July 2008**Jerry AND Julie's Journey Around the World

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July 2008**Jerry AND Julie's Journey Around the World


This post is for pictures only. We want an easy place for everyone to share their time spent.

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Jerry was born in the wonderful land of toys. He made his way through many stores, but found a loving home with the Paris family. They took Jerry in and Rylee adopted this cutie as her own. But, soon he became just one of many toys....not noticed until the July Fireflies decided to make a mascot out of him.

Jerry's previous luxurious accommodations:

Soon Jerry heard of a mascot election. He was sooo excited that he might become famous among the July '08 babies, that he came bounding out of the toy basket.

Rylee's Mommy decided to take a pictured of Jerry to see if he might win the election to take a trip around the world. Here is Jerry posing for the camera.

Now the election has concluded and here he is watching himself on the internet. He's very excited that he was chosen out of some very formidable opponents.

His first photo op with Rylee was when she was getting ready for school. They were playing on the floor....Rylee wasn't interested in taking a good picture.

That evening Jerry decided to take a bath with Rylee.

Rylee couldn't quite figure out why her friend was wrapped in plastic.

As a spur of the moment thing, Jerry decided to help me make a monster pile of monster cookies.

He ate some before they were even cooled!! This is him polishing off his 3rd cookie.

This is Jerry's journey thus far in North Carolina. We will making some local trips to some cool landmarks and post those over the weekend.

Saturday February 7th was a very uneventful day. The family sat around the house and Rylee played on the floor with Jerry:


We finally decided to go grocery shopping. We were planning on taking pictures there, but Mommy got into the 'Zone' and completely forgot. But, afterward Rylee zonked out on Mommy and Daddy's bed. Jerry was trying to wake her up:

In the evening we went to DH's parent's house so we could visit. DH's dad also did some work on our Puter, so it's working much better now!!

This is Jerry watching over Rylee while she was playing in her saucer.

And now, a little video for your entertainment.


Jerry's final outing with the family consisted of some great land marks here in Raleigh. We had a tough time coming up with destinations, but feel that we found some good ones.

Here is Rylee and Jerry getting ready for a fun day:

Here is Jerry hanging on the dash:

Where he proceeded to ask if he could drive....Ray said yes, against my better judgement.

Then Jerry reminded us that we needed gas. Here is Ray entertaining Rylee while he's pumping.

After leaving the gas station, we (ok I) felt we needed our pictures with Jerry...Here's me.

And Ray (he wasn't that thrilled and thought I was stupid :p)

We got to this place called Yates Mill first. Neither Ray nor I had ever been there, but heard it was cool. Here is Rylee and I sitting at the welcome center.

We started down this dirt path to get to the mill and we were greeted by this....

This is what Jerry and I thought of the situation.

But, we still tried to get some pics of the mill....


And the lake...

Figuring we weren't going to get any more pictures, we headed off to our next destination. This is a place that if Joee and I ever meet, I should send her off to....but it closed down last year Lol

This Dorthea Dix. It was a mental health hospital that closed down last year. The reason why we went there is because you can get the best picture of the (pathetic) Raleigh Sky line. Here is Rylee, Jerry, and I.

And a good pic of Rylee, Jerry, and I

One of our last stops in Raleigh was the Raleigh Copper Acorn. We are known as the City of Oaks and this is what Raleigh drops every year at their New Years celibration....by a crane. I know, we are SOOOO cool here!!!

After all of this running around town Rylee was hungry. I didn't want to nurse her out and about so we made a bottle. She was hungry and Jerry was tired too.

Our very last stop is one of the ORIGINAL Krispy Kreme stores. This place is a land mark of my childhood. We didn't get any good shots, but here's the sign Blum 3

Well, there is Jerry's hometown of Raleigh. We wish we could have gotten some better mill pics, but it is what it is. We are sooo excited to send Jerry on his journey around the world. This is such an amazing thing we are doing and I can't wait to see what adventures Jerry has in store. Take care of the little guy and HAVE FUN!!!!!

