts that she's having ctx (she was due June 5th, also overdue) so I was all excited and thinking we'd have our kids the same day.

The dr came in and checked me - and OMG, this man had ZERO gentleness. It literally felt like he was rooting around in there up to his forearm, hand as big as if he's holding a baseball and reefing on things. I was literally crying out in pain (but I'm thinking, its worth it, its baby day) He stands up and takes off his glove and says nonchalantly, "There's no change at all since last night. But its totally normal, don't be discouraged" and walks out of the room. I was devastated and started bawling. I mean, it felt EXACTLY like the ctx I had with Cadi. 12 hrs of ctx and zero change? Like what the heck was wrong with my body??? The nurse came in with T3s and Serax and told me to go home and get some sleep, that it wouldn't stall labour (still ctxing) and call when I wake up, come in when labour "actually starts". We slept from 8am-1:30pm, called in at 3pm. They said they'd either do another round of Cervadil, or since I lost a bit of plug right before my shower, maybe break my water, so come in and get started. My Mom, Dad and brother were up so we went for supper then headed in. They did another NST, then the nurse checked me. Apparently there are 2 levels to the cervix, but they usually dilate together so its one number. I was 8-9 cm on the outer, but only a fingertip on the inner. Baby was still 'up by my ear' so they didn't want to break my water. At 7pm they had shift change, and a few ppl had called in sick, so they had to decide whether to start the oxytocin or not. They opted to send me home b/c they didn't have the staff. (to be continued...MIL/FIL just showed up lol)

Part 2:

Let me clarify - the manhandling dr was NOT my reg dr throughout my pg. He was covering the weekend for mine. After how he treated me, I was actually relieved to have my own dr back - he really is an incredible dr.

So during the NST on Sunday night I had been ctxing 6min apart lasting 45secs, which sped up to 3-5min apart before we left. I was hoping to go into labour on my own and not need the induction in the morning, but I was also looking forward to another good night of sleep before labour. And I was kind of glad they didn't keep me Sunday b/c my Mom was getting so anxious for this baby to come that she was starting to stress me out and make me feel pressured. Every ctx she wanted to know if it hurt, if I thought "this was it" etc, and kept saying she couldn't come back til the weekend. She was SO disappointed to go home, but I was feeling like I just wanted to labour in peace! The ctx slowed down to sporadic at home, so I spent over an hr kneeling over my birth ball trying to get baby to turn before we went to bed.

We got to the hospital at 8:45am Monday morning, did another NST, then the resident dr came in and checked me. Progress! (and much less pain lol) 5cm on the inner cervix. The nurse and resident again couldn't find the head down low, said the baby's position was "tricky" so they did another u/s to make sure. Head still down but too high to break water. So they started the drip at 10am. I was petrified, one, never had an IV before and two, all I've heard is that oxytocin makes ctx hurt like crazy. It wasn't bad at all at the beginning. DH left around 11:30 to get mail from our old landlord, and about noon....my Mom walks through the door. I was VERY surprised and not a little tense after the way she'd acted Sunday. (I hadn't even intended her to be in the room with DH and I, she was our backup but somehow our wires got crossed and she had showed up Sat and Sun from out of town...how could I turn her away? She was so excited) Her bosses at work had told her to "get out of here and have that baby!" so she sped up here w/o telling anyone she was coming. At first I was pretty peeved (in my head) but it turned out good that she was there.

