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JJ Pic, Birthdays, TTC status, Intro's, siggy and Info!

*** ***

Interactive Calendar (please click on star for link)

This is all birthdays out of the Calendar. Please PM me if any mistakes.

4- Elaine (Brendansmama)- Birthday
7- Charlotte (comasgirl)- Birthday
17- Kaelei (Roxy_Girl1787)- Birthday
30- Katie (skat140)- Birthday

8- Mary (MARYEDEN)- Anniversary
8- Schona (Kianas Mom)- Anniversary
12- Danni (danni1)- Anniversary
14- Colleen (Armymom)- Anniversary
21- Tina (tinaporter)- Birthday
23- Narrelle (nellysbelly)- Birthday
28- Kim (K&K)- Anniversary

8- Sara (sbaldwin)- Birthday
19- Angie (jashoalts06)- Anniversary
19- Christy (Momma24/7)- Birthday
23- Kim (K&K)- Birthday
28- Kaelei (Roxy_Girl1787)

6- Meg (MegR2004)- Birthday
8- Schona (Kianas mom)- Birthday
17- Val (valrenee)- Birthday
22- Christy (momma24/7)- Anniversary

14- Tori (torintrav)- Anniversary
20- Julie (MrsA)- Birthday

11- Tara (TLMCGUIRE)- Birthday
18- Krista (universitymom)- Birthday
24-Katie (katie624)- Birthday
24-Danni (danni1)- Birthday
26- Jill (claysmom)- Anniversary

1- Emily (emkat)- Anniversary
5- Holly (TanjentGirl)- Anniversary
10- Julie (Julienew)- Birthday
10- Charlotte (comasgirl)- Anniversary
10- Katie (katie624)- Anniversary
19- Melissa (honeybee1983)- Anniversary
22- Cathy (winston)- Birthday
29- Tina (tinaporter)- Anniversary

1- Cathy (winston)- Anniversary
5- Katie (skat130)- Anniversary
10- Angie (jashoalts06)- Birthday
12- Delia (babyjtime)- Anniversary
20- Julie (JulieM)- Birthday
20- Sara (sbaldwin)- Anniversary
30- Emily (emkat)- Birthday

4- Shannon (HaileesMom)- Birthday
5- Jenn (NyMommy04)- Birthday
11- Charlene (Charlene+1)- Anniversary
11- Melissa (lamonsgrl)- Birthday
14- Julie (julienew)- Birthday
17- Jill (claysmom)- Birthday
23- Colleen (Armymom)- Birthday
23- Elaine (Brendansmama)- Anniversary
28- Holly (Tanjentgirl)- Birthday
28- Melissa (honeybee1983)- Birthday
29- Meg (MegR2004)- Anniversary

7- Charlene (Charlene+1)- Birthday
19- Robin (1970sally)- Birthday
21- Jenn (NyMommy04)- Anniversary
23- Julie (JulieM)- Anniversary
24- Mary (MARYEDEN)- Birthday

3- Tracy (tracyandtyrin)- Birthday
25- Narrelle (nellysbelly)- Birthday
26- Gwen (coolmama72)- Birthday

14- Lisa (AZBaby)- Birthday
17- Delia (babyjtime)- Birthday
21- Tori (torintrav)- Birthday
22- (shininglight)- Birthday
29- Gwen (coolmama72)- Anniversary

*** ***


Nompilo (nxelen) Mandisa is here!!! JAN. 26, 2007

Schona (kianasmom) Zeke is here!!!

Tori (torintrav) Kawailehua is here!!! MAY 11, 2007

Colleen (armymom) Lauren is here!!! JUNE 16, 2007

Sara (cakesena) Ethan is here!!! JULY 20, 2007

Narrelle (nellysbelly) Alicia-Rae is here!!! AUG. 9, 2007

Cathy (winston) SEPT. 5, 2007

Melissa (honeybee) SEPT. 6, 2007 - Liliana Marie

Emily (emkat) SEPT. 9, 2007

Sharon (aquagrl) OCT. 17, 2007

Danni (danni1) OCT. 21, 2007 - Madison Ava-Marie http://www.pregnancy.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=759679&start=20

Mary (maryeden) OCT. 29, 2007

Sara (sbaldwin) FEBRUARY 2008

Kelly (kelleanne) MARCH 2008

Meg (megR2004) MARCH 12, 2008

Julie (JulieM)
Katie (skat130)


Julie (julienew)
Charlotte (comasgirl)
Kim (k&k)
Charlene (charlene+1)
Angie (jashoalts06)
Delia (babyjtime)
Kaelei (Roxy_Girl1787)
Holly (TanjentGirl)
Shannon (HaileesMom)
Lisa (AZBaby)
Gwen (coolmama72)
Jenn (NyMommy04)
Val (Valrenee)

Christy (Momma24/7)
Melissa (Lamonsgrl)
Jill (claysmom)
Rachael (ShiningLight)
Krista (universitymom)

Robin (1970sally)
Elaine (Brendansmama)
Tracy (tracyandtyrin)
Tina (tinaporter)

January Joys Members

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My name is Danielle... My DH is Rob and he is in the army (so we move around a lot). We live in Sydney, Australia, and have one son Caleb born January 8th, 2006.

We are going to start actively TTC #2 towards the end of this year. Biggrin

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:woohoo: Danni how exciting ttc!!! Biggrin

My name is Charlene I am 25, dh is Dennis and we have one daughter who was born on New Year's day!


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I am Sara and Dh is Lance. I am a SAHM and a mother of Brody born 1/18/06. We are already ttc#2. We live in south florida.

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Hi! I'm Emily, DH is Jason, DS (3-1/2) is Griffin, and baby Jack was born on December 30, '05. So officially he's not a January Joy, but he was due on 1/15! Wink

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My name is Tori...My DH is Travis

We have our newest addition Kimie who was born on 12-27-05. She was originally due on 01-17-06.

My DH is in the Navy. We have 1 1/2 years to go here in S. Carolina. I am a SAHM for now...

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My name is Julie and my DH's name is Erick. We had our baby boy, Brady on 1/20/06. He is our first child and the love of our lives!! We plan on having another in a few years. We live in New England. I got my Master's Degree in 2002 and currently work as a Clinical Social Worker. DH works in the Accountant field. We also both teach/train in the martial arts.

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wow Tori!! I didn't know your DH was in the navy?!!! cool!!

(see i'm already learning lots!!! lol!!)

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this!! I was thinking of doing the same thing myself, but Caiden just puked all over me and I had to go change and wash up. Lol Looks like you beat me to it. Wink

Anyhoo, I intro'd myself a long time ago but then I just started lurking again b/c I couldn't keep up. But now I'm getting better at this mommy business I think and I have a little more free time. Also, I love hearing about babies the same age as my own.

My name is Holly and I'm 24 years old. I've been married to Adam for almost 4 years and Caiden is our first. He was born on Jan. 30th after being 8 days late, the turkey. I'm from a small town called Winnemucca, NV but currently live in Washington. I have an elementary education degree and used to teach second grade but now I'm a SAHM and it's the best job I've ever had! Biggrin

So anyways, I hope it's not too weird if I just jump on in. Afterall, you have to be a friend to make a friend. Smile

Joined: 03/16/15
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and Danni! Silly me, I am probably the only one that did not know Rob is in the Army....Awesome! ha ha ha

The old timers are learning!!!

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Hi I am Colleen (30) and DH is Owen (29) we are both in the Army and just moved to Virginia from CA. We will be here at least 4years.

Kaitlyn Marie was born Jan 16, 2006 and is a daddy's girl to her core. DH and I agreed to ttc #2 in feb of 2007. I can not wait and would love to have another one now but we have some professional commitments that we need to take care of first.....Airborne school.

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Great idea Danni!

I am Melissa (23). DH is Josh (21). We have one son, Coby, who was born on Dec. 23, 2005. We don't plan on having anymore children but I'm getting more open to the idea of an "accident". LOL!

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My name is Val & DH is Sal. Yes our names rhyme. Smile He is a quality engineer (he has a math degree) and I will be starting a new teaching job in August (high school).