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YAY!!! Peyton and I went to the Post Office today and guess who was waiting on us?


He brought a really cute bib and letter with him from Riley her Momma & Daddy.


Then I took him out to meet Peyton.


She really liked him. Here she is reaching out to touch him.


And as I am about to shut the car door she has him in her arms!


To be continued. Will update soon with more..

Here is a short video from last night of Peyton and Jerry in her crib.


Since we had pretty weather today Peyton and I decided to take Jerry out around our city. Jerry hung out on the dashboard!

I decided to take Jerry to the top of the mountain (Mill Mountain) you see in this pic. On top is a man mad star that lights up at night and has been there for a very very very long time. It's a symbol for the city of Roanoke. They also change the color of it for diff. events.

We made it! Here is the star on a very windy mountain.lol

The overlook on the mountain.

Jerry checking out the city..

We were the only nuts out on a mountain in the wind today... Empty parking lot...lol

So back in the car and down the mountain we go!

Thought we would drive by the college I attended Virginia Tech. We didn't mess around there to much so I just snapped a quick picture of the football stadium!

We stopped by the mall and picked up a bib for Sydney so Jerry would have it for her when he goe's to visit.. Peyton and Jerry are holding the bag for momma.

Jerry decided to ride with Peyton on the way back home. This is the view I get when I look back at them...

To be continued:


Virginia is for lovers. (That's our state motto) and since it's Valentines day Jerry got a girlfriend.. Hee Hee

Her name: Julie July Butterfly...

Jerry and Julie hung out with other friends and Peyton in her Play Pen today.

Then Peyton decided to bite Julie...We like to call it a love bite..lol

Jerry wanted to meet our dog too!

Then it was time to eat..


Our weather is crazy and now its cold here again so we stayed in today.
Jerry, Julie and Peyton hung out in the recliner for a little while.

Peyton kissing on Jerry. (OK maybe biting a little)

Then on Julie

Peyton decided to play dress up for Jerry & Julie.. She wanted to tell them about the Easter bunny since he will be here soon!


After watching a little to much of COPS. Jerry wanted to do a ride along with DH...(Don't worry he is safe)


After all the crime fighting he decided to take a nap with Peyton..

Daddy giving Peyton her last bottle before bed and Jerry watching on his shoulder...

Jerry and Julie are both cleaned up and ready to meet Sydney. They will be heading out tomorrow...

One more thing. DH made Jerry a passport..lolol It will be in the box with him he didn't realize that Julie was going too so maybe someone else can make her one...lol Its pretty cute, we stamped Virginia inside..lolol


They left today and are on their way!!!

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Well, we made it to WV. We wanted to make a grand entrance to meet Miss Sydney...you know, like the circus, so we hitched a ride on Horton (from Horton Hears a Who):

We think Sydney was as excited to meet us as we were her:

Sydney's mom thought it would be funny if we did a little circus act by balancing on Sydney's head.

We were hungry from all the balancing, so we ate some Cheerios with Sydney:

Then, Sydney's friend, Landon, came over. We had a good time with him too:

We had a good first night at Sydney's house. The next day, we decided to "hang out" on the activity center. That was really fun.

Today, we're headed to a birthday party for Sydney's cousin and papaw. We can't wait to have some cake...
Well, we had a good time at the bday party, but Sydney's mom only got to get a shot of us on the way there...the batteries in her camera went kaput and her brother had none! Can you believe that? So, she'll make up for that tomorrow and next week...

In the car...

I thought I'd help Leigh Anne with her homework since Sydney & Julie were napping (you can see Julie all sprawled ot on the table...sheesh). I had to wear Leigh Anne's glasses...

We heard that Sydney, her mama, & daddy were going shopping so we tried to hitch a ride in Sydney sweater:

Then we got found out:

So Sydney played with us before she left:

We made a new friend, Miss Petunia Pig:

While they were gone, we had fun swinging on the dining room lights:

and when they got back, we wanted to pose w/ all the fun stuff Sydney got from Old Navy:

And this is the bib Sydney got from Peyton. She's wearing it now...

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Jerry & Julie's adventures in Northern Virginia ...

March 2

Jerry and Julie arrived on a snowy day - we had quite the snowfall for a day in March!!! My older kids had earlier filled the mailbox with snow, but I discovered their antics before the mailman came, so our new guests were able to be delivered.

Jack was due for a nap when I opened the box to let our new friends out ... you can tell he's a sleepy boy here!

But he was super excited to meet Jerry ...

And Julie too ...

Then we introduced them to one of Jack's favorite hanging guys, the froggie

Jack fell asleep and both Jerry and Julie wanted to see what this snow was all about. I hooked on some links so they could get a bird's eye view from one of the trees

From the tree, they saw a snow angel and wanted to know what that was all about

Doesn't Jerry look cold? The wind picked up and blew snow over these little guys, it was freezing so after this we went back inside.

My older kids were occupied, so I decided to fix a nice hot cup of chai with whipped cream to share with my new guests

Jack woke from his nap and was ready for dinner. He discovered Rice Krispies, and both Jerry and Julie kept him company while he ate

I was ready for my dessert, and it turns out that Julie is a fan of Samoas just like me. But why eat Samoas when you can have Samoa ice cream?! Yum! As you can see, Julie finished the rest of the carton.

Everyone is sleeping now, we'll have more adventures tomorrow. I'm not taking them sightseeing until the snow melts later this week. Wink There's plenty to do around the house until then.


March 3

When I went to bed last night, I found that I had company ...

Time for breakfast!!! Jack's wearing his new bib from Sydney Wink

Jerry & Julie kept Jack company during his morning nap

And he found them when he woke up

Of course, his favorite thing to do with them is munch Wink

It was a CCD day (Catholic religious education) - the bugs went for a ride on the rearview mirror. Here they are checking out our new church building (we've had a school gym as our church for the past 17 years or so) - it should be done by September


March 4

We had to go to the grocery store today after lunch, so the bugs came with. Jack's cracking me up here, it was cold and he wasn't happy about the cold air blowing into the car.

We went through the produce section first

And we really needed more Yo Baby (Jack's favorite food)

I felt funny taking pictures in the grocery store so that's all I really have from that adventure. Natalie was making Julie fly but those pictures didn't turn out.

More later!


March 6

We brought the bugs to the doctor's for Jack's 8 month checkup.

In the waiting room (Jack hadn't had his breakfast yet, poor Julie!)

And in the exam room, right before shots. Yeah, Jack's not happy here

Then they kept him company at lunch time (this picture of Jack cracks me up!)

It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend so I will take them sightseeing before I pack them up for their next stop. I haven't gotten a chance to make Julie a passport though. Sad


March 7

The weather was really nice today, and I had planned on taking the kids to the park. But naps took over the afternoon and we didn't get a chance. So instead we went for a walk before dinner, and we brought Jerry & Julie with us. Smile

Jack on my back ready to go

Jordan and her scooter before we set out (the flip flops was a bad idea, she did trip on the way home and skinned her knee badly)

Natalie held them for most of the walk - you can see the sun starting to set in Natalie's hair Wink

There's a common area of trees where there are big ornaments hanging. I hung Jerry & Julie there, but I don't know how well you see them and the ornaments.

Proof that Andrew came with us (he rode ahead of us most of the time)


March 8

This is the last day for our visitors to hang out with us. They need to go in the laundry and then off to their next destination. But we did take them around today to a couple of places. Wink

Brought them to the park with us. Jack was a little tired - I put him in the swing (his first time ever) and he freaked out! So I took him out and just let Jerry & Julie swing instead.

But then after Jack calmed down, I tried him again in the swing. He still didn't like it ...

Then we had snacks and the bugs wanted some too

Then we made a stop just for Heidi. Wink Andrew took these pictures for me. There's not much to really see in Ashburn, but the fire dept has been here for a while and it's in the center of the old part of town, so I thought that would be a good place to stop. Some of the firefighters were looking at us like we were crazy. ha ha ha

Andrew wanted to be in the picture too.