At one (DH was back now), the resident and my reg dr came in to check my progress and see if they could break my water. They both checked me, 5-6 this time, but baby still too high. So they just kept upping my drip. I was ctxing, but fairly irregularly and hardly painful at all at this point. They started getting more regular. I loved the nurse we had monitoring me - she was very easy to talk to and Mom and I and her were having a great convo. I was playing Solitaire on my PDA and DH was trying to get the wireless to work. At 1:50, one of the other nurses walked in wearing these huge up-to-her-shoulder blue plastic gloves. She came over to the bed (I'd been toggling between pacing around my IV pole, rocking on a birth ball and was now lying on the bed kind of dozy) and goes, "want me to do an internal?" LOL! They use them during water births, the box had just arrived and she wanted to come "scare" me with them lol. As she's walking out the door, we're all laughing, and my laugh brought on my super deep chest cough. Suddenly I feel this pop, then a giant thud that hurt like CRAZY in my pelvis, then a little gush of fluid. I go, Um, I think my water just broke. I put down my PDA - I knew this was going to change things lol. She goes to get the swab to check me and suddenly I'm in the middle of the worst ctx pain I've ever felt in my life - writhing on the bed, tears running down my face. She checks and goes, no, I don't think so...its not changing. The ctx were coming about 1min? 30 sec? apart, and OMG, they were killer. More fluid. She checks again, and it partially changed. The other nurse came back in to joke again and sees me in tears in the middle of a ctx and goes "Oh no...thats not funny right now! Here, she'll want these for later!" and gives my mom the gloves.

So they realize that I'm suddenly in active labour and start readying the room. Meanwhile, I am dying with these ctx. They hurt much worse than I remember with Cadi, and once again I was on my back on the bed (the worst position, I feel helpless and out of control like that). I told them I needed something for the pain. They pull out the gas, and it didn't do a thing. I was like, I need something more, this is NOT helping! They go honey, its too late - this is happening really fast, you're gonna have this baby any minute. There's no time. Not again! And this time, I actually WANTED something. I ended up using the gas right to the pushing stage - not much help for pain but it did help me keep my breathing regular. So the resident comes in and I'm 10cm (no surprise there) and they tell me I can push. I say, I'm not getting the urge! (didn't with DD, just pushed, it was horrible) Suddenly I did, and with one push she was down the canal and crowning. Another few pushes and the head was out - and suddenly the room was FULL of panic. The resident dr goes "Get Dr. M in here NOW! Get everyone you can!" They called a code pink (baby in distress?) and there were 8+ people swarming me. Her head had turtled back in, her shoulders were stuck (shoulder dystocia). DH said she was hanging out of me, looking completely lifeless, turning blue. He was actually in tears during the next part - he thought the baby was "toast". They're screaming at me to push. I'm in so much pain and hazy from the extreme rush of it all, and freaking from the panic in their voices (DH said my dr's hands were shaking as he put on his gloves) that it takes a few moments to register what they're saying. They reef my legs up as high as they'll go and tell me to push as hard as I can. Then the nurse who'd been monitoring me climbs up on the bed and gets on my belly and starts shoving on my pelvis as hard as possible to try to turn the baby. (all still yelling at me to push) I'm like I can't concentrate on pushing when you're doing that to me! She's like sorry hon, I have to. Then they reach inside me past her head and try to turn her manually (OMG the pain). Suddenly they all go, Hon, we're going to have to flip you onto your hands and knees. Hands and knees NOW!! So I'm suddenly on all fours, butt facing all these people, bed raised in the air, pushing my guts out. (all still screaming PUSH!) I'm like I am! I am! My dr goes, I'm sorry, Lisa, I'm going to have to cut you to get this baby out. Ok? I felt it for sure but at that point I was so panicky I didn't care. Suddenly she was out and there was a massive gush of fluid (most of it had been behind her I think) and a tangible sense of relief in the room. She didn't respond *right* away - DH was supposed to cut the cord but they just had to get her over to the table so they did it all really quick. Her Apgars were 8, 9 and 9 though, and her cord blood gases came back saying she hadn't been deprived of oxygen, so we were lucky. They all congratulated me on following their instructions and said it was very scary and could have turned out a LOT worse. The resident told me the next day they were very close to having to break her collarbone to deliver her.

