JJ Pic, Birthdays, TTC status, Intro's, siggy and Info!
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Thread: JJ Pic, Birthdays, TTC status, Intro's, siggy and Info!

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    Default JJ Pic, Birthdays, TTC status, Intro's, siggy and Info!

    *** ***

    Interactive Calendar (please click on star for link)

    This is all birthdays out of the Calendar. Please PM me if any mistakes.

    4- Elaine (Brendansmama)- Birthday
    7- Charlotte (comasgirl)- Birthday
    17- Kaelei (Roxy_Girl1787)- Birthday
    30- Katie (skat140)- Birthday

    8- Mary (MARYEDEN)- Anniversary
    8- Schona (Kianas Mom)- Anniversary
    12- Danni (danni1)- Anniversary
    14- Colleen (Armymom)- Anniversary
    21- Tina (tinaporter)- Birthday
    23- Narrelle (nellysbelly)- Birthday
    28- Kim (K&K)- Anniversary

    8- Sara (sbaldwin)- Birthday
    19- Angie (jashoalts06)- Anniversary
    19- Christy (Momma24/7)- Birthday
    23- Kim (K&K)- Birthday
    28- Kaelei (Roxy_Girl1787)

    6- Meg (MegR2004)- Birthday
    8- Schona (Kianas mom)- Birthday
    17- Val (valrenee)- Birthday
    22- Christy (momma24/7)- Anniversary

    14- Tori (torintrav)- Anniversary
    20- Julie (MrsA)- Birthday

    11- Tara (TLMCGUIRE)- Birthday
    18- Krista (universitymom)- Birthday
    24-Katie (katie624)- Birthday
    24-Danni (danni1)- Birthday
    26- Jill (claysmom)- Anniversary

    1- Emily (emkat)- Anniversary
    5- Holly (TanjentGirl)- Anniversary
    10- Julie (Julienew)- Birthday
    10- Charlotte (comasgirl)- Anniversary
    10- Katie (katie624)- Anniversary
    19- Melissa (honeybee1983)- Anniversary
    22- Cathy (winston)- Birthday
    29- Tina (tinaporter)- Anniversary

    1- Cathy (winston)- Anniversary
    5- Katie (skat130)- Anniversary
    10- Angie (jashoalts06)- Birthday
    12- Delia (babyjtime)- Anniversary
    20- Julie (JulieM)- Birthday
    20- Sara (sbaldwin)- Anniversary
    30- Emily (emkat)- Birthday

    4- Shannon (HaileesMom)- Birthday
    5- Jenn (NyMommy04)- Birthday
    11- Charlene (Charlene+1)- Anniversary
    11- Melissa (lamonsgrl)- Birthday
    14- Julie (julienew)- Birthday
    17- Jill (claysmom)- Birthday
    23- Colleen (Armymom)- Birthday
    23- Elaine (Brendansmama)- Anniversary
    28- Holly (Tanjentgirl)- Birthday
    28- Melissa (honeybee1983)- Birthday
    29- Meg (MegR2004)- Anniversary

    7- Charlene (Charlene+1)- Birthday
    19- Robin (1970sally)- Birthday
    21- Jenn (NyMommy04)- Anniversary
    23- Julie (JulieM)- Anniversary
    24- Mary (MARYEDEN)- Birthday

    3- Tracy (tracyandtyrin)- Birthday
    25- Narrelle (nellysbelly)- Birthday
    26- Gwen (coolmama72)- Birthday

    14- Lisa (AZBaby)- Birthday
    17- Delia (babyjtime)- Birthday
    21- Tori (torintrav)- Birthday
    22- (shininglight)- Birthday
    29- Gwen (coolmama72)- Anniversary

    *** ***


    Nompilo (nxelen) Mandisa is here!!! JAN. 26, 2007

    Schona (kianasmom) Zeke is here!!!

