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Thread: July 2009 Spaces

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    EDD: July 13, 2009

    Expecting our first!!!!

    +HPT on 11/6/08

    1st 11/08--had ultrasound, saw heartbeat!
    12/08--heard HB on doppler 174 bpm
    1/09--heard HB again!
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    Teri's Space!!

    BFP on Nov. 1! Can't wait for #2

    (I'm not ready for any belly shots yet!)
    Married 7.10.04 to Jon
    DS 4.5.07
    EDD 7.12.09

    Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

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    Jordan's Space

    EDD July 15th.

    BFP on Nov.4th.
    Blood work Confirmed on Nov 5th.
    More blood work Nov 10th
    First appointment Nov 10th.

    First HCG -22 -11/5/08
    Second HCG -238 11/10/08
    Third HCG -4186 11/17/08

    Blood work came back great, numbers went up from 22 to 238 in 5 days. I go back every week for a weight check because the m/s is so bad i can't keep anything down. My first U/S is when i'm 12 weeks. and than I'll have my 18 week one, to determine the gender. I have to go up to the hospital to have more blood work done and a urine test.

    1st ultrasound January 5th, 1pm.
    2nd ultrasound February 16th, 10am.

    Had my 18 week U/S. Couldn't determine the gender and couldn't see what they needed to see with the heart and brain. I go back 3/23/09 at 9am. I have an independent scan appointment for 2/22/09 at 12:30pm to determine gender. I can't wait until almost APRIL! haha. Crazy doctors. I'm such a planner!

    So we'll hopefully see what we're going to be having in a week! I'll update here with belly shots and other info later.
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    Jordan+Jesse 10.12.13
    Autumn Elizabeth 3.16.07
    Jackson Trevor 7.10.09
    7/26/13 - 11w <3

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    Baby B #3's space!!!

    BFP- Saturday, November 8th, 2008, at 9dpo

    10 dpo:

    First appointment with the midwife: January 27th WISH ME LUCK!
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    1st appointment 12/17 130pm w/ultrasound
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    HcG - 11/10/2008 Results 32.6
    HcG - 11/12/2008 Results 68.19 (YAY THEY'RE DOUBLING)
    Progesterone - 11/03/2008 Results 22.22
    Progesterone - 11/10/2008 Results 25.8
    Progesterone - 11/12/2008 Results 26.3
    Progesterone - 02/01/2009 Results

    11/25/2008 - Viability Scan - We have a heartbeat!
    12/02/2008 - U/S #2 for measurements - Measured 6w4d with a HB of 125
    12/09/2008 - U/S #3 - Measured 7w5d with a HB of 169
    12/22/2008 - U/S #4 - Measured 9w5d. Saw fetal movement and heard heartbeat!
    12/30/2008 - First visit with Nurse at OBGYN
    01/12/2009 - First Doctor visit - Normal visit with Pap and breast exam. Everything measuring on time. U/S #5 - Saw the monkey move again and heartbeat is great! No good pics though cause the little bugger wouldn't cooperate. Blood pressure is a little high and needs monitoring.
    02/01/2009 - ER Trip - Bleeding caused trip to ER. Unknown vaginal bleeding combined with UTI. Put on antibiotics and bedrest for the next day. Baby measuring ahead of schedule at 16w1d.
    02/04/2009 - Rescheduled appt. due to ER visit. Baby's heartbeat measured at 166 bpm. Everything was fine.
    2/20/2009 - Big US - It's a girl! Baby's heartbeat 148 bpm. Everything looked and measured perfect - she is on target with due date!

    Ultrasound 12.09.2008




    EDD - 07/21/2008
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    Beverly's July 2009 Space

    My name is Beverly. I live in Southern California with my husband, Johnny, our toddler, Jack (born on his due date of July 12, 2007) and our dog, a cream-colored Shiba Inu named Atari (born on May 9, 2004). I'm a full-time mom with a part-time consulting job that I do from home 10 to 20 hours a week. Occasionally I work on freelance writing assignments, but it all depends on how much "free" time my real boss (that would be Jack, and soon, the new baby boy ) allows me to have. Here are some pictures of my current crew:

    Family picture at a Halloween parade at Johnny's work

    Johnny and our little monster

    Soon-to-be big brother, Jack

    Jack on Christmas Eve 2008

    Johnny, Jack and I at a friend's wedding; Jack and I cutting a rug after dinner at the reception

    Last but not least, our first baby, Atari

    Johnny and I were very happy with our little family, and we always agreed that we would have another little one in 2010, when Jack was three. I've always been a planner to the extreme, so imagine my surprise when I got this on November 1, 2008:

    Johnny was happy right away, but it definitely took a few days for me to process the news because it deviated from my grand plans. However, it didn't take me long to become thrilled about our new Baby Surprise! I loved being pregnant with Jack, and I am enjoying this new pregnancy as well. I am so grateful to have a healthy baby growing inside of me.

    And, even though we didn't plan it, the new baby's due date sure couldn't have worked out better: It's the same as Jack's due date and birthday! Technically, according to my dates, it's July 11, 2009 (one day before Jack's second birthday), but according to ultrasound measurements, it's July 12, so I'm sticking with that!

    I am aiming for a VBAC this time (Jack was breech, requiring me to have a c-section). My provider is very supportive, so I'm hopeful about my chances.

    Ultrasound Pictures

    8 week u/s images

    13 week u/s images

    At 15 weeks, we found out that our Surprise is another baby boy! Now Jack will have a little buddy to follow him around.

    Belly Pictures

    4 weeks (normal belly to establish a baseline)

    9 weeks

    12 weeks

    14 weeks

    17.5 weeks

    23.5 weeks

    25 weeks

    26 weeks

    28 weeks

    30 weeks

    35 weeks
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    Wife to Johnny
    Mom to Jack (7/12/2007), Derek (7/5/09) and their canine brother, Atari (5/9/2004)
    Read my blog

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    The powerful baby spot!





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    EDD July 22, 2009


    Doctors Appointments
    November 13, 2008
    December 11, 2008 - weight was at 152 lbs
    January 8, 2009 - weight was at 156.5 lbs
    February 4, 2009 - weight was at 158.5 lbs
    March 4, 2009 - weight was at 167 lbs
    April 1, 2009 - weight was at 172.6 lbs
    May 1, 2009 - weight was at 182 lbs

    December 12, 2008

    Measuring at 8w3d

    February 24, 2009

    Measuring at 19w1d

    Belly Pics

    Lilianne Audrey is due on July 21, 2009

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    BFP Nov 12th

    EDD July 21st

    Ultrs sound Dec 29th 11 weeks
    BIG ULTRASOUND-----FEB 27th!

    Matthew Elijah

    Belly Pics

    9 weeks

    14 weeks

    16 weeks...

    26 weeks

    31 weeks

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