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Hi I'm Christy(26) and my dh is Mike(35), Kaylee was born Jan 20. I am a SAHM and love it, I have two other children, Lexi(6) and Mikey(4)... don't think we will have anymore but if it happened it would be okay. Biggrin

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i'm delia (31) and my hubby is sinyoung (30)... we met when i was teaching english in south korea... we've been married for 5 1/2 years!! we had our daughter, jeena on january 20th.. she was due on the 11th!! we really want another baby and will probably ttc later this summer!!

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Updated list to here...

ETA.. I'm going out for the rest of the day/night.. will update all the new ones tomorrow!!!! Wink

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Hi - I've been around, but I usually just lurk on this board. I must admit that I haven't felt comfy here (for no good reason) - I'll try to post more.

My name is Susan and my DH is Chris. Our January babe is Will - he was born on the 15th.

I don't know if this is the place for this but, on my other board we do a post of 10 sentences every Monday. You write whatever comes to mind - relating to your kids or not. I find it helps me to 'stay in touch' with what's going on - even when time is limited. Someone is in charge of starting the post every week (not necessarily with their sentences....just opening the post) and a good amount of people participate in it regularly.

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I am Tina (35) married to Cesar (35) Mommy to Antonio (3 yrs) and Sofia born 1/30/06. We live in a suburb north of Seattle. We are also both nurses.


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HI.. another lurker here. I am Angie, Dh is Jon. We have a 5 yr old Chase and Clayton is my January baby born on 1/9/06. We live in Commerce Township, MI. I used to very occasionaly post under Micpl2832 don't know how many of you remeber, Glad to see the board getting back up. I will try to post more, and look forward to getting to know you ladies.
Join my page on My space if you would like at

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I'm Janice married to Dan for almost 10 years now. I have a 2.5 year old son named Kael and Miss Maryn was born on 12.28.05.

Joined: 03/16/15
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Danni, thanks so much for putting this together!!!

Joined: 03/16/15
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Hi! I'm Stacy Biggrin . My little guy, Aaron was born at 11:21 on January 31st. He just barely made it into January. DH is Chris. We are both musicians. I primarily teach privately and am easing back into work. But my main priority is Aaron! He will probably be my only one and I'm determined not to let anything get in the way of doing the best job I can at being his ambassador to the world!

It's so good to see life in this board again!! It's starting to feel like it did in the very beginning!

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Great idea!....

I am Tracy and my fiance' is Tyrin.

Our little girl is Olivia and her birthday was Dec.1st,2005(6 wks early)

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Hi, I'm Kaelei (19) and my Dh is Preston (34). We have a January Joy, son named Tristan Riley who was born on Jan 6th at 8:06 am. I also have a step daughter Alina who's 11 years old. We both live in Washington. I'm a currently a Student while my Dh is Marshall Art Teacher who teaches Stick and Knife fighting. Thanks doing this Dani! Biggrin

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I'm Tracy and my fiance' is Tyrin. I have 3 othr kids from my other marriag.e They ar 16m 12 and 7 yrs old

Olivia was vor just over 5 weeks eary, which put he birthday on December 1st.

We are planning a backyard weddingfor august 12 if all goes as planned.

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I'm Narrelle, DH is Matt, DS is Jaedon (I nearly wrote Caleb for some reason! Lol ). He was born on the 9th of Jan. I'm a SAHM too, which I love, and Matt is an aerospace and mechanical engineer. We're living in England at the moment, but who knows what the year will bring. I'm sooooooo glad to see this board on the go again! Biggrin

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I'm Julie--DH is Steve.
Savannah was born on January 25th.
I am a first grade teacher--DH is an ironworker.

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Hi, I am Elaine (35) and dh is Mark (34) we have been married almost 6 years. We have a son Brendan who is 4.5 and our JJ is Emma born on Jan. 9th. We live in Ontario, Canada.

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I'm Gwen, DH is Rich. I'm 33, Natalie was born January 19 and she's my third child. Andrew will be 5 in October, Jordan will be 3 in July. We live in Virginia. I go back to work next month (part time). I do software testing in the information assurance field. We plan to TTC number four (our last, I think) summer 2007, as I really want an April 2008 baby. Initially wanted the fourth sooner, but I just really want to enjoy Natalie, and the 2.5 year difference between her and Jordan is soooooo much better than the 20 months between Jordan and Andrew.

Still not sure how active I'll be posting here, but did want to get my intro here. Wink

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My name is Jenn. My son Vincent was born January 22nd.

Joined: 11/28/03
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My name is Cynthia. . .married to Patrick for 13 going on 14 years in August. We have 6 wonderful children. I've been an RN since 1992, currently Team Leader in ICCU and have been going to Mansfield University working towards a MSN. We also homeschool. DH is a firefighter, so we work our work schedules around each other and take turns with schooling.

Halierose was supposed to be our January Joy, but came 5 weeks early on December 23rd 2005 and came home Christmas day.

Joined: 03/16/15
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Good to see you again, Cynthia! Biggrin

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Cynthia, our little ones were born on the same day and we can home on the same day also. We are a few days away from 5 months. Can you believe it?

Joined: 11/28/03
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Melissa~My older kids actually reminded me that she is almost 5 months old. Time flys.

Thank-you Narelle. . .I'm getting ready to start my summer classes, so I'll be super busy again, but I love checking on all our babies.

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Hello, My name is Tara (27), DH was Jason (26), but we are in the process of getting divorced after 12 years together. We have 3 kids Evan (10) Cora (5) and our JJ baby Dane born on Jan 8.

I don't ever plan on TTC, but you never know, I may meet some awesome man that wants kids. Lol

I am a registered nurse that worked labor and Delivery, right now I am a SAHM and love it.

We just moved to central California and I am remodeling my house

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updated to here

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Jennifer (22) Jay(25)
parents to Julie 2-28-04 and Jayde 2-9-06

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You forgot me Danni Biggrin


Joined: 03/16/15
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Danni, I love that you did this in order of birthdays! Thanks so much for doing this!!

Joined: 03/16/15
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Im kinda late to the board (like thats anything new Smile ) My name is Charlotte (25) and my DH is Shane (31) We had our first child, Kaden Montgomery on Jan 14th 2006, he was due on my birthday but waited 7 days to make his arrival!! We live in Maryland in a small cow ridden town Smile I am a SAHM right now but am in the process of starting my own business. I didn't plan on having any other children until I was going through Kaden teeny tiny baby clothes and cried....I could have another Smile

Joined: 03/16/15
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I also forgot to add that although we had a rough break up I am glad to see that we are all back together.....now if I could just get Brad and Jen back together Smile

But most of all, I am glad to have my pencils back!!

Joined: 03/16/15
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"tinaporter" wrote:

You forgot me Danni Biggrin


Oh No Tina!!! I didn't forget you!!!! I accidently read the date as the 1st Jan!!!!

In Australia we do date as.. for example 08/01/06, and you guys do 01/08/06!!!!! It throws me off sometimes!! haha

So sorry!! edited now!!


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okay okay, I'm Meg my dh is James I have Gracie, who was born Jan 12. And that would be a big fat hell no on ttc...

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I'm Mary (28) my dh Richard (29). Our very first baby (Ella) was born 1-6-06. I work for an insurance company & dh is a salesman for a distribution company. I've been on the Jan o6 board since June o5 !

Joined: 03/16/15
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Hi Guys,

First off let me say how glad I am to see the Joy back in this board. I was scared off there for a while! I still don't get to post much (I'm back to work now and you guys post too fast for me to keep up) but I am so grateful to have this group back together. I get a lot of useful information from here. Anyway...

My name is Julie. My husband is Jose luis. Our beautiful son, Gael, was born Jan 19th. We live in sunny Southern California. My husband is from Mexico, so that will be our son's second home.

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Is there a reason you didn't add me?

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do you mean for the mascot?? pm me your address if you want to be involved!!! Biggrin

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"NyMommy04" wrote:

Is there a reason you didn't add me?

Sorry.. i added you on the master list but bot this one!!! Apologies!!!!! Smile

Updated to here

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wow, I completly missed this thread. My name is Erin, I'm a youngin at 22. DH is Jared (24). Lil Landon James was born on 1-1-06. I work full time at a restaurant, hubby works part time at UPS.

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Hi, my name is Angela, DH is Jim. My JJ is Chloe Lucille (Lucy) born jan 8, 2006. I'm in the Air Force hoping to retire next year. Yeah!