    Tori (torintrav) Kawailehua is here!!! MAY 11, 2007

    Colleen (armymom) Lauren is here!!! JUNE 16, 2007

    Sara (cakesena) Ethan is here!!! JULY 20, 2007

    Narrelle (nellysbelly) Alicia-Rae is here!!! AUG. 9, 2007

    Cathy (winston) SEPT. 5, 2007

    Melissa (honeybee) SEPT. 6, 2007 - Liliana Marie

    Emily (emkat) SEPT. 9, 2007

    Sharon (aquagrl) OCT. 17, 2007

    Danni (danni1) OCT. 21, 2007 - Madison Ava-Marie http://www.pregnancy.org/phpBB2/view...59679&start=20

    Mary (maryeden) OCT. 29, 2007

    Sara (sbaldwin) FEBRUARY 2008

    Kelly (kelleanne) MARCH 2008

    Meg (megR2004) MARCH 12, 2008

    Julie (JulieM)
    Katie (skat130)


    Julie (julienew)
    Charlotte (comasgirl)
    Kim (k&k)
    Charlene (charlene+1)
    Angie (jashoalts06)
    Delia (babyjtime)
    Kaelei (Roxy_Girl1787)
    Holly (TanjentGirl)
    Shannon (HaileesMom)
    Lisa (AZBaby)
    Gwen (coolmama72)
    Jenn (NyMommy04)
    Val (Valrenee)

    Christy (Momma24/7)
    Melissa (Lamonsgrl)
    Jill (claysmom)
    Rachael (ShiningLight)
    Krista (universitymom)

    Robin (1970sally)
    Elaine (Brendansmama)
    Tracy (tracyandtyrin)
    Tara (TLMCGUIRE)
    Tina (tinaporter)

    January Joys Members

    Siggy Change

    Hello ladies! I was informed this morning there have been some changes in the size dimensions for signatures! Signatures are now permitted to be 450x450 these changes were made due to the new Pregnancy.org Photo Gallery Dropshots, which was auto sizing images to 440x330. The new changes should allow you one image from the new gallery (440x330) a ticker and a few small blinkies. If you have any questions please feel free to drop a PM or an e-mail at My2PreciousButterflies@quinnfamily.us!

    If you are unaware of the Signature Guidelines you may review them here: Signature Guidelines
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    My name is Danielle... My DH is Rob and he is in the army (so we move around a lot). We live in Sydney, Australia, and have one son Caleb born January 8th, 2006.

    We are going to start actively TTC #2 towards the end of this year.

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    Danni how exciting ttc!!!

    My name is Charlene I am 25, dh is Dennis and we have one daughter who was born on New Year's day!


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    Nursing Naya and playing with my boys


    I am Sara and Dh is Lance. I am a SAHM and a mother of Brody born 1/18/06. We are already ttc#2. We live in south florida.

    Sara married to Lance
    Mama to
    Brody Leo 1/18/06
    Beckett Jay 1/23/08
    Sweet baby girl Naya Elizabeth at 36 weeks 4/20/10

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    Hi! I'm Emily, DH is Jason, DS (3-1/2) is Griffin, and baby Jack was born on December 30, '05. So officially he's not a January Joy, but he was due on 1/15!

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    My name is Tori...My DH is Travis

    We have our newest addition Kimie who was born on 12-27-05. She was originally due on 01-17-06.

    My DH is in the Navy. We have 1 1/2 years to go here in S. Carolina. I am a SAHM for now...

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    My name is Julie and my DH's name is Erick. We had our baby boy, Brady on 1/20/06. He is our first child and the love of our lives!! We plan on having another in a few years. We live in New England. I got my Master's Degree in 2002 and currently work as a Clinical Social Worker. DH works in the Accountant field. We also both teach/train in the martial arts.

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    wow Tori!! I didn't know your DH was in the navy?!!! cool!!

    (see i'm already learning lots!!! lol!!)

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this!! I was thinking of doing the same thing myself, but Caiden just puked all over me and I had to go change and wash up. Looks like you beat me to it.

    Anyhoo, I intro'd myself a long time ago but then I just started lurking again b/c I couldn't keep up. But now I'm getting better at this mommy business I think and I have a little more free time. Also, I love hearing about babies the same age as my own.

    My name is Holly and I'm 24 years old. I've been married to Adam for almost 4 years and Caiden is our first. He was born on Jan. 30th after being 8 days late, the turkey. I'm from a small town called Winnemucca, NV but currently live in Washington. I have an elementary education degree and used to teach second grade but now I'm a SAHM and it's the best job I've ever had!

    So anyways, I hope it's not too weird if I just jump on in. Afterall, you have to be a friend to make a friend.

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    and Danni! Silly me, I am probably the only one that did not know Rob is in the Army....Awesome! ha ha ha

    The old timers are learning!!!

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