The entire active labour part from water breaking to birth was 39min (1:50-2:29pm), and I was only pushing for 13min. They said it was only 4 pushes but I think it was a few more than that. When the water broke, her head instantly engaged and that's all it took to set things off. She did actually turn sometime during labour, so she came out in the right position and I had no back labour. In hindsight, although being that overdue really sucked, I'm glad I was induced, so that I was being monitored closely at the time, and I'm glad it took as long as it did so that my dr (yes the one who was being a "fearmongerer" the whole pg - turns out most of his predictions/warnings were true) was the one who delivered her. He was amazing. I shudder when I think of what could have happened if my water had broken at home. I don't think Delaney would have survived, there would have been no time and DH wouldn't have known what to do. So we feel very lucky to have our little girl safely in our arms!! And that's my (long but eventful) finished birth story

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Birth Stories

"marymoonu" wrote:

Our little man arrived at 7:17pm last night!!

Here's a bit of a birth story while visitors are passing the little guy around. The induction started around 8am. The goal was to go naturally otherwise, but around 2:30pm, the pain started getting pretty intense. I got some nubain in the IV, which helped mildly for about 5 minutes (lol)... Once it wore off, the pain was unbelievable. I was shaking so hard, I thought I had to have made some progress. But when the nurse checked me again, I was STILL at 4cm, where I had been for the last 3 hours. Since I wasn't progressing and the pain was getting so intense, I opted for the epidural. It was placed around 4pm (had to wait on a darn c-section, longest hour of my life, lol). After that, I immediately felt much better. They checked me and I had made it to 5cm, barely. I had to stay laying on my sides through the labor due to BP issues early on. So I spent the first 30 minutes after the epi was placed laying on my right side. I called the nurse to ask her to help me roll to my left side... I needed help because I was completely numb and couldn't control my legs very well.

She came to help me move, but decided to check me first (it was a different nurse). She said, "You're not going to believe this... You're fully dilated." I just said, "You're kidding me!" I went from stuck at 4 for three hours, to "barely 5" to 10 in like an hour!!

She called my doc, he said he'd be there in about 10-15 minutes, and we started pushing. The nurse told me I wouldn't have to do much to get the baby out... He was coming! She was right... I only pushed maybe 35 minutes, and thank god for it because I was getting really nauseated. The doc and nurses kept trying to get me to vomit because they said it would push the baby right out, lol!

He finally arrived at 7:17pm weighing 8lb 8oz! My doc was even surprised at how big he was, hahahah. He was 19 inches long. I watched him in the mirror, and it was the best relief when he finally popped out. DH got to cut the cord and was excited about that. Somewhere in the midst of pushing, I ripped my IV out, so I didn't have any pitocin to contract my uterus after delivery. They had to give me an injection of it IM and also an injection of methergine to stop the bleeding. I did lose about 250ml more of blood than I should've, and I spent the first hour after his birth not feeling well at all. I was dizzy and nauseated and very weak. They gave me a shot of zofran for the nausea too. It was really crappy for our bonding, as I would've loved to enjoy that excited, elated feeling.... But I was almost too weak to hold him. We stayed in the delivery room for about an hour before being moved to our permanent room... The nurses here told me I looked gray when I arrived, but looked better shortly thereafter. Anyway, he stayed in the room with us for the night and didn't sleep well, so we got plenty of bonding time all night long.

BF-ing isn't going all that well due to my nipples being a bit flat... He doesn't like to latch on. The lactation consultants and nurses are a great help, but I'm not sure how we'll deal once we go home.

For now, back to my little man!! I'm soooooo relieved and excited that he's finally here.

Updated with Pics!!

Fresh out of the womb and gooey:

8 lb, 8 oz (bigger than either DH or I when we were born!):

First pic of the happy family (excuse my lack of makeup and purple lips, I almost passed out, lol):

Getting dressed after his first bath (my mom has great pics of the actual bath, but I don't have them yet):

Kangaroo care - Our hospital was really big on this, and it is soooo sweet being skin to skin


Some new pics:

In his swaddle... We really like the "Kiddopotamus" ones. My mom bought us one from my registry, and we went back for a few more. He likes to be all wrapped up tight.

Another one in his swaddle blanket:

Naptime with daddy:

Cuddling with mama:

More cuddling with mama (I think this is going to be a theme, lol):

In our bed:

And my siggy pic - I think it's cute how he was laying with his arms above his head, lol: