The Journey of Jerry AND Julie the July Fireflies! COMMENTS
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Thread: The Journey of Jerry AND Julie the July Fireflies! COMMENTS

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    Default The Journey of Jerry AND Julie the July Fireflies! COMMENTS

    The Journey of Jerry and Julie the July Fireflies!

    What are the Rules?

    1. Community Guidelines are the golden rule!!!

    Exchange Guidelines (apply to card, gifts, coupons, etc.) In order to both encourage more participation as well as to help safeguard member's private contact information (full names; mailing addresses; phone numbers; emails; etc.) we have put in place the following rules below. Obviously this is not going to resolve all issues, but at least we do hope that it helps those involved have a more pleasant experience:

    1. A host or preferably two (in case one gets sick) are asked to be the ones that are in charge of organizing all exchanges held on the board. This includes baby showers, birthday, holidays, cards, *secret sisters*, birth buddies... anything that involves collecting and giving out member's personal contact information -- full names; mailing addresses; phone numbers; emails; etc.
    2. It is fine and even encouraged to involve members in the actual planning process -- i.e. setting $$ limits, type of exchange, day of opening, etc.
    3. Make certain when posting about the signup that you DO mention that the member accepts any / all risks involved (i.e. neither you nor are responsible if they choose to participate.) **see below**
    4. You do respect the confidentiality of ALL personal contact information submitted and under NO circumstance share it with anyone outside of admin(that would be in an emergency) without the permission of the member other than within the guidelines for the exchange (i.e. the person they are matched with would receive their info. No one else.)
    5. NEVER post anyone's personal contact information or allow anyone else to. All submissions should be sent to the host organizing via pm or email.
    6. We do have eligibility requirements for participants. This is not meant to prevent members for taking part in the fun but insuring some protection for our members that those signing up are *legitimate* members onsite. Eligibility for participation in exchanges (any form!) are set at a minimum of 3 months membership and a minimum of 300 posts. Of these 300 posts, for birth boards that are 2 years and younger -- 100 posts should be on the board hosting the swap. For all others -- 50 posts from the board offering the swap. This information may be found via a search (limited to posts) on the individual participant’s profile for that particular board. If you need further instructions on how to do this, please let us know.
    7. Please try to respect requests that ask NOT to have their private info sent to certain members. Obviously not everyone is going to get along and yes this does require a bit of extra effort. If you have problems please notify us and we will try to help. This is not something that you should publicize -- simply if someone does come to you and specifically asks "Please do not give ______ my mailing address" then try to respect that if at all possible. (We obviously may have to revisit this in the future if it becomes a big ordeal.)
    8. for shipping, a return receipt (delivery confirmation) IS required. Once the member has shipped their item encourage them to save their receipt and give you the tracking number for your records. Generally these tend to run approximately $1 U.S. dollar or less additional expense and greatly help avoid potential problems.
    9. If, for any reason, a member finds they will not be able to meet your agreement, they should please notify the host of the exchange immediately. We understand that there are certainly times that “life happens” and you cannot fulfill your obligation. Still, for fairness to the group as a whole, if this happens on two (or more) boards, you will not be able to sign up for further swaps/exchanges onsite.
    10. Finally, remember that this IS meant to be fun and enjoyable for all involved.

    2. All correspondence about mascot's travels must be submitted to myself or Deidre VIA a PM... PLEASE DO NOT POST A THREAD ON THE BOARD! We will try to handle any issues quietly... if we cannot get them resolved then we will take further action at that point. But we don't need any finger pointing or blame posted for the world to see...

    3.Mascot arrives clean, mascot leaves clean! We don't need to spread national and international germs about!

    4. By signing up for this exchange, you have taken full responsibility! DO NOT just drop off the face of the earth! If you find yourself suddenly unable to participate, drop a quick PM and let us know. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. We can and will make other arrangements.

    5. BE PATIENT with your fellow board members! Life throws everyone a curve ball now and then! Unforeseen events like weather, job losses, car trouble, and sick kids can happen to anyone. I will keep everyone posted on his whereabouts, but chances are he may get stuck a time or two.

    What do I do with him?
    1. Once Mascot arrives, take lots of pictures and even video if you like. Post his "adventures" on the Official thread so we can all enjoy! Creativity is the key... the more fun we make it the longer the enjoyment will last! There is NO standard here... just have fun with him and share that with all of us! Here are some suggestions:

    *Take photos with LO
    *Take him to any landmarks you may have around your area...
    *Have him "Help" around the house
    *Puppet Show
    2. Clean him up and send him on his way!

    Where do I post the pics/videos?
    1. Post them on this thread!

    How do I know where to send him?
    1. We will post his destinations on the thread... and I will PM everyone with their proper forwarding information. I will be sending a PM as your times draws near, not just all at once… this is for safety reasons!

    Shipping Questions:
    1. how should I ship him? Use whatever shipping method you prefer, but keep in mind that UPS and FEDEX may be more costly, and do not deliver everywhere...if you have any questions, PM me and I will get any questions you have answered.

    2. What if I need to ship him out of the country? I will be contacting the people who need to ship him out of the USA BEFORE I assign the destination to be sure the person sending it is ok with that. Again, if you are unsure of how to get him sent, just PM me and I will find out the best way.

    3.What if I cannot pay the shipping? These are very unsure times. If you find you are unable to come up with the money to send him PLEASE contact me and we will do what we can to help you out! Don't be embarrassed, please! It can happen to any of us! There is no need to feel bad about it. We are above all things, friends, and will do what we can to help.

    4. PLEASE! Keep his packaging sound... don’t ship him off in a ratty old paper sack with some duct tape on it!

    What about the bib exchange?

    1. When sending mascot off, send off a Bib with him! I know we all have a bib or two lying around, lol... so no one should have to go and purchase one. But that is entirely up to you.
    2. This could be loads of fun, ladies, if we get creative or funny with it! So get to know the person you are sending it to, and have some fun!
    3.Obviously, it needs to be clean, unstained, etc...
    4.Post a pic of the bib along with his adventure!

    How long do I keep him?

    1. About a week... If you need longer, well then PM me and let me know...I think if we all remain flexible about this, it will make it much easier!

    2. GET THOSE PICS POSTED! Please if at all possible post them as soon as your able… everyone will be super anxious to see what he is doing!

    Can I send any additional gifts too?

    1. I don’t see why not! If that’s what you wanna do, go for it!
    2. If you do send/receive an additional gift, please try to keep it personal between the two of you… and obey the community guidelines!

    Who is your Backup Coordinator?

    Deidre (blueyesongod) has volunteered to be the co-coordinator. If anything should happen to me, all info will be forwarded to her and she will continue on!

    Disclaimer about Personal Information!

    I do hereby solemnly swear that I will keep you personal information safe and sound. I WILL NOT give your info to ANYONE except the person who will be forwarding the mascot to you. DO NOT solicit me for anyone’s information. You will be politely but sternly declined. I am not a troll… have no affiliation with any companies honorable or otherwise… I have no intentions of using your personal info for monetary gain.
    That being said… you have willfully given this information and you must take any risks associated! Pregnancy.ORG, Myself, or Deidre cannot in any way be held responsible for any unfavorable outcomes. (See guidelines, that is where this is from)

    [CENTER]Here is the Official Itinerary!
    Jeffininer NC G
    PHuff VA G
    Leigh Anne WV G
    Coolmama72 VA B
    Tetons MD B
    awini8 MD B
    pitlove PA B
    suzemumtohollie Scotland B
    rickypaige NJ B
    kimmie preggers CT B
    PWammy MA G
    loveapom MA B
    Jamie81 Canada G
    Serendipity IN B
    emtmomma04 WI B
    kiss_the_fiddler MT B
    kris_W Canada B
    ddublino CA B
    sme950 CA G
    girlisrad CO B
    sarabeth_311 KS G
    Tryingforbaby2007 TX G
    blueyesongod LA B
    CourneyS AR G
    Weezlesgirl AL G
    cybergal TN G
    Jeffininer NC G
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    WE NEED THIS STICKIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm back, baby.

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    Default And so it begins!!!

    Moved to picture thread
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    OMG! This is great! Jennifer! You Rock!
    I'm back, baby.

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    Yay for Jerry!!!!!

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    Love it!
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    LOL! How cute! I'm excited it should be warmer here by the time we get him!
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    Yay! too fun!

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    jen you are so creative. the is will be so fun.
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    Love the pics Jen!! Post more, post more

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