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They are here!!!!

The family was heading out for a walk and Mom knew they should be arriving soon so she stopped by the mailbox on the way out. She was rewarded with Jerry and Julie!! She immediately ripped open the package and had them join the family for the walk.


The sign before you enter the park. It's a good thing we are not pets!

Tucked in with Barrett on the walk

It was so nice out that we stopped off at the playground.

Daddy, Bear, Jerry, and Julie going down the slide. Daddy had his hands full!

Bear is napping right now. Just one hour of Jerry and Julie wiped him out!

When the kiddo woke up we decided to head to Annapolis to enjoy the spring weather

In the car

Photo op with the ducks on the pier


People in MD seem to be really into their state flag, so here is a shot with us all in it


Checking out the Naval Academy. Have you ever seen to grown men so excited to pose with little stuff animals?


Hanging out in front of the State House

Mom and Dad kissing all of us and showing the cool streets of Annapolis

Hey don't leave us in this scary alley!

We got hungry so we stopped for some fast Mexican food. Barrett sure was enjoying his black beans.

He needs to wet his whistle now. Don't worry, it's just water.

Come on guys! Finish eating! We are ready to blow this popsicle stand!


We wanted to go to Ben & Jerry's and this is what we found! Jerry was not happy!

We got home and it was time for Nudie Pants time! I love to be naked so we always have about a 1/2 hour of nudie time before bed. I have to keep my diaper on now though because the carpet was not loving nudie pants time as much as I was!

Oh they are in Barrett's sight! He's gonna get them!


And the leap grab at the end! Check out my serious face.


Daddy tickling us all

Hey where did they go??!

It was off to bed for everyone! We had a great first day!


Playing with Jerry and Julie in the morning. I really was playing with them before, but now all I want is the dog toy! Mom says yuck, but she gave in and just wash the santa grinch toy and lets me play with it to my hearts content! Yeah me! Salty and Cheddar have the best toys! I hope Santa shops at Pet Smart next Christmas!


I army crawled over here to play with my stacker toy. Jerry and Julie were tired and just stayed back by Mom on the quilt.


Helping Mom in the kitchen while she made lunch. Mmm that smells good until she tries to give me some, then I swear she is trying to poison me!


Jerry and Julie helped fix our trailer light hitch up while Bear took a rest. Yeah for being legal!

When I woke up we went to Costco! MMMM samples! Look at us riding in the big cart!


Hey lady! Get out of the way! I'm trying to see what they are giving away at aisle 5!


Jerry got his pic taken to get his very own Costco card!!


Look at all the grub! And other stuff that we really didn't need. TV mount? Really didn't need that!


We got home and went for a walk. As you can see the nice weather has left us for the time being. Jerry and Julie wish they had a bit more clothing too!


Barrett fell asleep on the walk. Jerry and Julie were such good little bugs and were very very quiet!



The next day we went out to lunch and Jerry had a little of Dad's ice tea. Mmmm. He was good and didn't back wash at all, unlike me!


Mom and Dad were really bad hosts for Julie and almost left her at the restaurant!!! This is what they found when they went back!

Tsk tsk! I hope they don't do this to me!


Later in the day we went to Babies R Us, because I have been getting into all kinds of mischief. I wacked my head pretty hard on this step/banister thing! Ouch! Here we are looking at the store. Can you see my mark on my cheek? It just happened too! I bet tomorrow it is wuite black and blue! Jerry and Julie had a blast looking at all the other babes in the store. So many cute babies so little time.


And the last shot of the night, just because it is so cute! I love to attack the camera and Jerry and Julie!


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This is a slide show of day 1.

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that we are at Connor's house for a few days. Upon our arrival we played in the front yard. The weather was beautiful, even met one of his mommy's friends.

He loved his new bib! His mommy said C was being a little stinker so it was a very fitting gift. hee hee

Friday evening was very uneventful. We went to bed early because we had a long weekend planned. Saturday morning we were up bright and early getting ready to go to the river. We had our first boat ride. His mom held us since we forgot our life jackets. We even took a cruise around the island on the golf cart. Later on we helped the boys build the bar. These people don't stop working...

We are back at home for a bit. We played with Connor so much he fell asleep. We are kinda tired too so enjoy the pictures. Promise we will share a few more.

We went to Texas Roadhouse on Monday night!! Here is a few pics.

Eating the yummy rolls.

Julie posing..

Loving my new frisbee from the waitress...

We also went to Chocolate World....

Terrible pic of the Hershey sign..

Entering Choc World

Posing with a Hershey Kiss

Looked like fun so they jumped in.

Hangin out in the gift shop

Really Big 3D Show....J and J went without us

C was pooped after showing J and J all over town

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Jerry and Julie do Scotland :)

settling in wiht the family

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off out for a family walk

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Jerry and Julie are in NJ!!

Jerry and Julie made it safe and sound from Scotland to New Jersey. I think they are a tad bit dissapointed to go from the beautiful landscape of Scotland to well, New Jersey, but hey, we will show them a good time!

Here they are fresh out of the box taking a look at their new surroundings

Josh was taking a nap when they arrived, so Ally got to meet them first

Nala saying "Hi" (I think I heard tiny little "Help me's" but I can't be sure)

Josh up from his nap, getting aquainted with J & J

Josh kept throwing them across the room so I had to fasten them to his wrist to get a picture

I'll take and post more tomorrow! Hopefully we'll do some interesting stuff while they are here, so we won't bore everyone to death, lol!

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Here are a few pics from today. Unforatunately I left J & J in the car when we were in the mall (bad mom), but managed to get a few pics. Tomorrow I will try to drive around and show the sites of South Orange, and then Saturday we will take Julie and Jerry to a pool party at our friends house!!! Should get some great pics there.

In the car on the way to the mall - safety first

A picture after we got out of the mall...as you can see, Julie and Jerry are in the air mid-fling

Jerry and Julie taking a look at the swag that was bought (actually it was swag for our friend's anniversary...going out for dinner tonight without kids, woot!!)

Playing with the kids before naptime

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As promised, here are pics of Jerry and Julie at my friend's pool party on Saturday

Hanging out in the sandbox with Ally

Having a snack with Josh

Chillaxin in the pool

Visiting with Josh's Nana and Papa (my parents)

About to go down the slide with Ally

Swinging with Josh

Jerry and Julie on my friend's awesome playset (can you spot them?)

I promise I will try to take some pictures of South Orange's sites tomorrow, and then I will shop J&J off to Kim's this week!! We are going away on Saturday for a week and a half, so I want to make sure they are shipped off before we do that.

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Here are the final pics from Jerry and Julie's New Jersey adventure Smile

Josh and I took some pics today with J&J in South Orange's town village while Ally was at camp...some of the pics don't have the J&J in them

A view from one side of the village

A view from the other side

Eden Gourmet, an amazing gourmet market in South Orange village

Everyone in front of the South Orange fire station

A better shot of the fire station

The South Orange train station is up there

A September 11 memorial in the village...South Orange is only 30 minutes by train to New York City

SOPAC (South Orange Performing Arts Center) - they hold concerts and shows here, and there is also a movie theater inside

Jerry and Julie hanging on the door at SOPAC

We had a blast with Jerry and Julie, and I think they had fun too Smile I'll clean 'em up, and tomorrow they will be on their way to Kim's!!!

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Jerry and Julie arrived late last week. (I think they may have spent a night outside, Whoops!) Along with a cool bib for Caden! (Mom likes it best because of the cool pattern and that it catches all those Caden messes!)

Hmmmm, what's in here?

Oooh, new friends to throw around!!! YeeHaa!!

Hey Ma - look what I got!!!!

Look at THIS Ma!! (Thank you Josh and Erica!!!!)

Okay, enough with the bib, where are Jerry and Julie?

I will post again in a couple more days - don't get too excited though. Most of our pics will be around the house or for that exciting trip to the grocery store!!! LOL

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Hanging out in Springfield, MA

Jerry and Julie arrived from Connecticut - Savannah was really intrigued by the box but wasn't terribly interested in the fireflies!

Warming up to them!

Playing with them the next day

Taking them for a spin on the ATV - in the living room!

They had a quiet week but a busier weekend - off to TiTi Rosita's wedding

Found our table but the gift table is way more interesting to Savannah

A pic with the bride (after having a few Sex on The Beaches)

Down to the Dr. Seuss Memorial and museum cafe for lunch after church!

Then to the Basketball Hall of Fame and Coldstone Creamery for dessert!

Our little skyline!!

If we make it to the fair tomorrow, we'll snap a few more pics, otherwise, it's off to the post office and headed to Canada (I think)!!

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They are here!!
So far we havent done much...just got them out and lounged around the house. I promise it will get more exciting!

Checking out the package

Her gift from Savannah

Trying to get into the baggie

Lookin' good bugs, lookin' good!

Making sure everything is on the up and up with the passports.

She loved the boxes

She dragged them around the whole time I was getting dinner ready!

Reading to the bugs!

Being silly in her chair with J & J
Such a cheeseball!

More tomorrow hopefully. They will all be at my mom's for the day. I'll make sure she gets some pics of them playing Smile

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Here are some of the pics:

Just arrived

hangin out

Tanner's first meeting them

Tanner's new pasttime

And an update on us:
We doing ok. I have been having more nausea issues. Hard to think that I am 23 wks almost 24 wks already. Tanner got a new room and it is getting ready for the baby to take naps. Baby also is a surprise as we did not get enough of a view to say either way.
The girls also got a new bed. DH and I built them bunk beds and they turned out great and very strong. Schooling is going great. I love the new curriulum we have.

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Okay, so I am finally getting around to posting the rest of the pictures of J & J's trip to visit Dani!

Here they are in front of the bar before we went in to see the concert!

There run in with a "celebrity" he was the bass player for the one band we saw. haha. he looks thrilled to be holding them!

DH and Dani took them to the dollar store to get some pics taken with some canadian gear!

Playing geeky computer games with DSS Adam

Learning to play poker with Dani's Grandpa!! :eek:

It was my dad's birthday over Thanksgiving...they enjoyed the birthday cupcakes!

Here we go to yet another concert! This time in Toronto. They were very excited to see the big city and the CN Tower

Here I am with the bugs standing by the docks in Toronto. It was cold and windy!

They wanted one without me in it...lol.

We found a moose Joee!!! They became fast friends Biggrin

This ladies is Poutine...and its very Canadian. They loved it!

And it wouldn't be a trip to visit me if we didn't have some chips!!! ALL DRESSED chips, YUM!! Lucky bugs!

Thats it. I did have a few more pics, but I guess DH thought I had already posted them and got rid of them on the camera. Sad

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Jerry, Julie, and Jonkle in MONTANA!

Mommy and I walked to the Post one day. It'd been awhile since we'd been there. Inside, we found a small box addressed to us. With much excitement, we opened it.

Can I drink out of this?


What is this? It's Jerry and Julie!


I think I like them.

They brought a friend. He is a moose named Jonkle. I think I'll take a nibble.

They don't taste very good.

Jerry sat on my shoulder. Maybe he was trying to tell me a secret.

Bath time! Jerry and Julie got a bath in the sink while I got a bath in the tub.

Tine Tales at the library. We listened to stories and sang songs.

This is my mom and me with our new friends. We're going for a hike up Larry Creek. Mom takes me out of the pack so I can practice walking.

Jerry, Julie and Jonkle can practice walking too.

Mommy took us to a basket ball game. We thought it was lots of fun.

We especially liked the marching band.

I help Mommy with the laundry. Jerry, Julie and Jonkle were helping too but you can't see them because they're lost in the clean towels.

We went to visit Paul. He's our pharmacist. I really like Paul. He teaches me fun things like "high 5" and "knucks".

After I went to bed one night, Mommy took our company to the fire hall. I like to go to the fire hall too but I was too tired to come along this time. The people there are nice to me. Here Jerry, Julie and Jonkle are hanging out on the pump panel of one of the pumper trucks.

They looked at a fire extinguisher.

The fire extinguisher was strapped to the back of a big truck.

Can you find them?

They were hiding in the dump spout of the water tender.

Here, they are checking out one of the ladders on the truck.

They were excited to climb into the truck and peek out the front window.

Showing off.

Perched on a hose reel.

Wow, this hose is kinda dirty!100_1264

Taking a rest on Mommy's helmets.

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Well here are the very few pics I was able to take while we had the bugs and moose;)

First time meeting the bugs:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Taking the bugs for a ride:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tired from their outing:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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HOORAY!! After forevers we get to host the bugs!!! As narrated by Everit... No sherioushly. he said all this stuff! :duckie:

"Mom...maybe we shouldn't open scary brown packages?"

"Ah what the Heck... WHATS inside?!?!?!?"

"OMG Like...for serious? This is a FREAKING ELMO CUP! DUDE! MOM!!! OMG!!!"

"This tastes exactly how I thought it would... Elmo is SO NOMS. How does it look on me? Is this my color?"

"Ummm this is GIRL stuffs! TADA? Cuteness has arrived? Oh pleeze! Nothing is cuter than me!" (Thank you Sarah! What an adorble little onsie! Praying I have a girl to put it on lol!)

"Mom, when you said Jerry and Julie and Jonkles I thought it was a KISS cover band... SO not the same thing"

"Oh I get it now... you gonna tie me up with this when I am BAD!!! Medevil torture device disguised as friendly infant toys! What a cruel world this is!"

(Squidman quoted) "How many babies have touched this???? "

(After MUCH convincing the bugs were not here to torture him) "Yeah ok. They are kinda cute. Oooh and cuddly too! My friends!!!!"

So we decided to take the bugs to our own national treasure.. the COLORADO NATIONAL MONUMENT! It is literally in our backyard... a beautiful area that has been carved out by the Very hand of God! Everit was ummmm... lets just say not in the best mood ever. Suprise Suprise! So we snapped as many pics as we could lol... at least the bugs enjoyed themselves!

The critters land Stinky loaded up and ready to roll!

Squidman all set too! Isn't he just so handsome? Once you get past that dorky look on his face...

We had to go to the World of Wally to pick up some provisions...Everit was DONE sharing his cart with the bugs... and the moose.

Next stop we got some Go Go juice for the Hoot ride. I made the bugs clean the windows....

... AND pump the gas. NO free rides in the Benson Family!

About 10 long minutes later we reach our destination!!!

Julie insisted we get a map...Jerry and Jonkles said they had "insectistinks" that could navigate us anywhere.... Julie won.


Hey! There IS a light at the end of the Tunnel!!

After a loong ear popping ride to the top (7,000 ft!) we stopped at the Glade Park store to get some refreshments and stretch our legs a bit! (This is my good side)

Jerry just HAD to ride the Rocking cow!

We cruise on to adventure! One of about 3 billion trails up there...

I told em if they didnt stop horsing around the Abominable Snowman was gonna EAT EM! They didnt listen.. then they saw the cliff... I was to afeerd to take a pic, but that babu went STRAIGHT down off that fenceline!

Jonkles seemed to enjoy the scenery the most... he said "It reminds me of home there, ay!"

We stopped at the visitors center to wee... and shop! But mostly wee....

Everit picks a book to read... Dinosaurs RAWR!

The bugs pick a few souveniers of their own! They have a caffeine addiction, by the way.

We toured the little museum while we were there... Did you know that the first Brachiosaurus skeleton ever discovered was right there on the Monument?

"Open the door, get on the floor! Everybody walk that dinosaur!"

Leaving the Monument....


Ill do one more short goodbye installment then they will be on their way!